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Nawaz for stamping out fake leaders

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  • Aur bhaio’n kya haal chaal hain sab aman hai ? :)

    Khush baash?

    Koi doctor hai tum logo main to ye masla bara sangeen hai. Ek banda apne he jan k peche par gaya hai.


    Kuch karain agar ho sakay to. Sawab mille ga.

    I believe NS is referring to Zaradri as a fake leader…..

    dont think he considers IK to be as big a leader to address him directly …..so leaves it to his other party workers …..soon when IK wins a landslide victory his eyes will open up!

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    بھائی اس بندے کا کون علاج کرے گا جو ایسے الٹے سیدھے بیان دے رہا ہے

    خود کو لیڈر کہنے والا قوم کو قصوروار ٹہرا رہا ہے

    اس کا کوئی علاج نہیں سیدھا پاگل خانے کا راستہ دکھائیں


    You got that right

    NS was talking about Zardari but PTI wants to believe that he was talking about IK…

    News item reads “Nawaz Sharif urged the people to stamp out fake leaders – who break their promises after coming into power”. A direct reference to Zardari for breaking numerous promises…….

    but may be it is equally painful if Zardari gets criticised


    .. and this is called IK phobia.

    Nobody said NS was referring to IK but No0ners with their special gifts can read the not written :P

Viewing 6 posts – 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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