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Total Seats: 272, Postponed: 2, Terminated:2
[Contested: 268, Awaited:1]

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116 thoughts on “Pakistan Elections 2008 – Full Coverage

  1. I have checked with my family and friends in Pakistan and according to them PML(n) is sweeping in Punjab central and north, PPP is sweeping in Sindh and doing well in Punjab South. PML Q is no where…..:).

  2. Mr. Musharraf,

    You have been saying that once it will be clear that you are unpopular, you will resign from the post.
    The vote today, is a clear verdict against you. Today, if you had participated in the elections from anywhere in Pakistan, you would lost.
    Are you man enough to accept this verdict against you?
    The nation has now choosen its leaders. You have no raeson to now stay.
    Please go.


  3. We should give credit to Mush atleast under his supervision Pak has seen fair elections. Well done mush u did your job now leave peacefully and let politicians loot pakistan

  4. Mush did rig the elections but he is too unpopular to win without Kiyani’s support. And Mush thought he was popular.

    If you take someone’s picture on a marriage, they start living in a deluded world. People like Mush have many delusions.

    Main reason: Mush’s advisers were Wasi Zafar, Sher Afgan, Kamil Ali Agha. How can you win then?

  5. Mush lovers are the real losers. We kept on telling them but these shameless people thought that Mush is popular.

    It is up to us, the people, to decide who rule us. P*ss off Musharraf …

  6. Okay, I am feeling paranoid, so I think they did this whole thing on purpose.. got rid of the big names because 1) they are a liability, and 2) they are celebrities so harder to control. They are going to bring other loTa’s from smaller rural areas and create a stalemate in the parliament. After all, a seat is a seat and small time crooks are easier to intimidate and control. And President with the power to dissolve gets to stay long enough to get the stamp for his illegal actions.

    America gets their lickspittle dog, who gets a compliant parliament… We get to protest.

    Tell me I’m wrong and deluded PLEASE!!!

  7. After almost after a year (March 9). What a relief.!!!!!PMLN was Nowhere and now Dictator will Disappear.

    We should pray from GOD at this moment and may Pakistan will restore its lost image. I am so happy to see the change.

    Biggest victory is defeat of Ch. Shujaat (with all the rigging). All the LOTAS are gone.

    Congratualtions PMLN.

  8. @ Tab’an Khamosh. This is a wave lead by Lawers, Journalists, Civil Society and Finally hit by PMLN. Dictator did not want to even name NS few months ago.

    Allah can give Izzat and Zillat as well. Now Zillat is written on the face of Dictator. Now how can he faces his defeat, I would also like to see. First challange would be Article 6. Let’s see.

  9. New YorK Times: “ISLAMABAD, Pakistan — Pakistanis dealt a crushing defeat to President Pervez Musharraf in parliamentary elections on Monday, in what government and opposition politicians said was a firm rejection of his policies since 2001 and those of his close ally, the United States.”

    @Hammad: I’m with you bro, I hope this is the last Yerkail we have to deal with.

  10. Pretty soon, Musharaf will be taking a flight to Boston to work as a house maid ( taking care of kids and cleaning the house) in his son’s house.


    I am excited and and ,happy today. I am also humbled by the victories of PML-N and PPP.
    Congratulation to the winners of these two major parties. Most importantly, I would like to thank and solute to fellow citizens for defeating the lota legue.
    I sincerely hope that PML-N and PPP will form a coalition goverment and will take the follwing measures without any delay.
    1. Elect a new president
    2.Reinstate deposed judges
    3. Restore the independent judiciary and the rule of law.

    I will appeal to the leaders of PPP to not to make any deal with Mush. He Mush, should be apprehended and be braught to justice. He should be given a due proces under the constitution of Pakistan. Like Shoukat Aziz, Mr Mush should not be allowed to leave the country with out his explaination to the honorable restored judges of the Supreme court of Pakistan, of all the illegal and uncontitutional steps he had taken to remain in power.

    I sicerely hope that MQM and the independent winners will also join the coalition goverment and work together for the welfare of Pakistani Awam
    and for better Pakistan.

  12. Check US media is parting its ways from Musharraf. Wall Street Journal link

    and CNN mentioned “Of course, it’s a referendum for or against him,” retired Lt. Gen Talat Masood, a political analyst, told CNN. “If the opposition parties win, that means it shows it’s against him. I think there is a very high stake for him.”

  13. Pervaiz Elahi loses NA 61 Chakwal 2 seat by 300 votes to Faiz Tamman.
    Ch Shujjat also loses Sialkot seat – Sambrial seat – also

  14. i think there has been rigging in Sindh particularly in ~Tharparker and Sanghar districts and the way MQM has won with big margins in Hyderabad – also because of Chief minister sindh and also because of MQM government and city goverment in Hyderabad and karachi. Also Arbab had restructured many districts in Sindh to cut PPP votes esp in Hyderabad when four new districts were created out of it – there has been rigging by everyone but even then Musharraf’s party is losing badly.

  15. My brother went to cast his vote in Karachi and he saw one person of MQM casting multiple votes and there was nobody to stop him.

  16. @ admin

    It seems you rigged the elections. I wish Dictator has seen that before holding the elections. Just Joking

    Your Guestimate is quite right. Well Done.

  17. MQM do not let people go to polling stations and use the way described by sic5770. They will win any elections this way.They terrorize and kill people.

  18. Riddle 792: Dude Ijazul Haq lost! someone already answered this question for you bro.

    In other news:

    Aitezaz Ahsan phones have been “mysteriously reconnected”… hahaha! How the tables have turned!!!!

    It would suck for the ChillaRR IG if A.Ahsan was to becom PM for a while LOL!

    NYT is reporting that Mushie is preparing his house to live out the rest of his life.. he doesn’t have the “fire in the belly” it seems

    ibt’daa’ay iShQ hai rotaa hai k’yaa
    aagaay aagay daekh’iay hotaa hai k’yaa

  19. Just wondering…Can MUsh still have time to show his Jadooo and change the results?
    Can we say these results are FINAL. Saanp kay Dassa yhoway….

  20. All,

    I have rescaled and resized the graphs. Internet Explorer users need to delete their Temporary Internet files to see the updated graphs. To accomplish this pull down Tools -> Internet Option menu. Click Delete Files and then press Ok and OK. Refresh your browser.

  21. On TV Mush is heard saying, we should also change the culture of accepting defeat. He said, we should accept defeat gracefully. Can someone please remind him to practice what he preaches. He sacked 60 judges because he could not accept defeat gracefully himself. He came to power because he was defeated then by PM. He was defeated when he choose not to be elected by the new parliment. He was defeated when he choose not to take his uniform till he was elected.

    Does anyone think he is a man of conviction?. How low and how cheap can anyone get in this world to stay in power?

  22. MASSIVE RIGGING by MQM Terrorists. Common people were dis-enfranchised while MQM GhooNDa’s “facilitated” voting by voting by the hundred. No wonder they are getting 180 fu*king thousand votes with a 30% turnout. Details HERE

    Altaf Husaain and his FASCIST crew will be the death of Muhajir community because the backlash is not going to be pretty. If PPP/PML win enough seats they will start investigations of these seats and blacklist those wins… MQM ghooNDa’s will come out with their weapons and they’re gonna get creamed by Kiyaani..

    I think US/UK is moving to break MQM’s back now .. this is why they were given Khuli ChuTTI to make these mistakes.

  23. “MQM do not let people go to polling stations and use the way described by sic5770. They will win any elections this way.They terrorize and kill people.”

    MQM does not hide their rigging, they do it openly in front of other people. Do you think they dont know what other people think about them? But they know nobody will touch them easily.

    If you have noticed, the GEO program ” Humm sab umeed sey hain” has made fun of everybody including Musharaf but they are scared to make fun of Altaf Hussain, has anyone seen Altaf Hussain’s parody in that show?

  24. I agree with Tab’an, this is all pre-planned to drop the big name Q-leaguers, as they would have been harder to control and very suseptible to deserting Mush. I believe deliberately they are declaring the results where the Q-league is losing to make public and media believe in the fairness of elections, and create a feel-good enviroment. The consituencies where Q-league wins will be trickled in between the PML-N and PPP victories, and at the end of day they will have enough seats between them and MQM to furnish a hung parliament.
    I do not think that Kiyani deserves any credit, or even if there is any credit to be given to anyone. Kiyani did not even have a nerve to issue a single statement warning against the serious consequences of poll rigging; instead he refused to take any responsibility towards making the elections fair. I think it is too early to believe that this is the beginning of the end of the Mush era. The worst of all is that both PML-N and PPP have kept their options open to work with Mush.


  26. @doctornouman
    You are right. That son of the bitch tried to rigg with the help of local police and maligned the polling officers. They brought the ballot boxed wiht unsealed ballots, but the good news is the results are not yet announced. PML N candidates are winning.
    Chodo son must be hanged

  27. @cemuet: I think it is good that Kiyaani is keeping the Army out of this. The system is screwed and what the Justice Movement and the PPP/PMLN should realize is that Mushie is very exposed right now. If they get some COJONES and go after him with the threat of a public uprising if he DARES to dissolve parliament, they will be able to get most of the objectives without Kiyani getting involved.

    I am of the opinion that the Americans have changed their strategy and taken a Uturn on the rigging support etc. Quite possibly because a new Democratic white-house is imminent and Obama may not take kindly to Ye Olde Yerkail Mushie. This is why the Senators are here for the US embassy with secret messages (I’m sure). Joe Biden has already said that the aid will be Tripled but tied to democracy. Kiyaani is a US man, and right now, the facade is what they need to finish the business in Southern Afghanistan. There is a sea-change in US foreign policy outlook (maybe I’m dreaming) .. or at least a noticeable tactical shift. Whatever it is, we’ll take what we get and should try to use this to our advantage.

    Musharraf is getting a taste of his own medicine. I wonder who will play bridge with him now that he’s already pissed off the “League of Extraordinarily greedy gentlemen”. I’m still in favor of his trial and possibly a prison term under Article 6.

    Well, One small victory! Hats off to Allah Ditta’s and Maasi Naseebo’s of Pakistan. We just may have won this one by the skin of our teeth. But the fun is just starting. No rest for the wicked.

  28. @ doctornouman

    Yes Monis Ellahi is trying his Best. For PP 152 Plling Stations 41 and 35 result is presented by a police sub inspector, which is ????Police Sub Inspector said he found this result from the presiding officers home, who was not at home at that time. Presiding officer’s wife has given that result as said by the police sub inspector.

    But even with this Monis has LOST.

  29. dispite of riggings…Alhumdulillah….people of pakistan have taken a very right decission and whoever was there to support Mush is being wiped of from the face paki politics….except from MQM…and most of the people would know why??

  30. PPP is slowly gaining lead due to its clean sweep in Sindh and better results in southern Punjab. Now if PPP will not get a clear lead than they will have to sit with PML N and there will be some accountability for both parties but if PPP will get a clear lead than they have the option to get support from PML Q and MQM and form the Govt. In the second scenario there will be no change. I really hope and pray that PML N and PPP can unite and make sure that Mush is out, CJ is restored and there is no more role for PML Q and MQM in next Govt.

  31. @JKS:

    I dont think that PPP is concerned about the Restoration of CJP infact they will be happy to compromise with Mush as have mentioned by Zardari and other plus the same will be asked by US.

    On the flip side, please remember that PMLN and PPP are basically AntiEach and can not work together for ever, If it comes down to that it will only last fro 5 to 6 months and again Mush will be the winner as mentioned by Hamid Mir in yesterday’s Jang.

    Also one has to ask that even though both PMLN and PPP and APDM were saying about mass rigging than how come more than 90% of senior PMLQ leadership is out. There was no high voter turn out so how did it happen. Answer is simple, American had said that if PMLQ wins by majority than it means rigging and no aid for Mush.

    “If Musharraf’s party beats all odds and ends up being the winner here, I think it will be viewed as a totally discredited undertaking,” Biden, the head of the powerful Senate foreign relations committee, told the American broadcasting network CNN.

    Therefore a stage is being set for Mush by Bush. Dont be surprised f this lasts for only less than one year. But I hope that I am wrong.

  32. The game plan looks like PPP Independent ANP Q Lotaas making Govt. NS will be a strong opposition but will have govt in punjab. ppp govt in sindh and ANP PPP in NWFP.


  33. Dear countrymen, dont get ‘befooled’, it is the same old 1985, 1988, 1992 scenario. If you have served in the ARMY THAT HAS A COUNTRY FOR IT, remember army always follows SOP (standard operating procedure).
    In army dictator’s SOP for election is written, “Facilitate formation of a hung parliament with two evenly poised big groups and one or two small groups. None of the big groups should be able to form government alone. Use the small group to form government with one of the two bigger groups, if this coalition does not work good, then use the same small group to form government with the second big group”.
    Dont expect much!

  34. In general people have voted against Mush and all the corrupt politicians supporting Mush.
    How come MQM is winning in KHI?
    How come PML Q is winning in Balochistan?
    It looks like not everyone is voting on issues. Anyway we can only pray that a pure anti mush Govt is formed and we can get free judiciary and free media.

  35. @ JKS

    MQM terrorize and Kills people. If you see one comment by sic5770, you might have some picture of KHI

    sic5770 says
    ” My brother went to cast his vote in Karachi and he saw one person of MQM casting multiple votes and there was nobody to stop him”

    MQM does not let people to go to polling stations and use the innovative ways to win.

    How is it possible in cities political parties win but in KHI where majority is educated MQM wins. They are Killers and everyone in KHI is afraid of them.

  36. Now why the hell is Altaf hussein showing his inclicination to work with pml n and pppp. He was the one who always opposed ppp and pml n stance on judiciary independance…..contineously supporting a dictactor (thats probably that they both share same history of migrating from india) and his illigitimate decissions.

    The only answer is that now mqmwants to stay in power forever and make money and keep on harrassing people

  37. Riddle 792: Who is this fu…. establishment and why they don’t want a stable Govt in Pakistan????

    Anyway the only rare hope to defeat this establishment is if PPP and PML N can unite and for once show sincerity with Pakistan. But may be there is only a .001 % chance for this miracle.

  38. @Riddle 792

    These elections were not at all fair. Pre-poll rigging started 5 months ago. At first Nawaz Shairf was not allowed to come. When he landed in Pakistan, there was only one day left for filing the nomination papers. Again his and Shabaz Sharif’s papers were rejected. Election commission favored PMLQ so shamelessly. There were more than thousand complaints against PMLQ but not a single action was taken. Chaudhris had registered 20000 t0 30000 bogus votes in many constituencies and they were counting on it. Credit has to be given to the people of Pakistan who had something else in their mind. PMLQs getting 30 seats is too much and in a fair and free election they would have not won more than 10.

    Chaudhris used Local govts., police and other departments for their campaigning. Actually Ch. Parvaiz Elahi and Ch. Wajahat Hussain succeeded from bogus votes. If PPP and PMLN will form a govt. then you will see this party will be no more in just couple of years.

  39. @badar
    nice comment. While I sincerely hope you are wrong but my head says you are right.

    Provided NS and Zaradari are not dumb enough to fall for this (again), the two big groups can from the government with 2 thirds majority and than work to restore the constitution to pre 3rd november state, which clearly means mushraff goes (at least) or he is hanged for article 6 violation (max).

    anyways, if NS and Zardari decide to play the same cat and mouse game in hands of big daddy, PML(Q) will play an important part in next government and we will be back to square one.

    btw, I also agree with Hammad about MQM violance. I have a friend here from Karachi and according to him, these MQM people are REAL terrorists (in every sense of the word). and its impossible for a common man to go against them. There only solution is that of SHOOT at First Site as was carried on by Naseer-ullah babar during Benazir government.

  40. I agree with “safshan” that Pre-poll rigging started 5 months ago.

    The only reason PML N and PPP is successful is because more people went out for voting by increasing turnout. PML Q terrorized/threatened the PML N supporters and voters not to go to polling station one day before elections by killing PML N workers. PML Q 30 seats are only because of rigging. If people have not come out to ballot their votes in other constituencies, PML Q would have won (God forbid) with their pre poll rigged and bogus votes.

  41. Just now @ 11:45 am, Guests at AAJ tv also confirmed that they have visited many poling station in khi and they didnt see much voters and they are surpirised to see the turn over and the difference by which mqm candidates won the elections….Iam sure as usual this terrorist organization has done the same thing as they have been doing in the past to terrorize their apponents

  42. Well I am sure by reading the comments here that people have made their mind abt MQM. Karachi is not a village where a feudal will do anything whereas i am watching GEO and reading articles and i can clearly see that many intellectuals are writing very postive thing abt MQM. these elections are very fair and many congrats to PML – N and PPPP, but time has come every one should work together for a Pakistan and i am sure Govt won’t do any same kinda bad politics against opposition and both the big parties should work together for a better Pakistan. With the result Musharraf should left his seat respectfully, gr8 work by this govt. for contesting a free and fair election.

  43. I agree only check we can have on the comming govt. will be through free media so the basically it should be free judiciary and media.

  44. @NAM. Except KHI all the country is voting against Mush and his allies. PML Q failed miserably in Punjab and there is no doubt that they have done a lot of development in their areas. But people are still voting for nstionsl issues to support PPP and PML-N against Mush and army rule. Only in KHI army(Mush) backed MQM is winning so there can be only 2 reasons
    1) Rigging and terror.
    2) KHI is not voting for national issues but only for ethinicity.

    I know my brothers in KHI are educated and patriotic so I am sure it is reason # 1 rigging and terror.

  45. @ nam

    I do not agree to your comments
    “GEO and reading articles and i can clearly see that many intellectuals are writing very postive thing abt MQM”

    Can you afford to write or show anything against MQM? If you say yes then do not forget recent May 12, 2007 show, when AAJ TV and Lawers were under fire.

    Now for comment “gr8 work by this govt. for contesting a free and fair election”

    If people have not come out to poll and west was not active and pushing Dictator for fair elections, stage was planned by the govt for PML Q and MQM.

  46. Musharaf is very clever man. He showed his full support for PML (q) verbally, but infact he was actually dealing with PPP from very beginning. If you notice Zardari never took name of Musharaf after the death of BB and had a meeting with him, where Mush offered Zardari Prime Ministership;
    Mush already told before the election, whoever wins he will work with them
    to be honest, this election was rigged in favour of Musharaf.
    Musharaf is not brother or father of PML (q), he only see his benifits, If we as a normal person can see that PML (q) did nothing is last 5 years, I am sure Mush also knows about this.
    He secure his post for 5 years as a president and now he is ready to work with any government who will win the election.
    I am sure PPP will never throw out Mush because if they throw out Mush, Gen Kiayani will again bring Martial law in the country.
    Mush is veryyyyyyyy clever.

  47. General Humpty Dumpty Sat on the Wall.
    General HUmtpty Dumpty had a great fall.
    But there are no Kings Horses, and no Kings men ,
    to try to put General Humty Dumpty Back together again

    Geo “No Confidence Vote” …. I hope.
    As far as rigging is concerned. Rigging did take place Ladies and Gentlemen. Unfair use of state resources for campaigning, unfair campaigning opportunities in itself is rigging.
    Rigging the ballots is a more difficult task :

    1. lutt much saktee hai maggr itnee bhee nahin agr log itnay khillaaaf hon.
    2. Americas lack of support for rigging in favor of Musharraf
    3. Armys lack of support to support rigging in favour of Musharraf

  48. @JKS
    same typical rigging allegations and with MQM Terrorist allegations. You should accept MQM majority in KHI now, it’s not possible to get a vote by terrorizing people, u talk like a child, i can’t get u like u mean to say that a man carrying guns on ur forhead asking u to give vote to MQm and u r obeying a terrorist as a loyal and apprehended person. I was watching a show in which Kamran Khan ask Nawaz Sharif where do u see a loop hole but he was not asnwering that question. I think we should be proud and we should tell the world that it’s possible to do a fair and free election in Pakistan.

  49. @ kurkosmici, my friend you should start ur comments like this.

    Once upon a time there was a president…….. like making a falsify story.

  50. We accept that MQM has won the KHI area. They should accpet that PPP and PML-N has wiped MQM and PML-Q from rest of Pakistan.

  51. @ nam
    Thank you nam for telling me how to start my comments.
    Let me start my comments again

    Once upon a time there was a person called nam, …….who taught me how to start my comments.


  52. Just heard Ch Shujaat challenging PML-N about restoration of judiciary. Said “Judgon ko restore ker kay to dikhayain”

    So I think Riddle 792 and kurkosmici are right. The deal between PPP and Mush goes on… PML(N) might use the slogan but wont get much action on it…

  53. How many of PML(Q) “winners” are likely to jump ship and to whom? What about Independents?

    Regarding Riddle 792 on February 18th, 2008 1:54 am said:
    Breaking News:
    According to Hamid Mir in today’s Jang:
    1.NS and Zardari have agreed on Musharaf’s resignation
    2.the next week parliement will not last more than 6 months
    3.Fedeal Govt: PPP and PMLN will be allowed to make govt
    4. Punjab: PMLQ will be given the chance for GOVT.

    for more check today’s Jang

    Well, Hamid was certainly wrong about point 4. We will find out very soon about point 1. If Zardari accepts Mush as Pres, we will be certain of the deal between the the two and point 1 will be wrong as well….

  54. Nawaz has to work with Musharraf or he will be sitting in opposition. Government can be made of PPPP and rest.

    I think this will be communicated to Nawaz very soon by US Administration. For sure, PPP will backstab him again.

  55. Number game showing that if PPPP and PML(Q) make a coalition and include ANP with them then they can easily make a government in NA and each provincial assembly.

    Well I am not in favour of this, but want to know thoughts of other people on this forum that how likely this can happen?

    The only good in this coalition is NO MQM.

  56. @ FM

    Shujaat has rightly said, If Nawaz has guts, he should restore the judiciary as he promised.

    For me all are looters and thugs. as rightly said by Cowasjee lastnight. “Chor jaenga, Dako aaen ga, Dako jaen ga, chor aaenga”

    So if MQM also do the same thing as was done and still being done by the predecessors, so whats the problem?

    Despite, negative propaganda MQM is still where it was, whether you like it or not. They maybe able to make government, but did you ask PPPP about it? MQM had experience of sitting outside coalation government so its not going to make much difference to them.

    Now its time to fulfil the promises by Nawaz:

    1. I will not work with Musharraf.
    2. I will restore the Judiciary to pre nov 3rd position.

    I believe if he takes a strong instance on this situation, he has to sit outside the government and his MNA’s will discard him.

    Just relax and patiently see how the game unfolds….. MQM will be in government alongwith the looters and thugs.

  57. @Scorpion

    Dear we will also wait and see and I think it will be good for NS to sit in opposition in this scenario if PPP does not go along with them but that will be good for them in future. But i just hope that PPP gives them support for the restoration of Judiciary at least on this issue they should combine. That will be good for Pakistan!!

    If this does not happen then we shall follow the lawyers movement!!

  58. @ Safdara

    No Lawyer movement can move without political parties support. Now what i can see is, peoples party administration doing Baton charge on lawyer. US has spent US$ 10 billion on war on terror and for sure they dont like this tax payers money to be wasted. As the restored judges will only release terrorists.

    I agree with Musharraf to an extent that functions of the government were made uneffective by the Supreme Court. The corrupt Zardari will allow the judiciary to be independent? Nawaz the absconder will allow the judiciary to function and apply rule of law? I think we should comeout of this dream now. Chor gaey, Daku agaey.

    Whoever got elected, do you really feel, they will be pious and religious during their tenure? Will they be afraid of people and next election? They will not recover the amount of money they have spent on the elections? the Sardars, the Makhdooms, the Chaudhris, will abide by the rule of the game and obey the rule of law? wait for few weeks and all will be revealed.

    Its just the change of faces, they are all the same. These parties do not have any democracies within themselves and you expect them to apply democracy in the country? when they consider the party as their own property and the chairmanship is transferred through WILL.

    Its all a joke, funny joke. In just few weeks the fight will start for grabbing the minsiteries and thats how the game will move….. according to the desire of Musharraf.

    At the end, it is Musharraf who won the elections not the PML (N) or PPPP. He played his cards wisely. Now there is an ever increasing pressure from Middleeastern countries, US, UK European Union etc, not to restore judiciary and let the power with Musharraf.

    Constitution will never be restored to October 1999 position. Judiciary will not be restored. 18th ammendment providing legal cover to Musharraf November 3 emergency will be passed unanimously and so forth…….

    I am a student of Pakistan Politics and this is what i have understand from observing the history of events. At the end, feudals have won, who have their personal interests…….

  59. @scorpion,

    I donot oppose MQM because they are looting. I oppose them because of terrorism, THE TERROR which the people of Karachi face by the workers of MQM.

    However this is my personal views and anyone has right to support or oppose any political ideology or party, but shouldn’t THREAT, TORTURE OR KILL any other, if they do not agree with them.

  60. So, what next?
    some speculations. ..
    Many scenarios are posisble.
    1. Perhaps the best scenario for Pakistan will be a coalition of PPP and PML(n), leading to the restoration of judges, and keeping Musharraf in check through the threat of impeachment. Ultimately, bringing the army fully under the civilian rule. US will not like it and will put pressure but a joint decision by PPP and PML(n) will have majority public backing.

    2. However, PML(n)’s stance on judges may not be acceptable to PPP (and ultimately the USA) and hence a more likely scenario is that PML(N) will end up in opposition. Thus a very reall posiibility is that we may end up with PPP-PML(q)-MQM many independents (their very high number needs to be noted). This will be a sad situation, except that NS will remain a source of hope.

    3. The worst case scenario will be that PML (n) changes its principled stance to get into power. If that happens, people will be right in losing any hope of genuine democracy in Pakistan. We will be back at 2002, with changed faces.

    There is a chance, a hope

    Pakistan zindabad!!!


  61. @Scorpion
    You are right but i hope you are wrong! But you are missing one point it was none of the parties that started the lawyers movement but they were forced to join the movement. It only depend upon the silent 70% majority. Do you think they boycotted the elections?

  62. Mush’s ghost writer Humayun Gohar is on PTV pushing “PPP does not need PML(N) to form a government as they can have a majority with IND, ANP, etc.”…

  63. I am noticing two factor with these results.

    1 . People vote against Musharaf.
    2. PPPP got lead because vote bank of PML divided in PML(Q) and PML(N).

  64. @muqqafa

    If your worse case scenario does come to light, really, all hope will indeed be lost.

    If PML-N remains steadfast on principles, then we’ll have an opposition of principles but on-ground scenarios shall remain the same, and the spirit of the people, though temporarily heightened will plummet to record lows.

    Peoples Party and Muslim League Nawaz both HAAVEEE to sit TOGETHER to really boost up the nation’s spirits.

  65. @Oyay
    I fully share your sentiments but I think the second scenario is most likely. Independent judiciary will mean a genuine democracy. As you know, having voting, even free voting, is not sufficient. Indpendent judiciary is a necessary element. And who really among the powerful want that?
    So many will oppose the CJ’s restoration: Mush obviously; PPP’s leadership beacuse of the corruption charges; USA/army for the fear of theisuses of ‘misisng person’; ruling elite and corrupt buisnesses generally.
    This will leave PML(n) with only two options: compromise or stay steadfast.
    Compromising would mean the end of the game.
    Staying steadfast would – you are right – mean that ground realities will not change much – but Paksitanis will have a leader to trust and taht can make a difference.
    The government will know that they must perform – and not make any more blunders – beacuse there is a good alternate leadership.
    I wish for the first option I listed but I will be content with the second as well. I dread the third option.


  66. @
    why my post was deleted because i mentioned that NS should not make alliance with MQM and he should stick to his words…..

    whats wrong with that….

    or Mr.Admin you have some news already from your sources in PML-N ??? and thats why you are deleting my post???

  67. Mr Mush now you have to go in the result of election , Pakistan showed you that how much they hate you and your kuta league.
    As promise to nation that you will resign if nation don’t want him, now you see how much people hate you and don’t want to see you in Pakistan.You can take with you kuta leage crimnals also.

  68. Mush Marazi shouldnt be allowed to walk of from the crimes he inflicted upon the nation who feeds him. The Bas***d should be hanged…

  69. Govt. agent MR. Tariq Aziz has met with mr. Zardari. PPP is still not talking about the restoration of CJ . I think they will make govt. with PML q becasue Zardari (not other ppp) and PML q both are chors and currept. PPP should be lead by someone else may be Amin Fahim or AAazat ahsan.

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