How ironic is it that these two tests are on Valentine's Day though

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@jimmybenbow9 @OfficialWolves has wear that crap away shirt all season - joke mt will carry on till someone tests him one

And my son decided to skip all of the tests in his online math class. So he has three tests to study for and complete by Friday. *sighs*

Pakistan conducts 1st test of nuclear-capable surface-to-surface missile ln.is/kmqAj by #AmorShabbi via @c0nvey

@MegfromCT Pap tests are covered under the ACA. Here's a list of the preventive services covered for women: go.usa.gov/x9GRt

Great advice for students who have trouble on Standardized Tests #readmore #ElonEd twitter.com/weareteachers/…

i've gotten 100% on my last 3 trig tests🎉🎉 #letsgo

My Calculus book need to hurry up and get here so I don't keep getting bad grades on these damn tests omg

Pakistan tests 2nd nuclear-capable missile in a month amid Indian Ocean 'nuclearization' read.bi/2j1F9id

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We will be tested harder than this and we will not pass those tests if we define "person worth protecting" as "person I like."

New study finds cervical cancer death rates are higher in the U.S. than previously thought. HPV self-tests may help: cle.clinic/2j5FVWt

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Not sure govts suggestion that they never talk about nuke tests will wash given they send out press releases about successful ones .....

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