Altaf Leaves MQM – For 90 [Nine-Zero] Minutes

altaf_hussain_glasses.jpgBritish Citizen Altaf Hussain has announced retirement from MQM leadership, according to Geo TV.


– British Citizen Altaf Hussain takes back his decision and decides to continue his interference in Pakistani Politics

– Farooq Sattar Said that Rabita Committee, MNA/MPA’s and Nazims will also resign if Altaf Hussain does not take back his decision

– Altaf repeated his Anti-Judiciary & Anti-Nawaz Sharif stance in details in his speech

316 thoughts on “Altaf Leaves MQM – For 90 [Nine-Zero] Minutes

  1. its funny picture which u have put up there..he looks like some saraa huwa rock star…..

    i think he is trying to copy aitzaz husaan but we all know he still be in control like before and will be performing live via video or telephone link.

    cheap drama baazzz. i just thing at this stage even if he does take sincere decison we all still be hating him cauz thats what he deserves.


  2. We have a habit of being overjoyed too quickly by new developments. Let us first see what is the real news and also what change it will bring on MQM behaviour – especially the ground realities. After all Altaf has had his execution team in KHI.


  3. yaaaar, samjha kero saaarey…sab drama hey Altaf Hussain ka.., He is just doing to cover up for april 9 incident. There is no need to be happy, he will take his resignation back within 24 hours …workers key pur zor israaar per. Sab drama know MQM is notorious for dramas…Readers dont be so innocent….MQM is very cuniing aprty…soon you will hear, he took his resignation back……beleive me….please. Why he did not resign on May 12 incidents….think over it….

  4. i just never understand why the hell geo gives him so much coverage….this scum of earth shouldt be talked about. i am gona do wozoo and nafaal namaz just get my toungh clean after taking his name couple of times in last few minutes.

    i hope some one hires russians to do bit of cleaning and i hope u all know who they need to expire or dump.


  5. isnt it clear. He has been told by the new govt. that MQM ghoondas were reponsible for the chaos in Karachi, so now he is acting in order to get sympathy and escape punishment.

    What an actor ?

  6. public ke purzoor demand per aik baar phir hum aaap ka samana hain..

    “Altaf Bahi Kalia Churaan Wala…”

  7. This is just because mqm fears investigation of may 12 and 9 april, now they are trying to be heroes.

    I mean what happens even if he leaves mqm, hes yet going to control it, and carry on their terrorist activities.

    Hes just trying to get some attention…

    Anyways why does this decision comes after his meeting with malik qayyum?

  8. You can join the MAFIA, but you can never leave. So he is taking his time to blast Aitezaz and lawyers 🙂

    *NOTHING NEW THERE* Lets move on

  9. He only looks like Ranji Kant but acts way better than him, soon he would have his telephonic Shaam-e-Gareeban and would take his word back.

  10. This could be a dangerous move/conspiracy too. He is not usual politician but one who has links with Indian and U.S. officials frequently.

    Don’t take it easy.

    There must be a trap

  11. Lets just hope he ‘actually’ retires. That is he takes all the bhatta money he has amassed and go off to some island and never to be heard off again. Hope all other culprits from Pak Politics and Army join him on this island.

    However, here is what I think will happen. Awam k pur zor israr pae he will take his resignation back. Its like a referendum in MQM. Tell the chain of command who is still the boss

  12. SO his full speech is on MQM TV err GEO TV. We will be now tortured whole day by GEO every hour. Man what should I do, break the TV?

  13. @econfused,
    There are simpler options. Use your brain… change the channel or switch off tv.

    Plz dont mind..but that was just to easy to miss 🙂

  14. If it really happens it would be good omen for karachi but it seems drama of altaf dada and he wants to copy cat the popularity of atizaz ehsan.Army mafia is trying its best for last 10 days that people have taken their interests from judicary and this is one episode of drama being written in army house and directed by our foxy character of attorney general qayum.For the last four days characters of mafia culture are trying to hold the attention of media and that move is part of that drama too.Hope God protect nation from d-evils

  15. i am just watching geo right now and he is doing his usual telephonic khaatab. i must say he is really good notanki wala……he is trying his best to act all innocent and patriotic. but bizarre thing is, he every now and then is makes those doggy like sounds…….like goooooooo……..eeeeeeeeeee……….aaaaaaaaaaah……as if some one is stabbing him probably its noise in its telephone line or best scenario is probably he is suffering from some animalistic disease.

    guys i am just too excited therefore giving these useless comments.


  16. Anybody who believe any single word coming out of his mouth is true must be living in Fool’s Paradise. This was the only way to get time on all media besides GEO.

  17. MQM is on the backfoot. Lawyers took to the streets from Khyber to Karachi yesterday.

    Lateef Afridi, president Peshawar High Court Bar blasted them in Peshawar, saying:
    “Evict these criminals back to India. We will not let these p!mps succeed in breaking Pakistan.”

  18. @ Kruman….

    who is Lateef Afridi…….other than being president of peshawar high court bar.

    who ever he is i am now his biggest supporter.

    “Evict these criminals back to India. We will not let these p!mps succeed in breaking Pakistan.” kya baat hai janaab ke..

    lakin i am not against any mahajaar i am just against mqm leadership and there mad supporters who cant understand they are being used.

  19. In my view, centre was resisting to allow MQM in. This may be a move to woo PML(n) etc in accepting MQM who was always considered MQM fringe in Pak politics and largely irrelevant to Pakistan outside Sindh/Karachi.

    MQM must give up militancy before expecting any sort of acceptance from Pakistani public.

  20. Mqm’s pur amman protest on 12 may:
    45 killed

    Mqm’s pur amman protest on 9 April:
    13 killed

    lol, hez yelling like a baby.

  21. Maybe his political hobby was interfering with his actual underworld occupation…… Lets see…. In all probability its a drama.

  22. @ Kruman

    Wow be careful man. I am not a supporter of MQM, But I am from karachi.

    Let not talk nonsense about “back to india”.

    The majority of URDU speaking people of Karachi are Pakistanis and their forefathers gave great sacrifices in the creation of Pakistan.

    This kind of rubbish talk should be avoided.

    Dont forget the ANP and the pashtoons were also sitting in the lap of INDIA when the Wali Khan family with were known to have links with the GANDHI family of INDIA.

  23. I’m hearing that in Pakistan there is severe negative reaction against “Unknown Men of Karachi” and the callous response by Rizvi that those who died were not really “Lawyers” as if they were not humans …and everyone or the majority has made up their mind that it was MQM-A people .. this incident has really hurt MQM-A credibility at a national level …

    Looks like the incompetent establishement’s latest ploy has backfired on them. There are reports that now Sheikh Rasheed is asking people to attack him with shoes so he can gain some credibility. (I’m not Kidding!!)

    Or it could be that he is really sick. Remember the other day they sacrificed a lot of animals for his health.. but no mention of his health. Then there was the picture of him.. with swollen hands..

    In the picture with Attorney General, he hid his right thumb from the camera.

  24. altaf is acting like a halkayaaa huwa kutta…(mad dog) who should be shot at first sight i watching it on internet live on geo…..l would love to change but there is no other channel available.

  25. @kruman

    These are exactly the kind of bigoted statements that push ursu speakers in the arms of the MQM. I take this insult very personally as my mother and her side of the family are Urdu speaking.

    Even if some crack lawyer said such a stupid comment, you shouldn’t publish it here.

  26. hi friends,
    i am a bit new to this forum. You people please take care of the words used here. We may have any kind of emotions but abusing to anyone is never admirable.

    We are all educated people and followers of Last prophet Muhammad (PBUH). We should be really soft in usage of words.

    Thanks Allah Almighty ‘Altaf’ leaves politics. He has done ‘enough’ with our country.

  27. @establishment

    I am seriously against the MQM tactics of terror and killing. In reality I am against terror and killing, so on that note your post incites violence and hatred. Believe me killing people do not solve problems.

    We need the change in mindset.

  28. Another Drama by one of the biggest drama gheer of the world…..He is quitting….I am sure now he will be selling Choran….CHORAN LAI LOO…

  29. @kruman et al. I think there is a lot of good pakistanis in Karachi (99.99%?) .. let us not blame muhajir for the crimes of Altaf and his fascist gang. Maybe we can blame them for being silent but in the face of violence like what is unleashed on them daily, anyone would be silent..

    we need to support our pakistani brothers/sisters in karachi.. and yeah.. maybe Altaf and his buddies can go back to india if they like it so much.. but I find it hard to believe that most muhajir’s in KHI/HYD are anything but patriots.. I hope we all can become pakistani’s and use local designations for identity purposes rather than 4 generation old ethnic tags.

    Inshallah somehow if the whole nation gets together, we will be able to give some courage to KHI & HYD people and see that Altaf & company are actually harming their interests.

    P.S. I also think this is nau-Tanki drama.. he’s not going to retire.. this is his life.. he has nothing else to do (unless of course he’s mortally ill – sad.. kul man alaihaa faan!)

  30. Mr Lahore Baig,
    If you listen to Afridi’s speeach he said:
    “I have nothing againt innocent people of Karachi. If they can cay that send Afghans back to India then I say evict the murders and thugs back to India.”

    Why are you guys so obsessed with MQM. You have far better role models who are respected by everyone from Khyber to Karachi .e.g Wajeehuddin, Fakhruddin etc.

    I understand though, you get killed for not supporting MQM in Karachi.

  31. @establishment

    i just never understand why the hell geo gives him so much coverage….this scum of earth shouldt be talked about. i am gona do wozoo and nafaal namaz just get my toungh clean after taking his name couple of times in last few minutes…..

    great yaar, i loved your comments…yaar why media give him so much coverage…I already bet that this is a drama…

  32. @TK,

    here is what I posted yesterday, but I think they don’t care what public think about them, they have different agenda, they are pleasing their masters to get some bones.

    “savage on April 10th, 2008 4:54 pm [M]ad-dogs-QM always deny my conventional wisdom, On May 12th everybody could smell blood in the air, but I thought in front of all this media they would play safe. But even Huns, Mongol would have been ashamed what they did on that dark day, live infront of whole nation.

    After that day whole nation damed Mad-dog’s till today, once again I thought it might have learned it’s lesson, but it keeps proving every sane person wrong.

  33. My biggest heros are urdu speaking pople like Wajeehuddin. He is the THE voice of sanity in Pakistan today along with Javed Hashmi.

    So don’t get me wrong.

  34. Geo TV should be named as ********BAKRA TV*************

    this tactic of bhai is not going to work to present himself and his allies as angles and civilized people.

    He would remain terrorist whatever drama he stages.

  35. @TK

    “There are reports that now Sheikh Rasheed is asking people to attack him with shoes so he can gain some credibility.” this is really funny. if someone attacks him i dont think anyone will show up to save him.

    but i like him he is good in forcasting and give strange statements.


    i think after watching all that on tv……….u cant blame anyone who has hostility against mqm.

    but if i have hurt anyone i take my words back but this doest apply on altaf churran wala….

  36. Aaj TV rocks. They are running their normal transmission. Geo and ARY are showing this notanki live in detail!

  37. I would like to request the MQM supporters to request AH to always end his speech with “CHORAN LAI LOO”…….He should perform it again and again of the “Farmaish” of his bfoon supporters……..

  38. Correction:
    If you listen to Afridi’s speeach he said:

    “I have nothing againt innocent people of Karachi. If they can cay that send Afghans back to Afganistan then I say evict the murderers and thugs back to India.”

    “They want to break the federation of Pakistan, we will not let these PIMPS succeed.”

    “Yeh chori bhi kartay hain or seena zori bhi kartay hain.”

    This was played live on Geo TV.

    Off course Afridi was talking about the murderers in MQM and not against urdu-speaking people, nor should it be interpretted as such.

  39. ALtaf Hussain f@rting loudly on TV.

    He is literally speaking through his ass.

    Th e MQM workers are castigating him saying “ZUlm kay zabytay hum nahee mantay.”

  40. DONs fear-mongering tactics were in danger of being washed away, hes restoring his “fear-mongering” tactics by holding a Shaam-e-Ghribaan live from his new motherland, otherwise its(fear-mongering) over.

  41. Correction:
    If you listen to Afridi’s speeach he said:

    “I have nothing againt innocent people of Karachi. If they can cay that send Afghans back to Afganistan then I say evict the murderers and thugs back to India.”

    “They want to break the federation of Pakistan, we will not let these P!MPS succeed.”

    “Yeh chori bhi kartay hain or seena zori bhi kartay hain.”

    This was played live on Geo TV.

    Off course Afridi was talking about the murderers in MQM and not against urdu-speaking people, nor should it be interpretted as such.

  42. I would like to request people to restrain from Calling Udru speaking as anti Pakistan, they had sacrified the most to acheive what we call Pakistan today, whole nation owe them big time. We might be good or bad but at the end we all are Pakistani and we have to live together (better peacefully), no one is going to India or Afghanistan.

  43. yaaaar, samjha kero saaarey…sab drama hey Altaf Hussain ka.., He is just doing to cover up for april 9 incident. There is no need to be happy, he will take his resignation back within 24 hours …workers key pur zor israaar per. Sab drama know MQM is notorious for dramas…Readers dont be so innocent….MQM is very cuniing aprty…soon you will hear, he took his resignation back……beleive me….please. Why he did not resign on May 12 incidents….think over it….

    Fully agreed. Alternatively Tafa will remain behind the scenes and STILL run the show. What’s the big deal afterall.
    He does not live in Pakistan
    He does not contest the elections

    So what if he just gives away mere title

  44. Couple of key words:

    – May 12th culpability
    – Extradition for murder
    – Universal Jurisdiction laws
    – The UK finally gets it!

    I am gobsmacked but agree we should be cautiously optimistic…

  45. This is not the first time Altaf bhai has performed this stunt, if you chjeck history, he used to do this in past. Plus sometinmes, one of the important members is kicked out and then after sometime he is pardoned and integrated back..this has happened to Farooq Sattar, Saleem Shehzad, Imran Farooq etc..

    On a side note words like these hurt urdu speakers like me..whatever the context in which they are you ever use send back migrated Punjabis to India or Kashmiris to Srinagar?
    “Evict these criminals back to India. We will not let these p!mps succeed in breaking Pakistan”
    Even for criminals..does any civilized country send its citizen to other land?

    Thus most Urdu speakers have to resort to supporting MQM to safe identity

  46. I don’t know how the goras tolerate this guy in london….he is sounds really “Bakraish”….I just don’t want to think how he speaks English with Goras if he speaks urdu the way he does……

    For All….just imagine…how he will sell “CHORAN” in english…..:-))

    Altaf….please for this forum’s sake please perform and show us how you would sell Choran in English…..that will be a master piece.

  47. yaaro, I called Geo tv and scramed over why geo is giving so much coverage to Altaf don. That person agreed fully with me but he give me a number of 21-111-436-111 and tell operator to direct your call to Editor News Nasir Baig Chightaee. Let us all call there and raise our voice..

    goraas tolerate him i London as he is their agent……

    Altaf churan chatni, manjan farosh, altaf kalia, altaf don…

  48. MQM on the Backfoot
    Hats off to the lawyers for rising up against MQM terrorism from Khyber to Karachi. Even in Karachi they marched to Tahir plaza where 7 lawyers were burnt alive, I salute their courage in standing up to the terrorists.

    Rallies all over the country have placed the mighty MQM on the back foot. That is why ALtaaf had to stage the drame today.

  49. I wish bush offer him a good job in CIA or tony blair give him good package in their war on peace mission as no doubt he has given him UK nationality with 88 cases of murders and terrorism .

  50. @Kruman,
    Do you think protest is bigger then 12 May? No, not all. Even IK threaten them to their core. But they didn’t revised their way and they will not. They don’t what their masters ask them to do. So don’t underestimate Mad-Dogs and Rajni Kant.

  51. forget about londoners i am just wondering about his neighbours. when he crys like bakari what they do. ooooh good line is droped now ….but geo in still holding on with the “hum sab ummeed sa hian” ka kalia redail press kera ga.

  52. It seems to me a DRAMA..
    Why not he retired after 12 October, the worst day than this.

    Looking at the events in Pakistan for past many years, i have started doubting in every thing.

    He and his boss (Uncle SAAM), how can they let such stupid man.

  53. DON its not so simple to sweep April9 under the carpet , you did it on May12 coz IK was alone at that time to raise a voice against you but now the whole lawyers community alongwith civil society is against you. So your shaam-e-gharibaan won’t leave you clean-handed.

    DON its over now, your case is in peoples hands now not in the hands of Balir & Mush anymore.

  54. oh my word, here we go again… now the mqm workers will have carte blanche to unleash thier “anger” all over karachi.. really good con artists.. there thugsters..

    one thing to note however, is that the whole mqm mna’s did not attend the assembly’s session and were called back from islamabad for the party session. may be they were expecting a big turnaround or again may be not ? there’s no limit to where these nincompoops wont go.

    my fingers are crossed.

  55. Good pint savage!

    But today all of Pakistan is united against MQM terrorists from Khyber to Karachi. Their murderous stunts on APril 9th have back-fired. THis is not the 80s when people outside Karachi did not see the dark face of MQM.

    Altaf had to stage some sort of drama.

  56. BitterTruth: you misunderstood (like I did) .. they did not mean all urdu speaking.. they meant this group of thugs that have made jeena doobhar of all pakistan…

    MQM could be a revolutionary party (based on their urban/educated base) but they have been hijacked by bhatta-khore culture (because these people are creuel enough to enforce) ..

    Karachi always was the source of all movements for change in Pakistan.. Zia tried to hijack the conscience of Karachi citizens by creating a Baathist type fascist party and it has just exploited the genuine needs of kHI ppl.

    Even now KHI people should stand up and say no to this violence and inshallah you will see KHI again in forefront of Pakistani politics (not in terror tactics of “unidentifiend men”) I think MQM has done irreprable damage to the interests of “new Sindhis – Urdu Speaking” (for lack of a better word)

  57. Drama Altaf – Big Killer. fooling around with people of Karachi..sitting in london and killing torturing innocent people in karachi. Shame on you and all those so called democratic govts who are keeping and supporting you in london. why American Ambassader meets you for 2 hours and the Malak Qayyum visit you. then these riots start in karachi. What is the game plan?

  58. He is pulling off an AItzaz Ahsan. Farooq Sattar says that all of Rabita Committee will resign if Altaf Hussain does not withdraw his resignation.

    How disgusting! Atleast be original when you stage a drama instead of copying Aitzaz and lawyers.

  59. @aahmad,
    That news was planted only in cheap papers by PPP. Today CH Nisar has delivereed an ultimatum to PPP over the resotration of judges.

    Dawn, Jang and Nation did not carry this news.

  60. @TK,
    MQM has slogan’s which country bitterly needs, they are educated and comunicate way better than others, as you pointed early they are organized as a machine. I think our country needs MQM, but changed one. World is full of example when a violent movement’s turn into to authentic polical parties with lots of success.
    Oct 8th, earthquak proves my point and I has happy to my core with MQM attitude, and thought OK they have realized thier power, now they could embrace the whole country, but 12th may shattered all my hopes like ashes in wind.
    My final thought on MQM, either they don’t have a vision at all or their vision is too different than a common Pakistani. I’ll go with 2nd one.

  61. Leader of this butcher gang did this type of Drama sever times before also. I think now ISI and other agencies of Pak establishment have to take there hands off from these terrorists.

    That is there typical trick that they kill opponents and then claim that victim were there workers and sometime they kill there own supporters and workers to put blame on opponents. I am watching GEO and other networks and they all are showing live transmission from 90 – look how much media coverage MQM terrorists are receiving for wonderful terrorist act of April 2008.

  62. It is weekend today. I was looking for some good stage drama and by coincidence i switched on Geo TV and MQM drama was going on there.
    Thank you Altaf Hussain and MQM, you made my weekend pleasant. I could not stop laughing throughout this drama.

  63. I agree with Saqib that lets wait and see what transpires next. May be he has retired from the leadership but has been nominated as the Chairperson for life by his party or like Aneeza has put, his political hobbies were interfering with his underworld hobbies. Is it possible that he is seriously sick? even then a blood-sucking leech like him would not retire all the sudden.

  64. Mr. Altaf Bhai should be hired by GEO to host the program Sham-i-Ghareeban, on the 10th of Moharram, every year.
    We should not loose such a great emotional orator.
    I noticed the newscaster at the GEO was also weeping on his departure.


    yes mate u r soo right…she is like ….after every second……qauid-e-tahrik naah ya kaha etc…all that bulshit….

  66. See this page (scroll down) for Shoaib Suddle’s “credentials”

    Most recently he’s been supporting the military’s efforts against the “Baloch” insurgency.

    This is NOT GOOD (for Muttahidda).

    Looks like govt’s are realizing they’ll have to do an operation, and they are moving the chess pieces already..

  67. @BitterTruth
    On a side note words like these hurt urdu speakers like me..whatever the context in which they are you ever use send back migrated Punjabis to India or Kashmiris to Srinagar?
    “Evict these criminals back to India. We will not let these p!mps succeed in breaking Pakistan”
    Even for criminals..does any civilized country send its citizen to other land?

    Thus most Urdu speakers have to resort to supporting MQM to safe identity

    I have my full sympathies with you bro. Urdu is our national language and Urdu speakers are our brothers and are citizens of Pakistan just as much as anybody else.

    Its only the criminal elements, may they be punjabi, sindhi, balochi, sarhadee or kashmiri that should be individually targetted. and MQM bhatta khors should NOT be considered the general reps of the entire Urdu speaking community. It also does NOT mean to say that ‘every’ supporter of MQM is a criminal.

  68. now everyone is talkin one fone one to one to altaf bahi and requesting he should rethink about his decison. what the ***k. kya bakwas drama hai…now they are adding star plus flavour as well.

  69. I am not buying this “retirement” thing from this blood-sucking leech Altaf Hussain. Why did he not retire on the carnage of May 12? That was a much bigger event than this one where his party was cought on the camera. He is just putting this show because the next thing that will happen is that thousands of MQM people will come out on streets in Karachi and they will demand him to withdraw his decision. The MQM will then tell people that how much Altaf is loved by the people of Karachi or al least the Mohajir community.

    Something is cooking and it smells like a rotten fish.

  70. Maybe we got happy too soon. Dawn News is reporting that the decision is aleady being reconsidered on the insistence of the party and its workers…

  71. MQM leaders has announed “hunger strike” …hope they die from it…and altaf leaves politics……Khus Kum Jahan Pak…

  72. @savage

    Sorry bro, they will not ever change with current leadership. these are bunch of criminals.
    New leadership is required to have a hope!

  73. they will not come on street. actually geo’s excited sara tariq just said ..altaf already thinking to take his decsion back.

  74. It is really sad that no one in Pakistan actually believes all this Drama Bazi that Mutthidda is doing.. the people have refused to buy any of this garbage cheap drama queen theatrics!

  75. Rajni Kant london wale would never do that, if he was seriouse in this he would have just resigned but instead they put a big time show on Geo. Hypocracy at it’s best, that Rizvi guy was saying to Sadiq Farooq in one of show “Mera Quiad jo kehata hia us pe Qaim rehta hai”

  76. @TK

    Told you hours ago, man Bakray wasted so much time

    “econfused on April 11th, 2008 3:38 pm

    HE will take back the decision, anybody willing to bet?”

  77. geo taza tareen khatam. khaya piya kuch nahi glass tora baar ana.. geo ki poori coverage iss mohawara per poora utarti hai

  78. i was supposed to prepare for my finance exam after reading this news a kept watching geo….and after 3 hours we are right back from where we started…..

    in punjabi we sa….”Jithoo dee khuti utha aah kluti…”

  79. what a cheapster man, trying to grab attention by these notankis. we all know that MQM workers will “force” the b@stard to take back his resignation, and taafoo ghunda will be back again. lets not make a big issue out of this and give him undue importance until we are sure the b@stard has really resigned.

  80. “Altaf Hussain is a big loser and lamer,”Aik number ka dramay Baaz hai” 3Hours tak geo live deakh raha raha hai,SHAME ON to Geo news

  81. I tend to think this is all part of a big plan chaining with Sher Afgan incident and then Malik Qayyum’s meeting with Altaf. They want to distract the attention of public from judiciary issue and portray a failed democracy experiment.

    Gov Punjab Khalid Maqbool stated that “I pray that EXPERIMENT of democracy work this time. As we are having trouble in law and order right now”

    Then Musharraf stated while departing for China “karachi mai jo kuch hua mai iskee IBTIDA karne walo kee Muzammat karta hoon”

    Other loosers like Pervaiz Elahi, Shujaat, Sh. Rashid just coming back on stage with similar threats of civil war.
    And now the second biggest drama baz of the country (J. Salik is first with very close difference) is playing a new move.

    The new coalition government is already on the back-foot with apologetic attitude of PPP in particular blaming PML-Q only that they are taking MQM away from PPP with all these conspiracies.

    So MQM is a 16 year old virgin Mutyar and everyone is trying to attract her but she is playing her own charms. just ridiculous.

  82. has anyone noticed that talat hussain..(an anchor i respect) has of late taken an anti-lawyer movement stance….add to that babar awan’s statements, today’s theatrics against lawyers….and pervert busharaf’s ‘lawyer=anarchy” before leaving for china…

    what is all this a recipe for?? tk??

  83. lol the b1tch has taken the “resignation” back. now we will have to listen to the theatrics of MQM tattas on capital talk about how the great quaid is not hungry for power and he took back the resignation because of workers. what a drama queen this eunuch altaf is.

  84. @savage
    “Hypocracy at it’s best, that Rizvi guy was saying to Sadiq Farooq in one of show “Mera Quiad jo kehata hia us pe Qaim rehta hai””

    This is just to give the chooran l!ckers new script. They know they have been exposed as the culprits. Now they will regurgitate “Agar hum nay 9 April kiya hota to hamaray quaid astifa na detay. Humain to khud bohot afsos hay! Sazish! Sazish! Sazish! Sazish! Sazish! Sazish! Sazish! Sazish! “

  85. @humayun_dgk
    “the bastared will reverse his decision in 15 minutes. I am sure about it.”

    Bro, he did it before you could type “the bastared will reverse his decision in 15 minutes. I am sure about it.” 🙂

  86. @econfused: You got it right bro!

    Maaaan! I was really hoping he’d gotten blood poisoning from that gangrene on his thumb that he still keeps sucking on…

    oh well

  87. @ temporarynick

    “So MQM is a 16 year old virgin Mutyar and everyone is trying to attract her but she is playing her own charms. just ridiculous.”

    lmao ur right bro. thats exactly whats happening, and it makes me sick watching PPP and PMLQ trying to woo MQM. these three parties are the most power hungry bunch you will find, shame that we have such parties representing us. PMLN is the only one that speaks for the nation.

  88. As per, here is the timeline
    19:25 Announced resignation
    21:10 Reconsidering the decision
    21:25 Took it back

    And in exact 2 hrs, he enjoyed free air time on all channels.
    Admin to promote pkpolitics, do you think you should resign the same way…..

  89. sorry yar, acutally , i was drinking Pepsi and in mean time , bastared reverse his decision. He can act much better than Iftikhar Thakur, I am very much worried about Thakur , nasir Chinioty and Nasim Vicky. Now woh will go for their stage darama, when Geo is showing Much more funny darama live and freeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  90. @ Traffic..

    come on mannnn… are bashing PPP for talking sense for the sake of People of Sindh…..when will you stop….even PML (N) is softening its tone towards MQM, watch Khawaja Saad Rafiq’s statements on the recent Live with Taltat and Capital Talk…..

    On top of that you equate PPP with PML (Q) and MQM.. …this is simply ridiculous…..

  91. @humayun_dgk
    These are actors, don’t compare apple with oranges, may be nargis, gulzar (whatelse?) could be compared with this Mujra.

  92. @ Paf123

    i dont want to argue with you jiyalas again. MQM is the murderer of Sindhis and sindhis are outraged at PPP’s alliance with this terrorist mafia. dont give excuses, if PMLN wanted they could take back all lotas and become the biggest party and form the govt. PPP should have stuck to principles as well, they are just a bunch of power-hungry looters. inshallah come next elections and PMLN will get the 2/3rds majority and PPP will be wiped out again.

  93. @nota,
    I don’t think they trust them may be the great Moshe and his masters but not PPP, PML-Q, they might want to use them but that’s different story.

  94. You will need spocast if don’t already have it…

    What a fake show it was on Geo and ARY. Can’t blieve they waisted their 3-4 hrs of live coverage. All channels need to learn a lesson from Aaj TV.

  95. @ Nota…

    Here comes Nota’s PPP bashing….it is not about trust…it is about Keeping the largest city of Pakistan… for the people…Baba PPP Ki Majbori hai…..didn’t you see what MQM is capable of….especially PPP has the experience of dealing with MQM with an iron hand….you saw what happened during the operation….it is good that they are trying something different..hope it works…..

  96. @ establishment

    “not pmln but IK will get 2/3 inshallah”

    lol good joke bro. maybe if IK sticks to NS, they might form a coalition and IK will finally get a ministry. but please dont expect more than that from a tanga party. wait were you really serious about the 2/3rds majority part???

  97. Look my comments above, I said this is only drama, he will take his decision back within 24 hours, so even 2 hours did not pass and decision is back. We are not that lucky to get rid of terrorist..Altaf Hussain churan wala…It is our national bad luck

  98. @Paf123
    Moshe PPP ki majboori, MQM ppp ki majboori, world powers PPP ki majboori!!
    where is the will of People? mandate majboori kewn nahee hai?

  99. @kruman, TK

    I am very disappointed at the very racist attitude of you guys. How can you say “Send these guys back to India” This is not even racist. You guys are being species-ist. What is your problem with Altaf Bhai? Why do you hate MQM so much?

    Is that because you have indigestion? Maybe a little Chooran will help, eh?

    Please don’t ever advocate sending Altaf Bhai and MQM to India. What has India ever done to us to deserve this treatment?

    Jai Kali Mata !!! Jai Altaf Behen !!!
    Chooran Devi Aye Gi, Chooran kha ke Aye Gi !!!
    Shadion me Gaye gi, Raat ko m_rwaye gi !!!
    Kali Maa Shakti De !!! (Indiana Jones, anyone?)

    Kala Shah Kala
    Kala Shah Kala mera kala hai dil dar
    WakeelaN no dafa karo
    Mein aap phati hoi shalwaar
    WakeelaN no dafa karo

  100. @ Traffic..

    I don’t want to argue as well…but you can see what Khawaja Saad Rafiq recently said (bash him for agreeing to talk with MQM..while his NS is saying that he will not talk)…..that answers you PML (N) principal standpoint….they are willing to talk on issues…..

    BTW…I don’t believe there is any thing wrong with it..PML (N) is a political party…and should be willing to talk to all the political and non-political forces in Pakistan…..what is the big deal…

    Regarding you “Inshahla …” I can throw an “Inshahla….” statement back at you as well..but no point….let’s wait for the next election…so chill out……

  101. @establishment: — not pmln but IK will get 2/3 inshallah —

    Yes I agree, IK might, just might, get a 2/3 in the next election. Although if he tries really hard he could get the whole seat as in the 2002 election, rather than the 2/3 that you are predicting.

    Great cricketer by the way, he should have stuck to it.

  102. I sitll say this was not drama.. This was party election MQM style. This will show MQM insiders, who maybe raising voice inside party circles, that he is still the BOSS.

  103. @ savage

    I don’t agree with your statements re majboris…….PPP is a political party and should behave like a political party…which fyi it is doing…you don’t agree fine…but regarding will of the today’s NP…PPP has tabled a bill REPEALING…PEMRA……..Isn’t this will of the people….this just the start……..

  104. @Traffic
    probably i got to excited as IK party is not big but i will not be surprised if he gets 1/2 he will definitly be getting my vote and thousands of young voters like me.

    PMLN has played positive role up to know but restoration is still not done if they do that and get Dr Qadir out of that illegal jail. they will be doing well again. but i think PPP is definilty losing gound as they are not talking any firm stand. probably cauz of mush’s nro so now ‘yaar ka yaar’ zardari is supposed to return the favour.

  105. @establishment

    PML-N will get 2/3. NS will be amee-ul-momineen. We wont need courts . Instead all cases will be handled by ameer-ul-momineen NS and his assistant qazi SS…..Raiwand will be the capital of pakistan..not just that it will new Dubai, New York, Singapore… Everyone will drive a yellow cab…..pakistan will be jannat..

  106. @Paf123
    PPP’s love for moshe and MQM is not digestable, MQM ok I buy your argument. But Moshe as an asset? come on who are PPP is fooling. Problem is, our politician has chicken memory, how quickly they forgot 18 feb, (Anti Moshe vote if someone forgot too)

  107. @Paf123
    Here comes Nota’s PPP bashing….it is not about trust…it is about Keeping the largest city of Pakistan… for the people…Baba PPP Ki Majbori hai…..didn’t you see what MQM is capable of…”

    Sorry but that is one pathetic excuse. Is this what PPP stands for? Then they deserve all the bashing they get, and not just mine. What a great way to establish law and order: make biggest dramay baz criminals your buddies. That sure shows strength, don’t it?

    Please read savage’s comment above as well. Is that bashing or a statement of facts?

  108. @ savage

    That “asset” statement has been fully “denied”…lets’ not bash him for something that has been denied and misquoted….let’s be fair… your fears will be over when judges are restored…let’s wait…

  109. @Rashid

    i am actually supporting IK, regarding NS i just said if he keeps his promises he might do even better in future elections. i think thats just common sense.

  110. MQM is the culprit of 9 April,, They killed the lawyer but they dont know they are killing 5 more peoples and they were from MQM, latter they understand ohhh,, these r MQM peoples, When MQM ghundaas were killing them,,, The were not aware of it,,,, but after that Happend now they brought the mourner realtives of victims on the stage to urge Tafoo, Tamashay wala,, too take his resignation back,,,,, What a Dramay baaz he is,,, As i said MQM=Monkey qa Madari,, Juggler actor, and singer,,, Dramay Baaz,,,,

  111. @ Nota

    Savage’s post answered…….see above….come up a new bashing…am ready for it….OR even better if you are an objective observer…give PPP credit for tabling a bill to repeal PEMRA…..

    I know it won’t happen…..I give credit to PML(N) and all coalition partners who will support to repeal it…….goooo coalition….

  112. PPP ko uski “majboorian” hi le doobain gi. Musharraf is a national asset, Altaf-Zardari bhai-bhai, we will hand over Dr AQ Khan to IAEA, i will let americans bomb Pakistan, minus-one formula for restoration of judges etc. etc. i dont see any future for PPP, specially once the rural areas get access to private TV channels and the remote people there find out what crap they have been voting for.

  113. And in next elections what does ppp expect, that people will vote for zardari?

    There are only two parties which are loyal to Pakistan, PML-N and PTI, and this will be proved in next elections.

  114. each and every successive government has neglected karachi, whereas whenever i visit lahore there is some form of development quite visible.
    MQM were able to pick up the pieces in the past decade and now they have established themselves. Surprisingly, Karachi has seen a surge in development activities like flyovers and bridges the past 2-3 years and thus support has been garnered for MQM.
    We should have dealt with this upcoming menace back in the 90’s, now its tooo late and any1 living in the streets of khi knows that. so its pointless denying their existence or wishing to kill them, they are here to be dealt with.
    They have (on paper) got the votes, so we will have to just focus on tightening rule of law in karachi, that will take care of the bloody riots and the MQM

  115. @Paf123 on April 11th, 2008 6:18 pm
    “@ Nota
    Savage’s post answered…….see above….come up a new bashing…am ready for it….OR even better if you are an objective observer…give PPP credit for tabling a bill to repeal PEMRA….”

    You answered the wrong one. I was talking about “Moshe PPP ki majboori, MQM ppp ki majboori, world powers PPP ki majboori!!
    where is the will of People? mandate majboori kewn nahee hai?”

    No I will not give PPP credit for “repeal PEMRA” As of now they have only repealed post-Nov 3 rules and when asked what about earlier Sherri was clueless / Gabol was clueless and went “Duh! Oh, there is a problem with those? We didn’t know. We are forming a Committee, blah, blah blah”

  116. @nota: I thought the same thing when they said “post nov 3” and I’m thinking .. wadn’t nothing to write home about before nov 3rd neither … !!!

    Also, PPP is pro-establishment to the hilt. I’m sorry, a lot of ppp jiyala’s are after a dream/mirage that died within the first few years of the Bhutto PM ship.. these people are no revolutionaries..

  117. Chalo ji!

    Altaf dramay baaz saw how Aitzaz Ahsan resigned after the SherAfgan incident and then his lawyer supporters forced him to take his resignation back. It built up Aitzaz’s reputation.

    Altaf dramay baaz thought he should do the same. This will do wonders for him as well. But bad news for him. Where people respect Aitzaz Ahsan, they hate Altaf. So when Altaf Chooran did this, everyone saw it for what it was, a drama. And now Altaf Chooran is a joke!

  118. @ nota….your post is nothing but blah blah blah….journalist community is happy with the changes…who the biggest stake holders in this…but nota is not happy…watch out!!!! really…nota we don’t care about blind sarcasm….

    @TK…..i give details about PPP is a revolutionary party..this party has a history of being revolutionary…..but before I get delve deep in this issue…could you please tell me what type of revolutionary are you….who do believe is your leader in your form of revolution…pls. answer by name of the leader…not by rehotric…

  119. @ nota….

    do you really believe in these “Akhbari” stories…..I don’t…… me this is not worth quoting….a story by a “staff reporter or new desk” know these are planted…..AND do not tell me you are going to base your criticism of PPP on this story…..Waste of time…sheer waster of time….

  120. @ Khan.

    Despite being NON-sindhi, NON-Karachi-ite, i see sense in your comments. I think a common pakistani loves development ANYWHERE in the country as its the country that gets the benefit.

    However, the problem is that MQM itself is a MAJOR obstacle in the rule of law by opposing re-instatement of judges. Their myth of contradicting COD by reinstating CJ and the deposed judges has also been busted by Athar Minallah who said:

    the 17th amendment ruled that those who took oath under first PCO of Mushy would be deemed to have taken oath under the constituution

    Thus, MQM should STOP blowing the trumpet of a clause of COD that they themselves shirk from signing because they have been knocked out even legally now.

    But will they have any guts and accept it, NO.

  121. This damn fool again caused me a red face. I had a bet with my wife that AH will take back his resignation within 2 days while my wife was insisting that he will be back within and hour or two and you know who won 🙁

  122. @ Shaz

    There is a site

    They put up most of pakistans cricket matches for free. But it is not live, the videos appear usually 1-2 days later.

  123. he is a britisch national he have to be loyel with queen he can participat in uk politics and can learn to defend uk or he can work for briton as 007 aganist pakistan.he is a terrorist and mqm leadership also they alwase work aganst pakistan they killed pakistani nationals on many times

  124. This is not new on the part of altaf……. …he has done such drama’s previously too……This is a very good way to be in the news…….. Haider Abbas Rizvi deputy parliamentry leader of MQM in National Assembly has said that altaf will take his decision back…..

    Any person who has followed MQM ‘s politics could have easily judged about the outcome of altaf’s drama……. ……nothing new MQM is trying to blackmail govt in order to be a part of treasurary benches in Sindh….Infact MQM is the only party who has been in govt in all previous govt’s…… ..1988 with PPP, 1990 with PML-N, 1993 with PPP,1997 with PML-N, 2002 with PML-Q……. .so for MQM what matters is ministries and power……. ..


  125. The MQM people were killed by terrorist of MQM itself. The Terrorists were sent by MQM karachi headquarter, with target but the loss was there own. Now what Altaf Hussain had the way? but just to do this all drama.

  126. Oh please, for God’s sake please don’t resign. What are we going to do with the black phone reserved for your cries, reminiscent of Hitler’s speeches?

  127. “Jo kehtaa hai voh kartah hai
    do ghanTay naKhra kartah hai…
    phir apni baat say phirtaa hai”

    hahaha 90 minutes meN phir gaya apni baat say.. vaah.. mard kaa bachcha hai

  128. @paf123: My leader will be..

    are you ready?

    MEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!! No one in Pakistan has the ba!!s to bring about revolution…

    I just gotta finish this maths assignment and bring milk from the store.. then I’m SOO READY for revoution…

    p.s. WADR, your question doesn’t make any sense.. what difference does it make whether or not I have revolutionary leader or what party I’m from.. You just want to attack whoever I say is my leader. Okay so I say Altaf Hussain Urf Chooran Vali Sarkar is my Inqilabi leader. .. go nuts! hit em hard..

  129. I think GEO have to give MQM coverage otherwise they will shut down its transmission in Karachi & Hyderabad.
    Another aspect is security of its staff members.

  130. Guys that was 90 minutes drama held in 9zero live from London by Altaf.

    Their is a whole Leadership team of MQM is present in London. They don’t want to come to pakistan and at the same time dictate the party from London. I cann’t understand how the leadership in London can understand the hatered for MQM from all over Pakistan except few URBAN sindh where they have support of some criminal workers.

    So much hatered i have seen among people from NWFP, Punjab, Azad kashmir infact all over the pakistan but they still try to make people fool.

  131. “So much hatered i have seen among people from NWFP, Punjab, Azad kashmir infact all over the pakistan but they still try to make people fool.”

    This is exactly what MQM leadership has been trying to do for the last few years, is to create the hatered among the other parts of the country to make it easy to accomplish their mission, which is to break Karachi from Pakistan.

    What MQM leadership is doing is part of the plan and they are quite smart people as most people think. They have given a mission and they are working on the script given to them.

  132. @Traffic
    DOesnt matter whether IK or NS get 2/3rd coz they they both share common menifesto.
    Only difference being Ik has got CLEAN SLATE while NS is trying to wash out irrefutable stains from his stature.

  133. What a drama by altaf bhai, Can you believe that he is going to leave that billions of rupees that he earned in karachi through bhutta. It is like Pakistan Army telling that they will leave politics.

  134. @TK

    No political party that takes part in electoral process regularly in a federation like Pakistan, can claim to be revolutionary. I agree with you that PPP is no more a revolutionary party but it was one at its inception but once it participated in elections it transformed into a progressive party believing in EVOLUTIONARY politics.
    The only self pro claimed permenantly revolutionaries in Pakistan belong to Jamaat e Islami.

    And by the way revolutions are not brought about but are rather high jacked by ‘revolutionary parties’.

  135. Listen to Altaf’s latest Oscar winning drama:
    Who said he doesn’t like lawyers? Why else would he make a fool out of himself by trying to copy Aitzaz’s unprecedented example of self-accountability? Did anyone for a second thought Don Altaf was actually going to leave Pakistanis in peace by resigning?

  136. LOL!!! Altaf is a real life cartoon. U know he reminds me of a “bandar”..becoz jitni bhi koshish kar lo bandar , bandar hi rahay ga. I was so happy when he was resigning and I actually thought that now mqm would have to turn towards selling choran to do their business..but I guess there is too much money in batha collection for them to resist. One question which of the extremely important personalities persuaded him to take back his resignation…and that in 90 mins (its a world record guys) Anyways this has to be the second best joke of the year. No.1 obviously goes to arbab rahim getting a smack on his face with a shoe.

  137. @TomCat111 — thanks for posting.. I feel bad for MQM supporters.. “Worst father of the nation EVVURRR!!!”

    @dmin: I think this gem of a performance MUST .. (aur main ASRAAR.. I mean ISRAAR karta hooN) be preserved for future generations.

    Please post this whole speech.. for the love of gawd! Do not Tarry! this is exactly what ALL of Pakistan needs to see. He did more damage to his cause in 1 hour than 10 gangs of roaming killers with phosphorus bombs could ever do in a week.

    Bravo Geo for this public service.

  138. @TomCat111,
    I just listened to this drama but could not understand most of it and it is not because of the quality of the video, it is because of the way Altaf was talking in his typical “Bakra” style. Now I realize why he had ordered torturing of a lot of MQM party workers? it was because they asked him to listened to his voice on tapes and when he did, he got so angry by hearing his own voice (not a surprise there :-)) that he punished those party workers by ordering his sector inchanges to drill in their knees, pull their nails, or even kill them. The killing was ordered for those who tricked him in listening to the entire tape of a speech. 🙂

    If there is an MQM supporter here, I have to ask you seriously, what Charisma do you see in this clown that you follow him. Now it is even more clear why his wife left him? because he started making these noices while sleeping and sometimes even you know when ….. 🙂

  139. Altaf will never resign just like he will never again set foot in Karachi. He’ll live in his mansion, eat good food and get fatter. He’ll continue giving outrageous speeches in his scary voice and his workers will have blind loyalty forever. There’s nothing anybody can do about this.

  140. @ TK

    you specialize in beating about the bush and not give a straight answer….i don’t have time to waste… are better off doing your math assignment….

  141. @ adeel ayub

    IK having a clean slate…..wowwww….he has a illegitimate daughter from Seta White…..married a jew……supported Mush……..Still a clean slate….Mannnn…. Khuda aisi “clean slate” kisi dusman ko be na dee….

  142. @commoner: pretty much agree with your sentiments on revolution and JI, but I would like to differ on the take re: PPP. I would welcome an evolutionary party as you rightly said no revolutions ever sustain themselves, but they seem to have not stopped their downward spiral into the arms of the so called proxies called ‘establishment’. Right now they are not that far from Q as long as they keep appeasing Mush and keep giving him time to regroup.. this is exactly why we’re seein the resurgence of the mafias and even fazlu is doing his part to undermine the alliance.. this is all because of the cocka-mamey policies of PPP so far.. .. or maybe I’m just losing my mind.

    I hope all this “magic” is worth it because I think in a year and a half this govt will be out on it’s bum.. the time to show a break from the past was now (not revolution, but a decent, measured, assertive and decisive stand) and PPP has handed that chance to PML-N on a platter.

    PS. I’d like to add that they _never_ were a revoutionary party.. they had some slogans here and there and comparatively it may have seemed like the revolution but other parts were missing — Bhutto wasted no time in purging any leftist/progressive elements and promoting sychopantic retards like Khar and Kasuri.. and they got him killed in the end. So I guess it evened out, but Pakistan got shafted one more time.

    Bhutto also tried to be the Pakistani Castro.. but because of the lack of a fundamental understanding of resistance to empire from the disadvantaged class’s perspective, he never progressed beyond the mao jacket, and cap and maybe ludicrous things like nationalizing industry without any plan to actually manage it.

  143. @Paf123
    So what is wrong with marrying a Jewish person? Aren’t Jews Ahl-e-Kitab? If he has an illegitimate child then that is between him and God. And you forgot to mention his biggest sin/crime of all that no one has been able to commit in Pakistan, established the ONLY cancer hospital and provide free services to poors and now he is extending that hospital to Karachi. As for supporting Mush, he has already appologize for that on national TV.

  144. @ Amir Hameed

    Although, I disagree with things you said but in order to keep the discssion to the point, I take whatever you said on the face of it as Ok….but then one can not argue that he has a “clean slate”……he does not have a clean slate…

  145. @Paf123
    I respect your disagreement. I am sure that you will also agree that no one has a clean slate here. To me, if someone learns from his/her past mistakes and tries to change path, to me that is what we need.

  146. @ Amir Hameed

    I agree. That is exactly my point…that no one has a clean slate…but some of the forum members (not you) protray their leaders as frishtas..I diagree with the approach……

  147. @paf123
    @Amir Hameed

    Exactly, no one is an angel. First we have to admit that we commit mistakes from time to time. What is important is that we don’t commit mistakes by will, and secondly the mistakes we have commit we should admit them and learn from them- without that we cannot develop as human beings or as a nation. Thirdly we also have to take age/maturity/wisdom factors in to account. As time passes those people who has intellect, wisdom, will power, honesty and desire to develop will keep on learning and better their performance. Look at PML-N. Is it the same party as 10-15 years ago? In my opinion “NO”. It seems like they have (hopefully) seen the light. I have seen several PML-N leaders openly admitting past political mistakes (Last time it was Khawaja Saad Rafique in “Off the record”, 10. April 2008). If they are admitting mistakes with a clean heart then all of us should salute their statements and wish them best of luck. The same is the case with IK. He may have had personal mistakes in his private life. In my opinion it is not fair to discuss that on this forum. Nor the case of IK, NS or anybody else. IK has also made political mistakes (not cheating or corruption), f.ex. supporting the ´99 coup and in my opinion he should be alert regarding JI to avoid a future mistake. Be aware of these bearded gangsters.


  148. @Tk

    Comparing PPP with Q league on Mush is not fair, while Q league was claiming to have in-uniform president for twenty years, PPP actually made Musharraf shed “his skin”, yet it was amusing to see Main sb claim ‘dekha na nawaz sharif aya hay to utar gayi hey na wardi’- taaliaan.

    As far as Fazloo and likes are concerned I believe their relevance must be viewed in the backdrop of 58-2B and Musharraf’s possible impeachement.

    PPP would be as close to a revolutionary party as you can have in parlimentary democracy. Focusing on Kasuri and Khar and overlooking Faiz and Fraz , Meraj Khalid and Hanif Ramay is only highlighting one aspect of a multi faceted phenomena that PPP was in Bhutto’s time.

    Parlimentary politics is not live reality show with definite results by the end of the week. ‘It is the art of the possible,the attainable- the art of next best.’

  149. folks

    Instead of posting messages on this forum against Altaf dakoo. Can we devise a strategy to expose this man’s crime and intentions? Internet has made this world as a global village. I’m sure using internet and technology we can spread the truth about this clown.


    Can you open a topic where people can suggest how to expose Alttaf Hussain’s crimes and let’s spread the word.

  150. Hey anone knows where is Optimist…….he use to make good solid points about MQM and show a strong reaction against MQM….. MQM “nai usee be kahin paar na kar dia hoo”….Optimist if you are or any of your friends is reading this respond……….

  151. @commoner: yeah.. comparing with Q was harsh.. I realized it after submitting the comment.. but some things really irk me and those are the “continuation” and “appeasement” policies that PPP seems to have undertaken.

    Maybe I haven’t studied the leadership too closeley but aside from Aitezaz Ahsan.. I really haven’t noticed anyone on the talk show circuit that actually makes sense (from a change perspective) On the other hand at least Javed Hashmi, Saad Rafique and Kh Asif seem (emphasis on “seem”) to be making the right noises.

    I discovered something from reading Javed Hashmi’s book (takhta-dar kay saai talay) and a letter in there from Saad Rafique to Javed Hashmi. The geopolitical analysis of these guys is bang on, and they seem to be willing to do something about it. Even Javed Hashmi’s speeches from GW-I almost a decade ago had the Oil thesis and more than that the “Israel bachao – islam khudday lain laggwa’o” policy that the US & mmm hmm hmmm seem to have been executing.

    PPP leadership, when compared to these leaders in PML-N and PTI etc. seems to be clueless.. they still talk about local issues, and terrorism in the same context that negroponte et. al want them to talk in.. but that path leads to our eventual dismemberment through destruction of our institutions (Military included — we desperately need it IMO).

    This is my main beef with PPP, they talk about democracy but they treat the party like a jageer. (sorry I just can’t get over it). And I am a jaddi pushti pippla (or used to be). I know the kind of sacrifices people have made for PPP and the betrayals they’ve had to face some times as the party continued it’s journey towards status quo all the while shedding any real ideological element that was left behind… (no doubt the heinous time of Zia had something to do with it too.. but if the party had a negative feedback loop, it would still be a real power to behold).

    I agree about NS trying to take credit for uniform.. typical politician rhetoric.. though I like his consistent stand.. but you know he’s not in full power yet, so his true colors will not start to show until after there is a new equilibrium.

    I subscribe to the same view re: alliance with Fazlu & MQM, but Zardari’s got to realize that these forces are corrosive! They need to be used and jettisoned… they are all the while playing fifth columnist inside the “PDA” (first I heard of that in the PM’s speech)

    Good thing you mentioned Faiz, Ramay and Meraj.. The thing is they were “the losers” in the power struggles within the party.. just like “uncles” were the losers in the early Benazir years… I have admitted it to myself that PPP was handed over down the bloodline just like the royal throne.. (all the excuses in the world will not convince me it shouldn’t /couldn’t be done democratically)…

    I agree with your last comment dude, but I think Asvandyar Wali Khan from Pukhunkhwa said it best when he said “Mufaahmat aur Bay-Ghairati maeN farQ hota hai” .. hope we stay on the mufahamat side and never cross into the bay-ghairati terrirotry.

    I’m ever distrustful of those we give power to.. so I’m always watching .. freaking out at the first sign of deviation.. maybe all that chicken-little’ism will help in a small way some day 🙂

  152. Ca any one see the similarities between Altaf and Aitezaz Bhai?

    1. They resign under the influence (of emotions of course) and when they get isenses and realize the blunder don, immediately go in reverse gear

    2. They both are so worried that if they resign, every one on earth will go with them

    3. They both behave like ‘king’ and dictate the duely elected parliament kinowing that nation does not listen to them

    4. Aitezaz has done to judges what Altaf has done to Karach. i.e. big slogans but end of the day judges are losers like people of Karachi.

  153. It is a stunt again by a criminal. Geo must be ashamed of to give this non-sense so much coverage which he hardly deserve. But those people who think that Altaf still control MQM are mistaken. The MQM is really controlled by Ishrat, Sattar, Haider, Waseem and alike whose sole speciality is the extortion of money. Altaf just watch Geo all the time and issues statements. He is being reduced to a formal head only. The real power base lies with these four criminals. They are doing their best to confuse the nation on May 12 massacre with the help and assistance of Geo TV. But thanks to the brilliant efforts of Imran Khan, Aaj TV and now PML(N) MQM stand exposed on the national front. Now these criminals are doing everything at the instigation of serlf-serving President and USA to destablize the democratic process. The PPP leadership has been entraped once again. PPP must come out of illusion and take decisive steps on issues of restoration of judges, impeachment of the President, abolition of 58 2 b and a public audit of defence expenditure in the last ten years. The aid which military received from america must also be publicised and audited. In this way the forces of authoritarianism can be exposed and weakened.

  154. @ Saqib thair

    YOU are wrong! Altaf is a dakoo, murderer, rapist, blackmailer, on the run and God knows what…

    Aitzaz is a leading a popular movement backed by millions of Pakistanis. Aitizaz is a person with clean past and present. What does your Altaf bhai offer???

  155. What a fiasco. Did Altaf actually think people would believe that he was GENUINELY resigning? Moron.

    The only thing I can agree with him on is his anti-nawaz stance. Both Nawaz and Altaf are third grade politicians with nothing but self-interest in mind.

  156. Altaf is just playing a Drama. MQM is branded as a terrorist organization by Canada. He is killer of innocent Pathans, the labourers who builds Karachi roads and drives Rikshaws. He killed innocent Punjabi Villagers who were working in he scorching sun for Railway Tracks. This Baster will go to HELL along with other MQM criminals and their BABA Musharrafff.

  157. my understanding about karachi people is that they are literate people. but whenever i see their representation by so called altaf bhai. I think every literate person can judge his daramas…..its discusting.

  158. I think it is time to let the Karachi go. It has turned into a liability and a major source of instability for the entire country. Just give the MQM strongholds to these butchers and let them make another country (Altafistan).

    Sooner than later they would be slitting each other’s throat. But this time, don’t let ANY OF THEM sneak into Pakistan. Unfortunately this is the only way out.

  159. @drzeato
    I agree with you analysis but you forgot to mention JinnahPur and UrduDesh with Altafistan. I have a complain too Brother
    Punjabis and Pathans and Baluchis were living in Karachi long before Muhajirs immigrated by Shaheed Millat Shahib. I think Altaf and his Junita should be thrown to the Ariabian Sea. How about this…..

  160. @ Jamshed Khan

    These are shameless people. They would go on rampage like Rawandans. And then some sh!t hole military dictator would use it as a pretext.

    And I was not talking about the entire Karachi, but only the MQM pockets, with walls all around. We’ll see how they would survive more than a year or so.

  161. @aahmed,
    I agree with what you said about Altaf. When BB and NS took actions against MQM the whole press criticized BB and NS. BB and NS governments were dissolved and the ‘honorable honest angels judges’ in their decisions blamed BB and NS.

    I bet if PPP starts a Pucca Qila operation again, all PPP haters will be in forefront to defend MQM.

    Regarding Aitezaz, I like this guy and his commitment for democracy, rule of law and human rights. He is a true PPP Jiyala in all sense. He did very well in ‘real lawyers movement’. He was supported by PPP and 99% of deaths and casualities were suffered by PPP workers. Not a single worker of IK, Jamaat, NS or APDM gave his life.

    He should have kept low profile after that. But all pre-Nov3 actions by him were complete non-sense. He got nothing except losing not only CJ but 60 more judges.

    His second stupidly wrong decision was to boycott elections on instigation of IK and Qazi.

    Aitezaz Ahsan cannot win any seat without PPP or NS support. He also cannot go with people like IK and Qazi. I bet.

    People of Pakistan rejected his vision and leadership in elections along with Mush, Q-league, IK and Qazi by ignoring boycott call.

    Mixing lawyer’s movement with politics is a very big mistake.

    Mandate of people is with parliament not with AA. AA is begging for PPP ticket now. Judges and AA are free not because they are powerful but because they are freed by YRG. Judges will be restored not because of pressure but because of political will of parliament.

    AA and lawye should understand that parliament is supreme and it has every right to solve the crisis they way they feel best. This is a political issue and political issues cannot be solved on street. If he does not respect parliament, then what is difference between him and Mush or PC judges?

    Zardari likes AA. That is the reason he went to his house to condole BB’s death. Has this kind of gesture ever happened before in history?

    IK, Qazi and other establishment agents wants to break PDM alliance. I hope they will not succeed. NS understands this. I hope AA understand this as well.

  162. altaf kutta leaves for few minutes and look at the coverage he got in today’s Jang newspaper…

    geo and jang owners are wondering that in wht other way they could lick altaf’s balls in order to please him and mentally torture ppl of Pakistan

  163. There is no doubt that MQM was created by ISI in Zia days (1985) to counter PPP in Sindh. Zia was worried that Jamaat lost its base in Karachi due to alliance with Zia. Mohajirs always kept them seperate from rest of the country. They never join national mainstream parties.

    MQM learned all its violant methods from student politics. They had to deal with Jamialt Tulba with guns. Now it is part of thir culture.

    Burning people alive or brutal torture is part of mohajir political culture. !!1960’s riots against Pathans, 1972 ethnic riots against Sindhies, 1986 riots against all non-Mohajirs were no less brutal than May 12 or Nov 9.

    BB and NS crushed MQM but they had to face a bigger monster in the shape of Jamaat Islami. They can also burn people alive in Mcdonald or KFC whenever they need to prove their strength.

  164. @saqibtahir
    You must be sleeping while writing the above comments.

    “I agree with what you said about Altaf. When BB and NS took actions against MQM the whole press criticized BB and NS. BB and NS governments were dissolved and the ‘honorable honest angels judges’ in their decisions blamed BB and NS.”

    It seems like you are supporting the dissolution of BB and NS governemnts in the past by Ghulam Ishaq and Laghari (To you both these presidents might belong to the ANTI-ESTABLISHMENT)

    “He should have kept low profile after that. But all pre-Nov3 actions by him were complete non-sense. He got nothing except losing not only CJ but 60 more judges.”

    So you are blaming him that Musharraf aboraged the constitution, sacked the judiciary, banned the media, voilated the law. Because of AA. Very thought provoking idea on your part i must say. But would you enlighten all of us with your intellect which actions of AA caused all this.

    “His second stupidly wrong decision was to boycott elections on instigation of IK and Qazi.”

    I am not sure what the word supidity means to you. But he took a stand and stick to it on matter of principles.

    “Aitezaz Ahsan cannot win any seat without PPP or NS support. He also cannot go with people like IK and Qazi. I bet.”

    FYI, AA left PPP in 77 when he was a provincial minister protesting police fire on lawyer rally. He elected to NA 3 times on PPP ticket from Lahore which is considered as PML-N GARH. Dude i advice you never visit any casino, your betting style suggest you will be broke in minutes.

    “People of Pakistan rejected his vision and leadership in elections along with Mush, Q-league, IK and Qazi by ignoring boycott call.
    Mandate of people is with parliament not with AA. AA is begging for PPP ticket now. ”

    These are very inside stories you are disclosing. How do you know AA is begging for PPP ticket? And everyone with little bit wisdom know that it was lawyers’ movement which brought the change in people thinking which resulted in 18th Feb mandate.

    “IK, Qazi and other establishment agents wants to break PDM alliance. I hope”

    So you have identified two establishment agents. The people who have been fighting against the dictator. Again i doubt if you know meaning of word ESTABLISHMENT.

    Anyways, I enjoyed reading your comment. Keep posting.

  165. @Saqibtahir,
    You have stated above:
    … Not a single worker of IK, Jamaat, NS or APDM gave his life. …

    With reference to IK, his party does not bear arms and therefore has never been engaged in any armed encounter with anyone. That is the reason why his workers have never been killed or have killed anyone. On the other hand, PPP, MQM and JI workers carry arms and use them and that is why there are casualties.

  166. Daily News reports:”Altaf offers unconditional friendship to Nawaz”\12\story_12-4-2008_pg1_5

    The following is an interesting excerpt.

    “Even if Nawaz chooses to curse at me, I offer him my unconditional friendship,” he told several hundred MQM supporters, leaders and Rabita Committee members on Friday at the MQM headquarters Nine-Zero, Geo News reported. “I am even prepared to join the PML-N to keep the peace,” he added.

  167. In all this drama I think I heard Altaf saying that;

    “because the initial reports on media were wrongly saying many of our legal aid committee have been killed in the attack on their peaceful demonstration in Karachi, our Awam went out and reacted violently…… then the leadership of MQM failed in Karachi to stop this reaction in time, which resulted in ………… this is why I have no option but to resign ……….”

    If the new national / provincial set up has the will, they should form an independant investigation into this 3 hour MQM drama, and will find open confessions. Altaf seems to now be blaming the media for inaccurate reporting and accepting that it incited his masoom “Awam” to do all that happened in Karachi.

    As for wasting TV time, ARY Oneworld and GEO both gave uninterupted live coverage to this “huge event”.
    I think it’s at least further cleared the view of the vast majority of viewers and observers as to how dramatic and immature this party (MQM) is. Many of the MQM “Awam” could be seen on camera laughing & enjoying the entertainment value during the “highly emotional” speech of their “Qaid – Bhai”.

  168. I think most of the comments are very clear and they know Altaf hussain very tell, that he will just acting and he will take his decision back, which he took withing one hour of resignation.

    I will also say to him, now he should come to pakistan and do politics here. Before he used to say to Nawaz and Benazir to come to pakistan.

    Now, its time for him to reutun back to Pakistan.

    Geo should be more liberal, they should present those who are liked by people and should not play in the hands of some people. Otherwise people have other options to watch, like Aaj tV

  169. Thanks to Allah that Altaf Hussain is still our leader and we respect him. People dont like him that is why on his call millions of people gather? People dont like him that is why Mqm is in assemblies and as far as i know people gave their votes to elect and send that person to assemblies it is not given in a plate.Now its time to wash up our brains and accept the reality that Mqm is main stream political party of Pakistan either one should believe or not but President,Prime Ministers,Chief Ministers and many others believe this,agreed on this,accepted this and admit this “MQM HAS GOTTEN PEOPLES MANIDATE”.

  170. @Anita,

    well, When I try to enter the fool’s paradise, I usually take Ashwariya Rai with me, even though my nick is Saint. As your nick suggests that you are female, How come you didn’t choose Shahrukh Khan, instead of Altaf Hussain, when you entered the fool’s paradise.

    “People dont like him that is why on his call millions of people gather?”

    Its the basic rule of nature. Not even a worst of evil goes without any follower. Abu-Jhal ko bhi kafi follower mill gaye the. Mirza Ghullam Ahmed Qadiyani also got many supporters. Being able to gather a crowd isn’t the only scale to judge a leader.

    “People dont like him that is why Mqm is in assemblies and as far as i know people gave their votes to elect and send that person to assemblies it is not given in a plate”

    MQM is in assemblies because of pure and simple TERRORISM. MQM ghundas gave votes to themselves. Even the curroupt chaudhri’s and your dear mush couldn’t win elections in punjab after massive rigging because they only relied on rigging unlike MQM, which relied on AK47.

    MQM is a main stream terrorist party. thats their only qualification PERIOD.

  171. @Saint
    Anita is just warming you up. We know Nazia Hassan loved this Maddari too, and look what he did to her. The whole Pakistan knows this ISI creature has hijacked Karachi and has terrorrised the whole city. Muhajirs deservs Altaf Hussain, he did not dleiver UrduDesh or Jinnahpur or Altafistan, but at least encapsulated Karachi from the rest of Pakistan because Muhajirs are the only Para Likka Tabqqqaaa. Didn’t you see the muhajir women rigging elections ballots on elections day. I ‘m very happy that ISI basters has done one thing right in the history of Pakistan and that was the gift of this Mustiqal Qumi Musibat to Karachities. Shaheed Millatt Liaqiat Ali Khan brought them in whole sale from India and then each matric pass Muhajir got District management positions throughout Pakistan. The only people that suffered in 1947 Partition were the East Punjabis from the hands of Sikhs. These other SUCKERS are what can I say brother…..

  172. @anita

    mqm’s mandate…my foot…ppl of karachi are bullied by mqm terrorists …so to save their families they vote for mqm…and those who dont vote, mqm terrorists poll their vote themsleves…

    bring your leader altaf miraasi to pakistan to lead you guys…but NO you guys want him to sell his chooran from london…because you know he’ll be dead as soon as he comes to pakistan…

    and once he’s dead then where would ppl like you buy his chooran from?

  173. @Kruman
    I think MQM donot represent all mahajirs and even all mahajirs don’t like him. Plz Avoid ethnic talks. i am basically from lahore and we all are equal citizens of Pakistan. i request admin to block such statement if any one talk like that.
    MQM get seats in parliament due to its terrorism and election riging in karachi and there are lot more tactics they use to promote themselves.


    Its MQM way of politics to spread hatered and do ethnic politics.

  174. What was Altaf bhai thinking when he resigned? He should have taken back the resignation at least after a couple of days. Altaf bro should resign and go back to driving Taxis.

    PPP are not going to restore the judges. If they were serious they would have done it by now. Zardari should go back to stealing goats.

  175. DramayBaz SOB!! I think Mr. Justice Iftikhar Ch. should took very first sou motto action against geo for PUNISHING the masses with Altaf’s ugly speech!!

  176. @wiqi

    If we don’t have the courage to stand tall against the culprits (MQM) the whole nation will become “unknown” in the world history. How much significance does nations have in the history books (if any), which has the existence of a may fly (historically)


  177. April9 was more severe than May12. But one thing happened this time was different that MQM & his DON would never have expected & that was the furious reaction of the lawyers & civil society nationwide against the barbaric acts of MQM under the guidance of DON.

    Lets see how the coalition parties PPP, PMLN, ANP & JUIF condemn MQM & DON or keep silent like PMLQ & Mush.

  178. The six lawyers including Mr Abbasi were burnt alive by MQM basters and the whole nation knows it, yet everyone is silent including the ruling parties and the Media. Even a new born would say MQM, Harrammiis , butta khoor, terrorists did this heinous crime. Laannnitt Mustiqibal Qumi Musibat. There will rise a SON of PAKISTAN and INSHALLAH will crush these MQM basters and throw them into Arabian Sea forever……

  179. MQM propaganda machine is very active and outspoken. They show themselves always Mazloom. They clain in each incident in Karachi whoever was killed was MQM worker or supporter. Now Pakistani society should also reply them with protests and expose them to the people of Pakistan.

    We should send reports to British, Canadian, US and European Immigration offices, MQM terrorists show themselves mazloom and get assylem in these countries. I will today gather different reports online and send to Canadian Border Service Agency. There was a time when U.S consulate in Pakistan used to issue visas to MQM terrorists even on the signature chit issued by MQM mafia. Can any body tell me who was MQM terrorist who hid in the US consulate in Karachi for one year and then he US allowed him to leave through Iran, Turkey and then he took flight to USA. Dear friends, you decide these people are agensts of anit Pakistan forces..please if any one know name of that person. mention here

  180. Someone posted earlier that MQM snatched the dead bodies and took them to nine-zero for namaz-e jinaza. Guys, you know MQM murdered each single personality who has his own circle of followers of he has political or religious influence. They killed Jamaat Islami leaders, Governer Hakeem Saeed, Salah-ud-Din Editor Takbeer, Jama-e- Banoria scholar. If you remember, in 90’s they even started killing defence forces personnels, that was reason for operation in 1992. Do you know, they killed all the police inspectors one by one now who contributed in that 1992 operation…trust me, they killed all one by one. The also killed army majors who tookd part in operation, I was 20 year old at that time, I still remember all what happend at that time.

  181. @anita..
    my gf is urdu-speaking .she says her brothers and his friends were forced at point to give mqm vote at the polling station.
    when u praise altaf hussain as a leader of ur ethnicity..u should not forget that he murdered the very same ppl he represents and terrorises them on daily basis. Hazrat Ali said that kufaar ka nazaam chal sakta hai laikin zulm ka nahin. MqM must not push the ppl of khi to the edge that these poor ppl take law into their own hands to get justice. As u can see they already have started to do that. Zalim aur zulm jab aroooj par phonch jaiye tou khud apnay aap ko mata daita hai.

  182. @iqbal7200
    I completely agree with u. I grew up in khi myself and i remember a rocket attack on pns dilawar engineering college which killed 2 guards. Also they had killed a Pakistan Navy officer who was travelling in a local bus and bullet riddled his body. I remember they had also made attempts at naval HQ near saddar and targetted navy school vans carrying the children of naval officers. The attack on the school bus happened right before my eyes near St Pauls saddar, and the guys were shouting slogans against govt and army. I was 13 then. These navy ppl were not even involved in the operations.

  183. @iqbal7200 ,

    Can u tell which court convicted MQM for these murders ?

    Go on shouting your sterotype allegations. U will find a lot of supporters here. 🙂

  184. @askhan
    Well can u tell me which court has actually labelled MQM as a terrorist organisation?
    U say u r a supporter…its not something to be proud of. Infact no person with shame and self-respect can support MQM. Having said that , I do believe MQM has extensive terror network and has hundreds of retards to carryout its dirty work…in other words they r wat u call “supporters”. However , while ur no.s go in hundreds… the rest of pakistan which is in crores despises MQM for wat it actually is.A piece of advise for all MQM supporters.. if u dont fear the consequences of ur actions atleast have some faith in God and fear his wrath for terrorizing His poor people.

  185. I ask my Pakistani brothers in Pakistan and all over the world to save us Karachi residents from MQM. Please help us.

    If one speaks against MQM in Karachi, their friends and families are constantly threatened. If they don’t stop, they are beaten up and robbed. If they still resist they are eventually murdered. These terrorists have hi-jacked our city.

    Please, please, please help us. We all appreciate whatever Imran Khan is doing. He is a true brave hero.

    Most urdu-speaking people are fed up with MQM. We only wish death for its terrorist rulers and workers. But we are powerless and constantly under threat. Even people’s party is openly supporting MQM.

    Arbab Ghulam should have been tried in court for slapping and abusing a media person. The man constantly threatened people and talked in an extremely abusive manner. As for Sher Afghan, he should have been hanged by the courts. The man used to constantly threaten the Judicial system of the country. These men (and other thugs of Musharraf, especially the ones here in Karachi) deserve a lot worse than a few slaps or broken bones.

    May Allah give Musharraf and his thugs the worst diseases so they die a slow and painful death and become an example for all. May Allah serve infinite justice as He is the only one who can do so. Amin.

    I can’t believe that I just said such a prayer, but I am just sick and tired with all of these in injustices. Some times I wish the same for Zardari. The real people’s party is now Fatima Bhutto, Aitizaz Ahsan, Raza Rabbani and a few others. Zardari is being supported only by the power hungry, greedy self-interested sects of the PPP.

  186. @mandark

    I ask my Pakistani brothers in Pakistan and all over the world to save us Karachi residents from feduals and extermist

    I ask Pakistani brother save pakistan from Feduals and from family ploiticain (phalay baap phir baita phir behan phir bhai kia sirf yeh hee PM CM aur parliment banay gey ki gareeb pakistani ka koi haq nahi hai)

    i Invite all Pakistani and all world to come and see karachi look how mush development MQM did in his 2.5 years (Roads Bridges Underpasses Fly overs swerage line water lines ) We had not seen this much work since the birth of Pakistan (60 saal mein itnay kam nahi howai jitnay sirf 2.5 years mein ho gaya)

    Pls come and compare current karachi with past u will find HUGE HUGE HUGE difference
    every where developement is going on every where works

    Pls my pakistani brother and sister come and see wht is the difference b/t MQM leadership and other

    Mustafa Kamal is Our Bravo Man
    We as Karachi citizen Salute Mustfa Kamal & his team
    Geo aur Geatay raho aur Haq Pay rahoo

  187. PPP wanted to give MQM a chance for the sake of ethnic harmony and peace. But MQM responded with old tactics on April 9. PPP cannot afford an alliance with MQM at the cost of people of Pakistan as whole.

    Their talks have been broken. MQM announced to stay in opposition.

    Ultimately MQM will be banned and uprooted. We have to be very causious because this party is serving Mush with utmost loyality and Mush can use them to create law and order issue. I am warning on this forum for weeks about the possiblity of engineering ethnic riots on the pattern of 1972. That will give Mush an excuse to pack the assemblies and government.

    @Mandark, Your hate for PPP is evident. Keep heart. Zardari has a full control of PPP and people of Pakistan endorsed PPP under his leaderhip in elections. Aitezaz considers his his leader. Ghinwa is nothing – not worth a single seat in union council. Fatima is good but sh is under the influence of tribalists. People like Mumtaz Bhutto willnot accept her as a leader for her being a woman like Benazir.

  188. @temporarynick
    You are right I was very sleepy while typing my comments around mid night. I read my comments again and found nothing abnormal except few typos.
    Regarding Pucca Qila operation by BB and operation by NS after Hakim Saeed murder:
    I do not support dissolution of B and NS governments by GIK and Lighari. I think both BB and NS governments were finished because ‘establishment i.e. core commanders’ decided to do so. Judges supported the action ecept in the case of 1st NS overthrow. Judiciary is part of establishment and always supported military actions in past.
    Regarding AA:
    I do think that AA is somewhat responsible in converting ‘lawyer’s movement’ to a political ‘Mush overthrow’ movement. Mush accepted July decision and CJ was restored. When SC decided in favour of Mush in Qazi’s case during his election, AA and other lawyers started putting pressure on judges. The judgement of the SC in Qazi case was very severely criticized by the same lawyers and parties who are now trying to take parliament hostage. They put SC in pressure in Wajeehuddin case and Mush was pushed to the wall. The Nov 3 actions of Mush were written on the wall. Mush and his ministers were warning. BB was cautious in each and every step. AA knew that ground realities are quite different.
    1) Mush had a complete support from West and Army. All know that Pakistan can only be ruled with support from Army, Allah, and America (AAA) and we also know Allah (I mean his agent Mullas) always side with other two.
    2) Mush had a deal with BB to shed uniform and hold fair elections (that fulfilled both)
    Ignoring these ground realities was a blunder that resulted in complete and unprecedented purging of Judiciary.
    His second and most unforgivable blunder was supporting election boycott. Nation rejected his call of boycott. Why did he follow IK and Qazi knowing their anti-democratic past and close links with establishment?
    temporarynick you wrote: “So you are blaming him that Musharraf aboraged the constitution, sacked the judiciary, banned the media, voilated the law. Because of AA. Very thought provoking idea on your part i must say. But would you enlighten all of us with your intellect which actions of AA caused all this.”.
    Yes Wajeehuddin, AA and APDM has to share the blame of Nov 3. Even a cat will fight back if pushed to the wall. Mush was pushed to the wall knowing that Bush and Army is behind that wall to support him.
    I agree that AA left PPP in 1977. But remember he came back to PPP not long after. He never participated in any election without PPP.
    Regarding Election Boycott.
    temporarynick you wrote: “I am not sure what the word stupidity means to you. But he took a stand and stick to it on matter of principles.”
    If a person repeats a mistake already done before that is stupidity. I admire AA’s stand on principles. But his clients (i.e. judges) are the people who violated every principle of justice by:
    1) indemnifying Mush’s takeover in 1999. These are the people who reincarnated dead and Buried ‘NAZRIA ZAROORAT’.
    2) Political victimization of popular parties and their leaders.
    a. These are the judges who kept Zardari in jail for 11 years and violated the law by denying him bail. Under the law a person cannot be kept in jail for more than three years while on trial. Zardari was ultimately had to be bailed after he completed maximum possible sentence in those cases.
    b. These are the judges who convicted a elected PM as hijacker. What a shame. NS even did not bother to lodge an appeal in front of High court or supreme court
    c. These are the judges who convicted Javed Hashmi as ‘traitor’. What a shame.
    d. The crimes committed by judiciary against elected governments and parliaments are spread from Ghulam Muhammad to Mush. Judges bear equal responsibility in all these heinous crimes.
    temporarynick you wrote: “How do you know AA is begging for PPP ticket?”.
    Probably you have not read AA’s statements. He openly said to take part in elections if PPP award him ticket.
    temporarynick you wrote: “And everyone with little bit wisdom know that it was lawyers’ movement which brought the change in people thinking which resulted in 18th Feb mandate.”
    I agree. This movement was supported by lawyers from PPP. AA being only one of those. Unfortunately lawyers leadership made wrong decision of boycotting elections. They should have kept their movement apolitical.
    temporarynick you wrote: “So you have identified two establishment agents. The people who have been fighting against the dictator. Again i doubt if you know meaning of word ESTABLISHMENT.”
    Well I have every reason to be suspicious about Qazi and IK. Their past tells us all:
    1) They organized Tehrik-e-Nijat against NS government before 1999 coup by Mush
    2) JI has a track record of being B team of dictators and generals from Yahya to Mush
    3) The supported Mush’s takeover and supported him in refrandum
    4) They both refused to be part of ARD when Nawabzada organized it in 2000.
    5) They both supported conviction of NS in hijacking and his exile
    6) They both supported Mush in getting indemnity and 17th amendment giving Mush sweeping powers
    7) They both were responsible for lodging fake petitions in SC that always resulted in Mush’s favour. The last one was just before Mush’s elections where SC allowed MUSH’s election under uniform to go ahead.
    8) They both opposed return of BB and NS before elections
    9) Hey both tried to derail democracy by failed attempt to force popular parties to boycott elections

    The above is not a exhaustive list to prove that both these parties are working for establishment. IK’s only problem is that Mush dumped him in 2002 elections by rigging in favour of Choudharies and dashed his hopes for ever to be PM.

    Thanks again for your remarks.

  189. Shoib Suddle IG Sindh

    To the utmost agony of Motahidda Qaumi Movement (MQM), Asif Ali Zardari has sent Dr. Shoaib Suddle as the new Inspector General of Sindh. Dr. Shoaib Suddle in not new for Karachi and MQM, and MQM and Karachi are not new for Dr. Shoaib Suddle. Shoaib Suddle has done it before and been there, seen it and yes done that once again.

    Dr. Shoaib Suddle was DIG Karachi fro June 1995 till Nov 1996 during the second tenure of Benazir Bhutto, and the interior minister was none other than Naseerullah Baber, the man who really choked MQM’s terrorism in Karachi during that period. Naseerullah Baber owed his success in bringing law and order back to Karachi with the aid of Shoaib Suddle and Tariq Lodhi, who has also been sent to Karachi along with Shoaib Suddle as IB chief.

    Dr. Shoaib Suddle has done his Doctorate in White Collar Criminology from University of Wales Cardiff. When he was looking after Karachi in the mid nineties, he was so successful that he had reduced the monthly killings of 350 in June 1995 to zero in January 1996. He has established his mole network within the cadres of MQM so deep that he was able to hear the telephonic conversations of the terrorists and he was aware of the second-by-second happenigs in the Nine Zero, the dreaded headquarter of MQM.

    Though Dr. Shoaib wasn’t much willing to take on this responsibilities as he is about to retire from the service in couple of months and was serving cozily in the Police department in the lush greenary if Islamabad, but he has assigned this task by Zardari himself.

    Asif Ali Zardari is pursuing a right policy of carrot and stick for MQM. At one side he is showing them power sharing opportunity in the Sindh Assembly, and on the other side he is showing them Shoaib Suddle and Tariq Lodhi. Karachiites desperately needs someone like Dr. Shoaib Suddle as MQM has once again militarized and strengthened it’s trenches and ready to give Karachi a bloodbath. One glimpse was the Nishtar Park mass assassinations of Sunni Tehrik’s whole leadership, and then came 12th May and then came the 9th April. Pakistan cannot afford more such gruesome happenings.

  190. see Altaf kutta with UK passport smiling…laanti…he is not Pakistani guys…

    Ishrat Ibad caught by UK authorities

    MQM killed Tariq Azeem

    see this pic of ghundaaas. memorable

    Here is information about Shuaib Suddle

    “Kidnapping of Army officers”

    Main article: Major Kaleem Case

    Major Kaleem, who was then acting in-charge of the field intelligence unit, along with other army personnel Havaldar Moinuddin, Mohammad Yaseen and Nisar Ahmed, were sieged by armed activists of the MQM in the Landhi area Karachi on June 20, 1991. They were in the area following orders by their high ups.

    They were taken to a place famously called ‘Muhajir Khail’ in Landhi, where they were tortured and kept for seven hours. It was further alleged that conspiracy was hatched under the instigation and directive of the top MQM command. The army personnel were later released and handed over to the SHO Landhi Town police. The FIR of the incident was registered on June 24, 1991.[28]

    The MQM leaders were each sentenced to 27 year rigorous imprisonment by a trial court for torturing a serving major of Pakistan Army, Major Kaleem, after kidnapping him from Landhi area in 1992. [29]

    However, the convictions in the trial court were overturned by a division bench of Sindh High Court in 1998. But the government had challenged their acquittal in Supreme Court. On Aug 13, 2007, government withdrew its appeal against the acquittal, consequently the Supreme Court disposed of the case and acquitted the MQM leaders. [3

  191. @paki_power
    You MQM supporters are real comedians. You guys should run sitcoms rather than a political cum terror grp. Anyways go back to ur history and learn that greatest development in kHI was during late1980s when it first became one of the worlds largest megacity. JI nazim did more work in 8 mnths than mustafa kamal in 2.5 yrs. Highway bridges my foot…one of these fell couple of months back and killed 8 ppl. That incident lead to fears regarding the safety of all other bridges newly constructed by ur nazim.Desalinization plant was planned by the previous govts and not mqm. However its non functional as yet and ppl are still dying of polluted water. Ur nazim didnot construct a single hospital , a single school during his time. Roads that were alright were dug up and left untreated for months which caused immense traffic jams all the way from shahre faisal , tariq road, agakhan uni road, etc. I have lived all my life in khi but never once did I saw shahre faisal being jammed. Ur nazim has the honor of taking traffic jams to every corner of khi street.Police remains same corrupt and underequipped. So we r completely aware of the accomplishments of ur stupid nazim. Besides if he did do something tou kisi kay baap par ehsaan nahin kiya…yeh loagon ka haq hai kay shehr mein development ho. Finally, all the different sorts of criminal gang choor, car choor,etc sprung up suddenly during ur nazims tenure. If u cannot provide ppl with peace and security , everything else is meaningless.

  192. MQM follows strategy (used by Israel as well) of speaking ‘LIE,LIE, LIE on Media to the extent that people forget the truth and just remember noise.

  193. @paki_power on April 13th, 2008 12:22 pm

    MQM’s development work?
    like Shershah Bridge……………………………………………..

  194. Dr. Shoaib Suddle has been appointed as IG Sindh Police. This is a very positive development. The man has high standards, is extremely honorable, and best of all very brave and courageous. I just hope that he is allowed to function with maximum power and independence (something rare in Pakistan). He should stay at least 5 to 10 years. The man is very capable.

    If anyone is the answer to Karachi’s crime and terrorist activities, it is Dr. Suddle.

    May Allah be with you and protect you, Dr. Shoaib Suddle.

  195. I’m not much in to ‘petty’ politics, being more trained in the power-politics & the macro aspect of things but I’ll give my 2-cents worth here.

    1. Going through most of the comments & reading only negative rantings against MQM [though I myself am no supporter of it], it only gives me the impression as if only one side of the coin is visible & that most ppl fail to bring in to consideration the fact that PPP & PML-N are no better. They have their fair share of violence & blood -stained politics as well.

    2. The only way forward for Pakistan is for MQM-PPP-PML to mature up & be sincere in their politics. Granted Musharraf was a dictator & made some error-of-judgments, on the whole, he was sincere & fulfilled the promise of free-elections AND accepted defeat honorably – something not see in Pakistani politics in a long long time.

    3. This aforementioned ‘maturing up’ is needed because as much as I have nothing against the religious conservatives, the mullahs cannot run Pakistan, nor understand the critical juncture our country stands at currently in its history. Its either make or break from here on out.

    4. The four provinces [not taking in to consideration FATA, Azad Kashmir, etc for now] are too large & cumbersome to manage & do NOT represent the ethnic mix that Pakistan represents. Hence, it would be wise for a bold government with a popular mandate is to cut down ALL the provinces in size & create roughly equal governing units in the form of smaller provinces. This is something that has become overdue. After all, the Bangladeshis who seceded from us [& many of us have biased negative views of them given the lack of transparency of our own conduct] did so cuz of their frustration of a lack of recognition and representation.

  196. Instead of infighting & bickering, the secular forces in Pakistan need to form a united front against the threat of Taliban & A.Q militants. Burning each other in Karachi is not the way when the threat lies somewhere else.

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