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Understanding of the word Democracy by our political entities!

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  1. Is it true, that in Pakistan the understanding of Democracy and Elections is only \"winning\" the election after much a do.....and no solution to the problems of the people,

    One day in New York, I attended a dinner in the honor of some lazy artists, and there was Hillary Clinton there too, some two years ago, I heard her say something which made me pay attention to her since then, she said, \"the day, people REALIZE that Governments no longer have any SLOUTIONS for the problems of PEOPE, will be the day of the REAL DEMOCRACY...\"

    Think a bit about this statment, no matter who is saying it....isnt it ture, that really there is no solutions to our problems in the hands of the Government, instead Governments incite and protect corruption....

    In pakistan, the backbone of the pakistan was army, look at the condition of the army, dependent on instructions and money from west, and now engaged in a civil war....then look at the parliament, parliament is practically a circus, the only thing left was the houses of Judiciary, and guess what, they have also been dragged into controversy...each and every pillar of this nation is being cracked one by one by one by one.....

    No one has any solution no one....we can hope, we can recite Quran and recite naats and sing songs but these are re medials without any cure.........

    PS: I am not a supporter of Mrs Clinton.....


    Posted 7 years ago on 06 Apr 2008 4:18 #

    In Pakistan there is no true democracy! It is only a word used by many and understood by a very few. It was employed very cleverly and frivously by feudal lords/politicians ONLY to gain power.

    In this quest for \"democracy\", the feudal lords/politicians listed countless number of issues and blamed Musharraf for them. But NOT ONCE did they state how they were going to resolve these issues. They cried and screamed to incite the people, but no intellectual discussion was held regarding these issues! Same old soap opera style overly emotional speeces that provided NO answers!

    So where is the democracy - people elected a face, an individual!!! Democracy is about electing policies and systems an individual represents in order to give direction to a nation. It is about comparing the different ideologies that are out there, and its extremely important that people know these ideologies and policies because only then will the people be able to decide where a country should be headed. In Pakistan this is not the case. People basically have appointed a new dictator and his subordinates to do whatever they want!

    Now the feudal lords/politicians are already in power and they can and will implement whatever they want. The people still dont know what policies these people will implement. Actually the people NEVER asked for those solutions.

    If one is to look at any political party in Pakistan, the only thing that comes to one\'s mind is an individual, and NO associated policy or ideology. PMLN --Nawaz Shariff; PPP-- Bhutto/Zardari; MQM--Altaf Hussein and so on.

    Posted 7 years ago on 06 Apr 2008 7:24 #
  3. Arcane:

    I agree with your statement and feel helpless and worried ....


    Posted 7 years ago on 07 Apr 2008 15:46 #
  4. Riz

    man mulla is right same as arcane,,,,,,,,,,,but u guys are sad,,,,,,

    solution is a key for every door,,,,,,,,,,,lol,,

    democracy doing nothing to anybody in the world,,,,,,,rather than killing millions of ppl,,,,

    yes if u talk about democracy within the country,,,,without any involvement outside,,,

    than u talking about ,,,,,,,,,,,my man,,,,,president of pakistan,,,,,,,

    Posted 7 years ago on 07 Apr 2008 18:06 #

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