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what is the current political situation of ur Constituency?

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  1. mango mam

    well i dont think NS will accept sh. rasheed (my analysis not information); may be he is signaling to workers to accept him but this may be a move to convince party workers to accept some low profile lotas (sorry to say), e.g. there is less pressure on the party to accept e.g. people like amir muqam; i think eventually talli will not be accepted; they will keep him on the edge

    Posted 3 years ago on 06 Apr 2012 10:02 #
  2. farhansaeed345

    Bro pak-power agree with u.sheikh rasheed is a more sincere to pindi and pak as compare to all sittings MNAs from doubt us ne past men buht blunders keay but ab wo samjh gea ha k national assembly phunchnay ka aik he rasta ha ju k RAIWIND se hu kr jata ha.thatx why he is dieing to come back in pmln..well such person ko NA men hona chaheay es men pak ka fyda ha..sheikh ne jitni jail or mar pmln k lye khai utni utni koi nai kha sakta..ap logon ko 90s ka wo jalsa yad hu ga jis men pindi men firing hu gai the and he was with nawaz in that jalsa..well the summary is that sheikh should be in pmln and it will be not easy for shakeel awan to beat him..impossible now.i wants to c him in pmln camp.inshallah.but chances are very rare..true more chances for DAFA E PAK..

    Posted 3 years ago on 06 Apr 2012 10:36 #
  3. intelligentpakistani

    Now its sure tht SR is going in PTI, or will have a seat adjustment with them,because he has being appearing together with Imran Khan for a long time and is now appearing alone in all pro Ik anchor shows like Mubasher Luqman, Nadeem Malik, Kashif Abbasi. Even on PTI website, special threads are being opened in SR favour just to make the opinion of the PTI members to accept him, so we should not waste our time now by thinking whether NS should accept him or no.

    Posted 3 years ago on 06 Apr 2012 10:49 #
  4. farhansaeed345

    Intelligent bro @ true k pti walon ne SR k baray spacial thread strat ke hoi ha.but SR will never join pti..yah he is thinking to ditch pti after winning NA55 election with a pti support.but he will contest as AZAAD.and then pmln men shamil hu jaey of luck for SR..

    Posted 3 years ago on 06 Apr 2012 11:19 #
  5. Pak_Power

    I think everyone is misreading here question is not if pmln can win or not in Pindi…Sheikh Raseeds inclusions doesn’t make any difference about Pindi seats….Pindi will remain pmln’s stronghold…..there is no question about pmln winning pindi….so let’s just put this aside….
    if pmln’s lions can be demoralize by inclusion of a person then I have to say pmln should lose pindi because lions don’t get intimidated by anyone….just for the record I don’t believe inclusion of Sheeda will demoralize or any such thing that’s just plain nonsense….just because some local “worker” (I believe it’s just Shakeel Awan and Hanif Abassi) holds personal grudge against Sheeda doesn’t mean sky’s falling……if Ameer Muqam is welcome then Sheeda should be accepted also…..

    bahi bottom line is Mian sahib himself had forgiven Sheeda Talli, so let’s just not play SHAH SE ZIYADA SHAH KE WAFADAR again I said pindi workers (read Shakeel AWAN Hanif Abbasi) drop this nonsense….I totally agree he would make Zardari, Tsunami Khan and scumbag Chuhdary’s eat dirt during election time TV Screen’s are going to be dominated by PPP big mouths Faisel Abdi, Fauzia wahab Q’s Kamal Agha and Tsunami **** bags… today’s digital world perception is KING… matter what anyone say one thing is very clear when Sheeda open his mouth his words resonate with people… this information age we cannot leave TV Screen battlefield for intellectual shenanigans let’s be realistic pmln heavy weights (Ahsen Iqbal, Sen. Parviz Rasheed, Sen Mashid Ulla, Khuraam Dastagir) are fantastic when it comes to policy debate but I am sorry to say they don’t excite the base of pmln……
    And just to be clear I am not running Sheikh Rasheed fan club nor do I care who is pmln candidate in pindi it’s just my view I think in broader perspective he can be an addition….

    Posted 3 years ago on 06 Apr 2012 11:20 #
  6. chaudaru80

    brother i totally agree with u . u r right abt its not abt pindi result. i think if he contest on pmln ticket then pmln might get around 100000 votes in NA 55 becoz of his personal votes. no one cud deny taht he holds his personal vote bank of atleast 25000 thousands. pmln ko iss ka faida mulki level er ho ga mean jaisa aap ne kaha k yeh akeela he in sab k kiye kaafi hai. yes u r right k party mein koi bhi barr bola nai hai . all r decent. so hum log na to MQM ka jawab de saktay hain aur na he IK ka. but SH. rasheed can do that . he cud settle score with MQM on behalf of PMLN.

    Posted 3 years ago on 06 Apr 2012 11:45 #
  7. Pak_Power

    I agree bro…I hope now people would drop their opposition looking at broader picture……you are absolutely right about MQM thugs …I am sure everyone remember WASEEM AKHTER episode…..I believe if Sheeda is playing for our team Waseem Akhter would think 10times before opening his C***H***….Guys let’s be realistic and stop living in fantasyland

    Posted 3 years ago on 06 Apr 2012 12:11 #
  8. Adonis

    @ Pak_Power & chaudaru80

    Ameer Maqam was never in PML-N before so his comparison with Sh Rasheed is wrong. Shaikh is someone who, when denied ticket in 2002, promised that he'll put the two seats of Rawalpindi in Nawaz Sharif's feet if elected and after elections conveniently settled himself in Musharraf's feet. This is the betrayal of trust that proved to be the last nail in the coffin for Sh Rasheed.

    The issue is not whether Nawaz Sharif has forgiven Sh Rasheed or not. He betrayed people of Rawalpindi and they have not forgiven him. Go to any part of Rawalpindi and ask people what they think of Sh Rasheed.

    I challange that if PML-N gives ticket to Sh Rasheed, even an ordinary worker of PTI will beat him.

    PML-N leadership needs to realize that gone are the days when people had no other choice but vote for either PML-N or PPP. Now there is an alternative to PPP and if PML-N candidate is someone like Sh rasheed in pindi or Sohail Zia Butt in Lahore, then PTI will suddenly start looking like the lesser evil.

    Furthermore, Sh Rasheed was in PML-N till 1997, how beneficial was he? His bad language was always a source of embarrassment. In these media hey days, his language will be a huge liability for any party that he joins. It is actually a good thing that PML-N leaders do not answer PPP in the language that it uses. This is precisely why people prefer PML-N over PPP.

    Posted 3 years ago on 06 Apr 2012 12:13 #
  9. Zaheer

    It is better for PMLN to keep them away from meerasis.Should not lose decensy just to shut up idiots.

    Posted 3 years ago on 06 Apr 2012 12:51 #
  10. chaudaru80

    @ zaheer abbas.
    bro what abt NA 86 . who will b pmln candidate . and who is strong over there ?

    Posted 3 years ago on 06 Apr 2012 13:28 #
  11. Zaheer

    I think Shekh Qaiser will contest on NA86 on PMLN ticket.He has good repute so PMLN can win easily.People of Dist Jhang will never vote for PPP now.It is my perception.

    Posted 3 years ago on 06 Apr 2012 13:54 #
  12. Pak_Power

    Bahi pmln is contesting elections in Pakistan and not in Scandinavia so this talk of decency blah blah is just silly….Meerasis, Bahands are part of our culture and politics….if anyone seriously believes that Pakistan is a Jeffersonian democracy they need to get their head examined by a proper doctor….
    This bookish stuff sounds good if our society would be at least 60% literate….but unfortunately over 60% of Pakistani society is illiterate ….Pakistani electorate understand simple language and language of Sheeda Talli resonates with them….if you talk to them with references to Goethe tell them what Noam Chomsky is saying recite quotes from Shakespeare’s plays the response would be WHAT THE F*** THIS MORON IS TALKING ABOUT……..let’s just not get carried away…..We are no Scandinavia….
    Oh for crying out loud enough of this Tsunami party boogeyman……you seriously need to get your head checked ……like I said before we are discussing Pakistani politics and Pakistani society not Swedish Politics….alternative to ppp and pmln you gotta be kidding me……

    Posted 3 years ago on 06 Apr 2012 14:22 #
  13. chaudaru80

    @ Pak_Power.
    bro u from ?

    Posted 3 years ago on 06 Apr 2012 14:47 #
  14. Adonis

    @ Pak_Power

    I would say that anybody who thinks Sheeda Tulli can be of any use for PML-N needs to get his head examined.

    He is a dead weight and can only sink the ship which picks him up.

    Posted 3 years ago on 06 Apr 2012 16:16 #
  15. Zaheer

    @Pak_Power brother
    Now things r much changed!Though we are not 50% literate but we belong to a global village in 21st century.You can't say that nothing has changed in last 10 to 15 years.If we have to come forward to synch with the whole world we need to change our attitude.I m not here to support PMLN for the sake of politics.I consider PMLN a mature and a better party to serve Pakistan in a better way.Now this new world,new thoughts require a new attitude of politics as well.Meerasis belong to our culture but they should not be supposed to be our leaders.Just assume if PMLN had remained stuck to old ways and had not adopted new ways,new technology in electronic media to send PTI on backfoot what damged they could suffer from.Now our people can differentiate decency and indecency well,otherwise MQM and PTI would have won every seat of NA with meerasi attitude.PMLN does not need bhands at all in the sake of decency just to contest stupids on media.You can judge it well that every anchor and even many of PTI supporters are now cursing PTI because of their indecency.They are losing popolarity and PMLN is gaining.As another example consider yesterday statement of Zardari against NS.PMLN has replied with decency and they have imprinted a good image among masses.If Sheikh Rashid can change his attitude then there should be no issue in accepting him.Otherwise let him join his like minded group.jithon de khoti outhai ja khaloti!

    Posted 3 years ago on 06 Apr 2012 17:53 #
  16. chaudaru80

    @ zaheer .
    bro i think pmln has good chance in Jhang. u know k last time pmln cudnt win a singal MPA seat from jhang. by the way do u any idea k NA 86 k wings mein se koi MPA forward block mein gya hai ya koi Ind.MPA jo PMLN mein aaya ho ?

    Posted 3 years ago on 07 Apr 2012 6:26 #
  17. Zaheer

    Brother PMLN will win all MPA seats in Jhang inshaAllah.Punjab Govt has done too much work in whole district.ab Chiniot alag dist hai,Na 86 ab uss main aa gia hai shaiad aur Chiniot Dist banwanai main Sheikh Qaiser ka kafi role hai.PMLN will rock here.Q league ya PPP will not win a single seat in Dist:Jhang.Eighther PMLN or Independant candidates will prevail here.If Shahbaz or Nawaz will visit Jhang,Shorkot and Chiniot once then they will win all NA seats for sure.

    Posted 3 years ago on 07 Apr 2012 8:07 #
  18. chaudaru80

    @ zaheer
    Inshallah brother . yaar why dont u open a new thread for Jhang district politics . means halqa wise anlysis of each seat seprately.

    Posted 3 years ago on 07 Apr 2012 9:26 #
  19. Zaheer

    Here all districts are discussed in general.However i'll open new thread and invite some friends from Jhang to comment as well.

    Posted 3 years ago on 07 Apr 2012 9:34 #
  20. chaudaru80

    @ zaheer .

    Posted 3 years ago on 07 Apr 2012 9:47 #
  21. Pak_Power

    Zaheer bahi no one is denying that things had not changed, there are changes in our society yes we belong to global village but bed rock or core of our society is still pools apart from 21st century…..bahi meery its not about the information you can or are getting….it’s about understanding and comprehending what you are getting…..furthermore only a fool would resist alignment of Pakistani society with modern global nations….mere access to information modicum is not enough …forcing down changes no matter how great wouldn’t bring any benefit due to simple fact people can’t comprehend the idea of realignment of their surroundings…very core of this a disconnect between top and bottom of society a communication gap a lake of understand……Yes we are in 21st century but we are not part of 21st century global village……for that there is long way to go…..
    In ideal circumstances all you wrote would be acceptable and doable….but in brutal world of real politic such idealism is simply silly….one should not give up on Nobel cause or on good deeds….but real politic is not contest to win sainthood …if 5people are turned off by Sheeda talli’s TharaTalk same time 100s are connecting to his words…..while arrogant snobs like me or you are shaking our heads in disbelief crunching our teeth’s and then say in half Urdu half English “What the hell this clown is doing on TV” very same time there are people saying to someone sitting next to them “Yaar gaal te ay teek ker reya ey” they might would never vote for him but for sure they would identify themselves with his words…..

    Posted 3 years ago on 07 Apr 2012 14:56 #
  22. Pak_Power

    it’s your point of view which is fine…but if you want people to accept your argument you have to bring in hard facts and not just plain I SAID so kind of attitude… one takes that seriously….so again put your chips on the table and let’s see if you can play in big boys club…....

    Posted 3 years ago on 07 Apr 2012 14:57 #
  23. hypocrite

    Based on the analysis presented in this thread, I have understood that:

    a) Parties and their ideologies doesnt matter. What matters is powerful, clan based, sect based candidates who can win despite the support or lack of support of any party.

    b) The only party that can win majority of the seats in Punjab is PML(N). No other party has the right candidates or the support of masses.

    Will wait until elections and the results to see what happens

    Posted 3 years ago on 07 Apr 2012 15:01 #
  24. asif86

    It is too early to predict the results of constituiencies.General electons have not been announced yet.Closer to polls many politicians are going to change parties.Some leaders in present assemblies are just waiting for the right time to jump ship.PTI is still in contact with many of them.

    Posted 3 years ago on 07 Apr 2012 16:21 #
  25. Sweettruth

    Major parties will soon start looking for good candidates for next election. PML-N, PML-Q and PPP are three main parties and will target good candidates with the help of smaller parties. Any election alliance or seat adjustment (like one common candidate) from PPP and PML-Q will give hard time to PML-N.

    It is too early to forecast now but tough contest is expected in Punjab. Smaller Province with smaller parties (MQM, ANP, etc.) will decide which party is going to form next Govt.

    Posted 3 years ago on 07 Apr 2012 16:27 #
  26. chaudaru80

    @ sweettruth.
    bro aap PMLQ ko bohat zayada importance de rahe hain . Q k wo log jo last election haar chukay hain wo alredy Q se jump laga ker zayada ter N mein aur baqi kuch PTI mein ja chukay hain. while jo log 2008 mein jeet gaye thea on Q ticket un mein se bhi few alredy PMLn mein ja chukay hain . for example CH. asim nazir frm faisalabad and ameer muqaam. while baaqi mein se election k kareeb 90% PMLn mein aur kuch Pti mein chale jayyen ****. Q mein just Chaudhries and Raja brothers he reh jayen ****. and yeh to aap ko pata he ho ga k Q ka as a party apna koi vote bank nai hai. Q ka saara vote candodates ka hai yani rural halqon k candidates ka. so i guess PPP and PMLQ k ithihad ki practically koi importance nai hai.

    Posted 3 years ago on 07 Apr 2012 17:09 #
  27. Zaheer

    I am not getting your point brother.If we are far behind than rest of world then it does not mean that we should remain stuck to same old values of ilzami siyasat.I have not talked on ideal grounds.The reality is before you.Just analyse the outcome.Sheikh Rashid could not spoil any vote of PMLN inspite of his continous hard talk against PMLN since last 9 years.In my opinion this attitude has just spoiled his own repute.What happened to MQM after hardtalk with PMLN.They tried best to enter in Punjab but were rejected badly.PMLN is going to set a new trend of decent politics and we should look forward to support this cause for betterment of democracy,PMLN and for Pakistan.All political parties just belive on the outcome and people like Shaikh Rashid are just a liability with no outcome who can not win against a common worker of PMLN.and in current Scenerio PMLN will earn anger of voters in his contituency.However PMLN possess people like Rana Sana Ullah who are not such a liability(though not so decent) but have a positive outcome.

    Posted 3 years ago on 07 Apr 2012 17:36 #
  28. daani

    @Pak Power

    Sheikh Rasheed will be a liability for PMLN and It will be better for PMLN to give tickets to their loyal workers in Pindi.

    This is not a rural area seat and PMLN can win these seats easily unless it a one to one contest like last by-elections where PPP also supported Sheih. Even in that case, it will be a tough competition and you might find many PTI workers opposing sheikh rasheed in that case.

    Posted 3 years ago on 07 Apr 2012 17:43 #
  29. daani

    @Chaudaru80, Zaheerabbas

    May I request you guys to post analysis for individual seats under elections 2013 section becasue then it is easier to track it.

    Its really hard now to track discussion of different constituencies in a single thread.


    Posted 3 years ago on 07 Apr 2012 17:45 #
  30. chaudaru80

    @Zaheerabbas and daani
    brothers yes u r right k we will win in NA 55 with out rasheed. but we r missing a bhand like him. he cud tear apart opponnets like MQM , PTI, PPP. second thing i have some frnds in pindi which r pmln grass root workers. they told me that k pindi workers want sh. rashedd back in pmln. its just top leadors of pindi which r hindrance in the way of rasheed. i.e hanif abbasi,nisaar ali kahn., and shakeel awan.

    Posted 3 years ago on 07 Apr 2012 17:50 #
  31. farhansaeed345

    Naveed bro agree with u pmln workers wants to see sheikh in pmln camp but shakeel awan or hanaif abbasi ko es k buht anti hen.ap daikhtay hun **** k kiss tarah shakeel awan ch nisar k sath sath hota ha in press confrences.wo ch nisar ke TC just ticket k lye kr raha ha.they dont wants to see sheikh back in pmln..and about NA90,91 in two halqas ke samjh nai a rahi k yahan kya honay ja raha.but i guess k saima will contest on pmln ticket as well sultan family too inshallah.

    Posted 3 years ago on 07 Apr 2012 18:23 #
  32. farhansaeed345

    Sweettruth bro @ pmln ne abhi se genral election k lye apna home work start kr dea ha in all over pak..pmln is in contact with heavy candidates jin ka apna 30,35 K vote bank agr punjab and KPK men un ko pmln ka vote bank bhe per gea to then inshallah it will be pmln game inshallah..thanx to almighty ALLAH for pmln punjab gov.

    Posted 3 years ago on 07 Apr 2012 18:29 #
  33. chaudaru80

    @ daani
    bro hum ne already alag halqon k lihaaz se thred start ker diya hai . i started with Multan and Zaheer bahi started with jhang.

    Posted 3 years ago on 08 Apr 2012 6:25 #
  34. Pak_Power

    Zaheer bahi lets just leave all the morality talk of new Pakistan new kind of politics aside…..look at hard core real politic now answer me this where were all these LIONS hiding when filth was coming out of WASEEM AKHTER’S mouth? there was kind of condemnation from some part but overall impression was MQM showed pmln who’s their daddy…..that’s just one example… during election time pmln can’t just sit quietly and take s*** from all directions that turns off large number of people pmln must be able to keep balance in my view on one hand we would have long line of decently specking people but we do need a lineup of non- decent people …….Bahand’s and Meerasisi if you will (No offence to real bahands and meerasis)……..I am seeing a full scale S***storm during election so better be ready for that by having proper tools to deal……
    For crying out loud please don’t ever utter these democracy mantra to me it makes me feel sick to my stomach for the last time PAKISTANI Society is not Democratic bed rock of Pakistani society is family system our father, Chacha , Mamoo or whatever our Elder is head of family he is respected and held high in regards….effects of right or wrong decisions are for whole family……in simple words Pakistani society is based on collectivism…..Now Western Democracy is based on Individualism where each person old young whatever is responsible for itself only……people in these democracies vote according to their consciousness their upbringing makes them ready for that…… anyway if it makes you feel good you call Pakistani system democracy or whatever Super Democracy it won’t change reality….Democracy is a certain type of society… I don’t consider India a democracy either no matter whatever anyone say Indian society at its core is replica of Pakistan society take religion out of both Pakistan and Indian and you find basically very same kind of mindset…..

    Posted 3 years ago on 08 Apr 2012 6:36 #
  35. Pak_Power

    @farhan & caudaru
    I totally agree….shakeel awan got his reward for his services to pmln….now it’s time for him to let it go honestly he is not up to the task he is not a player….for junior league he would be fine but national scale politics is beyond his grasp….my request to shakeel awan is please let it go you are not made for national level representation…..

    Posted 3 years ago on 08 Apr 2012 6:43 #
  36. chaudaru80

    bro its not abt shakeel awan . its hanif abbasi and ch.nisar who r hidrence in the way of rasheed. but i belive k sh. rasheed will b accepted by them. becoz miyan sahb himself think that he need rasheed , not for halqa politics but for national level . one thing we need to understand that with rasheed we cud dominate Media.

    Posted 3 years ago on 08 Apr 2012 7:01 #
  37. Pak_Power

    @ caudaru
    Let’s hope Hanif Abbasi see light and drop his opposition…..if I am not mistaking I think Ch. Nisar also gave green light…any update about that? last I heard was only Hanif Abassi & Shakeel Awan raising hell about this even so threatened to go to PTI…..

    Posted 3 years ago on 08 Apr 2012 7:08 #
  38. chaudaru80

    @ Pak_Power
    brother ch.nisar is the biggest hindrance in the way of rasheed. and u know Ch. tanveer of pindi may also leave due to ch.nisar and hanif abbasi.

    Posted 3 years ago on 08 Apr 2012 7:11 #
  39. Sweettruth


    One of my friends lives in Shakeel Awan electorate and according to him majority of public do not like him so it is high time for him to leave politics or learn basic ABC of politics. Shakeel Awan has been an embarrassment for PML-N throughout his tenure.

    Posted 3 years ago on 08 Apr 2012 7:12 #
  40. chaudaru80

    i guess for time being rasheed will be excused but after elections miyan sahb will accomadate him. its just my guess

    Posted 3 years ago on 08 Apr 2012 7:13 #
  41. chaudaru80

    @ pak_power.
    brother any update abt sialkot politics . what abt the great Kh.asif ? and overall position of N in whole sialkot ?

    Posted 3 years ago on 08 Apr 2012 7:15 #
  42. Sweettruth

    Our politics is dirty and without any ideology and principles; major national parties look for ONLY winnable candidates no matter how dishonest they are. It is shameful irony on part of our dishonest and un-principled politicians. Often, same candidate who serves a full 5 years parliament term with Right party (PML-N) is keen to spend next term with a Left party (PPP) and vice versa. What a shame!

    Posted 3 years ago on 08 Apr 2012 7:17 #
  43. chaudaru80

    @ sweettruth
    right bro but there r people like Kh.Asif who doesnt switch thier loyalities , who can tear apart Establishment . remember his speach in the parlimant in 2004.

    Posted 3 years ago on 08 Apr 2012 7:24 #
  44. Pak_Power

    I don’t like the way Ch. Nisar is running pmln in Pindi he is acting like master of universe…..he needs to come off from his high horse and be humble Ch. Nisar is an arrogant elitist Hanif Abbasi is light weight follower not a leader…..anyway if Ch. Nisar is making trouble about Sheeda Talli then why he is exchanging messages or in easy words talking to Sheeda Talli? At-least that’s what I am getting that Sheeda had exchange with Ch. Nisar……
    Not good idea….sheeda is needed during election time for holding media front …during election time Khawaja Saad and Rana Sana will be very busy in Faiselabd and Lahore we need a full time voice on TV…

    Thanks bro you proved my point Shakeel Awan is damping passions of pmln’s Lion….he is bland.....

    Posted 3 years ago on 08 Apr 2012 7:29 #
  45. Zaheer

    PMLN actually does not need him at all.If in your opinion PMLN needs bhand to shut up mouths of ilzaamis then it is better to recruit true professional bhands than to accept the one who will cause PMLN face embarassent in Media,public and even inside PMLN itself.

    Posted 3 years ago on 08 Apr 2012 7:55 #
  46. chaudaru80

    @ zaheer .
    bro believe me workers of pindi want Sh. rasheed back in thier rank. aur yaar akhir us ne itni saza to caat he li hai . pehle 2 halqoon se zamant zaant hui phir bye election mein bhi haar gaya. so i think saza ka end bhi hona chahiye . waisy personally i dont like him.

    Posted 3 years ago on 08 Apr 2012 8:00 #
  47. farhansaeed345

    Agree with u bro.shakeel awan ko speech krna he nai ata and that is his worst -ive he is not active in media plus babar awan manhoos ek ka saga mamon ha thats why i challange k sheikh es ke es dafa zamanat zabat krwa day ga..shakeel awan pmln ka nuqsan kr raha ha.its true k ch nisar and sheikh k bw ice melt hoi ha but shakel awan jesay log apni seat k lye pindi men pmln ka nuqsan kr rahay hen.pak power ne thek kaha ha k shakeel awan ne apna reward le lea ha now itx time for him to just go back to his own seat..sheikh rasheed ko pindi men just pti ka ticket hira sakta ha.agr wo AML k ticket per lara in only shakeel halqa to pmln ko koi nai jitwa sakta...yah ch nisar ko bhe ap thora workers k sath bethna chaheay.

    Posted 3 years ago on 08 Apr 2012 9:21 #
  48. Pak_Power


    Kh. Asif Wali Seat ka masala nahi hai sialkot city ka halqa hai kashmiri aur sheikh doo baray vote bank Asif merey door ke reshteydar hain kashmiri bradri kaa 100% vote khawaja uncle ka hai. Two big names of local politics sheikh ijaz aur mansha butt kafi active hai... In my view no need to worry abt Sialkot city seat.... But dr.fardos awan wale halqe me kaam ki zarurat hai.... I will write in detail abuot Sialkot later I am travling now writing this through phone....

    Posted 3 years ago on 08 Apr 2012 10:01 #
  49. hypocrite

    I had two observations earlier and I believe I forgot mentioning third observation. My third observation is that a strong candidate who can win at his or her own can only win if he or she joins or represents PML(N). If the same strong candidate joins PPP, PML(Q) or PTI, then he or she will lose.

    It is strange that on one hand it seems that all it matters is whether a candidate is strong or not but then it seems that all matters is to which party the strong candidate is affiliated with.

    Based on the analysis of various constituencies presented in this thread and various other threads, PPP, PML(Q) and PTI shall not contest any elections in Punjab as they will é are supposed to not win.

    Still, I will wait to see what happens on the election day.

    I hope the elections are not rigged.

    And I hope that one day the elections will not be about strong clan based candidates but about those who can think of masses and Pakistan.

    Posted 3 years ago on 08 Apr 2012 13:03 #
  50. farhansaeed345

    Hypo bro pakistan men essa kbi nai ho sakta k aik party just apnay inqalbi salogan ke waja se gov bana one can do that.pak ka system he essa ha.yah its true in punjab k many candidates will win just due to pmln ticket..what u says k kya kasori ko pti ka ticket jitwa sakta ha?same likes that sheikh rasheed azad tu jeet sakta ha but never on pti ticket..mian azhar cold win on pmln ticket only...there are very rare candidates jin ka apna vote bank hota ha just likes legharies,faisal saleh,pmln MNA RANA TANVEER,and mostly from pmlq..ju kisi bhe party men ja k jeet saktay we are right k pmln punjab men buht lead le ge inshallah...amean

    Posted 3 years ago on 08 Apr 2012 17:28 #
  51. farhansaeed345

    And inshallah sialkot men se pmln will retain its current seats ..or es dafa to ashiq hussain wala halqa men bhe pp,pti or pmln k bw buht ghumsan ke jang hu ge.u know pmln candidate adrees bajwa ju k buht strong candidate ha or agr pmln ke local leadeship men ethad raha to pmln yay seat asani se jeet jaey ge.inshallah..last tym ashiq awan BB ke death ke waja se jeet gai the but es dafa us ne apna halqa men buht kaam krwaeay but bad thing for her is pp ticket...

    Posted 3 years ago on 08 Apr 2012 17:34 #
  52. zufi


    Have you read this news from yesterday where shahbaz had some meetings with political groups in Okara, do yu know anything about these groups.

    Posted 3 years ago on 08 Apr 2012 17:51 #
  53. chaudaru80

    @ zufi
    that is gr8. now pmln cud win atleast 4 out of 5 NA seats in okara inshallah. yeh okara k main group hai . especillay Afzal shah EX district nazim of okara . isi banday ne last time Watto ko 2 sets jetwaiyen theen. bus aap samjho k okara will be sweeped now inshllah.

    Posted 3 years ago on 08 Apr 2012 18:03 #
  54. zufi

    sometime back i also saw rao sikandar sons meeting with
    NS too, are they in PMLN too.

    Posted 3 years ago on 08 Apr 2012 18:17 #
  55. chaudaru80

    yes they r in pmln but PMLN cud not thier seat becoz becoz that is PPP's secure seat . but pmln will win all remaining seats.

    Posted 3 years ago on 08 Apr 2012 18:22 #
  56. farhansaeed345

    Yah great news yar yahi okara he tha jahan punjab men pmln 0 the but after that meeting ab to watoo ko bhe apni seat ke par jaey ge inshallah..btw pakpatan men yay pmln ka aik buht bara jalsa tha..thanx to ALMIGHTY ALLAH....

    Posted 3 years ago on 08 Apr 2012 19:25 #
  57. Pak_Power

    Punjab’s real politic is almost rocket science……if you know a thing or two about Punjab politic you wouldn’t give such goofy observations……
    Let’s just leave Tsunami party out of this in reality Tsunami party is absolute replica of ZALMO QAZI AA RAHA HAI (anyone remember that?) no matter how much hype these news channels create about Tsunami party on the ground it is still brutal hardcore real politic…….
    In some areas ppp indeed looks strong but that’s due to strong personality realistically specking Zardari had secede Punjab …tell me in last 5 years how many times Zardari or any PPP stalwart held a real public gathering (non governmental mandated) like Benazir use to had……during Benazir’s time she was in touch with very core of her supporters she had a full grip on every district of Punjab she use to visit different districts at least once in several months…..Thanks to Zardari ppp vote bank in Punjab is no more…..
    PML-Q this vote bank is basically (Worship Raising SUN) so their performance is all about if they would be able to get in to government or not….all depends on what trend would be during elections……
    Punjab’s election is going to be about voting for pmln or against pmln…….

    Posted 3 years ago on 09 Apr 2012 6:56 #
  58. mango mam

    @Pak_Power, i totally agree with u; the politics in pak has changed ; not its NS vs anti NS; Estab. had a very bad exerience when NS got 2/3 majority; thy are striving hard so that this situatrion never occur

    Posted 3 years ago on 09 Apr 2012 7:06 #
  59. mango mam

    somebody can update us on the significance of this

    Posted 3 years ago on 09 Apr 2012 7:21 #
  60. Pak_Power

    @farhan & Chaudaru
    bro sorry it’s not true Dr. Fardos won in 2008 due to Benazir death…..Dr. Fardos have her own vote bank she don’t need any party ticket for NA-111… she had done so much development work it would be an uphill fight against her ppp ticket or no ticket would not make any difference….
    The interesting facts about NA-111 , Delimitation played a role, votes were divided between Bajwa Advocate and Ameer Hussian in my view these are Anti-Dr.Fardos votes these people would never ever vote for Dr. Fardos combian vote for Bajwa and Ameer Hussian were over 80,000 in 2008 in 2002 over 100,000…now because this is a rural seat so here is also worship raising sun factor in play….thana, katchery is big deal in this constituency again if election trend would be that Dr. Fardos is going to opposition in that case she is going to have trouble……Bajwa Bradary is biggest in this area and they are very loyal pmln voters…….Ch. Ameer Hussain’s use to have personal vote bank but that was due to fact Ch. Akhter Varyoke was behind him and Ch. Akhter was master of constituency politics after his death that vote bank is almost eroded….in 2002 election Sialkot station commander (Army) had to personally jump in after seeing that Bajwa had won so same old story result was stopped and then miraculously Ameer Hussian won by 1600 votes…..the biggest factor in favor of pmln this time would be because now no more degree restrictions king of constituency politics Rana Shamim is back so NA-111 will be one seat to watch……pmln might be able to clean sweep Sialkot……but it all depends on NA-111 seat…….one thing is for sure pmln won’t give this seat on a plate to Dr. Fardos so be ready for an exciting battle in NA-111…….

    Posted 3 years ago on 09 Apr 2012 7:52 #

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