85 thoughts on “Pervez Musharraf – Special Interview

  1. the mighty general don’t even have the guts to face a real journalist. He can’t talk on real issues. After his source of power is gone, he cant face the public.

  2. thats how a total loser acts like

    out of his power base army,out of political maligners pml-q,out of his saviours,

    man luks extremely pathetic blaming people of pakistan that implementing decisions in this country is difficult

    actually he should hav been saying people of pakistan dont accept his way of decision implementation.

    man luks like who has got no control wt so ever but still trying his best to sabotage the mandate of 18th feb.

    no wonder he has lost his smile i am sure he has lost his sleep as well

    he was true he was acting on napoleon’s theory,napoleon end up like him,a total loser…………………

    thats what happened when some one start thinking that he is the total outcome…….

    gosh,i dont even feel sori for him when i luk at his 8 years and what has he done on every front to pakistan

  3. admn:

    please allow cussing in comments for this interview. Long ago I read cussing is part of language as much as normal words of language. Words use to represent our thoughts and feelings and sometime cuss words represents these emotions in better and precise way. I think most of the ppl here will support me on this

  4. It is interesting how our jurnails always have tyrants and despots as their “heores”.. you never hear a Pakistani jurnail talk about … oh wait. .what the hell am i saying.. of course these are petty people to expect them to quote Quaid Azam or Nelson Mandela is just silly on my part! gaah!!

  5. he would never give an interview to any proper journalist from pakistan coz he knows that they will never digest his actions with the “face off” of first pakistan

    thats what he wants that no body asks him about his actions that why did he put a chief justice in prison,why is he not accepting the mandate of 18th feb,

    the man is a sing of instability

  6. Why is GEO playing that hideous elevator music throughout the ass-kiss fest? And why the dreamy vaseline filter on the camera? It’s like watching Martha Stewart living except that martha stewart happens to drink fresh blood… add to that the ghey shawl from gohar ayub..

    hideous cheese-fest if you ask me!

  7. #*@%$£#@@!!!!!!!!!! DIE MUSHARRAF.

    this woman should be banned from television after this interview, she was even more annoying than the desperate loser himself.

  8. Come on. Before elections Mush showed courage to give interview to Jemima Khan who was too polite to ask any tough question and now Atiqa Odho who is looking so excited to be with Mush. I think dictator is just trying to have some nice easy time with these good looking ladies as he does not have courage to face true journalists like Shahid Masood, Ansar Abbassi etc….

  9. so the “impulses” and “gut feelings” of this b*stard were responsible for the blood-fest in the country and total destruction of all national instituitions. the birth of this pig was “the greatest blunder in the history of the subcontinent” (to quote another indian clown).

    btw did anyone watch the small part of altaf’s telephonic address that he made to PML-Q MQM meeting yesterday. it was hilarious.

  10. Me and my kids are very friendly.. jab mai jhukta (bent) karta hoon tou wo mujhe peeche se laat mar deta hai… aur mai bhee yehe karta hoon…
    What do we call it .. Kick in the A_ _

  11. interesting…so much blood on his hands of innocent people…lal masjid, Fata, balochistan and what not…..so much damage done to country by his hands…still his family is happy…he is having a good time….even law of nature seems to have spared this guy’s crimes

  12. @Tab’an Khamosh
    Why is GEO playing that hideous elevator music throughout the ass-kiss fest? And why the dreamy vaseline filter on the camera? It’s like watching Martha Stewart living except that martha stewart happens to drink fresh blood… add to that the ghey shawl from gohar ayub.. hideous cheese-fest if you ask me!

    I really do blame GEO for having this “@ss-k!ss fest”? Odeo is being her wh*ry self but it is GEO playing the p*mp for her and Mush, same way they do for Altaf / MQM (like yesterday they cut to AH speech in the news and all I heard were sounds coming from AH mouth as if someone was shoving a bamboo stick up his bvtt — couldn’t understand a word). Are these just commercial where the money paid GEO is doing the talking? Only thing I see is they are getting paid a whole lot of money selling their souls to Mush/MQM. If they have restrictions on people like Hamid Mir, then why not restrict the amount of @ss-k!ssing allowed as well? Shame on GEO!

  13. it’s regretable that Geo opted to promote this criminal retired general in a positive way. In my opinion, Mr Mush should have been interviewed by Talat, Hamid mir, Javaid Nusrat, Mushtaq Minhaas and Kahif.

    I would appoint Khawaja Asif of PML-N to stump this criminal.

  14. I am reading Jang I don’t remember science when it is truly a establishment mouthpiece.
    Their editorials changes with government. If read carefully it is not difficult to understand what establishment is thinking and what is to come. Geo is fallowing the same policy.
    What I read is that this is a time for this criminal to go. It is like giving him a last favor kind of thing.
    Go Musharf go and go and life with your nephew Altaf and do us a favor and take shida tuly and Blinds school principal CH Sujat with you.

  15. From another of Mush’s c*cksvckers, Ahmed Quraishi:
    Pakistan: It’s Revenge, Not Democracy
    In Pakistan, return to democracy is threatened by a return to chaos. Revenge is apparently the first order of business for some of the new winners in the election. Frivolous confrontation is not in Pakistan’s national interest. Remember: At present, Pakistan can afford a flawed political system, but not a weak one.

    The issue of the restoration of the former chief justice is a farce that needs to be stopped. … blah, blah, blah

    (Can I pleeeeaaassseee take my “revenge” on this @ssh*le???)

  16. probably not the best interview but we need to be tolerant. We praise the media when it runs anti-Musharraf footages. Similarly, we may disagree with what is being shown, but to be this aggressive about showing the interview is a bit unfair to the media. The media is supposed to show all sides. What we like and what we don’t like.

  17. This interview shows one thing glaringly. Our ( meaning nation’s) mentality. A woman interviews a man and people like Farhan, nota and JKS start passing dirty remarks. I believe in Shariah which states women must observe purdah. It does so probably because of sickos like Farhan nota and JKS. But Shariah also states making false allegation against a woman and a man is a serious crime. May Allah have mercy on our souls and our country. We don’t deserve it though, as we break his commandments every day

  18. I just wasted 10 minutes of my life and really regret it. This shameless man would have run to mummy if a proper journalist would have been given the chance to interview him. What a sissy.

  19. @amaduddin
    and the ‘actress’ who was interviewing was observing pardah??? while interviewing a non-mahram who is also adulterer and known for it????

  20. I think the inerview is a good drama with questions prepared by the interviewee himself.
    Hey people cool down. Can’t you see this man happy in the last few days? How relax and peaceful he intended to show himself, he was equally hollow as ever and the new thing was he is clearly seeing his death in the nearest future.

  21. if we belief that “homeland is mother” then musharaf if the only man who like his mother naked and fuked her twice

  22. not the best but little better interview from him.
    I hope he will remain in power as long as Pakistan need him ( i think next 5 YEARS he should remain in office ).

  23. @Tanveer Amjad
    i think he was relaxed because he had his dose of whisky!!!

    Was it me or did anyone else noted he seemed drunk? his eye movement was not consistent with his body movements and particulary his hand movements?

  24. This is pathetic and sad. He humiliated the head of the highest institution in the land in this room probably, kept the chief justice under illegal detention and tried to intimidate him with his bully fauji friends and now he sits there defeated, shawl on shoulders, hardly able to move or smile… with swords in the background. Same guy who usurped power from a 2/3 majority PM for not firing him properly !!!.

    I do appreciate Oddho asking about his childhood. She thinks she is presenting the “human” side, I think this is more like putting the freak on the analyst’s couch!

    So, on minute, this guy was “not born in privelege”. next sentence “my father was bringing 7 lakhs” for the govt of pakistan because he was “secretary of something or other”… and he had the trunk under his head. Why was his father bring 7 lakh rupees in a train? He is implying that he was migrating with common people during the fasaadaat .. which sounds incredible and probably a lie because most such transfers probably had already taken place. Would be interesting to know _when_ his father actually brought that 7 lakh (if he ever did .. I don’t trust this guy’s word anymore)

    anyways.. he seemed plopped like a half dead fish on the couch all through the interview. If not alcohol he is definitely under some valium etc to calm his nerves.

  25. she was so annoying flirting with Mush so blatantly it was sickening…ugh! and he was so coy and charming! “When you smiled the whole room lit up now you look so sad! ” does she know who she is interviewing? what kind of questions are these? why didn’t they bring a proper journalist like Hamid Mir or Kashif Abbasi or Asma Sherazi to do the interview! I had to switch to another channel because I just couldn’t bear it..

  26. @acumen
    @tab’an khamosh

    I’m starting now.
    I know yeh khoti ke saath zyadti hai but he is a KHOTI DA BACHA in real

  27. What a waste of time by Geo TV.. Atiqa Osho is nothing more than a show piece

    Musharraf can only face these harmless models, glamour girls while sitting in a safe heaven (which he thinks).. let us bring my Favourite talat hussain and this bloody general will run away in 10 minutes…

    Mr. Bully , this country is of 160 million Pakistanis and you are your Malka Aalia do not own this country.. now you are at the stage where only your Family supports you (as you mentioned in the interview)…

    May Allah Curse you and your whole Family…..Ameen

  28. An insider from GHQ revealed that he was humiliated when he tried to attend the 107 Corps Commander Conference recently held in GHQ. He had gone in GHQ where only Corps Commanders and Principal Officers are allowed and all others including retired generals need a pass. He was asked to wait in the guest house and was not allowed to attend the meeting (he had the habit of barging in Cabinet meetings being presided over by Shaukat Aziz and he got away with it) and the two majors regarding the security of GHQ regarding visitors were immediately dismissed by Gen Kiyani for allowing a person in GHQ who did not had any pass.

    Musharraf was so depressed that he went back and locked himself in a room and then his wife rang up wife of Kiyani protesting that he has been humiliated and he is very depressed. Musharraf has now been given a pass but has been clearly told that he is not allowed to attend any Corps Commanders Conference in future.

    The source of this information is quite reliable but then Allah knows what is right and what is wrong.

  29. @c hussain
    If true then Kayaini seems to be on the right track. However It is clear that the army wants to distance itself from Musharraf era. That is appreciable, BUT we must be aware that it is not a temporary arrangement from the army side. The Pakistanis in general and the politicians MUST send VERY clear signals that future wannabe dictators will not be tolerated.


  30. they’re trying to give him some respect, in order to induce him into resigning.After all he has led the country for 8 years and he wouldn’t want such a shameful end. Maybe Geo is being nice in return for the hope that he resigns.
    Even so, a horrific interview from the most dumb, although beautiful host! The President of a country should do better than that!

  31. This interview was recorded to please the masters, 90% of the interview was recorded in English and we all know how many people in Pakistan understand English. It seems like he is still trying to kiss his masters. He clearly knows that majority of the people in Pakistan hate him and he was only trying to please a selected class of Pakistan as well as his masters.

    What a waste of time and waste of space, but I am sure Atiqa Uddo will be rewarded well ( do I have to tell you how?).

  32. I’m a pseudo-researcher and wanna be philosopher kind of paranoid… You can call me like this. I’m proposing that we can have a very interesting study by reviewing the comments which are made here. These 44 comments simply reflect our thinking and every second comment has tried to hint towards the fishy relationship between the host and guest. This is the kind of respect we do have towards our women!

    If she is patronising him then why should we worry about that! Second, Musharraf has spoken truth and also accepted the limitations of his tenure. In my opinion this was a very balanced interview in comparison to comments which are made here!

  33. no one in his family living in pakistan.!!!PAKISTAN FIRST!!!.He is a very down to earth person!!AKHRI MUKAA!!.His children dont want MR PRESIDENT to hepl them!!.The company which contstructed most expensive ROUNDABOUTS in the history of Pakistan she works for the company(in karachi).The company owned by
    father of law of his son got the Bilal got projects of multi millions Dollars just for planning some NASA oriented technological over head transport systems in karachi which r not set into operation in the country who invented the TRANSRAPID a magnatic overhead trainsystem!!WAOOO in PAKISTAN.and lot of others issues in which he trying explain his wise role in the BETTERMENT of Pakistan IN ENGLISH which is a language over 90 % dont understand the people who will decide to choose their leader NOT Commander (What he believes in )..well is a common facts MR PRESIDENT cannot read urdu well speaking urdu is not his thing as well belongs to very NOBLE family OF DEHLI
    (NEHAR WALI HAVELI):::::::.
    just a joker he is going to leave PAKISTAN if the people dont take him as PRESIDENT !!! PAKISTAN FIRST!!!
    you cant make me laugh BUT cry!!!

  34. @temporarynick
    Me and my kids are very friendly.. jab mai jhukta (bent) karta hoon tou wo mujhe peeche se laat mar deta hai… aur mai bhee yehe karta hoon…

    what i called is

    khotay ka pyar laat marna hota hay
    and khotay ka putar be khota hi hota hay

  35. the kind of language and disrespect for women (and I have been noticing for quite a while now) is in reality an insult to the upbringing of your mother and the women in your lives, while Odho may seem besotted and foolish, but that does not give anyone the right to embark on these vulgar attacks on her character (or anyone elses). Think of this interview as the last meaningless mumbling of a dying man, protest as much as you like, it is your right, but thora decency mangta, please conduct yourselves with dignity that both you and others deserve.

  36. Guys please.. all these sexual innuendo’s are kind of revolting.. I guess I shouldn’t have started but mine was a figure of speech..

    I mean an interviewer is supposed to have some integrity, and show some objectivity. This lady was acting like he is beetles Paul Mccartney and she’s a 16 year old hormone raged teenager (as in a fan not as in having SEX peeeepulll!!!)

    So this is why I said she “blew him on national tv” … the intent isn’t to imply that she did or would or ANY such thing could, would, or should happen but it was just to emphasize a completely NON-SEXUAL aspect of the interchange.

    It’s a figure of speech. WTF! (<–) you see? like that.. sorry for being pedantic (needlessly hopefully) but my intent wasn’t to imply there is, was or will be sex going on… that is just disgusting (and not because I care too much for this Oddho chick)

  37. @Amaduddin
    “A woman interviews a man and people like Farhan, nota and JKS start passing dirty remarks. I believe in Shariah which states women must observe purdah. It does so probably because of sickos like Farhan nota and JKS. But Shariah also states making false allegation against a woman and a man is a serious crime. May Allah have mercy on our souls and our country. We don’t deserve it though, as we break his commandments every day.”

    Is being a complete m*ron a prerequisite for being a fundi? When I say svck my d!ck, I really don’t mean it literally so don’t get your hopes up!

  38. OMG! this is done by a PR company! I didn’t see the GEO disclaimer in the vidpk version.

    This shows he is desperate, and spending Pakistani foreign exchange on promoting him. This is more like a corporate video of a lackey “interviewing” a CEO for the company website! Disgusting!!! disgusting!!! arrgh!!!

    And now, another mushism:

    “I believe that.. that have been my belief all along!”
    “Intihaa pasandi intiha ko pahunch gai ha
    “ham to middle class kay… blah blah blah educated middle class

    ya khuda.. in badbaKhtoon ko kiyoon ham par mussallat kar diyaa??!!!!

  39. I don’t think we should go after Odho. After all she is just an actress and this is just another “drama” for her. If you pay (enough) you can make her do almost anything.

    The real culprit is Musharraf and his loyal lieutenants. In this interview Musharraf has only shown that he is having his last spasms…… Maybe the last attempt to regain lost pride and support. Is there anything this bully hasn’t tried apart from introducing a certain amount of shame (on himself)?


  40. @Tab’an Khamosh
    “OMG! this is done by a PR company! … This is more like a corporate video”

    So I was right above(“Are these just commercials where the money paid GEO is doing the talking? Only thing I see is they are getting paid a whole lot of money selling their souls to Mush/”)

  41. @nota: I think your’re right on the money. I think his american masters have thrown him a bone and they are doing the PR bit. The same thing happend with the NYT article which they *paid* New York Times to republish with old discredited accusations against Zardari.

    These are last gasps of the dictatorship! Hurray!

  42. @Saqib: You’re totally right dude, this was total drama, I like Oddo’s acting much more than that decrepit guy wearing a shawl trying real hard to smile!

    But the drama was neither successful nor convincing. A total failure if you ask me (and a massive waste of taxpayer funds). We should ask GEO if they were paid by his cronies for this Infomercial.

    Aw Gaawd! mushie doing infomercials to prop himself at poor Pakistani’s expense. isn’t farangi a$$-licking a nice career?

  43. If anyone in this world believe that anything in this interview was correct and Musharraf spoke even a single truth …. then lemme give some information about myself …….. i sleep once a month and when i do sleep i sleep in a chair. While on vacation in Canada, I successfully nogotiated with a group of terrorists who had siezed a small bakery. The laws of physics do not apply to me …….. !!!!!!!!!

  44. Geo TV has proved again that this channel is the head of lottas in Pakistan. Last year after 9-March when Geo TV was attacked in Islamabad a few days later Kamran Khan ( A known MQM & Establishment supporter) conducted a soft interview of him.

    Once again on the eve of new National Asseblies’ 1st session GEO attempted to bring a soft image of a loser who has destroyed the country to its core.

    Mush’s crimez:
    1) His actions have totally evaporated nationalism in Pakistan.
    2) He has killed own Pakistanis
    3) War on Terror totally mismanaged
    4) Killer of an independent judiciary
    5) Elevating Altaf’s MQM to a status where whole nation is hostage to Altaf Hussain
    6) Army as an institution has lost all the respect
    7) Plot scandals by Army Generals
    8) Thugs of Gujrat
    9) False economic policies has collapsed the country
    10) We as a nation are now slave of Indianology (Hindustan)
    11)Kashmir issue is in ICU
    12) Private Channels are portraying Indian culture to our living rooms which our forefathers rejected 60 years ago
    13) Lal Masjid issue totally used to gain personal agenda
    14) Destroying constitution
    15) Fanning Balouch struggle – now Pakisan army is fighting Talebans and BLA

    PK Politics members : Please add more if I have left out anything.

  45. well, stop this shit abt Mr. Mush,

    plz watch Mr THE ALATAF BHAI Idiotic speach and look at the bull shit
    CHOD RIES listening to CHORAN WALA

    FUNNIEST SPEAKER in the history of planet.

    kash issay leader banay se pehlay koi bolna sikha deta


  46. musharaf did wt he was supposed to do, everybody comes to this world with certain abilities and responsibilities,

    he was sent as a mountain of stupidities,heaps of crap, so he did well.

    shudnt get hurt wt he did, just wait for gud days,

    hope for no more mush in future

  47. dear all, I am surprised to see that some of you guys ave spoken against president, well he is a great leader , I think that many pakistani dont realize that he is only true leader of this nation. As far as this interview is concerned it was meant to be soft/ other wise he has faced the so called ”journalists”’ of pakistan who do nothing but to disrepute our country. they talk about this so called democracy what the hell is this democracy in pakistan Bhutto.. benazir…zardai… Balawal …. Cant you people see this is all fake.I think as a nation full of corrupt leader/ leader who would make any promise and do nothing, we are still not able to realize the president is the best of the lot. May Allaha bless our nation

  48. bravo GENERAL!!!

    just keep filing the glass like u have always done… leave the defense matters to civilians and a better strategy will follow, let them engage in dialogues with the opressed and make statements. by God, their statements will contain less badmashi.. and will not alienate the people completely!

  49. To all Altaf kalia`s fans and MUSH lovers…

    These kanja…s like Atiqa Odho and their patron in chief Musharraf and mafia god father altaf kutta only deserve curse not respect

    I have all the respect for women but not for kanja…s…

    thanks for understanding and shut your mouths

  50. its very strange to see this type of interview at this time. when so much happening in polictics, well i have seen only 10 min so far. what a back ground music, reminds you of entering in PC or some sort of hotel 🙂

  51. mush lovers are feeling the pain for the respect of this woman. i think ive seen her in a movie where she was getting a bit too cosy with her co-actor. these people are kanjars, they dont deserve any respect, i respect women who respect themselves. i am sorry to say she conducted the interview very shamelessly, flirting with a dirty old man, known to be a drunkard rapist. “when you smiled the whole room lit up, why dont u smile anymore?” WTF was that? shame on this sl*t.

  52. its funny how he says that you should be friendly and interactive with your children, only then can you influence them. you must influence them and then build their character.

    well mushi, in that case either your DAD was a moron or you’ve done in finding BUSH as your father figure because even though he whips your ass every now and then, you’re quite influenced by him.

    You disgrace the gallant army of Pakistan, you disgrace the gallant people of pakistan!

  53. I feel sick.

    How dare this man go on with such affected pride about his children while he holds the young children of the chief justice (Ifra (18) and Palwasha (16) and Ahmad (7) ) captive for over 4 months! Far from allowing them the ‘priveledge’ of going to school, they are not even allowed to step out onto their own lawn in fear of being watched by the scores of police that surround them…

    Whats equally surprising is how musharrafs children can sit back and watch their father commit such grave injustices! They are as much a party to it as he is for allowing it to happen and not say ‘abu ji, aap sathiya gaye hain.’

    Musharrafs kids – though much older – need to learn a lesson in integrity and standing up for what is right by the chief justice’s children…


  54. Atiqa Odho should have interviewed someone decent.

    This guy is planning to run out of Pakistan after all that corruption. His son’s company was found in 1999 by front man of Musharraf, Asad Jamal.

    I think Mush will run out of Pakistan because his son’s company doesn’t even have an office in Pakistan. Maybe Mush will run its Delhi office. After all he was born there (Ref: Pr Waleed Bin Talal – City Bank, Shaukat Aziz – City Bank, Sa’ad Hariri and Bilal Musharraf of ePlanet Ventures).

  55. Good article exposing mush’s corruption optimist. i pray that he is not allowed to run away, but held accountable for all his misdeeds.

  56. Now this is what you call corporatization of political imagery. Background and ambience of music and color to cushion the soft human side of an otherwise ruthless and brutal dictator. Look at the punchlines, it is carefully thought over and according to a plot. The issue of openness, belief in leading not ordering, having people feeling easy and comfortable around him once someone comes to know about him, identifying with the majority of Pakistanis in terms of love for family, the role of a hardworking mother and a family of honest people striving to make their mark.

    All we need to ask ourselves who are old enough to understand how the government has worked can see how much truth is there in this narration. If I only have to pick one sentence from Mushisms to trash this sweet talk, I will remind myself and all concerned, his (in)famous warning to Bugti, ‘Hum wahan se hit karainge, jahan se tumhein pata bhi nahi chalay ga’. So rich, so arrogant, so godly.

  57. “jitna main women imancepation kh lia kar raha ho kisi ny nahi kia”
    he is sooooo nice with women.
    hy guys could u plz tell me who killed female studants of lal masjid and house wifes and girls of tribal mulik?
    asma jahanger or beet ulah masood?

  58. acumen, either u r ignorant of history or just plain idiot. musharraf is the only president in our short history who faced more journalists then all of his predecessors. i wud even like to include all the previous prime ministers (the so-called people representatives) too in that list. dont u remember shaheed BB and her interview with christina lamb? just name one of ur so called chosen leader who actually faced the press more then musharraf, combined? u cant.

  59. I admit he is charming, but this interview is pathetic. They are so many real issues he should be grilled about. This interview offered so little.

  60. Commando in trouble. His talk is quite empty and his reactions are quite strange. By the way what was motive behind this interview? To tell people that he can speak english or he is a great man(which he is not) or women (only bitches) like him, or he ordered the killing of children in Lal Masjid only because they were poor, or he has complex from West, or he tries to show that he is a very sincere and open person(but infact he is corrupt, liar and cheater), or…
    Even after voting results he claims that he has great respect, Enough is enough, this stupid must go away along with all his gang.

  61. Question. Have you ever seen biggest “SHODAA” in Pakistan’s history ?

    Answer. Yes, this illegal President of Pakistan Pervez Musharraf.

    Shameful interview for any retired general …….. speak in this manner.

    We have seen lot of stupids ………… but no match like this one.

    Attiqa Oddho, must get some …………. reasonable good size envelop.

    Musharraf, you will be hanged shortly …… now you are useless person.

  62. No one should be proud on having a father like you BLOODY MUSHARRAF, as his son didn’t tell her boss that his father is the same WAR MONGER, WAR CRIMINAL AND MASS MURDERER of the president of USA. Musharraf is an absolutely disgrace a scum of the earth and should hang till death.
    There is a long list of his inhumane crimes, but the most obvious one.
    A Killer of JUSTICE

  63. very interesting interview, he is anhonest person , reflects from his speech. we must not use abusive language to our elders. he has done his job not that badly. very soon we will be seeing him in mere mutabiq. he should be given a fair chance to reply all the nonsence about him.

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