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  1. IJay


    Posted 6 years ago on 30 May 2009 14:08 #
  2. @IJay
    The fascist hindu mentallity is behind this, using movies and drama series to demean Islam and its followers, leaving no stones unturned and infact as a very effective propaganda tool. We should all pool our efforts to expose them for the benefit of those who are unaware of the real face of hindu and his dream of akhand bharat.

    Posted 6 years ago on 30 May 2009 14:46 #
  3. demitri_indian

    what a bogus thread........

    Utter **** going on this thread.

    someone delete this crap thread

    Unofficially there are more muslims in india,,

    so Allah is not some property of pakistani kaum

    everyone has an equal right to use it ,despite being hindu or muslim

    Posted 6 years ago on 30 May 2009 15:36 #
  4. demitri_indian

    has anyone of you seen god,bhagwan,allah ??

    come on rise above these boundaries created by some human beings like you and me .

    If god exists ,there is only 1.

    its written in your Koran,gita or bible

    Human interpretations of same supreme power,doesn't make him different for everyone.

    Bollywood has rights to use allah,god,bhagwan or ram where ever they want.

    There is no difference between ijay,semi ** and Talibani extremists

    Posted 6 years ago on 30 May 2009 15:42 #
  5. Yes, I will consider myself lucky if I am able to fullfil the calls of my religion to the extremes. That makes me a devout follower only, and thus I should be proud to be called a religious extremist.

    They are more muslims on the globe when compared with India.
    Bollywood, lollywood or even Hollywood has no right to twist religion into cheap and demeaning propaganda against all of the muslim nation. You Indians are well versed in this.

    It is the word 'Allah' (swt) the almighty for us and we are concerned with Quarran first and the other holy scriptures later. We dont follow bible, Torah and Zaboor but we dont refute their being devine either although they with the exception of Quarran, had been diluted in content and context. Dont mention any other dieties as you may be their followers, not us.

    Posted 6 years ago on 30 May 2009 16:08 #
  6. demitri_indian

    who is stopping you..

    become a mulla and declare fatwa

    against them :)
    don't waste the time spreading your venom on the idiot box

    Posted 6 years ago on 30 May 2009 16:41 #
  7. I am very well prepared to rout you hindutva propagandista. Mullas or else they are much much better off than you because they, what ever they are, are still our brothers. You hindu fascists-less than humans are nothing more than morons.

    Posted 6 years ago on 30 May 2009 16:56 #
  8. IJay

    yes dimriti

    i don't mind if you add ashlok or christ in your songs but what i see continuously surfacing pro muslim songs a country where mulims were killed for 3 months never raised any voice still bjp was victorious in election in gujrat love Muslims of India so much that they put ALLAH in every song.We are not fools even know who is now taken over bollywood why movies like dostana all of sudden gained popularity in india.

    Posted 6 years ago on 30 May 2009 17:07 #
  9. ucsher


    Plz stop it guys, I know you see a hindu/ yahoodi conspiracy even when you fart but at least plz don't make non-issues like these such a huge deal just because luckily you have got an indian on the forum to dis!!

    1-Most of the indian songs are written in urdu by muslim poets so its only natural if they put word like these in the songs

    2-words like rama, krishna, buhgwun, god , lord are also used simultaneously , so you can't even say that only muslim god is being made fun of!

    3-India has much bigger muslim population then us to cater, so sometimes they even have to include words like eid, khuda, allah etc on purpose, just to remind muslim indians that their Film Industry (which we all know is such a huge entity there) also represents muslims and that tehy are not a forgotten minority there!

    4-also, North india especially Indian Punjab actually romanticize with most of the muslim traits like Urdu, poetry, sofeism etc and that's exactly why poets like Gulzar (who by the way is punjabi hindu) still do their poetry and write in Urdu

    Remember that song Chaiya Chaiya??

    wu yaar hay khushbo ki tarah, jis ki zuban URDU ki tarah, meri shaam raat, meri kainaat, wu yaar mera, saiyaan saiyaan,,,

    Now what more proof do you need that they mention muslims and their traits not because they want to make fun of us but because some of them have been in awe of us (courtesy our long rule on indian sub-continent)

    Also, singer like Daler Mehdi, whose even half name is muslim had to change his song just because unintentionally
    and out of sheer love for Hazrat Ali he wrote a song which said something like
    "Nabi ali piya, mora lagay na jiya"

    though the moment he came to know that muslims were offended by this song he changed the lyrics right away!!

    So plz stop this Hateful thinking which is making you even hate those who actually are impressed by you!

    Posted 6 years ago on 30 May 2009 17:31 #
  10. demitri_indian

    rightly said uchser

    And if semi *** and ijay have problems ,don't watch it anymore

    we say it for muslims of india

    who tells you to watch indian bollywood movies

    Be happy with your own culture ,movies and lollywood :)

    Posted 6 years ago on 30 May 2009 17:53 #
  11. @ucsher
    This is reasoning still. Should have been hate in a much tense and broader sense; I said not to demean muslims by giving a twist to the muslim ways of existence using movies and this is a fact. We dont take a demeaning smear campaign as a non issue.

    Posted 6 years ago on 30 May 2009 17:59 #
  12. latentry


    You are right mate. There are some brain washed idiots on our side of border who blame India for everything in Pakistan and same goes to some people on your side of border aswell.
    In Quran its not written Pakistan a muslim state or India a Hindu state. There are more muslims living in India than Pakistan.

    Posted 6 years ago on 30 May 2009 18:11 #
  13. netengr

    my Dear Ijay ,

    I agree with your point :)

    I also do not like to hear the word Allah in the songs ,this is the most respected word of our creator Allah .

    second there is no difference either the name of Allah is used in indian ,pakistani or arabic songs .for me I like to ban all theses songs

    Posted 6 years ago on 30 May 2009 18:18 #
  14. shikra


    Does this topic makes any sense to be discussed?

    Such type of threads give an impression that a section of Pakistanis has not only confused but also gone mentally bankrupt.
    They have no sense left to discuss any constructive or academic issue.
    Most of the members at the forum are stuck up at Khilafat, Islam, Hazrat Omer, Sharia and keep on repeating the same arguments and sentences again and again.
    Some have monopolized Allah as if He is in their pocket.
    They boast if Allah just listens to them as they carry some Giddar Singhi to attract Allah.

    Posted 6 years ago on 30 May 2009 18:19 #
  15. IJay

    first read my thread:


    You didn't read the whole message start accusing you own countryman! didnt i mention INDIAN MUSLIM!

    Posted 6 years ago on 30 May 2009 18:19 #
  16. shikra

    There are more number of Muslims living in India.
    More than Pakistan and Bangla Desh.
    There are almost 80 regional languages being spoken in India.
    What is your objection, Question or confusion?

    Posted 6 years ago on 30 May 2009 18:28 #
  17. skyfacts


    cow is banned in India,but a muslim to be recognised their at large must have pooja their and should have announced himself as hindu,shah rukh and salman and all other doing the same,this is their business secret.
    And you know muslim actors their try to first marry with a hindu girl than may be they will be recognised national heroes.

    This is a VERY sad story of indian muslims,i may added,abt a very special person of ALLAH,he was once asked that looking to the situation of muslims in india one cannot imagine that muslims can be put in SUCH AN AZMAISH by ALLAH.


    Posted 6 years ago on 30 May 2009 18:37 #
  18. chechen

    Bollywood or Bust!

    Islam does not regard culture as intrinsically haram (forbidden). Indeed Arab culture is not necessarily Islamic culture, and Islamic culture is not necessarily equal to Arab culture. There is no identifiable concept as Islamic culture, rather the Shariah of Islam lays down the parameters of what is permissible and what is forbidden from the Book of Allah and the Sunnah of Muhammad , sallalahu alaihi wassallam. Anything that does not contravene this can be taken as an acceptable culture. Bearing this in mind we can see it perfectly acceptable for a Muslim to eat an Indian curry or a plate of fish and chips, providing they are Halal. These are two icons of different cultures yet both are perfectly within the parameters of Islam.

    Many of you (I hope) will be unfamiliar with the nature and power of the ‘Bollywood’ film industry and the great impact it is having upon Muslims globally, I will now endeavour to shed some light on the area in a hope that it will make us reflect and help us reconsider our current neglect. The Indian film industry has been in operation for over fifty years and during this period of time it has been able to extend its large tentacles to every corner of the globe. Indeed where there is any substantial number of people from the Indian sub-continent ( that includes Bangladeshis and Pakistanis) you will find the long and murky shadow of Bollywood. Before the era of satellite dishes and cable companies, people would satisfy their craving for an Indian movie via the local video shop, and in the absence of these then there was always the radio and magazines at hand. Through television the access is immediate.

    Depravation has led to Muslim involvement in the industry at every level and throughout its history. From the directors of the movies to the local video hire shop Muslims are in it ‘waist high’. From the likes of the legendary actor Dilip Kumar (his original Muslim name was Yusuf, it was changed to assist integration) who had his first appearance in 1944 and Waheeda Rehaman ( a Muslim lady who ran away from home to become an actress and went on to marry Hindu actor Guru Dutt) (???) to the melodic Mohammed Rafi (source of many a love song), down to the modern day Salman Khan ( Indian Romeo of the 90’s and icon for many young Asian boys) and the infamous Amir Khan. All these and many more are part of the machinery to propagate ideas and notions about the world around us. The plot of almost every film is based on the story line of ‘boy meets girl’, the film spirals the viewer into a realm of indecency that would put Hollywood to shame. The unfolding story lines usually marked with their lack of reality expose the naïve Muslim family to every thing that is wholly unislamic. The many Muslim actors and actress’s are not only involved in the encouragement of fornication, bigamy, rebellion to parents but even idol worshipping, roles which they are only too happy to play. Even though Allah says :

    “Allah forgives not that partners should be set up with Him; but He forgives anything else, to whom He pleases; to set up partners with Allah is to devise a sin most heinous indeed” (4:48)

    The Messenger of Allah said: “Whoever imitates a people is one of them.” Indeed it is the saying of the companions of the Prophet (SAWS) : “Whoever imitated the idol worshippers will be raised with them on the day of Judgement.”

    “Boy meets Girl”

    There is a constant barrage of accusations against Islam based on the myth that the Shariah is unfair to women, yet there appears to be a deafening silence at the gigantic level of exploitation of women by Bollywood. Women are always shown as being nothing more than objects to be jeered and wooed by ‘wannabe Romeos’. The most a woman is capable of achieving is to be able to dance in a park for any prospective ‘Casanova’, it is a most despicable and deplorable representation of the female. The high level of exposure to such role models to our younger generations of boys and girls has led to the current trend of irresponsible behaviour. Young boys practicing irresponsibility and young girls dreaming of an Amir or Salman to sweep them off their feet and take them to the park or library (What? Did you really think they are all studying?)

    Muslim parents to this day still remain bewildered as to the reason why their children have been corrupted and the reason for their sons and daughters running away from home. The Bollywood Love story is a sick dream that is being pushed, its only reality is the nightmare of the break up of Muslim families. The average Muslim family will refuse to prosecute the criminal, the source of their family being dishonoured. Amazingly enough Muslim parents would be more likely to prohibit their children watching mild English films but on the other hand would have no problem exposing them to indecency of Indian movies, Why?? Simply due to the fact that the latter is morally justified because it is of Asian origin, and what is culturally correct must be morally and ethically correct. This is a clear reflection of the absence of understanding the parameters that Islam has enjoined upon Muslims and whenever such parameters are disregarded no matter how strong the cultural attachment, they lead to horrendous consequences. Not convinced? Just reflect upon the current trends amongst Muslim youth and you will soon add it up. Modesty and indecency come from the Adhab (manners) of Islam not from an ethnic or indigenous culture. As Maulana Maudoodi once said : “If you are going to sow the seeds of a lemon tree, you are not going to eat the mangoes.”

    Betraying Allah

    It may surprise you to learn that the Indian film industry churns out more films in one year than any other on the planet, including the head of the ‘snake of entertainment’: Hollywood. Indeed it was this amazing achievement that led to the Indian film industry being crowned, ‘Bollywood’.

    When considering the western film industry we have a mild form of reassurance that comes from knowing what certificate a film has been awarded. This system does not exist in most Bollywood films and even if it did it would probably be disregarded. The end result is films that show all that would undoubtedly be regarded even by western audiences to be wholly unsavoury stuff. Bollywood does not even stop at encouraging youngsters to be rebellious to their parents and discard moral decency, it goes further to shake and jeer at the very foundations of Islamic belief ; that of the sovereignty of Allah, by its constant promotion of idol worshipping and reverence of man made images.

    Do not for a moment think that the problem effects only Asian Muslims, it has taken to our Arab brethren , where Bollywood films are shown with Arabic subtitles, shocking really to imagine that the Messenger of Allah (SAWS) spent 23 years along with his successors, to remove idol worship from the Arabian peninsula, and yet today it has been brought back to the sacred Hijaz via satellite, little regard is given by Muslims to what Allah has ordained to keep idol worship out of this area and all that is associated with it.

    Betraying your Brothers and sisters

    You may think that this would be enough incrimination, but no the crimes continue. The nature of the Kashmir problem is quite straightforward; India has occupied this land that is overwhelmingly Muslim, a population which has categorically refused to be ruled by the dictatorship of an Indian regime. Over the years Kashmiri Muslims have engaged in a noble Jihad to liberate their land from these oppressors, the Indian government has responded by destroying Mosques, hospitals, and school, it has also undertaken to killing thousands of Muslim civilians and raping Kashmiri women by its armed soldiers.

    Bollywood assists in this systematic genocide by filming love song scenes in the same valleys of Kashmir where the killings and raping occurs. Further to this a percentage of profits made by the industry are contributed directly to the killing fields. The truth is Muslims are renting and subscribing to films which financially contribute indirectly to the murder and rape of Kashmiri Muslims. Bollywood has made various films portraying the Mujahideen of Kashmir as terrorists and criminals, and their own villainous soldiers to be angelic. Such political propaganda is being fed into the minds of millions of naïve Muslims. It will not surprise you to learn that there have been Indian Movie stars who have moved to become political candidates for the fascist anti-Muslim, Babri Masjid destroying party of the BJP, actors such as Shatrughan Sinha.

    Yet still Muslims cannot get enough of watching garbage. The erosion of Muslim independent identity and confidence in the Islamic way of life has led to Muslims allowing integration to take place, this disregard for the tenants of Islamic belief has led to the doors of indecency and depravation being open to our community, we have invited the snake into our house by opening the door to him, and we stand idle as it bites and injects poison into our children and family members.

    The above mentioned are mere snowflakes on the tip of the ice-berg, as to the real extent of damage that Bollywood has done, Allah alone only knows, but you can be sure it is massive. If you would like to prevent your children from growing up with a Shaytaan as a baby sitter – boycott Bollywood! If you would like to respect your Islamic creed and the sovereignty of Allah – boycott Bollywood! If you cannot help the suffering Kashmiri Muslims then at least do not arm their enemy – boycott Bollywood!

    Posted 6 years ago on 30 May 2009 19:40 #
  19. Sahnaz


    Watever u say we all love bollywood movies and their dramas on start plus and zee tv..i lv to watch srgmp world challange...

    Posted 6 years ago on 30 May 2009 22:43 #
  20. Cant add more than this that indian movies are a brainwash and a moral degrading tool of the hindus against muslims.

    Posted 6 years ago on 30 May 2009 22:52 #
  21. chechen

    Sahnaz, I thought you care about woman's right. And for purpose of selfish entertainment do not mind becoming a party to their exploitation. Is it not hypocricy of first order?

    "There is a constant barrage of accusations against Islam based on the myth that the Shariah is unfair to women, yet there appears to be a deafening silence at the gigantic level of exploitation of women by Bollywood. Women are always shown as being nothing more than objects to be jeered and wooed by ‘wannabe Romeos’. The most a woman is capable of achieving is to be able to dance in a park for any prospective ‘Casanova’, it is a most despicable and deplorable representation of the female. Young boys practicing irresponsibility and young girls dreaming of an Amir or Salman to sweep them off their feet and take them to the park or library "

    Posted 6 years ago on 30 May 2009 22:54 #
  22. sasherwani

    Yeh ladka hai Allah kaisa hay deewana
    Kitna mushkil hay dekho isko samjhana


    Pakistan is burning and the youth is discussing the usage of god's name in masala bollywood songs.

    Posted 6 years ago on 31 May 2009 4:30 #
  23. latentry


    You are right mate. Muslims killing muslims in Pakistan from last 60 years in the name of ISLAM. And we have issues with India about indian muslim situation living in India. Atleast Indian muslims dont have to face suicide bombings. We have brainwashed from last 60 years that all our problems are because of India. We are not able to bring our own house in order and the blame goes to India. This shows why we will be keep fkng ourself for next 100 years caz we are not able to realize the problem is with us not with America or India. We do every Illegal thing in Pakistan ourself and than blame India. India is not stopping us from bringing our things in order. And look at these SO CALLED TALIBAN JEHADIS. They are brave to commit suicide bombing in Pakistan but they didnt do a single do single suicide bombing in Indian Kashmir in last 60 years.
    We want KASHMIR but we cant manage what we already have.
    Saday Koolooo Pakisntan Sambalayaa Nahii jandaa taay sanuu Indiaa daa kashmir wii chayee daa haai.
    And another problem we have is we think ALLAH is only for Pakistan. But reality is Allah is for everyone.

    Posted 6 years ago on 31 May 2009 5:00 #
  24. chechen

    What Kashmir you already have is due to Mujahideen from tribal areas who went first and liberated 1/3 of Kashmir and Pakistani army came later on their heels. The treacherous pakistani politicians that are still rulin today signed armistice and prevented liberation of rest of Kashmir.

    There were dozens of suicide attacks against Indian arny invaders in Kahsmir and more will come soon. The mercenary Pakistani army forced the Taliban to wage Jihad against the slaves of America. Kashmiris are traditionally mild natured but Jihad is in full swing. Mercenary Paksitani army entered tribal areas where British and Pak army signed treaty not to enter but did that at behest of their masters in US. And they got messed up with fierce tribesmen who will crush the combined armies of NATO, US and Pakistan. Youthink America with its technological edge can shift the balance of power in your favor. You are foolingyourself. It is your destiny thatyou got entangled with Taliban. You signed your own death sentence by starting panga with those tribesmen known for their valor. And as AyaZ Amir writing in Dawn said "there is no one more loyal to Pakistan than those tribesmen". You got into a quagmire now that even america will not be able to save you.

    Posted 6 years ago on 31 May 2009 5:38 #
  25. quaidkamazaar


    stop accepting that there are more muslims in India than Pakistan!!!!

    that used to be true, not until recently.

    check the latest figures, we have more muslims!!!!!!!
    2nd most populous nation in the Islamic world> PAKISTAN

    enough of dumn games.

    Pakistan is second most poplulous muslim country in the world....... and the only Muslim country with nukes.

    so India can keep loving Israel, and Indian muslims can do much im sorry..... but Pakistan can play the tiger role inshallah in times of need.

    Posted 6 years ago on 31 May 2009 6:10 #
  26. latentry


    Take your family with you and blow innocent people in any city of Pakistan. God will send you straight in heaven for such a noble act and will reward you with 70 hoores.

    Posted 6 years ago on 31 May 2009 7:34 #
  27. zingaro

    Excellent post Chechen...

    Shame on those who tried to advocate bollywood. They perhaps forgot that one day they have to die and then they will need to pay their words. Even one said that bollywood is using other poeples' god then what if they use our Allah's name. There is no doubt that Allah is the only creator of this universe and He is the real God of every human being but you must understand what is the concept behind our Allah and their bhagwan for which they also claim to be one. Just go through Soorah-al-Kafiroon which focuses specially on this topic. Our concept of Allah is totally different from their god, bhagwan, ram, etc, even different from Christian and Jews.

    I had the chance to read soom literature of Hindy mythology containing the historical facts about their gods and bhagwans. It stated how their gods were involved in sexual acts even with their daughters. now on the other side Christian believe that Allah with a son which has been clearly ruled out in Quran (Soorah Ikhlas)... same goes to Jews who said Prophet Ozair to be son of Allah (Naooz Billah).

    this idiot demitri said some thing and you people started to beside her. Shame on you really. Thanks for the update info Quaidkamazar but even I have met with Muslims from India (living in Delhi) and they said to me that we are lucky as living in pakistan.. but they have to compromise a lot if they have to live in India. Its not long back when Shabana Azmi confessed that how difficult it is to live in Mumbai when you are a Muslim (hope you know she is not a mulla or taliban). Ahmadabaad, Gujrat, Train ablaze and a long history of Muslim Killings in India ... please stop this nonsense that every thing is right in India and here we people are just sick minds...

    Posted 6 years ago on 31 May 2009 8:17 #

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