12 thoughts on “Emergency Update – OneWorld Update 6

  1. One person kidnapped the whole nation, that is awful.It is never happened in civilized nations.It is biggest disaster in our country’s history.It’s black day in our history.Mushraf is doing all this for himself that is shamefull.The politicians who are sporting Mushraf, they are criminal and donot have brains.

  2. I hate these general ,they keep getting mad and as long as they keep governing.

    I hope my nation can stood up with cheif justice.May Allah protect us all

  3. This is the black day in pakistan’s history. This dictator General and his team has made hostage the whole Pakistani nation. This man has no sympathy with Pakistan rather he is doing all for himself. This act should be condemned. This is the time for whole nation to rise and stop this greedy, coward who imposed Martial Law against his own regime. What a shame, he could not sort things out in last 8 years how we can expect him in future. The sooner we get rid of him it will be better for Pakistan. Lets stand up as a nation and defeat him and his dictatorship for the reinstitution of constitution and democracy. I strongly condem this shameful act of General Busharraf, a puppit of USA. He has no right to lead a proud Pakistani nation.

  4. Hamid Dogars sworn in as CJP Confirms that the main target was the Supeme Court which was becoming a hurdle in perpetuation of tyranny in Pakistan. Musharraf has left nothing behind to prove himself the most tyrannical ruler of the history of Pakistan.

  5. I sharply condem on musharaf what he did in pakistan. but according to my view i am not against of him because that,s all our Fault.That,s all punishment from God if we had not leave the way of god and his profet(psbop) culd not hapent like that circumstences.join the weg allah and his profet you will get again every things.you will get very soon good news for freedem. At the last i pray to the good protect us and our country and muslim umma.Allah hafiz

  6. This is the big time for Pakistan Army to feel solidarity with the people of Pakistan by REJECTING Mushrrafs insane order by tooth and nail, reinstating Pakistan judiciary and press and peoples rights. If they are coward and can not stand against evil then people of Pakistan will come to streets and I am afraid there will be bloodshed in Pakistan.

  7. After a very long time that i thought my country gona b successful when Mr Cj got back on his position as a chif Justice of Pakistan but Mr Musharraf and his party ruined that thoughts once again because they knew that decesion will take place against them .sham on Musharraf and Shukat Aziz we don’t need u at all please leave our country alone n jus go away .thank u

  8. geo had shahid masood as their senior person giving news
    aaj tv had talat hussain
    ARY cudnt find anyone better??? faeza’s show might be ok..but she is not the news giving person!!!

  9. it would be a blacker day if Chaudry had declared the country without a Government and the murdering thugs from the Taleban and Lal Masjid took over.

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