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  2. It seems nobody wants to write about JUI-F…….There isn’t anything positive about this party. I would like to say that this party is a threat to Islam. They are threat because of their double standards, lies, mafia business and back stabbing. How will young people and non-Muslims see Islam when they see these bearded gangsters actions.

    It must be clear to Pakistanis that Fazool and his gang can never be trusted again.


  3. Salaam to all Pakistanis……………
    I belong to such a family who has relations with Maulanas family since ages! I heard that Maulana Fazal ur Rehmans father Hazarat Maulana Mufti Mahmood,when resigned from chiefministership, was in our HUJRA (home) and Bhutto used to call him 4/5 times there to ask him to take his resignation back.Everyone knows how much strong Maulana Mufti Mahmoods personality was.In short he was a great leader and also a saint (no doubt) like Bacha khan of ANP.
    In 2002 elections although we supported A.N.P. but i was happy on their victory and had a very soft courner towards MMA REMEMBER not for that they gave shelter,bread,employment etc etc slogens but for the slogen of impleamentation of SHARIA LAW (as every true muslim wants and because of Musharaffs destruction of islamic ideology of Pakistan).But wt happened…. They do the same things what Sherpao,PPPP,muslim league and others had done,i mean courraption etc etc. infact no development to N.W.F.P or Islamic law….and they did the work only in Bannu and Dera ismail khan.I know many of their leaders personally who got luxery cars,homes etc and they had nothing 5 years ago.Simply take the example of Haji Ghulam ali (Peshawer nazim ala),everybody knows hez courpt and how much wine was served in his sons weddings etc etc. These are some examples!
    Nobody can say that they didnot do corruption,they did but into a very small percentage…… ya not like other politicions but still they did either in shape of money,giving favours to relatives,enjoying luxery of life,taking protocols etc etc.Wt to say about them………….wt will they say in the answer to this question that why Maulana Fazal ur Rehman didnt resigned on oct 3 of 2007 as a result of which Musharraf will have to go ……..because the law is if one electoral college is disolved the president cant contest presidential elections (i heard Maulana took 4 million ruppees for that not to disolve N.W.F.P. assembly and by then only 1 week was left for N,w.f.p assembly).
    Many many more i want to say but …………
    FINALLY i will say although the corruption of Sherpao,PPPP,ANP,each and every politician is unbearable and ALLAH will take the revenge from them on the day of judgement as they are busy in filling their bellies with HELL FIRE but iam surprised 2 these religious leaders who knew that MUHAMMED (S.A.W) said : whoever eat one piece of HARAAM bread their prayer will not be acceptal to Allah for 40 days……..
    (sirf sharaab kay baray may nahee hay, haraam kanay per be hay).Please dont defame Pakistan anymore.
    In the end i will pray to Allah his foregivness and will pray to him that please give us REALLY GREAT LEADERS,who work for Pakistan with their full devotion and loyality! Amen

  4. I just had perception that JI and religious parties will have honorable and descent men. But more I learnt about the political history of JI, especially their involvement in East Bangladesh, constant millitary and mullah nexus, the indoctrination of their own people towards extremisim, the goon and don style student politics in Karachi and Lahore, and lotacracy have compelled me to abhor them.

  5. JUI-F Leader is a hypocrite of the worst kind. This is his statement after a meeting with AZ:

    “We want the supremacy of the parliament and the complete rule of the constitution”.

    How can he do it? Is this creature completely free of moral?

    I am not sure what AZ is trying to obtain. If it is votes against Musharraf then we can make use of this hypocrite a little while. If it is some kind of other bone, then it must be condemned. We while know the real intentions in a few days.


  6. i want to convey my message to every one that “WHY M.ABDULAZIZ GAVE ALL RESPONSIBILITY OF HIMSELF AND LAL MASJID”.
    I think there r some hidden features in M.FAZLUREHMAN but we dont know.I mtrying to know him. Whats your opinains?

  7. Sallam,
    Sub:;;;;DON,T CRETICISE THE MULLANA AND JUI-F;;;;;;;;;;;;;

    All pakistanies and all over the world i have came to know that no one thalk about MULLANA Fazal Ur Rehman and about his party and coureption etc,
    My brother,s and sister,s i m also a man of this world and i m of the view that Mullana is only one in pakistan who can speak before every DICTATER ,Prisident ,PM etc my one brother said that his family belong,s to JUI but now he is fed up i invite my brother that he must awear him self of JUI strugle,s
    he is not awear of it ,
    i don,t say that JUI is the party of angel,s but of 15th senthery week muslem,s there my be some curept and MAFIA in every place so there my be but if u r an educated person then you should comparison betwen the MMA govt and other,s Govt then you should make a dicesion .
    There was no any lake of Food ,electricity,peace and curreption on the record you can surch the servy of international agency that in MMA govt was in 4rth position in that time but know on second number
    Mullana is a vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv Good person by him self .
    i can promise with you that he is not a bed by him self .
    i m v v v close to him .
    i don,t say it b couse of my closeness but of awearnes that no other political party that ve can prefer it by JUI i pakistan.

    4 other infarmition see http://www.juipak.org.com.pk and my id KHATTAKKING @ yahoo .com
    my ALLAh Clear it upan YOU…………….
    Saeed ktk a student
    and saporter of JUI_F every wear coz of FACT
    my contect Number
    092 3129890459
    pakistan Lakki Marwath

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