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Why East Pakistan became Bengladesh.

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  1. lota6177

    your thoughts

    Posted 5 years ago on 29 Mar 2010 4:21 #
  2. Beenai

    it was nothing ,but the lust for power of our political leaders used by our enemy neighbour to destroy us and Indra Gandhi got to say this :

    Aaj hum ne 2 Qumai Nazriyae ko Bahar e Hind mein Dobu Diya .

    it was Bhutto and Mujeeb ,who were got crazy for power and Yahya Khan played his own role in the mass up .

    ppl of East Pakistan were innocent and hard working .
    yes,they were getting neglected maybe .
    but their problems were blown up out of proportion and India played a vital role in the disaster ...

    unfortunately ,both Mujeeb and Bhutto became the tool in the hands of India and did what was the deadly thing for Pakistan .

    Posted 5 years ago on 29 Mar 2010 4:52 #
  3. Not all what is generally known about the creation of Bangladesh is based on facts. Some other elements may have played a crucial role as is portrayed in this article:

    Bangladesh Leader Admits India Conspired To Invade East Pakistan

    Mujeeb’s daughter admits her father was a traitor, says Indian helped him raise an Indian-backed terror militia that raped and plundered in order to malign Pakistan Army

    India’s advocates in Washington and London have argued for years that Pakistan is the source of tension with India. They conveniently forget where it all started: the unilateral and unprovoked and premeditated Indian invasion of Pakistan in 1971, preceded by careful planning over two years to recruit a terror militia and spread violence and mayhem to engage local Pakistan Army units in East Pakistan, paving the way for a direct Indian military invasion, which was a one-sided violation of international law. India is an aggressor in the South Asia region. Pakistan’s policymakers are right in demanding a mindset change in New Delhi for peace to prevail.

    By Monjurul Hassan
    The Daily Mail of Pakistan
    Thursday, 11 March 2010.

    DHAKA, Bangladesh—For the past 39 years politicians and the ’Blame Pakistan first’ crowd have blamed Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto for saying “Humm iddhar tum uddhar” (a quote attributed to Mr. Bhutto that means, ‘You stay there and we stay here, a quote which has since been refuted as bogus), and blamed the Pakistan Army for the attack on the Indian-backed Mukti Bahni terrorists on March 23 as the reason for the creation of Bangladesh.

    Ms. Hasina Mujib the daughter of former East Pakistan politician Sheikh Mujib Ur Rehman has now confessed that her father Sheikh Mujib had planned to secede from Pakistan in 1969–two years before the March 23 ‘military action’ against Indian saboteurs and their misguided supporters among disgruntled East Pakistanis.

    General Mankeshaw wrote a book in which has claimed that he recruited 80,000 Hindus to create the Mukti Bahni. These terrorists were dressed up in Pakistan Army uniform and raped and pillaged Pakistani Bengalis. They also were dressed up as civilians carrying out acts of sabotage against the civil and military government of Pakistan.

    Sheikh Hasina Mujib’s confession [See report below] sheds new light on the events of March 23, 1971, because it proves that the Agartala Conspiracy was a real conspiracy sponsored by India against Pakistan and that the then President of Pakistan Ayub Khan had rightly described Sheikh Mujib Ur Rehman as a traitor.

    After breaking up Pakistan and declaring independence thanks to direct Indian military intervention, the Indian-backed Mujib regime killed more than 30 thousand Pakistani Bengali patriots who opposed Indian takeover. Mr. Mujib’s first actions were to surrender the natural resources of Bangladesh to India. This includes water. These actions by the pro-Indian regime caused the man-made famine of 1974, in which three to five hundred thousand people perished, according to reports.

    Mujib suppressed all democratic rights and unleashed a reign of terror. His main concern was to contain a population that was just waking up from the disaster and did not accept the breakup of Pakistan. In the above circumstances, according to some, Bangladesh faced extinction as an independent nation and was about to become a vassal state of Indian hegemonists.

    The coup of 15 August 1975 saved the situation to a large extent and it was widely supported by the people. On August 14, 1975, Bangladeshi nationalists buried secularism deep into the Bay of Bengal. Today Bangladesh faces new threats from India. After failing to take over Bangladesh in real terms, India is forcing a transit policy on a defenseless Bangladesh. The transit facilities that India is demanding would clog existing Bangladeshi road links and pose a security threat to Bangladesh.


    Bangladesh’s founding leader Sheikh Mujibur Rahman had made detailed plans for secession from Pakistan during a stay in London in 1969, his daughter and Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has said.

    Sheikh Mujib discussed his plans at a meeting held a few months after his release from prison following a prolonged trial in the Agartala conspiracy case in which then Pakistan government had brought sedition charges against him and 34 others, Hasina told a meeting Sunday.

    They were charged with conspiring to separate from the then East Pakistan with help from neighbor India. Agartala is the capital of Tripura state in northeastern India. Political analysts say her disclosure, reinforced by the claim of her own presence at the meeting, could be a scoring point in the ongoing debate on who actually declared the country’s independence, or separation from Pakistan.

    Mujib’s role is disputed by opposition leader Khaleda Zia. Zia’s supporters claim that it was her husband and then Pakistan Army major Ziaur Rahman who had first broadcast a freedom speech.

    Referring to this debate, Hasina urged all to go through the reports of intelligence agencies and foreign ministries of different countries. Mujib, who became Bangladesh’s president, was assassinated in August 1975. Ziaur Rahman, who became the army chief and later the president, was assassinated in 1981. Siffy News. Mujib planned separation from Pakistan in 1969.

    Sheikh Mujib met an ignominious end on 14th August 1975, when Bharati conspiracies to absorb Bangladesh into Bharat were buried deep into the Bay of Bengal. On that day Bengali patriots killed the traitor who had declared himself “dactator for life” and banned all Bangladeshi political parties.

    Bengali patriots killed Shaikh Mujib who was seen as an Indian agent and a sell out to Delhi. Bangaldeshis revolted against the Indian imposed “Rakhi Bahni” (run by a sitting Indian General) and rose against the so called “Treaty of Friendhsip” whose aim was to absorb Bengal into India. Shaikh Mujib’s body lay in the streets of days. It was Awami League of Sheikh Mujibur Rahman that mortgaged the national independence and state sovereignty signing the 25 years long-term unequal treaty with India. By creating Rakkhi Bahini, Lal Bahini, Sheccha Shebok Bahini and other private Bahinis AWAMI-BKSALISTS unleashed an unbearable reign of terror killing 40000 nationalists and patriotic people with out any trial. Ishaan Tharoor in an article in Time magazine published on Nov. 20, 2009 “To outsiders, this celebration of a justice [death penalty for mutiny against Mujib) long deferred may seem a bit too rapturous. But it cuts at the heart of the political traumas that have plagued Bangladesh since its bloody independence from Pakistan in 1971. Mujib had been President of the new country for just four years before a coup hatched by disgruntled military officers, some of whom harbored Islamist or pro-Pakistani sentiments, led to his assassination and the installation of a military government. Since then, Bangladesh has endured a succession of army-run regimes, as well as a period of dysfunctional democratic rule marred by corruption and partisan bickering.

    Yes; my father did break Pakistan, confesses BD Premier

    Daily Mail Monitoring
    Sunday, 7 March 2010

    Dhaka—Bangladesh’s Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina Wajid has confessed that her father Sheikh Mujibur Rahman was a traitor who formed a detailed conspiracy to break Pakistan into 2 pieces with the help of the Indian government during his stay in London in 1969.

    Hasina was addressing a discussion in Dhaka to mark the ‘March 7,1971’ speech of mutiny, in which Sheikh Mujib called on the people of East Pakistan to prepare for the secession from the rest of Pakistan.

    She said that her father made separation plans just months after his release from Kurmitola where he had been detained in the Agartala Conspiracy Case, in which the Pakistan government had brought sedition charges against him and 34 others.

    “He went to London on October 22 1969, following his release in the Agartala case on April 22 that year. I reached London the next day from Italy, where I was living with my husband,” she recalled.

    “It was there that my father at a meeting made plans for separating West Pakistan from East Pakistan, including when the war would start, where our fighters would be trained and where refugees would take shelter.”

    “All preparations were taken there (London). I was serving tea and entered the room several times where the meeting between my father and some Indian officials was being held. I heard their discussions,” the Prime Minister said.

    Referring to the recent debate over who first proclaimed Bangladesh’s independence, she urged all to go through the reports of intelligent agencies and foreign ministries of different countries.

    She also said the Aug 15 1975 assassination of her father and family members, and the Jail Killings of four national leaders on Nov 3 the same year, were planned by those defeated in the war to take revenge for their defeat.

    “Those who rewarded the killers had never expected Bangladesh’s independence. They wanted to impose the principles of the defeated forces on the people,” she added.

    This report is edited by for clarity and is copyrighted by The Daily Mail newspaper of Pakistan. Editor Makhdoom Babar can be reached at

    Posted 5 years ago on 29 Mar 2010 5:08 #
  4. RajputPuttar

    Simple reasone was __PAK ARMY was not prepared to salute a 4 futaa bengali ,non-martial race idiot bloody civilian..

    Posted 5 years ago on 29 Mar 2010 5:13 #
  5. Beenai

    @Semirza ,
    thanks a lot for this insightful and though provoking post .
    i have read it throughly ...

    @Rajputt ,
    we needs to be careful about the words we are choosing .
    it reflects us ...not the one ,we are talking about .

    Posted 5 years ago on 29 Mar 2010 5:25 #
  6. lota6177

    No constitutional plan would be workable or acceptable to the Muslims unless geographical contiguous units are demarcated into regions which should be so constituted with such territorial readjustments as may be necessary. That the areas in which the Muslims are numerically in majority as in the North-Western and Eastern zones of India should be grouped to constitute independent states in which the constituent units shall be autonomous and sovereign. [
    The 1940 Resolution or its amended resolution of 1946 had clearly defined Pakistan as “a federation comprising autonomous units which shall be completely sovereign.” In the august 11 1947 speech of Jinnah he talked about a modern secular democratic welfare state. It is our misfortune that the father of the nation passed away after 1 year of formation of Pakistan. In my opinion Pakistan was made by Jinnah not because Islam was in danger in India but the Muslims were getting a bad deal in India in the power setup after the British were leaving. Pakistan was made to protect the economic and political rights of the Muslims. After the passing of Jinnah Pakistan choose to become a security state instead of a welfare state. It became a strong federal government that was afraid of India and wanted security first. It wanted bullets instead of butter. The security state needed an ideology to hold it together and it picked Islam as a bond that will hold it together. After the assassination of liaqat ali khan Pakistan was ruled by an oligarchy. The problem with east Pakistan and Baluchistan was that they did not come on board with the concept of the security state. They wanted provincial autonomy and saw their rights trampled in the one unit federal security state. The establishment mishandled the situation and there was foreign interference due to which we ended up with east Pakistan turning into Bangladesh. How the federal state would deal with the provinces and what kind of provincial autonomy will be there is an unresolved question today but is something that can be easily sorted out by sitting on the negotiations table. I just think that it is very unfair to just put the whole blame on the army or politicians in creating Bangladesh because it was more of a failure of the whole society in west Pakistan.

    Posted 5 years ago on 29 Mar 2010 5:43 #
  7. RajputPuttar

    Beenai Bibi

    These are words used by __PAK ARMY .

    Btw, i have never seen u consicious when even harsh words used for representatives of masses but when it comes to unfiromed 'agnels' ----.

    Posted 5 years ago on 29 Mar 2010 6:26 #
  8. Beenai

    @Rajputt ,
    if u r a regular visitor of the site .
    u must have read many of my posts which were accusing army and admitting the fact that army is a mess maker here in Pakistan .i have got no objection in this .

    u have used Napaak army words quite a number of times ;i never deleted or warn you .
    this time around u have used "bloody civilian" along with other words .
    i was not warning ;but saying that it only reflects who is talking ;rather reflecting ,whom about is he talking ?

    as long as leaders of masses are concerned .
    they are the masses reps ,masses choose them ,so they have a right to say anything to them .
    as this site is Pkpoltics .
    if we discuss politics ,discussion on political Pandits is inevitable .


    Posted 5 years ago on 29 Mar 2010 6:39 #
  9. lota6177

    Illiteracy, intolerance and religious extremism are the causes of destructive behaviors we saw during the partition of India, East Pakistan, destruction of babari mosque, Gujarat riots and recent riots in Pakistan against the christens. This attitude is not exclusive to anyone and can be attained easily by any group. As long as you know the root cause of it than it can be acknowledged and fixed.

    Posted 5 years ago on 29 Mar 2010 6:41 #
  10. RajputPuttar

    Beenai Bibi

    i m also exposing the mindset & hatred these paid servant of masses hold for the masses who pay their wages.

    I haven't used the NAAPAK because i know certain persons have been warned and banned this word for uniformed 'angels'

    Posted 5 years ago on 29 Mar 2010 6:42 #
  11. Beenai

    @Rajputt ,
    i am NOT objecting on your criticism on army .
    u r free to express what u feel and wanna share .

    now we can come back to the serious topic .

    Posted 5 years ago on 29 Mar 2010 6:45 #
  12. Rajputtar

    I think Beenai is right,

    Word that r spoken without knowledge bring destruction in life, Watch ur word or they will destroy ur whole life.

    Words are mirror of person,

    Wasted seconds, wasted mintues, wasted hours, wasted words and in the end wasted life

    May be i will see

    Posted 5 years ago on 29 Mar 2010 6:49 #
  13. quaidkamazaar

    why East Pakistan became Bangladesh?

    Because of the injustices East Pakistanis had to suffer under Pakistan.

    they had to take their own state, by hook or crook.

    now patriotic Pakistanis today call them traitors or what not, what they did was a need of time. There was no way they would ever get their needs sorted out under one Pakistan.

    Sheikh Mujib did absolutely nothing wrong!!!
    he deserved power. he didnt get it.
    and Bangladeshis were not getting basic right.

    All you nationalists who think you are nationalists, hiding truths will never make u a nationalist.

    Just like Zaid hamid never accepted West Pakistan's fault. kept saying "india india india india". Woteva!

    India did help to break Pakistan.
    More then that, West Pakistan helped itself the most in breaking Pakistan.

    again so called disillutioned patriots will come up with their own conspiracy theories and ignore the most basic facts.

    Posted 5 years ago on 29 Mar 2010 6:58 #
  14. Fahim23

    Due to injustices and atrocities committed by West Pakistanis - mainly through almighty __PAK Army and bureaucracy.

    I support Bangladesh cause and Baluchistan cause. It is much better for Bangali brothers to have got independence. I wish same for Balochistan that either they get their due rights in Pakistan and be able to safeguard them (which seems not very likely) or simply get independence. I believe that the powerful establishment wants to treat them as colonies. And unless they don't resist (preferably through peaceful means) and fight for their rights no one is going to give them in Pakistan!

    Posted 5 years ago on 29 Mar 2010 7:09 #
  15. RajputPuttar

    very right Fahim. Establishment is nto ready to give masses their right in this structure. So, if structe can't deliver, all the nations have right to loook for new avenues .This is percisley what benglais did.

    Posted 5 years ago on 29 Mar 2010 7:54 #
  16. pakistani47

    We have learned no lesson from history. Similar practices are continuing in all three small provinces. We must not depend upon our nuclear arsenal and huge army. USSR had larger army even largest nuclear and missile capabilities but it could not prevent its dis-integration. It is a high time that our army, establishment and people of larger province should correct their attitude towards smaller entities. Pakistan can only become stronger and remain united with the the loyalty of all the entities.

    Posted 5 years ago on 29 Mar 2010 8:14 #
  17. If u give priority to Pakistan than Deen of Allah,

    Then may be more event of East Pakistan Occur,

    The evet of East pakistan is Sign for those who love Pakistan more then the Deen of Allah.

    Once Deen of Allah established in Pakistan everything will be rigth.

    Stronger Pakistan can do nothing, but stronger faith is necessary in Allah is necessary for everything.

    Posted 5 years ago on 29 Mar 2010 8:19 #
  18. pakistani47

    I agree with Psycho. Deen is the most important thing.

    Youn to Sayyad bhi ho Mirza bhi ho Afghan ho,
    Yeh to batao musalman bhi ho.

    Firqa bandi hay aur kahin zatain hain
    Kiya Zamanay main Panapnain ki yehi batain hain.

    Here is a link worth listening. Complete audio of Jawab-e-Shikwa

    Posted 5 years ago on 29 Mar 2010 8:23 #
  19. pakistani47

    Zarina Mari, similar to Aafia Siddiqui in relation to abduction, rape and torture allegations, was abducted by the Pakistani army from Baluchistan in 2005 and is believed to be kept in an army torture cell in Karachi. She is a 23 year old school teacher and according to human rights organizations (Asian Human Rights Commission, HRCP Pakistan), Baluchistan Political Parties, Baluch and other activists, she has been kept in cells and forced to work as a sex slave. Former prisoners from the torture cells also narrated her stories. Mr. Munir Mengal, the managing director of a Balochi-language television channel, claims to have witnessed this sexual slavery in a Karachi based torture cell. According to Asian Human rights commission of Pakistan, “the current whereabouts of the young woman are not known. It has been asserted that women who are fighting for the greater autonomy of Baluchistan are being arrested by the state agencies and being forced into their custody as sex slaves”.

    Posted 5 years ago on 29 Mar 2010 8:33 #
  20. pakistani47

    The above comments are not mine I found them on PK politics the link is given. Please comment.

    Posted 5 years ago on 29 Mar 2010 8:34 #
  21. RajputPuttar

    we tried to make bengalis 'ghulam' with teh same solagan of deen and the results is there.

    Why each of us think that he is better muslim and has better understanding of deen and want to impose his version of deen ?

    Posted 5 years ago on 29 Mar 2010 9:44 #
  22. barackosama

    Who in the right mind would wanna stay part of a country whose Muslim army raped and impregnated their teen girls, fellow citizens and Muslims to add to the injury.

    A fellow student told me once that Pakistani army jeep came to their house in the nearby village of Khulna to pick up their teen female cousin. They had a tree and a well in the back of their house. She climbed up the tree to jump into the well. Rotting smell of the dead bodies prevented them to fish in the river for several months.

    Posted 5 years ago on 29 Mar 2010 11:54 #
  23. achtung

    east pakistan kay alag honay ki bohat se wajoohaat hein. aik waja yeh bhi thee keh maghrabi pakistan kay log chooti chooti baatoon ko ana ka masala bana kar bangalioon ki haqooq talfian kartey rehtey thay. jis tarah aaj pakhtoon khwa ke soobay kay naam per aik barra suba khamkhwa pangey ley raha hy. ya jiss tarah balochistan kay logon ki haqooq talfi hoti rahi hy.
    aaj log fouj ki ziadtioon ki baat kartay hein jo keh kissi had tak durust hy. aisi hee ziadtian west pakistan ki leadership aur awam ki taraf sey bhi hooti rahee hein. yeh sab darasal west pakistan kay aik tolay ka mind set tha jis ki wajah say yeh sab hota raha aur aaj bhi ho raha hy.

    Posted 5 years ago on 29 Mar 2010 13:36 #
  24. This topic has been discussed in details, almost 6 months before.

    Here is my input about the issue:

    Posted 5 years ago on 29 Mar 2010 13:50 #
  25. SufiSoul

    Some words from History,

    Pakistan will loose his half of the Land within 25th Birthday...

    Pakistan will loose rest of its provinces upto it's 70th birthday.......

    So at that time muslims of Pakistan would cry for the loss of 2.5 million precious lives during freedom movement.
    Why we engage ourselves in dividing and weakening millions of muslims of sub-continent......
    Pakistan would never be allowed to get free from"SAMRAJ" and the people of pakistan at that time would be in great trouble for their useless efforts and sacrifices......


    Posted 5 years ago on 29 Mar 2010 14:07 #
  26. zalaan

    Why East Pakistan became Bengladesh.

    That was also "Two Nation Theory "

    Bangali aur non Bangali Alag Qaumain hain ,Bangaliyon nay jab yeh daikha kay un kay resources ko ghar Bangali use ker rahay hain aur unhain apna ghulam bana rahay hain tou un maiun JAzba-e-Azadi jaga aur Unhon nay nara lagaya ,Bat kay rahay ga Pakistan ban kay rahay ga Bangladesh "

    Sound similar to freedom of Pakistan ?
    but why Pakistan Movement was "Islamic " and bangladesh movement was "un Islamic " ?

    The Issue was economical and equal rights in 1947 and 1971 .

    "The two Nation " theory is spiritual .

    dou qoumi nazerya Musalman aur hiduoon main equal rights aur power sharing ka issue tha Mazhab ka nahi kiyon kay musalmanon ko der tha kay Hindu Mazhab ki bunyad per taasub kertay hain .

    aur Yehi Nazerya Bangladesh ker creation ka sabab bana

    Posted 5 years ago on 29 Mar 2010 14:08 #
  27. SufiSoul

    It is proved that,

    Pakistan ka Matlab kia ,la ilaha illalah...

    was only political slogan to get popularity among the people..
    The use of religion by "Roshan Khayal"....

    Where is ISLAM......????
    BUT the people who lost their lives on the name of Islam are Shaheeds and will get their reward Inshallah.Same is the case with the people who uses Islam to get political benefits.They will also be rewarded......

    I think if at that time media and awarness were so common it was realy very difficult to fool the people.These days you can make fool only those who believes west and listen to west only...Others are out of RANGE,for westren media and tricks.....

    Posted 5 years ago on 29 Mar 2010 14:17 #
  28. zalaan

    Using the just name of Islam cannot make Islamic .

    any fight between Hindu and Muslim cannot be called "Jihad" ,The same fight can happen between the two Muslims .Fight for Rights can be with Muslim or non muslim .

    Bangladesh freedom movement was for their rights same as Muslims of india asked freedom .

    Allah knows who is Shaeed or who is not but motive was the same

    Posted 5 years ago on 29 Mar 2010 14:29 #
  29. barackosama


    Your article only mentions post 1947 grievances of Bengalis. The causes are even deeply rooted at the idea level. The Bengalis agreed to the creation of Pakistan but they missed out on the paragon and concept of construction of Pakistan because Iqbal's dream of Pakistan was limited to NW part of India even though Bengal and parts of Behar were more populous. Secondly the nomenclature of the country's name did not include an alphabet representative of "Bengal."

    These rudimentary bloopers were deliberatively obvious to the Bangalis. The language, distribution of resources, quote problems simply echoed later as reverberation. Initially, the Bengalis had made concessions of the idea loopholes, but at the end of the day they had to live in a contingent country with economic hardship, anybody can loosen up on the idea but when stomach growls, you have it coming your way.

    Posted 5 years ago on 29 Mar 2010 14:36 #
  30. quaidkamazaar


    cant agree with you more.

    Posted 5 years ago on 30 Mar 2010 2:39 #
  31. Beenai

    lust for Power in then leaders ...can not be ignored .
    whenever we recollect the reasons for Dhaka fall.

    Posted 5 years ago on 30 Mar 2010 6:40 #
  32. RajputPuttar

    What lust of powere u r speaking beenai ?

    Mujib was elected representative of masses who had all the legitimate claim to power. U can't call it lust for power.

    IT was lust of power of __PAK ARMY which refused to act on the LFO promugulated by itself.

    Posted 5 years ago on 30 Mar 2010 7:02 #
  33. koi bhi Bhutto ko kuch nahin kehta ;jo fassad ki jarr tha .
    Pakistan uss ne torra tha .

    ab usskay damad Balochistan torrany kay chakkar mein hain.

    Posted 5 years ago on 30 Mar 2010 7:13 #
  34. LalBichoo


    """ab usskay damad Balochistan torrany kay chakkar mein hain. """


    Are you kidding ???
    Plzzzz read history of Balochistan and avoid ridiclous claims !

    Posted 5 years ago on 30 Mar 2010 7:16 #
  35. @choosy

    Bhuto ka nara tha

    "Roti Kapra or Makan"

    Ap k president Zardari ka Nara

    "Goli Kafan or seeda Qabrsitan"

    (Geo Zardari)

    Posted 5 years ago on 30 Mar 2010 7:16 #
  36. @Lal Bichoo,
    ab mein ne yah tou nahin kaha kay MQM ne mulk tora tha .
    jo aap tapp gaye .

    fact is fact .
    Bhutto ki wajah se mulk tota tha .
    aur ab agar tota (Khudanakhusta) tou Zqrdari ki power hunger ki wajah se ...

    Posted 5 years ago on 30 Mar 2010 7:22 #
  37. pakistani47

    I think most of you know that, the Bengalis were the founder of Muslim League. Nawab Mohsinul Mulk and Waqar ul Mulk both were Bengalis and they founded Muslim League. They were and they are true lovers of Islam and believed in the concept of Muslim Ummah, Millat-e-Wahida. But unfortunately they could not get correct response for all their love for Islam. They were treated with contempt.

    One of our worthy member talked about Martial race, I would like to mention here MM Alam the great Bengali Pilot. Everybody knows his bravery and expertise in Air combats.

    The point is they were neither inferior muslims to any other community nor they were inferior in their martial capabilities. It was an illusion of a group, they are still mersmerized by this illusion. They still think that they better soldiers and better muslims. May Allah bless on them and help them to understand the truth.

    Posted 5 years ago on 30 Mar 2010 7:23 #
  38. RajputPuttar


    By mentioning martial race, i meant the same illsuion which u mentioned.

    Inn ki martial race tu bengalis naay 71 mein bohut achi tarah nikal diii thii leikn bohut he begariat __PAK ARMY haai.

    Posted 5 years ago on 30 Mar 2010 7:27 #
  39. pakistani47

    Rajput Puttar,

    I respect all your positive attitude and respect for the rights of other communities. But if you don't mind I would say that we should still respect our Army, they are our gaurdians. Without them we would have been like the people of Iraq, Afghanistan, Kashmir and Ahmedabad. We should try to help them in understanding their misconceptions. They are not others they are our soldiers.

    Posted 5 years ago on 30 Mar 2010 7:43 #
  40. RajputPuttar

    Respect for what ?
    For raping our sisters and daughters ?
    Respetct for killing our brothers ?
    REspect for governing on us ?
    REspect for calling us bloody civilians ?

    They haven't defended us . Thats an illusion. Bahi meeray , 90000 tu heejeray maan nahi hotey , yeh hatiar phenak kar aa gaaey thay ?

    Posted 5 years ago on 30 Mar 2010 9:02 #
  41. pakistani47

    They are not so coward either. Here is an example of their bravery written by a Western Journalist. They just have few wrong conception that need to be corrected.

    One of the bloodiest was a Jamalpur, north of Dacca where the Pakistani battalion commander was sent a surrender offer by one of three Indian battalions surrounding him. The Pakistani colonel replied with a note ("I suggest you come with a Sten gun instead of a pen over which you have such mastery") and enclosed a 7.62mm bullet. Apparently thinking the Indians were bluffing and that he was confronted by a company or so, the Pakistani colonel attacked that night, with five waves of about 100 men each charging head-on at a dug-in Indian battalion. The Indians claimed to have killed nearly 300 and captured 400 others.

    Posted 5 years ago on 30 Mar 2010 10:44 #
  42. RajputPuttar an ID of a previously banned member has been blocked.

    Posted 5 years ago on 30 Mar 2010 13:19 #
  43. Raavi

    "and Bangladeshis were not getting basic right."

    Ya they are getting it now?

    Posted 5 years ago on 30 Mar 2010 14:19 #
  44. Raavi

    "Who in the right mind would wanna stay part of a country whose Muslim army raped and impregnated their teen girls, fellow citizens and Muslims to add to the injury."

    Why people dont believe their own folks? This has been a succssful propaganda of India.

    Now people firmly believe it.

    Posted 5 years ago on 30 Mar 2010 14:22 #
  45. tamaazkhan

    Soldiers only carry out orders of their superiors.

    Blaming infantry men for the racist attitudes and policies of our leaders, which continue to this day, is pointless.

    Lets not deny the wrong commited in our past, we will only repeat those over and over again in the future.

    We like to compare our situation with India so lets compare.
    Why does India have constant problems with sepeartisits such as Marxists, Naxilities, Tamil and previously Sikhs?
    - It is because of a strong centre which superceedes the powers of local government. Plus India is made up of VASTLY different communities.

    We will have these problems in Pakistan, if the tyranny of the majority continues and local and provincial goverments are not given the optimum level of autonomy.
    Our centre is therefore also divided because of the various compteting issues of the provinces.

    We would have a much stronger and consensus based central goverment, if it focussed on national issues (Defence, Foreign Affairs and Currency) which most Pakistanis agree on in any case.

    Plus, think about it, Pakistani's as a people are very independent minded. Internal strife/corruption increases when a federal appointee starts interfering in local matters of an area in which they have NO LONG-TERM STAKES, only a short term appointment.

    Posted 5 years ago on 30 Mar 2010 14:35 #
  46. quaidkamazaar

    @ shriq,

    what they are getting now?

    ATLEAST their money is not being stolen and put in use for Islamabad anymore.

    Atleast they have their own army now, even if it is weak it will defend them.

    They have better literacy rate than us, their currency is stronger than ours.

    You seem to be living in a glass house, wake up, smell the coffee.

    By the time you stop doing "india this india that", it will be too late.

    Self-assesment is crucial and you keep missing it.

    Posted 5 years ago on 30 Mar 2010 16:24 #
  47. Money from East Pakistan was being used in West Pakistan is good point for a debate.

    Posted 5 years ago on 30 Mar 2010 16:35 #
  48. Raavi


    ATLEAST their money is not being stolen and put in use for Islamabad anymore.
    In Pre 1971 era, our (East and west) money was being stolen and filling the accounts of the corrupt. Even now this is being done. Dont believe me? You can check the transparency international. Check ranking of Pakistan and Bangladesh. Both at 139.(Bichhrai jurwan bhai):)

    Atleast they have their own army now, even if it is weak it will defend them. This army of their own could not save them from dying of famine. Check above. If there are traitors amongst you, then you get killed by so many ways.

    They have better literacy rate than us, their currency is stronger than ours. I am afraid your list ends here. FYI, there are more poor in Bangaldesh than in Pakistan.

    You seem to be living in a glass house, wake up, smell the coffee. After smelling too much coffee, now you seem to be oblivious of other facts. You seem to readily believe anything negative about Pakistan. If any xyz says anything, you jump to believe it, especially about army and the bigger province. Dont smell coffee now. Come to open air and feel it.

    By the time you stop doing "india this india that", it will be too late. When did you start believing that she is our friend? Bangalis have seen it my dear! Indians not only cheated us but they cheated Bengalis as well! You must have read reports about Indians stealing even commodes from homes of Bengalis. And you complain about West stealing East's wealth!!!!.

    Self-assesment is crucial and you keep missing it. By being too critical of the important institutions in the country, what good will you or we awam would get? And that too on the propaganda by OTHERS?????

    Posted 5 years ago on 30 Mar 2010 18:23 #
  49. tamaazkhan


    I don't know if you are aware, but East Pakistan's jute output paid for building Islamabad.
    The jute manufacturing setup was only located in West Pakistan, while East Pakistan was only allowed to be involved in raw material production.
    There were only 4 units of jute manufacturing located in East Pakistan before 1971.
    Does this not smack of colonial attitude?

    Poverty does not mean that Bengalis do not have a better literacy rate than Pakistan:
    (Look at primary school attendance, we all know what literacy rate means in Pakistan)

    Bangladesh's currency is stronger than ours:

    I do not understand why in Pakistan, we do not put emphasis on FACTS, rather than emotion.

    Sure it feels bad what happened with East Pakistan, but we should own up to our mistakes and ensure it never happens again rather than delude ourselves about the truth!!

    Posted 5 years ago on 30 Mar 2010 21:06 #
  50. Anonymous


    Thats the point we should accept that it was our mistake that brought this day for Pakistan....and now they are trying their hardest to prove their leaders done the right thing but we....doing nothing...

    as you mentioned about current statistics then you should also consider that Bangladesh is in the region where their is no foreign interference and they are not facing the crisis that we are facing so they ca work things out but we cant and another thing that should be considered here is that they are single ethnic country and single ethnic country dont have that much problem as double ethnic country has like satisfying Sindhis, Punjabis, Baluch, Pashtun at the same time while in Bangladesh they need to satisfy only Bengali people....and yes another thing that we should also remember is that Bangladesh is a land of disasters like typhoons, floods etc so going through all that is not easy as well which they have successfully managed to go through but anyways we cant compare Bangladesh to Pakistan as Pakistan is full of opportunities to explore while Bangladesh simply rely on their work force and labors like India and China while having Natural gas in their country...

    Posted 5 years ago on 31 Mar 2010 10:44 #
  51. شرق سے غرب تک پرواز تھی میری اک شاہین تھا میں اقبال کا
    ایک بازو پہ اُڑتا ہوں آج کل دوسرا دشمنوں کو گوارا نہیں

    (Masheer Kazmi)

    East Pakistan

    Posted 5 years ago on 31 Mar 2010 10:51 #
  52. Raavi

    "I don't know if you are aware, but East Pakistan's jute output paid for building Islamabad."

    Ok I believe you!

    But a simple question why this great wealth is not eliminating their poverty now? Now no effect of Islamabad!!!!

    Also you did not see the FACTS given by me??????

    Posted 5 years ago on 31 Mar 2010 16:31 #
  53. Raavi

    "The jute manufacturing setup was only located in West Pakistan, while East Pakistan was only allowed to be involved in raw material production.
    There were only 4 units of jute manufacturing located in East Pakistan before 1971."

    Amazingly this statement of yours contradict each other. In first you are claiming only located in west and only allowed to be involved in raw... then you are stating there were only 4 units of jute manufacturing in East....

    No comments from me!

    Also by this you are unnecessarily twisting the facts. Pakistan could produce sugar as it has good sugarcane crop. So how many sugar mills were there in West Pakistan before 1971.. My dear overall situation in Pakistan was like this only FEW INDUSTRIAL SETUPS.

    And kindly tell me where are the jute manufacturing units in WEST PAKISTAN. I mean where were those units functioning and as this number would be more than 4 so you would be able to tell me one or two....

    Posted 5 years ago on 31 Mar 2010 16:45 #
  54. tamaazkhan

    I'll do you one better and quote some reading about Pakistan's industrial development during that period of time. You can do your own reasearch.
    -Industrial development in Pakistan
    -F. J. E. Tearle
    -Journal of The Royal Central Asian Society, 0035-8789,
    -Volume 52, Issue 3, 1965, Pages 224 – 237

    During Ayub's development agenda manufacturing units for all industry were only setup for West Pakistan.

    Incidentaly the 4 units in East Pakistan were owned and operated by West Pakistanis, these families are well known in Pakistan till this day: Bawanis, Adamjee and Ispahani. Most industrialits in East Pakistan were West Pakistani (currently richest man Mansha and included) and the powerful central government controled prices to the detriment of East Pakistani consumers.

    No contradiction, just facts!

    Let me ask you, are you arguing with me because you have knowledge of this subject or are you just trying to find holes in the wording of my arguments?

    PS. I am talking about jute not sugar.

    Posted 5 years ago on 31 Mar 2010 17:40 #
  55. Raavi

    I was talking about sugar at that point. You did not get my point.

    Where in West are those Jute mills?

    Also, where it is written that Bengalis requested for Jute mills setup and West denied it?

    Posted 5 years ago on 31 Mar 2010 17:54 #
  56. Raavi

    Also as you know more than me, so please dont skip my question Why jute now is unable to eliminate their poverty?

    All Islamabad became rich with this wealth, why not pure Bengalis now?????????????????????????

    Posted 5 years ago on 31 Mar 2010 17:56 #
  57. Raavi

    Here also they seem to be lost twin brothers...

    Looters are here in this part. Looters are there as well.

    Thanks Allah now they cant blame west Pakistan for their plight.

    But I sincerly hope and pray that they and we both prosper and take the looters and corrupt to task, bengali or punjabi or whatever.

    Posted 5 years ago on 31 Mar 2010 18:07 #
  58. Gujjar Talwar

    I don't think there was a deliberate effort to deprive East Pakistan of its resources. All jute mills were located in East Pakistan. Their owners may have been domiciled in West Pakistan, not by design, but because those were the people with experience and resources in the business. Nobody stopped Bengali enterpreneurs to set up shops in West- or East-Pakistan.

    Problems cropped up because of mismanagement and lack of democratic participation. Once politicians were booted out of power by Marshal Law in 1958, they became vidictive and stirred provincialism. It went on too long and finally blew up under incompetent watch of Yahya Khan.

    Since we have lost it, all blames are ours, whether they are justified or not.

    Posted 5 years ago on 31 Mar 2010 18:07 #
  59. tamaazkhan

    I never said Bangladesh is rich infact Bangaldesh is poor!!
    -So you can imagine how much they lost when the jute product was devoted build Islamabad.

    There are no more Pakistani Jute units. I thought this would be a pretty simple concept, even for you.
    In any case let me spell it out for you.
    1971 East Pakistan split, and we did not get anymore jute at throaway prices. Bangaldesh started building its own mills, so ours were made obsolete, declared sick industries and shut down.

    Nishat Group, Adamjee Group, Tapal Group, Bawany Group, Dawood Group, Saigol Group are just a few of the famous names still present in West Pakistan today who made their money off East Pakistan!

    Posted 5 years ago on 31 Mar 2010 18:08 #
  60. tamaazkhan

    Gujjar Talwar,

    Do you not think if the development was centrally controled by the state, and all the mechanisms of the state were controlled by West Pakistanis that East Pakistan would be systematically deprived of a fair chance?
    In terms of financing, regulation, and licencing the goverment can very easliy stop "Bengali enterpreneurs to set up shops in West- or East-Pakistan."

    There were many Bengali jute traders in East Pakistan and also many who ran Jute Mills in 'greater' Bengal who fled to East Pakistan during partition. Are you saying Punjabis, Memons and Khojas from West Pakistan would have more expertise than those people?

    The type of thinking that 'Bengalis" do not have the necessissary skills or abilities is the reason for the breakup of the country. This type of thinking countinues to this day in Pakistan, if we do not start respecting our various communities we will see more East Pakistans.

    Posted 5 years ago on 31 Mar 2010 18:17 #

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