Heroes of Pakistan

Honorable Judges who Refused to take Unconstitutional Oath under President (illegal) Musharraf

Supreme Court Judges:

– Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry
– Justice Rana Bhagwandas
– Justice Khalil ur Rehman Ramday
– Justice Falak Sher
– Justice Sardar Ahmed Raza
– Justice Tassudaq Hussain Jillani
– Justice Ghulam Rabbani
– Justice Shakir-ullah Jan
– Justice Raja Fayyaz
– Justice Syed Jamshed Ali
– Justice Naseer-ul-Mulk

Chief Justice Sindh High Court
– Justice Sabih Uddin Ahmed

Chief Justice Peshawar High Court
– Justice Tariq Pervez

Sindh High Court judges
– Justice Ahmed Hussain Jaffery
– Justice Khilji Arif Hussain
– Justice Amir Hani Muslim
– Justice Gulzar Ahmed
– Justice Maqbool Baqar
– Justice Muhammad Athar Saeed
– Justice Faisal Arab
– Justice Sajjad Ali Shah
– Justice Zafar Khan Sherwani
– Justice Salman Ansari
– Justice Abdul Rasheed Kalhwar
– Justice Arshad Siraj

Lahore High Court judges
– Justice Khwaja Muhammad Sharif
– Justice Saqib Nisar
– Justice Asif Khosa
– Justice Muhammad Tahir Ali
– Justice Ijaz Ahmed Chaudhry
– Justice M A Shahid Siddiqui
– Justice Muhammad Jahangir Arshad
– Justice Iqbal Hameed-ur-Rehman
– Justice Muhammad Ata Bandial
– Justice Shaikh Azmat Saeed
– Justice Jawad S. Khawaja

Peshawar High Court
– Justice Ejaz Afzal Khan

-Justice Shah Jahan Khan
– Justice Dost Muhammad

Lawyers Community
– Chaudhry Aitzaz Ahsan
– Ali Ahmed Kurd
– Justice Tariq Mehmood
– Munir Malik

– Justice Wajeehuddin Ahmed
– All Bar Councils & Lawyers Community that are struggling for Pakistan

Media Entities that got Victimized by President (illegal) Musharraf
TV Anchors
– Kashif Abbasi
– Asma Sherazi
– Talat Hussain

– Nusrat Javed
– Mushtaq Minhaas
– Javed Chaudhry

– Hamid Mir

News Editors
– Ansar Abbasi

TV Channels

– Geo Network
– ARY One World

108 thoughts on “Heroes of Pakistan

  1. “We have every right to dream heroic dreams. Those who say that we’re in a time when there are no heroes, they just don’t know where to look.” – Ronald Reagen

  2. I am proud that people like you all are in Pakistan – otherwise there would have been no future for Pakistan – you are our heroes and your names would be wirtten in the history of Pakistan in golden letters.

    May Allah bless you all and your famaliies.

    Pakistan Zindabad




    God bless all of you!!!

  4. Kindly add another section into the heroes of Pakistan


    Imran Khan
    Qazi Hussain Ahmad
    Mahmood Khan Achakzai & other boycotting parties


  5. I was a supporter of Imran and was all for voting for him but I had to change my mind as a local goon, dada type of person who is criminal and QABZA group of suburbs of Islamabad his name is JAMEEL ABBASI. This person was given a ticket by PTI. He belongs to the same area Imran lives, Bani Galla. I know this person so well that I had to change my mind about Imran. Now I will not vote for any one as it is not Imran running from all the constituancies he will nominate people and if his choice is this I am sorry folks sorry to tell you that Imran’s judgement is wrong. I thank God when Imran bycotted elections.

  6. Please dont include Qazi IN THIS LIST. He and his party have supported each and every dictator, and protested agianst every deocratic government.

    Mr ACHAKZAI is definitely a democrat and hero.
    IK should apologize to the nation for suporting musharaf.

  7. IK is one man show. He supported MUSH in Referendum. I don’t see any other names in his party. He will have to choose other people and that is where corrupt people come.

    We have to choose a party which is a political part and not a NGO.
    A political good party of national level with good agenda can make a difference and not indivisuals like IK.

  8. If Quiad-e-Azam had boycotted 1946 elections on the grounds that those were under British Raj or fear of rigging or corrupt politicains then PAKISTAN was not possible.

    Politics is name of achieving goals in avaiable situations.

  9. @ Yaqub2005

    well said regarding 1946 elections.

    however i wud request u not to target IK or other boycott group and rather focus on real culprits of mush and co.

    for all those who beleive in rule of law and are having the same objective of restoratiion of judiciary, please do IKHTILAAF but not MUKHALIFAT.

  10. I believe this list MUST have included the names

    Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan

    Chief Justice Saeed uz Zaman Siddiqui

    and other 5 judges including Justice Wajeeh ud Din

    who refused to take oath under PCO in 1999

  11. I think it’s the time for our nation to support whoever is right, regardless of individual or group. If one man is right and rest of the bunch is exploiters still that one man is right.

    In reference to IK, my only reason to support him, as he has given results. Either he is dictator or egoistic, he has given results and Allah supported him all the way.

    He supported Musharraf, like millions other people, even I did, we were wrong at that time, but the ambition and objective, if it’s clear, will lead you there if you learn from your mistakes.

    Besides IK, what my prediction is, this time there will be a blend parliament, may b for a couple of months or more then a year. Therefore I am looking forward to the election after that, which will matter a lot to decide our fate.

    May Allah give us prosperity, faith and rule of law?

  12. This is not fair on the part of managements of ARY,AAJ TV to not stand with these anchors. Anchors like Talat Hussain and Kashif Abbassi are anchors of international status. Nusrat Javed and Mushtaq Minhas had their own lighter and humoral way of presenting politics .Asma Sherazi is an emerging and very composed anchor with a great future. Unfortunately this country is run by unprofessional people who have tried to destroy every emerging star in our country.

  13. slam to all of you
    as i have read all these comments and these heroes
    well firstly shocking imran khan is not included in this
    i will talk logically here
    1. imran party was based on the slogan of justice so he is the one who has been
    raising a voice for 11 years and by god grace we got an opportunity now which seems like has been missed.
    2. 1 guy raised a voice and said imran should apologize that he supported mushrraf. I do not know how come people talk without knowledge while if they are
    writing a mail definetly they are educated they have got a good common sense imran khan was the frist politician who opposed musharf aftersupporting him and various time he apologized to the nation.Its imran khan who has dare to come out and face the nation.
    Hiow people talk this shit that makes me disappointed and hopeless that no one can save the country though i am doing my best and i pray to god that he will help the country.
    3. Person who spoke against musharaf openly, person who spoke against mqm
    while none of the (ma ka bacha ) politician even not speak today against them, A person who stood up against jamiat , the person who sacrified his personal life for this nation, His all fame and money i mean he can go any where to spend a peaceful life and still can be in the news without this dirty politics .
    if my nation cannt understand him then what they will understand.
    khuda hafiz to all of you

  14. We are the nation who forget their heros very soon…. if you do not belive me wait till the elections and see what happens to the present heros.
    Iftikhar chaudry without any doubt took a big decesion on March 9th but he himself took oath under PCO in 2002???
    Qadeer khan was our hero but did we took out any rally any movement or any thing to show our resentment? Once our heros are gone then it is just BARSI, YUM E PAIDAISH, with big funtions to remember their sayings and their Ehsaans. If you disagree then tell me what happened to our MOTO UNITY FAITH DISCIPLINE? but yes we spend millions on 25 december to remember him, every whos who will go for Fateha, flowers and come back home and try to see what are the other means to make money even if it is at the cost of PAKISTAN…. May Allah give hadaya to every one Amen.

  15. This is a very Short list, Real Heroes are Pakistani who are struggling for Democracy and Rule of Law . However, Head is Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry.

  16. To all critic of Imran Khan!!!!

    He did support Mush Initialliy like me and many pakistani did!!! this support was not personally for Musharaf but the 7 point Agenda he gave us. He didnt fulfill his promises so we have to change our opinions about him OR do you want us to support him even he is wrong??? What you would have done???
    ABOVE ALL!!!! he has appologised for this millions of time and i dont know what else you guys want.
    He spoke about Rule of law and inependent juidicery 11 years ago, No one Listen to him at that time BUT today every one has realised he was right on this issue and every one is supporting for independent judiciary and rule of law.
    If Politics is just to gain Power, I tell you what he would have been your PM now. Everyone knows how many time he has been offered positions in Government. His objectives are way ahead of your thoughts. He is man of Wisdom, vision, chrismatic leader. It may take time But Inshallah his intentions and efforts will come true one day.
    People who dont find anything to blame at him, they start propaganda of one man show or attack on his personal life.Please guys grow up!!!!
    Ofcourse when there are PML and PPP old political parties, it takes time for any party to penetrate in PAKISTANI politics.PTI is doing good mashllah and imroving day by day. This is open forum for everyon. If you think PTI is one man show and no one is there to lead their true path then WHAT are you waiting for?? Join them if you are good enough else NO -ve criticsm please, Positive crticism is always good for any Political party.

    I am an adult with my own opinion and thoughts. My bro has the same mind like you guys OPPORTUNITY POLITIS not politics of principles or for people of pkaistan. SO i told him i will not vote for becase i can not trust any one who doesnt think about country over all but about himself!!!! I hope each of us behave resposibaly and choose the right person with right vision and objectives.

    May Allah Bless My Sweat Paksitan!!!!!!
    Take care of yourself and everyone around you.
    Kamran Muhammad

  17. Alll Above names are my Heroes Including Imran Khan and every one practice for the benifits of country!!!!!
    Also, the lady who is dealing with missing person!!!! I really appreciate her efforts!!!

    My Allah Bless Pakistan

  18. Hi,

    Someone has mentioned here Justice.fukhur ud din ibrahim name. Definanetly his name should be there on two counts .

    a) First he refused to take oath under pco in 1980 under zia ul haq regime alongwith justice Durrab patel

    b) secondly , his contribuiton as a leading lawyer.

    Justice Iftikhar Ch. has definately stood this time (and i admire him for his stand) but he took oath under pco in 2000 when Justice Wajih ud Din Ahmed refused forgoing about 12 years of prospective Chief Justice ship (Had he taken oath , he would have become CJ in 2006 and would have continued till 2018).

    Justice Iftikhar was also member of the bench who not only give legitimancy to mush but also gave him powers to amend contiution.

    For ones , who don’t believe that PTI is not one man show , please give me the names of four provincial presidents and secretary general. i m 99% sure that no one on this forum knows these 8 names. Gentleman , lets not deny facts.


  19. You may right to some extent Asif!!!!
    The name you asked, I dont know unless i try to find them. Not Just PTI but for an party, i dont know these names.
    one question!!!

    Is this the criteria to cast a vote? i can go for long debate but seems follish!!!

    I look for party with vision and with true intentions and high objectives. Q league has good person in party and (as u wish) famous name as well but i will ot vote for them because of our all objectives and the approach of a paty.
    one question!!!

    Change your mind my brother and look for right person not just a name!!!He got educated people. you dont knw them beacuse they have not been in power and Media dosnt give them coverage!!!!! But i assure you there are educated person and vote for them. You will see Imran’s team will be Best like ever!!!!

    May Allah help Him and PTI!!1
    Long Live Pakistan!!!

  20. Dear Kamran ,

    I m very amazed by your msg.

    You don’t know history and so want to confirm. nice — So , first go and study some history.

    Now , coming to PTI , u don’t know the names of persons but believe that they r educated people . Very well said sir — very well said. Since u like imran khan as a person , so his compatriats r also good people although u don’t know them. Nice logic.

    Sir , go for proess don’t go for persons . Imran supported mush becaz his agenda although he was a dictator in 1999 as well. But since he was out of power in that era , he didn’t mind winding up of whole constitutional . waht type of logic is this. Mushraf didn’t oblige him or imran didn’t oblige him, whatever happened , now he is against him as person and ready to sit with anybody against him. Is this process ? or personality clash ?


  21. Yaar ASKHAN75!!!!

    You are all over the place,i dont know what’s your argument.Please make a reasonable point so i can respond accordingly.
    I have explained couple of points above which you have raised before. I hope you will come up with reasonable objection against IK or PTI.

    I don’t want to be a critic of anyone here but i just tell you one thing. I am not happened to be a part of any party BYCHANCE (family linkage), I support PTI by My CHOICE. I am proud of my choice.

    Long Live Pakistan!!!!!!!

  22. Dear Kamran,

    Point is simple .
    “U don’t know anyone in PTI but still they r good people” …. … whats basis of this character certficate

    Btw, from where this family link has popped up ??? ? would u mind throwing some light….

  23. There you go!!!!!!! Askhan75

    First Let me make or clear information right.

    I dind’t say i dont know any one in PTI but what i mean was that the people you asked above, i dont know all of them. I bet more than 90% of people don’t know that hirachey for any politcal party!!! How about yourself ???

    Let’s clear a family linkage issue!!!! I don’t know about ourself. However, mostly peole in Pakistan vote for anyone who is from their family somehow or someone from their family know thay guy somehow or whole brothery is voting for that guy or they have some personal benifits with the win of this guy Regarldess of what he thinks about country or what’s his party’s objectives are.

    Now a days nothing hard to find, you dont need to meet some one personally to know about that guy!!! How many Election candidate did you meet personally of your party???
    In case you want to find out about PTI, there is web site or go their offices or take part any compaign or demonstration they have. I f yu think they will get personally to you, i am afraid that it is hard to full fill this wish BUT we can comunicate they way i am doing now. Why i said they are good is based on their vision, objectives, intentions, spirits and above all their mission which is JUSTICE and RULE OF LAW in Pakistan. they have proved how strongly they can go for their mission. They just dont want come in power but wants to come in POWER with People’s support. This is why Imran has rejected to be a dummy PM. Else you would have seen so many famous ppl and names as Govt guys gets more coverage on TV. his is how we came toknow about others. I am hopefull that one day you will chnage your mind to and think It’s not matter of one man or more or famous names or hiddennames BUT it’s matter of rule and principle. it’smatter of how you learn from your mistakes. it’s mtter of your thooughts and obectives for a country. Every body or party could have his own point of view, i dont mind it. When i said i choosed PTI by my choice then it means i have been closely related to these all parties, my all family still doesnt support PTi but things are improving inmy family as well as al over the pakistan for PTI.

    Brother Askhan75, i hope i did make few things clear for you at least!!!
    and if you ae the one who keep saying CROW I WHITE NO But CROW IS WHITE….. believe me i can not prove to him that NO crow is Black!!!!

    Long Live Pakistan!!!!!

    Back to your point now!!!! When i say those

  24. @Asif,
    Change is only possible if you have a top down approach. If we are pro IK that means we believe he could bring change and that change will transform from top to bottom.

    What I have seen, any where in the Fareast (Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore), people and individuals are far dishonest then us but still they have no chance to commit any crime, because there leadership and mechanism is so strong. So we need someone who doesn’t have lust and greed, but honesty and strictness.

    We just need system ”education and justice’’; rest of the things will be obtained automatically.

    What ever party you support, you support it because of its vision and leadership, which is known in the case of PTI, that’s why people support it. Knowing the hierarchy is not the point of debate.

  25. I don’t want to make any personal comments by saying whose crow is white or black. let the audience decide on that.

    I still stand by that if someone is saying that this party is good , then he must be knowing a few people in that . One doesn’t know that who is part of the party , who is a office bearer , but even then insist that these people r good. if its only one person , then its a personality worship nothing else .

    U tell me a single party whose mainfesto doesn’t state these universal principles ? Everybody says that . So whats the difference …

    PTI has not been able to implement rule of law / democraccy in its organization let alone hope that it will be able to do in the country.

    Everyone should talk of himself not drag his family issues here.


  26. James 78 ,

    i m not speaking of knowing a hierarchy. Just knowing or following one person is pesonality worship.

    Is there anybody who can take imran’s place. no one– Then where is party ? Where is orgnaization ? Its just Imran Khan’s fan club.

    Bahi , i myself an admirer of IK .. Not becaz of his sportsmanship but becaz of social work . But we need processes (mechanism as suggested by u ) not personalities .

  27. Jis ney sikhlaee afraad ko jurrat mandi phir sey ik baar
    Is mulk key har us munsif-e-bebak ko salaam

    Time was when Pakistan had few people to be proud of. Now so many, a whole string of men of integrity and principle who we can look up to, that counting has become difficult. Never was it truer that to the darkest clouds there can be a silver lining. This may be a bleak moment in our history — indeed, perhaps the bleakest — but it has brought out some of the best in the Pakistani nation.

  28. @askhan75,

    In reference to replacement mind it the replacement keeping by other political parties is also very thin. If you mean to say the fantastic replacement introduced by PPP in the shape of Bilawal B Zardari, then I think that is ironic and dictatorship within a so called democratic party.

    Supporting IK is just supporting ideology not personality. What he has done is a contribution using his personality. The way he is keeping his profile that’s impressive too, wearing shalwar qamiz and not speaking English when he speaks in Urdu. May be it’s a small thing but reflects the characteristic of a personality.

    From the first day he is raising his voice for justice and education. What I think, that’s the only two things needed, and for rest of the things we are competent enough as a nation and individual to get it anyways. Rural areas are casting most of votes not because the rural proportion is higher but due to the following of Lambardar and Chowdharies, because they are not educated, innocent and get the justice from above two characters, so they follow nothing else but them. So we need to educate them and provide them justice without involving these two titles and characters.

  29. @Jams78

    People here say that PTI is one man show, I have just put it to remind them Hamid Khan is next to IK & everybody here knows Hamid Khans role in lawyers movement & apperciates as well but they might not know that he is SVP of PTI. So my point was PTIs leadership role in lawyers movement is unquestionable.

  30. @Asif.

    Sorry Asif actually i wanted to address @askhan75. I got your point earler too but it was just my mistake that i pointed you out instead of askhan75. SORRY again..

  31. @askhan75

    Is there anybody who can take imran’s place. no one– Then where is party ?


    The lawyer Hamid Khan is one of the key leaders of lawyers movement & former President SCBA, hes Senior Vice President of PTI & heres a glimpse of his struggle.



    The only political party whose leadership struggled at the highest level for rule of Law at both fronts i.e; at lawyers movement (by Hamid Khan) & at political front (by IK).
    Have you any example of any of the political parties fighting for rule of Law at both fronts equally well at the highest level during the whole crisis from March9 till date.

  32. ASKHAN, Which one is your party?? Then it would be better to comunicate with you??

    If you dont belong to any party then make your own if you think you have ability to do something for country. or your role is just to have negative crticism or propaganda against people who are willing to serve their people and country?

    Long Live Pakistan!!!

  33. KAMRAN ,
    U don’t have answers to my questions so i think the same way that its uesless to communicate with idol (personality) worshipers.

    I have just asked for the process in PTI for which u have got no answer . Hamid Khan was mentioned , thats not on the website . U have no answer for that .

    Countries long live due to processes not due to personalities. Imran Khan may be a great person but his contributions / statue is far shorter than Mr.Jinnah. When Mr.Jinnah’s personality couldn’t save pakistan from disintegration than ?????

  34. thx for correcting me .

    As far my credentials r concerned , i m an ordinary sutdent of sub-continetal politics .

    Hope now u will also enlighten me on the process in PTI . How Hamid Khan got to this rank ? nomination or election or ?

    Have a nice day.

  35. Being a student of politics you should enlighten us instead of asking for help from us, have you thoroughly studied the organistan of PTI & how it works. Its good thing to discuss.

    I got my interest back right after March9, otherwise I was fed up with the status quo of our rulers(both with skin or without making fun of the poor masses all the time)
    At that point of time I found PTI to be determined & fighting for Rule of Law equaly well at both fronts (political as well as Lawyers movement) & thats all.

  36. Gentelmen ,

    This is after studying the so-called system of PTI that i have been disillusioned . In fact there is no system. Everything depends on imran khan . There is no democracy / election process in the party . Every office bearer is nominated. So , in my oponin its not different from any other party in Pakistan. ( May be Jammat Islami or ANP can be considered as exemptions to a certain extent )

    March 9 was a big event in Pakistan history.

    But let me tell u that history of pakistan is full of landmark judgements. For interested i would emphasize on two . 26 may 1993 (NS vs Federation of Pakistan case ) where NA dissolved by GIK was restored. That judgement was undermined by army again and hence assemblies were again dissolved on july 18,1993.
    Even bigger was 20 march , 1996 (Al jehad trust case) judgement were the rule of seniority was set for the judges to become CJ and which eventually led to downfall of BB govt in 96 and then Sajjad Ali Shah’s disgracefull exit in dec , 97.

    Let me emphasize a bit further on this judgement , that this judgement was worst violtated during mushraf regime with the support of all CJ’s leading from Irshad Hassan Khan (Jan 2000) to Iftikhar Chaudary ( Mar / Nov , 2007). And one of the suffers as a result of this violation became Iftikhar Chaudary himself becaz he had to face an adverse Supreme Judicial Council .

    Summing up and coming back to point , 9 march event was a big one but the history of constitutional struggle and struggle for rule of law is not new and can’t be confined to persons like Iftikahar Chaudary or Imran Khan who just joined now. (Yes , even late starters they r more than welcome ).

    I think i have made my points quite clear. Have a nice day.

  37. You are a student of Politics & I am not, so our perception of looking at the things is totaly different & it should be.

    You look at stats & I look at the wave generated by people like Iftikhar, Aitzaz, Muneer Ahmed, Kurd, Hamid Khan, Justice Tariq Mehmood at the lawyers end & IK at political end. They inspired the educated youth & civil society for the Rule of Law. You can’t count them, why? Becuse its a wave & wave can be bigger or smaller but it cannot be numbered.
    Being a student of politics you can question that. And I am OK with it. But for me the most important thing is leadership skills of IK.
    PTI is one of the few parties founded by a civilian and its a big achievement by PTI that with only single seat in parliament they struggled at par or even better then the other major parties. This is the difference in PTI & rest of the parties.

  38. My dear friend ,

    The thing u r calling ‘Leadership Skill’ is not Leadership Skill , its only ‘Personality Chrisma’. ( No doubt about his personality attraction).

    As far as party founded by a civilian is concerned , u tell me i will give u atleast 10 parties with this characteristic.

    PTI was formed in 1996 . In 11 years , IK has not been able to implement a system ( u can also call it process or rule of law) in his tiny party . That casts a lot of doubt on his credentials and intentions.

  39. askhan75 ,

    So you have accepted the effect of his struggle thats more important for me than the reason behind his success(personality charisma or whatsever). Its an attribute to him that hes using his personality chrisma constructively to bring a change.

    My concern is the participation & interest of civil society especialy educated youth in this struggle & for which the credit goes to PTI, whether you call it personality chrisma or whatsoever. IK is doing it with sincerety & persistantly And that differentaiates PTI from rest of the traditional parties doing the “politics of slogans, revenge & hatered by maintaining the status quo”.

    He introduced some content into the political debates on the talk shows, forcing the people to “think” which is the key to change.You have doubts in him BUT I have no doubts in him, he won’t let us down as a nation. He is the one who can represent us better & lead us from front. For TRUST hes the unquestionable winner.
    He has given a new hope & spirit to the youth to enter into the struggle of Rule for Law, thats enough for me. The reason behind his success is his resilience.

    Lets hail his contribution in compelling the people for “change”.

  40. @ Asif Asif yaar I did my best to comunicate with ASKHAN but all in Vain. Finally i decided to be quite against person like him. His crow is white and willl remain white. He doesnt know that with one seat PTI has played major role as an opposition. This was all because of Imran Khan’s leadership skills. Just for sake of ASKHAN if we think PTI is one man show then he has to admit the abilities of his leadership skills that ONE MAN has made so much of contribution that eveywhere especially youg generation loves him. Even those who are in politically in other parties or voter of any party loves Imran and have nothing to say against his leadership skills!!!!! So just let ASKHAN stay alone. Only God can help him out. Above all he doesnt belong to any party, he doesnt have any current favourite leader, he doesnt have any solution of all the problem so whats the purpose to talk such folk!!!!!

    ASKHAN what i am saying all is you can see here at pk politics. I dont know when you joined this pkpolitics site but i am using since it started. In start, here on pkpolitics was a poll (you may ask admin ot see in polls), In that pool around 88% (more or less) people voted for IMRAN khan as their favourte leader. He got more than 1500 vote at least on that site or even more i guess…not sure at the moment. U may check in Polls.

    Only Allah can help you!!!!
    May Allah Bless Pakistan

  41. Dear All ,

    I don’t know when we will be able to accept the differene of oponions instead of ridiculating each other. Mr.Kamran has been very kind to me and passing remarks about me but this only reflects his back ground. So, i don’t see any point in answering to him.

    Dear friends , u have refered to 2 links above , the first link is working but unfortuantely doesn’t say any thing about the process , organisztion in PTI . The second link is not working at the moment.

    I think there is another topic already open discussing IK in another thread ( i came to know about that after sending my last msg) . By doing this discussion our here we have already deviated a lot from the topic of thread so it would be better that move to that forum / thraead.


    Dear friends , let me suggest one thing in the end .
    Poltics is not mathematics which is straight forward. Its a multi angled phenomenon. Everyone has a different opoinon about the same set of problems but this doesn’t mean that person differing with me is necessarily corrupt and need to be ridiculated. If u can’t respect your opponent then this is Fascism.

    Differ with idealogy don’t differ with person.

  42. My only question is why we are relucting to accept someonez efforts instead of looking at politics like mathematics & not staright forward as well in your own words.
    So you have accepted his efforts in this struggle but at the same time you don’t wanna give credit, its upto you.
    Anyway I am looking forward you too to bring a change as well but positive. Thanks for your time & have a nice day. You can also find the views of PTI leadership at following links.




  43. My only question was about the process in PTI for which i never got an answer. This question is based on his track record which i have elaborated in earlier msgs.

    I don’t know what credit u want to get .

    Have a nice time .

  44. My friend,

    If nominations r a right thing to take place in PTI , then whats wrong with Gen.Mush’s dictatorship.

    On what principle PTI calls for democracy ? Today , this guy u refered in previous emails , Dr.Alvi, has been NOMINATED as secretray general of the party. Is this democracy ?

    When PTI is such a champion of democracy , why there is no democracy in itself. Probably , its called “HYPOCRACY”.

  45. How you come up to know that Dr. Arif Alvi is nominated instead of being elected by central executive committee?
    Are you a member of CEC PTI?

  46. askhan75

    Are you a investigative reporter or a student like us? Well its my last comment to your posts.
    And I would wish you all the best to come forward & lead the nation instead of bashing the one whos doing something good.

  47. @ Asif
    hahaha Man i have done this long ago to this guy what you said in your last comment. Remember Crow is white!!!!!!!!!!hehehe
    Leth him leave alone!!! one day he will accept the fact by himself thats Imran is the only best Leader at the moment and PTI is a sincere and party of educated personalities.
    I m satisfy with the rapid growth of PTI. which is always going up and up with the passage of time. he need to find out by himslef if he really wants to find about PTI. Everything is available at net.

    May Allah Bless Paksitan!!!

  48. Thanks Asif for conceeding that u don’t have any answers to points that i raised.

    Lets be happy in our own utopias.

    I m not an investigator reporter but a student of politics for last 20 years . I have been observing sub-continental politics since 1986-87.

    May Allah Bless Masses of Pakistan.

  49. For 20 yearssssssss. Then keep on observing. And I realy commend your efforts that at last in your 20 years political studies & observation you did able to find IK to bash on. Well done bro, you have done justice to your 20 years long political observation & studies. I realy appreciate the OUTPUT of your 20 years observation.

  50. @Asif

    As i mentioned earlier , i m a student of politics/political history . for a student of these areas, 20 years is not that big time .

    Secondly , i don’t think i bashed IK or anybody else. As a student , i just raised some questions about his politics . Is that objectionable ?

    U take all my points in this thread and point to a single comment which can be considered bashing , anything personal ….. yes i made some questions and never got a direct answer to those ……

    I have requested earlier as well that we should accept difference of oponion with regards. If we differ on views , is that necessary that we exchange personal punches or challenge each others credentials? Is this democracy we speak off ?

  51. It is the best that these heros of our did……. but woudnt it have been better if they would have had stayed with in the system and look for the best they could avail in it….. I know they were sent back by Musharaf but they could have made a compromise for the time n get their base firm for some major Participation in future ……… they are out of the scene now……..
    nyways I salute these heros from with in the depth of my heart ……

  52. In my opinoin , at this cruical moment the best leader for our country would be imran khan, by looking back at his history, i beleive he would be the best leader to take pakistan out of this crisis. I believe imran khan has the potential to come up as a strong democratic leader for all pakistani brothers and sisters, most of all he is well educated and well aware of majority European countries that how they run there sucessfull governement.

    Morethan that i will request all my paki brothers to please accept the reality, and vote for right person, i want them to think and then give their votes because a single vote can change the history of pakistan, and please dont go for PML and PPP any more and both of them have been proved as courrpt governments which destorys pakistan, The time has come where every pakistani should think now about pakistan future. At this time if pakis stop thinking then a time will come that there will be different states within pakistan.

    At the end i will conclude my discussion by saying that the only punishment mush deserves is to be hanged in front of all pakistan.

    This is my first time i am writing for any paper, so my appoligies to all of you for any mistakes made.

  53. When I clicked on heroes, I was expecting Abdus Salam, Edhi, and the like. This is quite a disappointment – they are heroes, but aren’t we forgetting so many others?

  54. i think ….
    our lawyers …our media men …
    they are the Heros in the true sense of words for us …
    i salute all of them…..

  55. Dear Admin

    Just wanted to know if Dr. Shahid Masood is still there. I’ve neither seen him or Hamir Meer for a while…

  56. Every time a dictator moved on to Pakistan, there were always few people who stood up to him.

    After all LFOs, many of the judges took stand for truth and resigned
    Media person resigned when they were asked to act upon orders from a dictators
    Even politicians refused to bend in front of a dictator and faced death, life sentences and exiles.

    But I don’t remember even one army general resigning because his boos asked him to break constitution. In all of the martial law years how many examples do we of army generals or other officers standing down for truth

    This seriously make me question the moral values of Pakistani army officers. Is there not a single army officer who stand up to musharaff and resigns for taking action against the media, judiciary, waziristan and the parliament.

    I believe the real problem in Pakistan is the army. Our army is so brave that after every eight or ten years they attack Prime Minister House. Then they either hang the prime mister, imprison him or through him in exile. Then for next eight to ten years the army general with the full support of his subordinates, rip the constitution apart, make changes they suits himself and his rule, take the freedom of speaking truth and kill justice.

    By the way on the professional grounds. Army has lost half of the country, humiliatingly laid down their weapons in front of Indian army. The uniform of our general and his gun is on display in Indian army academy. But all of that was acceptable and we were still proud of them, until they turned the guns towards our own people, start killing the innocent on the name of war against terror.

    May Allah Help us. But as they say God help those who help themselves.

  57. @ admin

    Why is the name of Justice Shahjehan Khan of the Peshawar High Court ommitted from this list? Did he take an oath under the PCO or did he fall foul of you? If none of the above, it is strange that you have not included his name in this list.

  58. The names of the people mentioned above, and all the others whom we know very well, have played and are still playing a pivotal role in the democratic restoration process…ill agree with many commentators on the view that these are the people who are “heroes in the real sense”…these are the people we need, to back the nation and the country for a better tomorrow…i specially commend the media, who despite many influences from you know who, have adhered to their aim and nationalism and have portrayed what was required….the important part is that we Pakistanis, have to join the race and strive and discharge our duties effectively in our respective capacities…we are no less than any one…we are talented, wise and have a clear idea of what is happening around….
    I pray to Allah for Pakistan’s bright future…..

  59. i salute all of you,you are keeping our hope alive.nation is proud of you guys.we r like that due to lack of guidance and leadership but we can bounce back.god bless you and your families who r supporting you we all r with you.i feel proud to talk about you guys in america and tell them these r real pakistanis.

  60. Ex-chief justice, wife and children held in Islamabad
    · No school or check-ups for disabled eight-year-old

    Declan Walsh in Islamabad
    Friday February 8, 2008
    The Guardian

    Pakistan’s youngest political prisoner lives in a house on a hill just a few hundred metres from President Pervez Musharraf’s soaring presidential palace in Islamabad. Little about him is typical. He is physically disabled, spends his days watching cartoons on TV, and is eight years old.
    Bilaj Chaudhry is the son of Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry, Pakistan’s former chief justice. Since he was fired by Musharraf three months ago, the judge, his wife and four children have been locked in their house. Barbed wire barricades block the street, armed police and intelligence agents swarm outside, and visitors are forbidden. The phones have been cut, the water supply disrupted, and an employee who delivers food is carefully searched. Even stepping on to the front lawn is forbidden.

    For Musharraf’s critics, who now include several retired generals, their ordeal highlights the parlous state of the law as Pakistan hurtles towards elections on February 18. The detention is “entirely unlawful” said a report by the Lahore-based Rule of Law project yesterday.
    Chaudhry has remained silent, communicating only through angry letters smuggled out to fellow lawyers. But this week his 16-year-old daughter, Palwasha, gave the Guardian a rare interview using a mobile phone. “I’m sitting upstairs and I can see the intelligence men and police from my window. There’s maybe 50 of them,” she said. “We can’t leave.”

    The A-level student – nicknamed “the commander” by the judge’s allies for her ability to smuggle things in and out of the house – said life inside the five-bedroom jail was difficult. A padlock hangs on the front gate and nobody can enter or leave – not even Palwasha’s brother, Bilaj, who has been disabled since birth. “He needs a monthly checkup. But that is physically impossible, as you can see,” she said.

    The Saudi ambassador, who was allowed to visit, tried to lure her father away with the promise of a pilgrimage to Saudi Arabia. He politely refused.

    Officials from the British Council were allowed to conduct a private exam for Palwasha’s 18-year-old sister, Ifra. Palwasha herself has read and re-read the Harry Potter books, and fears she will miss her A-levels this summer. “I miss my studies and I miss my friends,” she said.

    The government claims the Chaudhry family is at liberty to leave. The reality is very different – police with batons and teargas drove back a crowd of supporters who tried to reach the house this week.

    Despite numerous attempts, the Guardian was unable to reach a government spokesman for comment yesterday.

    Dubbed “Pakistan’s forgotten man” by Newsweek, Chaudhry’s plight has been largely ignored by Musharraf’s western allies, who are reluctant to confront him on the issue. A spokesman for the British high commission in Islamabad said it called for the release of all political detainees, but that it was “not our business to get involved in specific cases”.

    Lawyers say that stand is eroding popular support for the west. “The US and UK should consider one thing – they are rapidly losing their goodwill in this country,” said Athar Minallah, a lawyer.

    Meanwhile, Musharraf is pressing ahead with efforts to crush all lawyer-led protests. Last weekend his interim government extended the detention of three senior lawyers, also held since November, by another month.

    “This is a disgrace,” shouted lawyer Tariq Mahmoud, surrounded by police at his front gate in Islamabad. “What have I done? Am I the biggest terrorist in this country? I have told my children to leave. This is not a country where one can live.”

    The baton of resistance may be taken up by an unlikely group. On Tuesday several hundred retired generals, admirals and servicemen held a demonstration in Rawalpindi to demand the president’s resignation. Musharraf dismissed them as “insignificant”, telling the Financial Times: “Most of them are ones who served under me, and I kicked them out.”

    But the sight of army stalwarts chanting anti-Musharraf slogans on the doorstep of the powerful military establishment may presage more turmoil after the poll.

    The chief justice’s imprisonment has not become a major election issue, partly due to continuing restrictions on the media. But even Musharraf’s aides admit his handling of Chaudhry has been wrong. “We said it was a mistake. We told Mr Musharraf as much as early as last March,” said a senior aide, Mushahid Hussain.

    Meanwhile the judge remains at home, reading and praying, said his daughter. “We are very proud of him,” Palwasha said. “I am very conscious that in the end victory will be ours.”


    Human rights groups accuse President Pervez Musharraf of waging a vendetta against Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry, the chief justice he fired in November. During a recent tour of Europe Musharraf aides circulated an eight-page memo filled with accusations against the judge.

    Pakistan’s supreme court dismissed many of the serious charges, nepotism, fraud and abuse of office, last July. But the document also included fresh accusations, mostly in the form of anecdotes, ranging from the comic to the bizarre.

    Chaudhry was guilty of “highhandedness”, it said, by making civil servants wait hours to see him. He was accused of berating officials in Lahore after they provided him with an old-model Mercedes during a trip to the city. In a visit to a government lodge in the mountains, it was claimed, he stopped a guest from using his toilet.

    Chaudhry was accused of an “obsession for self projection” in the media and of bullying state TV into broadcasting his appearances.

    A few weeks later Chaudhry smuggled a letter from his house in which he rejected the charges. “They are flimsy and ridiculous,” he wrote. “After all, a prisoner must also have his say.”

    Musharraf’s new chief justice, Abdul Hameed Dogar, lives a few doors away. He has yet to rule on the matter.

    Source: http://www.guardian.co.uk/pakistan/Story/0,,2254562,00.html

  61. dear evryone

    you are only putting the names of the big cats
    what about the hundreds of our jawan soldiers who have dies in the cause of defending out country at the hands of the terrorists the jawas who got beheaded by the terrorists? where are their names? the nuke expersts who got kidnapped?
    pls give them amention too they are heros too and in no way lesser than those mentioned here, thanks

  62. Our only hero is Muhammad S.A.W.

    Everybody who tried to implement any face of Muhammad, is our hero.
    Be it a lawyer, justice, leader, administrator, general, father, husband, companion, you name it.
    We should must look at the CAUSES not the EFFECTS to eradicate the problem. Our problem is IN-JUSTICE. Provide the justice across the board. Treat everyone at the same level-A CITIZEN.
    RULE OF LAW MUST PREVAIL. Let the people through democratic means decide what law is JUST or UNJUST.

  63. i have just joined this site and all i am wondering that among all those justices above why the name of bhutto is not present that man “zulfiqar ali bhutto” gave his life figting for what was rigt her daughter died for the cause for democracy .SHE came to pakistan knowing the fact that death was waiting for ,people rasied fingers that she is just doing cheap politics just get popularity ,but when she died we finally knew she was right but it was may be tooo late .she was gone ,a leader had died .all those justices don’t live in heart of million of people of pakistan .if tey r not our heroes who else r.what we don’t understand that in order to restore judiciary ,to have stable political system in pakistan we need the right kind of leadership,not the leadership whose party broke into pieces just six moths after martial law,not the leadership who is responsible for man slaughter,nor dictatorship.my friends PPP is our only option

  64. replying to your question “larki”
    WE don’t say that jawans r not doing their job .we honour them ,and believe me when is say honour them i mean it.our country is safe uptill now just because of the lives of these jawan.the problem is in the higher miltary ranks,these generals thinks they r a bit above politics and politicians ,they think they know what to do,what they don’t understand is that for a country to run successfuly ,democracy is essential ,empowering the people is essential.those jawans r dying due to arrogant ,stubborn policies of musharf.if u r going to put miltry in tribal areas what do u expect them to do,even quaid-e-azam agreed to it that no miltry will be employed in tribal areas.WE R FIGHTING AMERICAN WAR.i agree that there was a bit militancy in pakistan,it could have been eliminated by peaceful means,by making adjustment with afghanistan government and not letting imigrants in,rather the bombarding their houses.SO WHAT IS HAPPENING IS THE FAULT OF MILTARY OWN POLICIES.those jawns r dying due to policies made by their seniors.

    and by the way hitler was a solder in world war one i am sure he has kiled more than one person

  65. The following is an open letter by the daughter of our national hero, Honourable Justice Sardar Muhammad Raza Khan, who refused to bow down before a dictator or compromise on his principles. (Unlike the illegal PCO judges and other shameless Musharraf collaborators) As a result of his stand he has earned such widespread admiration and respect in the country that very few are able to achieve in a lifetime…

    We need to prove to the honourable judges and their families that they are not alone in their struggle. It is our collective struggle & we are extremely proud of them. PTI as a party based on principles shall ensure that they are all restored with full dignity IA – AJ

    My father, a deposed judge

    I am the daughter of Justice Sardar Muhammad Raza Khan presently under house arrest in the judges’ enclave in Islamabad. Recently, I watched the PPP’s Shah Mahmood Qureshi on television. I must say that I was bewildered and shocked and could not stop myself from breaking my silence.

    I am the proud daughter of a judge whose life has always been a struggle for providing justice to the underdog. He has always stood for the rule of law and has buried the doctrine of necessary by deciding against President Musharraf and his illegal rule. To quote from his landmark judgment, “[the] doctrine of necessity is a man-made enigma which must always be subservient to greater human values, ordained by Almighty Allah Certain commandments are directed towards individuals, the negation whereof ultimately affects the whole of society.”

    We, his children, have supported him fully and stood behind him in these testing times, as have the families of all other honourable colleagues of my father. What we all have gone through and are still undergoing is something I don’t need to mention because it will belittle their sacrifice and besides, when change and revolution come, sacrifices have to be made. We believe that we are not alone and no matter how long the night is it will eventually give way to bright day.

    With respect to Mr Qureshi, I have to say that his words made us believe that our struggle for the supremacy of rule of law is still not over. He was of the opinion that individuals cannot be more important than the institutions they serve in. However, I would like to point out to the seasoned politician that surely he will not disagree with the view that it is individuals who make institutions.

    My father and his brave colleagues had the vision and desire for a free judiciary and had the heart to stand up for their principles. They did not hesitate for a moment and sacrificed their today for our tomorrow. The 65 judges who have been deposed have shaken the ground from under the iron boots of the dictator and it was their courage which put the institution of judiciary on the road to independence. I would also like to remind the PPP leader that shaheed Zulfikar Ali Bhutto was an individual whose vision and courage kept him alive.

    In the show, Mr Qureshi asked what could become of the newly-inducted judges to the Supreme Court and high courts if the pre-November 3 judiciary was restored by saying ‘Un ka kya qasur’. To that I would say what was the fault of the judges who were deposed, except that they chose to side with a dictator.

    I would like to end by asking one simple question. Under what law or provision of the Constitution were these honourable judges sacked. Was it right or constitutional in any way to remove a judge in the manner adopted by the president? If the answer to this all is ‘no’, then why have parliament’s approval to restore them – it certainly wasn’t the will of parliament that got them sacked in the first place. In response to suggestions that a two-thirds majority will be needed in parliament to undo the steps of November 3, I would say that this is a ploy to deliberately confuse and sabotage the lawyers’ movement.

    Those victorious in the election should realise that they have been given a mandate by the people precisely because they chose to stand against a dictator. So now, the last thing they (the victors) need to do is to stand by the dictator or share power with him. If the deposed judges are betrayed now no one in another hundred years will stand up for justice.

    Sunbul Raza


    The News
    March 03, 2008

  66. Come on yaar…. No body is hero But our Peoples.. aam log … kyun k bomb Blast mai in mai sey koi nahi mara hai in mai sey kisi ney bhi janaza nahi uthaya hai apnay relatives ka…. YA log bhook sey nahi marahay ya tou Sukkon ki jung larahay hai Asli Jihad tou pakisTani koom Karahe hai … Mar Mar kar… i think .. for me pakistan peoples, ordinary middle class man is Hero but no one…



    Son of great freedom fighter Abdul Samad Khan Achakzai, Mahmood Khan Achakzai is a democrat in his own right. Mahmood Khan Achakzai was born in 1948. A brilliant speaker and diehard Pakhtoon nationalist but I belive him as great national leader. I am inspired by his great political wisdom. I put my efforts and work hard to tell you about his political wisdom. He has logical thoughts. He is not a person like other mula type of MMA and he is one of those who very early said very clearly that Civil and military burecroacy must end in Pakistan politics. He can get minister ship or other big post from military rulers but he always stand for principle and indeed for Pakistan against military dictators. He even not worked with those political parties which in 90s had play in the hands of establishment.

    He has been elected as MNA for his fourth term in 2002 now he has boycott the election and decided to fight for the same cause and ideology as he was struggling for many decades. He is politically affiliated with PPMAP and is the Chairman of the party. Now he is the chairman of APDM (All Parties Democratic Movement) and very rightly deserve for that chairmanship. He has the company of other great Politicians and Philanthropists like Imran Khan Chairman of Pakistan Tehreek –e- Insaf, Qazi hussain and others.

    Mahmood Khan Achakzai received his B.Sc. Engineering degree in 1971 from Peshawar. He was previously elected as MNA for the terms of 1974, 1990 and 1993.

    Woman protection bill

    A true logic is in achakzai speech concerning women condition in Pakistan.

    Rule of law

    war against Terrorism. Past role of Intelligence, Army, America.

    he said all this in 2003, today it is still 100% the same, we have got to listen to him,

    he said all this in 2003, today it is still 100% the same, we have got to listen to him

    Dedicated to all pushtons brothers
    Hashim Ali chaudhary

  68. Dear Pakistani00 Hasin Chaudry sahab: Achakzai is a die hard Pakistani, So when he says something it is addressed to all Pakistanis; not a particular segment of our people. Hence if he has said something wise, dedicate it to the people of Pakistan. I know you did n’t mean to objectify any one people liek that (and we all apreciate for your love of our pashtoon brethren) or make his address exclusive. But I believe I had to set things straight.

  69. my request to PK POLITICS : Please let Pakistani people decide who is our hero, we are not here to take your dictation, thankyou.

  70. @sagstag
    “Above mentioned names have some heros includings some thugs.”

    There is one name, which could belong to a thug.

    Look before the time stamp: sagstag on May 9th, 2008 8:13 pm


  71. saqib I know who is in your mind, Iftakhar Chaudhry,you are right , i totally agree wth you. nex time try to speak your mind thank you.

  72. Dear everyone,
    My opinion is different then all of you, because there we have a huge problem coastness we are in trouble for daily uses house hold items which are away from the reach of poor people.

    Talk about this matter leave anything else.

    Best Regards all of Lovely Pakistani’s.

  73. worthfull rating……….

    Top ten Heroic personalities of Pakistan:

    muhammad ali jinnah

    muhammad iqbal

    liaqat ali khan

    hussain shaheed suharvardi

    zulfiqar ali bhutto

    doctor abdul qadir

    doctor abdus salam

    faiz ahmed faiz

    imran khan

    justice iftikhar

    Top 10 worst personalities of Pakistan

    ghulam muhammad

    justice muhammad munir

    ayub khan

    yehya khan

    sharif-ud-din pirzada


    parvez musharraf

    altaf hussain

    shauqat aziz

    asif Ali zardari

  74. DecentPk27 you are right that there are many other problems especially poverty and rising prices, but believe that these are not more important problems that Judiciary, pick up the history and please learn now how the live nations survived and how justice less societies vanished from history.

  75. AH! our NEED to find hero. The nation which always insearch of hero’s must have difficulties to make meaning in its collective life. The culture of degrading continues. Every new s k “hero” welcomed first and after few years same hero turned to be considered as worset person. The story continues even now. Simply nation is waiting for a Massiha which will come and within no time solve all and everybody’s problems. Sorry! That Massiha will NEVER come. We are suffering from loose os trust and faith. We don’t believe on anyone, so how can be a Hero in that nation?

  76. Our journalists r also r heroez but for Dr.Shahid MAsood,Ihave my reservations.cuz he took charge of PTV(Pita howa TV)!!!

  77. 11 are muslims including Aitezaz Hassan at # 5 out of top 20 intellectuals of the world 2008.

    see full top 100 ranking at.


    Fethullah Gülen
    Muhammad Yunus
    Yusuf Al-Qaradawi
    Orhan Pamuk
    Aitzaz Ahsan
    Amr Khaled
    Abdolkarim Soroush
    Tariq Ramadan
    Mahmood Mamdani
    Shirin Ebadi
    Noam Chomsky
    Al Gore
    Bernard Lewis
    Umberto Eco
    Ayaan Hirsi Ali
    Amartya Sen
    Fareed Zakaria
    Garry Kasparov
    Richard Dawkins
    Mario Vargas Llosa

  78. Great to see Heros:

    But, I want to see the list of Mir Jaffarz of our History, I read that Indian news paper printed all the Ghaddars of 1857, who sold nation like Mush.

    Can any one give me reference and link to that story.

    Thanks in advance

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