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Discuss: Public Opinion for Pakistani Police Jumped 230% in 2008

The only silver lining in IRI Survey of Pakistan Public Opinion for 2008 is that the favorable rating for Pakistani Police has gone from thirteen percent in September 2007 to forty three percent in October 2008. In Pakistan, Police are under the governance of each province. Since the survey samples spread across the land with […]

PAF Planes Fly Over Lahore & Muzafarabad

Pakistan fighter jets have undertaken flights in the air space of Muzafarabad and its adjoining areas, sources said. It may be mentioned here that earlier Pakistan’s fighter planes had also flown over Islamabad, Rawalpindi and Lahore. Meanwhile, high alert has been declared at all the air ports across the country.Pakistan Air Force sources have termed […]

Ratings of Urdu Columnists

We recently conducted a survey in November 2008 through our visitors to get their feedback on their favorite Urdu Columnists. The Results of the survey has been compiled and summarized below. Javed Chaudhry topped the survey through accumulative ratings, followed by Haroon Rasheed with almost similar ratings. Haroon Rasheed scored best on the First Choice […]

The End Of The PPP-PML(N) Affair

Things seem to be coming to a head. Despite continuing claims by President Zardari that the coalition was there to stay, he is reportedly pursuing PML(Q) for their full support in attempts to sideline PML(N).  Things in Punjab are certainly “looking ugly” with the Governor and CM at loggerheads. Jang reports Zardari stating “If I […]

Announcement: Internet Outage

Dear Visitors, Due to fiber cuts in international network, Internet in Pakistan is severely disrupted. Videos on PK Politics will be delayed until the internet issue is resolved in Pakistan. Bloomberg Update Thanks, PKPolitics Team

Daughter’s Tribute to General Alavi

The daughter of late SSG commando, Maj-Gen (retd) Amir Faisal Alavi, who is in the US, has sent a letter on her memories of her father. She writes: “I vaguely remember asking my dad when I was five, how old was your dad when he passed away, papa? I remember my dad’s surprised look and […]

Event: Asia Society on Mumbai Attacks

The Asia Society cordially invites you to an upcoming event, Understanding the Mumbai Attacks. The program, on Wednesday December 17th, will run from 6:15 pm to 8:00 pm, with registration from 6:00 pm to 6:15 pm at Asia Society, 725 Park Ave at 70th Street, New York, USA. Please join us at Asia Society’s New […]

Event: Innocent Children of Missing Persons

Dear All , you are invited in a grand rally by the Innocent Children of the Missing Persons, appealing to the Government for the immediate release of their loving Fathers, Mothers, Brothers and Sisters ….. either missing or traced but still detained with the cruel Agencies of the World. Please be sure to show solidarity […]

Remembering The Fall of Dhaka

On 16th December 1971, the darkest day in the history of Pakistan, when Eastern Pakistan was separated after a humiliating defeat and surrender of Pakistan Army. Please discuss who do you think was actually responsible for the breakup of Pakistan and creation of Bangladesh. What do you think we have learned from our blunders?

The Story of Major-General Faisal Alavi

Sunday Times recently reported on claims made by Carey Schofield about the murder of Major-General Alavi.  Ms. Schofield, author of a forthcoming book “Inside the Pakistan Army” , appears to suggest Alavi was assassinated by elements in the Pakistan Army for threatening to expose some Pakistani generals’ dealings with Taliban and undermining the war on […]

Mumbai Gunman Was Kidnapped from Nepal

A Pakistani lawyer C M Farooque claimed that many people, including Ajmal Kasab, were arrested before 2006 from Kathmandu by the Indian agencies with the help of Nepalese forces, reports The News Daily. He said Ajmal Kasab went to the Napalese capital on a business tour. His application regarding his arrest was lying pending in […]

Indian Air Force Entered Pakistani Airspace

Indian fighter planes violated Pakistan’s Airspace by entering two places in Kashmir and Lahore. Planes of Pakistan Air Force (PAF), which were already on alert, quickly came into action and forced the India’s fighter jets to leave Pakistan’s air space, Geo TV sources said. The sources further said that the Indian planes were fully equipped […]

Racial Hatred by Altaf Hussain

by Dr. Akram Khan A London-based British National, Altaf Hussain, who leads an ethnic political party in Karachi (MQM), has played his usual race card yet again in an attempt to create hatred amongst Pakistanis. Altaf Hussain claimed yesterday that the issue of illegal exam marks of Dogar’s Daughter was creating rift between people of […]

Adnan Sami Getting Death Threats

Adnan Sami Khan, a Pakistani musician and singer who settled in Mumbai 10 years ago, has been receiving death threats since after the Mumbai attacks. NDTV Reports: According to a concerned friend of his: “The calls started coming soon after that horrendous Wednesday (Nov 26). The command was simple, ‘Leave Mumbai immediately or be killed’. […]

Pakistan Arrests Mumbai Mastermind, reports say

Having recently bulldozed the “non-state actors” excuse (“The argument that these are non-state actors is not acceptable…Non-state actors in your territory are still your responsibility,”)  Condoleezza Rice piled on the pressure and fully blamed Pakistan telling CNN “There’s no doubt” that the deadly attack on India’s financial capital last month was planned inside Pakistan. In […]

Eid Mubarak

PKPolitics wishes its visitors a very Happy Eid Mubarak. Please feel free to use the comments below to share Eid Greetings with other members.

Gunmen Destroy Afghan War Supplies

Gunmen near Peshawar destroyed more than 90 lorries carrying War Supplies for Western Forces in Afghanistan. The gunmen numbered more than 250 used rockets and guns to attack the Port World Logistics terminal early morning and destroyed the war supplies, which also included Humvee armoured vehicles. BBC Reports that: “There were dozens of them. They […]

US Wants Ex-ISI Officials Labelled Terrorists

The US has requested UN to put several ex-ISI officers, including Soviet-Afghan War serving General Hamid Gul into lists of International Terrorists. The News Reports: A US secret document has declared ISI former chief, General Hameed Gul maintaining links with the Taliban and Al Qaeda network besides being involved in arranging financial assistance to them. […]

World At Risk – Pakistan Top Priority

US Congressional Report “World at Risk” declares “Pakistan” as the top priority for the incoming US administration considering its long and medium term national interests. “Our Commission has singled out Pakistan for special attention in this report, as we believe it poses a serious challenge to Americas short-term and medium-term national security interests. Indeed, many […]

Illegal Supreme Court Stops Parliament

The illegal Supreme Court headed by illegal Judge Dogar Hameed has ordered the Standing Committee of Parliament to stop its proceedings against the culprits being investigated in the scandal of Dogar’s Daughter and her admission in Medical College. On the other hand, the Parliamentary Standing Committee headed by Abid Sher Ali of PMLN has ignored […]