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  1. shit he thrived on is now the shit he is against(army). All he does is right but if other does the same he is wrong(judiciary).

  2. I think Nawaz sharif is a bit better among bad and corroupt politicians and of course Generals who have been looting Pakistan for 60 years.
    And he looks sexy in his new hair as well 🙂

  3. Country prosperity, one should not remember he left the country under military pressure. Real and good public leader always realize on public.

  4. He is a very week leader; one should not forget he left the country under military pressure. Real and good public leaders always depend on public.

  5. I don’t know what will happen in this election, but I do know if the public elected him or Benazir. It would be a disaster.

  6. I BB would great leader. I hope she win next election. I hope also that see is allowed to rule country for next five years. I hope she dose not have to face corrupt people like Ishaq Khan, Genral Karmat, and that General who is seating in Karachi do not remeber his name.

  7. Now Mr Nawaz Shirif looking very displane but his party has no reputation of faith at all other then 10 people, everyone could sell out and made new Mulim-League joint

  8. Ok then prove how without corruption a country was still not able to prosperous in the golden era of BB and Asif Ali Zardari and I will give you 1000.00 GBP (double the dollar) 😉

  9. I dont support both Nawaz and Benazir. Fool me once, Shame on you; Fool me twice, shame on me; Fool me thrice, >
    Imran Khan is the answers to most, if not all, of our questions. He is educated and he is willing to bring change. And mind me education does not mean having big degrees. It totally depends on the vision and open mind towards matters of life.

  10. Nawaz Sharif is better than BB but the way he escaped with his family was a bit disappointment. Both BB and nawaz sharif are just waiting to get benefit from efforts of other people. True and brave leaders dont leave country like that and sit peacefully abroad, and if they have to then they dont keep silence for such a long time and wait for others to take risk first so that they cash it. Having said that, Nawaz Sharif is better than BB he still has some elements of aajizi and if he becomes sincere then can do a lot for Pakistan but it is difficult because other people around him will not let him do that. Pakistani politics really needs a true accountability and neither Nawaz Sharif and BB can face it nor their party members. We not only need clean national leaders but local as well. Imran Khan is giving us a lot of hopes but other corrupt local and national politicians are very strong …. lets se what happens

  11. people think BB or Nawaz are corrupt. But how about corruption in our society. I dare who would stand in front of SHO and challenge him on his corruption. What happen in Pakistan is that our Army never allowed to develop institution. What we need is to allow this insittution to develop until you do not do that you are not going to see new faces. PPP is the best democratic party with history which can do some good for Pakistan even with its corrupt leader. Nawaz Shariff belong to Party which has only support army, and can only survie with army support. Imran khan is one man show and his corruption accrod will start after he enter the corridor of power. Education is the only thing which can solve the problem of muslim. And it will take twenty to thirty year to solve this problem.

  12. I am sorry but I dont agree with you Shahid Kinnare. You are saying “Imran khan is one man show and his corruption accrod will start after he enter the corridor of power” thats the most blatantly uneducated kind of statement. You think someone who has already done corruption is better then who has not done any corruption. How can you say he is one man show? Just because only he appear on the TV show representing his party? Yes corruption is there but I beleive many peoples, including me, still have there concious alive. I will not, under any circumstances, give vote to BB or Nawaz Sharif because that would be an open crime. To some extent I think Mush is better than BB and Nawaz. Atleast he brought free media and rule of law.

  13. Imran khan corruption file is available in lahore High court where he is face charges of money laudering in form of shaukat khanum Hospital. Mush has broken the law of the land. sitution in Pakistan is very clear Fazlur Rehman and Qazir Shahib wants Islamization that basically mean Talibaization like they did in Afganistan. PPP is the only party which can fight this forces politically. No other force in Pakistan can defeat MMA which also have arm wing which PPP does not. When BB is talking to Mush that mean that she is talking to army. Does some one have formula on how to send army back to barrack or how to keep MMA under leash. I am sure we do not want to make Pakistan what Pakistan army with help of MMA did to Afgahanistan. MMA today have money, militancy, and politcal arm. they would destroy pakistan in which ever form they can get hold of Pakistan.

  14. Nawaz Sharif is a sincere man of the country. In his 7 years of leadership he has given pakistan one Motorway from Pindi to Lahore. The May 98 Event is not his achievement, that credit goes to Mr. Bhutto. If he becomes leader again. He will make another motorway and enough or has new ambitions. I am not against him because he is at least better than Benazir, Musharraf, Chaudhari brothers, Sh. Rashid, Fazal-ur-Rehman, Altaf Hussain, Faisal Hayat, Shaukat Aziz and other blunders. But still he needs to work hard. He has joined two honest men, Imran Khan and Qazi Hussain Ahmed but his past is not giving a clear picture of his progress. So if he wants to come in power again he must share power with these two people.

  15. i think nawaz sirf bewaquf aur corrupt hy ,,,,
    bb chalak aur corrupt ….the difference is only that ….she plays smart …she is clever and power hungry…anwaz is also power hungry but not clever…

  16. “Imran khan corruption file is available in lahore High court where he is face charges of money laudering in form of shaukat khanum Hospital” duh!

    are you saying that the High court has his file and they are using it as a tray for serving tea to there officials instead of reaching a verdict on it? But still beleiving in what you say then can you eloborate why MQM filed a case against Sita White instead of telling the Speaker that Mr. Khan is a corrupt person with a case in High Court. And what is the verdict of that case can you share that with us as well? I wonder why Imran Khan wants rule of law. May be his very eager to goto jail? Btw Chief Justice also had a case in Supreme Court but guess what…. he is free…amazing isnt it!

    Imran did corruption in SKMH and its serving thousands of poor people. Thats a miracle in itself!

    your comments are not valid. You make comments based on emotions and misinformation. You well represent your leaders 😛 (kidding!)

    Btw have you seen the new Technological Institute Imran Khan in making in Mianwali. He is getting help from Bradford University where he is honorary chancellor. How many other leaders do we have with such credibility?

    and you still need to answer my question. If BB and Asif were not corrupt then why did’nt our nation progressed? do you really beleive it take ages to acheive something? anything?

  17. After Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto I think Nawaz Sharif is the best politician that Pakistan politics has produced, even Zulfiqar and many other politicians face many corruption charges, where on the other hand it is on the record that Nawaz is the only politician who is free of any subversions of this sort. Even after 8 years of rule Musharraf has not been able to file a single case of corruption against him.

    It was his era where PML ignoring the Global Pressure made Pakistan an Atomic Power and much much more. As far as Imran Khan is concerned I believe that he is a good person and there will be a significant increase in his vote bank but one should always bear in mind that after all PTI is a very small party and it is unrealistic to think that he would become the next Prime Minister.

    If there is going to ba a free and fair election in Pakistan this time, I see PML-N, PTI and MMA making the coalition to form the Government InshaAllah!

  18. Jaffer you are right in desire that PMLN and mma should form the government And that equal to PNA against Z. Bhutto. Jiay Ziaul-Haq. I love Pakistan Army Party the other member of PNA (Pakistan National Allience) or should we call it IJI.

  19. Nawaz Sharif played havoc with the judiciary when he clashed with the then Chief Justice, Mr. Sajjad Ali Shah. It seemed surprising that during the recent judicial crisis, he spoke for an “independent judiciary.” But the people of Pakistan have not forgotten the unfortunate episode when his party’s jiyalas attacked on the Supreme Court building. Politicians talk about an independent judiciary when they are out of power. This speaks volumes of Pakistani politicians’ political bankrputcy.
    Nawaz Sharif also miserably failed in ensuring provincial autonomy as he paid no heed to the grievances of the smaller provinces. As a punjabi Prime Minister, he could address this issue and prove his strength that Punjab really does not want to keep its domination. In short, he failed to cash in on his landslide victory. On balance, one may appreciate that some of his colleagues like Javed Hashmi have shown great moral courage during the Musharraf’s regime. Such like examples are rare in the history of Muslime League.

  20. I guess, at least NS has the courage to go against Clinton’s wish. In case of mushi, he started licking feet the moment he received the call and since then he digging hard to further go lower and lower. NS and Imran will make a great team and hopefully Aitizaz Ihsan will join them to make a real justice party. I know, it was under NS rule when SC was attacked. Now how many of the convicted on that case are with him. Not a single one all are with mushi. Also “taali aik haath say naheen bajhti”, Sajjad ali shah had openly stated before that he will cancel 13th amendment in order to give leghari a chance to invoke defunct 582b.


  21. So Mr. Arif what you saying is that its ok to break law if it threatens you. so if Judge tell you that he is going to hang you it ok for your family to attack judge. No wonder what we made out of Pakistan. Shame on us.

  22. Nope Shahid, I am saying that we have to select from a rotten lot. At least I will select the least rotten one. I know you are a jiyala and nothing will convince you against BB. I was an admirer of BB until she started fiddling with mushi just to get her swiss cases undone. That only suggests that the cases are true. We had a great chance this time to throw army out of power with a popular support and thats the only way to keep army at bay. All other safe passage kind of mentality will keep on inviting more usurpers because in the end they will know they eventually will be bailed out one way or the other. Unless army suffers defeat from its own people, our situation will never change. At least NS had the courage to keep army under civilian control as much as he could and in the end he got bitten. It looks from now on it will be NS Imran, who will challenge establishment while BB will be on the army’s band-wagon with all lotas (Qs), terrorists (MQM), chaudharis, waderas and mulanas.

  23. One decision of BB has really hurt her party. Though, this deal never reached its logical conclusion, but the decision of BB to keep it secret was totally wrong. But no one can deny the fact that, the PPP is the only party of pakistan which has struggled most against the military takeovers and dictators. Muslim league (L, M, N, P, Q or watever) have always been a PART of military rule in destroying this country.

    Beside, PPP has the best thinking and political minds of this country, most lawyers, social workers and human right activists of Pakistan are in PPP.

    There has been corruption in PPP too but its main leadership is still not found guilty in any corruption charge. However, Nawaz sharif has publically looted the common people of Pakistan in the name of “qaraz lutao and mulk bachao scheme” and “yellow cab” blunders. They have created an Empire in just two generations literally starting from scratch. If one would say it is due to the mere hard work, then I would say in Pakistan that is IMPOSSIBLE that one can even make his own home with halal income.

    PPP has jiyalas to this country and to its leaders. But they too have some serious problems to be sorted. However, still they are way better then any PML!!!


  24. I’m surprised and shocked tht a dumb NS is compared with Great ZA Bhutto. WOW! People probably really get blind in admiration or ethnic affiliation. How and what the heck you find in NS that he is even near to be called great?

    Is it because he is speaking against Mush, probably the only right thing he has ever done? But you see what else can he do? He knows he is not in position to win the election as his party is distilled in its strong hold, ie Punjab. He has only bunch of people left in his party.

    He is beating bush about the independance of judiciary and supreme court, which HE LITERALLY ATTACKED!

    He is beating bush about the DEAL which HE ALREADY CUT WITH THE MUSHARAF about 8 years ago.

    He is now beating bush about the Military takeovers and dictators, when he himself was the member of cabinet and CM of Punjab under the worst military dictator of this country.

    His brother has said on TV that, party, politics of pakistan or pakistan itself go to hell, my brother and prevously my father is and will always remain the First!!

    Such a hypocrite person is compared with Shaheed ZA Bhutto! wow man this is Pakistan!

  25. The present discussion on politicians is interesting. While I respect the views of all in this forum, it appears some views are primarily confined to mere personal praises of the polticians. Unofortunately, our political culture revolves simply around personal politics instead of the political programmes and reforms actually carried out by political parties while in power. We need to come out of the cocoon of personality politics. The discussion really needs to be extended towards the policy reforms/measures of different politicians who had had the chance to rule the country. Healthy politics work for the stengthening of the institutions rather than political rhetoric and political victimisation. Looking at this as a benchmark, I am afraid, none of our politicians ever had the commitment to work in such a way that could strengthen the state institutions. Take for instance, the judiciary as a key governance institution. Both Z. A. Bhutto and Nawaz Sharif–the so called popularly elected leaders (including the Military dictators, of course)tried to clip its wings and the results are before us. Similarly, they used the bureaucracy to grind for their axe; used the police as a source of public deterrance rather the custodians of peoples’ liberty and freedom. The need of the hours is, therefore, to assess the leaders on the touchstone of their work for the strengthening of the institutions rather than their personalities.

  26. Plz share ur views if NS give his place to Javed Hashami ?

    I think it would be faithfull effort to Pkaitan’s politics

  27. I would request you guys to go for FACTS n FIGS, and not be carried away with baseless propaganda.

    ‘Qarz Utaro Mulk Sanwaro’ Scheme (National Debt Retirement Program or NDRP) was launched in February 1997 and had the following three components:

    a) An outright donation with no payback.
    b) Qarz-e-Hasna deposits for a minimum period of two years; no interest payments but principal repayments could be taken in Rupees or foreign currency.
    c) Profit bearing deposits for a minimum period of two years.

    All funds in the aforesaid NDRP were directly received in the Federal Government’s account with State Bank of Pakistan as per laws of the land. The largest receipt of funds was in profit bearing deposits. Inflow of funds under this Scheme virtually stopped in June 1998. The foreign exchange component generated through this NDRP scheme formed part of State Bank of Pakistan’s foreign exchange reserves in lieu of which Mian Nawaz Sharif’s Government arranged the retirement of most expensive domestic national debt amounting to Rs.1.7 billion which carried interest at 17.3% per annum and resulted into perpetual savings of Rs.294 million per annum to the nation through reduction in national debt service amount. All depositors, including deposits in foreign currency in this scheme, whose deposits matured for repayment before the black day of 12th October, 1999 were duly repaid on due dates through State Bank of Pakistan. All these facts relating to NDRP Scheme can be verified from State Bank of Pakistan’s Annual Report for year 2000-2001(Chapter 8, Page 127 and 128).


  28. Sharif family did not enter the buiness circles after getting in to govt. their business started before 1939. Thy were on of suppliers in world war II in 1939. They were a major supplier for paksitan army equipment etc in 1965.
    there factories were nationalised in bhutto era in 1970s but within Bhutto govt. they again raised 6 business units (factories).
    Nawaz sharif’s first entry in to power circles was in 1982 as finance minister punjab.
    After that time they NEVER had any loans from GOVT. BANKS (its hard to beleiv in this propaganda world but its true). after that all their loans are from private banking sectors.
    Another unbelievable fact is that ITTEFAQ FOUNDRY, one of theri major buiness units was shut down in 1990 following some acts of Benazir govt to cut their raw materials supply and this foundry cud never be un again……Yes its a truth.
    In 1990, Ittefaq group cnsisting of 7 fmailies) was split and same was true for buiness units.
    In first tenure as prime minister NO business unit was raised by shariF family.
    When they were in opposition in BBs 2nd term , some new industrial units ( Hudaibiya engineeirng, hudaibiya paper mills, 2 sugar mills) were raised. All loans were from private banks an ddont froget they wer not in power that time.
    becos of govt pressure, they were not able to run all unit successfully except the sugar mills.
    when nawaz sharif came in to power 2 nd time, in his first speech, he by himself imposed a ‘conflict of interests law� and committd not to have any new buiness set up untill he is in power and he fulfilled his committment. also becos of shut down of Iteaq foundry in 1990, interest for the loans for this unit had been piling and nawaz sharif by himslef at the time of his first speech pledged all such untis plus to have the remaing amount of laons paid.

    Nawaz sharif is not an angel, we r all humans but please , as educated people, we should try to find facts before assessing our leaders.

  29. As for myself, I don’t vote for any of these self-proclaimed nation saviors and I don’t call them leaders as their serving term as elected members is dominated by corruption and power control games. A lot has been said already and as some one pointed out that facts are more important than personal likes and dislikes. If one goes by facts than surely Benazir Bhutto is the most corrupt leader in the history of this country. She faces corruption charges in more than 5 countries of the world (at least known cases). One can well argue that it was her political rivals that fabricated the cases against her but why would did the Swiss, French, Polish and some other governments made cases against her. Were they also her political rivals ? Why are independent papers like New York (NY) times writing about her corruption ? I don’t think that the NY times editor is going to run for next premier in Pakistan. Why did the Trans-piracy International ranked Pakistan in the top 3 corrupt countries in this world when she was leading the government ? And we owe it to the present government for putting Pakistan in the top 10 failed states in the world. Present day generals and leaders like Benazir are corrupt to the core. They sole purpose is to come to power and start looting again. For more insight into Benazir corruption hava a look at :


    No wonder she wants to “serve” the nation again.

  30. Plz dont mention en.wikipedia.org. , The content of this page could be wrote by any one.. so plz do ur research from some reliable source….

  31. If you look closely at the end of the article there is a whole list of “authentic” sources such as BBC, NY Times, Washington Post etc… However someone in need of real authentication can contact Hasan Waseem Afzal who was formerly in charge of the Benazir/Zardari cell in NAB. The only politician(s) who are so lucky to have a whole NAB cell dedicated to track their corruption.

  32. Can you show any references where Nawaz Sharif was proven guilty in any corruption case?

    You are talking like Musharraf who came and told everyone is corrupt but could not prove any corruption case in 8 years.


  33. I am not joking but Nawaz Shareef has always been an idiot and getting worst day by day. Idiotness of all sort is concentrated in Mr. Shareef. The political moves that he is playing and his brothor has to follow that, are absolutly wrong. A total confrontation with Militry is not good for the country even, a week militry is not the answer to end the militry rule but truly democratic politcial parties can restrict the militry to its true rule. Musharraf as a person is far more democratic them BB and shareef even in uniform.

  34. I am surprised by the remarks of
    Shahzad Ahmad and Haris rana. What they took down about Mr.Sharif is totally absurd. It reflects that they have insufficient knowledge about politics, social structure, demographic structure, economic outlook and history of Pakistan.
    Mr.Sharif is the only true leader who can play the unifying rule among all the ethnic diversifications in Pakistan. Given the present simmering disunity among different deprived ethnic groups, there is threat of disintegration again after very bitter experience of Bangladesh. Mr.Sharif, in his rules, proved that he amiably made nationalists and anti-state elements to work for welfare of the people ot their areas e.g Mr.Akbar Bugti. Yet again, in such volatile situation, he must come forward and to lead disappointed nation. History and experiences tell us that none of the present leaders except Mr.Sharif can do this job with perfection. What to speak of leaders like Mr. Altaf Hussain, they worked only to strengthen the minds of specific class to fight, die or kill for their own personal interests. Such leaders only instigate the masses to work against government and persuade unconstitutional acts. God forbid! Imagine if we allow such leaders to lead us then there are 5000% chances of several independent states in place of one strong and prosperous country for example Mr.Altaf party had been up to making Jinnah Pur.
    We are extemely lucky that we have a dynamic and sincer leader as Mr.Sharif who only thinks for Pakistan not for his personal gains.
    Allah may protect him and blessed him with the true services of Pakistan

  35. Here is what I am looking at, and trust me I am better than Pir Parago. Mush is taking oath from Prime Minister Nawaz Shariff. Offcourse after the deal which no media people are mentioning about it. Like their was huge cry when only BB deal was mention. which never exited, and will never exit. IJI or PNA or conventianal Mulsim Leage is being created with the name of APDM. This alliance will win the next election and head of which ofcourse would be Nawaz Sharif. Ms Sofia Mr. NS is neither dynamic or a leader he and employee of Pakistan Army Party suspended, and now he would be rehired. MMA =MQM Mulla Army Bhai Bhai. Sada Jiya Theorcary in Pakistan.

  36. Here is the Reference you where asking for against Mr. Nawaz Sharif. The document are available from the Registratra of Supreme Court of Pakistan, Islamabad. Document # is 19 of 1996 Human Right Petition filed by Field Marshal Agshar Khan.

  37. I am surprised that the educated pakistani ppl talk about giving another chance to the corrupt looters, the industrialists and the feudals…
    I would go as far as saying that all those who support both BB and NS have absolutely no regard and respect for the plight of the people of Pakistan. Isnt it enough that both these corrupt leaders (so-called) have done enough.If they were so sincere to the country and the nation why did they leave the country in the first place. Why now when the musharaf regime is weak and facing pressures from abraod and within do these so called leaders decided to become pakistanis suddenly? And if they are so inscere to pakistan why dont they name a successor? why is BB the life long chairperson in PPPP and NS in PML-N?they talk of democracy in the country when they themselves rules their parties like dictators? Come on guys…..”ENOUGH IS ENOUGH”

  38. BB quoted the courts as kangaroo courts and it was the man himself who ordered an out right attack on the supreme court building…and they talk of rule of law?huh…bloody hipocrates…
    The freedom the media enjoys today…was it possible in the time of the “esteemed” leaders i.e BB and NS? The fact is how can they even talk about the plight of the common man when they themselves live in some of the most expensive countries? Have any of you wondered from where does all this money come to meet their demands? and as far as the question for the cases goes…i done think it is that difficult to understand that when you yourself has something to hide you never expose someone else…so this cycle will go on forever without anything being proved…

  39. Courageous Leader – Lion Of Pakistan

    He has not even returned to Pakistan and yet bowed down to US? It will be interesting to see how MMA and IK react on this service offerred by NS. Both MMA and IK has so far said that they do not recognize the definition of terror and as such vowed not to fight US was on terror.


  40. ***A bit better*** shame on us, we now have to rely on bit better among corrupt why cant we have all better.I really feel ashamed when colleagues of mine debate abt thier country’s energy crisis or foriegn poliicy and we on other hand are debating who is better among corrupt. Believe me nobody is better among old politicians all have shown how worthless they are. Everything will be lost if nawaz bb or thier so called parties win the elections.
    Hope lie among new faces from middle class background which are relectunt to come forth in bloody mess of Pakistani politics. they need our support.

  41. Nawaz Sharif has proved in last eight years that is not only a bit better. he is a true leader. the only ray of hope is dismal conditions.

  42. I think Nawaz Sharif is a better politician compared to most of the current leaders in Pakistan. His problem is however the weak decision-making power and he slighly lacks the courage as well. I dont think he should now allow KSA govt to keep him in exile and if they continue to do so, he should immediately go on a hunger strike until they send him back to Pakistan where he is needed the most. But can he do that? this is a make or break for him…and the history will write his action in future…

  43. Nawaz sharif was elected by the people and removed by military. but no one chose musharraf.
    If you go and fine out back home in India Musharraf belongs to Ahmedi sect and is more scare of Islam than jews and Americans. You name islam and he is gets mad to bomb you. please pakistan wake up , no one chose this person and has got no right to be there abusing us . he is not a bloody king or profit. I hope tha pak military will stop killing us on his orders , you are there to defend the country not to kill pakistanies
    Pakistan have to fight freedom once again and is duty of all to struggle.

  44. Assalaamualaikum everyone,

    My support goes out to Mr Nawaz Sharif.
    By posting this message, i also want to create awareness on the following: I have made a group on paltalk which is solely for the purpose of meeting with supporters and others who wish to discuss the politics and the person Nawaz Sharif. Reason for this page is that i have been searching for pages where i can talk to people interested in this subject over the internet, but i have been unable to find a forum or anything like it. This means that we can’t discuss the possibility of Sharif coming back into the Pakistani political scene on the internet, something i think is an important issue.It is important because Pakistan at the moment lacks a leader who can help us out of the crisis that we’re in and bring stabililty.
    Nawaz Sharif supporters nead to be heard so let yourself be heard! I am very much looking forward to reading about what you think about this.
    If you agree with me, go to http://www.paltalk.com get yourself signed in and go to the following chat group page: Nawaz Sharif group. When you get there become a member of my group. It’s very simple!

    See you there soon!


    Asif Chaudhry

  45. Hi,
    I am a member ot Pakistan People’s Party but due to recent views of Nawaz Sharif of a change in Pakistan politics power system has made me believe that Nawaz Sharif is better suited leader of Pakistan. All the reasons for Pakistan Peoples party was formed, Nawaz Sharif endorse those reasons.
    He talks against Pakistan corrupt Army’s involvement in pakistan politics which according to me is mother or all evils in Pakistani political scene.
    I support Nawaz Sharif. If you do aswell then visit http://www.supportnawazsharif.com and sign a petetion there.

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