Sheikh Rasheed Joining PPP?

Sh Rasheed will Join Bhutto’s camp ????

It is being reported that Sheikh Rasheed has firmly decided to Join Bhutto’s camp and he had number of meetings with Makhdoom Amin Faheem in last few days. On the other side, BB has given green singal for Sh Rasheed and he will announce his decision in near future …

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  1. well that would be interesting, that might be the only way he can get a seat in the next elections, last time when he did not get a PML-N ticket he ran as independent and said that to pindi folks that he will give the seats to Nawaz Sharif as a gift after elections so he can trust him again and ran his campaign as anti-Mush and anti-imperialism. This time he knows that in Pindi he won’t get a lot of support besides his very core 10-15K voters in the lal haweli area, but getting a PPP ticket might add another 20-25K voters making him clinch the seat. But with his back ground of calling BB a “Yello Cab” in the parliament and hosts of others words i can’t even type it would be interesting to see. I guess after all by bringing him in PPP the BB will confirm that “yello cab” goes to the heighest fare giving candidate..

  2. Rumor is that the election will be conducted by non deceitful and uncorrupt Pakistani Mehrabi Muslims. They will be 101% transparent, 110% fair with 200% integrity and zero tolerance to rigging

  3. It is not a rumour. we should expect every thing against the principles from our politicians. and sheikh rasheed record shows , he is few steps ahead.

  4. You never know there might be truth in this….and the track record of Shida Tullee is a living proof. He has also been rumored to say informally that he wants to be in the government at least once more….. so I guess he can do anything to be in goverment.

  5. Sheeda Tully with his Havana Cigars trying to look like Pakistani Fidel Castro or Che Guevera? How pathetic.

  6. How is this for a rumour…. Rumour has it that the deal has been to give Musharraf an honourable exit from Pesidency. He will get another extension to himself as Army chief and then leave the presidency after elections as army chief because that is the only post he can hold constitutionally without litigation…. unless of course his generals think otherwise…. Wonder whose odes of wisdom will Sheeda Tully sing in that case? Brilliance of Benazir in outmeanouvering the slyest fox yet to arise from the camp office?

  7. Not sure if Musharraf’s glue with the chair can come of that easily. And in any case, this would be bad on PPP’s part to strike any kind of deal. Lotas like Sheeda Tully will always rewrite their odes to suit the new kings.

  8. Arsalan,

    The following are facts not rumors from a UK newspaper:

    BeeBee’s Deal

    – BB fulfills her desire to return (when?).
    – Sensitive establishments would “adjust the voteâ€? (rig the election) in favor of BBQs.
    – Mush could stay on as a civilian president for the next five years.
    – Military retain responsibility for foreign affairs and national security over this five-year period. [Generals make more millions from US aid]
    – BB’s government would concentrate on the domestic agenda. [De JaVu, open ticket to loot the public all over again]

  9. We blame our Politian, but what about the corruption of Generals, SHO, and DIG. I think we are afraid to say anything about them because we that will enter our home without our permission.

  10. we talk about shida telly and other polition, but we not think that we give the vote these people if he is in ppp or pml-n,jui etc, these people always in the assmbly,
    see the history always these people in assembly some seat in oppocition, some in govt, after any change some remain in the gove some in opp……

  11. TENS of millions Pakistanis are now openly talking against the Army as an institution. To prove that army is still a NATIONAL army and not a mercenary one fighting other’s war INSIDE Pakistan. It is LAST CHANCE for an INTERNAL CORRECTION within ARMY and following is long-awaited by people of Paksitan;
    1. JUNIOR OFFICERS & JAWANS overthrow Musharraf and eliminate all the corrupt thugs joining hands with him.
    2. Try Musharraf for Treason & Crimes against Humanity.

  12. Don’t you people know LOTAS. Sheeda Talli is one of them. They really need to be kicked off by you people. I watched Sheeda Talli’s speech on tele, in which he said ” siyasat kisi ke baap ki jageer nahi”
    He should say like that” Lekin mere baap ki jageer hey” coz I AM A LOOTA

  13. we can expect anything from this joker named shiekh rasheed ..i wont be surprised if he becomes the part of PPP or sits with nawaz or go to any lenght to get power..
    he is spaecily interested in getting the port folio of information ministry …no matter who is the president or PM…
    he is just intereseted in his ministry ,in which he can come on TV frequently and get chance to meet REEMA MEREA and others …whom he wants to meet all the time…

  14. I have been saying it since ages that not only politicians are corrupt, Army generals have proved themselve as 100 times more corrupt. They are more politicians than politicians and they are more ruthless, brutal and tyrants. This not-so-sacred institution has become a colonial army that has captured our country and this institution is responsible for everything going on in our country. Even if politicians are corrupt, generals are to be blamed because its because of the the process of democracy could not be established and refined and people are unaware how to get rid of corrupt politicians.

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  15. Dear SnrCtzn:

    I can’t help asking this:

    How was the trip through the time machine? hehe…Just joking…I saw your other post about the assemblies being dissovled.

    Both of these posts are from last year. Like 6 months ago.

  16. @mbokhari / power2rule.

    1) I am really very sorry for the mistake on my part, for not caring to look up to the date, 31 july, 2007!

    2) Thnx for pointing out to me. Will try to be more careful, in future. Thnx again.

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