106 thoughts on “Altaf Hussain Talks about Emergency

  1. The only thing that comes to mind is what a waste of space of this site.Every time when I get the chance to hear this jerk I wonder why people even listen to what he has to say. He seems not to be even in a normal state of mind and it amazes me that he has such a strong following in Karachi. What is his secret if any one knows plz let me know?

  2. will anyone ask Altaf hussain that how he is able to stay in Uk an all those years without the consent of USA and UK gov. The truth is UK gov doesnt took any action on Scotland yard police investigation …….because Altaf is apart of USA and UK pakistan modern alience……………..PPP MQM PML-Q MUSH………

  3. Sarey politician ka aik hi bhai Altaf bhai Altaf bhai.

    Jiey Muhajir…Jiey Altaf…

    AH is the person who changed life of Muhajirs in Karachi and Hyderabad.
    thats why All karachiites loves him sooo much and u will see the proof in the upcoming election!

  4. Altaf hussain is a thug and a disgrace to us pakistani mahajirs !!!

    Most educated mahajirs like me are very patriotic and dont believe in altaf’s racism ethnocentric propaganda.

    All Pakistanis are brothers !!!

  5. one of the reasons the musharraf regime gave for imposition of emergency was that the media was giving time to views of “terrorists”. i protest to geo tv for giving airtime to the terrorist no 2 (no 1 is musharraf) of pakistan to present his views. and to the owner of this site as well.

  6. He has surely changed the lifes of all Moharjirs buy kidnapping them, raping their sisters, bhuttas and putting a black spot on Mohojir word

  7. I am not a muhajir.Though I have a lot of disagreements with MQM BUT I do like the ticket holders of MQM as they are all from the middle class.MQM always touched middle class.These were all middle call angry youths.All other parties except JI consist of wealthy/Landlords in their party.
    This is to note that We are all nothing But Pakistanis.
    Sadly to say we do criticise too much and this is why our private media became war zone.For God sake do not criticise too much at see the roshan side of the incidents as well.I gaurantee that any future government will not stay in front of this media and, either BB OR NS,will put some restrictions.

  8. So Altaf Hussain ..this man is the leader of 3rd largest political party in Pakistan after Benazir Bhutto and Nawaz Sharif………….
    God save us and Pakistan from these three socalled leader of ours. ameen

  9. I just heard his useless talk on GEO & i call staright to GEO to shut his BUKWAS…But what i get from GEO that we have to survive in PAKISTASN,look MQM gondagerdy .
    Most of his bukwas i cant understand but at least i know one thing that he regularly visit PTI website because one stage he mention that when u call mush DALAL,these words was used in one of PTI member today.
    Please call GEO on this number 009221411436111 & tell them that we are not going in this cold weather on street to protest for GEO to listen this kind of terrorist altaf.Please call ….
    Mr IMTIAZ what i can do for u except sorry.I am very keen to see those people who sport altaf…unbelievable.

  10. Adim i cant understand why u put my comment on moderation.I just used the word DALAL.When GEO don’t have problem on AIR than what is wrong on PK POLITIC

  11. what a looser..
    Admin@ pleas dont give us such a big torture..
    he is telling that pakistan is in big crisis, and every institution is failing, we dont have good relations with any neighbouring country.,so who is to be blamed for that…….opposition ..?????????
    no no…
    just he and his boss … busharraf…
    agar waqee mulk ko bachaana hay to altaf aur busharraf say jaan churani hu gee

  12. DALAL is the perfect word for musharraf, who is reaping the benefits by selling pakistan to america. may Allah destroy him utterly, its depressing to see his face on tv everytime.

  13. I I have question to my all Mohajirs , That since MQM formed, what is their achievements.. Before they were on top on educations, Spots, Military, administration, banking, etc compare now. They are behind in every field, boys they supposed to have books their hand now carrying Kalashnikovs & TT’s everyday they are found behind the killing kidnappings & robberies. That is not Mohajir’s ways., my parents struggled to came in 1947 from UP India and Worked very hard & served the country with honesty, But now I am not able to show my opposition in front of community against Altaf Hussain’s so called idealogy. I know I am not the only but there are thousands like me, MY plea to all Muhajirs, Please when you go to the polling booth on 8th January pease, please do not forget about whose who has been killed only, because they are against the Agenda of MQM & Altaf Hussain

  14. What a useless person he is!!!!! talking bullshits and lies!!!!!!!!!!
    Should Tariq Mateen have asked him Questions??? Geo This is sucks!!!! you shouldnt let anybodyto come to give a bakwass speech for so long!!!!

    MQM!!!!! will never go out of karachi bcos they rae bias!!!!

    I hope Ataf will be kicked out of Uk and send to Bharat, his real place!!!!!

    God Save Pakistan from leaders like AH,BB,NS..Mush!!!!!!

  15. I agree we must convey our message to Geo that if next time they give coverage to terrorist altaf we will not support them in any of the protest. Geo please act responsibly otherwise ´we dam care about Geo

  16. People in Karachi follow Alraf Huassain because they don’t have any real alternative. They used to vote for Jamate islami before, and got sick and tired of their incompetencies. MQM wasn’t going to last for long due to their terror tactics but PPP and Nawaz Sharif govt took military actions in Karachi during 90s and 15000 people were either kidnapped or killed in Karachi, many of them innocent. And MQM was the main beneficiary of the people’s sympathies in Karachi.

    Therefore, Karachites will never vote for NS and they will specially never vote for benazir. MQM is established in Karachi at a grass root level. Any political party wishing to establish themselves in Karachi would have to work as hard as MQM did during the 80s, and at the same time face a hostile MQM. MQM worked extremely hard in karachi to establish themselves. Their entire leadership was persecuted and hunted down by establishment and yet they still managed to gain support among people because they showed their sincerety to people.

  17. Hello Everyone, I am really surprised to see the comments , i thinlk this website belongs to a family who have decided to oppose somebody anyhow anyway, dont even think about what the person says, like lakeer ke fakeer, whats wrong he said if he is discussing APDM outcome, also lawyers role in 99 and 2007. Also saying truth about big big jhoot from PML(N) that their was no deal and then confirming that its 5 year deal, where was supreme court at the time whan 100s of youngster were brutely kilied in Extra Judicial Killing and no party was there to speak for them when Naseer Ullah Babar was Changez Khan, so please I request to everyone that please please be unite and always think as a nation. You will agree with me that most educated area in Pakistan is Karachi and this party start from there as it represent Middle Class.
    Sorry if anyone of you would get hurt but be generous in giving statements.
    Pakistan Zindabad

  18. Yeh des hamara hai
    Ise musharraf ne bigara hai
    Is ka ek ek fauji bilkul nakaara hai
    Yeh des, yeh des, yeh des hamara hai
    wazir bhi mush is ka, qazi bhi mush es kaa
    Bush ki raza say hai sadar bhi mush is ka
    Yeh des, yeh des , yeh des hamara hai
    aur bilkul bechara hai

  19. We the Karachites support MQM and InshAllah MQM will more seats this time and with even bigger margin. And I am not a MQM member if you want to believe me.

    And to the gentlemen who said Muhajirs are behind others, you need to come out of your little world and see things objectively. Thankfully Karachi is doing great and has developed al lot despite influx of people from all over the country seeking jobs. I am sure it has the highest number of educated people in the country. Everywhere I see people are doing great in education. Engineers, doctors, IT, buisness .. I mean are you out of your mind? Even an average joe has a master’d degree in Karachi.

    Improve yourself, take care of yourself, dont hate others, develop yourself and dont degrade others..you will be OK.

    I never voted for MQM (lat time parents voted for PTI) but InshAllah this time whole family will vote for MQM.

  20. I love this Jocker.. i cant stop laughing after watching this video casue i have been trying to get some idea of what he is taliking about but unfortunately didnt get any thing.. he is a funnny guy.. he should work in theater not politics… Choran Chatni Wala hhhhhhh

  21. I agree with butt. Seems like people are just cant’ listen to anything opposing their own views whether they are musharraf supporters or supporter of anyother party. We as a nation are missing the basic principle of democracy which the acceptance of others’ opinion. I dont like Altaf Hussain personally and almost all my friends/relatives who belong to karachi narrate hostile stories about MQM but still MQM is a representative of majority of karachi people so we should at least give them space to express their views on this forum instead of calling Altaf Hussain a joker and demanding their bycott on pkpolitics and geo as well.

  22. To all the people of call themselves MUHAJIRS.
    60 years down the road, there are people who are hell bent in calling themselves Muhajirs!!! You guys have no right to live in Pakistan. IF you don’t like calling yourself a Pakistani but a Muhajir!
    People from india migrated to the present day Pakistan in every province in Pakistan, but i seriously wonder, why in Karachi people call themselves Muhajirs. And they then talk about secession of Karachi from Pakistan to establish their own small state! Shame on you and Shame on the biggest liar and killer in the world, Altaf Hussain.

  23. Saqib, Stop your rubbish. Don’t give us your twisted logic. Muhajirs is the correct word just as Punjabi, Sindhi or other ethnicities. Will you accept calling yourself Sindhi/Punjabi? Will you say the same for them?

    Muhajirs don’t need a certificate from you to live in Pakistan and you are nobody to tell us what we need to do. What will be helpful is that you mind your own buiss and spend time on improving yourself rather than hating others.

    I do agree that Pakistan is first and then comes ethnic issues however I see nothing wrong in people calling themselves Sindhis, Punjabis , Muhajirs..

    If one is wrong then others are wrong also.

  24. @Mazhar

    Muhajir is not an ethnicity! Give me a reference from any dictionary in the world, and I swear to God, i won’t say a thing!!! Take that a challenge or just an initiative to maybe educate yourself… whatever you fancy!
    Maybe you should circumvent your own twisted logic first! People who migrated to other provinces of Pakistan never call themselves Muhajirs, it’s only you people’s logic, further dividing the pakistani society into Muhajirs and non-muhajirs!
    I don’t hate anyone but I am sick and tired of people like you sowing seeds of division, stop this please, we’re all sick and tired of it!!!

  25. I personally think that no one should mention the word mohajar negatively here, we are all Pakistanis, He is a single personality and i am happy that GEO gave time him and he got exposed yet and again. People who are defending mohajors are alright but plz stop defending him, He is not serving the community

  26. @Mazhar,

    Altaf Hussain who is the leader of the MATARVA QAUMI MOVEMENT (MQM) is just a pawn in a big game of Chess. The whole party is based on a personality cult of Altaf Hussain. Can you imagine MQM without him? Write my words down, he is setting the Muhajirs up for a Genocide. The word Muhajir might represent something foreign, something unholy (and please do not give that speech about Hijrat-e-Madina, enough of that), but, it sure does not represent anything local. And mind you the NATIVES ARE GETTING REALLY ANGRY. This is what they have to say to the so called “Muhajirs”.

    ————–ASSIMILATE OR DIE —————–

  27. Saqib, I don’t need a dictionary to tell me that Muhajir is not an ethnicity. I know it already. It is not an ethnicity but it does differntiate a group from other ethnicites. If your following point would be that why you want to differntiate yourself then let me tell you in advance that the current system in Pakistan has already setup like this and is based on ethnicities.

    I have absolutely no problem with Sindh remaniing Sindh and Punjab remianing Punjab and nor I am advocating changing these names as i know it will have a negative effect on certain people and they will feel that our history is being changes. It is okay and not a problem with me that these names remain. However is it not foolish that in such a situation, where country is divided into provinces based on ethnicites, one group of people think that okay we do not belong to these ethnicites so we will name ourselves Muhajirs. What the hell is wrong with that?

    What’s your problem? Why getting fed up? Take it as normal just as you take words like Sindhis etc as normal. At least it is better than people calling themselves based on different proivnces of India. At least it is easier. Now if you want to be nationalistic and want to avoid such talk then the current setup will change.

    Don’t get offended by this word. In US, people still call themselves Irish, italian etc but they are still American. I think people getting offended by word Muhajir have some other issue in mind rather than merit of this word. Using word muhajir doesnt mean that these people want a separate state or as if they want to start some movement. It is ironic that no such movement started in Karachi but it has started in Balochistan. So take it easy and think it over.

  28. Coming back to topic. I think the reaction of people here is understandable as obviously people on this forum don’t like Musharraf and they hate everyone who supports Musharraf but just as Butt said whatever Altaf has said is not a lie

    Former CJ did take oath under PCO
    Nawaz Sharif’s party did attack Supreme Court
    Nawaz did claim that he did not make a deal and then admitted that he did it
    Media was getting shameless in its conduct.
    Musharraf did not do politics of hanging/extra judicial killing
    APDM did break promises to their supporters

    He even gave a good solution for situation in Swat and Balochistan and asked the government to talk to those people and work out something. Now if you ignore your personal hatred against him, against his party or against his people then you will see that those points are valid. No one gets popular without any reason so the theory that some how his workers are threatening poor people of Karachi and they are not free to speak or that they hate him from inside is a false theory and whoever is telling you that in fact is the one who is lying.

    I know many are angry at MQM because of May 12. The solutiion to deal with MQM is not to utter rubbish against Altaf, not to discredit his following, not to label him terrorist, not to shout that he wins because of coercion (as Imran suggested) but to acknowledge his following first and admitting that he does command power in Karachi. Only then you will sound credible to people of Karachi.

    Imran made the biggest mistake of his political career by going beserk against Altaf Hussain and many educated people in Karachi are angry at him.. My parents voted for PTI in Karachi but now after Imran going mad over Musharraf and MQM they and all of us will vote for MQM for the first time. Imran had made him a hero and he has become more powerful. Is this how you become a leader?

    Even if someone had geniune problems with MQM then the best way should have been to acknowledge MQM as a legitimate party and then taking you case to people of Karachi and telling them (decenlty) that look what MQM is doing is not right etc etc. Karachi is not MQM only city and it has voted for PPP and JI before. However Imran has ruined geniune grievences of some against MQM by acting foolishly.

    I am telling you all this from a point of view of a person who knows thinking of common person in Karachi. People are educated here and they felt offended by Imran’s behavior.

    Hopefully next time sanity will prevail so that we can discuss issues in a civilized manner and not like what Imran did. People in karachi are open to voting for anyone but no one tolerates rubbish and baseless politics of “ilzaam tarashi”


  29. Ok I have to go but let me tell you that don’t get too much worried about Karachi getting separate from Pakistan and SIndh. IT IS NOT GOING TO HAPPEN INSAHALLAH. No one is going to do it .

    People in Karachi are smart and they have already rejected such crap and any party that will take this line will be rejected.

    The creation of Pakistan was correct and will remain correct and we only need to see things like Gujrat and Babri Mosque destruction as evidence. Indian Muslims only get a chance to be on top when SOMEONE DOES FAVOR TO THEM AND INSTALLS THEM THERE. Otherwise, on merit, they dont have a chance.

    In Pakistan, Musharraf became the head of Army and before That Alsam beg was head of the army. There are countless other examples and all muhajirs are doing okay and I am sure better than Indian muslims. It is our responsibility that we focus on underdeveloped areas of Pakistan and improve whole Pakistan so that it becomes a DEVELOPED NATION soon

    There is one obstacle to this goal of mine and it is ethnic differences in politics. Imran did a great disservice to Pakistan by brining these issues and he has taken us back few years in that regard. Forget whether it is Karachi or Lahore, Muhajir or Punjabi. There is no time for this drama. Whoever is bringing such issues is an enemy of Pakistan in my view. Hence I will not vote for PTI this time.

    If you have issues with MQM and if you believe that they are evil or criminals then make your case to the people who support MQM and if they see that you have a point then they will reject MQM. Politics played by Imran will lead us nowhere and will end up helping MQM

    if you don’t get my point then it is okay with me also. Hopefully time will sort out everything.


  30. pakillicious,

    This type of language will help the enemies of Pakistan and you might be one. Who knows? Maybe you are from India.

    Btw you beware of Allah before making such statements. You don’t know kay Allah taalah ko kya baat buri lag jai.

    Allah might bring death in your family so be careful before you wish others death.

    If you are a pakistani by chance who wants to kill muhajirs then I invite you to start your drama and we will see who wins in the end, It is only God that a muslim fears..trash like you are nothing and they can’t even harm anyone.

    I am surprised that Admin of the forum let such a hateful comment be posted.

    Btw you don’t like word Muhajir..let me say this to you for the first time in my life

    Jiay Muhajir!

    Now do what you want to do..agaar maa ka doodh piya hai. ma….

  31. I love the Information Age. Its hard for Con-men to play a gig and keep a straight face. Sure you can distract people by setting up blogs and message boards, but, you no more can “PI*S ON PEOPLE’S BACKS AND TELL THEM ITS RAINING.” Those times are gone.

    I thank GEO for giving air time to this Joker. The more he talks the more he exposes himself. His face keeps getting bigger and bigger with time. I think that the Biharis in Pakistan should get the same respect and honor as the biharis in India. LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!



  32. Ok Admin has blocked some of my comments. Ok one is threatening to kill people and his comment got posted but mine got blocked. I should have realized where am i posting..

    .good luck to this forum anyway and many thanks for the free videos. i do appreciate that a lot

  33. @Mazhar,

    Your other drift !!! I do not think that you have an other drift. ONCE A MATARVA ALWAYS A MATARVA. And about Altaf talking about thousands of Muhajirs killed by security forces, so let me tell you this, NO ONE CRIES WHEN A MATARVA DIES, they got what they deserved.

  34. Ok so comments are coming, sorry admin!

    Well delicious, you might not cry but you don’t represent everyone. A mad man shouting that natives (sounds like red indians) will do this and natives will do that will not effect anyone my delicious. People will go to work each day, continue to do their job and nothing will change. Everything will remain the same. I know you also know in your heart that what you are saying is not going to happen and if someone tries it then it will end up helping those who you hate the most. So such talk will leade to your defeat both ways.

    However I am a believer and I do believe that wishing other deaths is not liked by Allah. And I have noticed that often the bad things you say in life come to haunt you and happens to you also. Please keep that in mind, No native in this world is bigger than the real native. Fear God and don’t hurt people’s feeling as you never know what will come back to haunt you.

    I have a thick skin and I am taking your comments as jokes and I still don’t wish you bad despite your f… logic. The natives you talk about are our brothers and we live among themselves and eat with them, Many have married among natives. They will do nothing nor they can do anything. However Allah is watching everyone so I sincerelt advise you to stope this rubbish and discuss things on merits. I am sure you must have some solid reason to be that angry bit the solution is to discuss and not act like a criminal.

  35. @Mazhar

    Bye Bye little one. Now you can take a Gaajjar in one hand and a Moulli in the other and go to sleep. If you know what I mean. Whink Whink!!!

  36. @Mazhar
    Mate …take no notice of who hate Altaf Hussain because of he is Muhajir or karachait or urdu speaking or come from middle class background .

    These people have less IQ …waste no time with them……I read your comment and find very interesting… I agree with you that Imran khan going to help Altaf Hussain to get more vote in next election on january 8, 2008 because of his hate politics. People of Karachi are very smart regardless of their backgroung ie, urdu or punabi or sindhi or pushto etc.

    I do not like Altaf Hussain and also do not like Nawaz Sharif ot Banazir Bhutto
    , ….not because of they are Mohajir or Punjabi or sindhi………….I do not like their policies.

    Pakistan and we pakistani are very unlucky to have three biggest political parties and our three biggest socalled leaders are very currupt and unfit to govern to Pakistan.

    GOD save our Pakistan from these three socalled great leaders of ours

  37. Bhagwan Altaf Joker sounds drunk here. Name of the chief justice is Iftikhar Mohammad Chaudhry and not “Chaudhry Iftikhar Hussain”.

  38. eighty percent of muhajirs came from east punjab and greatest bloodshed
    happened there. so called muhajir movement never mentions that bc it destroys
    their theory of muhajir ethnicity.

  39. baharis are as different from people from Delhi as chaaqoo from gulab cannot
    be defined as muhajir. if just coming from other side of border line is definition
    of muhajir then count residents of jaati umraa among them too.

  40. Karachitis are very well aware that who is behind the killing of Azeem Tariq, Kahlid bin Waleed, Badar Iqbal, Tariq Javaid, Sharif Khan. and thausands. They will cast their vote sencibley and if there will be fair election MQM will loose some seats from Karachi.

  41. MQM is a militia loyal to India. Now since India is becoming rich so their clout is increasing in Pakistan. They are the FIFTH COLUMN in Pakistani society. If they do not get absolute power they like to bastardize everything you stand for. You cannot have prejudice against other people and then at the same time say that we are all Pakistanis and we should live in harmony, BU*LSH*T. Not a lot of people know this but Altaf Hussain’s father Nazir Ahmad used to work for GM Syed, that is where he gets all the ideas of a separatist movement. I am not saying kill them all. All I am saying is that the best way to deal with the FIFTH COLUMN is to disarm/defang them.

    If the Indians can conduct a “POLITE ACTION” against the Government of the Nizam of Hyderabad so can we. And I think the time is about right.
    Just my two cents……….

  42. Khan of pro pakistan,

    thanks for your message. people like you help run Pakistan smoothly or else there would be bloodbath if we give power to people like some on this forum

  43. MQM is doing lots of constructive work in Pakistan. Especially in areas where PUNJABEES and SINDHEES OR PAKHTOON lives.

    if you don’t like MQM or ALTAF Hussain then don’t use the Under Passes, or Over Head Bridges that MQM making. just take the side street that’s what you deserve.

    Due to these all great constructive work, MQM will definitely will win MORE seats as compare to last election. And this time all PUNJABEES and SINDHEES OR PAKHTOON will also cast their votes to MQM Insha Allah.

  44. @admin

    ppl are giving galee to more than 10 million ppls leader and you are not blocking them but you just blocking my comments just bcz I am supporting MQM and defending Altaf? Is this justice?

  45. All people here who are passing comments about Altah Hussain actually don’t hate Altaf Hussain but they hate the people who were migrated from India to Pakistan most educated people of Pakistan are Muhajirs. that’s why on all high level posting all Muhajirs are sitting, for example , Army Chiefs etc.

    So don’t hate Muhajirs we are your brother, if you will be in trouble, we will be there to help you not India OR America….!!

  46. @Mazhar….I love you Mazhar

    whatever I posted against IK and NS got blocked….I have expressed my clear views against IK, BB and NS but always moderated by admin when I posted against IK or NS..WHAT IS THIS???
    You ask Musharraf to give free media??? do Mush controll this website?
    I will personally beleive that MQM has changed the karachi and its awam wether its Muhajir, Sindhi, Pakhtoon or Punjabi.

    All you who are against MQM and Altaf have thier own views but no rights to give galee this shows your backward mentality…what else if I give bad words for IK and NS??

    So be prepare for upcoming elections that will show you how MQM worked for Karachi and all ppl of karachi and how they will win like they did in 1988 elections that broke all records.

    to ALL NS and IK supporters here in this forum– GEO AND JEENEY DO!!

    Long Live MQM!!

  47. Altaf Hussain is the biggest terrorist in the pakistan. my forefathers migrated from India but I am pakistani not Mohajir. If you crap guys consider yourself as mohajirs go to India back to your country .

    Guys please write e mails to Geo that if next time they want to present this Joker please put under comedy programme for Kids. He is not worth to present as political analyst. He is so cheap that he is barking like a dog and even do not know exact name of Honourabale CJP.

    Altaf kaya hay mafia
    MQM kaya hay mafia

    Karachi Ka Don Kon Altaf Hussain
    pakistan ka terrorist kon altaf hussain
    Aaj ka Dajjal Kon Altaf Hussain

    Go to hell Altaf Hussain …dam cheap joker

  48. @Pakistan-Lover

    they all are using this website just to keep happy IK and make discrimination between muhajirs and other nations in pakistan. what abt Imran khan…how he spread his generations all over the world?

    Imran Khan has Altaf fobia and so that his follower, like the one person who is giving bad words for MQM. Ask IK to win atleast one seat in parliament which he still unsure may be he cannot win at this time so he is afraid to Participate. and take JI sahara…he has been in politics for more than 8 yrs still one seat…what the heck is this!!

    So whatever you like to say bad words about MQM…

    sach hamesha karwa hota hai…GEO AND JEENEY DO ….LIKE MQM!

  49. geo and jennay do like MQM..that is the joke of this century

    You altaf lovers if you think that this site is for IK then go to your cheap MQM site. I think you people made this size on gun point…..just go there and prasie your Pir of terror altaf paan wala dog

  50. Saathi…mazloomon ka saathi hai ALTAF HUSSAIN…
    Altaf bhai, tu jiye hazaroon saal aur har saal ke din hoon Hazaar..

  51. To listen and understand Atlaf hussain u need a healthy brain pls be cautious all of those people which are severely effected by Altaf fobia.

  52. people who are giving bad comments about Altaf Hussain who is a Muslim too, clearly showing where they belongs to and come from!!

  53. you Imran khan lovers, called SO CALLED “TEHREEK INSAAF” ask him to go and give insaaf to all the childs he produced around the world and give him baap ka saaya 😉

    before giving insaaf to the nation who follow MQM and give them idea to get rid of Altaf by Imran the all worried why MQM is soo popular in Karachi..IK just want to know this secret!! its not that MQM is the terrorist its the internal fear you have that how can middle class people are growing and Karachi is gettng better and developing.

    so my kind advice to all of you to be happy and let karachi ppl happy by all means.

    GEO AND JEENEY DO…LIKE MQM!! ONLY PARTY THAT WORK FOR THEIR VOTERS NOT LIKE CHAUDRY’S, KHANS, MALIK AND WADIARAS WHO has ruined pakistan wealth, took all money out from our belove country Pakistan and still trying to get a seat and forget thier voters after election..all lotas…have you ever heard that any LOTA joined PPP or PML?

    You will see with ur eyes in this election how MQM win seats from Punjab and NWFP as well! you will see soon InshaAllah.

  54. Altaf is a joker

    Admin please can you create a new section under “Comedy” and please place Altafs great analysis there next time. If thats not possible then perhaps “Crimes” section will be appropriate.

    This is a sincere advise. As one million users have visited this site and it will be easy for them to find things in an arranged manner. It will be easy for altaf lovers to directly go to that section rather than having mess with other members here.

    I hope you will consider my request


  55. reason y he keeps strong-hold of karachi is that he has delusioned majority of mohajirs that whatever their capabilities r, they r sidelined by punjabis, sindhis and pathans.
    i just ask from mohajirs, isn’t A Q khan, mirza aslam baig, shaukat aziz, hakim saeed, shareefudeen pirzada, justice wajihuddin & musharraf mohajirs? they have been in the top brass of establishment through their capabilities.
    what AK wants is that even if a mohajir guy cannot climb 8 feet wall, he should be recruited into SSG & thats y mohajirs support him.

  56. Altaf hussain is the one who has killed Muhajirs, sindhis, punjabis and pushtoons. Very soon when Mushsraf will be humiliated , Altafs mafia will be ended. They dervied their force from Mushsraf uniform and in coming years they will find noone in army to suppport their Mafia organization.

    Hakeem Muhammad Saeed was Mohajir
    Justice Waji Uh Din is Muhajir
    Most of Sindh High court judges who did not took Oath under PCO are Mohajirs
    Moeen Un Din haider and Mirza Aslam Beg are Mohajirs

    and we Mohajirs are very proud of these people. there is a dangerous black snake amongst us and he is Altaf Hussain (The Don)

    Altaf will be humiliated not only in this world but also in Akhrat (InshAllah)

  57. @altaftheterrorist
    Are you a candidate from khi or what who is so much worried about AH, bro dont do this, if you dont like AH why did you whatch his speech of 15 minutes as you know once he speak , no one tries to stop him as he says the conceptual things, tell me any instance when he give a wrong statement which you dont agry at all apart from MQM which i am sure you never agry with their policies and you have a right to oppose, he has no cprruption charges like Mr NS and BB. As far IK concerned he seems to be a patriotic person but cant do politics who was beaten by PUNJAB university where he thniks to be a popular member, u know that.
    Again i am telling you dont hate so much, this army is 80% punjab belonging and you better teach your offspring who obviuosly will go in army that do not hate other pakistani.
    Pakistan is a great nation and i love pakistan as a whole like i love my family, please be unite.
    Pakistan Zindabad

  58. @admin,
    what is this ? Please do insaaf and give everyone chance to write, the language which altaftheterrorist is using the worst and he still writing the messages without any issue,
    Please be a Pakistania and give everyone chance.

    Pakistan Zundabad

  59. what a so called leader, an acroabate of manouvering people, getting the things into concealed form/ His point of veiw is entirely hypocritic since he is also the frog of same well about that he is uttering poison.
    God may reveale his face to people of pure land.
    He is asking for an angel if mr iftikhar was following pco in past no is victim of past it doesnt mean there was no other factor during it.he was setting the things in write way.

  60. Admin

    If these Altaf lovers can talk against other leaders then i have every right to talk against Altaf terrorist

    LOL….he has no corruption charges but he has MURDER charges. And what about Bhatta
    Do not you think it is illegal…..

    Admin as long as these Altaf lovers will post their comments i will reply them.. as i said before that in order to avoid this situation…please place Altafs great statements in another section like comedy or crimes— and again to patriotic pakistanis send e mails and call geo if they give unnecessary coverage to this Don we will not support them and will not raise our voice for Geo


  61. Admin

    Please look the language used by Butt against army. This is pakistani army and indian agents are trying to create differences in army on ethnic basis..

    Shame on you Butt and your pir Altaf

  62. Admin

    can you please create a separate section for MANIAC people like altaftheterrorist
    So all his brothers can go to that section and find his rubbish to that section. Looks like he lost his mind since first time Altaf Hussain come into power and he will remain in power with the Grace of Allah.

    Please create section ASPA.Allah give you reward for this good deed.

    Jiye Pakistan,

  63. I am an urdu-speaking but hate to call myself a muhajir because these guys (altaf and his bhatta party) has first of all discredited the word muhajir, and second of all discredited my language. the only reason these terrorists are supporting mushi is because he is urdu-speaking,

  64. In pakistan’s history after Quaid-e-Azam and Liaquat Ali Khan only two leaders we got who are really very sincere for pakistan and pakistani Awaam and Pakistan’s economy..

    Aur wo hain two URDE Speaking BIG Personalities:

    PERVEZ Bhai & Altaf Bhai..

    Allah donon ka Salamat rakhe…Aameen Summa Ameen!!

  65. some bstrd from mqm had spammed youtube with anti imran videos having irrelevant tags and now they are also spamming this thread with junk posts

  66. How u feel, when u all wake up in the beautiful morning and u all read this news in the news papers, that Qazi Ahmed became a prime minister and fazul rehman became a president of pakistan. ask your self can moulvi and mullah run our country?,

  67. Hay Mazhar, Pakistan Lover, headbanger and others who are trying their best to convince the anti MQM People is wasting their time, beleive me they will never ever accept you (AGER APP LOG ASMAN SAY SITARAY BHI LA KAR INKAY HATH PER RAKH DO TU YEH NAHI MANAIN GY)
    Now the time has come when you people should stop explaining these things, Mustufa Kamal city nazim and MQM has proved it, thats enough.
    i know these punjabi and other people will not accept you because i m also Punjabi, but residing with in the Mohajirs Populated area, i know what the problem they faced in practical life.

  68. Can ay of the lovers of altaf hussain can tell me that MQM claims that it is aginst Fuedelism, but MQM has supported Fudels in every government from 1988 to 2002, and also itself becoming part of all fuedel governments and speaking agsinst fudels.

  69. hahahahahahaha yaar kia hy yeah
    kasam say koi aur country ho tu altaf hussain jisy log red light area kh nazim e ala ho.

  70. Hello to mqm spotters i thought that KARACHI has only one PAGEL altaf but after reading your comments i learned that there are not shortage of PAGELS.IK said right that altaf needs to admit in PAGEL KHANE.I request IK that u must make one mental hospital in Karachi for some MQM PAGELS.
    One of mqm spotter said if u don`t like altaf then don`t use under passes & over head bridge ask him can u tell us that when one over head bridge was broken that time your kmal said this not made by us this is under high way authority.
    My request to mqm spotter that please change your leader, this man(man?i m not sure)can`t present muhajirs.
    mqm spotters pls take it easy & enjoy these days establishment needs u so calm down.don`t show yourself extra u never know when establishment Chang their mind & they start again like nineties.
    latest mqm vote bank in sind 2 to 3%…hahaha.

  71. @all Altaf’s supporters and promoters

    When is this great leader who is on musharraf’s side coming back to pakistan to lead his people? He doesn’t have to be involved in any deal what so ever, to return yet he is still staying out of country?

  72. Hello to every one being a karachite i will like to anser few question regarding altaf hussain and MQM and open to critisizm .

  73. ask me questions that why a orginazation like MQM can have support in most viberent cultered and educated place of pakistan

  74. @

    MQM is established in Karachi at a grass root level. Any political party wishing to establish themselves in Karachi would have to work as hard as MQM did during the 80s, and at the same time face a hostile MQM. MQM worked extremely hard in karachi to establish themselves. Their entire leadership was persecuted and hunted down by establishment and yet they still managed to gain support among people because they showed their sincerety to people.


  75. guys did u hear that altaf joker on geo news.
    good jokes no
    and did u notice how scared the journalist sitting in news room was, usually a journalist in news room take hardly a minute to listen some one’s comment but that person in news room seemed very terified, he could not take out a single question in btw while altaf kutta was speaking.
    so imagine how the poor people of karachi and hyderabad would be afraid of MQM.
    peoples are afraid of being tourchered by MQM and that how MQM rule in karachi and hyderabad.
    never trust the current government benazir bhutto who’s proven to be a corrupt women.

  76. altaf is afraid if he comes back to pakistan people waiting to answere his killings, his tourchers on people who does not agree with him.
    and beleave me there are thousands of people who will give their life to kill him.
    my dad is a doctor, he says that once a patient came to the hospital who was tourchered by mqm. my dad says, that fellow was not even able to speak of what happened to him. they inserted red hot iron rods in his ureathra and his whole body was burned with sigrates.

  77. To hell with the term (civil society) this term is generated by Media & some jerk Journalists, in reality its smoke,dream nothing more than that .Tell me who is the rep.of this stupid civil society?

    Listen you cant make a difference until & unless you dont have a strong leader,political party & seats in both assemblies.So stop day dreaming.

    Imran Khan has no political say ,no strength,no street power & not to forget zero value in national assembly.

    Stupid (CJ) cannot bring change,lawyers are bunch of thugs.

  78. and yes one more thing that i got to tell u how their party runs and how altaf sitting in london enjoying his life.
    mqm put pistols on the business people head and take monthly fixed money from them, through all illegal ways of getting money. this money runs party and altaf sitting in london doing nothing.

  79. Can any one reply me that is the M
    1) is the MQM responsible for BHATTA in rural sindh and particularly in Punjab?
    2) Is MQM responsible for preparing and maintaining Sub Jail in Sindh and Punjab?
    3) Is MQM responsible for giving an oportunity to middle class educated people to contest the election using the plateform of MQM?
    4) Every one knows MQM has millitant wing and they have made mistakes cum blunders but can any one give me a single political party or religious party name who do not have brutal militant wing? whether or not these political or religious party establish before or after the inception of MQM?
    5) please tell me what MQM had received inherited from Pakistani political culture.

  80. mr. voice u think i am one of MQM who is gonna be afraid of being tourchered or being killed. infact i dont give a shit to MQM’s threats. i’ll give my life but never be on side of killers. so stop threatning me. i don’t give a shit to killers.
    i understand ur politics is all about killing but remember khan never accepts to be ruled by peoples like MQM. look at the history of pathans u’ll see that we have never put our heads in the foots of oppressors!!!!!!!!!!

  81. So Here this Guy Voice is showing real face of MQM. He is threatening those who are writing against Altaf Paan Wala. Even they cannot take criticizm in blogs and websites and i wonder what will be on ground in Karachi and Hyderabad. One of the sector commander of MQM has occupied Pakistan and he is doing each and everything to put the existance of Pakistan into question. On 12th May when MQM killed 50 people and attacked Aaj Tv in karachi their sector commander in Islamabad was dancing and I quote him “Today people have shown their power in Karachi” At the moment MQM has got all powers as one of their man has occupied this country. But that day is not far when Musharraf will be hanged as he has violated constitution of pakistan. As soon as Mushaarf is out, these MQM thughs and goons will run away to South Africa and UK once again.

    One request to ADMIN that for safety and security reasons please look at I.P address of “Voice” keeping in view his threates to jalal khan. It is a serious matter.

  82. He is such an idiot why did i even wasted my time listining him. Honestly i have never seen such a drama personality in my life….full of crap.

  83. Ahmed in resposnse to your questions:

    1) No one has said MQM is responsible for BHTTA in Punjab and in rural Sindh. By saying this are you justifing that MQM does this because other parties do too. If yes, then you are no different. Eat shit like the other parties do.

    2)No one supports this and infact if this is in your knowledge that this is what happening in Sindh..then, MQM is the party leading the provincial govt. in Sindh why do not they take actions against this , specially when you guys are sitting on Generals lap these days.

    3)I agree you gave chance to middle class….but what this has changed in kakarchi..it would have been an acheivment only if the condition of a middle class or for that reason poor in karachi would have chnaged..nothing has change…infact middle class has vanished into poor in lasst 15 years…Babar Ghori just got richer.

    4) PTI is the party with no militant wing.

    5) please tell me what MQM had received inherited from Pakistani political culture??? not sure what you mean by this but i thought MQM was formed to bring the change to pass on better political culture to the next generation of this g8 nation…but instead what your leader did was “You kill…I kill… we all kill and rule”!!!!!!

  84. @ImranKarachi
    Imran, this is not the issue what MQM is doing and what others, the thing is what people are doing in this forum that they have mind set that always oppose people from MQM and they mean it Mohajirs which is not the right thing. Why they think differently when it comes to mohajirs no one talk about sindhi or punjabi pr pathan always points mohajirs.
    This is really unfair and you will except this truth that this is most neglected nation since long time so if someone replies in favor of MQM then it also because people says bad words again mohajirs and no one will accept it if others have no difference in behavior.
    Pakistan Zindabad

  85. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

    @ all MQM lovers and representatives!!

    MQM consists of lame bastards. They have brutally killed so many innocent ppl and raped so many girls. All of you who are supporting altaf after knowing all this will be like you have an equal share in all those killings.

    I am sure one day all of you will get to know MQM, when they will kill your relatives or rape your sisters, then you will know what they been doing to the ppl.


  86. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    @ all MQM lovers and representatives!!

    MQM consists of lame bast****. They have brutally killed so many innocent ppl and raped so many girls. All of you who are supporting altaf after knowing all this will be like you have an equal share in all those killings.

    I am sure one day all of you will get to know MQM, when they will kill your relatives or rape your sisters, then you will know what they been doing to the ppl.



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