Fourth Cable Cut – Iranian Oil Bourse Sabotaged

fiber.jpgIranian bourse was delayed due to Internet blackout in Iran, as the 4th international fiber mysteriously snapped. The Iranian bourse, which was scheduled to be launched in the first week of February, would have caused damage to already weakening dollars. Ships at Egypt were originally blamed for the cable damage, but the satellite imaging evidence showed that no ship was present at the time and location of cable cut.

The cable cut has reported to affect both Pakistani neighbors India and Iran, but has left Pakistan unaffected due to the extra link installed in recent years.

Digg Reports:

A full explanation of the Iranian Oil Bourse and how it will DESTROY the US economy and crash the US currency.

Hence all the talk about attacking Iran and why Bush went to Israel to possibly get them to attack Iran. Well, Russia stated about 2 weeks ago that they would nuke anyone who attacked their allies, which Iran happens to be. So that took that whole idea of a straight attack on Iran off the table.

Hence the reason they are now chopping the fiber optic lines the week the Iranian Oil Bourse was to go live. They are trying to buy as much time as possible because the Bourse would have instantly crashed our economy.

Now since the traffic is being re-routed through the US, they are probably trying to infiltrate that bourse and hack it so they can bring it down at a later date.


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  1. Hey… that _is_ kind of fishy isnt it? btw, the “EconBroser” article is kind of old.. like 2 years old? (January 20, 2006)

    If they’re going to attack they probably did it to stop the images of blood and gore pouring out as Iran has a very active and credible blogging community.

  2. Though Iran is trying hard to challenge the US, I think we need not under estimate the might of the USA.

    It is not easy to bring down ANY power that has much of the universe’s resources under its belt. Much of technology and many other things. Suppose Iran succeeds (which is very unlikely), it will be like what happened to Russia. Now the same Muslims are praying and hoping that Russia become strong again.

    Only way to compete with the USA is to follow China. Develop, Develop and Develop (through education, industry, technology and hard work). And wait for a few decades!!

    Any short cut is not only unsustainable, it can bring devastating consequences for all parties.

  3. Some weird stuff has been going on:

    – Russia gave the ultimatum some days ago (my thinking is that it was to induce Iran to do something stupid)

    – Dubya has been on his “peace mission” to the Middle east (oy!)

    – Mushie goes to Davos. Kissinger (yes the War Criminal Genocidal Psychopath) was his “panel mate”

    – Mushie meets Sarkozy

    -Mushie “accidentally” meets Israeli defence minister.

    – Sarkozy immediately flies out to India the next day

    – Pakistan Tests 1300 km nuke capable missiles.

    – Musharraf saluets his un-daataa and flies home with his tails between his legs happy at getting a chance to see his zill-e ilaahi

    – Pakistan tests their midrange 700km Nuke capable missiles.

    – These cables are cut (everyone FaariGh blogger thinks it is a prelude to war)

    – Iran non-chalantly claimes it can put satellites in orbit. Well the implication of that claim is that they can put a re-entry vehicle (conventional at this stage) in orbit… So they have capability to hit any part of the globe…

    Now, to my paranoid mind it seems like that the noose might be tightening around Iran and they may have made that statement to get some breathing space… but time is running out for Israel. The US presidential race has a 90% chance of going the democratic way and in that case the whitehouse hijacker neo-cons will be out of office… no more special propaganda cells in the Pentagon manned by People given “Israel’s man of the year” awards!

    P.S. Most of Mughal India was gotten not by force of british arms but by intrigue and by traitors.. Is it any wonder that they are using the same defeated people with the same defeated decadent mentality against us again.

    Same poison, newer shinier bottles.

  4. @ Taba’n Khamosh

    Did you know that republicans are considered (or at least before 9/11) to be pro Muslim? I remember people saying that Al Gore is Jew and they were praying for George Bush (who is a Business Partner with Bin Laden Group Saudi Arabia).

    According to the Economist (I don’t know which Issue but it was during Lebanon war), only 4 members of Congress of Democrats are Non-Jewish. Rest of them are all Jews. Do you still think Israel’s game is up?

    Both Hilary or Obama may lose because traditional voters in the US may not be happy with either a Woman or a Black. They might surprise the world by choosing McCan.

    Personally, I have no hope from democrats or republicans. The US has thing change to cut their losses. They save their face and change their policy.

    NOTE: Biggest complainants of Iranian Nuclear programme in the UN are: Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, and Israel. Saudi does that because they don’t like Shias, Bahrain has Shia majority while their rulers are Wahabis and they fear an uprising supported by Iran. As far Israel, we all know that. How can we blame US/Israel when Muslims are themselves to blame???

  5. @ Optimist
    Interesting analysis, but one has to admit that Iran has gutts. As far as saudi arabia is concerned, they recently invited iran’s prez for the first time, probably to patch up with them, because the US is doing colossal damages to itself and middle east in particular. Interesting thing is that all these arab countries called up pakistan in some summit few months ago, may be to ask whose side r u on?
    So, the point is that middle eastern counries though pro-american realize the importance of brotherhood. someone said that Russia issued a statement threatning to nuke whosoever invades iran, is it really true, i guess i missed that.

  6. @ zenith

    Arab nationalism and Muslim brotherhood are more of a dream. They may exist in majority of the public, but not in ruling classes. These regimes are useless and good for nothing.

    I think I should repeat the words of Hussain Shaheed Suharwardy, Pakistan’s Prime Minister in early 50s. He rightly pointed out that Arabs can’t do anything against Israel. Though ordinary Muslims were angry, his comments about ‘united arabs’ have proved very true. He said:

    ‘zero plus zero plus zero is after all equal to zero’.

  7. @optimist: The reason they were considered “pro muslim” was because they would give “aid” to prop up dictatorships. Leave it to IDIOTIC Muslims to think this is “Pro” anything… problem is that we are Sofa King IGNORANT that it defies imagination! We are not in our dark age, we are in our blackbody age!

    So I don’t put a whole lot of credence on the fact that repugnicants supported coups and gave “tranches” (jaisay Kuttay ko roti ki aik “tranche” phaiNki jaati hai) to the likes of Zia or Mushie or Ayub or that Egyptian fat-a$$ who is now grooming his son to be president. And IDIOTIC Muslim general public (especially the voters in the US ) think that somehow this means “they is good people!”.. Well all these idiots especially the Paki community in the US supported Bush and now they’re whining like little girls because the shaft up their collective ar$es is a bit too un-comfortable. well.. this is what you get for being STUPID!

    The US was doing the same thing with the Iranians until the Iranian people threw a monkey wrench in their plans. The Mullahs spoiled the party eventually, but darwinian evolution of organisms (be they biological or social) is a bi*ch! So if the left couldn’t cut the mustard, then whose fault is it? I hold the left doubly responsible for fuc*ing up the post revolution period. They were totally outsmarted by the mullahs. I wouldn’t underestimate the maulvis, they’re a treacherous lot.

    Also I don’t think that there so many Jewish congress-ppl in the Democratic caucus as you mentioned. And if there are, so what? Those are the cards we are dealt, let’s deal with it… instead of dwelling on it.. There are the same number of Muslims in the US as the Jews. Care to guess why we are considered worse than child rapists most of the time by the US general public? One word (okay two): COLOSSAL GODDAMMNED IGNORANCE! (okay 3!)

    Besides, it doesn’t mean all those Jewish members are automatically pro-Zionists (I do make the Jew vs. Zionist distincition as there are Jewish intellectuals and individuals on both sides)

    Why do I say Israel is running out of time? (this is all conjecture on my part)

    Well, the boys have worked for 30 years to bring things to the point where they could really move the “agenda” forward on the Middle East and the whole “Axis of Evil” shoshaa which that carefully placed Straussian David Frum (hint hint) had put in dubya’s speech was the shot across the bow of the Iraqi’s and the Irani’s that the jig was up!

    But the ragtag nutjobs and the resistance fighters have managed to screw up the little pajama party they were expecting in Iraq and now the talk is of an “honourable withdrawl”

    But this neocon “Tolah” which came to power through the soft coup of 2000 in the US is still in power.. the chances of the next administration being as sympathetic as this one are slim (whether Dem or Rep) … So this is why they are going bananas in Israel and all the right Zionist circles in Europe to at least _start_ the conflagaration and deliver the initial punch in Iran and then the rest can be done by proxies or by Israel… But Israel doesn’t want to start it itself. Just see the latest cover story in the Economist.. they are just SEETHING to get at Iran… and are so pissed that the CIA ppl messed things up by making publich the NIE !!!

    However, the US public just doesn’t have the stomach for it anymore.. I doubt even a 9ll type black-flag operation would make them want to go to war with Iran.. So that is why I say the golden opportunity is until Bush is in power, then the prospect of devastating Iran (and THAT is the Middle East policy Israel is after) would recede quickly as Democrats get the executive office. Bush is crazy enough to do it at their behest without thinking it through.

    Why all this? My analysis is that Israel wants to preside over a devastated and shattered neighbourhood (egypt all the way to Pakistan in the east if they get lucky). This is because this is the area which is most resource rich, and has all the ingredients for a 50 year civil war. Once you devastate and liquify all these states one by one, you get to control their resources at bargain basement cost or no cost at all. Not to mention the fact that you get to have your wars in the middle east..

    For example the coming wars with China and Russia to figure out who will control the order in the next century… the Middle east has to be pulverized (erm “prepared”) before all these paegents can take place there… It is really too bad that we live here.. but “Hai Jurm-e zaeefi ke sazaa marg-e mafaajaat”

    And believe me no amount of Khilafah/Tableeghi/Wahabi/ movements are going to help the “Musla’s”. Not to mention that you’re eventually going to run out of idiots too scared to live and fight (so they choose to end it with a special belt).

  8. @ Optimist
    your are very right that is it is more of a dream, but the the flexibility that saudis are showing has not been seen since quite a while. Saudi arab has more than six trillion dollars invested in Us stock exchanges and banks and this helps US economy to stay on course, but the recent development and the pressure from the people just might push them to clean up their acts. Saudi kings are corrupt, no doubt about it, but a change might eventually come from them.

  9. @ Taban Khamosh

    Your analysis is very sound. I agree with most of the points. Personally I don’t mind whatever their religion is as long as they are not extremist.

    Found something on American Jews and Arabs in the Economist. It might be interesting for some people.

    The lobbyists had every reason to feel proud of their work. Congress has more Jewish members than ever before: 30 in the House and a remarkable 13 in the Senate. (There are now more Jews in Congress than Episcopalians.) Both parties are competing with each other to be the “soundest” on Israel. About two-thirds of Americans hold a favourable view of the place.

    there are probably about 3.5m of them—and who have been in the eye of a political storm since September 11th 2001. They are a growing political force in northern Ohio and Michigan, and their institutions, such as the Arab American Institute and the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), have plenty of access to Middle Eastern money.

    But so far their performance has been unimpressive. James Zogby has been promising a breakthrough for his Arab American Institute for 20 years. CAIR remains marginal. Arab-Americans are badly split between Christians (63%) and Muslims (24%). They have also been late in taking to politics. Between 1990 and 2004 Arab-Americans donated $788,968 to candidates and parties, compared with $56.8m from pro-Israeli groups.

  10. From Malaysia I have pinged (an important node in Iran) and no response; I have tried traceroute to same and only get as far as Paris, via Los Angeles. I could get a traceroute to Kuwait nearby just now, but ping didn’t work last night. Maybe the Yanks forward to a French telco under yank control and the plug is pulled on the Iranians at the French node (look no hands, implausible deniability).

  11. I think its all crap, muslims always think of anti muslim conspiracy theories. whatever and whenever happened blame game starts abruptly, blaming west, even if the cable is cut, the blame goes to US.

    Its useless to post these kind of articles here. i just want to remain focus on Pakistan Politics at present.

  12. @ observer212

    pkpolitics is not global politics. There is a difference in discussing rebels in Chad or Somalia and a dangerous situation to next door neighbour. Pakistani Politics is still suffering from Afghan factor. Iran factor can have even bigger impact because we will be cut off from many countries by land, including Turkey and Europe.

  13. Iran is planning to open a commodity exchange, variously referred to as the Iran Petroleum Exchange, International Oil Bourse or Iranian Oil Bourse. The acronym IOB has been used as it can be interpreted as either “International Oil Bourse” or “Iranian Oil Bourse”, but it has no official status. It would be a Petrobourse for petroleum, petrochemicals and gas in various non-dollar currencies, primarily the euro. If successful, it would establish a euro-based pricing mechanism for oil trading, or oil marker as it is called by traders.

    The geographical location is expected to be the Persian Gulf island of Kish (which is designated by Iran as a free trade zone.)[1].

    The exchange has not yet opened, having missed at least three announced opening dates.

  14. Hi guys/gals

    I happened to spend six months last year in Iran and had a good chance to study the geopolitical situation. The Iranian society is at the brink of another revolution and this time its not the so called “islamic revolution”. I meet many iranian who openly used to say that US should attack iran so they can get rid of Mullahs. The economic situation was dire and sanctions has nearly crippled the country. On the surface everything looks fine but as you scratch the surface you get the shock of your life.

    Now coming to the issue of submarine cable cut, it is very prculiar to have these incidents and so close to each other. I have very close links with telecom business and SEMEWE cable do not get cut everyother day, they are heavily protected and not easy to cut. I would tend to agree that something is being cooked right now by the Big Brother. In December07 I and couple of my friends were discussing the geo political situation and I predicted that there is a very high possibility of US attack on Iran around March/April08. Obviously everyone disagreed as there was no halchal on the international front. I insisted on my analysis and we moved on to something else. Now these strange events are happening and it seems more likely that some sort of surgical US strike on Iran is areal possibility.

    If This were to happen then the only person who will benefit is this scum of the earth Musharraf.

  15. @ amir hameed

    I think Iran got a nod from many countries. They just want Iran to be the front man and the moment Iran established that, Venezuela, Russia, and most likely China will join the queue. Sadly, you can see that apart from Iran all other countries are non Muslim.

    A few months ago I read in Daily Telegraph that China and other far eastern economies have already converting their dollar into Euro. Recent devaluation in Dollar is blamed on China who secretly converted 10 Billion US dollars. The article in Telegraph was on China’s recent threat the US to convert its more than TRILLION dollar reserves if US imposed any import sanctions on China. Vietnam has also indicated that it may dissociate with dollar because its weakening power means the reserves value will decrease. Though many Middle Eastern economist (like Kuwait) are urging their governments, but their rulers are not interested at the moment. They will only act when they see their investments in dollar under threat.

  16. United States of America has not yet encircled completely Iran. Northern side of Iran is connected with Azerbaijan, Caspian Sea and Turkmenistan, some what Russian influenced states, with Tehran, the capital of Iran being close to the Russian. Also Russia, china, India, France and Pakistan etc. may not welcome an attack on IRAN being an independent and sovereign country. Mr. Bush has to quit presidential status by the end of this year. So, I do not think of any sort of war in near future. For the time being States will try to confine /isolate, and pressurize Iran as in the past. So far the condition in Afghanistan, Iraq and Pakistan is very unstable and uncertain. It will remain like this until and unless US foreign policy changes.

  17. It is amazing to see so many smart and intelligent people are predicting US Iran war, I am surprise to see these people dont know US would never go to attack any strong country. US has learned a good lesson from Iraq and Afghanistan, who are depleted countries and have no defense or nothing to fight and still people of these countries have given them a lesson to remember.

    Any attack on Iran further unite the Muslim world and ultimately help the Iranian president ( who is loosing his popularity in the countries due to economic sanctions). US would never want both the above situations to happen.

    US economy is already in going in deep recession and attack on Iran would do the same fate what happen to USSR after attacking to Afghanistan!!

  18. Iran has lodged an official compalint with India’s commercial launch last month of an Israel spy satellite reported to have the ability to see through clouds and carry out day and night all weather imaging.

    what can we make of this? any comments?

  19. Iran and Palestinians (Yasser Arafat) are probably innocent people. They believe India’s double face claiming that they are friends of Muslim.

    India is delaying Gas pipe project because Washington is not happy. During first Iraq War, NS didn’t allow the US to re-fuel. On the other hand, India did allow them on ‘humanitarian’ basis’. General Mush and India have similar plans. Gen Mush even allowed the US army logistic support throughout Afghan war. India even voted in favour of sanctions against Iran.

    We have seen these people (India) too closely. We know them well. Iran and Palestinians are only seeing real face of India now. They have been sleeping.

  20. @Optimist,
    Yasser Arafat had always sided with India, for whatever reason. His stance had always been pro USSR and India. I do not recall that he had ever issued any statement in favor of the Kashmiri people. We, on the other hand, regularly pray for the Palestinian people in our Friday prayers. For this reson, I never had any real respect for Yasser Arafat.

  21. @ Amir Hameed

    Do you ever wonder why Yasser Arafat and his PLO colleague were never arrested despite their crimes against CIVILIANS? Have you noticed that PLO never targeted Israeli soldiers, but rather hijacked aeroplanes? These terrorists had International travel and were never brought to justice by EU and the USA. Hizb Ullah, on the other hand, targets Israeli military and the whole world is after them. This is how the won Lebanon war and this is how the threw US out (by killing more than 200 Israeli soldiers in an attack in the 80s).

    Germany gives PLO terrorist protection. Yasser Arafat’s Christian wife lives in France (she charges monthly $2 million to Palestinian tax payers!). These PLO people often have ministerial or head of state protocol in the west.

    PLO and their terrorists were sponsored by the west to give bad name to the Arabs and Muslims. Culmination of that project was 9/11 when Ex-CIA agent Osama Bin Laden targeted Civilians in New York while (mis) quoting Quran.

  22. mistake. I wanted to say: Hizbullah killed more than 200 AMERICAN soldiers in a single attack that led to withdrawal of the USA from Lebanon in the 80s.

  23. @ Amir Hameed

    It is not just my ‘angle’. It is well known fact and has been reflected by many prominent writers and academics. One such journalist is Nayyar Zaidi (who has been based in New York since 1971) and in charge of the News bureau.

  24. Does that mean Iran will fight with US and start cutting their cable as well? If not, what is Iran’s deterrent?

    That is why I think that only way to compete with the USA is the way China has adopted, i.e. drop your head, control your rhetoric (tongue), and work hard.

    If Iran claims to fight with the US, then where is its capability to strike back?

  25. Iran has no means to fight the us, it got bold because everybody knows the us can not just start another war especially before elections take place.
    Besides why does the iranian president provoke the us and israel while it is clear he has no means of defence and russia will not help iran as didn’t help irak because even russia is technologically not advanced as the us. Look at the facts iran was not capable to do in 8 years of war with irak what the us did in 30 days anahilate irak sending it to the stoneage.
    and the us and israel stated they will use tactical nuclear strikes against iran: small nukes if you prefer.
    I don’t really know if iran thinks it can actually succeed with the iranian oil bourse but i know one thing for sure the zionist states UK, US and israel will never allow it even if that means WW3 !!!!!!!!!

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