@drfarzanabari @abbasnasir59 bhensa tou mohabatain bant raha tha. He is using ur so called freedom of speech aik jaisay hou tum or woh

@BOLNewsOfficial @AamirLiaquat So before U send CURSE on Criminal Bhensa&Co; U must send Curse on Zoroastrian Bukhari who insulted Prophet

@Khushal_Khattak @dawn_com But why, Bhensa group is sitting in #Endia #

@MJibranNasir @Hur1 @KKhanMarwat Once again,you were aware of Bhensa's blasphemous content and did not disapprove?

@MJibranNasir @Hur1 So these tweets were not deleted,good.So were you aware of Bhensa's blasphemous posts?

@MJibranNasir @Hur1 Do you think all of us are naive that somehow you were unaware of Bhensa's blasphemy?or perhaps you approve of it?

@MJibranNasir @Hur1 Considering you hastily deleted all your bhensa links where your blanket yaari on whatever they said was clear

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