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Who is joining pmln in upcoming days?

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  1. mango mam


    Faisal Zaman has already joined PMLN

    Posted 2 years ago on 19 Mar 2013 5:08 #
  2. sadaat


    The one you are referring is Raja Faisal Zaman, He is another candidate from Other Constituency of Haripur, whereas the one I am referring you is "Faisal Zaman" Jehazo Wala group (Aeroplane group), he is still with PTI & has strong vote bank from Ghazi area! in 2002 he manage to win against Peer Sabir Shah (with support of Gohar Ayub/Omar Ayub) & in last election he lost to Sabir Shah with only 650 votes (without Omar/Gohar Ayub support). This time he is contesting on PTI ticket, so he will get some extra votes (Imran Khan factor), so this time it is seems to be v.close contest, head to head! my feeling is saying that Faisal Zaman looks strong!

    The one you are referring is Raja Faisal Zaman (candidate from PF-49) who won last time on MMA ticket against PML-N candidate with 12,000 margin

    Posted 2 years ago on 19 Mar 2013 6:30 #
  3. mango mam


    Thanks for your information; I got it; Yes you are right "Jahazoon Wala" has a lot of votes and notes; He does not need any party ticket. However, the induction of Raja Faisal Zaman strengthen the position NA candidate of PMLN

    Posted 2 years ago on 19 Mar 2013 8:51 #
  4. sadaat

    @ Mango man

    PTI will bring few extra votes for Faisal Zaman but on the same time, Sabir Shah got Gohar/Omar Ayub on baord, may be they will be helpful to bring extra voters for Sabir Shah.

    Close contest is predicted

    Posted 2 years ago on 19 Mar 2013 9:12 #
  5. Waqar KPK

    Gohar Aub or Omer Ayub who ever got ticket of NA, will take atleast 150k + votes this time, no contest in Haripur.

    Posted 2 years ago on 19 Mar 2013 9:54 #
  6. Fazooli

    2285 posts on this topic of "people joining pmln"!

    From where did all these good politician pop up, all of a sudden?
    Or has Mian sahab decided to compromise on his principles of "asooli siasat" and "no lota policy"?

    Posted 2 years ago on 19 Mar 2013 10:08 #
  7. Fazooli

    With So Many Electables, what's Nawaz Sharif's plan?
    To try to become "Amir-ul-Momineen" once again??

    Posted 2 years ago on 19 Mar 2013 10:10 #
  8. Adonis

    As Mian Sahib always copies the great Imran Khan, therefore it was well expected that he could not continue with original ideas like "asooli siasat" and "no lota policy".

    Now he is doing exactly as the great Imran Khan started doing after Oct 30, 2011 Lahore jalsa. What a copy cat!!!

    Posted 2 years ago on 19 Mar 2013 10:14 #
  9. Waqar KPK

    Mian sb decide on the same day when imran khan open the doors for LOTAS and get 30 lotas on 1 day in PTI and shouted joyfully " Mian sb match kail lo aesa na ho ke kohi bache he na" and mian sb relied humbly " tho ho jahe aik 20 20 match".

    After then mian sb never looked back and in PTI kids WICKETS are converted into LOTAS.

    Posted 2 years ago on 19 Mar 2013 10:17 #
  10. Fazooli

    hmmm intra-party elections kab ho rahy hain noon league mein??

    akhir copy karna hai na

    Posted 2 years ago on 19 Mar 2013 10:29 #
  11. Waqar KPK

    Great asool pasand imran khan tweeted on 6th march " More politicians from Punjab+Faisalabad+Taunsa and attock are joining PTI", plz some one explain what he was trying to say.

    If some one joining PTI he is due to great leadership of imran khan and if some one joining PMLN then he is LOTA, i think we should not make fools of ourselves.

    Posted 2 years ago on 19 Mar 2013 10:31 #
  12. Fazooli

    let's do intra party elections in noon league

    and for God sake, get rid of this "noon"... na-ahli ka noon lagta hai

    if it is really awam ki party and want to work for it then copy the example of intra party elections and see how many people vote for mariam sharif and hamza shahbaz...

    many politicians joined pti in october jasla, how long ago??
    and with how much speed are politicians joining pmln just before elections??

    now we have to see, who gets ticket from pmln platform? those who get elected on the basis of merit or those who do power politics and are switching parties at the last moment

    NS is working to get as many seats as possible coz he has a dream! dream to become "amir-ul-moineen"!

    Posted 2 years ago on 19 Mar 2013 10:46 #
  13. Adonis

    "NS is working to get as many seats as possible coz he has a dream! dream to become "amir-ul-moineen"! "

    What is so bad about the term ameer ul momineen?

    Isn't it better to be "ameer-ul-momineen" than to be "ameer-ul-kafireen"?

    Posted 2 years ago on 19 Mar 2013 11:17 #
  14. Fazooli

    lagta hai noon league wali "ameer-ul-momineen" history nahi parahi

    yeahi koi late 90's mein "hadd say ziada" seats milnay kay baad tind (scalp) kay neechay jo chota sa dimagh hai woh ghoom gia tha.... "life time" ameer bannany ki try ki NS nay

    it's better NS don't drag in a "title" for himself which has traditional islamic significance

    Posted 2 years ago on 19 Mar 2013 11:42 #
  15. Adonis

    If this title has traditional Islamic significance then why ridicule it as if it is a curse word?

    And it would serve you well to actually read the text of 15th amendment of 1998 instead of picking on the word 'ameer-ul-momineen".

    Posted 2 years ago on 19 Mar 2013 11:47 #
  16. wienerwald

    @ Waqar bhai
    Can you please update us about NA 12 and 13 Swabi, it seems like Tarakai family is very strong there... !!

    Posted 2 years ago on 19 Mar 2013 11:48 #
  17. mawan1971

    Waqar Bhai will verify about Tarakai family's current support but I have little knowledge about this area. I worked few years here when Pehur High Level Canal was in design and construction phase and worked as Design Engineer initially and then Site Engineer as well from consultants. This was a stronghold of ANP during that era. When 2002 election were held I was there and never had any idea during election campaign that ANP is so week. When results came both Swabi seats were won by MMA easily everyone in the area including me were very very surprised. I am sure those elections were fake and were big jhurlo by Musharraf. One of Swabi seat has good PML(N) vote as well. PTI if pay attention then they have good chance of capturing both seats although it also depend who Tarakai support.

    Posted 2 years ago on 19 Mar 2013 15:14 #
  18. sadaat

    @Wiener & @Mawan

    I am from Swabi, I can tell you that due to influence of ANP in the region, this time it is very hard for Tarakai family to win this seat. They are working hard, but MNA seat this time seems to be difficult.

    PML-N has approached him to get them in PML-N but they demand for 1 NA & 2 MPA seats or 2 MNA & 1 MPA seats, but PML-N were ready to give only 1 MNA & 1 MPA seat. as a result, Tarakai didn't join PML-N. They are working hard.

    Sawabi area, basically strong hold of ANP & religious party, I think Tarakai seat wil be 1-1 b/w ANP & Tarakai & I think ANP may win this seat. where as other seat, it all depend on JUI-F aliance with PML-N, Haji Ghafoor looks very strong to win MPA_ Seat.

    Posted 2 years ago on 19 Mar 2013 15:20 #
  19. mawan1971

    Thanks for update Sadaat you have way more knowledge of Swabi than me as I never visited Swabi since I left January 2004. Don't you think religious party support is dying day by day and now PTI, ANP and PML(N) can show their presence during next election in this area?

    Posted 2 years ago on 19 Mar 2013 15:31 #
  20. wienerwald

    Sadaat & Mawan
    thanks for your very detailed analysis, i strongly believe that we can win lot more seats if we make election alliance with JI and some electabes like sherpao and tarakai, because if you see 2008 election results KPK people gave very split mandate, they were confused because MMA Government did't deliver.... JUI F was very unpopular and JI did't contest....

    Alliance with JI looks realistic because jamat need some seats from punjab especially Lahore and only PMLN can offer them these seats.
    Fazal Ur Rehman is not trustable, even after elections he can hurt you badly like he did in past to JI....

    Posted 2 years ago on 19 Mar 2013 16:09 #
  21. sadaat

    @ Mawan:

    After poor show by ANP, religious parties will emerge very strong party in next election, in my opinion!

    There are two type of mindset exist in KPK,

    1. Nationalist (Pakhtoon supporter, ANP voters)
    2. Religious Parties (MMA, JI, JUI-F)

    Posted 2 years ago on 19 Mar 2013 16:20 #
  22. sadaat

    @ Wien

    That would be gr8, if PML-N do aliance with JI in KPK. I am expecting around 10 MNA from KPK! but Waqas can tell us more realistic figure!

    only worry i am is about Sabir Shah seat, PF-52

    Posted 2 years ago on 19 Mar 2013 16:26 #
  23. mawan1971

    I agree with you people of Swabi and Mardan once tired to ANP will go to religious parties and Fazlu Bhai has much more presence than JI over there. You are forgetting or ignoring one key force here which is PTI, PTI lead by a Pukhtoon (IK) is a black horse and emerging power and I will not be surprised if PTI gets more than 5 NA seats from Puktoon area. I need your comments about PTI chances in Pukhtoon ANP stronghold areas like Pehawar, Nowshehra, Charsadda,Mardan, Swabi etc. People may think PTI as alternative to ANP instead of JUI(F), what do you think?

    Posted 2 years ago on 19 Mar 2013 16:42 #
  24. mawan1971

    I think JUI(F) is more suitable to PML(N) than JI as JUI(F) covers a huge area compare to JI whose stronghold is limited to Dir-Malakand area. JUI(F) has a stronghold of D.I.Khan and Bannu and I am sure PML(N)+JUI(F) can easily win Bannu to D.I.Khan 4 NA seats. Fazlu bhai's party has vote bank in upper KPK area as well and will help PML(N) to get them few seats there as well. I would prefer alliance of PML(N) with JUI(F) instead of JI if there is one choice. JI last participated in 2002 election, and this matter as well that how long you are away from political process. JUI(F) was part of every government and are well active in political process. Last week or so some electable has joined JUI(F) as well indicating that wind is blowing towards JUI(F) in KPK.

    Posted 2 years ago on 19 Mar 2013 16:50 #
  25. Arain

    It's true that JUI is gaining some serious strength in KPK. They are also the only religious party that has some muscles in Hazara. The local Hazara newspapers are reporting that Zar Gul Khan group of Mansehra is about to jump ships from PTI to JUI. If that happens, it'll be very difficult for Capt. Safdar to capture the seat in Mansehra. The seat was won by Faiz Muhammad Khan of PMLN in 2008, but JUI's Laiq Muhammad Khan captured it in the bye elections defeating Zar Gul, Safdar's brother, and Nawabzada Saeed in a four way race.

    Posted 2 years ago on 19 Mar 2013 16:59 #
  26. sadaat

    @ Mawan:

    I belong to Swabi & lived in Tarbela dam (Hazara division), currently residing in Bahria Town, I have knowledge of only Swabi & Haripur region!

    About Swabi, PTI impact is next to zero! That's the fact. PTI provisional president Asad Qaisar is from Sawabi, & he can't get majority of votes from his native college (Marghooz), MPA ticket may go to Rangaiz, another weak candidate!

    In simple, In Sawabi PTI is very weak! Swabi is stronghold of Pashtoon votes & Religious votes! Personality votes also matter, Haji Ghafor will also play very key role. He is in very strong position to win MPA seat. He is in PML-N but PML-N refuse to give him MPA ticket & offer him MNA ticket, which he refuse, he may contest election on independent or JUI-F platform. If he conest election on JUI-F ticket then 100% he will be winner!

    About Hazara, PML-N is in very strong position in all Hazara region except PF-52 Sabir Shah seat whereas Sabir Shah will face strong contendor Faisal Zaman of PTI. In 2002, Faisal manage to beat Sabir Shah with support of Mushrraf & Gohar Ayub, but in 2008 Faisal Zaman lost to Sabir Shah with only 600 votes. Now Faisal Zaman contesting election on PTI ticket, so will also get extra seats!

    PF-52 wil be interesting to watch!

    Posted 2 years ago on 19 Mar 2013 17:37 #
  27. sadaat

    NA-144, Okara PPPP prominent political figure, Ch. Muhammad Arif joined PML-N

    Posted 2 years ago on 19 Mar 2013 17:39 #
  28. sadaat

    @ Arian:

    Just in,

    Zar Gul Khan (Thorghar) of PTI joined JUI-F.

    Another PTI wicket gone!

    Posted 2 years ago on 19 Mar 2013 17:40 #
  29. mawan1971

    I have some personal knowledge of PF 46, current MPA is Qalander Lodhi of PML(Q). In my brother's book opening ceremony we invited Murtaza Abbasi (MNA NA 18), Qilander Lodhi (MPA Q-League), Mohabbat Awan PML(N) Vice-president KPK and Ayub Afridi former MPA. Both Ayub Afridi and Mohabat Awan want PML(N) ticket for PF-46, it is very likely that if Ayub Afridi gets PML(N) ticket he will win but if PML(N) chooses Mohabat Awan, he is new person in this area so Qilander Lodhi of PML(Q) is very likely to win. Qilander Lodhi has good reputation in the area and he is sitting MPA last two terms. People of Sherwan area are not happy with Murtaza Abbasi but he will still win as there is no strong person against him. We arranged to sit together both PML(N) and PML(Q) leadership.I presided that meeting and participation was over 500 persons.

    Posted 2 years ago on 19 Mar 2013 18:10 #
  30. dr_abrar

    Geo news reported that Zubaida Jelal has met with Sana Ullah Zehri today? Joining pmln?

    Posted 2 years ago on 19 Mar 2013 21:08 #
  31. mawan1971

    What PML(N) will get by bringing in Zubaida Jalal, she won from NA 272 in 2002 and lost to BNP candidate by over 30,000 votes in 2008, PML(N) was third with good votes (around 24,000). Zubaida Jalal could be a good candidate for PML(N) from NA 272 but I heard PML(N) is in talks with BNP for seat adjustment so whoever is joint candidate of BNP+PML(N) is will be a sure winner from NA 272, Zubaida Jalal is irrelevant in this context. If PML(N) and BNP go against each other than PML(N) cannot find a better candidate than Zubaida Jalal as she have a personal vote around 30,000 or more in this constituency.

    Posted 2 years ago on 19 Mar 2013 23:00 #
  32. sadaat

    Zubaida Jalal to PML-N ?

    Posted 2 years ago on 20 Mar 2013 8:24 #
  33. KRAS

    @mawan sb
    I have been visiting pkpolitics for sometime and reading your comments. I want to appreciate your approach as well as analysis about different topics. Keep it up. I my self have quite semblance with you views.

    Posted 2 years ago on 20 Mar 2013 14:36 #
  34. Arain

    Raheela Magsi joined PMLN
    The PML-Q MPA from Bahawalpur, Malik Muhammad Khalid Waran has announced to join the PML-N for forthcoming general elections.

    Posted 2 years ago on 20 Mar 2013 16:14 #
  35. mawan1971

    Thanks brother KRAS for encouraging me. I am always trying my best not write a word which is heart breaking for any party supporter especially PTI and PML(N) however; some time I lash out at PPP+PML(Q)+ANP+MQM as I feel they have just looted this country last 5 years. KRAS, I rarely see your post, please come regular, we will all learn a lot from each other.

    Posted 2 years ago on 20 Mar 2013 18:12 #
  36. wienerwald

    Just heard that Aman ullah Jadoon the last hope of PTI in hazara is also joining PMLN LIONS very soon .

    Posted 2 years ago on 20 Mar 2013 21:15 #
  37. wasimibr

    NS visit to Hazara on March 25 will boost Pml(N) significantly. Hazara is turning to be a stronghold again for NS. I think he might contest election from one constituency of Hazara again like he did in 90's.

    Posted 2 years ago on 20 Mar 2013 21:19 #
  38. Arain

    Aman ullah Jadoon joining PMLN? But he and Mehtab contest for the same constituency. Sardar Mehtab will get the ticket; what benefit Jadoon will get in return?

    Posted 2 years ago on 20 Mar 2013 21:44 #
  39. daani

    Amanullah Jadoon had left PTI to rejoin PMLQ. He is baggage now , not an asset.

    Posted 2 years ago on 20 Mar 2013 21:59 #
  40. mawan1971

    Yea Amanullah Jadoon is no more an asset to any party. If he join PML(N) the only spot he may have is NA 18-Abbottabad where sitting MNA Murtaza Abbasi of PML(N) has no intention to withdraw from PML(N) ticket, I personally met him last week. I do not think Amanullah Jadoon will join PML(N). PML(N) is very strong from NA 17,18,19,20 and 21 but upper Hazara seats of NA 21 and NA 22 consisting of Batgaram and Kohistan will only be confirmed either JUI(F) has alliance/seat adjustment with PML(N) or two sitting MNA's join PML(N).

    Posted 2 years ago on 20 Mar 2013 23:22 #
  41. daani

    PMLN is now strong in Kohistan seat, as runner up (with margin of about 500 votes) of 2008 elction Misri Khan (son of ex-PPP MNA Saed Khan who also joined PMLN) has joined PMLN.
    Winner of 2008 , Mehboolullah joined PPP after winning as independent candidate. However, he might contest next elections on JUIF platform, so no it is unlikely to have PMLN, JUIF seat adjustment here as they will rather be fighting for this seat against each each other. There is similar situation on Batagram seat that i will explain in detail

    Posted 2 years ago on 20 Mar 2013 23:28 #
  42. Gujjar Talwar

    Recently there has been some hue and cry in PMLN against Murtaza Abbasi in local newspapers. How wide spread is this discontent, it is hard to say. But if he is deemed a risk, PMLN may dump him.

    Posted 2 years ago on 21 Mar 2013 1:11 #
  43. mawan1971

    Yes most of NA 18 Abbottabad people are not happy with Murtaza Abbasi but if he is able to get PML(N) ticket seat is still confirm for him. Amanullah Jadoon over the years has lost his personal vote bank and PTI or PML(Q) may not give him a boost to win this seat. If Amanullah Jadoon joins PML(N) a ticket fight will be between him and Murtaza, whoever wins ticket race is likely to win the election as PML(N) has very strong vote base in this area consisting southern part of Abbottabad and south-western hazara in general north of Haripur.

    Posted 2 years ago on 21 Mar 2013 1:40 #
  44. mawan1971

    PML(N) getting some mussles in South Punjab as PML-Q MPA from Bahawalpur joins PML-N.

    LAHORE (Dunya News): The PML-Q MPA from Bahawalpur, Malik Muhammad Khalid Waran has announced to join the PML-N for forthcoming general elections.

    Malik Waran called on Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif at Model Town on Wednesday and announced joining PML-N.

    Posted 2 years ago on 21 Mar 2013 2:19 #
  45. wienerwald

    I think big parties like PMLN can easily accomodate people like Aman ullah Jadoon, After general elections there will be local bodies election, so Tehsil Nazim and Zila Nazim seats are also very attractive and powerful.
    I think its better to have diffrent choices, that is kind of pressure group within the party.

    Posted 2 years ago on 21 Mar 2013 4:29 #
  46. syed786

    Khalid Waran was MPA from PP 269...and the sitting MPA from PP 269,Jehanzeb Waran was already in PML why we needed Khali Waran there? Can anybody tell pls?

    Posted 2 years ago on 21 Mar 2013 4:32 #
  47. Waqar KPK

    I agree Azhar Jadoon may not have any importance as far as Candidates in Hazara concern but it will affect PTI perception in Hazara, so if he is willing should be taken.

    Posted 2 years ago on 21 Mar 2013 4:36 #
  48. short life endless plans

    Posted 2 years ago on 21 Mar 2013 7:00 #
  49. mawan1971

    It has been no PML(N) joining from PML(Q) sitting MNA's since government is over. PML(N) was claiming a lot of PML(Q) sitting MNA's will join PML(N) after government dissociation but nothing happened since March 16.

    Posted 2 years ago on 21 Mar 2013 13:20 #
  50. sadaat

    @ mawan:

    Let's interim govt announce!!!

    Posted 2 years ago on 21 Mar 2013 13:23 #
  51. lionh3art

    one more award for PTI:
    A party of target killers.

    Posted 2 years ago on 21 Mar 2013 16:25 #
  52. xero

    Fraud .. PTI hsa no nemisis in Karachi .. who would they kill?

    IK has zero tolerance for violence. U wud hear his side as soon as hes asked this question.

    Posted 2 years ago on 21 Mar 2013 16:28 #
  53. amir_ali

    ^^^IK has zero tolerance that is why his tendency for violence.

    If call of duty or MOHA etc had PMLn characters in it, PTIs kids would had made them official games of PTI. Thanks God you people don't have any significant lives out side the cyber social networks.

    Posted 2 years ago on 21 Mar 2013 17:17 #
  54. xero

    Dont thank God. U know nothing about what we have and what we dont outside the syber domain

    Posted 2 years ago on 21 Mar 2013 17:23 #
  55. juttjee420

    lol 9 pti terrorist caught plz remain with the topic and correct yourself it should be.
    9 pti terrorists joined pmln on a meeting with NS.

    Posted 2 years ago on 21 Mar 2013 18:52 #
  56. dr_abrar

  57. dr_abrar

  58. dr_abrar

  59. tvanchor

    PMLN takes Raheela Magsi who was exposed for abusive language

    Posted 2 years ago on 21 Mar 2013 21:13 #
  60. tvanchor

    PMLN Balochistan President Sana Zahri exposed

    Posted 2 years ago on 21 Mar 2013 21:17 #

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