22 thoughts on “Capital Talk – 25 January 08

  1. Mr malik needs to be complemented for his outstanding job.
    Major problem with Mush and his supporters is that they are in denials. Mr Durani is even denying the existence of PML-N. He, just like Mush, refuse to accept the fact that Atta crises exist. He thinks it is temporary and normal.These folks are totally incompetent , dishonest and disgraceful. It’s a well known fact that Mush and his ruling party are fully responsible for all the current miseries braught upon the people of Pakistan, Why can’t they accept the responsibilty of their misdeeds and offer apology to the nation??
    I hope Mush will soon resign and the Feb polls will be free and fair.

  2. i just wonder wts goin to happen with mohammad ali durrani when this regime will fall which is like a written on the wall

    i am dying to see that wts goin to happen with shiekh rasheed and durrani

  3. hamid mir has been banned to conduct shows,pfuj has just held a rally in islamabad today in which hamid mir has given a statement that there are couple of anchor persons who are banned and they will be back soon and interestingly he dint mention the name but it looks very obvious that him,shahid masood,kashif abbasi and bolta pakistan duo have been banned by pemra

    only talat hussain is doin the shows and their channel has already been put off air once already

    so the battle is still on

  4. has any one ever consider that if ppp of pml-n comes into the power would they let the media fly like the way they are right now

    well i doubt that,that old sayin very right that independant judiciary and independant media looks gud only in manifestos but when they start bringing the dirty laundary out

    no body bears them……

  5. I think stand in anchor Muhammad Malick is doing a good job, i like his witt and proactive approach, he is rather blunt in positive sense as well.
    Probably, government might allow Hamid Mir to come back again, because Malick is not the ideal replacement they intended to.

    Any way, someone notice, that by the end of the programme, there was scrolling message that Geo News transmission is not available on Tv and log on internet for truth whats it all about. Another ban !!! I hope not.

  6. http–www.jasarat.com-2008-01-26-nation-details-14.gif

    this is the latest that what has actually happened with hamid mir,

    jasarat is one of the main stream newspapers and this news is on the front page

    personally some times i feel sori for musharaf that just for his own ego how many fronts he has opened against him:judiciary front,lawyers front,ex-servicemen front,opposition front,international front,civil society front,taliban front,baluchistan front

    i wonder how the hell would he get a little sleep in night

  7. @Riddle 792: Talat is eloquent and brilliant in that piece. Would appreciate a link to the full interview if possibe. Thanks for sharing.

    Malick has a different style than Hamid Mir (IMO) but I don’t think he’s a putz like PJ Mir … he seems to have a little bit more sense than Pajja ji… (speaking of which.. haven’t seen any more of this programs on Pkpolitics of late 😉

  8. Babar Awan is more accurate and sensiable.

    Nawaz sharif and PML N is confused.

    PML Q will get much more with the help of establishment.

    PPP although has the capability of getting more than 50 percent seats but due to conventional enemy of establishment it will get 30 to 40 percent seats.

    PML N is like
    joo grajdee hai
    woo barstee nahi.

  9. @Humaira sadaf

    wt an observation wow

    by your means it seems like every thing is goin very smoothly and there will be no crisis after the election

    i wonder which world you live in but any ways you are entitled to your opinion

    this is the real democracy

  10. he has been banned by president musharaf under extreme pressure on geo

    yesterday in a rally in islamabad he has given a statement on record that musharaf has said that he will not be allowed to do shows as he incite the journalists against him outside the press club

    right now only 2 journailsts or so called anchors have been allowed to do shows on full float and no body can argue about that,these 2’s are pj mir and kamran khan as they are 2 biggest stooges of musharaf in private channels

  11. Malik was only person who did good work under Mush regime now also he is doing well Job.
    Geo should start a new Tittled program with M.Malik or switch him to “Parliament Cafeteria” But Pls. do not give him Hamid Mir seat.

  12. @ pakistani2008
    excellent link about shaukat aziz. it is true that a group of bankers are controlling the world today. the infamous mayer rothschild once said “Permit me to issue and control the money of a nation, and I care not who makes its laws”. this traitor musharraf has done more harm to our country than we can imagine.

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