Benazir Bhutto Assassinated

Benazir BW
News Update:

– Benazir Bhutto Laid to rest in Garh Khuda Bakhsh.

– Coffin being taken inside mizar of Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto where Benazir will be buried next to grave of her father.

– Janaza prayer offered.- 1555 PST

– Professor mufti Rahim or Hakim Ali Mangi will lead the funeral prayer of Benazir Bhutto in a few moments- 1545 PST

– Thousands of people in Garhi Khuda Bakhsh getting ready for offering Janaza Prayer.

– Benazir’s coffin being taken from Bhutto House, NoDairo to Garhi Khuda Bakhsh for Janaza prayer in ambulance. 1500 PST

– The vigil outside the Pakistan High Commission London is from 2.30 – 3.30 PM Friday.

– A Funeral Prayer has been organized for BB at 1:30 PM Regents Park Mosque in London on Friday.

- It is announced now that at 1200 noon, Janaza prayer will be offered in Garhi Khuda Bakhsh near NoaDairo.

– Benazir’s coffin arrives in Bhutto House,NoaDairo, home town of Benazir Bhutto.

– Helicopter landed at Moenjo Daro Airport. Benazir’s deadbody will be taken to NoaDaiaro in an ambulance.

– Helicopter left for Garhi Khuda Bakhsh from Sukker Airport.

– Benazir will be burried in right side grave to her father’s grave. Some reports say that it is expected that Janaza might be delayed to around 5 pm.

– C-130 landed at Sukkur Airport. Benazir’s coffin moved to army Ambulance and will be taken to Garhi Khuda Bakhsh by helicopter. Amin Faim and Raja Pervaiz Ashraf will also go along in helicopter.

– 1300 PST has been announced now as time for Janaza in Garhi Khuda Bakhsh.

– Sukkur airport sealed by paramilitary forces. From Airport dead body of Benazir will be taken to Garhi Khuda Bakhsh by helicopter.

– Decision to postpone elections will be the last option- Govt officials

– Benazir’s dead body being taken to Sukkur Airport in C-130. Asif Zardari and their children are also going along with the dead body. Reports are there that 12 noon (PST) will be time for Janaza prayer.

– Asif Ali Zardari reached Chaklala Airport

– Nawaz Sharif announces boycott of elections
– Musharraf announces 3 days mourning
– Reports of riots from all over Pakistan
– Shery Rehman & Ameen Faheem are okay
– Shery Rahman and Naheed Khan in critical condition
– Benazir got shot in neck


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Benazir at her Last Address in Liaqat Baagh:
BB Last Address

Bus on Fire in Lahore


462 thoughts on “Benazir Bhutto Assassinated

  1. @ admin

    could you please ensure that people don’t disrespect her at least for a couple of days.

    She was a human being and not ideal but we should realise that she was a leader who is very popular in a big segment of society.

  2. This is a very very bad news for all PAKISTANIS

    We should pray to ALLAH almighty to safegurd Pakistan. We must show wisdom to show courage and strength to face the coming days.


  3. I don’t know how this country will be saved now. I see very very bad days ahead. Inna lillah-e wa inna illahe rajauoon.

  4. I am not a BB fan at all. But at this moment i feel very very sad. I agree with Optimist. She was a human being first and then our elected PM twice. She was a popular leader and right now she deserves respect.

  5. I do not like her but feel sad at her death. It is not a win for anyone. Our country has no what so ever law-and-order. Only Musharraf (Busharraf) is safe and no one else.

  6. Musharraf is the sole beneficiary:

    1-possible postponement of the elections
    2-political turmoil and further manipulation of the situation by general
    3-to crush upcoming lawyers movement by reimposing emergency rule
    4-To justify further attacks and displacement of civilians in sawat,FATA,NWFP to serve United states interest.

    The only solution of the problem is to oust Musharruf who has given blood bath to the nation ever since he has occupied this country.

  7. Now Musharraf should also be hanged. This man has to go – he does not deserve to be in this seat.

    Its really very very sad to hear.

  8. after she finshed her rally she got in her car. 5 shots fired in her direction and one of them hit her in the neck. Than come the explosion. Bullet in the neck was the cuase of death. Mystery explosin has been labeled sucide bombing.

    Very sad and shocking news. I politically oppose the ideology of BB but this is what I never wanted. I think nobody likes this

  10. I’m saddened by this news. Thou i didn’t agree with her policies but I always admired her understanding of political chess board of Pakistan. May Allah have raham in her soul. Never expected anyone to commit such a brutal crime. I held Mush for responsible for loss of her and hundreds of Pakistanis who perished to date in violence invoked by our Illegal President.




  12. If PPP has balls, they should immediately march towards President House with masses and kick Mush all the way to liaqat baagh.


  13. Sad news indeed.

    One worry is that how will the people of Sindh, interior Sindh, will take this?

    Difficult as it is to raise this at such a time, the question is: who benefits from this? Who could be behind this? I don’t think Musharraf will be the sole beneficiary. Will this also be swept under the carpet as yet another “suicide bombing” carried out by some mysterious and mythological “terrorist” whose head will be found and rigorous investigation carried out but without any conclusive results? BB and husband Zardari had earlier fingerpointed some influential personalities in the former govt. (that letter they wrote to Musharraf before her arrival to Pakistan). Who were those people by the way?

  14. what kind of bullet proof car was this. BB was first shot and then the killer blew a 4kg bomb. BB’s jammer were also dud. I smell a very bad conspiracy here.

  15. This is very sad. A leader as popular as BB can be killed like that, what sense of safety are you and I to have in Pakistan?

    May Allah be the guardian of us all, and help her children and the rest of the family!

  16. Ahh..very very sad news in the history of Pakistan.May Allah rest her soul in peace.
    Now I fear for the riots throughout Pakistan.
    May Allah protect my country

  17. PPP workers very angry, burning tyres, breaking shop windows, shutting down bazaars.

    Firing at Nawaz Sharif’s jalsa also, but he wasn’t there.

  18. PPP leadership(remaining) need be careful here. What ever they decide, PAKISTAN SHOULD BE STRENGTHENED.

    PPP has support in all four provinces. Punjab, Sindh, NWFP and Balochistan.

    People like Makhdoom Ameen Fahim should make sensible decisions to control sentiment of people and use it to strengthen democracy and through dictators out.

  19. Ju chalay Geyay Allah un ki maghfirat fermay aur ju baki reh geyay un ko saber aur sakon ki tofeek dei. Ameen. Yay wakt apas mai lernay ya aik dosray kay asbaab wo jaan ko Aaag laganay ka nahe balkay apas mai saber kay sath rehnay ka hay. Allah hum sub per rehm fermay. Ameen

  20. Update: Moblie phones and Lan lines are not working in most of the Pakistan now. NS and Javed Hashmi are in the civil hospital.

  21. Who do people burn the shops of other Pakistani citizens whenever something like this happen ? Are they honest to the country ?

  22. BB dies at 6:16pm Pakistan time. BB was attacked on Thursday Oct 18 and she got killed the same day on Dec 27.
    The reason of death is the shot in the neck, not the bomb blast.

  23. even though i despised benazir the news of her death is TRAGIC! i hold musharraf and the agencies responsible for the attack. what has this man turned our country into? may Allah destroy musharraf. he is a heartless brutal and cruel old man

  24. I have always hated Altaf Hussain with a passion in my life, but he’s said something very thought-provoking on Geo TV live coverage, saying Rawalpindi has taken away 3 PMs of Pakistan and urged people to understand the forces working to destabilize Pakistan. That we do in deed.

    Let this event become a catalyst against military hegemony!

  25. Update: Aaj tv shows the footage. In Karachi, PPP workers are on the streets and they dont let pass any car and if any car comes they make the driver stop the car and then destroying and burning the cars. Most of this violence is occuring in Liyari and Malir. All major highways in Karachi are blocked. More than 50 cars are destryed and burn as of now in Karachi

  26. Lathi charge in peshawer to control angry rampaging crowds,
    Attacks on DC and other govt servants house in Jacobabad
    Stoning on passing cars on highway in Karachi
    Liaqat Jatoi’s house set on fire

  27. Do not defame Rawalpindi.
    If dictators hang some one in Jail then it is not fault of Rawalpindi People.
    Zamurrud Khan was PPP MNA from Rawalpindi, for whome BB had come to ask vote of people.

    You should work against dictators and their suppoters like MQM Altaf shedding CROCDILE Tears. This person speaks senseless.

  28. @Hasnain
    I know what you mean, but look who is talking in this contex Altaf Hussain The biggest supporter of MUSH. He was trying to fire provincialism.

  29. What ever she was, but i believe this could be some plot to create cause in pakistan where India and USA will interfere now, we need to be calm and think sensibly how to over come situation like this…. we are going toward civil war… this could be to delay Election ….

  30. Aaj tv confirmed that actually 2 shots hit BB. One in the head and other in neck. The shot is the head is actually the cause of death. She already died before she could even reach hospital.

  31. this is not american plan, this is musharraf plan. america wanted to bring in benazir in govt and was pressing mush to do it. mush didnt want this, but he couldnt say no to america. so he killed benazir.


  32. shot in head reported as immediate cause of death, totaly 3 shots , two on head and one in neck.

    reports says that benazir died before reacing hospital

  33. Sources said that according to post mortem reports, most probably, she got shot from a very close distance. How come someone with the gun was able to come that close to BB?

  34. Killed in classic Musharraf/MQM style.

    There was no way elections were going to happen. Q league would’ve been routed and Mush would’ve been impeached. Benazir had also deviated from the script where she was supposed to play second fiddle to Musharraf.

    Musharraf has punished Benazir Bhutto for planning against him in the future parliament with NS.

  35. Aaj Tv sources are saying that the cause of death could be Heart Attack.. She had a stroke as well. The shots on the head and neck could be palets from the bomb blast.

  36. Aaj Tv sources are saying that the cause of death could be Heart Attack
    , because of the shock.. She had a stroke as well. The shots on the head and neck could be palets from the bomb blast.

    We got to wait to get the confirm reports from the doctors.

  37. pejamistri

    people are on the streets, and the country is burning. every small and large city is witnessing rioting, firing, and arson, this includes govt servants homes, banks, govt offices, shops..

  38. Really sad news!!! I didnt support her at all but this is not what anybody deserves. It is sad day for pakistan. May Allah bless this nation with strength and unity at this turbulent moment.

  39. Absolutely shocking and condemnable. Condemnable is a very light word and must be deceiving. Let us all unite and get rid of the plot-writer Mush. The sooner you get rid of, the better it is for Pakistan. Not surprising if the elections get delayed, but to delay the removal and end of Musharraf would be very damaging to the country. It has already proved worse and it could prove the worst.
    May Almighty help us.

  40. plz all of u pray about the safety of those innocent ppl who are in trouble because of these ammi was travelling in a bus..and that bus was set on fire by some ppl. plz pray all of u for safety of all those who are on the way to thier homes.

  41. benazir is killed by her own party’s ppl. she killed her brother and don’t forget what she did with her mother. so what u sow so shall u reep.

  42. If Musharraf is not publicly hanged for killing BB, then the country will disintegrate.
    Nothing else will cool down the anger.

  43. Yes, people must come on the street but if they come in a chaotic and haphazard manner all we will get will be destruction and an excuse for the army to tighten its rip.
    The leaders across the parties – Aitzaz, NS, IK, Qazi, Wajihuddin etc – all who have some stand against the army – should come together immediately and give some direction to the ensuing chaos. They should give a call for long marches across the country – in Islamabad walk to the President’s House, in other cities to Governors’ houses, to other offocial monuments. These leaders must use their popularity to channalise people’s emotions into positive outlet…by giving them a direction to protest…


  44. two buses set on fire near lahore press club

    a train near larkana set on fire

    rangers sent to three divisions of punjab, lahore, pindi, and multan

    rangers deployed on all important government building

  45. I would hold America responsible for it – because they pushed her in this deal and then to please them she had to give such open statements which were not needed like giving up AQ Khan to America and allowing America to come in tribal areas and operate. Even if she had meant that she should not have issued such statements

    Even now if America would insist on Musharraf staying then Pakistan ka Allah hi hafiz.

    There is only one way to get out of this impasse – Musharraf and his team has to go. He has not been able to protect anyone so he has to go

    I remember Javed Hashmi when he met BB had advised her not to trust the generals and that is right.


    In killings of all of them ARMY HAS BEEN INVOLVED. In this killing there is no doubt that Musharraf and his ISI Nadeem Taj are directly involved.

    Liaqat Ali Khan
    Zulifiqar Ali Bhutto
    Benazir Bhutto

    all assassinated in Rawalpindi.

    Down with army and down with Pervez Musharraf. Even now if army insists on keeping Musharraf then shame on them.

  46. Sheikh Rashid had said that thsi will be the bloodiest election campaigh ever…he was right….but why? how was he so sure?

  47. It is the time that one of the leaders – NS perhaps is in the best situation – to speak to the nation and lead demonstration against Mush/army.
    The emotional outburst needs to be guided soon. It cannot be today but it must be in a day or two. If this does not happen then the army and perhaps ultimately USA will use the chaotic situation for their purpose.

  48. Sheikh Rashid’s election office has been set on fire.

    Shujaat Hussain saying on PTV saying that on one group would be allowed to take advantage of this incident. Shame on him.

    Liaqat Jatoi house in Karachi set on fire.

  49. Yes Nawaz Sharif should rally both the parties and come out against Musharraf and tell the army in eye that their time is over and Musharraf has to go – come what may.

    As long as Musharraf is there this country is doomed.

  50. Updates: Mian Soomro property has been put on fire by PPP workers.
    United nation has callup for a meeting as a result of BB asasination.
    More than 10 banks and Nadra office in ISB/Pindi has been looted and burnt to ground by PPP jialas.

  51. It si time that the nation must take control in its own hand…
    destiny has given NS another chance to be a great leader…
    He must rise to the occassion…
    He is now the most popular leader alive in Pakistan…
    He must lead public demonstrations to get rid of army/mush…

  52. Musharraf and Q league and MQM-have WON

    Now is the time;
    That all parties hsd unite and KICK

    Musharraf is the problem and all this blodhed of today and in last 7 years is b/c of him.

  53. On 12th May Mush barked that it is the power of Awam and now he barks again and request the people to remain calm….
    Mush has become the symbol of brutality…. and he has to go…
    People all over the pakistan should march to cantonments and to president house… some one should throw Mush out…

  54. Inna lillah -e-rajioun

    I was absolutely no supporter of her, but the way she departed from politics and this world is a disgrace to the nation. She had obviously enemies in several camps….PML-Q, The frontier and most probably in the secret services also.

    Now PPP MUST boycot the elections. This is the only way to fight the criminal establishment in Pakistan.


  55. Kalila: So, is NS the beneficiary of this tragedy? Which means what? Another round of ISI (agencies) NS alliance? Have the agencies again adopted him, like they did during the Zia years? Where is that fat toad of Rawalapindi, Sheikh Rashid? What role he might have played in all this? He is, after all a main pimp of the agencies.

  56. Army has to go now. If jialias done do something now then PPP would be finished forever.

    Even though I was against BB but this is not we wanted. politics is something else and murder is something else.

    There is no doubt that ISI was involved in this murder becasue she had got in her car which was bullet proof and then a sniper killed her.

    ARY is going wrong news that she had died due to impact of explosion. This is most ridicilous explanation – The agencies are tryting to manipulate the situation again

    People should also not spare teh chaudhrries also. They are also a very terriorist group.

  57. I some how agree with isha. Whoever get very very popular in Pakistan. Uska yahi anjaam hota hai. Foreign forces doesnot want Pakistan to get stable.
    @Kalila, sorry we tried NS twice and he failed, so I dont think that he deserves to get another chance to rise for the occassion.

  58. @Dervaish…
    you will have to think beyond petty politics…
    my fear is that the image taht will be given to the world will be that extremists are taking over Pakistan….the result will be the the US hold over the country will be tightened. Even a physical take over of nuclear installemnts under this pretext cannot be ruled out. Alternatively, Mush can impose marshall law and we will be back to 1958/1977/1999….
    In my opinion the immediate task is to save Paksiatn from the two dangers I have mentioned.
    I said NS only because in terms of popularity he is clearly ahead of any one else alive. If BB had allows any second line to be developed, I would have said that he/she should take the lead. I am no supporter of NS, In fact, in my first comment I had said that AA, IK, Wajihuddin and NS should all join. And i think that will be the best way forward. NS will have lead beacuse he is rightly or wrongly the most popular. But if is joined by others, he cannot hijack the situation. That is the only way that people can be the winners and something good can come out of thsi tragedy…


  59. sab baaton ki aik tu samajh jaoo..joo gharib nahin ossay ghariboon ka ehsaas khan sae hoo gaa…so no NS no BB AND NO ML Q
    ONLY ONE PERSON IMRAN KHAN…pathan jaan par khailay gaa world cup bhi jeeta thaa..awam ka dil bhi jeetay gaa..aur country bhi sahi karay gaa…i reallly trust plzz vote for aur pathaan bhai.

  60. @syszone
    I think you may be right…
    it is against this danger that the nation must guard…and, in my opinion, the political leaders will have to rise to this occassion. I am not a supported of NS. I am content if AA or IK or Wajihuddin can show the needed leadership…but someone must…else the situation will be used by the rithless masterminds in the US and Pak army


  61. Has somebody noticed that Bush has asked to bring the culprits to justice but not Mush. He gave a very vague statement that we are already fighting against these terrorists. And asked the people to remain calm.
    A very cold blooded statement….

  62. sheikh rashid is an open honest man.plz don’t blame him. i m not favouring him…but i like few pplz in politics..who speaks truth. and he is one of them. of course he has some knowledge from internal agencies regarding this incident. but what can he do..except to intergarte the upcoming incident in the form of prediction.

  63. NS went to Hospital to show solidairity with PPP and its workers on this sad day.
    He was very sad. Actually he showed political maturity on this occasion and also when he made seat adjustment with PPP in KHI.

    Some Q-league agents are worried about NS’s sincere leadership.




  65. BB’s death is getting cashed by terrorists who are burning and destroying Pakistan killing more innocent ppl. I consider all of these ppl terrorists, doesnot matter they belong to ppp or not.

  66. @Dervaish
    thanks for the Guardian link…
    I am unable to accept this simplistic picture…
    this war on terror and the notion of extremism is so vague taht it can be used to justify anything…
    BB was not in power…she could not as yet do anything to support USA…
    why would these extremist go for BB and not for all those US supporter generals…
    it simply does not make sense that extremist would kill her…what benefit would they get?
    The net result is chaos in Pakistan. Elections are most likely to be postponed. Who will benefit the most. Either the army who can continue to rule or the US who is worried about Pakistan’s nuclear arsenal and would like to control it. That is why my suspecion is on army and/or US. I am not saying everyone, but at-least elements within these.

  67. Inna lillah-e wa inna illahe rajauoon

    wo jesi b thi hamari leader thi

    may her soul rest in peace (amin)

    now musharraf’s time is over

  68. Shameful MUSH says that Extremism will be tacked and nation should support him.

    Shame on him to say same stupid logic every time he is trouble.

    MUSH should immediately resign and go to BUSH or Turky

  69. Musharraf has also blamed extremism….
    let us for a moment accept his view…
    Today’s event has shown that even after seven years of ‘war on terror’ Mush has failed to control it. If anything, extremism has increased during his regine. No one denies taht we need to fight terror but is it irrational to doubt the strategies to fight after so much failure? If any institution has been failing for seven years as Pkaistan has been, is it irrational to expect the top man to go?


  70. I still know a lot of ppl on this forum and chaudries,arbab rahimm, on 18th oct were saying that peoples party do the explosions itself.Thats why BB was inside the truck when the attacks occured.
    where r they now……………………….

  71. anyone here buying the “Official” version that BB did not die of the bullets nor the injuries from the blast but her heart failed just hearing the blast.

    That is SO DISGUSTING……

  72. Well said KhushBakht!

    She was a national leader, a source of strength for the federation of Pakistan. May her soul rest in peace. She was a brave daughter of a brave father.

  73. Ina lillahe wa in alehe rajioon

    tum kitne Bhutto maro gay
    har ghar sey bhutto niklee ga
    har gali sey bhutto niklee ga
    har shehar sey bhutto niklee ga

    Darte the bandooqoon wale aik nehati larki sey

    jiyee Benazir, Jiyee Bhutto, Jiyee Awam, Jiywe Pakistan, Allah ho Akbar

  74. If elections are postponed, then Imran Khan and APDM would get more popular, as they stood firm on their stance and boycotted the elections, unlike rest of the parties

  75. Talat Hussain said on Aaj tv that the death cause can be bullet in the head and neck, or those can be the paletes from the bomb, or she might might got killed by having a Heart attack by hearing the blast. We’ll have to wait to get the confirmed news after the post mortem.

  76. Gen Hameed Gul, was speaking high of BB on Geo. He was saying that despite he had differences of opnion when he was the ISI chief but she was a “strong” and “brave” woman.

  77. Terrorost bombers are puppets. ISI controls the strings. The cordon around BB was loosened to let a bomber slip in. It is as simple as that. Where BB died was declared a VVIP security zone in Liaquat Bagh. No one was supposed to get through.

    BB had been reluctant to come to Punjab out of concerns for her safety. She had been asking government for security and jamming devices.

    Musharraf is directly responsible for her death.

  78. AA is on AajTv giving his condolences. AA is saying that punjab can only save Pakistan. If he was sindhi, he would have been burning the places.

  79. Inna lillahi wa inna ilahi rajioon…

    Allah Pakistan ki hifazat karay.
    I am asking every one to please make lots of duas for Allah’s mercy.

    O Allah please forgive our sins.
    O Allah please have mercy on us, have mercy on Pakistan ppl. O Allah we sin day and night, we forget you but Rabbi you are Arrhaman Rahimeen, We as a nation asking you to forgive our sins, and protect this country.
    Rabbana Zalamna anfusana wa inlam taghfirlana wa tarhamna, lanakoonanna minal khasireen.

  80. This have remind me the Ogari Camp, Well i believe Few days ago US accuse PK Army for Funds they have used for some other propose then they been given for so they (Mush & Co) plotted this to send this country into anarchy in order to save few Gen. **S’s.

  81. Aitzaz Ahsan on Benazir’s Death

    AA saying no one will be able to take her spot. He is still in a state of disbelief. He is hardly able to speak.

    “Mulk ko bachana paray ga, mulk bachanay ka saray aka sara bojh Punjab kay kandhay par aa gaya hey. Mujhey yey mulk bachta nazar nahi aata.”

    “Humain halaat yey daikhnay chahiian, yeh sub kiyon ho raha hay. She was talking gently with the establishment, tha I’ll take establishment along to save the country. She refused to be Jamali, Shaukat Aziz. Establishment feared she would be an out of control PM.”

    “Agar Punjab Sindth kay ham qadam saath na chala to buhat nuqsan ho ga.”

  82. AA also said that Punjabis have to embrace their Sindhi brothers. Our grief is mutual, BB was our leader too. She was a national leader.

  83. one solution:

    Musharraf to be kicked off by ARMY

    Kayani to request Nawaz Sharif And Asif Ali Zardari to lead a civilian set up so they can make Pakistan peaceuful in coming days

    ( please ignore the factor if u like some personality or not)

  84. Experts on Aaj tv are saying that most probably, Zardari is going to take over BB’s position.

    Experts are saying that Zardari should have been persuaded and address the nation right after the assasination and ask jialas to calm down and donot destroy properties. This is very important to calm down the jialas, then have teh proper burial of BB with honor and have a proper investigation. this is the only solution to come out of this situation at this time.

  85. too little, too late effort from NS to boycott the election now. As everyone knows, that most probably there would be no elections for now.

  86. This is indeed very sad. It is indeed a national loss. We as a nation may differ on political front but should regard every element in political process as an asset.
    I hope and pray that sense prevail. People resorting to violence should refrain from it. Destroying public property does not server any cause. I totally sympathize with the PPP workers and loyalist. I hope Pakistan will take a turn to better direction from this tragic loss

  87. @Farooq AHmed

    I am sure you can take work for Musharraf as official spokesman. You have to twist every positive thing, either it is from AA or NS or anybody. You will see only positive things from Musharraf

  88. Dear Husnain,
    I am sorry to oppose your point of view. It is not thought provoking at all.It is again the stupid clown Altaf Hussain ,who tries to proliferate the provincialism by taking advantage of any incidence, no matter whatever it is.

    It is not Rawalpindi , that has taken 3 PM’s .Rawalpindi is just one another city like Lahore, Karachi ,Hyderabad and Peshawar.Mohterma could have been assassinated in first attack in Karachi as well, which was much more severe than the present one.

    Why not any theatre hires Altaf Hussain, he can boost the theatre with his work.

  89. @ jojo

    its not the issue of some technical political debate

    point is that at the moment only Asif zardari is representing Benazir as family member.
    AMin Fahim cant play the role to address PPP workers as zardari can.

    Lets be realistic and have a sincere approach to save Pakistan

  90. According to Amin Fahim, that BB sat in the car and she was sitting b/w him and Naheed khan. They heard the firing and then the bomb blast. Then they all came out of the car. If they would not have come out of the car, BB might not have killed. They all survived the suicide attack but made the mistake of coming out of the car.
    At the same time, Amin fahim said, that he is not sure that BB died because of shooting, he will wait until the post mortem report comes. He didnot see BB injured, as she was rushed to hospital right away.

  91. Nawaz Sharif Muslim League has announced boycott of election 2008. Geo gave the breaking NEWS few moments before.
    Good Message from Punjab, I think

  92. This is all classic Zia style. BB’s body placed on C130and shipped to larkana. She’ll be buried in a haste.

    Musharraf’s fingerprints are all over the crime scene.


    It is the one of the darkest days in the history of Pakistan. Benezir was a symbol of federation of Pakistan. May her soul rest in peace.

  94. I believe the democratic process for which the BB has lost her life should have continued. Elections should happen and all parties should take place. I believe that was decision of late Benazir. Any further election boycott will only strengthen non-democratic forces. The army will be left with no option but to intervene one more time. As we all know, once they come they forget their way back.

    Seeing positive in tragic situation brings the best outcome. Negativity only hampers the thought process and best interest

  95. According to Aaj the people who were in the operation theator, she had recieved the bullet on her head.
    According to Makhdoom Amin Faheem’s press conference, first it was a blast, and every one came out of the jeep, including BB, Naheed Khan, driver and Makhdoom himself. Every body survived but not the BB.

    So it means there were two persons. One blasted and the other was waiting for the BB to come out and shot her down.

    Next why is so hurry that she is sent to Chaklala and Larkana for burrial. I am not a doctor but is it realy the post mortam can be carried so fast?

    Anyhow NS is on Aaj.

  96. Disgusting news .. a BAST**D judge of Lahor high court will do the investigation. Aitzaz Ahsan is right it is the responsibility of elite punjabis to pay the price of Bhutto’s death. If they don’t then I think someone needs to force them to pay this price. Punjabi Awam needs to come out and make sure they send this punjabi napak army to gallows (not barraks) , they need to be hanged in public.
    I am still shocked and I am pessimistic about the future.

  97. @jojo
    That is the version I heard too — A blast followed by BB coming out of SUV and then the assasins bullet(s). Just now Ary reported that according to hospital sources she had a single bullet wound to the temple

  98. @econfused,

    I dont want to getinto a debate with you about NS and Mush, as today is a very tragic day in history of paistan and we should better discuss that. But to give you a quick reply.
    What I wanted to say is,
    If someone make you fool, shame on him
    but, if someone make you fool twice, shame on you.
    I cant understand that how can you love somebody who failed us twice. Just think about NS.
    I am boycotting elections.
    No, I am going to elections
    no, no, I am boycotting election. NSconfused.
    Hope we drop this issue for now. We can agree to disgree later.

  99. By Rawalpindi we dont mean Rawalpindi people but ARMY

    As simple as that

    Three prime ministers assassinated – in everyone one of them secret agencies and army was involved.

    two brothers of BB assassinated – one poisoned and other killed in firing – in both them secret agenceis ISI AND MI involved and army was behind that.

    So let be very clear – I am not blaming Rawalpindi city – dont get emotional

    I am simply saying – army is involved in every assassination involving the prime minister.

  100. NS has shown that he is TRUE LEADER OF THE NATION.



  101. @pejamistri

    I respect your emotions. There is no such things as punjabi army as far as I know. It’s pak army and we all want them to go into barracks. Setting the whole country on fire does not augment the democratic process. This is the tough time for us a nation. If we let the tolerance and sanity go out of our hand we are risking a bigger stakes which is the federation. I assure you PPP is equally popular in Punjab. If we don’t hold ourself today then basically we are helping all the non-democratic forces to meet their objective

  102. contradincting reports of the actual incident….specialy after amin fahim statements..things seem complicated…

    i guess, it might b a short range shooting from some one with in her car even..may b some one was already there …

    any way….we cud not find out the reality fro liaqat ali khan even…

  103. I know it is cynicism of the highest order but the situation forces one to think of these possibilities…

    I am surprised at Amin Fahim’s remarks. The hospital staff has confirmed bullet.
    We know the government would like us to believe that BB was not killed but died of bomb blast by a crazy fanatic…bullet attach would make the event speficially directed at BB…
    in this context, I am wondering if Amin Fahim is thinking of future…imagining himself to be in the highest offices and thus hinting at toeing the government’s line…
    It is just a cynical thought…


  104. PTV subtiltle was that she was shot dead and also there was a siuside attack. It seems that she was shot in the neck and head.

  105. @siqbal00
    “setting the whole country on fire does not augment the democratic process. This is the tough time for us a nation. If we let the tolerance and sanity go out of our hand we are risking a bigger stakes which is the federation.”
    In case you haven’t noticed the country is already on fire. We are in the current state because we HAVE BEEN TOLERANT of sc*m like Mush, Ch.Pervaizs and Shujs, the generals both retired and serving, the ISI, the MI, etc. etc.. Pardon me but F*ck them and f*ck everyone who says sh*t like “Let’s tolerate more of this sh*t!” Do you really believe the federation is not at risk RIGHT NOW?????

  106. Kalia

    he doesnt need to make all that – he is a strong contendor – so why would he cook it up. He is definitely not involved in but if fate has put him in such a situation then he is a strong contendor no doubt especially because he is from Sindh. But no one should doubt his loyalty because he if he wanted to become PM he would have in 2002 and at that stage he did not choose to.

    Now I would ask all those who were clamouring for AA to resign from PPP – what would they say. Sometimes you have to just wait and see rather than jumping the boat the moment something happens. Patience always pays.

    Inshallah PPP future is going to be good hands and lets see what happens.

  107. NS didn’t boycott elections on the brutal assasination of Judiciary because he was fearfull of loses to party due to participation of PPP .

    Now PPP would no more be in game so boycott announcement is a good political move at the moment. nothing more than that.

    I never liked Benazir after his two terms as primeminister but I am deeply sad at what happened today. Political differences aside, no one should be happy over death of any one. My first thought after hearing this news was how PPP supporters would react to it and I was sure it would be violent.

  108. PPP leadership should do something to stop this violence. Pakistan is burning. PPP leadership should steer the anger towards throwing Musharraf out of the government .

  109. @nota

    Ok, I accept your view point. Now can you please suggest what should be the solution then?
    I am not try to defend anyone and I am just trying to look at the bigger picture. Help me out here please .. so what’s next should be done …???

  110. @GM
    The post mortem report can tell that how far was the shooter, but it seems that all is taken in haste and her body is already started towards Larkana for the burrial.

    I am just asking a question from any doctor who can tell us that how much time does it take to do a proper post mortem.

  111. pejamistir,

    you always showed a matured behaviour. Don’t lose your temper now. If you can go to that extent, what should one expect from an uneducated PPP worker in the street.

  112. @ siqbal00

    solution is simple.. let me repeat.

    Musharraf to be kicked off by ARMY

    Kayani to request Nawaz Sharif And Asif Ali Zardari to lead a civilian set up so they can make Pakistan peaceuful in coming days

    ( please ignore the factor if u like some personality or not)

  113. Aaj tv showing the coffin of BB, while they are transporting it to chaklala from hospital.
    May Allah forgive all her sins and send her to heaven.

  114. Well I hated BB but am still in shock. I was out of my home when I heard and even forgot the number of my home phone(Had to look it up on my cellphone)…

    About NS boycotting now — well everyone knows there will be no election Jan 08 now so saying so now really is no surprise. Of course that is the only choice left for him now, nothing brilliant about it. Wish he had boycotted when it really mattered….

  115. May her soul rest in peace.

    She now faces Ihtesaab in the court of God where no NRO will work.

    Like I said before, I think Sherry Rehman will be happy cause she is now contender for the chairperson position of the PPP-P. This is my objective analysis.

  116. amjid

    dont try to twist the facts. He wanted to boycott the elections but for BB he decided to take part in. Now if he had said he would not like to boycott elections you would have accused him that he is trying to take advantage and he has no feelings for BB

    This is a national moment of tragedy and as such one cannot think of participating in polls under a government of Musharraf who is directly involved in this killing through Nadeem Taj. He tried to kill her in Karachi but she escaped and despite that she had been insisting that foreign investigators should be called in like FBI and Scotland Yard – she was ridiculed and everyone was accusing her that time that she did it herself to gain sympathies.

    I believe NS has made the right decision now – enough is enough and until Musharraf goes there cannot be fair elections. He has been rigging all along – had a partisan caretaker goverment, Pervez Elahi was defacto Chief Minsister, Nazims were running the campaigns and sill Musharraf was scared by the results.

    This was a targeted killing no doubt about that and agencies and army is involved in it becuase in a city like Rawalpindi where army is everywhere how can anyone with gun and all that could be roaming free.

    So instead of accusing NS or Amen Fahem – first put Musharraf and his cohoots in dock and we have to make sure he has to pay for this murder. Politics can come later on.

  117. ppp workers should gather under one opposition platform and march towards the army mafia regime. they should have realized the presence of the guest. after all, she came back after a long time, kuch tu khayal kiya jata.

  118. NS is a National level leader. He made a wise decision before as if he had boycotted before then it could not make that impact which it will make now to end MUSH era and bring Sindh and Punjab together. We need to look far from our noose to see the challenges and appropriate solutions at right time.

  119. @ jojo

    u r right..that point is important abt postmartem..becos it seems some element of haste is there ..
    and i previosuly we heard they r aking the ody to larkana and now there r news tht they r taking it to karachi.

    also if it is going to karachi , then why Zardari is coming to Islamabad?
    did thye consult him befor emaking decision to take the body to karachi?

    situation is not much clear.

    i heard NS also wnated to go along with Asif Zaradi….not sure wat now..will he go there..becos this is important now that NS shud show that PUnjab is there with Sindh.

  120. I see that all of your concern about reaction of PPP workers.

    The solution is very simple. Why dont you all ask Musharraf to go and let us live in peace.

    Musharraf also uses this old argument – Oh please dont do this for the sake of stability of the country.

    That time is over now – he has to go and this reaction is valid – if people do not react at this moment this way then remember this – Musharraf would stay here forever.

    No would be able to remove him at all.

  121. @jojo,

    I fully agree with you that late BB should have a proper post mortem and it should be announced first that, what actually was the cause of her death before her burial. This is very important for Pakistan to know that, so that the culprits could be catched and her death, unlike what happened with Liaqat Ali Khan.

    The gov. should have brought prominent leaders of PPP on tv and let them ask people to calm down, so that this destruction should stop.

  122. The most shocking aspect of this tragedy is the negligence displayed by BB’s security detail. How in the world did the killer manage to approach BB and position himself within a short distance of her, before proceeding to shoot her and detonate the explosives with which he was strapped. Obviously not only did the murderer want to cause maximum casualties, but he also hoped that no one would later be unable to identify him and confirm which organization he was working for.

  123. @GM

    Definitely, this is an acceptable solution. Probably even a bigger consensus of all political parties and a consensus government to take this nation out of this difficult times
    I will like repeat again, if there is violence on the streets, it will give only an army a reason to stay in power corridors, which i do not want at all. I want this army to go back for ever.
    I guess we all want the same thing, it’s just that some people are over whelmed with emotions and I can totally understand it

  124. On May 12 40 people were killed in Karachi and Musharraf said MQM has shown its strength. At that time he didnt plead for sanity and wasnt concern about stability – because he is Muhajir himself and he was openly siding with MQM

    Now when PPP workers are showing their reaction – suddenly everyone is concerned about stability of Pakistan – well to be honest – Army and Musharraf has killed the one the most important politician of Pakistan and that too a woman and you expect people should put bangles and sit at home.

    No this would go on until Musharraf himself goes. He has to go.

  125. @c Hussain

    I guess we should stop replying to Musharraf lovers. These guys cannot see what a tragedy it is. People say it is worst day in History, but we have been doing this with our leaders from beginning. Now violence is part of us same as corruption. Its not going to change.

  126. Agreed with amjad.malik
    All PPP supporters and even non-PPP, should concentrate on throwing out Mush as soon as possible. the more he stays, the more tragic situation would occur. No need to create chaos in the city. March on towards the Army House and wait until he hands over everything and every responsibility to some one more appropraite, even if it could be somroo.
    May almighty save Pakistan.

  127. First of all i would like to condemn the assassination of BB (May ALLAH rest her soul), though i do not like her political portfoloio ( we are not political but our family is targeted by PPP resulting in the target killing of my maternal grand father). I am a great fan of her father Saheed ZB. Three prime minister from Sindh has been killed in Rawalpindi. History repeats itself.

    Our history is full of blood bathing, whether it is Karachi operation, 12th May, Lal masjid or Tribal areas. So do not blame anyone, not a single party in pakistan is free from corrupation and mis deeds.

    You are now in 21st century, no need to address people in large gathering. Rather you should use media. Unfortunalety it is supressed by Mush but sooner or later we have to realize it otherwise we can not get rid of.

    Please do not set fire on public properties, they having nothing to do this. Why innocent Pakistanis pay for her death, they have their children, their needs and a lot more. (Please do not do this)

    For PP jiyalaas, we are equally hurt by this news. Oh God, please give us another Zulfqar Ali Bhutto

  128. @siqbal00
    Well I sort of agree with GM. That is the only thing that will calm things down, for now….In the long run let me just say I’d hate to be a politician in this day and age. What has been done to this country by Mush and his team I don’t think anyone can save it now. For starters in the near-near future the government would be bankrupt (no matter who is running the show — the die has been cast) Cost of living will be at least twice as high by the end of 2008, and things will get progressively worst. Crises like water/electricity/gas/petrol/wheat/etc. will get progressively worst every year until the whole system/facade collapses. What happens next it’s anyones guess. I just don’t see the “federation” beyond 2013.

    And no I am not being pessimistic.

  129. Dawn reports the SOB (Mush) quoting that “terrorists killed Benazir, urges unity”. It is true that terrorists killed her and he is the biggest terrorist of all. All political parties, sans JUI-F, PMP-Q & MQM, must unite now to end this reign of terror that the SOB Mush, his cronies generals, the ISI and the MI have imposed on this country. PPP should make a wise decision now to put someone like AA in charge of the party and not Zardari.

  130. @ c hussian

    1. What do you say about karachi operation
    2. What do you say about closing water for a week on Qila in Hyderabad
    3. What do you say about life of urdu-speaking people in karachi in 90s

    Who showed their strength there

    Do not they have dream in their eyes like people of punjab, NWFP, Balochistan

    Please read the history then poke your nose in the politics of Sindh

    i am not a great fan of Mush

  131. GM that will not cool things off. Musharraf has to be handed over to the the people in Garhi Bakhsh in Larkana, Sind. Let them settle the score their own way.

  132. This is a tragedy for people of Pakistan and another failure on Musharraf government skills to cope with the underlying problem.

    For US Foreign Policy, their plan of engaging BB with Musharraf has failed. Yet to be seen if they have any mitigation or contigency plan?

    I think in such critical situation, we need a national consensus government including all major players Nawaz Sharif, Imran Khan, Peoples Party and even the islamic parties like JI. And i am not against of having Musharraf as part of this setup for a while. To avoid a Civil War (God Forbid) we need these politicians to act with maturity this time.
    All key people should sit together and work towards the solution which is definitely not possible if Musharraf continues to rule.

  133. good points chussain….
    though overall country situation is different today than on May 12…
    I think the raection is understanable…the key is not to just ask the supporters to stop and go home…
    emotions need a way out….
    top leaders of PPP and PMl N and others hsould get together, agree on one point and give poeople a target for their anger…that target should be the illegitimate activities of the army…
    unless the emotions are directed they would remain chaotic and destroy anything in their ways…
    Musharraf cannot calm people, it can be done by PPP but not by simply saying please be tolerant…but by showing them a way to express their emotions, directed against a particulat target


  134. @jojo

    That’s very sad , how these coward taliban/alqaeda brags and take credit of such barbaric act, yet these people repeat ALLAH’s name 10 times in every sentence. Who are these people?? How can they claim to be Muslims after attacking a woman and poor civilians.

  135. According to Talat Hussain Benazir was shot in the head, fell in the car and then explosions went off. Benazir Bhutto was killed by sniper fire.

  136. Aaj tv saying that according to the ppl who were sitting in the car are saying that the roof top of the SUV was opeend and BB was standing and waving her hands to response to the public. After sometime she fell down. People sitting in the car though she lost balanced and fell down, but later they found out blood coming out of her. So, according to this, BB died before the bomb exploded.

  137. @jojo,

    I dont know, how can they give these interviews so quickly. May be they were ready for this situation already.

    This interview makes lot of sense. Thanks for the post.

  138. I also think that it was a sniper. the suicide bomber was a setup to distract the sniper shot. they should do a thorough investigation into this. the suicide bomber also had a 12mm gun i believe.

  139. Benazir Bhutto’s dead body should be carried by road to Larkana through the heartland of Punjab.

    That alone will save Pakistan.

  140. i wouldnt be surprised if she was killed by sniper fire and than a remote controlled explosion. This thing has agencies written all over it.

  141. I think BB made a mistake to stand after opening the roof top of the car. She exposed herself to sniper, as at that time she was not covered by the security guards.

  142. What would have happened if there was a live coverage of this event on national TV channels? The reactions of the masses would have been much much stronger. The SOB (Mush) has tried to put curbs on the media through pemra to make sure that people do not see information first hand and then ask tough questions.

  143. I hope PPP has the sense to thwart Musharraf in this moment of grief. They need to carry Benazir’s body by road to Larkana.

    -Benazir was shot by sniper fire
    -Establishment is trying to send her body to larkana in a haste, just as they did with Bhutto
    – Musharraf is personally responsible for her murder
    – The boundary of MQM country of Altaafistan is being drawn with the blood of Benazir Bhutto

  144. @mkhan,

    I dont want to get into the blame game right now, as we donot know who is behind this. We are all guessing it. There are 2 articles posted by jojo confirms that Al-Qaida is behind this. But we should still wait to get this confirmed. If it gets confirmed that Musharraf is behind this, I’ll be one of the first person to raise my voice against him. But right now, we are just playing the blame game. So, wait and see.

  145. Musharrf must be drinking vodka and saying I have avenged your humiliation dad. Zzreen Musharraf must be showering him with hugs and kisses.

    Musharraf’s father was fired by Bhutto on corruption charges. He has avenged his father’s humiliation.

  146. Mush has started killing his opponents in the name of al Qaeda. Little does he know, these acts would not prolong his stay, instead it would worsen his end. One might think he has made his end the worst of all, but may be there is still some room left.
    Without support from agencies these events are not possible.
    Please join hands to finish it as soon as possible unless we see more of it. PPP should not lose on this big big sacrifice, in fact the most tragic one. They should help Pakistani people get rid of Mush. And so is expected from APDM and other parties.

  147. the same wolves that drank the blood of liaqat ali khan and zab came out today. They got there target on the 2nd try. These people don’t care about pakistan or why it came into exsistence. They are aganist a govt of the people for the people.

  148. Jojo and FarooqAhmed, “Khawajay day gawah dadduu”. Security is responsibility of Chief executive. Who is running the country? you sur edon’t want to get into blame game, as you already know

  149. @kruman

    It’s tragic event. We all are sad. Let’s please talk about something else beside more blood bath. I am no MQM or any party fan, but hate when people give violence as a solution. If violence is solution then afghanistan would have been the country without any issue. If blood bath had solved issue then miltary, mullah and ethnic groups have done enough in their domain, this country would have been peaceful long time ago.
    Political process is the only solution. As suggested by @GM and others a consensus government without the oversight of army will be the solution going forward

  150. hahahah Kruman is a something funny
    If it is up to avenge then put your finger towards Sikhs
    Coz BB has handed over Khalistan list to Indian Govt

    Anyway agree with Tanweer Amjad
    Whatever happens, Al-Qaeda is there? (Both for Mush and Bush)

  151. @jojo
    this article reminds of some fox news spoon feeding media propaganda. i wonder if al qaida even know who bainazeer was. i remember when someone from swaat was telling media that why would we attack bainazeer; she is not even selected yet…what a self created propaganda. gather up people, else these dictators will snatch everything.

  152. @siqbal00
    Don’t reply to my message you will be on my ignore list forever. This bast*d punjabi napak army raped 200,000 bangali women , they produced 70,000 illegitemate childs , they killed 3 million bangalies, they killed thousands of PPP workers during 80’s , they killed thousands of pathans , hundreds of balochis in 2000 , they raped 700 young girls in Lal Masjid, and now they have killed the great sindhi leader. How much blood they need to satisfy their thirst. And if you try to defend them at this time you are as worse as them. There were people like yourself in the shape of al-shamas and al-badar who supported and abetted this napak army in 1971.
    I hate to be personal but at this time I feel extremely hateful against all those people who even try to remotely defend this napak army.
    And if at this testing time if punjabi awam does not overthrow this army and publicily hang them then I’ll feel ashamed to be a punjabi.

  153. the shocking thing, they didnt take a single minute to investigate the tragedian condition but labeled it as a suicide bombing so, that people will keep their mouth shut like the drama we saw in octuber.

  154. @enfoused
    Please don’t drag me into any kind of discussion. I haven’t tried to favor mush in any of my comment. Just scroll up and let me know if any?
    I posted the news which appeared on the internet and nothing more than that. I hope you will get my point.

  155. the situation in punjab is really tense. Especially in lahore, sialkot and parts of rahimyar khan. NDTV.

    heard khalid maqbool the governor of punjab saying that everything is normal. What a looser. Its not the question that sind is not happy with punjab; the reaction in punjab has been very severe. NS has boycotted the elections and said that he will go to attend the funeral of benazir. A huge loss to pakistan.

  156. farooqahmed you are too much pro musharaf though.
    lets wait for a big opposition, no mush lotta mafia league no more slavery.

  157. I think elections are going to be postponed, if not opposition gonna win
    I wish mush don’t postpone the elections.

    I didn’t like benazir butto but I am really sad because any wya she was for democracy. I pray for her place in paradise. Ameen

  158. On Oct 18th , a bomb went off first and then shots were fired, BB survived.

    On Dec 27, Benazir was shot in the neck and chest by a sniper. Then an improvised device went off to make it look like a suicide attack. Classic intelligence operation.

  159. Why is every channel showing mush’s interview again and again? If there is any shameful and honest man in the army he should kill all these generals. I can’t believe the people in the army are so shameless, so callous, Mush and his associates should not be just killed , they should be tortured to death. Laanti army.



    I Never expected anyone to commit such a brutal crime. I held Mush for responsible for loss of her and thousands of Pakistanis who perished to date in violence invoked by our Illegal mother fucker President.

  161. @kurman
    We all are angry and sad about the situation but abusing the whole army because of some beghairat generals is not the right approach.

    and @pejamistri
    i am not sure whats your agenda on posting such comments. I even have doubts if you are a Pakistani not because you are criticizing Army but the way you are abusing Army, Punjab etc. This is not about Punjab/Sindh, she was a national leader and people are equally upset in Punjab as they are in Sindh.

  162. This army raped Pakistani women in Bangladesh.

    This army killed Bugti.

    This army killed Bhutto.

    This army murdered a 1000 orphans in Lal Masjid.

    This army has been a silent spectator to the rape of Pakistan by Musharraf.

    I don’t have words to describe the character of this army which is now a cancer for Pakistan.

  163. Bastard generaals have finished off a family whose only fault was that weakest,
    oppressed placed their trust in. World has had enough from this rogue army and
    some one is going to disarm it whether we like it or not .Pakistan is going to be
    better off witthout this army. Tear off this army of ours if Pakistan has to survive.

  164. NDTV NEWS
    mush might be thinking of another emergency. To hell with everyone who supports mush.

  165. B..tard generaals have finished off a family whose only fault was that weakest,
    oppressed placed their trust in. World has had enough from this rogue army and
    some one is going to disarm it whether we like it or not .Pakistan is going to be
    better off witthout this army. Tear off this army of ours if Pakistan has to survive.

  166. Benazir had deviated from the script where she was supposed to play second fiddle to Musharraf. NS and BB had reached an agreement to clip Musharraf’s and army’s power in the next parliament. She was hence killed by the military establishment.

  167. @temporarynick

    I totally agree with you on comments. Being mad at some one is different thing but making it a ethnic issue is quite different. I totally agree BB was national leader not a Sindhi leader. She was an asset in democratic process and all true Pakistanis are sad at her death. I will hate to see any body making it a provincial issueor to say anything aginst the federation of Pakistan

    I don’t need to confront you. Your language has given me enough insight on your mentality. Please keep me on your ignore list – A big thanks for that

  168. I knew Kiyani had been lobotomized. That is a requirement for becoming a general.

    However, it seems that he was also castrated by Musharraf before he was made the COAS. Kiyani is a disgrace for humanity.

    If shamelessness is to be personified it would take the form of Kiyani.

  169. I think what PPP workers and other Jialas are doing in Pakistan is right, that is -destroying the property of inncent ppl, I just called Karachi and found out that my uncle’s car was burned near Aladin park.

    If educated people of Pakistan can come on this forum and talk in this filthy and abusive language, what are you going to expect from poor uneducated PPP workers.

  170. Let me tell a story. There was an army who was less ruthless then the napak army but was almost as bad. They will rule over the country which had billions of dollars. They will fight with their neighbors , they will kill their bloody civillian , will use chemical weapons against unarmed people just like chemical Tariq of Pakistan burnt 73 innocent girls whose documentary evidence is available on the internet. United states kept supporting this army over the years. The army of 200,000 people thought themselves God of the nation. They ruled over 24 years. And then one day there were pictures of a pile of naked generals lying one over the other with a smiling lady pointing finger at them. Yes it was the army of Iraq. This napak army deserves much worse than this -> see here
    (please use discretion while watching these pictures)

  171. @ Kruman
    You are very right especially in your last two comments, but why do the people still say that army is needed. who are these people who still support mush, why dont they realize that pakistan is drfiting towards chaos. Shame on those people who support these butchers , people who support them are equally responsible for this tragedy.

  172. My mom went to bazar , PPP worker open fire that is why she is hidden in the bazar. On that this foolish government has ordered that not to treat hard PPP workers

    What is this?

  173. @kruman
    why don’t you lead and burn some of the properties. Let’s start from your own home, I believe that is public property also. I am sure you have no fault in this whole incident but since this is the solution you are suggesting, let’s get the ball rolling.

    PPP jayalas are also citizen’s of this countries and most of them educated and urbanized as well. They need sympathy at this time not people like you who are inciting to voilence

  174. Zenith,
    There were people with Moses and there were supporters of Pharoah.

    There were supporter of Yazid and supporters of Imam Hussain.

    The Yazid and Phaoah of the this age, Pervez Musharraf too has his supporters. They are the ones who danced over the dead bodies of 1000 innocent children in Islamabad with bottles of vodka in their hands.

    On the other side are the forces of Hussainiat who stand for freedom and human rights.

  175. @FarooqAhmed, I am really sorry about your uncle’s car. As I said other day, since you did not loose a cell phone and you can find a job in Karachi. You assuemd everything is alright. I told you then it is not alright. In anycase violence is a not a solution regardless who is the victim.

    The only solution is a democratic pakistan with people has their say in Govt. You cannot bring democracy through military rule. It is called ELECTION, but you like SELECTION.

  176. I have never called for violence, just for the rule of law. Let the CJP Iftikhar Chaudhry lead an inquiry into Benazir’s murder.

  177. kruman and pejamistri about your comments about pak army if anything both of you are being 2 nice. The people who organized this target killing have shaken the foundations of pakistan. Benazir was the only representive leader of all of pakistan. Like her or not people voted for her and she was the leader of the most popular party in pakistan. Sindh will have no voice to represent them now in the federation. Today was the death of democrasy in pakistan. The party that got the most votes in every election has been broken up today. The poor people of pakistan paid for this army to protect it from india and keep pakistan safe. They have broken pakistan and killed three prime ministers. The conduct of our establishment ihas been crimnal for a very long time and today the foundation of pakistan is in doubt.

  178. Army!!!
    Army is surely the main reason for most of the problems of Pakistan.

    It is sad but true that army kas killed pakistanis in all provinces except Punjab, say in Sindh (remember MRD), Blochistan (couple of operations till date) and NWFP (since 6 years). But army refused to fire in Lahore. So when the people say Punjabi Army, they are to some extent right.

    Every sane pakistani has observed that Mush has raped Pakistan. Who stands behind Mush? Army… Core-Commanders… Principal Staff Officers etc.
    Are they personal servants of Mush?
    They get paid by the people’s money.
    Army as an institute has supported Mush fully, so army is solely responsible for the current, past and future turmoil in Pakistan.

    We’ve to forget the text book lessons that we’ve learnt in the schools. Forget the slogans
    PAF – Qaum ka Sermaya-e-Iftikhar…. bull sh*t

    Be realistic and think that in our current socio-economic situation can Pakistan afford a half million professional army?
    Keep in mind that this army has done nothing good to Pakistan till date.
    Area of Pakistan was increased (remember Gwadar) when there was a civilian prime minister.

  179. @khipro
    Please take good care of your family , better ask them to stay at home. But do go out yourself on the roads and do demonstration against the tyrant army. That is what I have asked my family their in Pakistan.

  180. Healing can start with the hanging of Pervez Musharraf and all his accomplices who murdered 50 people on May 12, and then 200 people on Oct 18.

    Healing can start with the reinstatement of the pre-Nov 3rd judiciary.

    But Mush and Kiyani are not interested in healing, they are just interested in staging a dance of death in the every street of Pakistan.

  181. @econfused,

    Thanks for the concern. What I am saying that we all can have difference of opinion, but it doesnot mean that we start throwing mud at each other and get personal.

    I agree, violence is not the solution, but by looking at these comments, I’ll have to say that.

    Jaisey hamari Awaam, waisay hamarey Hukmaran.

  182. Farooq Ahmed,
    For once you are dead on. Musharraf is a blood hound who has to drink the blood of 10 people every night. And people like you keep on cheering these blood hounds.

  183. @lota6177
    Agree with you completely. BB was the unifying force in Pakistan. She was loved by people all over the country . we must remember that in 1970 , Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto Shaheed and Mujib ur Rahman were leader in west pakistan and east Pakistan respectively. Now I am seeing the same thing. It will be very hard to find a single leader in Pakistan who can be loved in every corner of Pakistan.
    This army knew that and that’s why they have targetted BB. I don’t see any future of Pakistan. For sure it will be very hard for sindhis to support Pakistan. That’s why Aitzaz Ahsan was so concerned about the future of Pakistan. BB has been martyred in Rawalpindi, Bhutto was hanged in Rawalpindi , this is a HUGE debt to pay for.

  184. Lota,
    These general have nothing to loose. They’ll be on a flight to NY, Las Vegas if a public revolt occurs. They don’t care about Pakistan or it’s future, each one of them has > $20 million in foreign accounts. Pakistani generals have been investing in silicon valley startups.

  185. @ phajja”

    “economic situation can Pakistan afford a half million professional army? ”

    Well, we can afford even one million PROFESSIONAL army…

    but important point is , we can not aford this incapable, and NON PROFESSIONAL na Pak army.

    if they wud have been professional, pakistan wud never been in such turmoil

  186. @FarooqAhmed

    I have to disagree. Its “Jaisay Hamaray Hukmara, Waisi Hamari Awam”. You have to start thinking, if for once we get a real elections, things could have different. This violence is brought to us by Zia and Army. You sure get different results, when you have civilians running the show. They might be corrupt. but they don’t preach voilence.

    Please Please, come out of supporting Army, Mafia and agencies.

  187. Army is as much involved in the current politics as had been since 1999. May be even before that. Doffing uniform has no effect on the running establishment. Mush feels himself as powerful as was himself in uniform. and no one foolish can believe that he exists because of himself of only. And some foolish also think that he is here only because of america. You have to think that he has support within Pakistan among army and among civilians that make him exist in the current scenario. And those are equal beneficiaries of his ‘head of state’ position.
    Lower ranks are bound not to use their heads ever in their service. They just take orders and implement it. During wars, it is the morality of the generals which bring better results. The poor jawans are no one to be blamed for. It just shows the dying morals of the higher ranks who find their minor support in the lower ranks as well.
    To bring a practical solution to the current chaos and if you are not suffering from Pemra Ordinance, would you start a poll like:
    what do you think could take Pakistan out of the current chaos?
    a) Removal of Mush
    b) Revival of Judiciary
    c) Timely Free and Fair elections
    d) Postponement of elections
    e) a) and b)
    f) a) and c)

    Another one could be:
    The sole mission of removal of Mush can be accomplished through:
    a) protests by lawyers and civil society
    b) agreement of all political parties on one point
    c) itself

    Please suggest how can we actually come out of this shock?

  188. @pejamistri

    “BB has been martyred in Rawalpindi, Bhutto was hanged in Rawalpindi , this is a HUGE debt to pay for.”

    Liaqat Ali Khan was also assasinated in Rawalpindi!

    This HUGE DEBT can be paid by eliminating GHQ from Rawalpindi.

    Alternate suggestion could be a distributed GHQ located in Thar, D.G.Khan and Sibbi.

  189. Remember, that this is not a Pakistani army, rather an army for rent army of pimps.

    Army is the only institution that defied Quaid when he ordered them into Kashmir.

    It is an army headed by gangsters who are raking in millions as army jawans die to fill their coffers.

  190. the same generals also killed liaqat ali khan in the same park. They made east pakistan into bengladesh. They came up with operation silence. Every memeber of bhutto family has died of an un natural course. Benazir and nawaz had come to an understanding and the generals saw the writing on the wall. Benazir was the biggest national leader we had. She also did the politics of pakistan not of sindh. She was a woman and she raised to the top. These bastards killed her to keep there military inc. safe.

  191. CNNS wolf blitzer reporting that Benazir e-mailed him week before and said
    in case she was murdered , musharraf would be responsible for that.
    Told him to reveal it in case she is murdered.

  192. The healing will only “START” by handing generals , chaudries and don of karachi. This will require manoumentous effort to heeal this wound. The generals will have to be digged out of their graves, their families living in US and Europe will have to be brought back to Pakistan , they will have to pay for their fathers and husbands crime for which they were as much part as the generals themselves. Each of the army general and officer (captain , major , colonel, brigadier and general) ‘s family will have to pay back what they have looted from this nation.

  193. Excellent remark by Mark Seagle
    ” Ambassador said many bad things today but the worse thing he said is comparing a great democratic leader with a tyrant and a dictator, for this ambassador should apologize to people of Pakistan”.

  194. People should atleast go and start pissing on the graves of generals like Yahya Khan and Niazi. Kashmiris are far better, they go tot he grave of Farooq Abdullah to relieve themselves.

    They should feel free to express themselves by the graves of these generals.

  195. The most worst area is Hyderabad

    20 banks burnt
    150 vehicles
    few government buildings
    3 petrol pump
    Two trains (Mehran and Shah Latif goes Mirpurkhas)

    Local government is asking for army as police can not control it

  196. For heaven’s People should atleast start dropping bangles at the GHQ as gifts for the brave and valiant jawans and generals.

    “Wo mard nahee jis main josh nahee, or wo paida josh kisee kaam ka nahee jo general Pervez Musharraf ko challenge nar karay.”

    Ali Ahmad Kurd, the lion of Pakistan.

  197. So the game is to sacrifice Musharraf and Safe Army . All evident now! Army is fighting their existence and so crushing all institutions. Undoubtedly, BB despite of all was an institution in herself.

    Kruman: ZA Bhutto was known to be hanged and no people could take him out – how do you expect this to happen?

    the ongoing destruction is all allowed as per game plan. the question is if this game is over with Mush or Army? wait and see

  198. I am shocked how a forum on the tragic incident, a forum on national loss has become a forum of revenge and hate.

    and save it from all the propaganda’s. I hope and pray it never becomes an ethnic issue war.

  199. Can someone please drop off 28 sets of bangles for every general at the GHQ. I’ll send you 5000 pounds via a wire transfer.

    They should be in gold and made delicately to go look good on the effeminate generals.

  200. CNN Also reported BB died of Bullet wounds to neck, head,had bulled struck spinal cord. They did it with great precision with chance of leaving her alive.

  201. @itstabish
    and formerly known as just tabish:
    You are a sham*l*ss pr*ck who never fails trying to promote his worthl*ss piece of cr*p site. No one visits it because it is full of SH*T like the current jems like:
    This assassination may well be an attempt to defame the Musharraf government….It may well be Nawaz Sharif to secure his throne, since he is the obvious rebounder….It may well be Mr. Zardari, who may come back to Pakistan with renewed vigor and lead his party to salvation….a murder, deciding the fate of not just a country, but of human beings;…Stay in your local communities. Keep a vigilant eye out for any suspected activities, and report to the police on their hotline numbers …Take care of chores during those times of day when there are not a lot of people gathered together. A suicide bomber is going to target a large crowd, not a dispersed one….(and last but not least) Avoid keeping your cars outside of a safe and secure area, for this may allow enemies to use them in their illegal activities.

    Who the f*ck are the “enemies” *ssh*le? Are you f*cking normal?

    WHAT A F*CKING M*R*N!!!!

  202. CNN Also reported BB died of Bullet wounds to neck, head,had bulled struck spinal cord. They did it with great precision with zero chance of leaving her alive.

  203. Altaf Hussain called Bilawal house to condole with PPP rep Fauzia Wahab.
    He is in action since the news broke and constantly appearing in media every hour.

  204. 20 banks burnt
    150 vehicles
    few government buildings
    3 petrol pump
    Two trains (Mehran and Shah Latif goes Mirpurkhas)

    Is all the above belong to army? or this public property was used in heinous crime to assassinate BB?

    I hope my point is bit more clear now. Resorting to such activities we are only hurting our fellow brothers and citizens. If I am mad or grieved, how does it justify that I burn my neighbors house.

  205. I think there’s too much Army bashing going on.

    Now Mush bashing is fine, but turning the people against the army is exactly what our enemies want.

    I sense a lack of level-headedness here.

  206. jojo: read hisotry, ask people, use your intelligence… the list is long

    BB’s killing is another sing of depriving people of Pakistan and ARMY and dominantly Punjabi establishment is always behind such dispositions.

  207. I am agree with siqbal00

    May God, give police a good plan , so that today after BB funeral law and order situation should be fine.

    Nothing is happening in Army cantt, their garrison bakery, their Utlity Mall, their petorl pamp is safe.

    Everything is burnt just belong to innocent people

  208. siqbal00 people see the hand of establishment in this and taking it out on every thing govt related. When establishment creates bengaladesh or assasinates three prime minsters from sindh they cant expect roses in return. I bet situation in serious is far far more serious than is being reported in the news right now.

  209. @Ikwd

    what’ve you to got till date loving your army?

    What’ll you lose hating your army?

    I would say again… forget the text book lessons that you’ve learnt in scholls about the army… use your own brain… do some analysis… read some history….

    Is a huge army is the only thing to be a sovreign country?

  210. Mush has gobbled up 12 billion in us aid and than he has the whole budget of pak govt. he has run down pia in the ground for example among many other things i dont feel like going into. If you have been keeping up with news i dont have to enlighten you. He is not doing it alone, he has help from the establishment which is army, agencies and beaurcrasy.

  211. I just received couple of SMS.

    Number “9” seems very important in BB’s life.

    She was born 1953: 1 9 5 3 = 18 = 1 8 = 9
    Died 2007: 2 0 0 7 = 9
    Attacked first on 18th: 1 8 = 9
    Died on 27th: 2 7 =9

  212. @siqbal00
    You are right but you see how badly this news has jolted every human. PPP or anti-PPP… every one is shocked by this tragic news. And every one wonders how to stop the country from rolling into the phase of elimination. Pakistan is now just a country with a name with nothing except mafia and their promises. Everything is for the establishment and the puppet-show players. It is, though, very difficult to keep oneself in senses, with regard to the impact of this event, we have to keep ourselves in the move to finish the prime cause of this. It is not a matter of a month or even a week. May Almighty do mercy on us.

  213. @ Ikwd
    Is the entire army completely oblivious to what mush is doing ! they constitute his strength . The entire army is responsible for it. Why can’t anyone in the army rectify the situation, the answer is that they never want to do so ? what sort of lack of level- headedness ur talking about? when the army knows that pakistan is sinking into chaos because of one man , why are they supporting him?

  214. Agreed with Ikwd and siqbal.
    Creating rifts within nation is what the enemies want and we need to identify our enemy. Dont’ forget your neighbours are not really friendly and think rationally instead of blaming everything on the Army and Punjab.
    To be fair, I dont know who was behind this assisination but rationally thinking this chaos is no longer in benefite of Army or Punjab.
    We have to be cautious in what we propage and how we propagate our views as the level of depriveness will increase in Sindhis and this is no time of promoting hatred against Army or Punjab.

  215. When there is no adalat in pakistan. Where do people go for justice. They can only take law into their hands.
    The only way that the army will throw away this blood hungry retarded gernail mush is when people all over the country come out into the streets.

    Can some one please call geo to stop thsi bakwaas of Altaf drama baaz

  216. tempnick let me make it simple for you. Benazir and nawaz had an understanding. They would have gotten 2/3 majority and wiped out pml q. When that happened they would have shown mushi the door. Benazir like her father was someone who the establishment knew couldnot be controlled. So killing her has wiped out the biggest political party in pakistan. The establishment is free to do what it wants now. They gain the most from this and that is why they have done this.

  217. @maasiBarakete

    They have to do it as he is also one of the representative like other parties in Sindh.

    He is just condoling

    Yeah, i am also karachiet , i know he has done bad deeds
    but reality is that he has majority in Karachi and urban areas

    so GEO have to do it

  218. @temporarynick
    I think generals have proved worse than our neighbours, be it India or Afghanistan. somehow it has to be an army general, who has support of several corpse commanders and other higher ranks to play the rold of actual establishment in the country. In one documentry, US spokesman admitted that 9/11 proved to be a blessing in disguise for US. For Mushas well, al-qaeda is a blessing in disguise. Whatever happens in the Mushy State, it is never because of him, or chaudhri’s of Punjab or Don of Karachi.

  219. @jojo
    I don’t how come these people are so quick to give such kind of “detailed� interviews.
    The purpose of the piece is to deflect blame from CFR’s baby Mush and blame it on big bad wolf Al-Q. Notice how he puts the blame straight on Al-Q without any evidence and declares any blame on MI as “conspiracy theories” straight away…

    who do you think was responsible?
    It was almost certainly the work of al-Qaeda or al-Qaeda’s Pakistani allies.”…
    You said earlier that al-Qaeda was responsible, but could it also be military intelligence?
    I am sure that conspiracy theories about that will abound in Pakistan. “

  220. temporarynick and others like you:

    its no propaganda but the rouge army is blamed on facts and figures. Can you define who is enemy? Our army and generals are well trained by U, get aid from them, their families live in the US etc. Who met in Aghra? Who hand shaked with wajpyi. there is no real enemy especially after looking India’s economical progress and FDI, I can’t believe India at war with Pakistan for any reason…


  221. They don’t have to show altaf’s drunk drama after every one hour. Musharraf ( Will not call hime dog since I don’t want to abuse the dogs) Musharraf’s speech is enough to torture.

  222. @Tanweer and @lota
    I am not at all in favor of Generals ruling the country or what Musharraf has done to the country BUT recently we have adopted a culture of blaming the whole Army for every bad happening. And everyone having daggers drawn at Army and Punjabi establishment which in my view is not correct. A common Hawaldar in Army has nothing to do with wrong doings of Musharraf. Even a common Capt/Major dont share that either.
    Well its the way of thinking and i dont share your view of cursing on Punjab and Army as a whole.

  223. tempernick

    There are many people who are saying we should not condemn Army because it would encourage our enemies to act on us. Well honestly speaking the biggest enemy of Pakistan are Chaudries and these army generals – upwards from Brigadier to General and AG Qayum and Sharifudding Pirzada etc

    We have no fear from India. The Pakistan Army has made us a fool for the last 60 years but now enough is enough.

    If they are sincere to the country

    1. They should dump Musharraf
    2. Restore judiciary
    3. Restore 1973 consituttion
    4. A broadbased interim goverment
    5. Free media
    6. Agree on a date of election – giving enough time to PPP to mourn their leader, then elect a new leader and then campaign
    7. Arrest Chaudhries, AQ Qayumm, CJ Dogar and Sharifuddin Pirzada and all those who were involved in PCO preparation and implementation.
    8. Allow NS and SS to contest the elections
    9. Release AQ Khan

    If they carry out the above – and these are minimum – then we can say they are sincere to this country – otherwise we would consider clearly that they are real enemies. I want to ask what the hell Karazia was doing in Pakistan just before elections. He had no business of coming to Pakistan.

    Also Bush should stop pressurizing Pakistan politicans give statements against war on terror – he is not helping against war on terror – but in fact he is fueling it and making politicians unnecessary target to terrorists who are nothing but nexus of ISI AND TALIBAN.

    Everyone know BB was killed by bullet of Klashinkov and it was fired at close range. I want to ask how did this guy manage to come so close to BB.

    Clearly Chaudries are involved in this – no doubt about that.

  224. @maasiBarkate
    I think Geo is already short of ads. And having main office in Karachi, they don’t want to get it destroyed by the Don of Karachi. So be patient to tolerate his image on the screen… for the voice, you can always mute him as I do for Mush and Chaudhris.
    May Almighty save Pakistan and specially the people of Karachi.

  225. ah………….PPP gave another life for this country………………………………………..

    I am sorry BB ….this country never deserved your leadership………………….

    you were educated, rich, beautiful, proud mother of three lovely childrens…….could have lived a better life abroad…yet you choosed to sevrve the the people of pakistan………

    Bhutto aaj bhi Zida ha…Bhuttoo kul bhi zinda tha….bhtuoo kul bi zinda ho ga………………

    nobody in this coutnry could challeneg your charismatic personality so choosed the propaganda to defame you…………

    I am sorry BB……I am sorry………..


    It is irony but although BB had said she did not want restoration of judiciary but now her children and her husband would have realised the importance of honest and independent judiciary – only which can find out the real culprit. I hope now they realise how important is CJ Iftikhar Chaudhry and other judges who are honest and consiencitious.

    And this is also for all teh politicians – why an independent and honest judiciary is important.

  227. @chussain

    How can you even imagine Musharraf setting up an independent judicial inquiry?
    For now, everyone should focus on getting rid of Musharraf.
    Nothing good can happen in Pakistan till the time this Musharraf is there.

    I also heard from some reliable sources about wolf Blitzer saying that BB had blamed Musharraf.

  228. NEWS NDTV
    Lahore, multan, and sialkot have been handed over to the rangers.
    back home there is a strong rumour circulating that Pakistan might once again come under some sort of emergency.
    situation especially in hyderabad very very tense. Weapons have been snatched from weapon selling shops.

  229. i know about situation of Hyderabad, as it is equally supported by MQM and PPP, though MQM has maximum seats from there

    but the fact is that people who have nothing to do it are being looted

    I know where MQM is in majority , there is no report of caualties. Also i know PPP dominated area there are also no news from these areas. Just commoners are being looted OMG

  230. As expected, Syed Saleem Shehzad claims Al-Q has accepted responsibility…Has the b*stard left ATimes for he is now saying “Al-Qaeda’s commander and main spokesperson Mustafa Abu Al-Yazid told Adnkronos International (AKI) in a phone call from an unknown location, speaking in faltering English.” Let me check and see….

    Just checked — he is still writing there too but this story has not appeared at atimes yet.

  231. This is my worst fear that country goes through one time again some sort of marshal law or emergency
    I hope sense prevails and there is some orange revolution like we saw in Ukraine, where people in masses turn out and supported Yushchenko without any violence or without creating law and order situation
    The need is same and the demand is same, we need to get rid of the mush and all other corrupt politicians, regardless they belong to any party, province or ethnicity

    I heard it by my ears and watched with my eyes at 4pm eastern time. Not only he mentioned that, he also mentioned about specific injuries. Mushys Ambassador
    also came to answer. I think one other guy at this forum pejamistry posted it
    before me.

  233. Mush is nothing but simply an army representative! it should not end with Mush removal rather it should start with him, ideally charging corrupt army and telling them to end their rouge roles, and restoring judiciary.

  234. CNN NEWS:

    BB wrote to her friend Mark Siegal and told him to keep the email secret and only tell the contents if she dies.


    I think she was careful when she blamed on IB chief Ijaz shah etc and did not blame Musharraf directly.

  235. The article linked below was written before todays assasination
    The so called friends of Pakistan are working on the policy of killing softly and slowly. Pakistan is facing more danger from insiders than outsiders. The failure to understand the risks to Pakistan’s economy and agriculture from economic terrorism and Indian plan of water bombing is very concerning. …

  236. I suspect some other people also take benefit from it, if they are burning government building , all records are burnt. Only the corrupt officer will be benfit from it

    May be some other peoples also in the dress of PPP worker are doing it

    like in Karachi bomb blast cases

  237. @nota
    Thanks for sharing a very good article.
    Indian Baghliar dam is about to complete on River Jhelum and in our case we have just awarded a contract to Chinese company for a Neelum-Jhelum hydropower project, which may take 5-6 years to complete. According to Indus treaty the country which makes a dam first he will get a bigger share of water.

  238. buss ye he zindagee hay. ye he mohtarma thein jo lal masjid per operation ke supporter thein aur uss operation ko kameyabi qraar daitee thein.
    issee leye kehtay hain , dushmann bhee maray too khosheyaan na karoo kioon kay sabb nay aik din marr jana hay.

  239. From abcnews:
    Sardar Qamar Hayyat, a leader from Bhutto’s party, said at the time of the attack he was standing about 10 yards away from her vehicle a white, bulletproof SUV with a sunroof.

    “She was inside the vehicle and was coming out from the gate after addressing the rally when some of the youths started chanting slogans in her favor. Then I saw a smiling Bhutto emerging from the vehicle’s roof and responding to their slogans,” he said.

    “Then I saw a thin, young man jumping toward her vehicle from the back and opening fire. Moments later, I saw her speeding vehicle going away,” he added.

    Mangled bodies lay in a pool of blood and pieces of clothing and shoes were scattered on the road. The clothing of some victims was shredded and people covered their bodies with party flags.

    A doctor on the team that treated her said she had a bullet in the back of the neck that damaged her spinal cord before exiting from the side of her head. Another bullet pierced the back of her shoulder and came out through her chest.

    She was given open heart massage, but the main cause of death was damage to her spinal cord, he said on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to speak to the media.
    “I saw her with my own eyes sitting in a vehicle after addressing the rally. Then, I heard an explosion,” Tahir Mahmood, 55, said sobbing. “I am in shock. I cannot believe that she is dead.”

  240. BB’s murder is a deep conspiracy. The design is to demark new boundaries of the region by disintegrating pakistan. Haterd is being planted in the four provinces. BB was the only leader having support in all the four provinces of pakistan. Baluchistan & NWFP has already been worked upon, now sindh has been given the reason to distance itself from the federation. People can now see what bigger picture is emerging. US, the real perpetrator, also want to take control of pak’s Nukes, if & when the above happens.

    Has anybody noted how quickly the scene of the crime was being washed of forensic evidences by the authorities. Investigations normaly call for quardoning off the area for important clues. Channels were showing the whole area being washed by using strong water showers minutes after the incident (apparently to wash blood of the victims from the spot, but to me, it was significant keeping in view who just got killed)

  241. Like every Pakistani I am deeply shocked and saddened by this great tragedy which has befallen on our nation

    However I would like to ask few questions

    – If BB had not done deal with Pervez Musharraf and had not retracted her statement for support of restoration of judiciary and would have had sided with NS in boycotting the elections and getting rid of Musharraf – maybe she would have been alive today.

    She had no idea he was dealing with this big psychopath who is nothing but a heartless murder – who didnt even waste one minute in killing those innocent girls of Jamia Hifza. I wish BB had not supported that action

    Even today CJ Chaudhry and the supreme court had been there – at least there would have been some place where Zardari and her kids would have gone and got some justice – but alas – all the goverment is offered them is to conduct an inquiry under a PCO high court judge who would do nothing but put a stamp on it that it was done by terrorists.

    When Bush gave his reaction he was more worried about war on terror and less on whether Musharraf and his cohoots would be directly involved in this – and they are.

    Imran Khan was right that BB and NS had walked into this trap of sham elections – you cannot expect any good from Musharraf – after all he is an agent of MQM.

    Therefore it has become very important that judiciary is restored if we have to get any semblance of rule of law.

    All political parties should act on one agenda – MUSHARRAF HAS TO GO and with it the army

  242. This was already predicted. Its very difficult to protect someone, specially when they are out to ask for votes.
    BB wanted to close most of themadrassas in pakistan, as accused by JUI Fazl. Extremist had to react and they succeeded today.

  243. 100 % Mush involved.
    NS boycotted because it was obvious that no elections will be held.
    IK never took part because he is the biggest pimp of ISI … he knew it before anyone else.
    Chaudarys ISI Al-qaida — all one team.

    I was at work sitting in my canteen watching TV when I heard that – I heard 2 other german colleagues discussing about Pakistan after watching news and they didnt realised that I am sitting there and listening to them … they were talking very bad things about Pakistan. When they saw me … they were embaressed but I told them “DONT WORRY – TODAY I AM EMBARASSED OF BEING A PAKISTANI”.
    I really feel shame being Pakistani and I feel shame that Punjab is still a part of Pakistan after all what we have seen in past.

    PPP supporters should burn every car and every shop and everything they see owned either by Mush, MQM, Mullah supporters.

    I think its time Sindh and Baluchistan break up and be independent country.

    Jeay Bhutto.

  244. One other mistake of BB was to trust Rehman Malik – He was a previous IB agent and he was responsible for her protection but he had no clue what he was doing and was deliberately negligent in her protection

  245. @fantagiri
    “I think its time Sindh and Baluchistan break up and be independent country.”

    What about NWFP?? I think one thing that needs to be done is divide Punjab into at least 2 parts, maybe Southern Punjab should be a Saraiki province…

  246. @fantagiri
    You name should actually be “fatnagiri” because this is exactly what you are tryingn to spread. I am not sure what your political affiliation is but one thing is for sure that you are no Pakistani because if you were one you would not be ashamed of your nationality no matter what. It is the likes of you that we need to get rid of. You are calling IK a pimp of ISI, which pretty much proves that you are an MQM thug.

  247. i honestly think there are divisive elements posting in this forum. they repeatedly mention or condone the use of violence and the like…

  248. I think, no one is safe in Pakistan. If the president pf Paistan is attacked more than once. The leader of a big political party is assasinated, what about the common person???
    I am sad on the death of BB but certainly not surprised. The dangerous path she took by giving statements openly about giving AQ khan to US, closing the madrassa, supporting action taken against Jami hafsa,and being too pro-US. Finally she paid the price of that.

  249. @c hussain and many others, please stop saying BB made a mistake. She was a brave and she gave her life. Government was responsible for security, and we know that govt has failed to fullfil its duties.

  250. Something I read 30 years ago just popped
    in my head …:

    Wife Arrest him!

    More For what?

    Wife He’s dangerous!

    Roper For all we know he’s a spy!

    Daughter Father, that man’s bad!

    More There’s no law against that!

    Roper There is, God’s law!

    More Then let God arrest him!

    Wife While you talk he’s gone!

    More And go he should, if he were the Devil himself, until he broke the law!

    Roper So, now you give the Devil the benefit of law!

    More Yes! What would you do? Cut a great road through the law to get after the Devil?

    Roper Yes, I’d cut down every law in England to do that!

    More Oh? And when the last law was down, and the Devil turned ’round on you, where would you hide, Roper, the laws all being flat?

    This country is planted thick with laws, from coast to coast, Man’s laws, not God’s! And if you cut them down (and you’re just the man to do it!), do you really think you could stand upright in the winds that would blow then?

    Yes, I’d give the Devil benefit of law, for my own safety’s sake!

  251. @fantagiri & @nota

    very nice .. and you call yourself Pakistani? suggesting to burn everything

    and @nota you even topped that and suggested that Pakistan should be divided into pieces. That can not be a thought of any Pakistani …. and if you are then no doubt the biggest danger we are facing today is from inside not outside. INSHALLAH we will get rid mush and his cronies one day, but people like your mentality will damage Pakistan beyond limits

  252. nota and fitnagiri are raw agent. People with no common sense. These people cannot be faithful to Pakistan and its people. Admin needs to kick them out.

  253. To all those who keep saying “Allah behter karey ga” or ” May Allah save Pakistan” etc, you may notice that is not happening.

    So whilst we all sit on our fat asses and keep praying, others are out to wreck this country.

    Its not just the leaders. How do you teach a nation that
    1. Assassinating 3 of our past 4 leaders (Bhutto, Zia, Bhutto) will only lead to more turmoil and assassinations.
    2. Corruption, lies and exploitation of the weak of this magnitude breeds widespread poverty and that poverty results in misery which in turn breeds
    o Frustration, contempt and generations of hatred
    o Illiteracy, warped ideas and ideas of revenge.
    3. Tolerance. “And we have made you amongst many nations that ye may recognize one another�. So says the Allah we pray to. We Pakistani’s can be so racist and intolerant that we deserve what is heading our way.
    4. First burn your own house, cars and people before proceeding to destroy the lives of others and/or their property in frustration and anger.
    5. Without true justice and rampant mafioso behavior by the elite and “untouchables� such reactions are expected.

    Pakistan has gone from bad to worse in 20 years and yet we keep praying to Allah. I don’t think He cares simply because we have abandoned the simplest of His instructions.

  254. God save our country! whatever happened was very sad.
    BB was a great leader. but please dont blame each other just give a solution that will help our Pakistan.

  255. @ all.

    I am not raw agent no mqm supporter.

    I am pakistani who is shame of being pakistani. yes I am ashamed ….

    just because of punjab and I am sorry for being born in punjabi family. IK supporters should accept that there are are more than 95% pakistanis not supporting him …. so if someone says anything against him he is not always mqm or raw agent.

    Jeay Bhutto and Jeay Sindh.

  256. Talking about solutions:
    There is just one solution: GET RID OF MUSHARRAF AND THE ARMY FOREVER.
    People have to come out on the streets and the anger of the PPP activists have to be steered towrads Musharraf rather than the public of Pakistan.

  257. @ fantagiri
    I can understand your grief but you are not different from those who blame Islam for this blast. One reader comment on a western newspaper says: ‘religion of peace strikes again’. Another says: ‘throw these ‘peaceful’ people out of europe to live in peace’.

    You on the other hand, don’t blame the elite, but whole Punjab. As far ordinary Punjabis, their leader was Bhutto and BB also had more votes than any other party in Punjab.

    Biggest voter bank of BB comes from Punjab who don’t care if she is Sindhi or not. BB was deprived of many seats despite having more votes (by re-drawning constituencies by Musharraf regime).

  258. I am very thankful to Nawaz Sharif who is trying to strengthen Pakistan by visiting hospital and he also has alliances with Sindhi nationalists.

    I salute him for his efforts to pacify the emotions of grieved workers of PPP. Chaudharies, on the other hand, have been extremely abusive towards BB in the recent Past.

  259. I think this is not the time to point out at what BB did or did not do. She is gone and that’s a fact. Right now we have to think as humans first and the pakistani, political or whatever factors can come later.

    It’s time to unite. Realize who the enemy is. Any stable minded person can see that Musharraf and Co have plunged the country into a great crisis. It’s time for the final showdown. Snatch the reins of power from these traitors and murderers.

    But it certainly needs a massive movement from the people of Pakistan. Maybe this event can change the entire history of the country. Maybe some good can come out of this horrific event and BB’s murder will not go in vain. While there are many doomsday scenarios for Pakistan, i think we can be optimistic as well. Let’s not lose our senses. The enemy within and without is on the prowl. Let’s not give them the chance to exploit our weakness.

    The people have to take a stand in this dire moment. And by God I know for certain that the people of Pakistan can turn it all around. We have witnessed their resilience after 9th March. Pakistan will come out of this triumphantly Insha Allah. Pakistan will survive.

  260. Video 11 added .. analysis by Nasrullah Malik of ARY.

    More videos coming shortly including Aitzaz Ahsan interview and Iftikhar Ahmad’s (Geo) analysis.


  261. This napak army killed Akbar Bugti and I thought this is perhaps worst they can do. The proved me wrong.
    Then they killed 100’s of kids in Waziristan and I thought now this is definitely worst they can do. But again they proved me wrong.
    Napak army went on killing spree and burnt (using chemical weapons) 1000 innocent women in Lal masjid. And I thought certainly they are certainly beasts and can not get any worse than this. They proved me wrong again. They are not beasts.
    And then they killed 120 in karachi I thought this is it. What else could be worse than this. They proved me wrong again.
    Napak army has not rested, now they killed BB. Could their be anything worse than this. I pray they don’t prove me wrong again.

  262. “”I know exactly who wants to kill me. They are dignitaries of General Zia’s former regime who are behind extremism and fanaticism,” she told the French magazine Paris-Match. Later she blamed “closet supporters” of the militants and spoke of her fear that retired military men wanted her dead. She pointed an accusing finger at the army’s powerful intelligence arm, the Inter-Services Intelligence agency”.,,2232736,00.html

  263. This is ver sad. Benazeer was great leader. I wish she had never made agreement with army. Army is like underworld mafia. when you deal with them of course you benefit big time, but if the deal goes wrong they can kill you also.

  264. I am deeply shocked and much sadened by the news of violent death of BB. This is horrible and barbaric act. On this sad occasion, we all must be kind and sympathetic. Beside being a popular leader, she was a kind women, a sister, a daughter, wife and a good mother of three children. Above all she was a decent human being, who’s life was taken prematurely through a violent act. This was sensless killing and further killing must be stoped.

    We may differ with her policies, but we must not make her violent death a political foot ball. I urge all Pakistanis to pray for her place in Jannat. Remember, we all are going to die sooner or later.

    Secodly ,I would like to ask all Jyalas and other supporters of BB to continue to struggle for the restoration of democracy in Pakistan. It’s time to control the emotions and to show restraint. We must refrain ourself from destroying properties and killing innocent human being. We have to be kind and patient.

  265. sham election management took a couple of days to wrap the story. bb should have realized from the karachi event. but alas, she was so believing another general.

  266. This was the worst political scenario I could image to move our poor nation into another deeper level of hell. What’ll be next? There will be long term effects into that…
    who did this?
    My guess is some elements from present regime higher some thugs to do the job and those thugs use extremist ammunition (suicide bomber) to achieve the target.
    IF my guess is wrong and it is the solo act of Talaban/Al-qaida type fanatics as media in Western World is saying than – it is really very dangerous situation.

  267. Benazir was the most popular leader in Pakistan. She was truely the national leader and not just a political leader of any single province. In that sense, she was the symbol of the unity of federation of Pakistan. She has left a huge void in the political scene of Pakistan.
    May God forgive her human foibles and bless her with His mercy. Amen.

  268. @dervaish

    Please post something only if you have a “ramak of haya” Use your common sense, she was the leader of Pakistani people. You posted a link of Subhani, and you are just an idiot like him if you believe that.

  269. @econfused: Show some tolerance (and some sense and maturity) my friend. Nobody is asking you to believe it and I am also not taking it as the whole truth. Don`t read it if it is not in accordance to your, rather bigoted, taste. There are others who might be interested to read all these different perspectives that are coming out. I shall not say more, you are not worth it: your very name says it all!

  270. Perhaps somebody should now try to contact that fat, farting toad of Rawalpindi, Sheikh Rashid, and ask him what did he know and mean when he excreted that “I see and sense bloodshed in the coming weeks” (or to that effect) on one of the Geo programmes? It is being reported that all the Q-leagers have gone underground, with their cell phones switched off.

  271. Inna lillahe wa inna alaihe rajeoon.
    Truly a sad event for the country. I may not have agreed with her politics but this was the last thing that anyone could have wished upon her.

    I am a born Pakistani as many of you all here and there is one thing that bothers me. Why we as a nation come out to streets to destroy public and private property. I have been seeing AAJ news for the last 12 hours and I ache when I see my people come to streets and completely detroying infrastructure.

    Why cant we understand that by doing so, we are not helping our situation. Come out to the streets, scream slogans, have banners, give speeches, write, participate in peaceful resistance. There are so many ways to get ones point and pain across. Why do we then have only one method of expression i.e. Destroy everything in ones path. Who are we? What are we? sad.

    I wish there were more programs on TV right now recommending people to remain calm. I wish more of these politians came out and get their jiyalay and jawans to calm down and not loose their humanity.

    We have re-discovered in the course of the past few months leaders and politicians that are worth respect. Lawyers, Politicals, TV anchors etc. Please do more to restore the peace on the streets.

    300 cars in karachi have been burnt. Several banks have been burnt. Im sure this isnt working in anyones benefit to topple Musharraf.

    If anyone who reads this blog has any influence on our leaders, please convey to them that they need to do more to restore peace on the streets so the average Pakistani can live a day without fearing for his life.

  272. Killing of BB as given chance to ppp jiyalas to kill innocent people, burn public propertiesand vehicles and loot shops and banks. No PPP leaders has urged and asked ppp workers to calm down. Bomb blast kill 20 ppl including BB yesterday. But because of these riots, more than 20 innocet people has been killed by ppp jiyalas. Is their life was not important as compared to BB’s?
    I think PPP leadership should order the workers to stop this mayhem right away.

  273. @dervaish

    If somebody is doing a Ph.d. in boston, this does not make him a genius. I might not have a fan of BB, but she was assassinated today. You must have respect for what she was to millions of people. That article told me what kind of taste you have. You picked up “Dervaish” for yourself?

  274. @dervaish, You seems to be very insenstive at this tragic time. Putting a link
    which is full of hate by some one who is doing P.Hd speaks volume about ur intention.

    I didn’t agree with BB political views, but have a lot of respect for her because she was truely a Pakistani leader which have following in whole Pakistan.

  275. econfused,

    I have reading your posts and I am really disappointed on you childish behavior.

    Dervaish is right, ur nick says it all about you. Why the hell you want to impose your thinking on everybody else. Dervaish put an articles, which many of us believe is not correct, but some people agree with that articles.

    In reply, you got personal and called him an idiot and asking him to read the article of your likeing.

    Grow up dude, and stop this pathetic attittude towards other.

  276. @econfused
    thanks for the article. Indeed it’s very positive and a step forward
    I will c/p the last paragraph below

    So, whither Pakistan? I think it will be messy for a long time, but it will get better. Pakistan has a vibrant and argumentative civil society that is often fractious, but is very possessive of its freedom. The best possible thing has happened: Musharraf gave up power. People may find it hard to understand how positive this move is. But the worst has also happened: Pakistan has lost a charismatic and popular leader. Perhaps the most important thing is to give people the confidence that the democratic process is in place. People need to be assured. Among the things that could possibly assure people are to keep to the election date (January 8, 2008) and not postpone it, and perhaps even allow Nawaz Sharif to participate. Other factors that would help are to release the former supreme court judges, especially Mr. Iftikhar Chaudhry the former Chief Justice, and key activists like Mr Aitzaz Hasan the head of the Supreme Court Bar Association. Also allow the independent Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (which in my opinion embodies the best and finest in Pakistan) to speak and move freely, and strengthen the election commission by endowing it with non-political people of unimpeachable integrity. Finally, Musharraf should act to keep the process moving. And need we say? The military should remain in the barracks. The answer to fundamentalism is not force. It is to give people the confidence that they rule their lives and that they have equal access to opportunities. None of Pakistan’s problems will be solved in a year or even two. But despite assassinations and sectarian violence and fundamentalism, there is everything to be gained by taking the first steps in the direction of democracy, and to stay with the process.

  277. @mera pakistan

    That article was full of hatred at such a sensitive time. I did not call Dervaish an idiot, that word was used only if he believed that article. You are right I should have picked another word for example “insensitive”.

    All we ask for show some respect. Articles filled with hatred incite violence.

    Sorry if it hurt your feelings.

  278. These forums are very good and among other great ends that they serve, they also provide us with an opportunity to see and evaluate ourselves, as if we are loking at oursekves in a mirror, and do so not just as individuals, but also as a nation, as Pakistanis. We come here with our different selves, with the different layers of our identity and it is oimperative that we be mindful of that. We must learn to show some patience before we claim to know the other`s “intention” and then hurl something that is very unbecoming of us. I believe many people contributing here are rather young, inexperienced, perhaps some are even “confused” and, at this tragic moment, also very emotional and angry. One can understand that but still, we must be vigilant.

    As I said earlier, I also take arguments and views forwarded by people like that Subhani guy with a pinch of salt and so should you.

  279. I agree with what econfused said. We must pay our respects to her. we all are pakistanis and need to be very very careful not to hurt our fellow pakistanis. Bcoz now benazir is gone plz remember her in good memories, she was a balancing factor in pakistani politics. No matter what we say she was a very very important personality and and the most towering one too in the current situation.

  280. Whoever assasinated Bhutto was not just the enemy of Bhutto but also the enemy of Pakistan. Today, Pakistan has lost a uniting figure in Pakistan politics. She had the power to single handedly mobilize the people of Pakistan from all four provinces of Pakistan.

  281. Very Shocked to find out about her assassination. I don’t agree with her party’s political ideas but condemn this violent act of terrorism. I think that agencies might have played a role in her assassination.

  282. @siqbal00
    You wrote “and you call yourself Pakistani? suggesting to burn everything

    and @nota you even topped that and suggested that Pakistan should be divided into pieces. That can not be a thought of any Pakistani …. and if you are then no doubt the biggest danger we are facing today is from inside not outside. INSHALLAH we will get rid mush and his cronies one day, but people like your mentality will damage Pakistan beyond limits

    Please don’t make things up. go back and look at all my posts. Where did I say burn everything? And where did i say Pakistan should be divided into pieces? It is All I said was Punjab should be divided into at least 2 provinces. I certainly do suggest that if the current status quo continues, the federation cannot survive it. I doubt you read KILLING PAKISTAN SOFTLY. Please do so (btw there are links to articles on top of that article that you will be educational too). And while you are at it, may I also suggest reading Open Letter to the Pakistani Peoples – Wakeup!

    @Mera Pakistan said:
    nota and fitnagiri are raw agent.

    You are brilliant!

  283. Pakistan after Benazir Bhutto
    “…So question is why target a person who had not yet become a Prime Minister, and have not practically done much to support the Western policy in Pakistan? How she would have behaved after becoming a Prime Minister was merely guess or speculation. And question for Al- Qaeda leadership should have been (and they are clever and thinking people), why not go after those, who are former ministers now, but nevertheless were responsible for many tragedies, instead of going after some one who could possibly harm them in future?

    So I would not waste my time finding killers of Benazir Bhuttoo in mountains of Tribal areas or Afghanistan, I would look for them in and around Islamabad. Her killers are embedded in the state apparatus of Pakistan, and aim of killing has nothing to do with her support for the West, as most of the government officials and pro government leaders take pride in what they have done to support the West……

    In my view her assassins have given a deadly blow to the federation of Pakistan. She was, in view of many, a force that kept the federation together. Many thought she was symbol of federation and now that she is brutally killed what challenges are there to Pakistan as a nation state?

    One has to see who will benefit from her killing, and surely it is not rag tag jihadi groups living in mountains of Afghanistan or in Tribal areas. Beneficiaries are surely those who were part of the previous government and take this interim period as holiday or absence from office. The ruling elite and agencies which did not like her return, realised that their favourites are not going to win if Banzir Bhuttoo and Nawaz Sharif are given free hand to contest. …

    Her tragic death will further weaken already fragile federation, and it will strengthen all those who are against the present government and against the policies and thinking of the ruling elite. This will lead to more trouble, antagonism, extremism and disillusionment. It will strengthen those who feel that Punjabi or military dominated establishment is treating smaller provinces unfairly and want to break away from the federation.

    This disillusionment, anger and resentment could exacerbate the political situation of Pakistan, and could lead to a civil war resulting in more trouble, more deaths and more destruction. But I hope the common sense will prevail and people will restrain and learn from this tragedy and help Pakistan to become a stable, democratic and liberal country.

  284. The three men involved in killing of BB are

    Pervez Musharraf
    Perves Elahi
    Pervez Kiyani (through ISI which is under his command)

  285. disintegration is now so obvious. when west produces reports of disintegrated pakistan, or saying pakistan is more dangerous than iraq etc. either there are evidences or full planning underway. looking into the morality as a whole, leadership, law and justice, education… in pakistan nothing can stop it now.

    I remember BB’s old statements how she always defended a united pakistan when at times sinndh was seen to be splitted.

    The stupid army thinks that their force is the cohesion to keep country alive. The rouge army believed that a system based on the planned economy and controlled by intelligence services could produce wealth.

    ZA Bhutto was hanged as he was believed to win with majority. BB too demanded majority and ARMY can’t give this to bhutto. ZA was more popular in his time than BB but hanged by army so its not a big deal to kill BB as well.

  286. waqt key Yazido, zalimo, janwaro
    you have not slained Benazir Bhutto you have extinguished the hope of the miserable,wretched, poor,voiceless, awam of Pakistan.
    Oh Allah we have failed as a nation in protecting pakistan. We have once against put the federation of Pakistan into danger.
    We donot deserve sanner voices , we donot deserve normal people, we donot desrve Bhuttos.

  287. Musharraf, Pervez Ilahi, Chaudhry Shujaat, Arbaab Rahim, General Nadeem Ejaz have to be handed over to the people of Garhi Khuda Bakhsh. Nothing else will calm the emotions of the people there.

  288. This is nothing less than civil war. Army is spposed to act in these moments. Whrere are they? Silent spectators or active spectators of the God Forbid destruction of Pakistan. Coup shoudl have occurred within three to four hours of Benazir Bhutto’s assassination.
    Kiyani kutta hai hai
    Nadeem kutta hai hai
    Musharraf ka poora khandan kutta hai hai

  289. Army is moving in all cities of Sindh.
    Another success for Chaudarys, Mush and ISI … they kill the leader and now they have reason to disturb people of sindh.

    Geo TV: Al-qaida claims responsibilty for her assassination. That proves that Al-qaida is working for Pakistan Govt. because everyone knows that it was punjabi politicians and ISI and if alqaida claims responsibilty then they are forced by Pak Government.

    Jiye Bhutto – Jiye Sindh

  290. fantagiri this is not the time to make this a punjab sindh fight. chaudrys and ISI dont have any support in punjab as well and no one is celebrating the death of bhutto in all pakistan

  291. First it was the sound, now it is shrapnel from a suicide bombing.

    Well, now Cheema has done one better: Claims when BB ducked at the sound of the explosion, she hit her head on one of the latches of the sunroof which fractured her skull and probably caused her death…

  292. A little background — an excellent piece by Tariq Ali written Nov 30. And if time permits, do read the articles listed at the bottom of the page — believe me they won’t be a waste of time…
    Daughter of the West

    Last few lines are certainly wort quoting here:

    In Pakistan itself the long night continues as the cycle restarts: military leadership promising reforms degenerates into tyranny, politicians promising social support to the people degenerate into oligarchs. Given that a better functioning neighbour is unlikely to intervene, Pakistan will oscillate between these two forms of rule for the foreseeable future. The people who feel they have tried everything and failed will return to a state of semi-sleep, unless something unpredictable rouses them again. This is always possible.

  293. The claim of Cheema that BB died because her head struck on sunroof of the car in which she was travelling – is the most ridiculous explanation. How did they prove that it caused the death.

    The issue is that whether they opened the skull or not to find the bullet or sharpnel or not and if they didnt – did they do any CT scan or MRI scan of head to find and locate any sharpnel or bullet.

    If they havent done either of them then it is very clear that they are just presuming or assuming the cause of death.

    I believe that there has been a very major cover up in this – and goverment is involved in this.

    How can Prof of Surgery determine the cause of death – because it is done by the pathologist or a Forensic Surgeon after proper postmortem. As no postmortem was done therefore Cheema cannot claim at all what he is claiming.

    I believe that this should be investigated by a foreign pathologist and only then we can determine the cause of death.

    There is no doubt that goverment is involved in this killing.

    The thing is that if they can intercept the conversation between Baitullah Mehsood and the person to whom he was talking to – I am sure they can trace the source of call and also where he is located and can locate him – so why not they trace him and kill him if after all they have got the evidence.

    musharraf is trying to make a fool out of us – nothing more.

  294. What our enemies could not do, our army and its rogue agencies have done it, that is, to bring the country to the brink of disintegration. The state of the federation is very weak at this moment. There is little doubt that the government is involved in this dastardly event. They are now doing every effort to cover it up by issuing statements like the interception of a phone call from some Al-Qaida operative, BB died of head injuries, etc.. The state that we are in, where there is no justice, it is not possible to have BB’s body examined by an independent entity to determine the real cause of death. The SOB (Mush) and his cronies have tried to bring down the entire system by systematically destroying all the institutions, incuding the judiciary, the media and so on, so that they could get away with anything.

  295. musharaf regime has snatched another leader from the bhutto family and now they want to blame and propaganda…he cant proceed now.
    musharaf kutta haye haye
    musharaf kutta haye haye

  296. i was just lurking into these sheikh rasheed sayings dont know the ground realities of pakistan. i wish bb only came for her people than for any other political least for this time but alas politicians doesn’t learn that quick or never.

  297. “Punjab is responsible for this. We hate the Punjab. Benazir was safe wherever she went, but when she went to Punjab, she was martyred,” said Gul Muhammad Jakhrani, who had travelled from Kashmore district, about two hours away. “The future of Pakistan is very dark.”,,2233048,00.html

  298. @nota
    Use a fast scroll moue to avoida site of it.

    I thought Karsaz Bridge is in Karachi. My pretty bad knowledge.

  299. @Nota
    BBS Security chief Rahman Malik looked dubious to me right from the
    begininng when I first saw him returning with BB.
    Looking from the last video , the security looked almost absent whether official
    or PPP’S OWN.Howcould it happen. Either he is extremely incompetent or part
    of his old buddies ,agencies.

  300. @ nota

    ppl like you in pakistan are the worst enemies of the country. US and India cant do any harm to our country without ppl like you available to them. You ppl cant respect anyones opinion, so you should therefore make your own website and post whatever bull**** you want to post there. Dont reply back to me as I dont have time to answer “waste of time ppl” like you.

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