Ch Nisar

Ch Nisar would mind this trend ... so will Baji Maryam Sharif #ویلے_لوگ

@ChNisarOfficial MA SHA ALLAH Ch Nisar Ali Khan Sahab you are our hero I like you

@sufisal In this sinking ship Panamanic, Ch. Nisar is that musician who was playing till the last moment. He prefers to sink With it.

The Parachinar blast reminds us that all is not well in Pakistan. Interior minister Ch. Nisar must end his romance with banned organisations

Ch Nisar this isn't a 1,300 old conflict. These were seeds sowed by Zia & the blood of these ppl are on your and your masters at GHQ's hands

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Much needed balance...? What a joke!!! Ch Nisar is defending banned extremists outfits that has dwarfed even #TTP spokesman Ahsanullah Ahsan…

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