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  • Zia M

    PPP stalwart Raza Rabbani warned against more attempts to derail democracy in Pakistan.

    Speaking on a point of order in Senate he said….

    ““A conspiracy has been hatched against the democratic system. A few days ago, a failed attempt had been made to murder democracy in front of Parliament House. The ‘revolution’ never came about, but I believe that it is not the last such attempt,”

    There are other indications, such as the support of Musharraf and Sh. Rashid for Qadri that hidden hand behind is GHQ.

    I believe Qadri is not done yet and next time Imran Khan will also join him.

    Unfortunately, I don’t think the opposition will be able to reach a consensus on nomination of Interim Prime Minister, giving Qadri another chance to exploit the politicians.

    There is a dire need for the opposition and the ruling allied parties to call for a conference to meet these threats.

    In the meantime Pakistani people have been utterly disappointed by the performance of the government, it has completely failed to solve any of their problem.It hasn’t even be able to combat terrorism and provide security for the citizens.People may not object to interference by the army but the Media will definitely make lot of noise.

    It appears this time around the army doesn’t want a direct interference, it may try to stay behind the scene and have an interim government for couple of years.

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