It's like he /enjoys/ the obstacles. He's a lot like Chairman Netero that way... I hate it!!

Chairman of selectors MSK Prasad makes it clear that wriddhipops is #India's first choice keeper in #Test matches.

Chairman of selectors #MSKPrasad makes it clear that @wriddhipops is #India's first choice keeper in #Test matches: PTI

Anambra governorship election, APC can't win- APGA Chief…

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Great News! Trump names new FCC chairman: Ajit Pai, who wants to take a 'weed whacker' to net neutrality

Trump’s new FCC chief is Ajit Pai, he wants to destroy net neutrality Get ready to organize. Get ready to fight.…

This afternoon, I was informed that @POTUS @realDonaldTrump designated me the 34th Chairman of the @FCC. It is a deeply humbling honor.

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