43 thoughts on “Khawaja Saad & Sher Afghan Fight in Talk Show

  1. i think khawaja saad handled it brilliantly. instead of getting provoked, he remained decent and kept provoking sher afghan.


    any updates coming? like live with talat and rest of this program?


  2. “aap kay moun ko to khoon hi lag gia hay poori qom ka” brilliant sentence by Saad Rafiq. He kept cool. Well done. waiting for the complete show!

    Thanks again admin. Nice efforts. May Allah reward you beyond your imagination.

    One request: Is it possible that we can see the post time as local time? or PST? I guess when we post the comment it shows the USA time.

  3. Khawaja score 10 out 10 … nicely handled by him….

    @admin ..
    thanx man…. reali nice nd hard work done by u …thnx alot..
    PLZ PLZ upload live with TAlat as well..
    thanx nd much appriciated…

  4. @admin
    it was fantastic and i was waiting for someone who answer to sherafgan
    As i m in sweden i cant watch tv so plz post complete show.

  5. @admin
    I feel bound to thank you for doing such a great job.
    thank you very much for keeping us updated with the situation in Pakistan

  6. I would also like to thank the administrator of this site. You have done an amazing job and performing a stellar service for Pakistan.

    Please keep up the great work. We are very grateful of all your work.

  7. This is absolutely ridiculous, no matter what Musharraf is the president of Pakistan and that is a fact and no matter how much u disagree with his policies u should respect him as a president i think Khwaja Saad was wrong. Last year when Hugo Chavez said things about President Bush all the democrats no matter how much they disagree with Bush codemned Chavez for that this is how a civilized nation act.

  8. @Adnan,

    Your comments are ridiculous. Khawaja said that President Mush is disputed President. Entire world knows that he is disputed as he is Army Chief doing politics.

    What was wrong in that?


  9. We should try to revive our memories back to October 1999. Musharraf took over ILLEGALLY, UNCONSTITUTIONALLY and IMMORALLY as the chief executive/king of our country. Every self-righteous supreme court judge resigned when Musharraf tried to impose the Oath of Judges order.
    Let us revisit history so we can understand the present. What was the provocation and who was it from? When Sharif learnt that Musharraf was going to lead a cout againt him, what else was he supposed to do but to try and prevent that? Where is the “black box”, the infamous missing link in the ridiculous plane hijacking case that Musharraf and his cronies concocted?
    Having taken over ILLEGALLY, what has Musharraf done? The federation is in chaos. Unpredictability is the only predictable thing. Our people are being murdered by our faujis, and our faujis are being murdered by our civilians. Every institution, from the cricket board to the parliament, has lost respectability. The economy is in bad shape: people cannot buy food to break their fast with. And yet we have claims of glory from this one-man government which has been permanently tainted with the blood of its own people.
    So one cannot help but agree with Saad Rafique. It is a pity that a group (albeit a dwindling group) of pseudo-intellectuals (including opportunists like SM Zafar) and overseas pakistanis blindly sing the praises of this man. It is important that we all unite (not just 80% of us, but ALL PAKISTANIS) against this dictator and deeper malady that he represents.

  10. @Adnan,

    Can you pls.. tell from which govt. agency u are. We don’t accept a dictator as our president. InshahAllah one day he will be hanged for his crimes(too much to count).

  11. Admin bhai asalamaulaikm
    You are doing a great job for Pakstanis like me living abroad. Restoration of democracy in Pakistan is our dream. Odds are not lookng good but struggle is going on. INshallah People willsucceed. Our hope was with Supreme court but they disappointed the whole nation. Future looks dark. But Allah is great , you never know.. keep up the good work.
    Javaid Khan

  12. @ Adnan,

    Is this the only way to act as a civilized nation ?
    Agar Dictator ko President kehney sey aap civilize ho jatey heyn tu ye aapko hi mubarak ho..
    u r right we are not civilized, we have been militarized for last 8 yrs … we should get civilized now … what do you say about that ..

  13. Sher Afgan doesnt want anyone to speak – and he is very intrusive. I think i am suprised that Sher Afgan considers himself expert of constitution just because he had rote it by heart the constitution book – it is just like someone buying medical books and then memorizing them by heart and calling himself a doctor.

    He doesnt know law at all and he had a cheek to say in Great Debate that Munir Malik and Justice Tariq did not know anything about law.

    Shame on people of Bhakkar who elected this lunatic as their MNA – hope they dont make a mistake now

  14. @ Chussain,……..just a correction plz.. sherafgan was elected from Mianwali not bhakkar…and in fair elections he will be out easily in coming elections.

  15. I just cant stand this idiot called Sherafgan…..look at his way of talking….by the way mush govt. has a number of idiots like ahmed kasuri, wasi zafar, sheikh rasheed and this senseless rascal.

  16. Thanx to admin, doing great job specially for pakistanis living abroad..
    Shame for big lota sher afgan..I think his name should be GeedAR Afgan

  17. Seems you people don’t enjoy comedy from Sher Afghan. I like this guy to get fresh, because i am fed up by listening the redundant arguments since long. I thank u Sher Afghan Chacha

  18. Salam 2 all `!

    well commented by every one including “Adnan”.. dis iz called democracy.

    @MH @Shuaibe
    fair comments 4rm both of u guyz…. welldone sp MH i do agree wid u….

    nd all who commented here … welldone guyz

    nd Shair afghan real name bhaird afghan.. nd wasi dufer …nd dese guys r not elected at all … by people of pak but dey r bcz of fudalism nd Agencies…

    thanx Admin….
    we r rising nd we will rise …INSHALLAH

  19. I can’t wait to see some one throwing black paint on this geedar afgan’s face. Khawaja was really handling this retard with a cool head.

  20. @Adnan,
    If you call a doctor, doctor there is no insult. If you call a dictator a dictator there is no insult. You cant just hide the fact by just simply hiding them.

  21. I heard Khawaja Saad got arrested many times by police in recent months and got beaten in jails in remote locations. Even Hamid Mir was mentioning in Capital Talk recently that “Barkordaar ko bohat maar partee hay magar yeh baaaz nahee aataa”.


  22. 4 sher afghan “main na manoon”
    woh humara sadar haay, bhai sadar saray mulk kaa hota haay app naay kiya bazar saay khareeda haay, behavin like a kid, naye naye yeah mera sadar haay woh tera sadar haay…lol on aher afghan

  23. Is “mutnaza” is a strong word to use for president? I do not think so. Even If Dr.Afghan thinks it is , Mr.Saad has every right to speak out in the show. Shameful behaviour. Its good to see those kind of behaviour being exposed to public. Good job for posting it,

  24. Saad sb cha gaey hain aur i have seen him always talking in an aggressive moode especially against “chamcha’s” like sher afgan.

  25. SherAfgan Is LOTA!!!!!! saad rafique was cool,desent,clear in speaking as he is all the time and WE ALL LOVE YOU SAAD RAFIQUE. GO mushraf GO . WE WANT democracy,democracyand only democracy. NO GOVERMENT WILL RULE US.

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