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PMLN Proves Their Numbers in Punjab

Provincial Parliamentary Meeting of PMLN at Raiwind proved the democratic numbers of PMLN. 205 members including PMLQ Forward Block and MMA vowed to support Shahbaz Sharrif, which proved that PMLN could comfortably retain their democratic government without any support of PPP or Chaudhry Brothers.

Zardari Calls Raza Rabbani Impotent

Wall Street Journal has reported how Zardari insults and humiliates senior party leaders by calling them names. Amazingly none of the PPP senior leaders have ever protested against this disgraceful behavior. At a meeting in mid-January, Mr. Zardari taunted Sen. Raza Rabbani, Pakistan’s provincial coordination minister, calling him “impotent” after the two disagreed on how […]

Governor Raaj – MPAs Arrested

Breaking News- Law Enforcement Agencies have started arresting Members of Punjab Assembly (PML N). Election Commission declared Shahbaz Sharif Bhakar seat as vacant. Rangers has been called in Lahore, Rawalpindi and other cities of Punjab. Traffic thin in cities of Punjab Province. President Asif Ali Zardari has imposed Governor Raaj in Punjab. Aaj TV news […]

Sharifs Declared Ineligible by DOGar Mafia

The Unconstitutional and Illegal DOGar courts created by Army Chief General Musharraf have declared Sharif Brothers Ineligible for Elections, reports Geo TV. – According to Geo, Shahbaz Sharif left CM House without official protcol,using car without Pakistani Flag. – According to Geo, Nawaz Sharif has called high level meeting in Raiwand. – According to TV […]

Message from Kashif Abbasi

Kashif Abbasi has conveyed us a message that he will resume with Off the Record from Thursday 26th February 2009. PKPolitics Team

PPP Panics – Plans Emergency in Punjab

Preparation for Final Round is the on way and High Level meetings between Governor, PPP and PMLQ are expected within 72 hours, reports Daily Express. The article says that Salman Taseer, Mazoor Watto, Rana Aftab and Qasim Zia of PPP have started to work on new political setup in Punjab and there are reports of […]

The Drone Lies

A recent statement by a US Senator Dianne Feinstein caused fury in Pakistan when she revealed that the drones that kill Pakistani civilians actually fly and are controlled from Pakistan. This statement was immediately denied by the Pakistani Government, but today CBS News quoted that Nato had an unwritten agreement with Pakistani Military Regime for […]

Zardari Gets Dirty Against Bhuttos

An article published in Daily Telegraph of UK hints that Zardari is now feeling insecure from his own senior party members. The article mentions that Zardari’s aides have been responsible for defaming Fatima Bhutto by publishing her false scandal with Hollywood Actor George Clooney. The article quotes: One source said aides to the Pakistan president […]

Discuss: Swat Peace Agreement

Please discuss your views on the peace agreement between the NWFP Government and Threek-e-Nifaaz-e-Shariat lead by Sufi Mohammad. – What do you think would be the short term and long term impacts of this peace agreement? – What will be the future strategy of the militants? – What do you think will be the International […]

Pakistani Media – A Glorious Tradition

Author: M. Ziauddin Pakistani media has not only survived four vicious military rules spanning almost half of the country‚Äôs 61 year history and several non-democratic civilian governments but has blossomed into what it is today despite having had to suffer the blackest of media laws and the vilest of attempts to subjugate it. No ruler, […]

The Pride of PCO Mafia – Bilal Khan Rangeela

Aik hi Pub mein kharay ho gaey Nanno Goraya oar Bilal Khan …. Na woh Qatil Zinda Hay, Na Rahay Ga Court Ka Yeh Qalamdaan Article Update: Bilals’ link to Wajahat Terror Force It was a festive environment in Gujranwala and specially for the business community there, the day Nanno Goraya, a symbol of Terror […]

Letter to Obama from Women Senators

Attached is a copy of recent letter written by the Women Senators of Pakistan to President Obama regarding the shameful disgrace of Pakistani Women Scientist Dr. Aafia Siddiqui in US custody. Link to Senators Letter Here. Mrs. Amina Masood Janjua, Chairperson Defence of Human Rights has also written a letter to Ambassador Holbrooke regarding the […]

Discuss: Dharna Strategy

Update: Bar Councils, Political Parties and Many Sections of Civil Society have now announced their participation in Long March and Dharna. Please contribute some more suggestions on how to make it successful. The lawyers have announced the Dharna to start in front of Parliament from 16th March 2009. Please discuss and suggest what should be […]

Maulana Prado Becomes Instant Star

The brother of Maulana Fazl-ur-Rehman (popularly known as Maulana Diesel) Maulana Atta-ur-Rehman, who was recently inducted in the Federal Cabinet as Minister for Tourism has become an instant star in Pakistani Politics. His controversial debut on the stage of Pakistani Politics started with his elections in 2008, when his results were held by the Election […]

Announcement: Technical Issue

Dear Visitors, We had a technical issue last night, due to which we had to temporarily change the look of the site. The site will remain in this format for next 48 hours until we resolve the issues. We apologize for inconvenience. PKPolitics Team Update: All Free Videos for 3rd and 4th February have been […]

Zardari Arm-Twists Gilani

President Asif Ali Zardari arm-twists Prime Minister Gilani through NAB to keep him tamed. Gilani, who refused to take pardon under the dark National Reconciliation Ordinance is currently appealing the charges by NAB in the illegal & unconstitutional Islamabad High Court. Link to Ummat Article

Announcement: Support for Rule of Law

Dear Visitors, We urgently require assistance of a few individuals who can contribute towards a small project related to the Movement for Rule of Law and the upcoming Long March. Please urgently contact us at ruleoflaw at pkpolitics dot com if you are willing to participate. Details will be provided via email. Thanks, PKPolitics Team

Musharraf Now Thinks of Democracy

Former President and the person most responsible for the treason of Nov 3rd, General (r) Pervez Musharraf has realized that the only way to bring about positive change is by following rule of law and taking part in the political process. In this regard he is deciding on starting his own party, a new version […]

Hasb-e-Haal – 30 January 2009

A new addition on PKPolitics with Pakistans’ top comedy actor Suhail Ahmed, along with columnist Aftab Iqbal and Najia in a latest episode of Hasb-e-Haal. (Video_Normalized)

Current Affairs Programs Ratings – January 2009

We conducted a survey earlier this month (January 2009) through our visitors about the current affairs programs on different TV Channels. Results of the survey has been compiled and we would like to share them with you beginning with some of our own comments: