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  1. @ Admin

    Ur site is going great guns. If your site was one of the candidates for election, it would have won without doubt ( if the elections are free & fair )
    Could You please put the latest Jawab deyh with Mushahid Hussain?

  2. Sher Hamaraa!!! 😀 Khaajaaa Q-league koh! 😀

    How can the shameless Q-league even compare themselves or claim to be representing Quaid’s mission. :S

    I hope PML (N) sweeps it. May I say that I am a people’s party supporter otherwise, but their stand on judiciary is simply too weak.

  3. This is called emotional tactics…… they use Quaid e Azam just as the present and previous dictators used Islam and later Islamic enlightenment in their refrendum. Chaudries , their allies along with Mush should have an open public trial……They should be stoned to death…..

  4. @arabkhan

    Your comparison is truly out of mind and ridicolous…….:-(

    For yor information I am not a supporter of either Mush or P. Elahi or P. Kayani (Don’t know much about the last fella yet).


  5. These all jokkers are dancing on army band. In one side they are again in political grounds to fool the people and on other side army mafia is setting stage for those jokkers to play their new tricks to amuse the public.We as a nation should feel shame and pain on having worst characters in our political scenario as these all are best slaves of army mafia..

  6. Quaid-e-Azam and Qenchi league. What a shame.

    I think someone should stop Qenchi league from using such a great leader. May illiterate Chaudhries lose all the seats so that we don’t have to see their ugly face pics next to our great Quaid.

  7. Judiciary only in n league ad what pp is upto . Well i should not say it but pp should think of issues as well before it gets too late

  8. Medically saying Q League …. is Quadriplegic League …

    going everywhere on the shoulders of army and establishment

    Quadriplegic (One who is paralyzed in both arm and legs)

  9. The second Ad from Q Leagues is a good one which is kinda based on a hollywood trailer format and will have some affect. Similalry PMLN’s “sher hamara” ad is a good one but is too long and may distract ppl, the other one with nawaz talking is just rubbish and he looks like “Sona” from sona chandi talking. PPP’s all ads are good, simple and straight forward to cash their vote bank using Benazir’s speech and hence less expensive to run.

  10. Pro.Mush rally in islamabad!!! hahah..
    It is another way of Mush ‘adding’ himself.

    ISLAMABAD: A rally in support of President Pervez Musharraf was taken out under the auspices of Manaka Pakistan – a youth organization- in front of Parliament House here on Monday.

    The participants of the rally termed Q-League a ‘Qilat League’ (scarcity league) and that they had gathered to show their all out support to the atomic programme of President Musharraf.

    The members of Manaka Pakistan flocked towards Islamabad from different cities and chanted slogans in support of President Pervez Musharraf after gathering in front of Parliament House.

    They were carrying red and white flags as well as placards and banners with inscriptions in support of the policies introduced by President Pervez Musharraf.

    Stringent security measures were taken in front of Parliament House. A large number of policemen besides personnel of intelligence agency were deployed.

    The participants of the rally were allowed entry to Parade Avenue from the walk through gates.

    President Manaka, Chaudhry Asghar Mehmood told Geo News that he along with members of his organization had gathered here to pay tribute to President Musharraf in recognition of the manner in which he defended the atomic programme of the country. http://thenews.jang.com.pk/updates.asp?id=37236

  11. i dun no wot will happen to pak if parvaiz ilahi will become pm… we are already suffering from one pervaiz.. when wewill have two we can’t imagine what will happen then…
    i personally listened to one of very close director of pervazi illahi’s sugar mills.. that he is stupid ass…. n the way he speaks.. i am sure none of us would like him as a PM.. he does not know how to speak no arguments no proper dimension..

    beside that, elections is in pakistan seems a joke… now…. musharaf and his army (owners of Army republic of pakistan) will make sure that they make their safe paths as they are trying to destory our pakistan… so they need ppl like Pervaiz… pervaiz… think this will do the job. for them

  12. @to all those in pakistan
    please do come out & vote on 18 feb. this is the only way to dilute rigging. it does’t matter which party u vote for. special allusion is being made to APDM sympathisers.

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