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Capital Talk – 1 April 2009

Advocate Aftab Alam (President Swat Bar), Syed Allaudin (PPP), Samar Minallah (HR Activist) and Senator Zahid Khan (ANP) are today’s guests in Capital Talk.

Enough is Enough

by Gul Bukhari What will it take? What will it take for Rehman Malik, Advisor to Prime Minister on Interior Affairs (de facto Interior Minister who is known to claim he is the establishment) and Salmaan Taseer, current Governor Punjab, to resign? Their utter failure of governance, whether it arises from incompetence or from a […]

Punjab Government Reinstated by Supreme Court

The Punjab Government has been instated by stay order of Supreme Court. The News Reports: Mian Shahbaz Sharif has been restored as Chief Minister of Punjab immediately following the issuance of the stay order. The apex court bench, headed by Justice Tassaduq Hussain Jilani, heard Sharif brothers’ eligibility case. According to the verdict, Shahbaz Sharif’s […]

Police Academy Attacked in Lahore

Breaking News 11:00pm: An unknown organization, “Fadaeen-e-Islam” from S. Waziristan has accepted the responsibility – Aaj News ticker 11:00pm: One culprit from Miranshah while other three are from South Punjab (Saraiki Belt) – Ayesha Sadiqa on Bolta Pakistan 04:15pm: Four militants killed, three arrested as police academy retaken: Pakistan official- BBC 04:10pm: Number of casualities […]

Discuss: Where is Kashif Abbasi?

Kashif Abbasi, the top anchor of ARY One World, has been missing from air since more than a week. We have learned through our visitors that he is not hosting his show in protest against censorship on one his programs where he interviewed Salman Taseer. If these reports are true, then please share your suggestions […]

President Zardari’s Address to Parliament

President Asif Ali Zardari Saturday proposed lifting of Governor rule in Punjab. Addressing a joint sitting of the Parliament here, President Zardari said: “I propose lifting of Governor rule in Punjab.” The President said that a parliamentary committee would be constituted to review the 17th Amendment and 58-2(B). He said: “I propose to form a […]

Obama’s New Policy for Pakistan & Afghanistan

The U.S. President Barack Obama Friday said Al-Qaeda is ‘Actively Planning’ attacks on US from safe havens in Pakistan. Unfolding a new US strategy to defeat Taliban and Al-Qaeda, Obama said Pakistan must be ‘stronger partner’ in destroying Al-Qaeda safe havens. In this connection, he said Pakistan would be provided financial assistance of 1.5 billion […]

Judiciary Watch – March 2009

Dear Visitors, We will be creating a page every month to discuss the active cases in the courts. The link to this page will be available from the center navigation bar all the time. Please feel free to add comments on the cases, as well as share any new cases of significant interest in this […]

Wired & Active – 25 March 2009

Rabia Garib presents an episode highlighting how the Pakistani Blogosphere reported and reacted to the LongMarch? They Tweeted, they CovereditLive and they Blogged. The result? Watch this episode to find out!

Ratings of Guest Politicians in Talk Shows

PKPolitics conducted a survey through its visitors for Ratings of Politicians and Spokespersons of different Political Parties appearing in Current Affairs Programs on various TV Channels. Ratings have been done for individual political parties to gauge their abilities to present their party’s point of view. Results of the survey have been summarised below for politicians […]

Chief Justice Gets Justice – Finally

Its 00:01 AM , 22nd of March, 2009 when Chief Justice of Pakistan, Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry, finally gets justice and gets restored as the Real Chief Justice of Supreme Court of Pakistan after dark ages of DOGar court. Link to Official Website of Chief Justice of Supreme Court of Pakistan Video Available

Abdul Hameed Dogar Leaves Supreme Court

The Unconstitutional and Disgraced Chief Justice of Supreme Court of Pakistan, Abdul Hameed Dogar has finally left the Supreme Court. The News Reports that: Abdul Hameed Dogar spent his last day at the Supreme Court of Pakistan on Friday. Justice Dogar will lay down office tomorrow. He assumed responsibilities on November 3, 2007 after Chief […]

Of Mohsin Hamid and Popular Will

by Gul Bukhari In his recent Comment piece in The Guardian, a liberal UK National Daily, Mohsin Hamid, the renowned British-Pakistani novelist, has eloquently described the recent events in Pakistan, clearly elucidating how popular will prevailed in having the ousted Chief Justice restored, despite President Zardari’s utmost determination to prevent the same. He describes most […]

A Leader is Born

PKPolitics Service Outage Announcement by Gul Bukhari Twice Prime Minister of Pakistan, Nawaz Sharif was hitherto no doubt recognized as a politician of consequence in Pakistan. On the 15th of March, however, a Leader was born. Within moments, his leadership had steered a nation to rebirth. Not withstanding the brilliant and determined campaign of the […]

A Few Good Men

By: mbokhari PKPolitics community would like to thank the following individuals and organizations for their support towards the cause of restoration of true Judiciary in Pakistan. – Thanks to Salman Taseer for his untiring efforts in making the lawyers’ movement successful through his dear friend Johnnie Walker. – Thanks to Rehman Malik for his support […]

Gilani Schedules the Restoration of Chief Justice

Prime Minister of Pakistan has announced the restoration of Chief Justice of Pakistan, Iftikhar Mohammad Chaudhry on 21st March 2009, when illegal CJ DOGar retires. After Gilanis’ address to the nation, the leadership of lawyers movement and political parties called off the Long March peacefully and declared victory. The deposed judges who have now been […]

Long March – 15 March 2009 – Page 2 [Live]

People of Pakistan write history as convoy of several miles long head towards Islamabad from Lahore for the Restoration of deposed Judiciary. Link to Long March Page 1 [1,234 Comments] Updates [PST]: -07:00am Lawyers, Civil and Political leadership annouces the end of Long March and Sit-in -06:10am Crowd in Gujranwala awaits Long March leaderships decision […]

Long March – 15 March 2009 [Live]

Time of Showdown approaches as the Long March moves from Lahore to Islamabad. All major cities have been sealed for first time in History of Pakistan, Highways are Blocked, Educational Institutes Closed and Gas Stations Shutdown. Trucks & Containers carrying goods that were hijacked by Police in attempt to block roads have caused damage of […]

Yeh Faisala Kiya Wakeelon Nay

Video of PKPolitics Song Yeh Faisala Kiya Wakeelon Nay by Dunya News. (Video_Normalized)

Long March – 14 March 2009 [Live]

Information Minister Sherry Rehman has resigned in protest over curbs on media in Pakistan. Is Army deployment first sign of Military Take over? Army called by Zardari Government. Army will be deployed in Lahore, Rawalpindi,Islamabad and other cities. Pakistani Nation to witness Largest ever Blockade of Every City – All Major Businesses to Seize for […]