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    I have to tell yu that Perception is growing that PMLN gets together with govt issues important to its own survival but not common mans benefit. Things like giving up Punjabs gas rights in 18th amendment, 20th amendment in days for elections but no single meeting with Govt on energy issue. How about calling an APC ON energy.

    Rasheed sahib, please let me know why shahbaz sharif didnt show up at this energy conference. It is the issue of country right now. But instead he chose to preside over some meeting for some roadwork in lahore. Why so much apathy being shown about a issue which is especially affecting PMLNs core voting region of central punjab so much.

    And this is coming from a PMLN sympathiser. I am in states but talking to my family back home(they all in business and supporters of PMLN untill now), i always get the sense this energy issue is practically destroying their lives. Profits are distant thing, it has started eating into their equity. My family was there at PMLNS Gujranwala jalsa too. PMLN local MNAS KNOW THEM personally. And they have started doubting PMLN too.

    Now only thing my family and many other business families we know want some firm stance on this issue from PMLN.

    Pmln or Punjab govt has not acted forcefully on this issue except some cosmetic statements and headless conferences. Beleive me it is not gonna work.

    PMLN HAS TO speak on this issue everyday from now on otherwise i think PMLN is going to go into a sinkhole as far as Gujranwala and sialkot are concerned. You have no clue of the gravity of the issue.

    When people have their livelihood on one hand and loyalty to PMLN ON THE other, yu can guess where they gonna go.

    I have the sense you somehow know people in PMLN leadership, so please tell them to speak on this issue everday. It is not 1990s, it is media saturated world and perceptions are more important than reality.


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