@IvoSor3 @Hawkworld_ @DCComics Think Justice Leaugue Unlimited is to blame for her popularity 😄

John Crawford III Press Release Statement | Racial Justice NOW Ohio ref.gl/JKCCZ6Om

@bakedalaska @MyCrashIs In the words of Ashley Judd: "She's a naaaaaaasty woman"... Justice.

This Troop Is Basically The Girl Scouts For Social Justice Warriors fb.me/5xwb4l9ep

Chief Justice of India: Save Home Buyers from One of th Biggest Fraud - Sign the Petition! change.org/p/chief-justic… via @ChangeOrg_India

I'm assuming these social justice warriors will now return to the battle to get women onto the front lines in combat...

Twitter Media

Justice for Dummies: Majority of 230 protesters arrested #InaugurationDay face 10 years in prison, $25k fine & charged with felony rioting twitter.com/DailyMail/stat…

The Pope compares Trump to Hitler, once again confirming that he's a hysterical social justice warrior. bbc.co.uk/news/world-eur…

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