166 thoughts on “Khawaja Asif Revolts against Army Feudalism

  1. he is a brave man. i wonder why muh never address the NA in 5 years. mush was scared s**t. mush only can address peoples like ch shujat. PE. niazi, wasi zafar , doooooorani .

    Khawaja Asif , javed hashmi, ch nisar are all bit hand full for mush.

  2. Not a big fan of PML-N but 3 brave men are from PML-N
    1) Kh. Asif
    2) Ch. Nisar
    3) Javed Hashmi

    show me only one person of this calibur in any other party

  3. With this spirit, how would Musharraf dare to take oaths from guys like KA?

    Musharraf’s shit must already be “Suk Gayee” as mentioned by Taban and would definitely be lubricated in national assembly ….

  4. @eric
    dont forget imran khan and AA and kh saad
    these peoples like kh asif, kh saad, ch nisar,javed hasmi made deference between other parties . they are our tigers

  5. Ali Ahmed kurd is a lawer but a very brave man indeed. Totally loved Aitazaz ahsan untill his passed those comments about oct 12 that we should forgive and forget try telling to those who lost their kids. Can u imagine those moms who lost their kids on oct 12, that they should forget :(… no never

  6. Excellent stuff. I used to uder-estimate this guy. Real mard ka bacha… very daring. Thriling speech.

    I liked that Bahawalnagar part the most. Excellent movie

  7. aisy chingari bhi ya rab apny khakastar mein thi?
    This is just amazing, but even more amazing are the Mush supporters who were trying to heckle him.

  8. Good_Khush Ker Diya
    WHy this speach was not relaased in 2007/2006
    After long time some one showed mirror to Army

  9. @ eric cartman

    I’d like to add another person in your list, if you do not mind.

    Khawaja Saad Rafiq (The Angry Young Man Of PML-N)

    You must have seen his latest performance in, 13th March Capital Talk 😉

  10. how I see
    Kh. Asif — a brave man
    Ch. Nisar —- very intelligent man
    Javed Hashmi —- very humble

    and above all seem sincere.

    I know their was a poll regarding anchors earlier but
    1) Kashif Abbasi — a brave man
    2) Talat husain — very intelligent man
    3) Dr. Shahid Massod — sincere sincere sincere

  11. And Sorry I forogt Imran Khan but he is still to be tested and I pray to God he is what he says he is coz we need more people like that

  12. Just compare these people with Mush’s team:

    1. Sher Afgan
    2. Wasi Zafar
    3. Barris Saif
    4. Att Gen Qayoom
    5. Kamil Ali Agha
    6. Ch Shujaat
    7. Altaf

  13. Khawaja Asif talks about ‘feudal mentality’ @ 4.40 and says that Army is the only feudal. By his definition MQM is also feudal because they control the city of Karachi in the same manner.

  14. I would like to say what I think about the guys below but I am afraid I will be banned but still…
    1. Sher Afgan —- beep beep beep beep
    2. Wasi Zafar —- beep beep beep beep
    3. Barris Saif —- beep beep beep beep
    4. Att Gen Qayoom —- beep beep beep beep
    5. Kamil Ali Agha —- beep beep beep beep
    6. Ch Shujaat —- beep beep beep beep
    7. Altaf —- beep beep beep beep chooran wala Peer kathak Maharaj (watch his hands when he talks. I bet if you put a ganesh or hanuman he would put a saree on and start dancing)

    No disrespect to those who love MQM but I have seen meslef and experienced MQM so dont come telling me how good MQM is

  15. he is not nazir naji he nazir haanji. you know i mean. I have been reading him for years but not really impressed by him but on other hand Ansar he makes nothing but sense

  16. this is why i think PML-N should get 2/3rd majority again. the only party that is loyal to Pakistan, Islam and Pakistanis. we need these kind of people in our government, not people like amin faheem and other softies of PPP who are too scared to speak up against injustice lest they offend America. i wish PML-N would have been able to complete their 5 year term last time.

  17. speaking about journalists the best are ansar abbasi, dr shahid masood and kashif abbasi. we need these kind of people in our society who speak up against evil. i hate it when people say oh lets not have confrontation. why the hell not? the nation wants you people to confront these generals who are oppressing us.

  18. @Traffic
    I would like to disagree with you here a bit….PML-N indeed has got some gem stones but we should never forget Chaudris were also from PML-N.
    and I have seen Ch. wajahat hussain in action with these 2 eyes when Ch. Shujat was interior minister i think and trust me that was not a pretty site. but I hope PML-N has learnt some and this time they would not let ppl like chaudires come join em.

  19. i am wondering if there is any speech of imran in which he said any thing hard about establishment. please share if you know. I am not saying about mush but about pakistan army.

  20. It was manifestation of a perfect democratic and parliamentarian attitude and courage, what not Lota but only a true, genuine and sincere politician can display.
    How one can say that democracy cannot flourish in Pakistan?

  21. This is a fascinating speech. Wow khwaja Asif.
    Inshallah after the restoration of judiciary we should campaign against the new GHQ.
    The great thing about the speech was that it was a mixture of passion and facts. I want any apologist to deny the four years that he has given, 1965, 1971, 1984, 1999.
    Wow khwaja Asif

  22. Speaking of Ayesha Siddiqa, I had the pleasure of discussing it to a retired general who said Military Inc. had to be a fabrication. In those days it was banned but I managed to get hold of a copy and presented to him. I am glad he read it and after reading it he agreed the facts and figures were correct and commented she had to have had help from inside to get access to such information…

  23. @nota, do you think Army care? You wait and see even now I am not ready to believe that Army would give government and power to PPP. Army would prefer to break Pakistan than to give up Power and that was the reason BB was trying make a deal. Which anti PPP supporter did not understand.

    I have alway maintain biggest enemy of Pakistan is Pakistan Army and Mohajir of Karachi.

  24. @Kinare
    You need to realize that MQM != (not equal) Mohajirs by that I mean MQM could be corrupt not all the urdu speaking pepole of karachi (coz when u say mohajir ppl think u r talking about urdu speaking ppl)

  25. @kinnare
    “I have alway maintain biggest enemy of Pakistan is Pakistan Army and Mohajir of Karachi.”

    Agree, but don’t forget Army does not do it’s deeds in isolation. One must add to that the business elite, politicians, bureaucrats, law enforcement etc. who are all related through intermarriages. Why could Chaudries do all they did? see their family tree and you will see it littered with these unholy alliances all the way to Kaaba!

  26. And by the same token all the soldiers are not bad its just these scum sucking generals who think they are above all and they own us

  27. @eric cartman, I did not said MQM is enemy of Pakistan. I said Mohajirs are enemy of Pakistan. Urdu speaking Mohajirs have a big say in Pakistan Politics. Lets take creation of Bangladesh Bhiari raped and looted E.Pakistan and supported Pakistan Army instead of supporting Bengalies. Tell me how many none urdu speaking politician are popular among Mohajirs Wali Khan, Bhuttos, G.M.Syed, Shaikh Mujib Rehman.

    Problem with Mohajirs I think is Pyshology Mohajir think that Pakistan Army can only give them protection and Politician cannot may be their are other reason. I wish some one would to a research on the subject.

    Shahid Kinnare

  28. @Adnan_H

    i would repeat what khawja asif said, even if bhutto family did any thing wrong they washed it with their boold

  29. @kinnare
    Most of urdu speaking/karachi people are good people just like the people from other parts of pakistan but there are some bad and corrupt ppl everywhere so karachi has got some too and they (with the help of agencies) have taken hostage the whole city and who is suffering the most not people from thatha or ghari kuda baksh or anything else but the people of karachi and they suffer everyday and by saying that they all are corrupt is adding insult to injury so please dont gernalize it by saying that they are no good or something

  30. @eric cartman I never said that urdu speaking people are bad or good. what I am saying is their political culture. And you can understand from this simple question. Which Pakistani politician is popular among urdu speakin community, Akbar Bugti, Bhuttos, Wali Khan , N. Shariff? That the way it is that the way it is. One day I am sure that this urdu speaking people of Karachi would truly beleive that Pakistan is their country.

  31. @acumen, Please listen again what Asif is saying is that Bhuttos did not owe anything still they gave their live for Pakistan.

  32. @Kinare
    I dont know why would u even expect regional leaders like wali khan, bugti or some to be popular in karachi even in first place so that is even out of question and I am sure if you give them a chance like on oct 12 they came out on streets and gave their lives on the street of karachi so I am not sure why would u think that they dont think Pakistan is not their country. I am not sure where are you from but brother you should probably spend sometime in karachi and see it for urself coz I have and i know it for a fact.

  33. Admin tell me honestly how did U get hold of this VDO.
    OMG this is awesome!!!!!!!!!!
    No wonder after this speech he was hanged upside-down.(source NJ in bolta pakistan).

  34. Khawaja Asif is one of many examples which teach us that every man or person can change for good and its not necessary that if your father or even you had been a person on wrong side you would go on right side – just like sometimes we criticise CJ that he had taken oath on PCO.

    KH Asif father was Khawaja Safdar and he was Chairman of Zia ul Haq’s Majlis Shoora and he was defeated in 1985 assembly for speakership by Syed Fakhr Imam who was subsequently removed also after he had sent a case against Junejo to Election Commission of Pakistan and was replaced by Hamid Nasir Chattha as speaker.

    Khawaja Asif has changed his stance and now he stands with the forces who are for democracy. Its a great metamorphosis I must say. But if Allah could give Hadayat to Hazrat Umar and bring him to the fold of Islam and made him the greatest Caliph of Islam then that means Allah has kept the door of redemption open till death.

    I salute Khawaja Asif but I would still believe that he should not said anything about Makhdoom Amin Fahim. That was below his stature – as he is a very respected leader now.

  35. kaya baaat hai khawaja ji tum nay tou musharaaf ki utaaar kay rakh di . Geo Khawaja wasay nahi thujhay loog vote daitay aj pata chala to tow shazada hai wawoo u r great maza aaa gaya . SHAME ON YOU MUSHARAF AND ALL GERNALS . LANAT TUM PAY KHUDA KI

  36. shit man, i cant watch kh.asif sherz speech, this google video is really slow… 🙁
    this video should have been uploaded somewhere else…

  37. Well done Khwaja Asif.

    This speech should be relayed on all the TV Channels with regularity to make aware every child of Pakistan to inform him who has been the real culprits of robbing Pakistan and keeping it poor.

    I say to all Pakistanis “we do not need huge army” and soon should start reducung it by half and you will then begin to see progress being made allround.But ofcourse we should avoid confrontation with the army straightaway and the priority should be get them into full control of the civilian authority

    Let us also hope that people like Kh Asif and many more like him in the new Parliament will continue to demand complete “hisab-kitab” from Musharraf for all his mis-rule and breaking of the country’s laws.

  38. Some “qualities” of the Pakistani “Establishment” Kleptocracy.

    that large-scale social reforms such as land redistribution are unacceptable; that the uneducated and illiterate masses deserve only contempt; that vociferous Muslim nationalism is desirable but true Islamism is not; and that Washington is to be despised but fully taken advantage of. Underlying these “core principles,” one might add, is a willingness to serve power at any cost. [2]

  39. We need to stop calling it “Establishment”. An establishment (like the English or the French or American or even Indian ) has a vested interest in keeping the “victim” healthy so it can get fat on it’s blood. For this, any given ‘establishment’ has to identify with the place and not have escape pods (villas in spain and germany) ready after they victim dies on account of all blood being sucked out. They are by definition permanently established and have roots there. Their life and death is with the country.

    So, what we have is not an establishment per se, but more like a parasite class which will leave when the country is dead.

    We should call them a “kleptocracy”.

  40. oh God, I didn’t knew my city, Sialkot has such a gem of a person…
    gr8 person of a gr8 party….

    I dont know how would these ppl of q-league and mqm face Allah(swt) on the day of judgement.

    And I am really ashamed that this countries maulana, or maybe a self proclaimed maulana, fazlur rahman was the main contributor in bringing musharaf into power. fazal really seems to be a hypocrite :@:@

  41. Its a good rhetoric while one is in opposition. My question to Khawaja Asif is that when they were in power in 90s, what they did? whether they emphasized on education or on the defence. Please disclose the figures that how much you invested on education & how much on defence?
    One thing that Khawaja Asif is unable to understand or accept that which thing strenthens the generals? its none other than the politicians weakness, which they never accept. who empowers the generals its the same politicians from time to time. I think he forget that his father, late Khawaja Safdar, was the chairman Majlas-e-Shura under Zia, his party leader did enter to politics under Zia, Bhutto entered to politics under Ayyub.
    They(politicians) got the strength from poor people thru vote & then suppress the poor people by using the same forces, Bhutto crushed Balochis with the help of generals if I am not wrong.

    Its your(politicians) weaknesses that strengthens the generals. You are the source of power to generals but you don’t accept. In one way or other you all helped generals in the continuation of their rule from time to time.

    Let see how much politicians reserve for education this time & how much interest they take to improve democratic culture.

    Actions speak louder than words & its time for actions.

  42. God bless Silakot
    for having produced Allama Iqbal
    Faiz Ahmed Faiz
    and now Sher e Punjab Khwaja Asif
    Please Sialkot more of these

  43. @eric cartman

    You have been using a wrong date over an over again Oct 12. I can be a typo in couple of times, so this when people tell problem is with MQM, believe me that person is right.

    BTW what happened on Oct 12 🙂

  44. I am surprised, Khawaja Asif is not been involved with car accident or some other form of accident after this speech but he is still not out of the woods!!

  45. @sic5770: yeah.. the favorite murder method for our “agencies” is collision by truck which have fake papers and the driver runs away. Someone killed Arbab Rahim’s brother like this just a few weeks ago.

  46. “but on the other side check out Mr 10%(zardaris) house in britain. Called the “rockwood mansion”

    imagine what Nawaz sharif has he ruled pak more than Zardari……”

    Mr Adnan_H,

    Care to explain the rationale for not involving the name of Altaf Hussain in this list, what do you think what he has been doing in Karachi for last 25 years. I know you sleep with the picture of Altaf Hussain under your pillow but when you come to public forums, you have to be smart not to disclose your emotional affairs in public.

  47. @ Asif ….. You are right but both times NS government was toppled not on corruption charges but because of his efforts to reduced army rule and interference in Pakistan. Its an irony that even though NS is the product of Zia regime but his role as prime minister is totally opposite.

    During his second regime, he was already working on reducing army role and budget by working on Kashmir issue acitively and reducing army budget (indirect benefit of atomic blasts as well) very slowly. On both efforts he was called “traitor”.

    Even after this if anyone think PMLN didnt do anything then please look at charter of democracy and PMLN manifesto which says that army budget from now on would be audited in assembly. I dont know if it will be possible or not as it depends more on PPP. But i am sure that NS behind the curtain will be pushing for everything 1 thing at a time even for article 6.

  48. fraz1234

    Just tell me how much both ppp & pmln invested in education & fro the development of democratic culture?
    I am not targetting a particular politician but I am saying that its the politicians who empowered generals from time to time. People voted them for solutions & they wasted it in confrontations each time in order to get more & more authority.

  49. @Asif

    he did accepted the mistakes of politicians, and he rightly said that they have paid a high price for that.

    And if kh.asif’s father was supporting a dictator, does that mean his son has to do the same?

  50. Alhamdulillah There are some leaders still in nation and I salute Kwaja sahib “ Keep it up “ Our best wishes are with you man

  51. @urazzaq12
    “sh*t man, i cant watch kh.asif sherz speech, this google video is really slow…”

    Same here. It stops for me somewhere before the 2 minute mark each time. Even tried downloading it but no luck… 🙁

  52. Khawaja Asif seems to be a daring politicians. He has the guts, will power and courage to stand up against evil. I hope and believe he will do something good for Pakistan, which is upto the standards he has laid down himeslf. We are at such historical times where he needs to follow up the words with actions.

    Btw I think Khawaja Asif originates from one of Pakistan most succesful cities. Maybe he has been inspired by the business men from his hometown, Sialkot. They have stopped talking as victims and startet several mega projects with own resources and almost no help from the corrupt government. What could not be achieved if the whole of Pakistan startet to behave like that. AND what could we not achieve if we had some trust in our government? We could do wonders all around just like in Sialkot.


  53. @ Saqib

    I agree with u, and i dunno why did sialkot chamber called mush kuta for inauguration of sialkot airport, the present government didn’t contributed in any way.

  54. @urazzaq12

    Because……. otherwise the government will not cooperate and lay down obstacles instead. I think Mush has been seen as a bitter pill to swallow to avoid problems.


  55. This guy is a great up and coming leader. It’s unfortunate that he was sent out to do a hit job on Amin Fahim otherwise I could see him having national support.

  56. @eric cartman, I live in Block R, of North Nazimabad, Bus that run through is Bus # 3, I am the only person whos house has a PPP flag for last twenty year in that area and every one in that area know me. Every thing I have written I can back it up. Call me if you want to discuss.

    Shahid Kinnare
    Memphis TN

  57. Forgive my ignorance, I never heard him before. He summarized it very well.
    If we have people like him InshahAllah Pakistan future is bright. If you know the disease sooner or later you will find the cure for it.

  58. watch the movie from 9:07 to 9:20. Its really the climax
    Somebody (from background) advising KH. asif “NA PANGAY LAY”
    somebody then comments” hai sher sahih aaya hai halaaaat”

  59. Mr kinnare,
    Before the formation of MQM , people of Karachi were Voting for Jamat Islami mainly but Jamat was not claming all the seats rest were going to JUP Norani group,and PPP. In educational institutions NSF was very popular also as it was PSF.
    Lot of PPP workers and leaders are urdu speaking and same is true for Jamat Islami.
    So do not blame all the urdu speaking people for the deeds of MQM.
    You talked about the Beharies role in East Pakistan.They were supporting Pakistan army because they were against the creation of Bangladesh and they still are living a miserable life in the camps in Bangladesh. And they still celebrate 14th August.And they are forgotten sons of Pakistan.Even MQM do not talk about them.
    And Not all the Banglies were for Bangladesh almost 50 % or more were pro pakistan and still they have two main political parties one is pro india and one is pro pakistan.

  60. look at the no.of people commented . It indicates that we are still alive and think alike .
    Kawaja Asif Zinda bad————Pakistan Zinda bad

  61. hello admin just wanted to ask whether u can upload ali ahemad kurd adressing peshawer bar council..
    thanks in advance

  62. I became a fan of Khawaja Asif, my fellow Sialkoti, when I saw him on various TV shows. However, today after watching this speech, I salute this brave man for speaking the truth that is in the minds and hearts of many, many Pakistanis today.

    Down with this fascist army! Down with the dictator and his cronies! Long live the CJP! Long live Pakistan!

  63. @ Adnan_H

    “That is y its absolutely essential to have Mush in this whole scenario..”

    Shame on you for saying that…this Pakistani nation can’t see Muslims tortured and killed everywhere in the world, and its president supporting the killers.

    I am proud of Pakistanis, that the majority of them, don’t think like you, or else they would supported Qatil league…

    And you better keep your twisted logics to yourself and quit babbling…

    The life’s our Muslim brothers and sisters seem less important to you than development?

    Yazeed ka saath denay walay, Qayamat ke din ussi ke saath uthaye jain gay…

  64. @urazzaq12

    its always intresting to hear fiery comments supporting islam and against foreign intervention. but do u honestly think this will all stop now that PMLq is not in power?

    mark my words these new politicians will be the first to go to them with there begger bowls…. so they can stuff there foreign bank Accounts by looting the govt as they did in the past…

    bottom line they(politicans) are all the same. there will be no change.. remove musharraf and there will be no one to stop the lootingggg……

  65. I would appreciate and congratulate Admin for posting this ever best video on the PKPOLITS site. I would rank this video the best since the start of pkpolitics. Today, I am feeling proud being from Sialkot city, city of Khawaja Asif. Before, I had never a very positive opinion about K Asif because his father , Khawaja Safdar, was chairman of Majlis-e-shura of Zia-ul-Haq and was known as man of establishment. Now, I believe K. Asif has more than compensated his father’s political deads.

  66. @ Adnan_H

    You have violated the Rules by copy pasting the same comment under different posts and this is not the first time u have done so (the one under this post was deleted though).

    Now you dont have any right to complaint and you must be BANNED!!

    fair enuf??

  67. @Adnan

    well obviously a Muslim will support Islam. and I do honestly think that foreign intervention will stop.

    Pakistan was a better place to live, before mush kutta came into power illegally.

    and do you think no looting was done in these 8yrz???
    your just stuck on 1 thing, that oh politicians will loot this country, then what do u thing was going on from last 8yrz??

    just wait this mush to be kicked off, and you’ll see a change…

    Its just beyond my imagination that, how can a person who have imaan even equal to the weight of a wheat grain can support mush and altaf….

    well it really seems u’re not aware of wats going on in pakistan, and my sincere advice to u is quit promoting mush kutta….or Keep talking, maybe someday you’ll say something intelligent.

  68. hey everyone youtube is not working, it isn’t loading videos, could anyone please tell me if anyone else is also facing such a problem?

  69. Best video Admin bhaee, keep it up. You are hero too putting your effort to keep us informed. Salam to you too. Please make a option for the chit chat with other members here. We should introduce to each other. I suggest you make a tab for members introduction and what they are doing and where they are lviing. I will really appreciate that.

  70. I dont knwo why anchor persons of some program always invite MQM ghundaas on GEO and AAJ tv, they shoudl get their share accordign to their OKAAAAAAT. Why media project MQM? why no one can make parody of MQM ghundaas? Did any one in “ham umeed sey hen” made parody of MQM? is media free?
    We should tell everyoen about MQM ghunda gherdi.. let us unite together

  71. @iqbal

    yeah, I think its time, media should not portray terrorists as heros…

    I watched altaf kuta’s interview with pj mir, and frm dat day I have started hating pj…

  72. I feel sorry for MQM and its supporters, they are living in yesterday.Media people should not be afraid of telling the truth, MQM and its supporters are bunch of covered people. Look how worried they are now they know what is coming.It is a perfect storm.
    In the past they were really getting away with it but in this era it is not possible.

    MIDEA do expose them that is the reason they attack on media.But they need to do better other wise in todays world you can’t stop the news.

  73. after this speech i am very much hopeful

    who said we have senseless politicians, if there deeds are even different than word, at least words are enough to speak for common people.


    i would appreciate if you please upload Chudry Manzoor Ahmed speech on trickle down economics in same budget session

  74. Did you ever listened the speech of “Altaf Manjan Farosh”. beleive me I could not listen his speech for more than 2 minutes, he is big dramey baaaz., a perfectly hateable person. They point out Mesaq-e Jamhoriat to PML (N) but there is pain in their butts…that is between PPP and PML (N). It is on then whether they want restoration of judges or not? MQM know if judiciary restored, all cases of May 12 will re open and not being in ogvt now, they will be sent to jails…InshaAaallh, I still have dead bodies of people lyin gon karachi streest isn my eyes. they are murderers, they are Mafia, they are US and Indian based, never expect any good from them for Pakistan. MQM is a wolf in sheep’s skin. Take off their skins…together, show their real faces to other people, Allah help us all..

  75. Panga na lawo. Main Buhawalpur da jat nahin, main buzdil nahi mera naa Khawaja Asif hae. Who was that from Buhawalpur

  76. I am breathless. What a courageous and a visionary politician. Pakistan needs many many pliticians like him. I am very proud of Khawaja Asif. He is indded a fine gentleman and a very mature politician.

  77. Mr Shahzad,

    He said ” men Bahawalnagar da jatt naye”. He was the MNA “Ali Akbar Vans” from my neighbouring constituency. He is jatt. So Khawaja Asif was telling him I am not coward like you. I dont know why all of us are afraid of army, we give money to army and what they give us back? what? Generals like Pervez Musharraf? Zia ul Haq? Yahya Khan?, AK Niazai? Ayub Khan? Think for a while and reply me if any one have…

  78. good speech there by khuaja asif. a hilarious moment when peoples elected parliament voted for wardi wala amerikee general.

  79. @econfused
    Yes, it was a typo and I meant 12th may. Thanks for pointing it out though coz I could have referenced 12th oct may be 10 more times 🙂 even I meant 12th may.

    amirkhan pointed it right and expressed exactly what was in my mind. You said you live in Nazamabad and you are giving a phone number of Memphis, Tennessee. Brother I know a lot of corrupt people from internal sindh, punjab and etc.. but I dont say they all are corrupt and by that I mean there are good and bad people everywhere we should not generalize and over simplify the problem. It is a hasty habit and we all do it time to time.

  80. WOW… Man !!!
    This kind of people exist in Pakistan…
    I am sooo happy for pakistan..
    What is a little upsetting is that people like him serve under the likes of Nawaz shareef … I am not saying Nawaz is nt sincere or any thing but look at the charisma, the argument and delivery of Khwaja Asif.
    Finally we do have a new crop of leaders.. Imran khan, Kurd, Hashmi, Saad Rafiq, Ch Nisar Ali, ok Aitazaz ahsan too.

  81. Okay Scukers!

    Rs. 300 Billion is 4761904761 dollars ($4.8 billion)
    for 1000,000 fauji’s it comes out to be USD 4761.90 per Fauji (but jurnails get most)

    Rs 18 Billion is USD$ 285714285.71 ($285 million)
    For 20 million students in all of pakistan, it comes out to be 9.5 dollars per student


  82. so, Islamic F*KN republic of Pakistan spent …

    are you ready?

    2.6 cents per student per day (if we assume 20 million students it’s probably more)

    NOTE: BTW 2.6 cents per day is 1 rupee 63 cents

    We shouldn’t wonder IF there will be a revolution, we should wonder WHEN there will be a revolution.

  83. @ Tab’an Khamosh

    18 billion Rupees should be budget of ONE university to compete in research in todays world. No wonder we do not have any world class university. In top 500 universities, we don’t even have a single one.

    But we probably have 5th largest army in the world!! Islamic Republic? My Cow!

  84. Situation is even worse because this money is not distributed equally. and Top generals take all the money.

    This $ 4.8 billion US dollar is what Army DEMANDS openly. There are many covert operations and money is taken from other categories to fund them. Kargil operation and operations in Kashmir are a prime example of secretly getting money from the state in addition to that $4.8 billion.

  85. Amazing! This man is stunningly brave, meticulous, and sane, all in one.

    God bless pakistan and its new generation of leaders. With people like these, I can clearly see light at the end of the tunnel now.

  86. Excellent Speech. Bravo Khawaja Asif.

    He is for sure ashamed for the role played by his dad Khawaja Safdar and is now boss Nawaz Sharif. They learned the lesson from Dictator Mush.

    Paki Army is in retreat today just like they were in retreat in 1971. I hope NS and Zardari will stay causious of conspiracies from GHQ.

  87. @admin
    “The video has been converted into lower quality format for all those having problems with original video. Audio version has also been added.”

    Thanks a million!!!!!!!

  88. The reports say, education department is the second most corrupt department of pak gov. So how much of that eighteen billion actually made it to it’s ultimate purpose?

    56% budget gone to debt servicing. Which debt? Did we borrow those fourty billion dollars to improve healthcare. It was all in the name of defence. Add 20 to 25% defence budget to that, plus 13% government expenditure, and there isnt much left for anything else.

    Khawaja sb at 15:30
    “ajj ye aiwan iss baat ki shahadat dayta hey, kay chaalice saal ki fauji hakomat nay ‘iss’ aiwan ko janam diya hey”—–Lajawab

  89. For last year so I have seen the post with wishes that they would like to see new faces. Daily Dawn has carried new report that 60% of MNA in this new National Assembly would be new faces. Late see some thing change in Pakistan.

  90. Dear readers, yes we facing this cathistrophy since may be Mugals. See what else they did except creating castles, garden for their leasure, marriages and building army. No university, no system of education, health, sciences… Now with our army goverments we are having same mugals style, creating Defence Socities, Askari Socitoes, doing propagenda about wining wars, making GHQs, garrisons. Contonments,..Kh Asif is right our country is for army and it is their welfare state. After all we all are bloddy civilians. Today after listening to Kh Asif , Habib Jalib is coming to my mind. May Allah rest is soul in peace.

  91. * FANTASTIC as far as great courageous speak.
    * TRAGIC to know and hear about army role.
    – May Allah bless Pakistan with Loyal Leadership Brave professional Army

  92. Very briefly, I have to say that Kh. Asif’s speech was SIMPLY WONDERFUL.. could it be possible that it is given more publicity so that the country in future thinks and acts on the same lines that he does.

    Well done admin pkpolitics, a very good effort on your part.

  93. IMO so far the best video posted by Pak politics was Missing in Pakistan but this video has topped the “Missing in Pakistan”
    PPP should have best bunch of Bhutto like leaders but I feel sorry for PPP–there is not a single one inspiring & nerves moving like Khawajah Asif.

  94. Amin Fahim has been trained by PPP. Trust me it would very hard for establishment to fight him. I am not saying establishment will not. We will know by tomorrow who is going to PM if speaker is from Sariaki province then Amen Fahim is PM.

    One important issue that every one should start talking is making Northen Area a province and Kashimir also province and dividing Punjab into two province Punjab and Sariaki. Their is no harm doing this

  95. @kinnare: I’m with you bro. and I hope Amin Fahim doesn’t ruin all the lifes work with PPP at this end stage.. I hope you are right!

    Today Zardari’s biyaan is again different. I told you guys Zardari will surprise a lot of people. He is playing the game not too shabbily so far.

    We should break punjab in two and make pakhtoonkwa, swat, and kashmir.

    punjab is 2 aab now anyway.. My suggestion would be East punjabe (Suba Bahawalpur) Middle,north Punjab, and west punjab (seraiky belt along INdus river until it becomes abaseen).

  96. Graet speech by Khawaja Asif, it made headlines in the press when it was actually delievered in 2006.

    PMLN now has its own JIYALAS!

    @dmn has posted it at a time when Khawaja Asif was facing the heat due to his unnessesary and avoidible remarks against Amin Fahim. He should have resisted the temptation of meddling in the affairs of the coalition partner. They need to learn quickly as the establishment would be eagerly looking for the cracks to exploit.

  97. For me dividing Punjab has nothing to do with linguistic. I think it should more about adminstration than any thing else.

  98. @Kinnare, @TK
    Talking about division of Punjab is premature and would be counter-productive at this point of time. It will also raise demands to redraw the other provinces; Pakhtunkhawa would ask for Pashto speaking areas of Baluchistan to be merged with it. Punjab may demand Hazara, MQM will most definately demand a province in the south of Sindh. Would all of this be practically possible in the near future? My response would be NO. Chaudhries and Jeay Sind, MQM and Brahvis, Seraikis and Hazarawals would all be out in the streets. It would be asking for too much too early.
    For now all the pro-democratic forces should strive to stabilize democracy and let it take roots. Ensuring the supremacy of civilians in the affairs of state should be the only goal at this time. No need to open a pandoras box.

  99. i agree with the idea of creating new provinces.
    1. Pothohar
    2. Punjab
    3. Cholistan (siriki belt)
    4. Hazara
    5. Pakhtoonkha
    6. Balochistan
    7. Kuzdaar
    8. Northern Sindh
    9. Southern Sindh
    Demarcation of existing provinces may be required as well.

  100. i am not sure but i think IK has simmilar views about creation of new provinces. it will make very handy administratively and present day smaller province will have less sense of “ruled by one large province”. also news cities will emerge and will boost economy.

  101. i have been frequently visiting this web site for some time now. Khawja Asif ‘s speech is the only reason i decided to register here. Bravo. In scent of a woman…a movie starring Al Pacino, the character says ..”whenever i came to cross roads in my life, i always knew the right path…without exception i always knew…but i never took it…because it was too damn hard”. Bravo Khawaja Sahib. Bravo indeed.

  102. @TK

    Multan has been the capital of Indus Valley/Sindh. The word hind (which is the name or land not any religion) is actually varied from of Sind by persians and greeks.

    Multan is one of the oldest cities in the world. But it became capital of Sindh (Indus Valley) though for very short time, when Arabs entered in sub-continent. Before that, it was Deobel and Mansoora. The history before that is not widely available.

  103. I listened this speach almost a year ago and after that I sent a little message to Khawja Asif for this brilliant speech.

    I was surprised Khawja Asif called me back and was thankful for my sms.He is really a brave,brilliant and nice person.

    I love him.

  104. Talking of dividing provinces is mental luxury–We already have many problems of substance to worry about creating a new mess by non-issues.
    I think new govt should focus only to get rid of so called war on terror eliminate VIP culture & fix judiciary by reinstating CJ & Judges.
    Poverty is directly related to corruption & corruption is inversely related to rule of law.

  105. making new provinces is not a solution. it is actually a problem. i think we will risk history and culture of diff provinces if we make new provinces.
    but i am aware that small provinces think they r being ruled by big province. its actual reason is number of seats in national assembly.
    the best solution of that problem is same number of seats of each province in national assembly.

  106. Great Speech. I wish all the consiparicies by Mush and his puppets PML Q/MQM wil fail and PML-N/PPP will be able to show exit door to Mush.

    We need free judiciary and free media that can lead us to less corruption and elimination of poverty.

  107. Dear Khwaja Sahib,

    Each and every single word u said is true , Bangladeshi are loyal to their nation now , and v have now becoming shoe polisher of americans , but could u tell us what is the solution , everyone identifies the problem, tell us the solution ? Will u and the politicians guide the nation to sirate mustaqeem or make us slaves again as General Musharraf is making us and Shaukat Aziz , the same way British made us slaves 250 years ago and tortured ,killed,massacred mulims in Sub Continent and raped women , they did many attrocities on us , and soon americans and jews will make us slaves the way present government has weakened us economically,politically,socially,culturally , WHO WILL SAVE AND GUIDE THIS MUSLIM UMAH ? Will u , Nawaz Sharif and Mr.Asif Zardari guide us bravely n punish the true murderers of Great Benazir Bhutto , we all know who murdered her and who would get ultimate benefit from her death , not forgetting Chaudhry Brothers ,Sheikh Rasheed,Eijaz Ul Haq(as his father hanged her father) and Maulana Fazal Ur Rehaman and Altaf Hussain ,can full enquiry be started against them – Who killed the ulemas in Karachi and who tried to kill Great Chief Justice in Karachi and killed innocent public in Karachi ? will anyone punish these true terrorists.

  108. Absolutely correct. The military is the biggest fuedal in Pakistan even by land holding. They are the criminals and biggest beneficiaries of loot and plunder. Ayesha Siddique has aptly exposed their corporate interest. Military and intelligent agencies are biggest threat to pakistan. They always worked against the integrity of Pakistan. Its a fact. We dont need such a big army. It is time that we should held the generals of present and past generations accountable for their corruptions. The sooner we do it the better.

  109. Admin, A REQUEST!

    This speech deserves to be highlighted at the home page for people who have not come across to it.

  110. Dear Kh. Asif

    Assalam O Aleikum,

    very good speech 15March carry on your efforts for counrty and for your own city made the name in Hisotry like your father Late Kh.Mohd Safder.


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