78 thoughts on “Zardari PPP Press Conference – 30 December 07

  1. I think all of us are not mourning for a single person alone(great as that person might be). We are in mourning for our beloved land and the future of our children.

  2. @doctor

    WELL WELL WELL said my friend

    and @kalimkhan

    Atleast you should realize now who is sincere with our country and who is not, i can only pray for you and people like you.

    i would just like to say this extract for all the pakistani’s


    HER GHER SE BHUTTO NIKLAY GA …. Tum Kitney BHutoo maro gey

    Jiyee bhutoo …Jiyee benazir…..Jiyee Billawal……Zinda hai Bhutto Zindaa hai

    long Live Pakistan Long Live Democracy Long Live Bhutto and Long Live PPP


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    could you delete repeated comments by M.QaliM who goes everywhere and say ‘why CNN …’ and ban him?
    I hope that your policy of duplicate comments apply to him

  4. This is Undemocratic and therefore a disgrace, and another slap in the face of the party workers who have sacrificed more than the billionaires. PPP executive should be ashamed of themselves, Pakistan People’s Party is not personal property of anyone to be “willed” to an heir and successor.

    If you cannot be democratic within yourselves how on earth are you going to bring democracy to the people? How is this different than the Jurnails telling us they are better for us than a parliament?

    We should be a nation of laws. Not a nation of families and fiefdoms and personalities.

  5. @taban.khamosh

    You need to watch his press conference once again my friend. First of all Bilawal was not choosen on her will, it was zardari who was nominated by shaheed Benazir, who then nominated bilawal and ask party about his decission and then party raised their hands for him.

    Must research first.



  6. Here we go again. Non PPP members wil start complaining about will. Dude old news, get over with. PPP is a cult, and its legacy nothing without a Bhutto. You don’t like PPP, just don’t vote for them, Why start screaming?

  7. @ taban.khamosh

    I Dont think you canquestion PPP decision.
    You guys are not looking beyond your nose. Zardari may be very corrupt , but we need federation. This breifing was very encouraging.
    But last chance for establishment. If they federation ortheir own rules.
    Give genuine politicla parties some time and space. Democracy wont come in a day, it is a continuous process.
    Why are you guys after politicians.

    What abut journalist son becoming jurnalist example. hamid mir, mir shakeel ur rehman. nazimis. zia shahid family.
    what about renowned doctors and lawyers. Aitzaz son is also lawer.
    what about bush and clinton legacy.
    Dont be hypocrat.
    We as nation should grow up and should not play in the hands of establishment propaganda,against politicians.

  8. @ Democat pakistani

    Well said my friends…we realy need to think in a broad spectrum.

    one more thing if all the sacrifices are made by bhutoo family all the blood is spread on the soil of pakistan by bhutto family than who else do u want to move on with the process ????

    all others are big names because of people’s party , whoever left peoples party is totally forgotton , no one knows him ……take example of faisal saleh hayat, khar etc etc they have got no political careers without PPP and bhutto family.


    HER GHER SE BHUTTO NIKLAY GA …. Tum Kitney BHutoo maro gey

    Jiyee bhutoo …Jiyee benazir…..Jiyee Billawal……Zinda hai Bhutto Zindaa hai

    long Live Pakistan Long Live Democracy Long Live Bhutto and Long Live PPP


  9. Bhutto family has given enogh sacrifices. They deserve to rule.
    Give PPP a complete 5 years term in the centre withour interference from establishment.
    Let peopl e question them after their term.
    Be fair to genuine parties.
    Shunt Q leagues. for ever. This party is a LANNAT.
    Pakistan zindabad.

  10. When BB died- PPP had two choices.

    1. Maintain the complete control of the Bhutto family members on the PPP.

    2. Built the party as democratic institution by appointing someone well respected by the party members election such as Aitazaz Ahsen or Babar Awan etc etc. This would have given the part a legitimacy which it has not had for sometime.

    The decision has been made by a person who is not alive anymore assuming that is what she wished . It is well known that while alive she maintained iron control over the party and she was one person who made policy.
    Now Mr. Zardari will make policy. The problem they will face is that Mr. Zardari does not have the status that BB had. It is unfortunate but that is what is going to happen. What Retd. Gen. Musharraf has been saying all along that these parties-( PPP and PML-N etc)- talk a great deal about democracy but when it comes to their own organisation- they have KINGSHIP or total control of one family.

  11. Zinda Hai Bhutto Zinda hai………………Shaheed Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto would be proud father 2day coz her daughter put ppl in front of her as she before her untimely death had on numerous occasions said that her life was under threat but she will go 2 Pakistan for the people.Now please atleast applause her for her courage and lets take Pakistan to the right direction by supporting her views which were for a better Pakistan a democratic Pakistan.And may ALLAH SUBHANU TALLAH give courage to Bilawal to take bold and courageous decisions.Its a hard act to follow for him that of his Grandfather and even more of his Mother but he has the breeding and we will support him through thick and thin Inshallah.

  12. @Democrat Pakistani

    Well said my friend, PPP deserve to rule.

    everytime Army **ks our country they go and lick PPP’s shoes to fix up the country and when country starts moving on on a better track they throw them out by imposing some politically motivated casses etc. just give them full term and THROW THROW THROW Q- League for sure.

    Another Shair for out Quaid Shahees Benazir Bhutto.

    kuj raawan wi okhian sann
    kuj gal wich gaman da tok wi si
    kuj shehar de log wi zalam sann
    kuj saanoon maran da shok wi si

    Jiyee bhutoo …Jiyee benazir…..Jiyee Billawal……Zinda hai Bhutto Zindaa hai

    long Live Pakistan Long Live Democracy Long Live Bhutto and Long Live PPP


  13. @ Democratic Pakistani

    I 100% agree with you.
    And we all know Bilawal will not play a big role for next 5 years atleast. And Zardari has cleared that Makhdom Fahim will be there PM candidate – this is all what all Pakistani wanted.

    @ taban.khamosh

    how can you or anyone else say PPP is undemocratic … dude go to every corner of Pakistan and ask PPP workers for their opinion – I bet they will agree what Party has decided (Bilawal as Chairperson) …


    If PPP workers doesn’t have anything against the decision then other parties better keep their mouth shut.

  14. @Chaudhary

    well said my friend, and we will spill out last drop of blood in defeting Q-leagues rigging strategy.


    Ahrizaz Ahsan Left Shaheed Benazir when she needed him , i think he shouldn’t be spare for that, he doubted the broad vision of the greated leader pakistan has ever produced, so is he paying the price for that.

    Jeevay Jeevay Jeevay Bhutoo… Naraaye naarayee naraye bhhutto


  15. @ shimatorre

    We dont need a lecture on democracy and political parties form Musharaf and establshment.

    If CEC of PPP has elected and respected bilawal , what is wrong with that.

    Nobody questions these faujis about their professional capabilities and duties.
    Stop propaganda against genuine political parties.
    Have you fullfiled your duty by voting in elections.
    Long live democracy and pakistan

  16. i read all the comments . i think what PPP committe decide is right.
    bilawal is a right candidate for chair person of PPP . bhutto family sacrifice
    their lives for pakistan they deserve to lead .
    As bilawal is going for higher studies to Oxford . after couple of years he will bring vision and ladership to country . we need young people like him in pakistan
    to change pakistan .
    we need educated people and leaders .
    pray for Pakistan and serve pakistan.
    We are if pakistan is .

  17. I am not questioning any decisions made by the PPP CEC as its all their progative to take decisions whatever thay think are right for their party.


    I just have one little question from anybody whoever want to answer it….

    Can you explain the expressions (The Body Language) of Makhdoom Amin Faheem through out the press conference and why Mr. Jahangir Badar was not coming out to join the conference? Why was Amin Faheem silent and not explaining & defending the decisions while Zardari were?

  18. No to Dictatorship.

    Yes to Democracy. It is not perfect but much better than Dictatorship.

    Save Paksitan. Do not criticise political parties.

    The Dictators have done too much damage to Pakistan. Their supporters are even worse and should wake up and stop destroying Pakistan.

    Mush, Q-league, MQM and Fazlu have done enough damage. they should feel ashamed now and share some of it with their supporters.

  19. @ debugger

    Amin Fahim is the most trusted leader of BB.
    He is going to be the prime minister for sure. Why he has to worry.
    Jahingr badar is definitely a JIYALA, but a small fry in BIG GAME.
    Only worry for PPP is mumtaz bhutto trying to use daughter and son of ghinwa for his motives, saying party should stay in bhuttos. But this wont work for hin in immedeate future.

  20. Q-league was unable to find a politician as their PM and MUSH chose Shaukat Aziz for them.

    What kind of democracy was that.

    Bilawal is sign of FEDERATION and PPP leaders have accepted him unaimously as their leader. What is the problem with Q-league, MQM league and MUSH supporters.

  21. If ppp’s executive committee had any sense of decency left in them then they should not have allowed Zardari and his son BB zardari to take over the party. Zardari is one of the most corrupt person in Pakistan Politics, and on the job learning curve for BB zaradari is going to be very steep. This kid is gonna make huge blunders while learning to deal with politics, just like his mother did, and in the process this “one man show party” is again going to harm Pakistan.
    This dynastic style ruling of PPP is an insult to the people of Pakistan.
    Lets move on to 21st century and not go several centuries back into the middle ages.

  22. Shimtarree, PPP is not Altaf Bhai (Don) Party. PPP is mature party of forfty. PPP has lawyers, feudel, doctor, Poor. you got the idea. Bb was totally agianst seating with Ghulam Ishaq khan in 1988 but PPP CEC decided other wise and she had to accept the decision.

    PPP and Bhutto family has been accused of many thing from breaking of Pakistan to corruption of BB but nothing ever proved by the establishment and its Parties. like MQM, PMLQ, and or convential Leaque of Ayub Khan.

  23. @ Azeem

    Why are you and people like you are after PPP and other national political parties.

    Why dont you question these JURNALS and their corruption.
    P olitical parties have always given positive thins to this country.
    Corruption was and is aproblem in india( by the way gandhi dynasty) is also working smoothly . No faauji is itching to serve their nation.

    COME on give these parties to work properly, then you have every right to question,but no interfernece from establishment

  24. BBs head was completely covered by headscarf except her forehead as shown in video, so it should also be pierced by the shots. No one has given any details about this evidence, wheres this evidence?

  25. I agree with Asif Ali Zardari regarding the performance of autopsy on BB. However, there are many advance imaging tools available these days, such as CT scan and MRI, that can be utilized to find the the real cause of her head injuries.This is in addition to a good physical examination by a compitent physicians. I hope, these modalitie were utilized to diagonose the cause of fatal head injuries, during her brief stay in the hospital before she was declaired dead. I further hope that Asif Zardari has had hired a private team of medical experts to examin the head injuries of BB, before her burriel. This report, if available, can be compared with the one from the hopital, and can aid in criminal investigations.

  26. @democat pakistani
    I am beginning to think that may be Generals were right not to trust these so called national political parties. When you have most popular party like ppp showing this farse immaturity then you would think twice before you trust them before you give them control of a nuclear armed nation.

    A 19 year old kid made chairman of the most popular political party!
    What a pathetic display of their “maturity”. On top of that, the most corrupt person in Pakistan politics made the co-chaiperson. This sheds some light on their decision making capabilities.

    I wouldn’t trust these insolent lots for my groceries, let alone trust them with the helm of a nuclear armed nation.

  27. I am proud as a Pakistani that Zardari was graceful and took Musharaf head-on like a man.

    No soft blows, no jabs, direct knock out.

    The army needs to realise that Pakistani people are humans and not animals that can be hoarded by force.

    Nawaz and PPP can do the job and not even loss of Benazir waivered the aspirations of PPP and Nawaz.

    The Qatil League, Military, Mullahs and MQM need to face reality.

  28. @ Azeem

    I Tendto humbly disagree with you.
    You stance is undemocratic. LET people reject zardari and his son.

    No matter how corrupt our politicians are they are better off than these incompetent jurnals.
    ZA bhutto got 900000 soliders from india.
    NS got a face saving for these incomptent faujis after the mis adventure by JURNALS.

    Politicians may be corrupt , but they are reponsible , when it comes to take decision of extreme national level and federation.
    By the way that kid is goingfor his education and mature amin fahim is PM candidate


  29. I don’t mean to hurt the feelings of many PPP members here. The problem is not just with PPP, but with the way politics is done in our country. Everyone is complicit here. I think aside from Jamaa’t (ironically) very few political parties have any kind of process in place which enables succession without relying on personal clout…

    This is not about emotions or sacrifices of one person over the other, this is about proper process and respect for the constitution and law. A party should be run according to a constitution and officials should be elected based on that. It is true that without “Bhutto” name Peoples’ Party won’t be the same, but my point was that a Federal party with large following throughout Pakistan should lead by example. Before we ask for democracy, we need to understand what parliamentary democracy is, and follow it. No one is perfect, there will be joR toR.. that is part of the political process, not problem there, but at least that should happen. This is not queen of england giving her stuff to prince charles, this is democracy we’re supposed to be fighting for.

    Again, don’t mean to lecture here, just trying to explain my point. As far as only party workers opinion being acceptable, unfortunately that is not a practical suggestion. This is not a PPP worker forum, we all bother to register and make a comment here from all parts of the world because we love our country. Some of us loved Z.A Bhutto not because he had such a pretty face, but because of the ideals that he presented to the nation. Whether he came through or not, different story.

    That is what people are dying for, going to jail for, got hundreds of lashes for. IT was the ideal of democracy and a concept of living a life of dignity with political freedom in our unfortunate and tortured country. Bhutto gave us that idea, but we need to build on it. Not turn Bhutto into a saint and his bloodline into gaddi nasheens. Or our nightmare will never end. (or someone else will end it for us – look at Iraq – Iraq is staring us in the face)

    I won’t say that I resent the comments made by some people saying only PPP persons have the right to comment. I can make any claime I wish, but I’d just like to say that I may have sacrificed as much if not more than most people beating their chests on this forum. Well, we are all Pakistani’s and we all have a right to speak our minds, and PPP should lead by example. Democracy inside first, and then outside. Rest is just bahana geeri. Pakistani mazdoors are smarter than many wadera’s that I have met and seen. Don’t disrespect the common people by doing hereditery politics.

    Taqat ka sarchashma Awaam haiN. Remember?

    too na miT jai gaa Iran kay miT jaanay say
    nasha’e mai ko ta’alluQ nahiN paimaanay say

    have some faith in yourselves.

  30. Why the government is denying the bullet injury , when a layman can see that .
    What compelled cheema to say every thing do early, when investigation is still gong on.
    I think scot land yard should come and investigate.
    This regime is extremly incompetent and nobody believes them.

  31. Its a good decision or a bad one, but one thing is far sure its one of the last attempts to maintain status quo. Sooner or later this status quo has to end. So don’t worry it will just speed up the process of change.

    The same media who was hailing the contents of press conference today, will question the same contents on another day. It was nice to see Tallat (AAJ TV Anchor) once again back in action.

    We are in transitional phase towards the change, so we have to live with it(transition) for some time willingly or unwillingly.

  32. —–Politicians may be corrupt , but they are reponsible , when it comes to take decision of extreme national level and federation.————

    What a responsibility za bhutto showed in 71 East Pakistan !

    corrupt person can never be trusted for any resposible decision of the country.
    ppp governments were not only corrupt but extremely incompetent.

    You cannot allow these incompetents to learn on the job while country suffers and takes hits after hits for their criminal actions.

    This “monarch party” ppp, with zardari and his son bb zardari can never bring democracy to Pakistan.

  33. excellent decision by PPP. i think we all know that all current political leaders in Pakistan are corrupt. But I have always seen PPP BB playing real politics which no one else does. There is no such thing as celan politics in Pakistan.

    I bet NS is feeling sorry BIG TIME. 🙂

  34. I have no doubt that cruel Paki agencies have their hand in taking life of another popular political leader of Pakistan. Leaving aside her arrogance, high level of corruption and administrative incompetence which she demonstrated during her political career; she was truly the leader of Pakistan Federation having backing in all four provinces and AJK. Having said that, a westernized party girl at Oxford known as ‘pinky’ was made party head after ZA Bhutto was hanged, as she was daughter of the privileged family of Sir Shahnawaz Bhutto the trusted ally of the British rulers in India leaving aside many other icons in Pakistani politics at that time, among them was people like Ghulam Mustafa Gatoi who was leading the MRD moment for restoration of democracy.

    Lets now talk about post Benazir scenario; in my opinion, we are not going to reach anywhere till the time these privileged people will continue holding the reins of the political leadership in their golden hands. What a shame; Now Bilawal Zard-ari (a young man born with a golden spoon in his mouth) is going to lead the Pakistan’s largest party who doesn’t even know much about Pakistan and have led all his life abroad. I don’t think he even knows the number of districts in Pakistan leave aside their names. What vision is he going to bring to Pakistani politics?, what solutions can he find for our poor nation if he doesn’t even know the real problems Pakistani people are facing.

    What is so good about this so called democratic party if they can’t even find a visionary leader to lead people’s party to discover the way to democracy, stability and prosperity for Pakistan. What so good about the young son of Benazir that he is the only choice for the party leadership? Is he in point of fact so clever that nobody else in the party can beat it or that is only being done to provide the Mr. 10PC (Corruption king – Who I believe is Mr. 100 PC now) another chance to loot the Pakistani peoples wealth and strengthen his feudal position. Zardari has actually now hijacked the Bhutto family as well, while BB was trying to keep him away from all this; that’s why she didn’t allow him to take part in general elections.

    I have sympathy with the poor party workers and leaders of PPP which include credible names like Shah Mehmood Qureshi, Makhdoom Amin Faheem, Aitzaz Ehsan, etc. Do the party workers and 2nd grade party leadership is only to make sacrifices without even being trusted upon by their own party for leadership? The body language of Makhdoom Amin Faheem in the press conference tells it all.

    Its not only about PPP. Why NS made his brother the president of his party and the poor Javed Hashmi with his wonderful leadership qualities remained only the standing president? I don’t need to mention here the sacrifices he made for democracy and the PML-N. He was the first one who took the present military regime and the current general head-on; when most of Pakistani people didn’t even knew the names of chief Iftikhar Ch, Aitzaz, Kurd etc.

    Fazlu is president of his party being son of Mufti Mehmood. Asfandyar wali is president of ANP because he is son of Wali Khan who was president being son of Baacha Khan. Talal Bugti is following the legacy of Akbar Bugti. Maulana Noorani’s son is president of his father’s Jamiat Ulma i Pakistan.

    I do agree and strongly believe the Pakistan’s biggest problem is the Military and the agencies. We need to give some time to the political process to flourish. The agencies have never let any political government to get established and work freely. I also do believe that our agencies do all that on foreign agenda, to make their foreign masters happy and get paid in return. We need to get power back from these agencies & military and hand it to the representatives of people of Pakistan; the political parties can then settle everything amongst themselves, even if it takes time and we go for elections every 2nd – 3rd year initially. It will give stability to the political process.

    But I don’t see any sense and justification in making 19 year old teenage university student the leader of largest political party in Pakistan.

    I’m sorry if I’m hurting anybody’s feeling, but that’s the beauty of democracy, “The freedom of expression�. AND we also need to have a longer memory as a nation to recognize & appreciate our true heros.

  35. Good poit Asif!!!! Where is BB’s Scarf???

    Bilawal is good choice. Even though i am not fan of PPP but my sympathies are with them. Not just PPP but Pakistan has lost great futue asset!!! BB willbe memorable for her strong political steps not like NS who changes his decsion like kids!!!! No offence GM but this is truth. I like NS more than BB but NS is behaving like enfant since last couple of months.

    Hope PPP will cover up soon and will Win the Election combine with PMLN.
    However, i see only True leader is IK now.But he is over honest to be a politician. May Allah help him to gain power in next elections,whenever possible.

    May Allah Blesss Pakistan!!!!

  36. All jiyalay burned the country, Aaj tv reported that only on super highway they burned thousands of vehicles, Aaj tv was showing a man in Jinah hospital ER, who was claiming that he witnessed death of 20 to 25 children, bec of the lack of medicine and drs.
    ppp supporters burned factories, houses, railway stations, they killed at least 44 ppl in these riots…. what is this???????????? (and no one is here to call them kabza group OR gundas OR ruthless human being….it is really pathetic!! pathetic performance of these forums too )

    Zia ul haq , Hakim saeed, Salhuddin, yousuf ludhyanwi,mufti shamzai,Malik murtuza and many more were brutally assassinated, BUT what we witnessed now is horrific.

    There is no education/ character building system in these parties, no code of conduct. They are barbaric ppl!!

    And now they made a 19 year old kid their leader… this is the joke of the century!!!
    What happened to Ameen Fahim? But No this so called democratic peoples party ‘s organization work like Kingship!!!
    What a nonsense!!

    We are in very big mess… and the only solution is “education ” not just the graduate MNAs, but well behaved MNAs, and MPAs.
    I dont know who can provide this education, this seems to be an impossible job, but there is no way Pakistan will move forward until unless Pakistanis change themselves from inside.

  37. @ missing_pakistan

    I totally agree with you. Dont go too far, my own father was suffering from illness and high bloodpressure in a remote area of Pakistan and he couldn’t be shifted to any big city where he could have got medical treatment for last 3 days. It was only possible to shift him today to Islamabad. He suffered a great pain of his life for last three days and Allah knows better what damage has already been done to him and how much time will he take to recover just because he couldn’t be shifted to a hospital where he could have got a proper intime medical treatment.

    There is no mention here, the number of people who were assisinated by the Bhutto Regime. The people who were killed by Zardari & Benazir’s Regime including ……. People’s Party leadership should have made sure that their workers should have remained calm and could have saved poor people of Pakistan from the loss of millions of rupees. They even didn’t bother to even give a call to them to remain calm. They only did so today when everything is already under control. And its only because of the “Shoot at sight order”. So do we only believe in “Danda”, thats the only way we remain calm and peaceful.

    What is the mistake of poor people who have lost their properties and business and innocent lives too??? Can any PPP supporter answer this Question?

  38. I still remember the day of September 30th, when they murdered hundreds of ppl in hyd, from morning to evening there were gangs with guns, they raped the women and girls in Pakka qila, many women did suicide, all under the nose of ppp govt, and then mqm start killing sindhis, burned there bodies with screw drivers in the skull and drilled “bori band” bodies for Naseer ullah Babr.
    (now they r making seat adjustments together…duh!)

    Where are those who were calling jamiat tulba aghunda party, dont they see this gunda gardee. is there any comparison? Why so summun bukmun?

    Why acting like hypocrites?

    When munafiqat penetrates in the hearts and minds and souls and blood of the masses, who can save the nation. No one, except the nation itslef!!!

  39. I agree with you totally. They made it clear even today.

    Zardari said “If we win, then its fine, other wise its rigging and we will start agitation the next day”. What a democracy ……. What a shame.

  40. For those who think Bhuttos should not be Kings of PPP, suffice is to say that PPP was founded by ZA Bhutto. When he was hanged, people thought PPP is gone forever. thanks to BB who strengthened her fathers cause and gave a new life to her party. I understand your thoughts but people of Pakistan don’t. They vote for Bhutto but not PPP. PPP minus Bhutto is nothing. The decision of zardari is very sensible. Bhutto element is the existence of PPP and PPP is existence of federation of Pakistan since it has joined all four provinces.
    However, I didnt like the decision to make Amin faheem future PM since he hasn’t has international recognition as BB had. Aitzaz Ahsan would have been a better choice since he also has lawyers, judges and journalists with him. He has earned a very good reputation world wide. Also he has spotless career in politics.

  41. So glad to hear about the word ” federation” by bilawal and zardari, in such a critical time. I never voted for or liked PPP policies. but now realized that Banazir was really a symbol of unity and federation of Pakistan. Now I understood the true meaning of “Charro sooboon ki zanjeer”.

    May Allah bless her soal and keep us unite and strong to face all these geopolitical challenges. Amin


  42. A very calculated move by Zardari. He thought that for the current time he would become Chairman of the PPP as per Benazir’s will, but what will happen after him? Bilawal Zardari could never have become chairman. Since Fatima Bhutto and Zulfiqar Bhutto (children of Murtaza Bhutto) would have made valid claims for throne. So he made his son the chairman and changed his name to Bilawal Bhutto Zardari. Zardari would remain co-chairman and hence will be calling the shots.

    Meanwhile Benazir’s seat is now vacant. There will be no elections on that seat. There will be bye-elections on it and Zardari will run from that seat, make way into parliament and hence move towards the coveted PM slot.

    A good move by Zardari.

  43. You people have so much time to write so long paragraphs.

    Any how, I am a pure punjabi with a default opposition for PPP in my mind BUT………………………. the sacrifice of BB has shattered my mind. Without going in details my conclusion.

    1. Geo Zardari, Murd ki tarah bolay ho, Army ki bhi respect ker li aur Musharf ko bhi ragar diya aur Punjab ki tareef bhi ker di. Geooo

    2. Goe Bilwal Bhutto. Bhutto is the name of an idealogy rather a cast, so the name changing is an honour. I appreciate.

    3. PPP knew that govt will not go for polls so that’s why PPP announced to particiapte just only to put pressure on Musharraf.

    4. I pray that the Bhutto’s legacy should remain forever in the form of Bilawal

    and REMEMBER

    the fall of PPP is the fall of Pakistan’s Federation.

    Allah Hafiz

  44. @Husain

    I agree. I am not a PPP voter but if PAKISTAN is saved by my vote for PPP then I will do it. Similarly PPP voters should vote for democratic forces like PML-N when there is no suitable candidate in their area.

    Say No to Dictators and their supporters.
    Say yes to Pakistan.

    Sindhi, Punjabi, Balochi and Pushton are BHAI BHAI, MUSH TERI SHAMAT AAI.

  45. @ all dictator’s agents

    You need to think beyond your nose.

    If two brothers have differences but then an outsider comes to harm any one of them then if they want to make a wise decision then they must unite or next time he will be the victim.

    MQM and Q league need to learn from simple facts.

    It has been reported that some MQM agents are behind the unrest in some Sindth area. any update on this.

  46. @danee

    Rite now there is severe shortage of Bhuttos, thatswhy they are creating fake Bhuttos. God knows who’s gonna be next, maybe Sajawal Balawal BhuttoZardari.

  47. Altaf is believed to have said that after his death MQM people will fight like dogs among themselves.

    Why Altaf is MQM leader since its creation, why not any other person?
    kalimkhan can you explain?

  48. Future of PPP?

    They have handed over the PPP leadership to a cry baby having a dirty diaper and screaming because of rashes.

    The person they want to make decisions about Pakistan cannot even put the Pacifier in his mounth on his own, let alone running the country. I feel sorry for these so-called democratic political parties.

  49. KamlimKhan, we know how bihari are munafiq and how they raped pakistanis in banglandesh and then blamed Bhutto for its down fall.

  50. kinnare:

    I am interested to know more. can you tell further since you know?


    if you are not younger then tell us what you were handed over in this age? even if you were made household in charge? it will be an interesting comparison

    its true. Just see how things were going to be reacted if today’s rumor would have proved true.

  51. Democratic black mailers of PPP your threats of fedration are no longer going to work any more.

    You are exposed now.

    You coward corrupt power hungry ppl are now using the blood of Benazir to come to power,

    Shame on you.

    Shame on the democracy that you portray.

  52. FAHMED
    IF this cry baby had called for ouster of Mush in his press conference, you
    would have forgotten Dec 27,28,29 violence. All the opposition was ready
    to join this cry baby to throw out nexus of Generals MQM LOTAS but he chose
    to throw them out by vote. Do you give any credit to Zardari for this.
    He has shown more maturity than any gundaa general, Don Altaf or vultures of

  53. @kalim khan
    Yes there is a shortage of bhutto’s because they have given away there lives for this country and people like you who only walk in the straight line in politics behind Mulla’s MMA and then go for the B SIDE of guys and think you are the best still not respect them is a shame.


  54. @ismi

    You must see psychatrist mate.

    Zinda hai Bhutto zindaa hai

    Jiyeeeeeeeeee Bhutoo



  55. @debugger

    Let us have a pole anywhere in the world and see how much vote does ur Q-league gets and then we will decide if zardari is rite or not.

    PPP is going to win atleast 50% of the votes all over the country Muslim league N 30% , MQM 8%, MMA 10% and Q-League 0%

  56. @ danee

    Who told you that i am supporting Q-League. Alhamdolillah I don’t.

    Let me give you some facts for your kind information:-

    Have a slighter longer memory and remember that BB struck a deal with dictator Mush just 3 months ago and got her Billions of dollars released by supporting him in the shame presidential elections.

    Just think that who is the major beneficiary of the Benazir’s assissination??? Find out the big answer of this question urself, just think a little and you will get the answer, its not difficult.

    Who murdered Murtaza Bhutto?

    Did any International or independent inquiry held by the PM BB in the killing of her brother?

    Who is Corruption king of Pakistan??? Every child in Pakistan will answer…. ZARD–AARI

    Why BB didn’t allow ZARD–AARI to come to Pakistan and run in the general elections????

    If PPP wins its democracy, if they loses its rigging.

    They are not more than a bunch of Power hungry Corrupt people.

    The party who is responsible of breaking Pakistan is claiming to be the simble of Federation… Pitty……

    these are just few facts, there is a long list my dear. I know facts are difficult to swallow….

  57. @debugger

    Bro please dont mind but just tell me one thing will ur sister ever murder u for the fact that u are just opposing her views ?????????????????

    Answer is urs ?….

    secondly as u pointed zardari tu merey bhai … if he is corruption king than why was he free way before the so called deal ??????????????? he was freed way before any deal was finalised .

    And why didnt Shaheed Benazir made any deal 7 years ago when musharaf first took charge ??? why she left zardari in jail for 8 years ??????????????

    If he was corrupt than why couldnt both nawaz shareef and musharaf proved him guilty under their own judiciary ????????????????????

    Not to mention swiss etc etc …..

    our own corrupt judiciary before iftikhar choudhry even under mush and nawaz couldnt prove him guilty than how can u say he was corrupt ???????????????? Now Q league is motivating a case against shahbaz sharif that he is required by punjab police over some murder so he cant contest than are u gonna belive them ?????
    what if they pick him up and throw him in jail for 8 years are u gonna say shahbaz was a murderer ??????

    or if nawaz shareed didnt made a deal to go to jedaah for 10 years and serve the prision for life than were u gonna say that he hijacked the plane and tried to kill musharaf ???? are u gonna beleive that ??????

    It was all politically motivated my friend …… if there was anything against him that was true that must have been proved in our judiciary within 8 years.

    I hope u didnt mind any of my points.



  58. @Debugger

    and how many of these corruption exposed BBC , CNN reports do u want about nawaz sharif ??????? give me ur private email address and i will pass u on.

  59. The best part of the conference was that we don’t trust their( the govt.’s) judges, police, their investigation.

  60. This is 21st century Pakistan – Pakistan’s biggest political party, claiming to be a bastion of democracy, decides party leadership as per the will of the former Chairperson! This is Autocracy people, not deomcracy.
    Bilawal Zardari, has now become Bilawal Bhutto Zardari!
    Here is someone who probably doesn’t even know how to speak Urdu, but he’s been made the party chairman.
    I am not/have never been/will never be a supporter of PPP, but time and again people supporting PPP have shocked and surprised me.
    BB’s deals with Musharraf were ok, her anti-pakistan statements were ok, for so many years they denied the ownership of Surry palace, but finally they agreed that they do own it… There are a thousand question marks…
    People’s Party has a blind following among the lower uneducated people of Pakistan, who still believe in the chants of “Roti, Kapra, Makan” which despite the Rule of Zulfiqar and Benazir never saw the light of the day.
    With all the carnage wrecked upon the country no leader of the PPP has appeared on television pledging people to remain calm and not to destroy government and private property.
    There are probably a thousand other things in my mind, but I find my thoughts in quite a disarray at the sheer hypocricy of our leadership and of the people in general!!!

  61. @ taban kamosh
    u r 100% right .
    what a joke with pakistani nation to chose a 19 years kid to lead pakistan.
    a lawer in us asked me is there any thing wrong with u guys , u dont have any other politician in ppp to lead .

    i told him there are some people are BUTT PRAST. in pakistan . i explained him the meaning then he laughed.
    this is 21st century and we r still in old age …….
    i have nothing against bilawal allah make him A SUCCESSFUL POLITICIAN


  63. How many here think Zardari is more corrupt than chaudries. Just coop finance
    scam by chaudries engulfs all of zardaris past and future corruption. Anyone
    lota mentions chaudries.
    Zardari was from rich family before marriage, how about Don altaf and his
    bhattaa mafia. Did Altaf ever worked in his life other than bhattaa wasooli.
    Can any of Dons supporter here want to answer.
    How about latest of mushs scam in chak shahzad. How about one billion
    dollar in just one defence contract by faujis. Does any of Geners a..s kisser
    question generals and their progeny’s living style. Does anybody tries to
    investigate how humayun akhtar became mega rich from practically family
    of havaldars.

  64. i am not suporter of altaf.
    but some body told me , he was driving cab in shicago us.

    chaudries r curropt but 1=.they have given free books to kids
    2=no fee for school till matric.
    3=many roads
    4= new colleges universities.
    5=motor way police
    6==patrolling police to stop dacoites
    7= 15 system for quick response .by police
    8=many hospitals .look at multan heart hospital
    9=big salaries for teachers
    10=big salaries for police
    list goes on and on and on ……………….
    …………u will see they are coming in next elections .

  65. Hi Everybody,

    Why are we discussing family legacy here. I personally may not like a kid to run the largest party but keeping the sub-continent and Pakistani political culture this is no surprise.

    Personality worship is part of the genes in our region. We should leave aside the names like Bush or Kennedy families for reference or name of Rahul Gandhi ( Rajiv Gandhi’s son, he is general secretary of Congress, along with his Italian born mother as Congress chairperson).

    Lets look into other Pakistani political parties:

    1: (JUI) Maulana Fazal-ur-Rehman is son of Maulana Mufti Mehmood

    2: (ANP)Asfandyar Wali is son of Wali Khan which on turn took it over from his father Ghaffar Khan

    3: (BNM) Akhtar Mengal son of Ataullah Mengal

    4: (PML-N)Who do you think will succeed Nawaz Sharif ? Certainly Shahbaz Sharif.

    5: (PML-Q) Ch. Shujaat has already passed his powers to Ch Parvez Elahi and latter is preparing his son Moonis Elahi.

    6: (Tehrik-e-Istiqlal ) Who was running Asghar Khan’s party, his slain son Omar Asghar Khan.

    7: (JUI-Noorani) Uns Noorani took over party of his father Shah Ahmed Noorani.

    8: ( PDP) Who is running Nawabzada Nasrullah Khan’s party? Nawabzada Mohsin Ali Khan, his son.

    Give me an example of a Pakistani political party where kinship is not criteria for
    succession. Yes, there is one party which always brings up new candidate each time because this is how their chemistry is. This party is Pakistan Army. You see they are democratic in nature, that is why they are ruling Pakistan forever.

    All the best…and God Save Pakistan

  66. A disappointing decision!
    Mr. Zardari taking over PPP, appointment of Bilawal and going for election are all wrong decision.
    Its not a palace or treasure which needed a will to be transfered over.
    How can a party provide a democratic system to the nation which doesnt have democracy in itself. Father to daughter and daughter to son now?
    Family business! isnt it?
    Does Bilawal know what the problems for a common man’s problem are in Pakistan? Does he even what Pakistan is? Should a controversial figure like Zardari lead such a party?
    Wasnt it a hight time to correct the basics?
    Reinstatement of judges, exit of Gen. R Musharaf, trasparent election would have been made sure had these critical decision not been taken in hurry and undemocratic way.


  67. Javed
    You are funny and you show the calibre of chaudries supporters.
    chaudries free book to kids, only their own kids.
    built many roads, new roads to dhaandli. badmaashi, family mafia
    motorway police, yes true. Classical chaudries qabza trick. somebody builts
    and they takeover by guns and gundaas.
    Police to stop dacoits by chaudries, ultaa chor kotwaaal ko daante.
    Quick response by police to receive more bhuttaa.
    Heart hospital, that is why more people dying each yr of heart failure bc they
    have to go through chaudries hospital.
    Chaudries are coming to where. Even their popularity base”the lotas’ are
    running away from them, so you can guess where they are coming without
    their lotabase.
    By the way with friends like you chaudries dont need enemies.

  68. Asif Zardari has been the most corrupt person in PPP Government when he was just in Government but at this moment he is President of Pakistan. Is this person an angel now ? Has he Improved himself or is he still corupt and will he make our country worst in economy while filling his own pockets ? Lets get together to finish corruption ortherwise our motherland will again get injected by these Corruption Kings and they will run away again by declaring Pakistan a failed state

  69. @Adnan ali,

    Simple question: How many cases have proved against him,Howh many times he have been convicted…even Saif ur rehman to mush all tried best with full gnecies backing cant find any single charge….!!!! Now answer those charges which are now labelled against PMLN rather crying against PPP please??

    Now as facts are emerging out,these PMLN ppl are conpirators and supportors of agencies and miltary dictators who used ppl’s money against defaming PPP,run hate compagin,build bogus cases and establish new alliance against PPP.Its better to shed light over it.


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