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Punjab Districs Where PML(N) have weak Candidates

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  1. mawan1971

    Now that maximum of party changing birds settle to their final destination, let us see where PML(N) have weak candidates. Some people will still change party but it is a different debate.
    A large distric having 5 Na assembly seats and PML(N) is not strong even on one seat here (Okara locals to verify). Making things worst PTI don't have any strong candidate either. PPP and PML(Q) are in enjoyable situation on all seats. Not too far from Lahore it may have influence of Metro Bus or other development in Lahore but mainly being rural area PPP in strong position.

    SMQ and Hasmi going into PTI, PPP having two Gilani sons in there and couple of other strong PPP electable PML(N) is weak here as well. Out of six seats PML(N) is in a position of winning 2 and may be Hashmi seat as well because on Hasmi seat it is more a PML(N) vote than Hashi's personal.


    Dasti and Hina Khar area traditionally another PPP stronghold, PML(N) weak even more than Multan.

    Rahim Yar Khan
    PPP, PML(N), Funtional League and PTI have in roads. Although PML(N) not that weak here but current governor have huge influence here and will help PPP factor. Funtional leagu a force in this region as well.


    Only distric in Northern punjab where PML(N) is weak on paper but hard to say as PPP and PML(Q)'s performance and corruption can effect them heavily here as this is political aware area not a far South Punjab area

    Posted 2 years ago on 25 Mar 2013 16:33 #
  2. Shirazi

    It seems like PMLN is not able to marshall All Star 11 yet. May be few more wickets can do the magic.

    PMLN's manifesto ...

    Governance through DC's ...
    Elections through electables ...


    Posted 2 years ago on 25 Mar 2013 17:07 #
  3. mawan1971

    War has gone to electable especially South of Lahore. PPP will not lose much marks of poor performance and electable on a given day is still winner irrespective of his party affiliation.

    Posted 2 years ago on 25 Mar 2013 17:33 #
  4. dr_abrar

    I think Sourh Punjab overall is quite weak.

    Posted 2 years ago on 25 Mar 2013 19:57 #
  5. mawan1971

    Yes when you compare it with central and North Punjab sure PML(N) is weak in south but they are not too bad all other districts except I mentioned above.

    Posted 2 years ago on 25 Mar 2013 20:36 #
  6. Arain

    The DG Khan is not looking good for PMLN unless Legharis join; I think it's the weakest of all. With the departure of Saif Khosa & Sardar Qaisarani, PMLN may just bag a couple of PA seats - no NA seats seem possible.

    Posted 2 years ago on 25 Mar 2013 20:44 #
  7. Pseudo Intellectuals

    All those who have analyzed the political scenario in Southern Punjab constituency must also keep in mind that there were times when PMLN used to win on all those seats. Why are we feeling so disgruntled and dismayed by looking at the names of so called heavy weights on the list of other parties. Recall those days when people like Haji Boota, Ata Muhammad Qureshi, Ghulam Haider Wyne used to win on those seats. If there were lesser chances of PMLN winning then people like Iftikhar Nazir, Javed Ali Shah, Ghulam Murtaza Maitla, Riaz Pirzada, Raees Munir, Raees Mahboob, Aslam Bodla and Deewan Ashiq would never have joined PMLN; same would have been the case regarding Rao Ajmal etc. in Okara. Regarding Leghari brother, it seems to me that they would contest elections independently and if they will win then they will join whichever party comes into power so they could put a bigger price tag on their heads. Don't forget that Hafiz Abdul Kareem (though a Mulla but extremely wealthy) can give tough time to Farooq Leghari in 2008 when apparently Leghari won when at the eleventh hour results were changed then why not this time; at least Awais and Jamal are not Farooq Leghari. So, don't be disappointed on dismayed. Things would be surprising on the night of election results.

    Posted 2 years ago on 29 Mar 2013 20:31 #
  8. kambrit

    How can you forget gujrat?

    Posted 2 years ago on 30 Mar 2013 21:33 #
  9. psychonaut

    I don't know the ground politics of southern punjab, so it would be great if someone can go in detail about my question.

    How much is the party vote vs electable vote in southern punjab? PPP is strong there so I am assuming it is not all about electable vote there.

    Posted 2 years ago on 30 Mar 2013 21:39 #
  10. wienerwald

    @ Mawan
    I think it's wrong if we discuss whole districts here because in Constituency based politics every Constituency have diffrent science.
    For example in 2008 elections Na 51 won by Raja Pervaiz Ashraf with huge margin and Na 52 won by Ch Nisar Ali Khan also with huge margin....
    So please be specific and tell where do you think pmln is weak and why...

    Don't even think that pmln is weak in Attock :))

    Posted 2 years ago on 30 Mar 2013 22:24 #
  11. mawan1971

    South Punjab is more about sound and politically influential personalities rather than a sound party vote. We have to divide rural and urban first, urban have less influence of Jagirdars and zaat, biratdries and groups play more role role than personalities. Rural South Punjab a very much mirror of interior Sindh except that their is no sound PPP vote but Jagirdars and influential politicians are playing big part in whatever party they are.
    Now if we look at electable numbers each parties. PPP+PML(Q) are still number 1 in electable race in South Punjab. PML(N) was way behind a year ago but last few months they got some electable from PML(Q) and PPP and not that far now, Jaffar Legari was the last in the lot yesterday.
    PTI have very few compare to PML(N) and PPP+PML(Q) and a big groups of Legharies is still unclear. We may see about 5 more electable injecting into PML(N) next few days giving them more close number to PPP+PML(Q) in next election.

    Posted 2 years ago on 30 Mar 2013 22:29 #
  12. Paki_Tiger

    I still think that PML-N is in deep trouble in terms of electables/ good Candidates in Bahawalnagar and Raheem Yar Khan (RYK)espicially when Governer belongs to this area and will favour PPPP and historically this is PPPP's strong hold area. In bawalnagar PML-N and PML-Z votes will be divided and will benefit PPPP.In these two districts PML-N will not be able to win more than 2 seats out 10

    Posted 2 years ago on 31 Mar 2013 0:46 #
  13. mawan1971

    For Rahim Yar Khan PML(N) is very strong on NA 192, 196 and 197. PPP have two scandle hit MNA's here Hamid Saeed Kazmi and makdoom Shahab-Ud-Din in Haj scadel and Afidareen respectively. Rahim Yar Khan is no that bad for PML(N) as 50% seats they are likely to win and other 50% they will fight.

    In Bhawalnagar NA 188 and 189 PML(N) is strong for PML(N) and other two are strong PPP seats. Again 50% here is not too bad.

    PML(N)'s weakest districts are now Okara, Multan, D.G.Khan and Muzafargarh where they can win about 20-30% seats overall. (Legharis are now sure not to join PML(N))

    Posted 2 years ago on 31 Mar 2013 3:57 #
  14. Paki_Tiger

    Is Ijazul Haq will contesting on PML N or independent? Whats thier plan for Okara, Multan I think with Bosan brothers, Dewan aashiq, Rana Mahmood-ul- hassan plus PPPP vote clash with Shah Mehmood Qurishi can be proof be 50 to 60 % for PML N.

    DG khan, Nawaz batter talk to khosa about Legharis as " not guts no Glory" same goes for his sons. They have not brought any good to PML N but shame, one went to PPP and other is involved in SAPNA case. What else he is expecting that his sons are still in party. Becuase of their low fame party should not suffer.

    MUzaffargarh & Okara, it will be a miracle to win any seats.

    Posted 2 years ago on 31 Mar 2013 4:21 #

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