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  1. This is why I hate the UN. There only purpose is to put a “humanitarian” mask on the atrocities committed by the West. But read it carefully and you see it for the sham that it is. The headline goes: UN Seeks $265 Million For Iraq Aid In 2008.

    $265 Million sounds great but realize that with Iraq’s population of 27 million, it comes down to less than $10 PER YEAR PER IRAQI (and do realize that about half of this amount will certainly go in “expenses” for running the aid programs). That certainly will fix all their ills won’t it, when at the same time more than $270 BILLION (a thousand fold) is being spent on more bullets and bombs to kill and maim them? Same is true in case of Afghanistan where UN thinks $13 million is enough for the children.

  2. @ Siddique

    Why don’t you put links of May 12 murders of MQM instead of maligning a woman who sacrificed her life for democracy?

    Since her death, Fatima Bhutto has changed her stance. Whereas BB and her party had only one stance. You should have put videos of Fatima crying for BB.

    BB’s government was sacked withing two weeks of Murtaza’s murder. Why didn’t Farooq Leghari do anything??

    Fatima Bhutto says that murders do not happen without approval from highest levels. It is a proof that BB was killed at Muharraf and Altaf’s orders. They are the highest Goondas in Pak.

    It is Bhatta Khore Altaf who is killing everyone. MQM claimed that it were MQM’s workers who died, yet they wanted NO ACTION so that they could repeat killings again. MQM lawyer was so happy that he said: ‘Haq aur Insaaf ki Fateh Hoi’. He also said that no their will be no punishments.

    Shame on MQM murderers and their supporters.

  3. @Optimist,

    If you think there are videos worth adding to the political picture of Pakistan, you should post them. I found the first video interesting while browsing http://www.pbs.org, which lead me to the others.

    I would also like to share that Fatima Bhutto’s father was not an angel either. Murtaza Bhutto formed a terror squad after the judicial murder of Zulfikar Ali Bhutto by the cruel dictator general Zia. This terror organization was implicated in the killing of Zahoor Elahi, the father of PML-Q’s Mitti Pao Chaudhry Shujaat and a high jacking of a PIA flight to Syria, resulting in the release of PPP’s political prisoners.

    Also, at the time ( September 20, 1996) of the murder of Fatima Bhutto’s father, there were common feelings in Pakistan that the ugly show had run by Asif Zardari and Benazir was there to cover it up. Now, same Asif Zardari may be the next prime minister or at least a king maker in Pakistani politics.

    This epic of butchery and loot of Pakistan shows a clear picture that most political leaders, but not all, are bunch of thugs including the leaders of your party, the generals and recently many mullas.

    By the way, second to last video rebuts your statement about Fatima Bhutto crying for BB. This interview was conducted in India way after Benazir’s death. Fatima said that she never regreted saying critical of Benazir. She would have more material to write about Benazir, had Benazir lived.

  4. An election update issued by an NGO suggests that political parties that have announced the boycott of polls are actively campaigning in this regard and are asking potential voters not to vote on February 18.

    The update by Free and Fair Election Network (Fafen) says that its observers from 71 out of 157 constituencies of 48 districts have reported that these parties were holding public rallies and in a few constituencies were also intimidating voters to boycott the polls……….

    ………….Pakistan Tehrik-i-Insaf (PTI) was campaigning for boycott in 18 constituencies of 13 districts (seven in NWFP, five in Punjab and one in Sindh)…….


  5. @Siddique: related to your post above, there is recent convtroversy stirred up by one Nig-hat Sa’id Khaan
    as reported by Pak Tea house and a counter response by Temporal (of BaiThak) on Teeth Maestro.

    Needless to say I am with Temporal and my own opinion is that attacks on Fatima Bhutto are part of a multifacetd PR campaign to paint the current “owners” of PPP in a positive light, all the while attempting to discredit one of the most authentic and intellectual political figures whose credibility may prove dangerous for the tenuous grip Zardaris have on the PPP brand.

    I’m not saying FB won’t turn into another BB and sell out, but for now I’d like to believe she won’t compromise on principles.

  6. Man these IDIOTIC interviewers really drive me up the wall. People like her SHOULD BE BANNED from interviewing Imran Khan.. I hate the way she says umhum.. uhmhimm.. theek hai.. umhmm.. theek hai.. hmmm hmmm EVERY 2 SECONDS!


    Shaista Waheed is a friggin NIT-WIT!

  7. “Mulla aur salar jab bhi aye saath hi aye” geo Aitzaaz. we need atleast dozen of thinkers like you to run this country in a civilized way.

  8. God forbid, if 2morrow there is a vote in UN scurity council for attack against pakistan & china abstains. what wd u then think of china?
    Whatever is ur answer apply the anology to 18feb elections. Yes, do come out. The illiterate masses wd definitely be there but we the so-calld educated will not be there. Why just look at the current poll in this regard. there are 12 out of 34 not going to vote. For an eucated one it’s criminal to abstain. “Al Khamoshi neem raza”.
    My message is:
    “Uth ke ab bazm-e-jehan ka aur hi andaz hai……”

  9. I just pray that something good comes out of these elections. I have many fears and some of them are very valid. I just hope that I am wrong this time. I have no intention of painting a bad picture just to come back later to take credit of my predictions.

  10. What a great poem by A. Ahsan jeay Bhutto Sada Jeay. We will fight Mulla, Army, Mqm for thousand year if we have to. Pakistan belong to Pakistanies. not to Muslim, Shia, Sunni, or any one else.

  11. Whatever would be the outcome of s’elections, The survival of Mush is next to impossible.

    David Frost talking to IK about the after-effects of s’election.

  12. @ asif

    I watched that interview. It is a good one. I was surprised to see ‘a white lesbian woman’s comments! She is in the US, have only filthy videos on ‘her’ profile to fool people. Her comments are full of hatred towards IK, NS, PPP and are pro Mush, and MQM.

  13. …….the United States and its allies to understand that they are not facing the religion of Islam as their main enemy, but an ideology, namely the Salafi-jihad.

    It is equally a fact, he maintains, that leaders of Salafi-jihadist organisations hypocritically preach about the benefits of martyrdom, but rarely, if ever, conduct suicide operations themselves, or send their loved ones on such missions. It is a fact that Al Qaeda and associated groups offer no vision for Muslims other than perennial jihad, hardly an appealing prospect.



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  15. @admin: I sent you this email alert. Mushie’s on the fritz again!

    Chief Justice “Scum of the Earth” Declares Musharraf

    In an exclusive and irony filled interview with Jemima Khan, Musharraf got visibly upset at the mention of the Chief Justice and called him, “the scum of the earth – a third-rate man – a corrupt man”.

    Regarding the lawyers movement, “President” (i) Musharraf said:

    “With hindsight,” he replies solemnly, “it was my personal error that I allowed them to go and express their views in the street… We should have controlled them in the beginning before it got out of control.”

    Full account of the interview

  16. @admin
    How about a poll along the same lines:
    Q: Who is “the scum of the earth – a third-rate man – a corrupt man”.
    i) Musharaf (or maybe Musharraf/Qayyum/Dogar etc.)
    II) CJ Iftikhar

  17. Admin,
    You have full rights over this website but it seems like you are not impartial at all as You are deleting my posts without any reason.
    Can you send me email?\

  18. peoples of pakistan prey fajar namaz and than go to polling station and use the right of your vote its time to do something for your country please give vote to ppp .

  19. Hi all the viewers i just spoke to someone in NA 55/56 all the kashmiries of rawalpindi going to give vote to PPP. because PPP ajk president had meetings with different kashmiries group and the hope PPP Amir fida peracha will win.

  20. @Munir,

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    You can contact me after that time if it does not appear and I will reply you.


  21. @optimist: good eye man! That guy is an MQM Pervert… he’s got all kinds of lezbian clips in his profile.. but the idiot can’t write for shit, and then MQM Munafiq’s like go around claiming they’re the most educated class in Pakistan.. he sounds like an illiterate cabbie from bihar to me. Some of these ppl are like robots.. they take their talking points from the “telephonic” addresses and just repeat like brainless idiots all over the places.. for example “Even if Mohamad was running the elction in Pakistan, still loser will say it is rigged…” How many MQM munaafiqs have you heard say the same thing in just the last week? ??

    GAWD what crimes did we commit to deserve this sh!t !!!

  22. A big thank you to the USA and EU for helping Muslims in Kosovo. They may have their own benefit but still they acted to save Muslims. Not all of their actions are wrong.

    I was surprised to see Bush’s popularity in Albania when he visited that last year. I think he is more popular there than in the USA. Maybe he should retire there!!

    I personally find the USA/EU better than Russia. Despite all their crimes, siding with them (for our own benefit) can make us Japan/Germany/Singapore. Whereas siding with Russia can make us Iraq/Sudan etc. We should side with the West for our own benefit. Western democratic system and open market.

    This doesn’t mean we should become US agents the way Mush has made us. When I say side with the west, I mean in the words of founder of Singapore – Lee Kuan Yew – who writes in his book that he seriously gave a thought whether Singapore should side with the communist Russia or free democratic west. He said that he is happy that he chose the Western model (Reference: From third world to first – The Singapore Story 1965 – 2000).

  23. Breaking News:

    According to Hamid Mir in today’s Jang:
    NS and Zardari have agreed on Musharaf’s resignation
    the next week parliement will not last more than 6 months
    Fedeal Govt: PPP and PMLN will be allowed to make govt
    Punjab: PMLQ will be given the chance for GOVT.

    for more check today’s Jang

  24. @ qadir

    I never doubted that MQM can win elections. I am not against ordinary voters of MQM. They are like any other Pakistani. Some of them are nice, some intelligent, some silly, some innocent. Almost all of them believe in conspiracy theories.

    I only condemn Munafiq who come here and say ‘I support …. but. Why are they so ashamed of MQM? If they are, then they should support someone they are not ashamed of.

  25. MQM wins 12 seats (out of 19) with clear majority. Rest of the seats are won with a thin majority. They could lose those seats if other parties believe in Goonda tactics of MQM. In other words, if other parties are willing to give arms in the hands of their supporters. MQM have done wonders by making every third Mohajir a fugitive of Law with TT or a prisoner!

    This is what an Urdu Speaking MQM senior police officer told me (he is on a scholarship in LSE). He said if MQM’s goonda tactics are controlled and other parties are given an equal oppertunites, it is very likely that MQM will never win more than 12 seats.

    And with free campaign, people’s eyes start opening and they can see what we can already observe from a distance.

  26. @ Optimist

    I think every 1 has a right to say what he or she thinks and so do u and me. But i dont think that it gives us right to call some 1 munafiq as this is a pretty big word and we already have so much going around us. Its better to express our opinions and not blame each other as we all like freedom of expression which is getting scared in our Pakistani society. If we start acting like this than what difference is between us or musharaf who has done the same to media and judiciary.

  27. Well, let’s wait for the election result. I don’t see any change. Pakistan should be free from Lords and feudal system. I don’t understand why only Choudhary and Wadaira gets a ticket from PML-Q & PML-N, why don’t they give ticket to middle class educated person. I heard that the man died in firing from PML-N (May Allah rest him in Peace) his father in LAW got a ticket from PPP. It’s only a family election, nothing else.

  28. @ nam

    Chosing the right person is better. Being middle class doesn’t mean sincere. Look at MQM. They have created a class of Goondas and Bhatta Khores in the name of middle class.

    Then why talk about middle class only? why not a laborer and real poor?

    Person chosen should be right. A rich person in favour of the poor should be welcomed too. A middle class good person should be given a chance as well. A poor person who never had any money to get education should not be made a professor. Even Prophets belonged to rich/business/feudal families. They did for the poor that no other could do. If there were any Prophet from an ordinary family (Hazrat Musa), he had training in royal palaces of Firoon.

  29. Q league seems to have lost on National level. Mushahid Hussain says that they will form government in Punjab. It is an admission that they have lost national government.

    Another good thing is that Q league candidates are opportunists. they will jump the sinking ship very soon.

    Mush is finished. That is a good news. Even if there is no change, change of face alone is good for the country. Look at suicidal policies of George Bush but the Americans still have hope because he will be gone soon.

  30. Mubarakaan

    Mush will himself decide himself if he is popular or not. maybe we need a martial law after rigging by PPP & PML N.

  31. That was a rumor that Sheikh Rasheed has left for Spain, he is still in Pakistan and appeared soon on the geo tv talking to news anchor that he is still in the country..lolzz

  32. @commoner: Cuba and Iran show that it is possible. Problem with Pakistan (aside from terrified & frightened yerkails) is that when the gauntlet is down, every other one of us is ready to sell out for a few sheckles.

    Cuba and Iran show that if you calm your nerves a bit and not sell out, you can gain some modicum of independence. I am not claiming that everything they have done is right, but I am of the opinion that it is not as hopeless as we think or as our sell-out ‘establishment’ imagines it to be.

    But to do that you have to be faithful and loyal to an identity, but since we all believe in different identities, we think we are not selling out but ‘sacrificing’ for our goal. (eg; Jamaat Islami vis-a-viz that Poseur Extraordinaire Yerkail Zulmat-ul-baatil)

  33. We should believe in the wisdom of ordinary people. Democracy is the best system.

    We cannot afford any dictators, be they western supporters or Khalifa brand.

  34. @admin
    I am a bit disappointed none of the Zardari-related videos have made it to pkpolitics. Certainly the ones listed above were most appropriate and important to be ignored like that…

  35. Following thread moved from Aezaz Hasan’s Interview by Admin
    1. hassanshahid on February 21st, 2008 12:07 pm
    Todal [Aetaza Hasan] is a champion for peace but how can people of Hyderabad can forget his brutal orders of Pucca Qila operation during the first tenure of BB as prime minister when he was Interior Minister. On his order, Eagle Squad (then a special unit of police) killed hundreds of innocent people and raped dozens of young urdu speaking girls in just few hours during a curfew. He is a killer of hundreds of innocent people of Pucca Qila.

    2. kurkosmici on February 21st, 2008 12:12 pm
    @ pakistani 2008
    Dont compare PMLq with educated people like IK and AA. Musharaf is not working alone, he takes advices from stupid PML q and work on it, and you saw the result.
    If IK and AA were part of PML q, Mushraf would have taken advices from them and act on them and Pakistan would be in a strong position.
    Vice versa.
    3. peace on February 21st, 2008 12:12 pm
    u r typical mqm munafiq just doing baseless propaganda against any patriotic leader. ur dad taafa guunda, he is one who is responsible for all that killing and raping. and u consider him ur messiah, what a pity

    4. hassanshahid on February 21st, 2008 12:21 pm
    this is not a baseless propaganda. These are real facts. MQM was not in power at that time rather they were part of Combine Opposition Parties alongwith Nawaz Sharif and every component of COP had put the blame of this massacre on BB and AA. Yes i am a supporter of MQM and will always remain their supporter and i am proud of it. But you guys should have the courage to listen the truth of others as well. And if you doesnt believe me then u can check out then newspapers to confirm the facts.
    5. peace on February 21st, 2008 12:30 pm
    @hassan shahid
    actually the mqm terrorists at that time uses those women and children coming out from pucca qilla as sheild, these terrorist were hiding behind them and when they see police they start shooting at the police .and then all that happen
    6. rf_ckt on February 21st, 2008 12:44 pm
    The tactics you accused MQM of doing are the same that bloody ‘palastinians’ and ‘kashmiri’ terrorists are blamed for!
    Israel always said the same thing and besed all invasions against Palastinian on the argument of civilan shield and even justified the invasion & davastation of Lebanon.
    Actually Punjabi Chauvinists are no different then Jewish Zionists!

    7. hassanshahid on February 21st, 2008 1:07 pm
    what should i say about your innocent remarks. I am talking about rapes of dozen women. If i would agree with u and “terrorist” of MQM were hiding behing those women then will people first rape those women and then kill those terrorist????

    8. peace on February 21st, 2008 1:14 pm
    so u actually want to say when munafiqs were firing at the police they were raping the women…. what a logic….i dont think if somebody is firing at u can continue some type of sexual activity………

  36. @All,

    The enthusiastic visitors of pkpolitics.com have posted above videos. Anyone is welcome to post their favorite political videos as long as they follow common sense and the rules of civility.


    I have updated the embedding of your last video. Next time just copy and paste the complete markup code for embedding in the comment section. Also pretext with your input.


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  37. @ Tab’an Khamosh on February 20th, 2008 9:23 pm

    Though I favour evolutionary parlimentary democracy in Pakistan.

    But sometimes I am amazed by the strength and resilience shown by nations, which have undergone a revolution, viz a viz apparently overwhelming adversaries. To Cuba and Iran I would like to add China and France and of course ex USSR . None were bullied by US.

    In Pakistan’s context I see no scope of an all-embracing social revolution, thanks to the overriding interests of our elite in status quo and the undermining national identity crises.

  38. Lawyers movement mobilised the masses and paved the way for these results.
    Jemima Khan was right when she said that even apparently failed protests have long lasting impact. She wrote:

    ‘It is 40 years since 1968, “The Year That Rocked The World”, when mass protests erupted across the globe, in France, America, Mexico, Germany, Italy, Spain, Brazil, Belgium, Poland, Yugoslavia and Czechoslovakia. While none of those demonstrations achieved their immediate stated aim, cumulatively they changed the world more profoundly than those involved could ever have imagined.’


  39. Khizarkyz do u have have any info regarding any Indipendents or defectors from q league.I know pmlf is supporting pmln but any other news?

  40. 2morrow’s pml-q meeting will be crucial: many of them may fail to attend.

    BTW That idiot Amir Muqam does have a chance- he’s losing by some 22à votes and repolling will take place on polling station of 920 voters.

  41. chatta wattoo along with 15 independents (PA&NA) meet zardari. PA hmmmmmm!!!! another PML-J in the making.

    & sajida mir of ppp in a tv program demanding punjab’s govt

  42. Party seats Popular Votes

    Pakistan Peoples Party Parliamentarians 87 10,157,233
    Pakistan Muslim League (N) 68 6,395,348
    Pakistan Muslim League 39 7,461,147
    Independent 27 2,835,366
    Muttahida Qaumi Movement Pakistan 19 2,350,377
    Awami National Party 10 618,542
    Mutthida Majlis-e-Amal Pakistan 6 471,480
    Pakistan Muslim League (F) 4 707,760
    National Peoples Party 2 91,957
    Pakistan Peoples Party (Sherpao) 1 90,767
    Balochistan National Party (Awami) 1 12,882

  43. @khizarkyz on February 22nd, 2008 2:17 pm

    My big NO to LOTAISM .

    But lets not be partial in condemnation. Please Do equally highlight the fact that Main sahib was the first one to say that the doors of the mother party were open for converts from QL and party enticement to 18 Q leaguers and 6-7 independents into PMLN .

    PPP should not encourage and accept any LOTAS and neither should PMLN. Accepting independents is quiet another matter.

  44. @commoner: is the candidates fielded vs won ration available somewhere?

    BTW, this is a “First past the post” system, so Q league saying this is a bit dis-ingenuous. Looks like they got a kick in the pants from their US masters so they are showing some life again.

  45. PMLN’s decision to nominate Main Nawaz Sharif as parlimentary leader in the centre and Mian Shahbaz Sharif in punjab and PPP’s decision to let Zardari nominate the PM are EXCELLENT.
    They show new found confidence and unflinching defiance viz a viz establishment.

    lekin under say dil darta hey,lol.

    Analyse karta hoon, soochta hoon , chor deta hoon
    Kaheen aesa na ho jaee kaheen wesa na ho jaee

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