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  1. Update: Click the "Report" link under every post to report an abuse.


    The old fashion method (below) is still valid.

    Instead of opening a new thread every time a potential mischief occurs, use this thread to report. This topic will stay open most of the time and can be accessed through a HEADER TAB on the main Discuss page. Each issue item will be deleted after a resolution or action.

    1- Avoid flooding with complaints and counter complaints about a post/ issue as most of the posts may immediately be deleted

    2- Only the direct rival/ aggrieved parties should use this thread in case of an accusation on a person.

    Due to limited resources we cannot address each and every issue. Repost of the following write-up will help everyone understand what should be allowed and what is not allowed. This should also improve the signal to noise ratio of this forum.

    - An appropriate way to counter a false/ misleading comment is to post the correct information right below it instead of asking for it to delete.

    - Number one reason to get banned is to incite racial and ethnic hate.

    - Abusive language about anyone is not acceptable.

    - A rough treatment of politicians, political parties and the organizations for public good should be tolerated but no room for reproaches on individuals or ethnic groups who support them.

    - Criticism on other members is highly discouraged here. There is nothing wrong with a constructive disapproval of someone’s thoughts but attacking a person frequently leads to an uncontrollable fight.

    Pkpolitics reserves the right to delete, mend and deliberate any comment to keep the sanity, aesthetics and cognitivity of the contents.


    Posted 6 years ago on 24 Oct 2009 0:51 #

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