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  1. Few Points to Remember:

    - Please don't use all CAPITAL LETTERS in the title and the post - this is considered RUDE!

    - Please make sure that you select an appropriate section using "Pick a section" option

    - Please use only small letters in TAGS

    - Please don't make long tags and use commas in between words unless absolutely necessary

    - Do not copy and paste articles from other sources. Write your thoughts about the article [optionally with excerpts from the original work] and paste a link.

    - How to post a picture
    < img src=http://SomeImageOnthenet.kom/pic.jpg />
    ^ No space between < and img.
    All pictures should abide by the code of conduct. Images wider than the post width will be deleted.

    - How to post a link.
    < a href=http://AlinkToAnews.kom > News Title< /a>
    ^ No space between < and a. No space between < and /a.



    Posted 8 years ago on 25 Dec 2007 4:37 #

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