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Sind Produces 70 Percent of Gas ??

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  1. netengr

    As we know most of the Gas supplied to the country is from "Sui " Baluchistan but Qaim Alishah is saying that 70 percent of the Gas in Pakistan coming from Sind ,Can any one have correct information

    Posted 6 years ago on 19 Sep 2009 10:33 #
  2. JJ Khan

    Good question.

    Thanks God we have finally something better from you!

    Posted 6 years ago on 19 Sep 2009 10:53 #
  3. I am delighted. At last something intellectual. Well I believe Mr. Qaim Ali Shah has been provided disinformation. Baluchistan is the main/sole producer of Natural Gas.

    Posted 6 years ago on 19 Sep 2009 11:08 #
  4. justapakistani

    Seems Qaim Ali Shah got nuts.......yaa phir uskoo kuch pata hi nahi hai....aaab istaraa kaay wazir-e-Aalaa hongay tu Allah Hafiz hai.....

    Posted 6 years ago on 19 Sep 2009 11:23 #
  5. Raavi

    So please give the royalty of gas to Qaim Ali Shah err.. Sind.

    Posted 6 years ago on 19 Sep 2009 11:58 #
  6. JJ Khan

    There are over dozen gas fields in Pakistan. Largest gas field is at Sui which contributes about 22% of national consumption. Qadirpur gas field is a large gas field in sindh there are many others in sindh as well that require some research to get to proper conclusion.

    Posted 6 years ago on 19 Sep 2009 12:30 #
  7. Fahim23

    Qadirpur gasfield at Ghotki is giving 14 per cent of the total fuel production in the country.

    Gasfields spread over vast areas in Sanghar, Badin, Dadu, Ghotki and Khairpur districts are producing billions of metric cubic feet of gas, making a great contribution to the national pipeline.

    Sindh has replaced Balochistan as Energy province of Pakistan.

    Posted 6 years ago on 19 Sep 2009 21:30 #
  8. Honestly, I was not aware of this. We have known Baluchistan as a leader in gas production.

    Posted 6 years ago on 19 Sep 2009 21:33 #
  9. Raavi


    Thanks for information!

    May Allah give all our provinces the prosperity and may our Sindis, Baluchis, Punjabis, Pashtoons propser and reach the height of human development! May Allah (swt), give us all the happiness and peace that we need. Amen.

    Posted 6 years ago on 20 Sep 2009 4:12 #
  10. expakistani

    something in found on net.... leaving for you guys

    .......... ---- According to the Pakistan Energy Year Book 2007, published by the Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Resources, Sindh’s share in the total national oil production stood at 56 per cent during 2006-07(table 1) In the same period, Sindh produced 71 per cent of the total national gas output. (table 2)

    These tables highlight that Sindh is the largest oil producing province, followed by Punjab; Sindh is the largest gas producing province followed by Balochistan. and Sindh and Balochistan together with almost 94 per cent of the national gas production constitute the country’s energy basket

    Posted 6 years ago on 20 Sep 2009 4:39 #
  11. Beenai

    oh thats a news for me .
    but what is the proof that Mr Qaim Ali Shah is correct and not glorifying sindh or trying to undermine the share of Balochistan in the development of the history.

    Posted 6 years ago on 24 Sep 2009 8:36 #
  12. KHAN_Sahib

    There is a new found of Gas in "Kirk" Pukhtoonkhwa and guess where the first pipe line went to? Obviously not to locals!!! Duh!

    Remove the unfair system of distribution of wealth/ taxes/ water or either change Pakistan into one unit ( not desirable) or more provinces.

    As regards to Qaim Ali shah! He is one of biggest idiots in PPP so won't comment on him.

    Posted 6 years ago on 24 Sep 2009 8:52 #
  13. Beenai

    Qaim ali shah loves sindh so much ...that i wont be surprise if one day he claims that sindh produces all the wheat.
    as much as i know ...sind produces FEUDALs in a higher number than anything else.

    Posted 6 years ago on 24 Sep 2009 9:11 #
  14. Fahim23


    Have you tried to find out? Or before making any effort you prefer to be negative?

    Energy (Oil, Gas, and Coal)

    Ref: Page 7 of the report year book 2006-07 Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Resources

    During fiscal year 2006-07 there were seventeen oil and gas discoveries in the country namely

    Mela-1 (NWFP),
    Ahmed-1 (Sindh),
    Pasakhi North East-1 (Sindh),
    Sakhi South Deep-1, ??
    Unar-1 (Sindh),
    Nim West-1 (Sindh),
    Kamal North-1 (Sindh),
    Latif-1 (Sindh),
    Chak66NE-1 (Sindh),
    Dhachrapur-1 (Sindh),
    Dakhni Deep-1 (Punjab),
    KunarWest-1A (Sindh),
    ZaurWest-1 Rahim-1 (Sindh),
    Thora Deep-1 (Sindh),
    Tajjal-1 (Sindh) and
    Chandio-1 (Sindh)

    Out of 16 finds, at least 13 are in Sindh, 1 in NWFP and 1 in Punjab (one is unknown to me). These all are on shore finds, off shore (in sea) are not discussed here. Beside Qadirpur, Bhit, Zamzama, Kadanwari, Sawan and Miano are other major Oil/Gas fields in Sindh. One of the largest coal reserviors are found in Sindh, Tharparkar.


    Production of Wheat in Sindh for year 2005 (in '000' tonnes)

    = 2508.6


    Production of Wheat in Punjab for year 2004 (in '000' tonnes)

    = 15639


    Sindh has the potentional to produce 7 million tonn wheat annually but due to shortage of water and lack of agro inputs (seed, pesticides etc) it is only producing 2.5 million.


    Overall 25% of Agricultural GDP of Pakisan is contributed by Sindh. Sindh grows a variety of field and horticultural crops. Wheat, cotton, rice and sugarcane are the major field crops, which constitute 68% of the total cropped area, while mango, banana and chilies are the major horticultural crops. Sindh produces 35% rice, 28% of the sugarcane, 20% cotton, and 12% of the wheat in the country. Among the horticultural crops, Sindh produces 73% banana, 34% mangoes, and88% of the chilies grown in the country. Of the total cropped area of 3.1 million hectares in the year 2000-01, almost 50% of the area was under food crops (wheat, rice, maize, sorghum, millet and barley), 25% under cash crops (cotton, sugarcane etc), and the remaining area was under fodder (9.1%), pulses (4.7%), condiments (4.1%), oilseeds (3.8), fruits (3.3%) and vegetables (1.4%).


    Posted 6 years ago on 24 Sep 2009 12:46 #
  15. Fahim23

    Gas fields under Pakistan Petroleum Limited

    PPL operated

    Sui (Balochistan)
    Kandhkot (Sindh)
    Adhi (Punjab)
    Mazarani (Sindh)
    Chachar (Sindh)

    Partner operated

    Qadirpur Gas Field (Sindh)

    Block 22

    Miano Gas Field (Sindh)

    Sawan Gas Field (Sindh)

    Tal Block (NWFP)

    Nashpa Block (punjab/nwfp)

    Latif Block (Sindh)

    Gambat Block (Sindh)

    Posted 6 years ago on 24 Sep 2009 13:09 #
  16. netengr

    myth "punjab sab ko paal raha hay "
    Myth "balochistan is the richest province

    Sind with sea port ,refineries ,Gas ,Patrol ,Industries and Coal and less population is the richest province of Pakistan ,Independent Sind (just for example ) would be more rich if it relies on its resources ,25 % of pakistan agriculture which sind produce is enough for Sind's population

    Posted 6 years ago on 25 Sep 2009 7:47 #
  17. Beenai

    every province thinks the same way .
    and matter of the fact is that ;
    all the 4 provinces are supporting each other.
    they have different needs and requirements but at the same time,has been given different natural resources too .
    and all could be used in a better way collectively .

    Posted 6 years ago on 25 Sep 2009 7:52 #
  18. Raavi


    this is what our Eastern wing thought.

    Anyhow this is not the topic here. So I shall try to reply on this in another topic (of separation and then getting rich or KHUSH HAL - it is a complex phenomenon)

    Posted 6 years ago on 25 Sep 2009 8:06 #
  19. netengr

    I am not saying about the separation But we have to know the facts and should not live on myths .

    Balochistan and NWFP ask about the royalties of electricity and Gas ,perception in punjab is ,Punjab is the one which is the source of income for other provinces .

    Pakistan's 50% budget goes to defense and which province is most beneficiary ? thats is why establishment always like to have conflict with india and problem in afghanistan for "laho germ rakhnay ka hay aik bahana "

    Posted 6 years ago on 25 Sep 2009 8:28 #
  20. Raavi

    I am a Punjabi and this is NOT a perception there:

    "Punjab is the one which is the source of income for other provinces"

    Please note that 50% budget allocated to Army IS NOT SPENT ON Punjab.

    Again dont drag this post to Punjab. Let's discuss it somewhere else.

    Posted 6 years ago on 25 Sep 2009 9:12 #
  21. Fahim23


    Are you really that naive or you enjoy deluding yourself by making factually incorrect statements?

    "all the 4 provinces are supporting each other." Are you sure you talking about 4 provinces of Pakistan? Remember East Pakistan? Are you following what's happening in Balochistan since last 62 years? Do you have any idea how ppl in NWFP, interior sindh and siraiki belt of Punjab feel?

    Why ppl like you are in constant denial .... you don't even acknowledge that smaller provinces are exploited and oppressed!

    In Pakistan Only Central Punjab and Urban Sindh (khi/hyd) are beneficiaries - rest of Pakistan has long been forgotten.

    And in terms of Energy Sindh contributes 70% while in Agriculture it contributes 25% share in GDP. It is a Fact not just mere thinking!

    Posted 6 years ago on 25 Sep 2009 10:52 #
  22. Beenai

    i am surprised that an educated person like you can be that ignorant of the fact that how much one province is supporting another .u are trapped into the leaders age old toxic lectures about sind card and punjab card .
    u never realise that some provinces doesnt have wheat .
    but they eat roti .
    some dont have rice but they eat rice.
    some dont have dry fruits .
    but they eat dry fruits .
    some dont have mills .
    but they enjoy industrial goods.
    how come?????????????

    Posted 6 years ago on 25 Sep 2009 11:40 #
  23. JJ Khan

    All natural resources are public property -govt or companies have no right on them to sell.

    Govt's job is to make these available to population at the cost of refining/processing only. They can not sell to foreigners to earn little quick cash.

    Posted 6 years ago on 25 Sep 2009 13:03 #

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