176 thoughts on “Benazir Bhutto’s Karachi Arrival – 18 October 07

  1. @Admin

    First of all thanks a lot for doing this
    But why you have taken off from the work place… Better not compromise your own working schedule for this activity.
    btw plz upload your personal profile somewhere, i really wonder how u manage this all

  2. We really appreciate all of your efforts. We in UAE are unable to see Aaj TV, so for your efforts we all are thankful. Well done , keep it up.

  3. for those who still think ppp,s graph is fallen should open their eyes and see how big this reception going to be. dont just keep saying who said what just judge your selves, today will be dama dum mast kalndar. geo benazir.

  4. dear admin.
    don’t take sides. You are like a speaker of House of people on web. Be honest. Political activities are good for people of pakistan. Upload SC verdict on NS. NS made first deal with Mush, now she is making . Even then we should prefer NS, BB than Chaudaries and all other 40 thieves. I urge you to remain impartial and try to be balanced.

  5. I salute the good officers of Bureaucracy, first it was Azad SP Clifton, then now CS has taken historic and positive stance. These good officers have not listened to illegal orders of CM. What is according to Law, should be implementaed otherwise bureaucrats are people’s and state’s custodian and not servants of wadera, chaudery polititians. This is the bureaucracy envisaged by Quaid e Azam. Jeay Pakistan, Jeay Rule of Law….

  6. we need to place some more security guards around our foreign currency reserves of about 13 billion dollars because BENAZIR is coming.

  7. salamz,

    Bay-Zameer is coming!

    I can’t believe Taklu Mamu Nawaz Sharif’s supporters couldn’t pull such a reaction to welcome him.

    Bay-Zameer Begum is a clever politician.

    May Allah save us from her.

  8. Bay-Zameer played Sindh card in her press conference in Dubai.

    It is incumbent on we Punjabi’s to pay her back in the same coin….! Therefore,



  9. Those people rallying in support of Bhutto are the slaves of her family and the party’s other feudal leaders. Look at their skin color. They are all kala. They are low caste laborers.

    They won’t get roti, kapra, makan. All they will get is shaitan, shaitan, shaitan.

  10. Oye Altaf Lotay,

    Sharam karo. The only think ‘kala’ is your character.

    Bezamir Bhutto is the worst thing that has happened to our country after Mushy.

    May Allah remove her from Pakistan soon.

  11. Sorry, I misled you. I’m not a supporter of Altaf. Anyway, they are mostly dark. I’m not saying this to disparage them. They are my countrymen, my brothers and sisters. But let’s be clear that caste and class are alive in Pakistan as ever. Benazir is light-skinned. Her family owns enormous plots of land. The uneducated people supporting her are her slaves. They are dark-skinned.

    This system exists throughout the country, including in Punjab. I’m Punjabi, btw. The feudal system has to go. Until it exists, even if we don’t have military rule, we’ll have civilian dictators keeping the masses down.

  12. Benazir would be guarded by American security personell – this was the last thing we wanted in Pakistan – just recall how Blackwater mercenaries killed hundreds of Iraqis in Iraq and they were all civilians. Hamid Karazai also has American guards. So this is what we have reduced oursevles to – we cannot trust our own people. Its open secret that BB return has been ordered by Americans and British and it under their pressure that Nawaz Sharif was forced to return to Saudi Arabia . What can we say about a nation like ours which is a nuclear nation and yet we are so weak.

    No doubt Pervaiz Musharraf has sold our nation and he can go to any extent to save his seat. He is an American agent no doubt about that.

  13. I just want to say I really appreciate your dedication to provide up to date information and allowing people like me living abroad to get hooked with the latest political developments in Pakistan. Thanks alot and keep it up

  14. I am NS and his Party must be thinking only if they had listen to PPP and not arange APC and Join does mullas. He would have got biggest reception of his life. what a sad story for NS.

  15. million people on street and other more than million people watching. what a great day for Pakistan. It is only PPP which give poor people of pakistan the happiness even if it is for momemnt

  16. Salam to all,
    Let me be honest in saying that its first time jab sheikh rasheed jhoot bol raha hai BB k welcome k baray mai ( like always) aur mujhe uss per ghussa nahi aa raha …….haha
    wo durrani waghera kahan mardaar ho gaey bhai! ah! Allah knows k kab iss qom ko samj aaey gi……..” hatamAllah alaa quloob-e-him wa alaa samey-him wa alaa absaar-e-him…….

  17. @Shahid Kinnare
    PPPs supporters get happiness only for moments, whereas their leader are forever blessed… thanks to understanding with the Bush force.
    I wish someone could change the fortunes of the Haari’s of Larkana and other Sind areas.
    I request any one who is going to be a prime minister to please open a proper educational institution in her village to let people know that there exists Pakistan outside this village where they can have their personal thoughts.

  18. I thought Imran Khan is establishing a prestigeous institution at Minawali…
    sorry not relevant to the current topic 🙁

  19. @Admin,@Internet experts

    Could anybody be kind enough to help me , how to watch the yesterday programmes (Capital talk, Live with Talat) as I see the following message on their. ” The feed URL appears to be invalid. Please check that URL of the feed is valid and that the feed itself has valid SYNTAX”

    thankx in advance,

  20. we know very little of ppp policies. do they acutually have any? The job of government is to look after people and make nation storng.

    BTW, Does anyone know, why bb’s grandfather was made a sir?

  21. I have seen latest vidio on AAJ TV BB is very very happy.She is finally here in Pakistan. Not to share power with Mushrraf. But to share the wealth,as you know it is 16 billions in the reserve Bank.

    Well done BB. may God save our people.Aammin

  22. @ all visitors

    Almost all the parties have been exposed in last 5-6 months, thanks to media. But even after this, I see blind support for PPP and MQM, whereas these two are perhaps more corrupt (in all senses, not only financially) than other parties.

    With such blind support (plus rural vote banks which are RESERVED for certain vaderas or chaudrys), at times I wonder,

    “Does democracy really suit Pakistan?”

  23. All those who are out to show support to BB are the only paid clowns and the spare youth who have nothing to do in life. But one thing is for sure, She has that much assests that can bring a crowd of 2 to 4 million easily @ Rs 500/ per supporter, and this is jus

  24. All those who are out to show support to BB are the only paid clowns and the spare youth who have nothing to do in life. But one thing is for sure, She has that much assests that can bring a crowd of 2 to 4 million easily @ Rs 500/ per supporter, and this is just like salt in the dough for her. Right PPP

  25. IN THIS MOMENT OF JOY .. ahmm..

    Please remember what the political parties have been up to recently.. and what BB has said recently.. the fact that the exile was self imposed.. the fact that she is convicted in a european court.. (under appeal).. has cases pending in various other places.. same goes for NS…

  26. Geo is reporting 2 million people are out in the streets of karachi in support of bb. Today’s show of strength is a slap on the face of all those politicians in APDM who said that ppp supporters are disheartened by bb.

  27. Thanks admin. am able to see the video now.


    Do you think there are hundreds of thousnads (or even 1.2-1.5 M, as claimed by PPP leader nafees siddiquee) people gathered? My estimate is the crowd, as seen in video, is couple of thousands only.

    Comments please.

  28. BB said in the press conference yesterday, she is going to Pak for the poor people. Such talk doesnt suit a person wearing glasses studded with diamonds bought from the money of those same people.
    Such hypocricy

  29. All Pakistani crimnals from the Pakistani jails be set free now as BB and Asif Ali Zardari are free to move in Pakistan.
    BB is a very narrow minded person,just look at her comment,A Punjabi Prime minister was set free.I am not from Punjab,nor I am the supporter Of Nawaz Sharif,but I highly condemn this statement.
    I cannot imagine that she is so cheap and narrow minded.We should have an open debate on this.

  30. We should welcome BB whether we like her or not. It is a start of political process that is necessary for a democratic country.

    Lets hope that BB has learned some lessons. If she repeats her mistakes, she would be history. At the moment she is inevitable because we need BB and NS to help us restore full democracy.

    A democratic Pakistan will be far better especially in the longer run. If BB & NS are bad, it is fault of pervaiz musharraf who didn’t let them go through the process and kept both of them alive through his dictatorship.

  31. At this very moment, the rationale people of Pakistan see Benazir Bhutto as a wife of Mr. Ten Percent and friend of a General rather than daughter of Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto.

    Her actions and ambitions are at 180 degree to those of Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto.

    The crowds we are seeing at Karachi airport are not really those who have come to greet a leader of Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto ‘s PPP but they are followers of the very powerful feudal figures of Pakistan.

  32. Congratulations on establishing this very useful website esp for overseas Pakistanis.
    My suggestion is to use more and more of VIDDLER rather than BLIP tv for video playback as the latter is very slow,never runs more than a few seconds before needing to reload/buffer.

  33. @ Bone Daddy

    Please refrain from your two (so far)parochial cap-letter chants: “JAAG PUNJABI…

    Others can then also shout: “NACHH PUNJABI…

    We all know (through your ISP address) that you are a homo mulla refugee from Lal Masjid!

  34. Ok, I am kind of frustrated now. It is 7:02 AM at my place. No sign of videos. The event is pretty much ruined for me. 🙁

    Viddler could have been used as Blip.tv was down. Viddler is a lot better than blip anyways.

    This is the first time I am angry with this site. But then I can only rely on pkpolitics for getting a view into the local media. Anyways, the event was ruined for me. I don’t know what to say. 🙁

  35. Who cares. She is a looter. Plus she thinks that she is a Messiah for Pakistan.

    I will give her a fews years before she runs back to her HQ in London/Dubai.

  36. We are happy that a political leader is going back to Pakistan, but I am little confused about a statement by muhtarama.
    She said in a press conference on airport that `Mera marna aur jeena GHREEB awam ke sath hay`, what does it mean? Can any body explain it to me?
    Waiting anxiously

  37. Second video added, made lower quality for quicker upload.

    Please let me know if you are okay with the quality, otherwise I will upload lesser number of videos in higher quality.


  38. @Ali

    Who cares. She is a looter. Plus she thinks that she is a Messiah for Pakistan.

    I will give her a fews years before she runs back to her HQ in London/Dubai.

    I am 100% agree with you. I think we should call today ‘Black Day’ of pakistan history.

  39. Democrat,

    Nothing of that sort has happen. Yes Musharraf’s popularity has decreased in Media not among people. I can understand that admin will have problem in finding out good stuff from media as 24hrs/day there are anti musharraf program. We are yet to hear from the people and that will happen in election. Un till then I am forming my opinion on following things

    – No people on roads protesting against current govt
    – Anti mush politican nawaz came and no one came to welcome him. yes there were police at islamabad airport but not in whole country but still nothing happened in lahore or elsewhere.
    – Benazir did bring out people but now everyone knows that both benazir and musharraf think the same on important issue so this is not necessairly anti mush rally but in fact this activity favors musharraf

    so un till election happens or some reveolution comes on streets, please refrain from saying anything about musharraf’s popularity. I dont believe in polls as i moment musharraf was on 70% and in next poll hes 20% so thats all not real.

    Musharraf is still very much popular despite anti american and anti western forces doing their 100% to label him as traitor. people are not buying this theory and they believe in his sincerity towards pakistan.

    Nawaz started cases against benazir NOT musharraf. Nawaz himself was dealing with benazir un till few months back so why did he deal with such a big looter? yes musharraf has given amnesty but it is not benazir specific and others will benefit also. He said that the person who started these cases has apologized to benazir so who am i? also he noted that 90% of the cases are fraud. I still think that pml-q, supreme court will look into cases so its not like ,musharraf has pardeoned her totally. She might still face the music and wishes of anti benazir people may come tru eventually.

    I admire her for courage to come to pakistan when supreme court is still looking at NRO. i admire her for facing the taliban extremists. Unlike nawaz, she is not coward and she who made a deal to get out and save their bank balance.

    She is not ideal but a lot better than nawaz.

    There are lot of indians here disguised as anti musharraf people and pro nawaz and they are trying to create chaos in pakistan as pakistan has become a major regional economic and military power

  40. Where do these PPP get all the sources from? The have used big amounts on this “welcome party” for the primelooter.

    Where do they get all these money from? From America and the establishment in Pakistan? This is stinking deal and people of Pakistan will kick her out, inshallah!


  41. @All who are joyfull today

    Don’t forget those ppls who are suffering in Waziristan they are afraid that more aggressions will be coming soon because of ur BB have finally arrived to carry on the US agenda in the shad of so called democracy…

    Answer your self to Allah on the Day of Judgment for every moment you all spent in ignorance…

    Pathetic moment for Pakistan … I am disgusts by all who joy today for coming the helper of Dijal…

  42. well after reading comments about BB’s arrival. Its sad we talk about democracy but instead of being happy at the return of political process , people are talking negative. Democracy is all about respecting public opinion. Military junta failed to gather 1 lakh people in islmabad despite excessive use of state machinary.Today’s show proves PPP still is the most popular party in Pakistan. I think last 8 years have shown that Benazir and nawaz are the only two popular leaders in Pakistan. Today’s show will increase chances of Nawaz’s return. Nawaz made a big mistake by depending on Molvies. Mullah have always made political blunders. 10th Septmeber was a gain for dictatorship. Today is an historical day for people who love democracy.
    Respect Public opinion people. survival of pakistan lies in survival of democracy.

  43. come on Admin upload other videos as we are anxiously waiting to see our great leader jeayyyyy bhutto jeay ppp ayaigee ayaigee benzir ayaigee

  44. This is indeed a glorious day for Pakistan. It is also the beginning of the end of the oppression of 99.9 percent of poor and innocent people–whether the country survives in its present shape and form.

    Simultaneously, it is an inevitable day for the judgment of the following: (a) generals and first ladies; (b) the child-abusing mullahs; (c)chamchas/lotas of king’s party.

  45. GREAT day????LOL got to be kidding me, and to be exact there were about 150000 people less than what they expected but more than what chaudries and sheikhs were anticipating!
    dont get so excited , she is also an american robot!

  46. Ms Benazir Bhutto is probably the most prolific leader in Pakistan. She is an excellent orator, her speeches are extraordinary, she is completely aware of the problems of the country and the most sincere to the masses. She can be compared to all the great statesmen worldwide. She has inherent sparkle and charisma of her father Z A Bhutto. She is now a mature politician and can turn out to be one of the greatest leaders certainly from the sub-continent and the world. I am a staunch supporter of British Democracy and Benazir is the only reliable candidate to honestly establish such democracy..

  47. In case you have missed, Focus with Faeza was added shortly with clips from Benazir’s Press Conference and guest included Kashif Abbasi and Shahbaz Sharif on phone.


  48. One hour long video with Kashif Abbasi from Airport is bring encoded and should be ready in less than an hour.

    Yesterday’s Parliament Cafeteria with Asma Chaudhry is coming shortly.


  49. @ M Khaleeq

    Dude, do copy/paste with little extra care.. naqal k liya bhi aqal chaiaya hoti hay

    “I am a staunch supporter of British Democracy and Benazir is the only reliable candidate to honestly establish such democracy..”

    if its not a copy/paste mistake… then please go and make her prime minister of England. Leave us all pakistanis in peace.

    In other words you are right, she is plotted in pakistani politcs by western forces and by saying “British democracy” you proves it right.

  50. Right Taimur..
    It’s not a great day for Muslims. It’s yet another black day. It’s not difficult to gather people in Pakistan, when you have the sources, and you have the backing of the establishment and the Americans. Shame on BB and her followers and other collaborators!


  51. @admin
    Following anti-democratic, pro Taliban Hameed Gul you may add Najam Sethi of Daily Times also. He is also talking to Kamran Khan.

  52. To all the well wishers of BB,she has been a highly corrupt politician.It is a BLACK DAY for Pakistan,that the corrupt politician is set free to move freely.No one is talking of Mr Asif Ali zardari,every one knows,how corrupt he was and he was the indirect ruler not BB.It is just a false assumption that democracy will flourish witht the arrival of BB, she will further strenghten the hands of Jagirdars and Vaderras.

  53. @commoner,

    Please don’t paste messages that are out of context and gives boring history lessons.

    Please feel free to start a new topic in the forums on this.

    Thanks for understanding.


  54. Aaj is reporting that almost 1.5- 3.00 million people are welcoming the PP leader. It is good omen for people of pakistan. Now NS should also mobilize people, not drawing room chatters, but real people. we want NS back despite the fact he was creature of ISI, made Steel mills through corrupt means and made deal with Mush( Pl read the today’s Supreme Court verdict) People’s participation either in PML N or BB doesnot matter to us. People should be the real source of strength. Admin. be impartial and remove the Sex from one of the option, be decent and tolerant of view but not vulgurist or abusing things.

  55. PPP established 50 reception camps along sharai faisal. Geo itself reported that there are 2 million people and they said that as it is getting darker, more and more people are coming out. Even kahif abbasi, the most anti-ppp jouranlist admitted that PMLN can learn a big lesson on how to mobilize the masses. But than again, nawaz never had the masses, only the establishment. In 5 hours only 1.5 km has been travelled by BB’s truck. That’s how many people are out there. All reported on geo.

  56. All people who are opposing the Political activities, seem to be anti-political. These can’t be democratic. Be tolerant, I may not vote BB, but i respect everypolitical leader, let people judge and no slander to anyone.
    Tolerance and recognition of opposition is very essence of democracy.

  57. Guys congratulations !!! Another American Robot has landed and now these will be more Killings in Wazirastan. Soon we will hand over our Hero (Dr A Q Khan) to United states with his Atomic Research work… Uncle Sam (USA) was waiting for this day. but most painful thing for me is Pakistani Nation is Extremely Stupid….. and It will remain Stupid till Qyamat…

  58. aoa

    people are saying bb is changed person yeah she is she will be more sharp in stealing from the country.

    But only in pakistan crooks like bb get this sought of welcome.

  59. @ Umar:

    Let there be free and fair elections; and we will witness that the 99.9 percent Pakistanis are not stupid. It is the remaining margin of lotas/chamchas and their first ladies/dosheezas who are now wetting their diapers.

    By the way, even in the 2002 controlled elections PPP polled majority popular vote!

  60. @Apologies about the stupid options added in the poll by users.

    I initially started polls and provided 2-3 best answers that I could think and few people started to call me biased.

    Recently I opened poll so some people can add their own answers, but people have started to abuse it by adding their own indecent answers.

    I will try to find a solution and resolve this problem shortly.


  61. Heartiest felicitations to the CJP for the honor bestowed upon him by the NY Bar Assoc.

    It was Chaudhry Sahib (and Mukhtaran Mai) who started the crawl and took baby steps toward creation of democracy in the country.

    He indeed deserves a place in the International Court of Justice–in the footsteps of Sir Zafrullah Khan. Meanwhile, the Washington DC Bar Association will soon be passing a resolution in honor of the CJP.

  62. Latest Update:
    Talat HUssain, Nusrat Javed, Mushtaq Minhas says that the crowd is maximum 400,000 to 500,000 only. Not is millions, as bosted by PPP

  63. @ Mr. Umar,
    1. Did you object when Americans patronized Jamaat-i-Islami against Russian communism during the Cold War?
    2. Did you object when Americans sent a Robot in the person of Mr. Moeen Qureshi, and no one dared to question his Constitutional legitimacy as Prime Minister of Pakistan?
    3. A.Q. Khan has sold out all the Blue Prints of his research work to other countries and purchased the Blue Area in Islamabad. He has nothing to deliver to the United Sates.
    Let the people spit the venom against PPP and BB. It is healthy sign to regain and retain normalcy.
    Javed I. Sheikh

  64. what happened to the corrupt charges? amnesty? who gave Mush the right to give amnesty to someone who has stolen from taxpaying pakistanis?

    if you are granted amnesty, does this mean you actually were guilty of those charges? think about it. Geo has been bought. They’re mentioning nothing of the charges. She is back to loot us again.

  65. Admin,

    Thanks for removing those offending options. I am 100% Musharraf supporter and I am totally against benazir, nawaz, imran, mma and all other corrupt politicans. However I dont use such bad language against anyone.

    They or their party members might be corrupt but still we should not use derogatory language against anyone nor should we bring ethnic politcis into it. We however should discuss the role of ethnicity in politics but we should not degrade anyone or any politican because of his or her ethnicity.

    Good to see that you are actively checking on such activites. I have a feeling that this website is biased towards a point of view but I still come here often to get the pulse of the opposing view. Initially people here use to use bad language against Musharraf and other leaders but I am noting that it has gone down a bit so thats a good thing.

    I want this site to grow and I wish you the best. My advice would be to go do away with biases and become a real pakistan politic site where you present all points of views. Also please make strict guidliness so that this forum becomes a tool for teaching everyone that there is no room for misbehaving and rowdiness in politics and political discussion.

    You have gotten a good start and people (specially foreign pakistanis) are coming to this site a lot so you have an oppurtunity to provide them unbiased and thorough updates on situation in Pakistan. If you choose that path then I think you can become a major player and even more popular website. My sincere advise to you is to take that step and go above any political inclinations.

    Aim should be to be pro pakistan website not pro nawaz, pro imran or anything. In the end people count so our views and posts dont matter anyway. We know that 90% of pakistan doesnt have access to internet therefore i dont see this as a medium of change but as a forum for discussion.

    Best wishes,


  66. @ common man

    Let’s not get into the corruption argument! Since 1947, everyone is naked in the hamam. General Kargil will be joining the club soon.

    By the way, who gave a right to Nawaz Sharif to give away free housing plots to members of the Pakistan Cricket Team?

  67. Who gave the right to nawaz sharif to freeze foreign accounts while his leaders sent all their money abroad. They made millions of rupees in that scam as the value of $ got higher and they then cashed on later.

    It was not Musharraf who started these corruption charges against benazir but Mr. nawaz Sharif himself.

    Why has he apoligized to benazir for that? Why did he deal with benazir if she was corrupt?

    The first person who should be accused of giving amnesty to benazir is mr nawaz sharif and then imran khan who un till recently use to sit with her and they never raised anything then. Since she made an arrangement with musharraf suddenly we have imran and nawaz back talking about amnesty. Well why did you deal with a corrupt person in last 10 year? enough of this double standards

  68. @ Mazhar:

    I find your posting useless, patronizing, and offensive. First, reading between the lines, you suggest that only pro-Musharraf people are pro-Pakistan. What nonsense! Second, this is a site where even people who cannot use a spell check should be allowed to express their political views. The only restriction should be on being abusive, vulgar, degrading, and personal.

  69. aoa

    its because of bb that the dictator is still here, otherwise if all opposition political forces joined hands it was end of days for mush
    but we can give a big thank you to bb for this.

    how people support mush is beyond believe when he is killing innocent civilians in ramadan. they say if you cant do anything at least feel it in your hearts because i certainly do .

  70. @ Mazhar:

    I find your posting patronizing. First, reading between the lines, you suggest that only pro-Musharraf people are pro-Pakistan. Second, this is a site where even people who cannot use spell check should be allowed to express political views. The only restriction should be on being abusive, degrading, and personal.

  71. @ aftab

    I too feel the pain of the poor and innocent people of Waziristan (irrespective of the Ramadan). But, let’s get over the blame game: everyone is responsible for the the extended and intermittent military rule.

    My solution: disband the Pakistan army–with expited pensions and a freeze on recruitment.

  72. Democrat,

    Don’t read too much between the line because there isnt anything there.

    When a site which I consider biased towards anti musharraf views starts posting or starts giving pro musharraf point of view then I think it becomes a pro pakistani site since it equally gives space to everyone in pakistan and not just selected few.

    I didnt say anything about spell checks and i dont mind your exclusions also. Thats what i was trying to say also.

  73. @Admin
    I dont mind removal of my posts but I fail to make out how talking about Hameed Gul’s services to democracy and interactions with USA is irrelvant here when he was castigating other for the same offences. The comments may not be boring to read for others, on the contrary they provide a perspective.
    I have a feeling that another anti nawaz is on the way out from the forum.

  74. @admin

    i have just heard that arbaab has been humilated by KK. can u please also upload that clip where KK confronted with the filthy Arbaab… Thanks for your amazing service. you owe us a big time

  75. Benezir did a deal with Musharaf under the American umberala, Nawaz Sharif did deal with Musharaf and left the country on the mercy of Army General. American used Musharaf for their own interest and whole price is paid by Pakistani residents. Pakistan is now at its worst condition and fighting to save her existence on the Earth. Who is responsible for this whole crises, due to which Bhutto lost his life , BB dealing with American for return to her home country.
    This all is due to Pakistan Army General,s illegal action, their interest in politics.
    In my opinion once General should be hanged to finish this race. This action will be only in the interest of pakistan. J A Malik

  76. @ Mazhar

    Thanks for the clarification. But how can the admin “manufacture” equal weight for the the “pro general” opinions (who enjoys less than 20% rating amongst the population)? Also, the 90% of Pakistan–without internet–have now risen!

  77. Disgusting & Deeply Nauseating But Expected…

    BBC says 200,000 which considering PPP’s organisational strength, the amount of money spent, no opposition by the Government & finally the fact she was coming after 8 years is actually not that extraordinary…

    My prediction is that if Nawaz Sharif lands at LHR airport, there will be more than 1,000,000 people to greet him…

  78. @Sufyan and Mazhar

    Umar is right, where was the Benazir whike there were charges against her, she was in self exiled and and as soon as General Mush issued NRO, she booked her ticket to pakistan. She is back to start a war of America against her own people !!Who gave the right to Mush to eleminate all the curroption charges against her !! I feel shame when i think all about it !!

  79. @ Muhammad:

    Numbers do not matter! Conversely, it is a joy, pride, and honour to see that there also Christians and Hindus who welcomed her!

  80. hello guys

    aaj aap nay yaqenan magermach k ansu bhi apne ankhoon say daykh liye hoon gay jo k mohtarma nay pakistan pohanch k bahaye

    or pakistani awam vaqaye itne stupid hay k aaj bhi choroon ka sath daynay k liye tayar hay

    Allah karay k in ko jald akal aa jaye


  81. @Muhammad

    I am sorry to say Muhammad that even Mr Sharif is not an angel. why we people are still crazy for these curropt leaders. How many times we have to trust these leaders ?? please stop it now, its enough !! Its a time for a revoltion !! Its a time to get rid of these people !! Its a time to bring a change in our country and the people those who are still with the hope that there will be free and fair elections in our country, then tell me how many times in past we had free and fair elections :))

  82. She is back to strngthen Musharaf. now we wait for Nawaz Sharif to hammer last nail in Mush’s coffin. ‘aik lohaar ki’ will be very vital.

  83. So finally the corruption queen is back!! Pakistan has now enough to buy another palace in Europe! Go ahead and start loot maar..

  84. @ Commander:

    I agree with the gist of the your argument.

    For the record, there were free and fair elections in December 1970. And fortunately for the Bengalis, East Pakistan separated. Now I pray for the liberation also of the remaining poor and innocent people.

  85. Slavery and lack of education is very self evident today.

    If anyone robs someone today, they stand a 100% chance of getting away with it as you can argue it is fundamnetal breach of your human rights to be treated differntly BB & Co.

    To those who are educated Pakistanis – There is no option but to stand up and save the country. Staying at home and just maoning is not an option any more. We will not able to turn the clock back.

    Shame on the Army who have passed a disgraced Ordinance. Army and PPP lost us East Pakistan. They are on verge of doing the same.

  86. aoa

    if people want something different from the current leaders then i say give imran khan a chance. if the people don’t give him a chance then i would say that the lawyers should also make a party.

  87. Jaisi Qom waisey Hakim…..

    Who are these people…welcoming the American Robot….
    Either they are ignorant, illiterate, not well informed….
    Or worse… without any self-respect, conscience and themselves corrupt…

    Are we really Zinda Qom Hain, Painda Qom Hain…???
    Very sad to see not what the leaders do but what the Awam puts up with!!!

  88. There are at least two blast, Fire in one car moving near by BB’s truck…First people started running bec of this lot of people are also injured.. Ambulances are arrived..Rangers covered all the area near by Quaid’s tomb…

  89. @ Mazhar:

    The issue is not pro/anti- anyone person! It is: simply the establishment of a system of responsible and representative government where armed forces have only a confined role.

  90. Why did Bezamir come back?

    Don’t tell me she didn’t know that a lot of ppl would want her assassinated?

    It’s sad that innocents were killed, the blood is on the hands of Bezamir Bhutto.

  91. Bomb blasts are as per the plan and written script of US.
    Only few poor jieyals died ( not a big price) and they will try to get sympathy and nullify impacts of NRO etc.

    at the same time, it will help them to minimise chances of successful shwo of strength by any other political party in near future ( most probably not allowing such rally).

    Shame on pro US establishment and their new team member ( BB). Killing poor people just for their dirty plans.

  92. Hold on guys – there have been two blasts at the procession and there are unconfirmed reports by BBC that there are many casulaties.

    Lagta hai procession to nazar lag gaye hai. Where are jialas to protect BB – they all ran away

  93. @chussain: For your information bb was the first person wisked away by the jiyalas to bilawal house. THe whole world knows who ran away. On sept. 10, all of u were sitting at home to scared to come out and recieve nawaz. Stop getting jealous at PPP’s popularity. If u need to learn lessons from us on how to mobolize masses, we can offer our services.

  94. BB came with consent of Pervaiz Musharraf and MQM after the British Goverment told Altaf Hussain that if he tried to interfere with BB return he would be extradiated from London. So the elaborate reception she was getting was not because of just PPP but it was fully facilitated by the goverment – both Sindh and Federal.

    When NS would return and if government does not make any hindrance you would also know who is more popular. If a person like CJ could bring out lakhs of people when he toured Punjab then why wouldnt NS be able to do so. The game has just started. Lets see what happens.

  95. @Yasar
    Yes PPP can mobilise people. Other parties should learn:
    Rs 500 per person for coming to the gathering
    Rs 5000 per ghunda to drag 100s of people with him
    BB still would save a lot from the 1.5 billion dollar she gained during the last government

  96. BB should ponder tonight what happened at her procession – when you come home on shoulders of America and UK and you give statements like supporting Salman Rushdie, saying she would let Americans interrogate Qadeer Khan and would let Americans attack tribal areas to kill Al Qaeda then what do you expect – you are yourself justifying violence in Waziristan and tribal areas where hundreds of innocent women and children have been ruthlessly killed by both NATO bombings and now by our respected Pakistan Army (which unfortunately is expert at laying down arms without firing even a single bullet when it faces India) and then expect that everyhing would be fine. The bomb blasts which have occurred is the chain of those events set in motion on May 12 ruthless killings by MQM. Americans have got together liberal fascists in form of Perviaz Musharraf – the enlightened moderator, MQM and now PPP in form of Benazir.

    Aitazaz Ahsan is said to be in shock – he should realise that realities are different for BB and for Chief Justice. The people loved CJ because he stood up to a dictator and people generally dont like (except for jialas) BB because she compromised with general in form of reconciliation and that only too get her cases finished. Now she cannot blame Nawaz Sharif for having made a deal. In this hamam now BB, NS, Chaudhris, MQM and Maulvis all are nangay – and paradoxically Pervaiz Musharraf has done the biggest favour to Pakistan – he has very cleverly showed teh true face of our politicians who are nothing but money grabbers.

  97. Who is going to rule and control, such a society?
    what is the out come of all this discussion?
    Very Sad. very Sad.
    God Bless You.
    Good bye.

  98. BB&Co. show is over with a sad mark on the face of poor people.The satanic dance of death leaving 140 dead,600 injoured.Who is repocible? When BB knew in advance this is going to happen,why she did not used helicoper.Whatever happen to the people does not matter the show must go on.This lady is selfish and self centered. Still she is playing politics on the dead body of very very poor uneducated people.She herself was safe in a tank like vehical, the poor supporters were open under the sky to be killed in saving their beloved leader.Whom they were kidding.This bloody show is going on since 60 years we are sick and tired to see the same drama again and again.After the assassination of Khan Liaquat Ali Khan the same family is ruling the country.They are only 2%.We should not carried away by non issiue and missleading sologans the real issue is people’s welfare not BB or bourgeois class. I am very much disturbed I like to file FIR against BB & Co. for the murder of innocent people.I am praying for the dead and also for the injoured to gell well soon.God give them the courage to overcome this tragedy and the wisdom to understand the motive of their leaders,Allah save Pakistan from these cheaters.Aammin.

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