33 thoughts on “Emergency Update – Geo TV Update 10

  1. ok lets call this man gaddar form now on and their should be no divided opinion.loot at him he is telling the nation that he is impotent so he killed his wife.

  2. The judges has proved themselves. Now it is the turn for the nation to decide to be remember in a history as a disgrace or politically matured nation.

    Sham Musharaf and Sham Pakistan Army



  4. i just read Mush speach on Jang Newspaper. It clearly indicates that he has nothing to say about what is going on in Pakistan and how he can improve the situation but still insisting that “i m the ruler of 160 millions Nation and begging for his rule” what a joke and shame for you Mr. President
    thanks God he is admitting that he just a failure in his 8 yrs rule and cant make any reasonable difference in his 8 yrs regime. Listen man, if u havnt done in 8 years as per ur say, and your policies were fruitless then what are u doing there? simply u are inept and useless. This emergency call will also be thrown on ur face soon like ur previous policies did and you will again say -Meray pass koi chara nahi hai

    nor to rule a country of 160 million people. if u are

  5. @iD
    reason is that imran khan speaks the truth and mush doesnt like people who are honest, especially when that honesty hurts mush’s character either directly or indirectly!
    Mush its time for you to face the truth, you should be hanged.

  6. hello admin…

    u r such a blessing..i wish u all the happiness and success…
    admin 8 and 9 bulletins of geo are missing…rent they be uploaded…

    bless u

  7. WHO gave this SOB , right to speak to us in this way, o army you are brought up by people , who sacrificed so much to sustain you, pls leave people alone, let us live

  8. fully agree with imran
    mushy ghadar hay, he has no right to molest pakistani constitution, he is humiliating us, we dont want his dictator rule any more

  9. It is a shame at what is happening to our country. This military dictator should go. America is very hypocritical in its approach.

  10. its totally embarrasing what musharaf do, not only that but i will say treason act .i am totally agree with imran khan statements. i request to the people of pakistan that come out to the roads and protest against a single dictator. there is only one person who is ruling pakistan. musharaf seize the freedom of each and every person and organistion.plz all the oposition parties come on one plate form and fight for the the battle of freedom.i m realy suppport imran khan agenda in this regard

  11. Any body who is educated and love pakistan will support musharaf, who is try to protect country from extemists, dirty politician, biased media, and corrupt judiciary.

  12. Actually no one is sincere with this country neither our media and judiciary nor our government. Our media and judiciary is following a western agenda propogating Pakistan as a lawless country in front of the western society . Our media has no selfrespect left n now it is following the tracks of the very people it condemns by begging western powers to save the big news corporate it had become. Iftikhar ch honourable chief justice (CIA agent) plz tell me please why could not u wait till 15the november , why you wanted to corner president Musharrif , why your actions were just targetting the government oh yeah i remember because you never wanted democracy your masters agenda is to destabilize Pakistan. My fellow Pakistanis open your eyes n see it forself if Iftikhar could have postponed his personal revenge with President Musharrif we might have heard the good news of Musharrif removing his uniform by now. WAKE UP AND SEE THOSE HIDDEN AGENDAS FOLLOWED BY OUR BELOVED MEDIA AND JUDICIARY WHICH NO DOUBT HAVE LEFT PAKISTAN IN CHAOS.

  13. GEO plz jeenay do. Dr shahid i have a message for you plz try to understand that we are all Pakistanis and dont follow the agendas of our enemies . Frankly speaking the hype your chanel is creating regarding emergency is baseless i understand that few strict actions have been taken by the government but why are you showing that Red light and the timing of emergency , dont you think its just a poor effort to hype up an already hyped situation. Plz help the government and atleast show some self respect and dont quote what USA has to say about us or for that matter UN general secretary because if i am not forgettin you people have always made us believe that US is our enemy i suppose , so why are you projectin them now. Please let the president to remove his uniform and hold elections as schedueled and dont give him any more reasons to delay elections . by the way if you keep on behaving in the same way you will find Musharrif in uniform for next year as well and elections may be postponed plz understand Hamid mir , Kamran Khan and Dr shahid masood who are all very senior journalists holding 5 years of experience(hahaha)

  14. general parvaiz musharraf ne ghasibana iqtadar ke aath bars mazey liye. ab phir 1999 wali halat mein Pakistan ko doobara pohncha ker aayin ko(bahesiyat naam nehad aini sadar) moattal ker ke sangeen jurm kiya hai jis ki saza saza-e-mout hai.
    pehlay marshalla mein pooa mulk zere attab tha is baar sirf adliya aur media ko zer ke ke liye mawaraye ayin aur qanoon qabil-e-muzammat iqdaam uthaya hai.
    Mush ko filfor iqtadar chor dena chahiye. 1973 ke ayin ko 1999 ki soorat mein bahaal hona chahiye american terrorism ke against naam nehad jang se alag hona chahiye aur mulk ke andar paida kiye gaye siddat pèasandon se qoumi mafahimat ker ke amn-o-aman bahaal karna chahiye.
    Mush aath bars bila shirakat-e-ghair se iqtadar karney ke baqajood wo pait nahi bhara agar so bars bhi iqtadar de diya jaye wo Pakistan ke liye security risk hai. benazir liberal aur moulana fazl-ur-rehman mazhabi rehnuma jesay log watan ko democracy ki rail per charhaney nahi dey gein. warna watan-e-aziz aisay hi tamashbeenon ke narghon mein rehtay huye khudanakhasta apni dastan tak bhi dastanon mein nahi chorey ga.

  15. Shahid Masood interrupts invited guests during conversatin and imposes his opinions during discussion.Sometimes his questions are cheap and irrelavant.He is snobbish.He should learn from BBC.

  16. peaple of pakistan just wake up
    utho aur niklo roadoun pai ye pakistan musharef ka baab ka nahi hai aur na hi os ma
    ye jheiz mein sath lai hai this country belongs to each and every pakistani

  17. haiiii Allah! wat iz going on in our luvli country!!!! Musharraf man sort ur brain out plz yeh, wat u destroying the country for? us Pakistani’s can definatli get the best out of evrithing but if we’v got such an unfaithful President with hiz unreasonable dictatorship how can we acheev our best! plz dont decourage our excellent potential aur Allah se darro! pleeeeez Musharraf, sharamm karr yeh aur apne hi mulk ko barbaadi ke raste se hatao pleez! PAKISTAN ZINDABAD!

  18. @ All Mush supporters
    Do you really think that arresting the senoir judiciairy, abrogating the constitution of Pakistan, putting the most draconian curbs on media, arresting thousands of lawyers, putting the senior most lawyers like the President of Pakistan Bar Council and the members of bar councils around the country are very small crimes? If you really think so then there is no need of a country you all need to keep on living in a big jail where the jailer has a big rod and he is allowed to make use of it as he wishes. If need this you can continue supporting Mush.We are free and proud people, our souls cannot be kept arrested for long we will fight to live and live to fight till a new and bright day has dawned.

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