What Really Happened

Compilation of various versions of Benazir Bhutto’s tragic assassination

Rehman Malik:
His brother told him that there were 3-4 shots and then a bomb blast. He thought Benazir was safe and tried to leave the place immediately expecting more blasts.

Daily Times:
It was Klasenkov firing by someone who was on a motorcycle.

Geo and AAJ:
One shot in neck and one in head, some saying 2 in head, some saying there were 4-5 fire shots, GEO footage has sound of 2 fires before the blast. Some saying that there were no such firing and these were bomb blast injuries. Some saying she died of heart failure due to the shock after the blast.

Urdu Point:
With reference to a doctor, he said that one fire was directed from her neck and penetrated in her head and because of this part of her Brain was damaged.

Khabrain reporting that shot in neck ws fatal becos of excessive bleeding and her lungs getting filled with blood thus damaging the respiration system.

Another contradicitng report is about the vehicle in which she was taken to hospital: one report saying as her white vehicle’s tyre got burst and she was moved to other car and taken to hospital …… Second report says that her driver immediately moved the vehicle to take her out form that place ……. and one additional report is that on the way to hospital, she was moved to one ambulance that was heading towards the bomb blast place.

One other mysterious thing was that the fire brigade rushed towards the place and immediately all the palce was washed…..normally even for some minor incident of violence, law enforcing agencies will cordon off the area and will not allow anyone to change any thing untill all investigators will gather all required proofs and reports.

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  1. It is obvious that Musharraf is playing a very dirty game (fire brigade using pressure pipes to wash away and destroy evidence).

    May her soul rest in peace and her killers are blown into pieces.

  2. I don’t know if anybody noticed, but it seem like there is lot of haste for burial. Mush could have shown some humanity and opted for state funeral. No autopsy report, and quick move to Nodero in middle of night. Establishment doesn’t want it to prolong it for a minute.

  3. @ econfused

    Musharraf has not shown humanity, it is a part of his plan. Part of soft image of Pakistan (i.e. himself!).

    He has arrested biggest ‘terrorists’ i.e. judges, judiciary, media, while peace loving Mullahs roam freely.

  4. @ Kruman

    BB’s tragic death has overshadowed Q league’s attack on NS’s procession.

    Such attacks don’t happen without a ‘proper’ support and infrastructure.

    BB was attacked in Karachi (support and infrastructure of MQM was used). BB was attacked in Rawalpindi (support and infrastructure of Army was used).

  5. “The report said a post-mortem examination of Ms Bhutto’s body was not carried out at the hospital because the district administration and police had not requested the hospital authorities (for this)â€?


    So here you go, now it will be speculation about the cause of her death till eternity.

  6. ecoconfused,
    This is reminiscent of Bhutto’s burial more than 25 hours ago.

    The government was in a haste to take custody of her dead body. Zardari should have demanded custody of the dead body and taken it to Larkana via road passing through the heartland of Punjab and Sind

    Mush would’ve refused to give custody. Then Zardari should’ve come on TV and said, “They killed my wife, now they are refusing to hand over her body.”

  7. I guess postmortem is done to find the reasons of death and find clues. In this case, it is not needed because whole world knows how she was assassinated and who did it. The only thing remaining to do the justice which will Inshaallah will be done soon, if not by the legal process then by the people themselves.

  8. Postmartem tells you for sure the cause of death. This article “what really happened” you can see multiple versions. You would never know which caliber gun was used, how many shots.

  9. There should be autopsy done. It will actually increase the problems fro Musharraf as he is only left with “Enlightened Moderation” to serve US. It will create problem as Musharraf will have a hard time finding a PM who can work with him as well as have support from public.

  10. I am reminded of the reaction of Mustafa Khar to the Karachi carnage. He said that this was just a warning. When, and if, she goes to Punjab, they (whoever ‘they’ are) will follow through.

  11. FYI from CNN Some of you people should be ashamed of your comments

    WASHINGTON (CNN) — The FBI and the Department of Homeland Security issued a bulletin Thursday citing an alleged claim of responsibility by al Qaeda for former Pakistani Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto’s assassination, a DHS official told CNN.

    An Italian news agency says al Qaeda No. 2 Ayman al-Zawahiri began planning Bhutto’s killing in October.

    1 of 4 more photos » more photos » But such a claim has not appeared on radical Islamist Web sites that regularly post such messages from al Qaeda and other militant groups.

    The source of the claim was apparently an obscure Italian news agency, Adnkronos International (AKI), which said that al Qaeda Afghanistan commander and spokesman Mustafa Abu Al-Yazid had telephoned the agency to make the claim.

    “We terminated the most precious American asset which vowed to defeat [the] mujahadeen,” AKI quoted Al-Yazid as saying.

    According to AKI, al Qaeda No. 2 Ayman al-Zawahiri set the wheels in motion for the assassination in October.

    One Islamist Web site repeated the claim, but that Web site is not considered a reliable source for Islamist messages by experts in the field.

    The DHS official said the claim was “an unconfirmed open source claim of responsibility” and the bulletin was sent out at about 6 p.m. to state and local law enforcement agencies.

    The official characterized the bulletin as “information sharing.”

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    Ross Feinstein, spokesman for Director of National Intelligence Mike McConnell, said the U.S. intelligence community is monitoring the situation and trying to figure out who is responsible for the assassination.

    “We are not in a position to confirm who may be responsible,” Feinstein said.

    Feinstein said that the intelligence community “obviously analyze(s) open source intelligence,” but he would not say whether the community believes the claim has any validity.

    For now, he said, there is “no conclusion” as to who may be responsible.

    Earlier, DHS spokesman Russ Knocke said Bhutto’s assassination had not prompted “any adjustments to our security posture.”

    “Of course, we continue to closely monitor events as they unfold

  12. The blame game will go on and on now…the finger pointing will never stop….Benazir died for a great Cause…but hardly anyone will think about that…it is going to be a chaos for the nation…so many poor people will be dead….life is going to be paralysed for a long time….lets not be negative…lets be positive…Alqaeda did it, or Army did it, or America did it, or Punjabi Establishment did it…or whoever did that…surely will have real punishment infront of God…but dont kill poor people, dont consider all people with beards as Al qaida, dont try to give bad name to benazir and her mission….just have faith in her mission, and her mission was Freedom….for Pakistanis…Freedom of poor people…Lets work together for the REAL democracy…no General on top, no army to dictate us…lets dictate army with power that …either it go back to its home NOW….or face the END.

  13. it is reported taht al-qaeda has accepted responsibility of killing BB….
    It seems odd. BB was not a threat to al-qaeda. She was not in power and may not have come to power. Also, BB had issued pro-US statement much before coming to Pakistan. Al-qaeda being an international organisation could have easily killed her in Dubai.
    What benefit will al-qaeda get? Why has al-qaeda not killed many who have actually tried to block them and gone for someone who was only a potential?
    Finally, how come al-qaeda always acts in a manner – be it audio cassette of a threat – taht seem to benefit the perpetuators of the war on terror? Thsi time to, al-qaeda’s claim can benefit Mush/Bush the most.


  14. According to video that Geo was playing, you can hear two shots and then explosion. so my guess is that firing was to get everybody away from BB and then detonate the explosives. I also saw a picture of Glock which is supposedly belongs to the suicide bomber.

    Lets hope we find out the truth this time and not have to wait 30 years to find out what really happened. Moments like these emphasis the importance of free judiciary which civil society has been fighting for.

  15. @ Kruman on December 28th, 2007 3:21 am

    Thanks for sharing the column. I think Irfan is right on spot.

    @ nota on December 28th, 2007 9:21 am

    I always find your posts and links very informative. What do you do? Search the web all the time?????????????????

  16. Adam1,
    The sad fact is that Pakistan has been stabbed and wounded today.
    The situation in Sind can’t be controlled, not even by the army. Infact it will only flare people more, and that is why Musharraf may go for it.

    Only the following steps can save Pakistan:
    1) Musharraf should step aside immediately.
    2) PMLN, PPP, ANP and nationalist parties from Sind, Balochistan forming national unity govt with PM from Sind
    3) Reinstatement of CJP and a judicial inquiry by him into BB’s murder. The murderers should be publicly hanged.
    4) Greater provinical autonomy
    5) Slash the army to 100, 000 and start a program like in Turkey where every young man has to serve for 6 months.

  17. @ nota

    i will request you if you can send a featured article to expose this guy Saleem Shahzad, so admin can add this to featured article section of PkPolitics.

    I feel it is really required at the moment.

  18. @Adam1
    “I always find your posts and links very informative. What do you do? Search the web all the time?????????????????”

    Am glad. And yes, I do 🙂

  19. @ Kruman

    Agreed to what you have said, point 1 to 4.

    Strongly disagree with point 5. But I’ll not debate it for the time being. Very frankly, I am quite disturbed and sad by the tragedy and more importatntly, concerned by its fallouts and ramifications. I just wish we are able to prevent loss of some more lives by calming the people. Most of the people that have lost their lives in the aftermath had nothing to do with BB’s death.

    I wish we all direct our anger against the real culprits (and you all know who they are) and not against the innocent people on streets as well not against Pakistan.

  20. @nota

    I am happy that you are happy. So continue posting good links.

    And do tell me how do you survive if you surf all the time???
    I would love to have a job like this.

  21. @Adam1
    Well, I trick is not to have a job and learn to survive on less and less. For me monetary considerations are the least important right now. I am too busy feeding my head to worry about my stomach. You certainly don’t want a job like mine… 🙂

  22. NYT Editorial
    …The United States cannot afford to have Pakistan unravel any further. The lesson of the last six years is that authoritarian leaders — even ones backed with billions in American aid — don’t make reliable allies, and they can’t guarantee security.

    American policy must now be directed at building a strong democracy in Pakistan that has the respect and the support of its own citizens and the will and the means to fight Al Qaeda and the Taliban. Pakistan is a nation of 165 million people. The days of Washington mortgaging its interests there to one or two individuals must finally come to an end.

  23. @nota

    Theoretically, OK. Practically, not possible.

    Feed your head and not your stomach for a week, and we’ll be attending your funeral.

    Feed your stomach and not your head, you’ll live for 100 years. If you don’t trust me, just have a look at Q Legeeeeeeees. They have not fed any thing to their mind for the last …… well…… about a century, I believe. And are still surviving.

    well, it all was on the lighter side.

    Appreaciate your contributions to this forum.

  24. @nota

    NYT Editorial.

    What soever the editorial says, we all know what the people in power at Washigton want.

    They know their wicked designs can not be supported by democratic, people based govt in Pakistan.

    Washington’s hue and cry for democracy is just an eyewash. Who else but a dictator surviving on washington support will deliver to them?

    Has His Excellency GWB uttered a word for restoration of Judiciary (the real pillar of a democratic govt)??????

    Anyhow, nice to hear some sane, but faint, voices from the west.

    People interested may also google George Galloway on YouTube.

    “…For the US and her allies, particularly Israel, it is essential that Musharraf retains power. Both the US and Israel are very sensitive to the fact that Pakistan does have nuclear arms and that it is a predominately Muslim nation and that there is a large element of Islamic fundamentalists within the nations political ranks who it would be reasonable to assume have a very strong chance of gaining or seizing power in Pakistan and who would have the Taliban of Afghanistan and north-west Pakistan as an ally rather than as an enemy as they are now of Musharraf. Power passing to Benazir Bhutto via an election would have been much easier to seize by Islamic fundamentalists than from Musharraf if that is their intention – another reason why it would not be in their interests to assassinate her….

  26. A news item from YAHOO

    A Vatican spokesman said Pope Benedict had been informed, adding:
    “It is difficult to see any glimmer of hope, peace, reconciliation in this country.”

  27. The interview of BB with David Frost is getting some play at YouTube, especially because at 6:10 in the video she says “Omar Sheikh, the man who murdered Osama Bin Laden.” People are saying that could be reason enough. Why Frost does not pick up on such a “huge” statement is certainly a mystery…

  28. I agree with most of the comments, i too dont think it was or can be al-qaeda. It appears to be a very well planned professional assasination. How can a suiside bomber who is a about to blow him self fire 5 gunshots 2 or 3 of which are on target. If someone has had experiece of using AK-47 or Kalashinkov as we know it, they would know that this weapon is the worst weapon in shooting a target. Another thing is that how can someone hide AK-47 for such a long time (as reports say the person was within the rally) without anyone noticing. I think it was a professional sniper shooting and the bomb was planted just to put it in account of yet another “Suicide attack” of Al-Qaeda.
    Who ever planned and executed it were very proffesional and i think we all know who are the proffesionals around

  29. Bhutto said Musharraf failed to protect her: email WASHINGTON, Dec 28 (AFP):

    Slain PPP leader Benazir Bhutto blamed President Pervez Musharraf for failing to protect her in the volatile months preceding her assassination, an email released by US media Thursday showed. If harmed in Pakistan, “I wld (would) hold Musharaf (sic) responsible,� Bhutto wrote in the October email, revealed on air by CNN journalist Wolf Blitzer, who received it from Bhutto’s friend and US spokesman Mark Siegel. “I have been made to feel insecure by his minions,� Bhutto wrote of Musharraf, detailing security measures which she said were not granted her after her return. “There is no way what is happening in terms of stopping me from taking private cars or using tinted windows or giving jammers or four police mobiles to cover all sides cld (could) happen without him.� Siegel told the channel that Bhutto had asked authorities to provide protection including a four-car police escort and jamming devices against bombs, but had not received them. The news channel revealed the email hours after Bhutto, 54, was killed in a suicide attack. (Posted @ 09:50 PST)










  30. @ FarooqAhmed on December 28th, 2007 3:01 pm

    Interesting – Al Qaeda accepts responsibility for everything.

    I believe if Lara Bush delivers a baby, CIA will blame OBL for this and US state department will soon come up with a tape from AQ accepting the responsibility.

  31. @FarooqAhmed

    I really feel sorry for you. You know that CNN story is based on a obscure non-reliae website. Even that original story is discussed here. It was some guy Sleem Shahzad 9i forgot name) posted on original website. Now that guy seems to be similar to your friend Ahmed Quraishi.

  32. @nota, econfused,

    I have read those articles. Evn though Musharraf is no saint and has done lot of bad things but killing BB was the last thing he would have done. By killing BB is same as putting the last nail in his own coffin.

    We got to be rational, BB was too pro-US, and by killing her, Al-Qaida has put Pakistan(Musharraf, who is conducting operations against them and trying to be moderate) in a big dilemma as well as they have put US in big dilemma, as US really wanted BB to come in power, which most probably she would with people support as well as US support. By killing BB, Al-Qaida have put US and its ally on war of terror in a very bad position. They have proved that US has failed to control them.

    Musharraf had nothing to gain with that. Look after the asasination, Musharraf’s party, Q league, they all are underground and they are more unpopular now then before. Did you see the face of Musharraf when he was addressing yesterday, he was more than scared.

    The problem is that we only hear or listen, what we want to listen and we dont try to be rational about it. Sometimes, according to our likes we dont believe on Pakistani news papers but believe on american media and vice versa.

    So thats my understanding, and I guess, some of you keep the right to disagree with my analysis.

  33. Farooq we do not disagree with your comment. I have not blamed Musharraf, I only pointed you the story posted has no credibility. Since you only look in front of your nose, I have to ask why there is no Autopsy/Post Martem, without that Govt has started pushing in official line.

    We point to the facts, while you have sympathies with Musharraf. Why the area was washed away quickly? Musharraf did not do it, but he has failed as a leader. So far what I can see

    1) No Autopsy
    2) Quick Burial
    3) Removal/clean up of evidence
    4) No Inquiry commission

    Its easier to call me irrational, but these are genuine questions.

  34. Is (are) there ant doctor in thsi forum?
    Can you please illuminate us?
    The government version is that BB was hit on the right part of her skull by the lever of her car’s sunroof causing depressed fracture.
    The bomber/gunner was on the left side of BB and no wound was found on that side.

    Can anyone please comment on the posisbility of fatality with thsi kind of wound?


  35. BB was betrayed by her own party leadership. The party needed another ‘shaheed’ to once again command the masses that it did once. The reputation of BB was totally destroyed because of all the corruption she and her husband were accountable for. The party’s vote bank had also deteriorated because of her prolonged secret deal with Musharraf. A sacrifice was the only way to revive the party. She became the sacrificial lamb. She probably realised this and that’s why returned to Dubai but then somebody convinced her to come back.

  36. Aaj Tv: Plastic factory in Karachi was burned yesterday by PPP jiyalas and 24 people were trapped inside. As of today, 6 dead bodies of poor labours have been taken out and the factory is still burning and it is suspected that all of them have died. 13 yr old boy was shot in the head. loss of properties is seperate….

    Is this the right way to show the anger of BB’s murder? If they think Army and Musharraf did this, then they better redirect their anger them rather than killing poor innocent ppl.

    No leader of PPP have urged the PPP jiyalas to stop this yet. This mayhem needs to stop.

  37. According to Dr. Mussadiq Khan’s press conference, who operated the surgery on BB, he said that BB died because something hard hit her head.

    He ruled out that she was shot in the head. No bullet was found and bullet would is usually differnt then the found they saw on BB’s head. There was no wound on her neck.

    About the autopsy and post mortem, Dr, said that Gov. asked for the autopsy but Asif Zardari asked them, not to conduct the autopsy, as he want to have the burial ASAP.

    You can verify alll this on Aaj tv.

  38. @FarooqAhmed

    As I said violence will not solve problems. When your govt says “Mr Cheema”, she is killed by the lever in a car?

    Now you are asking to redirect people to Army. You are asking leadership from country, where we managed to kill the last leader? It will take time to calm things down. You think anybody in PPP is in a position to calm down to this mob?

    Where is Mafia Quami Movement today? why are not they controlling the city?

  39. Dr. Mussadiq ruled out that she is shot and the X-rays confirmed that there is no bullet found in her body. She only had one wound on her body, that is, on her head, which can be resulted, if BB hit her head something really hard. No wound were found on her neck.

    Doctors performed the open chest surgery to revive her breath, but they were not successful.

    Javed cheema is saying in his press conference that BB hit her head on the lever of SUV. Courtesy Aaj tv.

  40. Well, now Cheema has done one better: Claims when BB ducked at the sound of the explosion, she hit her head on one of the latches of the sunroof which fractured her skull and probably caused her death…

  41. The government has blamed Baitullah mashood….
    Cheema never andswered a crucial question…
    How come Baitulah Mashood released 200 army on the day when Emergency was clamped? How come the same Mashood kills BB and releases army? What realtionship exists between segments of army and Mashood?


  42. @GM

    Well our Govt knows that a lie becomes truth if you tell it over and over again. All things are done for national security and “Sub say Pehlay Pakistan”. I doubt Pakistan can ever change when we have true believers like Farooq, Ahmed Quraishi and saleem shahzad. Who knows what has been promised to Dr. Mussaddaq. I hope if somebody inside the hospital visit this site and post his comments.

  43. I don’t understand, why people are making such a big deal of it. It’s unfortunate she passed away. Now every tom dick and harry has opened a rumor mill and plathora of conspiracies.
    Simple is that she passed away by hitting the deck of SUV. Baitullah attempted a suicide attempt on her life. He has done the same with other politicians, twice on sherpao, few times on mushraff. He is evil
    Whats the fault of inncoent people and day labourers, why ppp jayala’s are killing them. Whats the fault of banks, railway stations, trains, factories. Why they are burning them. Remember no one life is biggerthen the other, if you think that way then the problem is you still have not come out of elite mentatlity. This is the reminisance of barbaric history where to pacify one soul, the kings used to sacrifice inncoent people

  44. @GM,

    You can call everybody liar according to your likings. You just want to believe what you want to. According to you. All Pakistani and International media are lieing. So, get over it, its your problem, not mine.

  45. GM
    It’s not matter of trusting anyone, it’s matter of fact and evidences. If 10 doctors have conducted the efforts. Should someone believe a conspiracy theory or what a qualified doctor says? How about a conspiracy theory it was drone which flew from bagram base and it shooot a laser which left no scar or bullet hole and created casualty. It’s unfortunate but we can not ignore facts

  46. @econfused,

    Now you are dragging the doctor in this conspiracy theory. People can disgree with you, it doesnot mean that they are promised something. If we all be irrational like that, maybe you are promised something from PPP.

    I cannot crack a nutshell like you and I dont want to waste more time on you as I am not here to convinced you, neither I want to.

    Your nick says it all. if you disagree with some body you give arguments rather than you call them traitors and liars and call them names. Please dont reply. Thanks

  47. @shaan11235

    You are forgetting Mafia. You can blame Jayalas, Govt can stop rumors mill, if it gives you the reason believable. Its not unfortunate, its a national loss. If you did not like her, thats alright, in a democracy, you have to just live with that. If you select your leaders its not democracy.


    Its not just Farooq, we have countless such personalities, and we have to just live with it, It is reality, some people will always with govt.

  48. econfused
    you jump to conclusion too quick. If i didn’t buy your conspiracy theory you started doubting my likes about BB. I am not sure how many times you have voted for BB, but I have done twice. This shows my likeness to her views and policies. I might had differ her on her current stance when she dealt with army that’s a different case. The only difference between me and you is I don’t have blind faith. You believe in slogans and conspiracies and I like to analyze the facts and make my judgemnet not reading tabloids and blogs

  49. @shaan11235

    I never voted for her, I do not have a conspiracy theory. All events so far point to cover up. Question is can we handle the true facts? You have to tell me how can I trust Cheema when he says Judges are free to go and see anybody? How do we know if he is not lying every time he speaks?

    Don’t you think someone has to build some credibility before we can believe.

    Personally I have voted for loosing candidates of my liking. Not a follower of major parties. Still being a citizen, I am entitled to truths. At the moment I have great sympathies for PPP members. Her party might get a sympathy vote for me.

    You also have to tell if I have any thing posted from Tabloid. I don’t know where you are getting your facts. How do you think we have got these killer machines? If I say all Lashkes and Jhangvi and Jaish were ISI sponsored, you will say these are not facts.

  50. The claim of Cheema that BB died because her head struck on sunroof of the car in which she was travelling – is the most ridiculous explanation. How did they prove that it caused the death.

    The issue is that whether they opened the skull or not to find the bullet or sharpnel or not and if they didnt – did they do any CT scan or MRI scan of head to find and locate any sharpnel or bullet.

    If they havent done either of them then it is very clear that they are just presuming or assuming the cause of death.

    I believe that there has been a very major cover up in this – and goverment is involved in this.

    How can Prof of Surgery determine the cause of death – because it is done by the pathologist or a Forensic Surgeon after proper postmortem. As no postmortem was done therefore Cheema cannot claim at all what he is claiming.

    I believe that this should be investigated by a foreign pathologist and only then we can determine the cause of death.

    There is no doubt that goverment is involved in this killing.

    The thing is that if they can intercept the conversation between Baitullah Mehsood and the person to whom he was talking to – I am sure they can trace the source of call and also where he is located and can locate him – so why not they trace him and kill him if after all they have got the evidence.

    musharraf is trying to make a fool out of us – nothing more.

  51. Let me tell you one thing – Asif Zirdari even though husband cannot ask teh goverment to stop postmortem if there is suspicsion of killing – whenever anyone is murdered according to the law in Pakistan – the body then belongs to the state and they can conduct the postmortem to find out what is the cause fo death.

    If we accept this Zirdari theory then all any husband who is not happy with his wife can get her killed and then refuse post-mortem. I beleive Cheema is lying and nothing else.

    The goverment was under obligation of conducting a postmortem because she has been murdered and there had been hundreds of witnesses to that murder.

    The fact that they have avoided it and then without proper CT scan and MRI of head and chest they have let the body go – it clearly means that this professor of surgery is a phoney surgeon and he is involved in the coverup.

  52. The issue is who to believe with reagrd to BB’s death…

    he government’s version is now known. It is the right of every citizen to question it. Even the questions in the press conference indicated taht none of the journalists was convinced of what Cheema was saying.
    Let me list the questions taht remain unanswered:

    1. Why was the place of incident washed with fire brigade? (I have heard this. it will help if someone can confirm or deny this)
    2. Why was post-mortern not carried out? Government’s version is that Zardari said no. Is this really true? Even if it is, did Zardari have a right to say no? Was government right in even asking Zardari?
    3. What authenticity is there of Drs’ statements yesterday? If thy said that it was a bullet, why are they changing their stance now? Cheema was asked thsi question and to me he did not give a satisfactory response.
    4. Cheema’s version also raises several questions. He said, if i got him right, that BB was fired upon 2-3 times, then as she was ducking/getting into the car, blast took place and the force of the blast pushed her to the side and she gor hit b the lever of the sunroof. Three bullets must take a few seconds to be fired. At-least another second or two fo the blast to occur. So we are perhaps talking about 5-7 seconds before, according to official version, BB was hit by the impact of the blast. This raises doubts. Huamn instinct would have made her duck immediately afte the first one. How is it taht she was till outside of rootop when the blast occured?
    5. The tarcing of call is also very intriguing? How come they have never been able to trace calls prevously to locate the ‘culprit’? How was the voice identified so quickly?
    6. even the nature of conversation quoted was strange. It seemed a very precise thought out conversation. It seemed Mashood did not even know how was assigned the task of killing BB. ven the place of a future meeting was discussed. Did anyone try to locate and capture the ‘culprit’ from hat location? Would these peole discuss such information so casually knowing fully well that their conversations are tapped?
    7. X-rays tell nothing. It is not necessary for the bullet to be lodged inside the body to do the damage. it can pierce through it.
    8. who was Cheema’s audiance? Why was he speaking i English? even responding to Urdu questions in English? The answers are needed by pakistani people. why did he not choose to speak in Urdu?
    8.finally, it does seem strange that the same al-qaeda which fails to kill musharaf, SAzia, sherpow after so many attacks, succeds the first time it attacks BB.

    Ibn Batuta

  53. Ibn Batuta

    Zardari has no right to ask the goverment not to do postmortem because she is a murder victim once a person is murdered – the body belongs to the state and they are under obligation to investigate the cause of murder. In developed countries this is done by coroner.

    If we accept this premise that Zardari could refuse post-mortem then that means any husband can kill his wife and then say he does not want post-mortem.

    There is no doubt that it has been a huge coverup and goverment either is itself involved in this or are trying to coverup their incompetency. Now they are laying blame at hands of Betullah Mehsud with whom the goverment did the deal exactly teh day when CJ Iftikhar was deposed.

    So they know where this guy is – so why dont then take him on then.

    Musharraf has landed Pakistan in a deep deep hole by trying to befriend Bush and getting involved in this war on terror.

  54. Muallah and military are strong allies in this war on terror. This napak fauj paid these terrorists to kill BB. Napak fauj and dirty mullah both have found the way to earn money from US and west. Modus operandi is very simple , Napak fauj kills innocent pakistanis and declares that they have killed terrorist , they will arrest innocent pakistanis and sell them to US. On the other hand dirty Mullah targets the opposition leaders and moderate Pakistanis in terrorist attacks.

  55. Ibn Batuta

    I am a doctor practicing in Ireland and I can say for sure from professional point of view that the goverment has handled all this in a very very unprofessional way and their cover up is also very clumsy.

  56. Now Govt of Pakistan has very different version – as Brigadier Cheema said in news conference that Benazir Bhutto died from a fractured skull caused by hitting her head on part of her car’s sunroof. He further added that the government had an intelligence intercept in which an al-Qaeda militant congratulated his people for carrying out this cowardly act.
    In my view this seems poor effort for the cover up. It seems that it is the evil act of some fractions of Pak-establishment and they pay some Mullas to do this evil job. GHQ and evil fanatics both have found the easy way to earn money from US and west on the basis of war against terrorism. The proxy war they in which both sides are in there control.

  57. on Nov 4, next day to emergency, Govt. released 29 militants to get their 300 soldiers released including a cousin of Baitullah Masood.

    Now, even if we buy this govt theory of link to Baitullah Masood, isnt it most probable, that the 3 terrorist involved are out of those 29 released by musharraf govt.

    and if it is so, what Pakistani people shud do. When mushrraf got this reason of releasing terrorists against the Judges , then he imposed martial Law becasue he has the power of gun. and if people of pakistan dont have enough gun power to impose emergencey for same reasons, the message is clear for them, either counter the gun power of mushrraf and co. or surrender.

  58. This is ridiculous, venting your frustration against pak army. I can understand that if there are motives behind BB’s killing and ofcourse without the involvement of US nothing is possible. But it’s utter ridiculous to call pak army .. napak or calling them names. All people who serve in army are ordinary people from our society. Any clamity happens, they are the first to reach and protect. Majority of roads, construction, development has been spearheaded by army. if it’s left up to civil society then the road and bridges will only exist in papers not in reality. I definately do not agree with mush’s policy but it does not make the whole army responsible for it. Army is still the only instituion with discipline. Anyone who is calling them kuttay and napak have some ther motives very clearly. A good idea will be to check their origin

  59. Shaan1235


    isnt it fair enuf?

    u know what i mean….?

    waiting for ur reasonable reply, plzz no more comments by BATMAN of FA Pass generals…plz..

  60. @shaan11235
    I wish I could call you names. Just consider all the *** below as my anger against you and that napak fauji kuttay……………..

  61. shaan11235:
    napak rouge army has deprived Pakistanis and so victim of hatred. sooner or later they will meet their fate. regrettably, what you credited to rouge army is nothing but their imperialism. what you will get if you check the origin?

  62. pejamistri
    is that was the logic, reason and aswer to my view point…. I am not going to say anything about you. GOD help you

    Army any where in the world are constructed to follow orders not question the motives. If we have one , two or 5 top brass generals corrupt then whats the fault of institution. It’s very much same scenario where our top politicians are corrupt, however every average john doe is sincere with it’s country. Unfortunately the same john doe does follow’s and defend the party decision doesn’t matter it’s a flip flop over night. They defend the decision when leader deal with army and deplore the same act when compromise couldn’t reach. My point instituions are not bad it’s individuals .. example is Mush, kiyani, NS, CHoudries, fazlu and etc, etc

  63. @shaan11235
    People like yourself can not be replied on the basis of logic. Ahmed Bhai and many other will try to do so .. but let me assure that people like yourself are not humans and even not beasts .. because beasts are not as tyrant as this napak army and it’s cronies are. So please add few more stars for yourself and you napak army.

  64. I will still not say anything about you. You are typing what is filled in your brain. I can obvoiusly see what kinlth is that. keep burning in a dejavu of your self thought fictions, motives and enemies
    one more time if you are pakistani, GOD help you and if you are outsider just trying to create fitna, GOD will deal with you

  65. If you see videos or pictures of BB just prior to being shot, there is no security
    around her. Can anybody help me or i am delusional.

  66. @shaan11234

    We might have been fine if it was one, two or five generals. If that was the case, then everything should be fine after 1988. It did not. It seems like there is something wrong.

    Personally I have known some captains, majors and Lt. col. Their point of view is that civilians don’t know Sh!t and $tupid. Your statement might be true for NCOs, but I think it changes when you get comission.

  67. @zufi
    watch closely the person who fired and may be another who detonated the bomb were security peronsals. They were just few feet away from BB and performed their duty skillfuly.

  68. @shaan11234

    Your logic is convoluted. You are asking us to be thankful to the army/security agencies because they have built roads for us (after getting contracts of their choice) whereas we hired them to provide security.
    Watch the footage shown by GEO again. The man firing pistol shots was within few feet of the SUV. What the f*** was our more than heavy security apparatus doing then…perhaps building roads…doh!


  69. @Peja
    The Mushs people always say that there are 7000 security people protecting her
    but just prior to murder you hardly see anybody around. It is not conspiratorial, I

  70. the biggest civilian mistake was to equip rouge army with nukes. becoming powerful enough not to be beaten by India, they decided to find new ways to rule the country. the press conference of cheema still shows that army as an institute is still behind Mush

  71. @shaan11234

    Nothing u can write here in this forum which is in favour of Mush and thier allies even army they will say all bull shits coz Mush was belong to army…if these ppls who say bad words to army tell them to come back to country and do something instead of giving bad words to Army here.

    Only NS and IK supporters here, can write thier views here. this site is not open for any other party.

  72. @ahmed bhai
    I respect and love Zulfiqar Bhutto Shaheed so much, but whenever I think that he got 90,000 of these snakes back to Pakistan in 1971 I don’t feel good. Sheikh Saadi once said that a scorpian will never change it’s nature , but Bhutto himself was Sheikh Saadi who did not change his nature either.

  73. I know many are attributing the violence, burning of cars, looting of ATM machines etc in the city to the reaction of PPP workers but allow me to share something that I observed last night. Like many I was also stuck in chaotic traffic for 4 hours. The Rikshaw driver refused to go beyond Quaids mazar and abandoned me there and took off. I don’t blame him. Anyway I had no choice but to ride with a total stranger on a bike to take me home. While moving through small streets to find our way to Gulshan-e-Iqbal, I witnessed many vehicles being torched. On one such small gali, I recognized a face, in the armed mob which was about to torch a parked Hi Roof, from my previous Mohala. He is a devout MQM worker. He had a riffle in his hand and was ushering a crowd of young men with lathis in their hands.

    The interesting thing is that the guy who gave me lift was also MQM supporter. So he was taking all the safe passages of MQM dominated areas to avoid getting in any trouble. I can even tell you where i saw this activity. So MQM burning vehicles in their own areas are trying to create an excuse to counter-violence? start an ethnic war in sindh? this is very scarry.

    Source: TeethMaestro

  74. What our enemies could not do, our army and its rogue agencies have done it, that is, to bring the country to the brink of disintegration. The state of the federation is very weak at this moment. There is little doubt that the government is involved in this dastardly event. They are now doing every effort to cover it up by issuing statements like the interception of a phone call from some Al-Qaida operative, BB died of head injuries, etc.. The state that we are in, where there is no justice, it is not possible to have BB’s body examined by an independent entity to determine the real cause of death. The SOB (Mush) and his cronies have tried to bring down the entire system by systematically destroying all the institutions, incuding the judiciary, the media and so on, so that they could get away with anything.

  75. pejamistri:
    you remember we had this discussion that what extra ordinary step Mush can take (before emergency) and you were worried in terms of Nuke ruling out this possibility which I mentioned and though never really believed myself coming true? It comes true – a very sad day in deed.

  76. @shaan11234

    you opened my eyes. I agree with you 100% that army follows orders blindly.

    Another reason to get rid of these BLIND people. We don’t need such people!!!!!

  77. @ geoaurgeenedo (geoAurQatalKaro)

    You are free to go to other website. you got another friend who is ready to be your shaan. two of you can comfort each other.

  78. There have been multiple attacks on people like Sherpao who did not have as much so-called “impregnable” security as BB did but how come they survive all the time and did not even get injured in any attack? How come Fazlu survived a rocket attack at his house? Either they are really luck SOBs or it was all cleverly orchesterated by the agencies to try and deceive the masses and the world.

  79. @peja
    i am not angry at all .. little sad though for 2 reasons, one we lost a leader and secondly we have people like you pretending to be one of us and creating anarchy. I am sure we will get through this.
    if army does operation you damned it like they did in lal masjid, if they don’t do you condemn them that what the hell they are doing.
    You conveniently distorting the trust. All the security personell around BB including SSP were hand picked by BB herself and rehman malik. Oh i forgot rehman malik used to be part of security appratus … another conpiracy.
    The same army has been begged to come and save the country by political parties, when water is above their heads. Same political parties have distributed sweets and meet these generals in the darkness of night to to cut deals, produce NRO’s .. so in this hamaam all are naked and sinners. Curse one as much as you want , bark as much as you want .. the only thing way you can change things is when you get your actions right. Support the political parties on merit not personalities.

    change your nick .. buddy.. you don’t seem optimist. You think you own this forum, don’t you… ? very funny … 🙂 grow up. This is a public domain

  80. I was sickened by the moderators at pakistanidefenceforum.com celebrating BBs death. what sick f***s run our army. I am not a PPP supporter but this is just sick. She was more man then all the hijras in the army combined together

  81. @shan11235
    “if army does operation you damned it like they did in lal masjid, if they don’t do you condemn them that what the hell they are doing.”
    If army kills children in its operation when it could have been easily avoided then yes it (army) should be damned. On the same topic, how were the Mullahs able to transport that much amunition inside the mosque when it (mosque) was hardly at one mile distance from the ISI headquarters? It was all done with planning and the SOB (Mush), the army brass, the ISI and the MI were all in cahoots.

  82. what a moronic sick f paki defense forums. they should be shameful for the bullcrap m f kids are writing.
    down with the establishment who doesn’t like democratic leaders.

  83. According to talay hussain of aaj tv yesterday, the ladies who were sitting in the car had said taht BB asked the car to be stopped to thank the peopel once again. She got out of the sun roof. Then fell back into the vehicle again. The peopel sitting in the car thought that she had lost her balance. But then they noticed her head which was bent down ( dhalka hooa thaa, I don’t know the english for dhalkaa hooa) . Then one of them noticed or felt blood. They adked the car to move. It was then when the car was moving that they heard the blast.
    So Mr. Cheema who is going to believe your pack of lies today. Whom are you trying to fool.
    Really these people have no conscience or are they too dumb to speak lies so blatantly.

  84. Massi Barkate that does nio makke sense there was a huge explosion and these women did not hear and just thought poor dear she lost balance I dont belive the pak govt but I dont believe the PPP either nobody can find out with in 24 hours what happened people I guess have not stopped politiking.
    Blame Musharaff yes but lets not absolve these devils who try to call them selves muslim as we all know they were involved too.


    “Dr Mussadiq said X-ray showed no sign of bullet injury” – after initial media reports quoting doctors that bullet injury to neck was cause of death.
    It is hard to imagine a person dying as a result of bomb blast and not getting shrapnel injury to head and neck region which was the only exposed body part in this case.

    Here is the skull xray of BB

    I showed it to a radiologist. This is a very limited film which could be portion of a larger x ray.

    Looks like a chunk of bone has flown away (most likely by a shrapnel which could be generated by bullet or blast). The soft tissue overlying that part of bone is also missing. The margins of the large bony defect are clean suggesting a high velocity impact.
    Govt officials are saying there was a “depressed fracture ” in the “temporal bone” or “behind the ear” in media statements. It is difficult to guess which bone it is on such a limited picture.
    This picture looks like an x ray that was obtained carefully to get a “tangential view” of the affected area since the regular views would not have shown the two fractures so perfectly in tangent. This x ray could therefore have been obtained after death and not during the desperate resuscitation attempt to revive her. Since no post mortem was carried out I am not sure of the purpose of this x ray…?to corroborate a story???
    Also they are now saying there was no bullet injury to the neck (which the doctors were initially reported to have said) but they are not showing the x ray of the neck to prove it.
    Also it is impossible to imagine that the above described large fracture could have been caused by “head falling on a lever of the sunroof” as claimed by officials.
    In the initial eyewitness account we heard on CNN from Bhutto Photographer: � Gunshots Rang Out And She Went Down�

    So, according to the ‘latest official version’, shots were fired but none hit her (although the observation from her Main Stream Media photographer brings that into question). And, one or more explosions occurred yet no shrapnel wounds on the body either (shrapnel wounds or impact holes would clearly prove the type device used, ie: bomb or hand-held grenade launchers, et al). The official ’safe answer’ is “she hit her head� which requires no examination for bullets, shrapnel, et al.
    And conveniently, the military knows the name of the perpetrator although he constantly eludes them. And no one ‘in authority’ thought about ordering an autopsy, which, if honestly conducted, would reveal all.

    The official story could be anything between half truth and complete fabrication.

  86. @true-believer

    1. Looking at the x-ray, to me that is too big a fracture to have occurred the way it is described. Also note that if one is to believe the official version, even then it IT HAD TO BE a glancing blow to the skull and for that to cause such a fracture how much force/speed would be required to cause a fracture like that???

    2. About the other full-skull X-ray, what is that big white spot in the middle? I have seen many x-rays but never seen an effect even close to that.

    3. Looking at the picture of the seat how could an injury such as the one described cause so much bleeding? You might observe the seat is all soaked and a lot of blood has dripped over. Can anyone tell if those leather seats?.

    4. Why no x-ray of the neck area or chest area have been released as those two areas were first reported to be where she sustained bullet wounds? Looking at the video and the proximity of the shooter, how is possible he would have missed all three shots?

  87. @true-believer

    1. Looking at the x-ray, to me that is too big a fracture to have occurred the way it is described. Also note that if one is to believe the official version, even then it IT HAD TO BE a glancing blow to the skull and for that to cause such a fracture how much force/speed would be required to cause a fracture like that???

    2. About the other full-skull X-ray, what is that big white spot in the middle? I have seen many x-rays but never seen an effect even close to that.

    3. Looking at the picture of the seat how could an injury such as the one described cause so much bleeding? You might observe the seat is all soaked and a lot of blood has dripped over. Can anyone tell if those leather seats?.

    4. Why no x-ray of the neck area or chest area have been released as those two areas were first reported to be where she sustained bullet wounds? Looking at the video and the proximity of the shooter, how is possible he would have missed all three shots?

  88. I just want to cross-post here something that really goes under this sub-head (from here):

    # anthead on December 29th, 2007 8:45 am

    I’m curious, has any of you seen this news report before. It appeared on October 31.


    Here’s a brief summary:

    “Why did Azaz Syed, Najam Sethi and the Daily Times editors
    deliberately plant a false ‘news’ story in the Daily Times newspaper
    about fictitious “suicide� bomb attacks on Benazir Bhutto by the fake
    “suicide bombers� of Baitullah Mehsud? �

    I was wondering if anyone could elaborate further on this.

    # nota on December 29th, 2007 9:50 am

    Thanks for pointing it out. Remember that was a completely fabricated story, just like the current one. Baitullah denied it; the senator who supposedly passed the info to DailyTimes denied it. And remember Najam Sethi’s boss in a current federal minister of Mush’s caretaker govt. They are all Zionist mercenaries and do what their masters ask of them.

    By the way, Baitullah has already issued a statement denying he had anything to do with the BB’s assasination, saying they do not attack women as it is against their moral code. This story by Najam Sethi, et.al, was to sow the seed in peoples minds that he was an enemy of BB. So you can say this was planned long ago and the fall guy already picked. Soon I guess Baitullah will be killed too — you can’t have a patsy running around — the Oswalds in these scripts must die.

  89. Yesterday, first statement made by Dr. Musaddiq was that she was hit by bullet near the ear on the neck. And then it was changed to whatever ISPR wished it to be.
    The Interior Ministry Spokesman was stunned by questions imposed by people attending the press conference. She had no excuse other than ‘Mohtarma had been martyred and it doesn’t matter how she was martyred. People should believe Govt that she was killed by Mehsood, and don’t listen to Mulla Umar and Shireen Mizari claiming ‘Mohtarma was not killed by Al Qaeda’. ‘
    A foreign media person said that he has interviewed an injured in the hospital who stated that he witnessed and heard scores of bullets.
    A lady journalist said Shireen Mizari herself watched Mohtarm hit by bullets.
    Security of NS was discussed and before press conference NS was seen without any sort of security moving to Larkana, and he was complaining against this act.
    nother staement by govt spokesman, ‘Yes we have this audio, we will produce it in front of you. there is some problem with te recording.’. Should we laugh or weep at it.
    If you could record it for the visitors.

  90. Another question imposed was…
    When there is so much insecurity in the country, should’t the current setup step down and allow others (not in the current establishment) to take over and clean the mess, they have created?

    When people don’t have any confidnce in army, there hae been attacks on amy n rawalpindi, swat, sargodha and other places, why army is expecting itself to provide a solution?

    And the reply was the same:
    Actually we have to understand that mohtarma exists no more. It doesn’t matter how was she kille, important thing is who killedher and that we know is Baitullah Mehsood.

  91. Just for the record:
    <a href=”http://www.dawn.com/2007/12/29/top13.htm”Transcript of “Baitullah’s phone call”

    ISLAMABAD, Dec 28: Here is the AFP’s translation of the transcript of the alleged telephone conversation on Friday from senior Al Qaeda leader Baitullah Mehsud to another militant that the Pakistan interior ministry said had been intercepted after the assassination of Benazir Bhutto.

    The ministry said it had been translated from Pashto to Urdu. This is our translation from the ministry’s Urdu to English.

    Maulvi Sahib (MS): Assalaam Aleikum.
    Baitullah Mehsud (BM): Waleikum Assalaam.
    MS: Chief, how are you?
    BM: I am fine.
    MS: Congratulations, I just got back during the night.
    BM: Congratulations to you, were they our men?
    MS: Yes they were ours.
    BM: Who were they?
    MS: There was Saeed, there was Bilal from Badar and Ikramullah.
    BM: The three of them did it?
    MS: Ikramullah and Bilal did it.
    BM: Then congratulations.
    MS: Where are you? I want to meet you.
    BM: I am at Makeen (town in South Waziristan tribal region), come over, I am at Anwar Shah’s house.
    MS: OK, ‘ll come.
    BM: Don’t inform their house for the time being.
    MS: OK.
    BM: It was a tremendous effort. They were really brave boys who killed her.
    MS: Mashallah. When I come I will give you all the details.
    BM: I will wait for you. Congratulations, once again congratulations.
    MS: Congratulations to you.
    BM: Anything I can do for you?
    MS: Thank you very much.
    BM: Assalaam Aleikum.
    MS: Waaleikum Assalaam.

  92. Simple question if I am to try to believe this is authentic: Why didn’t they go get Baitullah if they even knew what house he is at? I mean, wasn’t he on MUSH’S MOST WANTED list anyways? H*gwash, I say, H*GWASH!

    (And how did they identify Baitullah in this? I mean, was it because they have his number and so they knew it was him? They certainly couldn’t identify the other guy…

  93. Kiyani is also famous for his investigation of attacks on Mush that reveled involvement of low level army personnel.

    if he is not involved in BB’s case and is a sincere, he should investigate to find the truth, which anecdotally everyone is talking.

  94. Simply rubbish, self fabricated call. It is in the manufacturing phase until now, voice matching is being done and will be made public as son as it is finalised. Pakhtoons have been hired for that. May be barristor Saif can do the job.

  95. issue is simple. rouge army is trained by the US. Just like the US use al-qaeeda and OBL, rouge army use their local versions.

    see how they plotted lal masjid and what they did?

    Army is fighting their power base existence so they wont quit so easily.

    Mush govt. is run at levels by people who are neither trained no have any experience in their field, especially in dealing with international issues. Media is very very new to them and so you can see one blunder after another.

    her shaak pey ullo baitha hey, anjame gullistan kia ho ga

  96. Total rubbish!!! Baitullah has even condemned the killing let alone being involved.

    There is mad cow pandemic in the government. Everybody is completely going nuts. We should take out the source mad cow before it spreads even further.

  97. This is why media was gagged and judiciary was dismantled so that people could not see live news and get justice. Imagine, how would it look if the media was covering the event live and then later interviewing people who were there? I would like to see Baitullah Mehsud’s representative talking to a news channel and presenting their side of the story. It is very very unlikely that Baitullah was involved.

  98. Plan to Dismember Pakistan
    Kill the national leaders Benazir and Nawaz Sharif. Balochi leader Bugti is already dead. Pathans are under war.

    This is the grand MQM plan that Musharraf is following to the letter.

  99. About the above pics:
    The first two certainly prove BB was shot AND she went down BEFORE the blast. Secondly, from her position at the moment of shooting, it becomes impossible for her to have hit her head on the lever of the sunroof as claimed by Mr. Cheema as you can clearly see she is facing forward and not to left or right and if she ducked, she had to have ducked forward where there are no levers/latches…

  100. Running carefuly through the clips, it seems there were two gunmen. The one who is seen climbing behind the vehicle; an aged man shooting from the close range in leaned position on the rear side of vehicle, and a young man (whose pics have just been shown on GEO) shooting at Benazir standing in the mob along left side of the vehicle. The same young man (wearing glasses & jacket ) could be the suicidal bomber as well. Three shots can be heared. In the video, firing from the two different guns can be seen & heared, followed by the explosion with a second of delay after the last of three shots. It looks the plan was to kill her by bullets without fail. Explosion was to damage the evidence and spread chaos alongwith it. Official version has bitterly failed to convince the nation.

    Can any one post the whole time line of the incident.

  101. Historically there are only two ways that napak army leaves the country.
    1. Like in 1971 , when they suffered humiliating defeat by indian army. This happened because America was supportive off the napak army at that time and there was no other way that they could quit.
    2. Like in 1988 , when 17 of the top brass was blasted in the air. That happened because America was no more interested in napak army anymore after the disintegration of USSR. So they allowed the people to get rid of all the napak generals.

    Now in 2007, obviously america is supportive of napak army , so one can imagine what is going to happen.

  102. Running carefuly through the clips, it seems there were two gunmen. The one who is seen climbing behind the vehicle; an aged man shooting from the close range in leaned position on the rear side of vehicle, and a young man (whose pics have just been shown on GEO) shooting at Benazir standing in the mob along left side of the vehicle. The same young man (wearing glasses & jacket ) could be the suicidal bomber as well. Three shots can be heared. In the video, firing from the two different guns can be seen & heared, followed by the explosion with a second of delay after the last of three shots. It looks the plan was to kill her by bullets without fail. Explosion was to damage the evidence and spread chaos alongwith it. Official version has bitterly failed to convince the nation.

    Can any one post the whole time line of the incident.

  103. Geo is showing latest pictures and there is clearly blood in teh seat on which BB was sitting – the left side of teh car is smashed but windows are not broken. One can clearly identify the person who fired the shots – he is wearing brown jacket and he is firing. Just beside him is another guy whose has covered his head with white chader. He was teh one who blew up.

    How can goverment then say the cause of death was by lever.

    Barristar Saif is telling another lie that postmortem was not done because cause of death was clearly identified – no doubt he is telling a big lie.

    There is only solution to present crisis – Musharraf has to go – there is no other way for resolution of this crisis. BB had given him a safe passageway by negogitating with him and he blew up that opporunity – now he has to go.

  104. manna

    No that man with brown jacket is not suicidal bomber – he is just firing. There is another guy just behind him in white clothes who could be the bomber.

  105. All

    Please forgive me, I’m little off topic here…..

    I’m not sure if its my crazy thinking or its well thought plan. Think about the following:

    – BeBe mentions in her interview (its on youtube) that someone killed OBL

    – someone got rid of biggest party leader who was clearly on her way to win the election

    – There is a tape out from OBL (dead) that al-qadia is going to extend their attacks to Israel.

    To me it looks like they are coming for us, get ready people of Pakistan.

  106. And remember US Special Forces have already been invited in by Mush and are arriving in Jan 2008 “to train” our army. This was one of the things Mush was holding out on and just 2 days before BB’s assassination the above was announced. So what BB had promised, Mush delivered in advance. Now if I were Mush, as a condition for that capitulation, I’d ask them to get rid of the irritant/threat to me, Mush, BB.

    Remember there was a lot of Mush’s arm-twisting going on by US. By arm-twisting I mean stories being placed in press like:

    1) U.S. Aid is being misused against India
    2) Nukes not safe
    3) U.S. War games running scenarios of grabbing Pakistani nukes
    4) Audit of U.S. Aid being called for

    And as soon as Mush gives in, you see BB is gone, statement issued by Pentagon there is no danger of Pakistani nukes falling into the wrong hands, etc.

  107. Just to keep things together:
    @Kruman on December 31st, 2007 10:36 am

    Latest video showing Benazir slumping after gunshots:

    @dmin, you may want to put this one the main page.

    If nothing else, this proves BB did not hit the left side of her head on the lever

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