16 thoughts on “Emergency Update – OneWorld Update 4

  1. please ban this so called political anchor, faiza on tv….listening to her can be some kinda punishment….she shud rather be a dress designer…

  2. I think Musharraf has committed a sin. I am shocked to see this bloody …. talking cheap and telling lie in front of nation. Whatever he thinks is correct is correct for nation, which is not the case at all. I think he is developing an environment where people after some years will HATE ARMED FORCES. He says we are learning democracy, what a shame! Being in a uniform, how can he know better democracy than politicians and civilians. He is simply intermediate and thinks his decisions are well informed. I think he should be kicked and hanged to death and his body should be kept in museum to show to the generations to come.

  3. This lady (Faiza) is such a pain.. I can’t believe how can management of ARY keeps her as an anchor. If anybody from ARY is reading these comments. Please give us a break from her.

  4. pakistan has a bleak future ahead with this kind of politics. Mr.musharraf is the worst man on earth, he is no less than Bush. pakistan got independent the same day india did…but see the difference between both the nations. india prospered where as pakistan struggled. the corrupted politicians have led to pakistan being a disaster. there has never been a true democracy in pakistan and there has been martial law too often.only God can save pakistan now. musharraf! go to Hell!!! let u the people of pakistan live.

  5. I think the world should know now who was and is always behind bombings in Pakistan.It is army itself.Since Emergency all terrorists have mysteriously disappeared.Still you believe that Musharraf is a better bet? Ridiculous.Misperception and U.S. guys are smart.At least not for Muslims specifically Pakistan.Musharraf is successfully befooling thw world that he is clamping down terrorists while the same time he is harbourng them.

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