Education Policy – Your Input Requested

Ministry of EducationMr. Ahsan Iqbal, Federal Minister of Education has requested everyone to provide feedback and suggestions on Draft Education Policy. He would appreciate if you can come with your suggestions and ideas on how this policy can be improved.

Download Draft Education Policy Here
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Please leave your suggestions in the comments below.

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  1. @admin
    How will the suggestions reach the Federal minister..? I dont see any contact info in the attached document?

    Secondly, can someone summarise the suggestions of members, given in a thread initiated on this topic few weeks back..


  2. Super…that’s what we needed.

    I just glimpsed at this report. Will definitely read later..and comment

    However the start was disappointing..

    It says on pg.3
    ” Taking stock of the current situation is an indispensable part of any policy
    development exercise as a mean of identifying areas of policy intervention. ”

    and then ironically

    ” Gross Enrolment Ratio (GER) for early childhood education (ECE) rose quite
    remarkably from 36% of all children aged 3-4 years in 2001-02 to 91% in 2005-06.”

    Every 9 out of 10 3-4 yr olds get ECE…. NO!

    These are absolute bogus numbers. We can’t expect good policy if we start with the fudge ‘stock’. Garbage IN ..Garbage OUT

  3. My 2 cents on the issue:

    The Policy must also improve standard of Islamic Education departed in all public as well as private schools (Primary and Secondary). As we know that Islam is a Complete and the Most Correct CODE OF LIFE – By introducing extensive Islamic Teaching in schools – we can create a Nation of people who are Ethically / Morally / Socially / and in all fields of life better then us. Most importantly they will become better HUMAN BEINGS. A very fantastic sample school has been setup in India as International Islamic School (ref: They have proved the claim that introducing Extensive Islamic Education along with latest Education of Science / Technology / English and Cocurricular Activities can work and produce Best results. This will also lead our people to link our Islamic knowledge with the latest discoveries in Science in Technology like creation of world with Big Bang is mentioned in the Holy Quran. Finally I believe that Extension in Islamic Education along with Science/English/Maths/Technology can lead the muslims back to the times of Al-Beruni when World used to look for Science and Technology towards Muslims.

    This suggestion has a second counterpart also – which is widely debated and mentioned by many – that Madrassa System should be expanded to include Science/Tech education. Offcourse that should be done – But as many talk about it I am not going into details of that.

    “History proves that The WEST is advancing in Science because they are going away from Religion, and Muslims are lacking in Science because we are also going away from our Religion”

    Suleiman Ali Khan
    University of Edinburgh (UK)

  4. 1. As Imran Khan has said that there should be a uniform curriculum throughout Pakistan and distinctionb between Urdu medium and English medicum should be finished.
    2. English should be compulsory from Class 1.
    3. Science subjects should be in english while other subjects can be studied either in urdu or english
    4. The subject of Islamiat and Urdu should be combined and urdu textbooks can have two portions – Islamiat and Urdu. Islamiat should also contain Islamic history topics.
    5. Pakistan studies should written afresh with an independent commission of intellectuals and journalists who are of impeccalbe character and it should date from 14 Aug 1947 to 2008. This is teh most important subject and should be taught very seriously. One should try best not to let any prejudice come in and should be based on facts which can be substantiated by the references.
    6. From class 8 rather than 9 the subjects of Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Maths and Computer Science should be taught and in English.
    7. Matric, FSC BA and MA and also professional examinations should be conducted by independent bodies who should conduct examination twice a year and should have nothing to do with the what is going in colleges or schools so that postponement of examination is done away forever. For example medical examinations is conducted in USA by independent body called United States Medical Liciencing Examinations body and it has preset dates of examination for upto three years. Now its upto the indivicual when he chooses to sit in that examination whenever he or she is ready.
    8. The distinction between annual and supplementary examination should be abolished and it should just be mentioned as Spring and Autumn Examination.
    9. The total scores of the examination should not be mentioned on final degree but only on result card.
    10 Education should be totally free uptil FSC
    11. The matric and FSC science subject papers should be set similar to level of O levels. In fact an agreement can be made by O level boards in UK to facilitate examination of O levels for every student in Pakistan and goverment should fund the fees.

  5. Science cannot happen without scientific attitudes in society.. You can’t do science unless you think scientifically. And it’s not like the scientific method is rocket science, it is a collection of simple rules of acquisition of knowledge.. but that is usurped by a worldview which is already closed to any new thinking and which looks backwards instead of forwards and which negates the spirit of the scientific method by claims like “All knowledge is in the Quran”.. etc…

    Our navel gazing and guilt-tripping post-mongols is the main problem (not to mention Mr. Ghazali and what’s the other dude? Taimiya?)

  6. I see nothing mentioned about taxes on paper & no subsidy for printing education books. No subsidy for presses. Nothing says about the core medium of reading & writing i.e. paper? It comes to around 35% tax on paper how people can afford such an expensive study material.

  7. Dear honourable education minister.

    I believe that health and education are the most neglected issue of common Pakistani, they have been ignored previously and unfortunately people sitting in Islamabad never understood their importance.

    My suggestions are as follows.

    1. Please make a uniform education system for every Pakistani; there are tens of different education systems running simultaneously in Pakistan. There is a very clear class system in education system. The courses and the book even the format of education is different for different classes and in different province. It will never help us as a nation. We need to have similar education for every single Pakistani child regardless of his background.

    2. Please actively discourage commercialization of the education. Providing education is always the responsibility of a state. There is no point in getting private sector in it. Private sector always works for money and they don’t really care about the standards. In Pakistan the person who doesn’t really know what do to in life suddenly opens a school in his house and starts making money. How can we expect from the schools in houses to produce great minds.

    3. The educational standards at the higher education sector should be raised, the previous government had a very strong promise that they will raise the standards but if you compare the standards of Pakistani universities with international universities or even Indian universities, you will understand how far behind we are.
    4. At higher education number of universities does not matter it’s the standards that really matter. Usually a government responds back and say we opened 20 more universities but they don’t realise that they have wasted the recourses by doing so. We don’t need thousands of ordinary graduate or PhDs; we just need few hundred excellent ones.

    5. Please ensure merit and equal opportunity in education system. I am sure the pervious governments neither understood their meaning nor their importance.

    6. One of the most important areas in our education system is the teaching and training of the teachers themselves. How can a young BSC or MSC be made a teacher without assessing his or her abilities as a teacher. Only properly trained teacher can produce good education to the pupils. In our country even the FSC pass are teaching in private schools.

    7. Politics and political parties have no place in universities. Help stop the terrorism that has been going on in universities in the name of politics.

    Pakistan’s most valuable asset is his young hard working sons and daughters. Their future is in your hand Mr. Minister. Please make good use of this asset and we can shine as a nation, if we wasted this asset we will be labelled as failed nation and wiped out of the globe.

    thanks, May Allah help you

  8. basic things need to be improved 1st.
    1.well equiped labortaries
    2.libraries in schools
    3.better selaries for teachers education for everyone in everypart of pakistan

    but a large number of poor students dont go to schools because they know that they havnt got enough money to bribe officers fot job. if jobs r given on merit,those students will automatically go to schools.

  9. Yaar, this looks like a document from 2005… kisi kaam-chor secretary nay us doc par 2008 kaa Thappa lagaa kar vazeer sahab ko pakRaa di’yaa kiyaa?

    I would suggest that the honorable minister should start by firing all these toady bureaucrats and hiring some competent afsaran. This document is full of generalities.. (unless it’s the wrong/older document????)

  10. @c hussain

    Ad 3 and 6: Every subject should be in urdu. Where will you find qualified English teachers, who can teach science in English? They cannot even teach ordinary English:-(

    Look at the quantity of qualified teachers needed for this task! I don’t think Pakistan has that many teachers with the required qualifications. In my opinion we should opt for transalation of science book into Urdu language. Maybe English could be an option on University level.


  11. Londonistan: Good observation.

    My tack has always been to “decentralize” primary education, and then work on translation houses (on revolutionary/War footing) which should translate Islamic Classics and other Wrold classics in Urdu.

    Then these classics should be published on News paper stock in the Newspaper “Special Edition” formats. So you should have a whole book printed on Newspaper stock…

    They would be cheap and feed the reading appetite of the people armed with the basic literacy skills (reading writing learned from the barebones primary systems).. I think we will get well rounded and more logical thinking citizens out of this deal..

    IMO, great literature is the best of teachers. (I don’t mean it to be the ONLY teacher.. but this should be the Least Common Denominator in our education system).

  12. Few points that are really critical:
    1) Two or three modes of education English, Urdu and O-Level should be modified into one unified mode so when students reach higher institues (Medical/Engineering colleges) they are all prepared equally to face the new courses and no one should be at a disadvantage. This should be put into place right from Class-1.
    2) They syllabus of all areas should be uniform and should be approved by the federal government. The provincial governments should be allowed to modify the local language syllabus at their will and should conduct the actual publishing, distribution of the books. The nature of the syllabus should be uniform across the board through out the country
    3) It is very important that the nature of Islamic educaion imparted is improved. More Arabic studies should be incorporated along with teaching the students the basic tenants according to Quran and Sunnah (Tauheed, Daily prayers, Wudu, zakat and Hajj) (Obviously for the sunni students, for the shia brothers a similar format should be worked out without discrimination of any kind). It is imperitive that we don’t produce Phd Doctors who are oblivious to basic Islamic teachings or go upon interpreting the laws of Sharia based on their own knowledge of Nuclear Physics or Microbiology. That should be left to the experts of the area. So a uniform indepth Islamic knowledge is a must
    4)Coming back to Madrassahs. As Madrassah are also a way to provide food, shelter and education to the poorest of the poor in the country so the government should fully support them after registering them through a mutually agreed upon Ministry. In no way the foreign dictates should decide how we deed with this issue. Madrassah’s have been around since the advent of Islam so we need to improve them, encourage them to come to main stream and shun extremisim in a methodological and a true Islamic way. Point 3 above underscores why basic and true Islamic education is necessary across the board to have better understanding of the religion so no discrimination can be done against Madrassah students once they graduate and come to the job market.
    Will add more points later on.

  13. I appreciate Mr. Ahsan Iqbal’s effort on the issue. I would suggest that he makes a research team team of qualified people who are willing to travel to different parts of the world to look at proven and efficient education system. In this regard I would suggest the Scandinavian countries, who are known for spending a lot of effort in constant development in the education sector. Please also look at the PISA-TEST site for further information and inspiration on which countries to visit.,3417,en_32252351_32235907_1_1_1_1_1,00.html


  14. @TK
    if something positive going on then why to distract from the subject?
    what do u say abt the claim ” Quran is for those who can think”

    more than scientists our country needs engineers, technicians, medical doctors, para med staff, economists, entrepreneur etc.
    We must concentrate on technical education and at the same time growth of industry, young entrepreneurs must be encouraged.
    It is stupid to dream a nation of geniuses.

    adequate steps must be taken towards the building of the nation.
    if any thing that could make us a nation it is ISLAM, extensive islamic education must be taught, mu’amlat be emphasized rather than ibadat.

    we must teach our culture to our new generation, nowadays gali galooch(calling names) have become a part of our culture we should teach our children how bad it is . If we would had Islamic education such thing would never been the part of our culture

  15. Visitors,
    I’m lost here. I didn’t look at the draft but here is something I wanted to share.

    Q. Why do we need EDUCATION?
    A. To know Right & Wrong. Research how right can be implemented and Wrong can be eliminated for making the place/country best place to live.

    Q. Who needs EDUCATION.
    A. Every citizen regardless of any distinction. No discrimination of any kind. That means, every child to every adult.

    Q. Where do we provide this EDUCATION?
    A. Everywhere. Not limited to schools/colleges/universities. Use all means, paper and electronic.Use all forums like any public gatherings in fields, hujrahs. EDUCATE via FM Radio/TV so that everybody can learn wherever they are and whatever they are doing. Allama Iqbal Open university has this experience.

    Q. What would be the syllabus.
    A. The outcome of an Education system MUST be people who have good understanding of right/wrong and how to better earn living and live peacefully. Educate everyone about all the major religions too. We want EDUCATED people not hardliners. Put Democracy basics in the syllabus. English must be taught. Urdu is enough for Urdu itself. Arabic is fine for learning Quran but DON’T BURDEN. Use ways to bring the creativity and innovation in the audience. So I guess, the syllabus should not be limited to Text books. I would rather suggest to reduce the use of text books and use Video lessons for Geoghraphy, Literature, science, law. Famous saying like a picture is worth thousand words. Make EDUCATION a pleasant, cost effective and targetted pleasurable activity than a boring 6 hours a day job. Don’t waste the time like that. Teah practical things. Polish their personalities not just mathematics. Include the education of the basic Constituition/law. Rights and responsibilities. Respect of others no matter what they opinion. Teachings of tolerance and convincing with facts and reasons not by force.

    Q. How to measure the Education?
    A. Create a central body to conduct a single examination for certain levels based on somebody’s age.

    Q. What if somebody is a real gem?
    A. Consider some sort of specialized exams and open for everyone. If somebody thinks he has more to offer, come and prove it. Specially qualified people should be trained in their specifics through further Gov’t support.

    People say, EDUCATION can bring REVOLUTION.

    Yes, but for revolution, you don’t need school buildings. You can use all modern means. We are in 21st century and should think of using the latest technology for Education than referring to old conventional means. Don’t waste precious time of the nation. Make them socially responsible and mentally mature. Don’t just produce FA/BA/MA people. Produce good citizens. Polish leadership qualities across the board.

  16. @Suleiman

    Great suggestion BrozzR.

    I second your suggestion and I will up you one further. We need to introduce Tajweed and Hifz as seperate sections. Have you ever noticed how the Molvis have completely unorthodox pronunciation of Arabic. If we have poor pronunciation of Arabic, how can we follow Islam in its pristine character? Also, Hifz must be compulsory as it will also aid students in memorizing their other subjects, for example Science and Maths. Don’t listen to those who dilly dally and say that we should UNDERSTAND things first. NO!! We must make our children LEARN these subjects first. They need to HIFZ biology and physics etc before they can understand it.

    “…Link our Islamic knowledge with the latest discoveries in Science in Technology like creation of world with Big Bang is mentioned in the Holy Quran…”

    Bravo !! That’s the spirit. Everyone who has read Maurice Beacaille knows that. You should read his book “La Bible, le Koran et la Science”. Don’t listen to those evildoers who say the book proves nothing. It already gave proof of things Science is only now discovering. And many things WILL BE PROVEN soon if we follow Islamic Science and Technology.

    Unfortunately our secular, godless, munafiq governments have been suppressing Good Muslims (TM) for quite some time. Have you heard about Sultan Bashiruddin Mahmood? This great Muslim scientist invented the SBM probe in nuclear technology. He was on the brink of a great Islamic technical breakthrough when Abdus Salam through his Qadiani organization made a big SAAZISH and had him fired from his job. SBM was working on how to harness energy from Jinns as they are made from Fire (Naar Min Naar)…Imagine, WAPDA working with Jinns…(seems like they already do that)

    Science and Mathematics should be taught in Arabic or Urdu. Preferably in Arabic because a lot of Pakistani engineers and scientists end up working in the Gulf anyway. Why not give them a leg up? Also, we should start these subjects with details of how the great Muslims in 7th and 8th century invented these subjects. No proof? No problem. Invent the inventers.

    English should be eliminated as we have seen how that has ruined our country with a confused sense of purpose and lack of direction. We need to teach our children in Urdu and Arabic.

    Pushto, Sindhi, Balochi and other subversive languages like Punjabi and Seraiki should be suppressed. If the Bengalis spoke Urdu, they would have still been with us. If the Baloch spoke Urdu, they won’t by dying now, would they?

    You say Madrassas should be expanded? I say NO WAY !!!….All existing schools should be made to conform with Madrassas. We have all seen those dirty, dirty (gandi gandi) Youtube videos shot by besharam students from elite schools. We need new uniforms legislated by the Majlis Shoora. Black Abaya or Sky Blue shuttle Cork burqa should be the uniform for girls to help them with their modesty.

    Boys should be clad in shalwar qameez or Arabic thobe. I like Arabic thobe as it is Sunna. A Beard Protection Bill needs to be passed where the relative length of Beard needs to be legislated. If we compare the height of the Beardholder (let’s say ‘Alif’ feet) with the length of the beard (let’s say ‘bay’ feet), the ideal ratio should be:

    alif/bay = 12 (eg. alif=6 ft, bay = 0.5 ft)

    Also, why have foreign and UNISLAMIC units? Let’s work with Dinaars, Dirhams, Gaz, Kaus, Farlang etc…I say do away with filthy Western concepts like feet, meters and the especially hatefull, internet. Let’s call it DarmianJaal…Or even better yet, Bain -ul-Networkiya….I would pray 37 Nafl the day I will send my al-Bureed-ul-alaktroni (email) on the DarmianJaal and send you 5 Hadiths daily, if you want that or not.

    Namaaz ki topi should be compulsory at all times to remind the students that they are Muslims and should not look at or think of girls. OK to think about boys, and love your Molvi Ustaad….

  17. @TK
    “All Knowledge is not in the Quran…” TK

    But the BEST Knowledge about How to lead this life is indeed in the Quran and Hadis of the Prophet(SAW). This is a central part of muslim belief. And undoubtedly School age for All children in Pakistan must include a healthy portion of the aforesaid – inorder to make them follow the perfect route in leading this life – irrespective of the field of study they choose in their later part.

    Quran is not a Book of Science – Rather it is a Book of Signs. Which is needed to make out the best HUMAN BEING. Every created thing has a manual. A Space Shuttle has a manual. Which says:
    1) If you press this lever ‘A’- the engine starts.
    2) Dont switch on the engine untill the fuel cap is locked – Else the Shuttle might explode.
    3) and so on..

    Similarly Quran is a manual for Human Beings – which tells the Do’s and Dont’s a muslim has to follow. So that he gets the best output in THIS World as well as HereAfter.

    Assume that If AQ Khan had developed a bomb for India or Israel. Which if God Forbid came to use against Pakistan or any other Muslim Country. Then we would have been better off without AQ Khan. Quran is must for guiding the Human being… Which is not being taught to our students!

    Dr. Abdus Salam (Nobel Laureate) once wrote: “The Holy Quran enjoins us to reflect on the verities of Allah’s created laws of nature; however, that our generation has been privileged to glimpse a part of His design is a bounty and a grace for which I render thanks with a humble heart.”

  18. @mbokhari

    Great illustration!

    By expanding Madrassas – I meant two things
    1) Introduction of subjects like English/Maths/Science. And that too Optionally.
    2) Financial support by Government

    But as you said – there is a need for Huge change in the existing School system on the pattern guided by our Religion, including uniform and other things. This is the ill we need to deal with.

  19. Oh..boy..this discussion has again been hijacked.


    Could we please have more stricter moderation on this forum. If Ahsan Iqbal actually planned on reading these comments then he probably will stop reading after seeing the first few. I suggest that someone from Edu Ministry go over these comments and formulate this into a simpler policy. Or you can form a group who pluck some meaningful content from this then publish that document.

    Getting back to the subject.

    1. Most important think is Education Budget. We shouldn’t expect wonders by spending as little as we do on Education. There needs to more Education Budget (which means less Defence Budget)

    2. Next would be to make sure this budget is properly used. Bring down corruption and mismanagement. Whatever the policy might be, if the implementation is not done correctly, it will be just a waste.

    3. Main Foucs of Education Policy should be Primary Education. It should be simple, build communication skills/languages , promote critical thinking. We dont need to think in terms of Eng, Urdu, Islamiat, Social Studies, General Science etc.

    4. We definitely need to get rid of multiple class Education.


    ” I would suggest that he makes a research team team of qualified people who are willing to travel to different parts of the world to look at proven and efficient education system. ”

    I strongly oppose this idea. These are called pleasure trips. There is no need to travel ( First Class Airfare, 5 Star Hotels , TA/DA).. There are plenty other ways to get information . Web/ Live Meeting etc.

    More later..

  20. Guys can i say something?
    I promised myself that I am going to read all the 65 pages of the draft.
    I am still doing it as its a complicated document , written in typical complicated style of pakistani DAFTRI LANGUAGE.
    then i realized that people are posting their own drafts on this site.
    have you all already read and UNDERSTOOD what the draft says?
    can u all do that first please?
    plus can u keep ur suggestions simple and short please?
    I lost interest after one or two paragraphs of ur own drafts
    keep it simple and short
    its only a suggestion!!!!!

  21. @all

    if you must islamasize education…go to the madrassa that produced your scientists..not your mullahs.

    although…personally i feel that religion should be a personal matter between man and god…and this was what differentiated islam from christianity…islam did not have a clergy as a mediator. which it now does.

    i may be wrong..

  22. Here are my suggestions from a near completion PhD student from Germany

    ======= Please AVOID to do following =========
    1)Stop construction of European Universities in Pakistan. Please do not end program of HEC that is to establish new European Universities in Pakistan. This include KTH (Sweden) campus in Sialkot, Technical University (TU with German collaboration) in Lahore and multiple European universities in Karachi. They will be great resource/universities for Pakistan progress.

    2). PhD students mostly for textile etc You said that you wish to have PhD funding according to Industry needs. I think that might not be a good idea totally. I agree we need PhD in those field where we have industry but also need PhD to create new Industry. We have lots of potential in many fields like electronics, mechanical, computer engineering but no industry and PhDs. Remember all PhD do not go to find jobs. Some even start industry too. So please reconsider your idea of mostly PhDs in textile etc.

    3). Stopping funding of already funded students Do not cut the funding of people who are already in the middle of their PhDs abroad, even if their field of study is not important for you like Physics. Firstly, we need PhD in those fields too and secondly, it will waste the funding already spended on them.

    4). Atta-Ur-Rehman Some people here will give examples/columns written by Pervez Hoodbhoy to prove Dr. Atta is corrupt. However, I know both of them personally and I am sure many people here do not know them. I think Pervez Hoodbhoy is a person I will NOT listen if he is the last person in the whole world. He might be a great scientist but not a kind of resource you could use to prosecute or use against Dr. Atta. On the other hand Dr. Atta is also a great scientist and looks sincere in his effort. (Note: I HATE Musharraf but not every thing he had done was wrong e.g. HEC). Keep Dr. Atta if possible….

    ======= Please do following =========

    1) Make education cheap One thing HEC has done wrong was to make University education expensive in Pakistan. Please try to make University education (as well as schools) cheaper if not free.

    2) End of multiple education systems We do not need multiple education systems / boards / A-Level, Matric etc. in our country. Please unite us.

    3) Religious Education Please introduce religion education in our schools if possible. It will be great if we could learn Arabic and Quran in our schools. Right now religious education (Islamiat) book is thinness book we had in our schools.

    Thats it from my side at the moment.

  23. I am a researcher in engineering in Europe. I think that this recent push by the HEC towards producing a large number of researchers is more of a shortsighted approach. The problem is that we in Pakistan have always lacked a strategic vision towards all issues, education included. What has been done has been done. Now, we need to dismantle the white elephant that is the HEC, and we need to concentrate our efforts on basic education. It is a crying shame that hundreds of millions of dollars are being spent to send people like me to Europe for higher education when our little brothers and sisters in Pakistan aren’t even guaranteed access to primary education. If this isn’t a case of warped priorities then I don’t know what is!

    By saying this I am in effect swinging an axe at my own self. But it is necessary that people like me come out and say it. We need to drastically increase funding on basic education. 5% of GDP is considered the bare minimum, we are investing even less. We need to provide incentives to the poorest of the poor to send their children to school rather than making them work. Towards this end some concrete steps can be taken:

    (1) All children in public schools that are under the age of 13 should be provided a simple yet nutritious afternoon meal. This would be a strong incentive to make people send their children to school;

    (2) An aggressive campaign should be launched against “ghost schools”, and punishment for absconding teachers should be codified in the Pakistan Criminal Code and a few should be made examples;

    (3) In case an underage child is found to be employed and is not attending school, then the employer should be prosecuted, not the parents of the children. Child domestic labor is so rampant in our country that it will take years to root it out, but we have to start somewhere. It should be socially unacceptable to have a child of school-going age as a maid or servant;

    One last thing that needs to be done is identification of gifted students at different levels of schooling probably starting in the 8th class and then bringing their education under the sponsorship of the state. They should be facilitated for the rest of their educational career. These people should form the bureaucratic, scientific and intellectual elite. This would provide a double benefit of providing our country a corps of elite thinkers, and it would provide even the poorest of people to aspire to a bright future.


  24. I suggest we do not need to learn english litratures and complex grammers (cud be optional ), just need to learn speaking practical english rather than 50 year old style….

  25. @Suleiman: Don’t get me wrong. I’m not against our eastern and dynamically evolving progressive Islamic values.. (sorry.. no stoning .. thx!) but this over-emphasis on “Islam”, rather a romantic and unrealistic notion of it is what I have a problem with.

    Our Islamiyat books are full of junk, mantars and incantations… Islam is not about chanting mantar’s and incantations.. it is a living thing.. it is about action..

    yaqeeN muHkam, amal paiham, muHabbat fateh-e Aalam
    doo-a deee dee di di dum dee deee deeee!

    Fiqh needs to be balanced with Mantiq. Quran needs to be read and understood.. not memorized etc.

    Quran for me is a mystic and mysterious document.. it is not a technical manual.. that would be the most vulgar interpretation of it’s significance.. It would be like saying Mozart is a scrathings of horses hair on some wires in tension.. or to say Rembrandt’s paintings are a collection of various colors on a canvas.. (which they are.. but they are much much more than that..)

    So, for me, Quran is an ephemeral light for the inner journey and meditation rather than some phone dictionary type book which when you punch in “marriage” comes up with the “laws of marriage”…

    If it is really the word of god, then let us think about that God (if it/s/he exists).. think about the existence itself.. think about the ENORMITY of it all and the insignificance of a mere human or a dog or a worm .. and we should know that we are complete jackasses in front of a power so immense it cannot be comprehended by a brain…

    Then we shall know how vulgar these comparisons are when we say Quran is validate by the transient discoveries of some farmboy in iowa (the big bang)..

    If God exists and Quran is the word of that God, then it is an insult to both if we use some provincial and (probably incorrect) notion of contemporary science to barter validation for the word of God…

    Now, we cannot truly explore these depths by mere regimented recitation of the book. That is the first step.. actually not even the first step…. If I had my druthers I would have Mansoor Hallaj’s works made part of the primary reading list. too bad I lost them somewhere along the way.

  26. A very simple suggestion:

    Use a single model for the whole country. Don’t use ‘O’ Levels and ‘A’ Levels in some areas, the America system with 12 4 years to get a bachelors in others, and some hodgepodge of systems in yet other areas.

    Schooling should be uniform and upto the international standards, that is as follows:

    12 years of schooling to complete high school
    2 years to get a diploma at a college
    4 years to get a bachelors degree from a college

    As far as what courses should be offered to the students is cooncerned. Students should be given options to take a variety of courses allowing them to see what field they want to go into to take the more advanced courses. This could be accomplished by offering a broad variety of courses both during the senior years of high school and the junior years of their 4-year degree program.

    This is how they do it in the US. Since the US is the world leader whether you like it or not, thier system is perhaps the best and has been the best for a century.

    It is time we copied from the best student in the class, instead of cheating from the second or the third best student, whoever that may be.


  27. @everyone,

    I would appreciate if everyone give their own suggestions stop replying to other’s comments. If you must comment on someone else’s comment, then please open a new thread in Discuss and paste link here.



  28. We must find a sober way of introducing religion in our schools. Otherwise this subject will keep on being hijacked by the Mullahs. We must learn our children about Qur’an and not all the other fairy tale stuff they encounter in Mullah schools.


  29. All- This is a wonderful opportunity to engage the Minister of Education in a unique way. Lets make our comments professional and relevant to the policy paper- even if its a retread of something gone before- its still an opportunity. Perhaps as a way to follow up- the good folks at Pkpolitics might do an interview with Mr. Ahsan Iqbal and get his thoughts on the way forward and on recommendations he receives from us. It could be interative via email etc…the techies will have to tell us what makes sense.

  30. Mr Ahsan Iqbal

    This is just to say that you should weigh all the long term and short term effects of abolition of O and A Level Studies. I am for single curriculum but a drastic upheavel or banning of O and A Level would have a huge effect on the skilled labor who is going to enter the labor market. I would also suggest you to do a survey of students who have done or who are enrolled in CIE studies. As I believe that it now a significant proportion of population and lets be honest they do impart quality education.
    So my advice is that first develop and drastically refrom the Text book style syllabus and then when it becomes equal or close to O and A Level curriculum should you abolish this system or take neccessary steps.

  31. 1. All teachers should be paid handsomely.
    2. Grades of teachers should be different from other services and should be set at higher level
    3. Tution should be banned but teachers should be paid for extra coaching by teh goverment rather than the students themselves
    4. VOCATIONAL TRAINING SHOULD BE DEVELOPED more effectively rather than producing students with BA degrees there should be more students who can have vocational training so that they dont have to rely on jobs rather they create jobs for themselves.
    5. At Intermediate level apart from medical engineering and arts there should three more cateogries namely – computer sciences, vocational or technical sciences and and business sciences.
    6. Similarly at BA level there should be medical (MBBS), engineering, computer sciences, technical sciences and business sciences and arts should be renamed as social sciences.
    7. Personally i can forsee a boy trained as a car mechanic has more bright future than a boy who has just got BA degree and is looking for a job as a clerk. Therefore apart from colleges like medical colleges, engineering colleges and business colleges there should also be technical colleges.

  32. Okay thanks admin, I would make sure to get something by tomorrow, anyways my input may not be of any significance in presence so many good people out there in Pakistan. I am sure he would have the support of several good people. Ahsan Iqbal himself is very intelligent , I remember his vision 2010 🙂

  33. I keep hearing that they need a centralized education policy. But I think that these centralized boards are a thing of the past. They inhibit growth and ingenuity.

    1. Need local boards to oversea an education “Halaqa”
    2. Local boards will create competition among other boards for funds and performance.
    3. Local boards will create involvement from the parents who will not have to travel to Islamabad to know how education policy is being developed.
    4. Local boards should be transparent and independent but funded by the federal or provincial government. They should meet in the open and transparently.
    5. The charter of the local boards should be initially to set curriculum and money should not be part of their function to avoid problems.
    5. There should be a percentage of the board reserved for parents. Not any parents but those who have their children in the govt education system somewhere and not necessarily in the same halaqa.
    6. No Naukar Chakar for the board members, minimal amounts to cover their expenses while they meet . They should have regular jobs somewhere else.
    7. All board work should be voluntary.

    I think that you will find a lot of people trying to do their patriotic duty for free. I guarantee you that you will even get Pakistani’s overseas volunteering their own time and money to help out in these boards.

    I live in the US since 1981 with quite a bit of experience in education.

    May Allah help you and make your intentions pure.

    I may agree but I think that they need more local control over policy. Specially the local primary to metric education should be run by boards that are locally empowered to approve syllabus and set standards. This is how most western countries work.

    The local boards should have parents involvement. This will do the following:

    1. Create competition among the local boards
    2. The parents are the ones who will be the most involved and have the most at stake in the schools.
    3. Need to avoid all these fancy shmancy people being in boards who have their own children studying somewhere else. Therefore it should be a requirement that the parents on the boards should have their children in the govt education system, not necessarily the ones that they are superving.

  34. I am a victim of flawed pakistani education system. here are some thing you can do to improve it.

    1. make the exams 80% objective type(multiple choice questions, true false etc) which are checked by machines not people. only 20% of the exam should be essay type questions. the information students are made to memorise is mostly volatile which they lose after a month of the exams. but objective type exams are based on true understanding .

    2. pakistani education system right now is like a clerk making machine. you throw in perfectly capable students and get clerks out. change the system so it doesnt kill the sutends creativity. exams and syllabus should be changed to award creativity and difference of opinion.

    3.change the elitist system of grading which awards the top three scorers. everyone above 90 or 85% score should be awarded. the teachers should not be allowed to disclose a students score in class, this violates the students privacy. everyone should be taught as a unique individual and given equal attention not as part of a herd.

    4. it sad even now many schools in pakistan use physical punishment. this must be banned with strict punishment for teachers who are found to be physically abusing students.

    5. urdu should be taught only as a language. all other subjects should be taught in english. english is a big advantage in todays world india has set up a call center industry just because a lot of people speak english.

    6. invite and give incentives to top professors from other countries to come and teach in our universities.

    7. start research institutes. start student exchange programs with other countries.

    8. change the history and social studies texts at high school level to include world history , current affairs and general knowledge.

    9. give students incentives to go in fields other then medicine. so many of our good minds are wasted memorising that biology book in the end only to find that there werent enough seats in the medical college.

    10. no uniforms in schools. the whole system is based on creating “uni ” “formed” submissive clerks. let the students develop their personalities and enjoy difference of opinion. I would prefer undisciplined scientists and leaders to disciplined submissive clerks

  35. @admin
    Dear admin
    can you somehow put a restriction on number word one can submit?
    everyone is happily writting long esays and not reading what others say
    100 words each please?
    otherwise we wont get anywhere

  36. Please study the South Korea’s model their literacy rate was around 20% in 1945 today it is over 90%.
    We need to invest more than the current 2% of GDP on education.
    We should also look into OLPC (one laptop per child) specially for remote areas.
    Start putting more emphasis on science,math and technology.Facts of evolution should be part of curriculum.
    Encourage overseas Pakistanis to sponsor students from their home towns.

  37. I’m currently a student in a university in Karachi and also one of the few who can afford to take advantage of the British Cambridge examination system. The following are some points that I have noticed all these years at school:

    1) We need to have a uniform education system in Pakistan. And that includes the Madressahs. Although I’m aware this could take a lot of time to achieve, it is worth it and atleast an inititative should be made in this respect.

    2) We need constant revisions and updates to our syllabus according to the needs of the day, changing standards, new literature etc etc.

    3) One thing that really makes the difference in the approach taken by students and teachers while learning and teaching, is the examination system and pattern. I think a reform starting from there will create ripple effects on other areas. For instance, even if someone doesn’t teach O level students what they should be taught (e.g concepts about physics laws), they have to do it themselves anyway, because the examination pattern is such a good discriminator in terms of the relative ability and concepts of students.

    4) Ironically, many teachers need to be taught some principles of good teaching and generation of interest among the students for the particular subject. The way of teaching plays a big role and the interactive way of the teacher in conducting a classroom helps a lot in making students want to learn more.

    5) Lastly, there need to be more hands-on lessons to augment the theoretical lectures etc and references to real-world applications of the subject, so that the students realize the importance of the subject.

    One good way to start is to raise the education budget straight away, as you can’t expect results unless you’re prepared to give it a top-priority.

  38. 1. find a way to make computers affordable for our school children in the rural areas. there is an international model somewhere for this.
    2. education should have a balanced approach to market and knowledge; if the education policy is heavily biased in training for the market…then you throw knowledge to the trashbin that consumerism has created
    3. all graduate students of govt. and prvt colleges/universities should be required to a) teach one year in primary/secondary schools rural areas across the country, (adequately compensated if their education was not funded by the govt.)
    4. programs to establish ‘vocational training institutes’ in rural areas for overseas job placements
    5. pay faculty in colleges/universities what you will your banker/lawyer.

  39. Primary and secondary education:
    There should not be distinction between English medium and urdu medium schools.
    2-There is improvement in education boards and all private schools should be affiliated to Pakistani education boards not to Britian’s board.
    3-In the primary schools, there should be only female teachers and priemary schools could be co for kidds (male and female)
    4-Most of the primary schools in Paksitan have one or two teachers for the whole schools, that should be one teacher for one class and the facilities for pre-class one kids may be provided like learning with toys.
    5-examination system for secondary education should be improved and more objective type exams may be conducted along with upgrading the syllabus every third year. There is no need to study W. Churchal and Mustafa Kamal as hero in F.A syllabus when at the same time students are taught Muhammad Ali Johar also a hero as front runner of Khalif movement in subcontinent.
    6-Islamica and ethical education should also be increased in a way that any one have option to study islamic education in much detail so that the ditinction between people from madrasa and other school should be minized which will also decrease the polarity mostly increased in last 8 years.
    Tertury education, the worse scenario
    B.A and B.Sc. is the most damaged portion of our education system. English is taught not for making some one learned but to stop him moving forward. Simple thing is when we want to make some one learnt a thing, that thing should be made simple to him. Exams and syllabus of English prevail in our universities is not in accordance with this idea. The syllabus and exams of English should be simple and two areas should be considered to implement:1-Technical writing 2- English speaking, both are completely missing. Just tell me how much idiomatic phrases are used in speaking and technical writing, almost nothing. This type of things should be made very limited.
    3- Combination of subjects should have relevance with each other, for science mathmatics should be compulsory at B.Sc. level. I myself wasted my 90 % potential on Botony and Zoology but I did Ph.D in chemistry, these two subjects did not help me in my higher study. At every stage of higher level I missed maths ability. Batchualr degree should be of 3 years, 2 years with three main subjects and final year just one of those subject as special subject with indroducation of more practical work in science subjec.
    Higher Education
    There is lot to improve HEC policy. Currently Things are avaluted on the basis of number of research papers regardless of their impact factor but not quality of research paper (paper in jouranal of higher impact factor). Also research grants renewal has only criteria of research papers but not the relevance of that research project to solve some problems in the country. Most of the research grants are finished just after publishing couple of research paper. For instance if some one get grant for discovering compounds from plants of cetain therapeutic importance, that scientis should have collboration with biologist who can evaluate the biological activity and they have collaboration with pharmacoligist, toxicologist and clinical research people so that discovery of chemical compound should go upto drug development level but not upto just research publication after initial biological activity.

  40. Dear admin ,
    I couldnt read the whole pdf since I was short on time but would like to contribute my opinions (if it helps)
    Primary education:
    1) Preschool education for 5-6 yrs old must include basic learning like identifying objects , colors , some alphabets and no.s both in english and urdu. Emphasis must be on playgroups , abstract activities like drawing.
    2)Grade 1-6 education should include character building exercises.For this social studies should include telling truth , not cheating , working hard, promoting community services, not trusting strangers , not fighting ,etc. This should be reinforced in Islamic studies. Also besides Urdu and English they should be taught regional languages (like sindhi in sindh, pushtoo in nwfp etc) They should also be taught basic arabic so that they are able to read Quran and understand it without having anyone to brainwash them. This is not too much since medical science proves that this is the best age to learn all different sorts of languages. Emphasis must also be on extracurricular activities like sports , music and martial arts.

    Secondary education:
    I think we really need to stick to one curriculum in the entire country. Considering that federal education system has not been upgraded in last 20 yrs..O and A levels provide better alternatives. However, we must upgrade our books and system. There is no harm in including books written by foriegn authors in our present federal curriculum since they give us better learning.There are certain subjects that need to be really redesigned.
    1)Islamic studies : should include contribution of muslims towards science. And should include teaching how to read quran in schools.It would be better if we have a phD professor for that since he can also explain to them the relevance of particular ayat .
    2) Islamic History should be introduced as a separate subject and should include everything thing from the time of Prophet (PBUH) until creation of Pakistan.
    3)Pakistan Studies should include era from East India Company to 1947 to present.
    4) Debates and writing competition must be made compulsory and govt should give good money to top 10.
    5) Maths and basic science at secondary level desperately needs to be upgrade. Science fairs or competitions should be held regularly as well.

    Higher Education::
    1) Our Universities need international recognition.
    2)All applicants must be required to have done some extracurricular activity or community service.
    2) Political parties should be banned from all educational institutions since they are mostly responsible for terrorizing students from attending classes (APMSO and IJT are notorious examples) and also they affect students motivation to attend universities and colleges due to their gang-like attitude. Instead political debates should be held at all levels and at regular intervals. This would promote tolerance of opinion in our coming generations.
    3)Students must learn to live a disciplined life and there should be zero tolerance against armed grps , drug addicts , bullies. However, every class must have their own student representative who can talk to the authorities regarding issues faced by students. Every student must have access to legal authority incase he is undergoing injustice at the hands of staff or other students.
    4) We should send our top students abroad on govt expense to study any subject of their choice for short intervals (elective period)However, it will be more reasonable if this is need-based.
    5) Regularly invite foreign reknowned professors to give a lecture on a particular topic of interest.
    6) There should be career guidance counsellors to guide students in the field they want to progress.
    7) There should be some quota in Punjab and Sindh universities for balochies , tribal ppl , northern areas and kashmir.

    Over all,
    Schools fees , esp private , need to be decreased and limited to a certain amount. If they dont decrease the fee they charge than govt should overtax them.
    Salary for teachers should be doubled.
    I hope i have contributed something.

  41. Salaam everyone

    Chief Minister of Punjab has recently said, We are not able to get over electricity crises in next 3 years, now they are talking about new education policy (without electricity), you must be kidding,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,leave it for next Govt. just a joke

    Anyway, I think our new Govt. should deal education sector with utmost priority and on emergency basis.

    First I would just like talk about a report broadcasted by GEO news few days ago that more than 60% percent of Govt. primary schools in Punjab don’t have toilets, electricity, clean water and even furniture for students.

    That report was really depressing, portraying a very bleak perspective specially for poor people’s children (80% of population) and I don’t really see any success of any education policy without digging into facts and considering some very important factors before hand. for example

    *A proper infrastructure for every level of education
    *Technical Competency in Human Resources (Teachers Management)
    *A broad-based education policy with uniformed curriculum for primary and secondary education in both Govt. and Private education sector.
    *Head of an educational insititute should be a competent Professional Administrator not necessarly a teacher.
    *Fair implementation, evaluation and review and continuous improvement in the education policy based on experience.

    I would really like all the people of pakistan specially young people to make a petition and put it up to new Govt. in parliment, that





    thanx for taking ur time to read this

    Nasir Mehmood

  42. In my opinion education policy is the most crucial and sensitive decision to determine county’s future, and should be made based on this forums comment, as it is a task which should be done by qualified and able groups of people and I’m not sure how many of us here holds these credentials.

    Having said that, there are obvious flaws in our current system or should I better say systems, no suggestion but I would like to raise following points.

    1. Too many education systems; I think our society has been divided to dangerous point due to this.
    o) Private (which always belongs to ruling class, these are the policy makers)
    o) Public, servants or new age slaves.
    o) Madrasas, living and studying in Medieval time and dreaming about khilafah.

    2. Public school system is based on centuries old Gora’s sahib requirement, which only required clerks, centuries have passed but no one tried to change the requirement.

    3. No accountability: my question is, why in private schools less qualified less paid teachers get better results than those of public schools?

    4. Schools should teach tolerance, why can’t we teach our children’s that world has different kinds of peoples and cultures and we should respect all of those.

    5. Also we should start teaching our kids democracy right from the beginning.

  43. Dear education minister,

    Its nice to see this initiatve. My suggestions are as follows.

    1) Primary education:
    It needs easy access/uniformity and most importantly financial aid to the parents per child.

    The uniform/books/1 meal/snacks should be provided at school.

    ALL kids should have a school bus

    I think medium of education is an important question and linguists/educationists/child psyciatrists should form a panel to discuss it. My feeling is that primary education should be in mother tongue and english/arabic and one of four local languages can be added as 2nd languages.

    2) Secondary/High Schhol Ed:
    Vocational skills should be a very important component starting from 8th grade. These kids should get nominal pays for the training they do.

    Again equal access and uniformity should be ensured for all.

    3) Higher Education:
    Research should be one of the most important requirements and funding should be diverted to the projects which are meaningful to our society as well ( e.g Solar energy in our country, vaccines for TB,Typhoid, Hepatitis etc, agricultural research )

    Related Issues:
    Teachers education and training. : This should be a continous process and regular short courses should be offered.

    Teacher’s pay and status: If we do not give them respect what kind of geenration they will train. They should have housing schemes like Askari housing. Their family education/health/housing/transport should be highly subsidised.

    Regular revision of the curriculum.

    In the end, ” Implement all what you say”

    Good Luck.

  44. some suggestions for university management;

    1. Separate academics from administration. Empower Deans for academic matters and increase the desirability of Deanship then VC so that high quality academicians are not wasted in administration.
    2. Remove/stop appointing Army generals, bureaucrat and other irrelevant people as VCs: as you need to have right person on the right job.
    3. Abandon the contract system of appointments as it has been used by administrators to bypass the strict qualifications of regular system –> as it leads to jokes like: in IUB a person who only wrote five articles in newspapers has been appointed as full professor on contract (you can check
    4. Encourage performance-based rewards system to encourage research and innovation. If possible, also introduce dis-rewards for non-contributions.
    5. The policy of human capital formation by HEC will yield nothing significant if you do not put in place a good ‘transfer of learning’ plan i.e. how will you place these repatriates to take advantage of their development.
    6. More than improving the buildings and laboratories, concentrate on improving the learning culture in the institutions.
    7. It is extremely good idea to follow market-needs-orientation in human resource development.
    8. It’s good to allow unionization in universities but notbunches of hooligons like JTI, PSF, ATI etc. Ensure proper control here.
    9. Maintain proper reviews and checks and balances on degree-awarding institutions. If possible, have an audit and cancel the degree awarding status of those falling below standards. Encourage more qualified ones.

  45. 1. One system for all.
    2. Medium of Education should be English.
    3. Improve the performance of teacher, school, college and university. Start some extensive programs for improving school teachers.
    4. Should more focus on School education. All the teachers, school, college or university should be inducted through a proper channel like HEC or FPSC.
    5. Encourage University students to pass GRE within their degree period. lots of scholarships available but students are not up to the required quality (ex. 250 fulbright scholarships available but every year just few students got that scholarship). Include a course like GRE in under graduation.

    We don’t need to send thousands of students on HEC scholarships. Guide the students properly. They will get scholarship by them self.

  46. Education Policy must focus on following things:
    1. One system of education only. No madrasahs, no O and A levels. A uniform curriculum. 2. Reduce the subjects till class five. It should English, Urdu, Mathematics and Science only. Islamic studies and Pakistan studies ingredients should be included in the languages. 3. Compulsory education till intermediate. 4. Either change the official language from english to urdue or medium of instruction should be english all over the country. 5. Four years graduation. The academic projects dissertations must solve real life problems of the country. 6. Original research should be promoted without expecting it to be at par with international standard in the initial phases. 7. Symester system with better and more creative system of examinations. It should not be objective test but something like the combination of objective, subjective and research papers. 8. State of the art computer facilities in academic instituions especially universities and colleges. Exam should be computer based and evaluation to be anonymous. 9. People from civil society, government, private sector having interest in teaching may also be integrated with academics to impart multi-dimenstional approach to the learning process. 10. Instead of party based unions, a non-partisan guild of student should be an integral part of the university. The activities for guild of students must be defined. The procedure of election may also be defined. 11. The class room environment must encourage questioning and free inquiry instead of indoctrination. 12. The power point presentation of all the lectures must be available on the university website. The lecturer must not be allowed to deviate from those lectures and indulge into political or religious arguments unless it is the specific requirment of a particular subject. 13. No general to be appointed to head an academic instituion. 14. Fee structure and quality of private instituion must be subject to some sort of audit. 15. Sports to be an essential component of student life. 16. Military and rangers fort in Balochistan to be converted in Universities. 17. The expenditure of PM, President, CMs, Governors house and GHQ may be reduced by 40% and saving may be spent on education. 18. Inter-Provincial student exchange programme may be initiated to promote harmony. 18. Parents who have less than three children must be given scholarships to control the population explosion and provide quality education facility for the children of poor if they plan their families.

  47. The children of Members of Parliament both provincial and federal, of Government Officers especially Federal and provincial secretaries must compulsarily get education from state schools and universities. In this way, the standard of education can be improved to great extent.

  48. Please make one ciriculam which is for every child who is Pakistani, as education is being utilized as a symbol of status quo in pakistan.

    While policy making consult students from big institutes of Pakistan like lums, punjab university, GSK, karachi university and extract the bright students who can work side line in the formation of the policy.

    Only allow those teachers and personalities for suggestions who are the essence of pakistan , who has got the solutions to problems not the trouble makers, like great imran khan.

    Get rid of these private schools beacuse they are only producing mummy dady english children who cannot lead this nation.

    ask talat hussain, hamid mir, kashif to conduct shows and programs and debate on this issue with good educationist not with PMLQ

  49. If we actually wanted to improve our education system we should probably stop spoon feeding students ideas that ‘we’ want them to believe.

    Let them know that the world doesn’t revolve around our religion or our own country. Make them more well rounded.

  50. AoA everyone,

    I hope Mr Minister had the stamina to read all the messages. A lot has been said and there were some really great suggestions. In my humble opinion:

    1. We need only one system of education for every pakistani.

    2. Student exchange programs from city to city bases, expanding to provinces. A lot of misconceptions will be cleared and along side with education we can produce better citizens and a better nation. This might seem out of context but earlier we do this better chance we have of making a nation out of this population.

    3. The idea of exchange students with different countries is excellent one and we can start with china and korea if the europeens do not agree.

    4. Let us try to find a balance for funds for higher education and elementary education.

    5. It will be a good incentive if we have something like “hard area” allowance for the teahcers who are teaching in remote areas. To bring uniformity into education system this must not be limited to elementary education only.

    6. It will not be difficult to find people who shall volunteer to teach the science sbujects to madrassa students, just to start with.

    7. The current HEC programs should not be stopped out right. Like every system this system is by no means perfect but it can be imroved. For improvements the HEC students can be contacted and they can provide valuable information.

    8. I would suggest some legislation to prevent the political parties parenting the student unions. Yes Mr Minister it can hurt your and many other parties’ interests but this would be really positive from this government.

    9. In case you need a volunteer in the formation of course outline etc… you can start with me…

    Muhammad ILYAS
    PhD candidate,
    Toulouse France

  51. Education is a basic Human Right. It is our collective responsibility that this right should be afforded to all. ………When reforming the education system a GOLDEN RULE has to be acknowledged and followed ,that all Pakistanis ARE EQUAL OWNERS OF ALL RESOURCES of our country,those who’ve beeen denied use of national resources have the first right of use NOW. ……..The new planning has to start from spending in villages and katchi abadis in cities, ……I beleive majority of Pakistanis needing education the MOST live there………..Secondly we have to decide where the funding / expertise will come from ! Will it still be borrowed, or will we start SELF RELIANCE. ………….I beleive the only way is SELF RELIANCE……….funding should come from Taxing all Incomes / Properties / Landholdings…….with higher rate of tax on all wealh / ownership gains acheived through use of govt / polical assistance……An EDUCATION TAX to eliminate poverty through EDUCATION AND SKILLS TRANING (YR 10 2)thus making our WORKFORCE WORLD CLASS & COMPETETIVE. …….

  52. simple logical answer
    1. spend as much money on goverment school as possible, that will improve the standard on gov school and in return the private school monoply in pakistan will fall as result private school will impove its standard to catch up with gov school.
    After few years of this plan the whole syetem will rise.GOT IT MINISTER.
    2.try to develop a credible matriculation and FSC courses so that it can be compared with O LEVELS AND ALEVELS course.THIS WILL bring the standard of the student doing fsc and matric up.

  53. Dear Ahsan Iqbal sahib:

    I would suggest:
    1. Not to cancel the schlorship programme launched by Dr. Ata ur Rehman. However improvements can be done.

    2. We need to put lot of effort in our school system. We need a uniform school system rather than , O Level, Matric and madrassa system.

    3. Please Its already too late please donot delay it further. Now We must adopt whole heartedly english as medium of instruction from school level. Urdu along with regional languages should be taught as compulsory subjects.

    4. At University level I feel plagerism is growing in to a serious problem as per my view we as nation donnot like to do research we rather love to do search on internet. Plagerism has brought lot of humilation to Pakistan in recent years.

    Lastly I would like to say Sir I was in the university when you used to be the visiting professor. I fully believe that you have the ability to transform our education system from junk to some thing compatitive at least within our region if not in the world.

  54. Dear Minister of Education,

    I will suggest that every organization/institution should work according to the limits provided in law and constitution.
    I have read many comments suggesting to do this and that with HEC. Is it responsibility of Education Minister to make the policies of HEC?
    I would rather suggest to make chairman of HEC answerable or responsible for policies related to higher education in pakistan.
    Let us not repeat mistakes of the past!

  55. “Liberty lies in the hearts of men and women; when it dies there, no constitution, no law, no court can save it; no constitution, no court, no law can even do much to help it. While it lies there it needs no constitution, no law, no court to save it.” — Learned Hand


    From Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf’s constitution:

    -Freedom for Women – Free education up to Matric fro girls from poor households.

    -Launch an Education Revolution to promote universal literacy and raise the standard of education in our schools, colleges and universities.

    -To introduce a uniform system of quality education and to develop core curriculum for all strata of society and to discourage elitism.

    -To work at the grass root level for mass literacy and education, for setting up basic health facilities, for building and maintenance of infrastructure and to educate people in better civic facilities and sanitation.


    In nutshell, there should be a uniform standardized syllabus created to be used nation-wide is government, private schools alike. If India can come up with a standardized syllabus, CBSE, then why can’t we.

    Education should not be the means of segregating the society by providing two different mediums of education according to the social class. English should be taught in government school as it is taught in private schools designed for Brown Sahabs. However, it does not mean Urdu should be forgotten. Urdu should be continued, along with other national languages such as Pustu, and Sindhi etc in the classrooms depending on the geographic location.

    Education should be free, as in ‘freedom’, for students from lower-middle class families. This can be done by increasing education budget, and by decreasing the military budget. If there is still more monetary support required, is should be generated from taxing the Brown Sahabs.

    Defining to what extent education should be free, as much as possible. In Cuba, not just high schools, but colleges, and universities are free to attend, and they provide quality education. But, in general, education until high school should be at least free.

    As stated in Tehreek-e-Insaf’ constitution, there should be education revolution launched. Basically, that revolution is to speed the process of establishing government schools that would provide quality education to the majority of suppressed Pakistanis.

    Madrasses should be integrated in high schools. In other words, religious education should be provided side-by-side with social, behavorial, and natural science education. This would also eliminate the “fact” that Madrassas preach extremism.

    The bottom line is that where we see our children, our next generation in the future. Do we want them to be educated, professors, engineers, doctors, lawyers, researchers, and scholars so they can transform the county in the future? Surely, we what that. So, to achieve that, there needs to be an emergency implemented, educational emergency, to empower the youth for tomorrow, so they can lead the country, and the world towards future.

    God Bless Pakistan.

  56. There should be a thorough discusion in the parliament on education policy.
    Otherwise there would not be any difference between a democratic gov. and a dictator.Ehsan Iqbal should not decide himself like the minister in Musharaf Gov. did.

  57. Sir – I would like to say that the one of the major problems of our fsc system is the way the subjects are examined. People learn the same things each year from 5 year papers and the same thing comes up in the papers. Rather than putting forward analysis questions which could encourage the students to use their minds, students with good “ratafication” score highly. I feel that with such a pathetic way of examination, students hailing from smaller cities have no chance of competing with students who have done a-levels and o-levels.

    Another major issue is that the syllabus is never revised. A few years back my younger brother gave class 9-th exams in hyderabad and he had to write an essay on “A cow”. Just a few days earlier my father was telling him that he had to write an essay on “A cow” when he was in class 9th and the same topic could come up again. And it did!

    Also, the pay of the teachers is pathetic. One way of improving their performance and teaching methods would be to organise monthly teaching workshops in cities like karachi, lahore, pindi, faisalabad, sukkur and hyderabad and get teachers from rural areas to come and learn the lattest teaching methods while updating their knowledge on the subjects which they are teaching. These visits should be organised by the government and all expenses should be fully reimbursed.

    And lastly, to improve our higher education our universities should have deals and exchange programmes with leading universities in UK and USA so that our country can have high quality graduates.

    Mohammad Rafey Dahar.


    General Suggestions:

    1. Primary education must receive a lot of attention if we are to compete by 2015 or 2030.

    2. It is foolish to wait till age 10-11 to start teaching the children a second language. We need to start this in years 2-3 as research has shown that Language acquisition neuronal-networks in human brain are at their most active in years 2-7 of a human being. If we are going to teach children English (or persian or arabic or punjabi), we should have immersive learning happening in “Katchi” as opposed to in grade 6! (this is the main reason our English is so abysmal) Children should be taught in native languages first if possible.

    Human brain is a sponge for linguistic information in the very early years and we should leverage this biologically timed capability at the time that is most appropriate for it.

    SUGGESTION: Some innovation in this field could be that micro-learning apps should be created by department of education for cellphones which the parents can then download and have their children “play” with these educational apps.

    3. There must be commitment by the Federal government that at least 6% of the GDP will be spent on Education. Actually, Education spending for a given period should be made part of the CONSTITUTION! This should be increased to 10% if possible. Build a few less PNS this and BABUR-missile that, and spend a little more on your young… otherwise they will be so stupid they will give away the freedom of their nation for free (because they will be misinformed imbeciles like a certain jurnail).

    Lack of proper education is an existential, Mortal threat for Pakistan. More than Indian Army on our borders. This is the Truth!

    4. The national “syllabus” should be exactly the same for both “mainstream” and “Literacy & Non Formal Learning” scenario’s for the beginners. There should be ONE PRIMER “TO RULE THEM ALL” .. It should be a big thick book which will have the “advanced” sections but start out with very basic stuff (KG/Grade 1 materials) and move on to 4th & 5th grade. This primer could contain diverse things; such as gulistan/bostan, local stories, local proverbs. math/algebra concepts, LOGIC, LOGIC, LOGIC (most pakistani students say the stupidest most ILLOGICAL things.. and that is because there isn’t ANY logic taught in our schools.. a little bit of logic will go a long way.. Every dang madrassah in the old days (pre English times) used to teach a bit of logic precisely because information without Logic/Critical Thinking cannot be converted into working knowledge (wisdom?).

    5. We must assume the worst and put a system in place which will withstand the shocks in the future if another FA pass jurnails decides to “save the nation” from certain destruction.

    This means the Primary Education system should be structured along revolutionary lines, and we should not assume more than 2 years of democratic rule.. so we must act in a manner which will survive an almost certain coup.

    Education for Grade 0-5 revolves around a Universal Primer developed Nationally.
    Govt. Provides “Education Dividend” to Village girls who have finished the primer (each year’s worth adds.. ‘lets say RS. 2000’) at the time of their marriage.
    The primary education should be made as independent of infrastructure and govt interference as possible. Once a person learns to Read and gains basic mathematical concepts, they should be ready to learn with nominal mentoring by another “literate” person (whose basic qualification would be this primer itself)
    There should be Public libraries established in all Primary schools which should have a basic set of books which people learning from the Primer could checkout and read independently.
    Classics should be provided on newspaper stock in broadsheet (newspaper) format. This will introduce the populations to classics of our culture and other cultures and help us develop well rounded individuals.

  59. I would say only one think which needs to be consider and this is my hope that it will bring improvement.
    We produce students but we don’t provide them apportunity to apply their expertise in field. I mean they don’t get jobs.
    We should follow India in case of Information technology. The are producing a lot IT students but at the same time they are big share holder of the IT field in the whole world. We should provide a platform for students in every field where they get jobs and improve their skill.
    This is possible when the broader image of Pakistan is good. I can be done if government take step to bring work for student from foriegn countries. They can manage all and use our fresh graduated students to develop softwares and in all the fields.

  60. 1. Education budget should be raised to at least 4% of the GNP, an international benchmark.

    2. National pride, self esteem and a vibrant civilization, should be the cornerstones of education policy. which means unnecessary and morbid imitations of external cultures and languages should be done away with. Multiple education systems such as old British, O level, A level, should be discarded.

    3. Existing Primary and secondary system should be merged into a single tier Elementary system, from nursery to grade 10. This elementary tier should be universal, mandatory and fully covered by the state. First 5 years of elementary
    should cover four languages (mother tongue, Urdu, Arabic, English) along with basic skill training in math, science and Islamic history. There should be an elementary school for each population unit of 10,000.

    4. Grade 6 to 10 should focus on immersion programs in math, science, Islamic history, civic sense, business planning. Grade 8 to 10 should phase into independent self studies and student projects.

    5. Undergraduate University: From grade 11 to 14, split into two major streams (1) academic and (ii) technical, more on the existing models. There should be one undergraduate university for each population of 40,000.

    6. Skills Training schools: Medical, Engineering, Fine Arts, etc. from grade 15 to grade 18. There should be one Skills training university for each population of 100,000.

    7. Graduate University: from grade 16 t0 20 . involves higher studies; Masters, Ph.D and post doctoral. There should be one Graduate university for each population unit of 1,000,000.

    8. Continuing Education: For all citizens to continue with life long learning. Should offer small modules, courseware, and skill training for everyone to develop personal skills and or switch careers.

    9. Virtual education: through on line courses, internet, TV, correspondence. There should be one virtual education unit for each population unit of 1,000,000.

    10. University teachers should be trained within the country through rigorous Ph.D and Post doctoral programs. Call overseas Pakistani scientists home to deliver quality Ph.D programs within the country.

    11. University’s performance must not be measured in terms of pubiications, but in terms of innovative research, that generates leading edge technologies, businesses and jobs.

    12. Stop sending Pakistani scholars to UK for Ph.D training. UK have played havoc with our generation of students with substandard Ph.D training. In fact UK has been a big proliferator of mediocrity in our universities.

    13. Stop Eeperimenting with German, Swedes and French universities. For Gods sake, dont throw our young scholars into new language trials. We had enough of languages already -mother tongue, Urdu, English, Arabic. And now German, Swedish, French and what not. Remember! All developed nations are what they are today because of their one and only native language education system. This is the most flawed element in the current education policy.

    14. Engage into a nation wide translation project of scientific and technical information into local languages. Provinces may compete with one another in converting science into regional languages.

    More can come if time permits.

  61. Dear Minister,

    i would like to suggest few points in regards to education policy for Pakistan.

    1. We should have same curriculum through out pakistan for public and private schools.
    2. Should have schools in every town according to population and college in every District and Univerisity in every City. This is the only way to go forward for the future of Pakistan.
    3. Teaching and examination department in every school and college and university should be seperate.
    4. Update curriculum every two years with all new advancement in that particular field.
    5. Give incentives to parents to put their daughters in school and free lunch for all the school children coming from poor families (Currently adopted by few indian states and very successful)
    6. Pay teachers well so we can get the best teacher for our children.
    7. Get rid of all the ghost school. Every student in our school should have basic facilities like table and chairs to sit on, drinking water and toilets.

    Finally we have to go the basics to fix the problem. If we keep on investing in higher education and dont do anything at the grass root level then we ll not be able to survive in 21st centuary.

    Thank You

  62. My two cents on this topic:

    1. Improve (or atleast sustain) the funding of HEC
    HEC has contributed significantly towards human resource development in Pakistan during the recent years. While I admit that there is room for improvement and some policies need to be reviewed, in general, its a good effort. For people who are unhappy about primary education level in Pakistan, they should suggest improving primary education ALONG WITH higher education, it seems twisted logic to suggest that higher education should be axed and only primary education supported. Why not both ?

    2. Keep the lab financing scheme of HEC
    One of the important schemes of HEC that motivates me and a lot of other scholars to return to Pakistan is that of funding for setting up research labs in Pakistan. Quite frankly, if the new govt. ends all these kinds of projects and schemes, I assure you that this would have a very negative impact on the scholars (and obviously their decisions to return). This is true particularly for the scholars who are actually thinking about contributing to research in Pakistan when they return.

    3. Concentrate on improving the Research Infrastructure
    No country in this world can progress without having a good research infrastructure. There are some ideas which can be interesting:

    – Concentrate on making the universities being opened with European cooperation, a success
    – Try to set up specialized research labs both within Universities as well as independant units.

    Finally, if we really are to make Pakistan a prosperous country, a major decision would be to improve the quality of public sector Universities like UET, Punjab University, Peshawar University. etc. because these are the places where the mass of our students study. Students politicis should be stopped immediately. Career advancement for faculty should be merit based and not relationship or only seniority based.

    I sincerely hope that together we make Pakistan what Quaid-e-Azam had once dreamed of.


    I would like to give some comments and draw your attention to Higher Education policy section.


    I am happy first of all that you have included HEC medium term development frame work[1] in your education policy. It indicates that you are agree with most of HEC plans though you have mentioned deficiencies. This is an appreciation to the efforts of Dr. Atta-ur-Rehman as well. No doubt, before him no middle class can even think of getting foreign education and studying in Cambridge or Oxford. Having said that I have some reservations on HEC present policy and your proposed new policy.

    1: Now come to the point, in HEC present frame work mention in your policy under
    PAGE NO. 52 PARAGRAPH NO. 11; no attention is given to the core engineering (Mechanical & Electrical); that is called mother of engineering. Instead its mention about biotechnology and nanotechnology. It seems very strange when you emphasize acquiring cutting edge technology/research expertise for which we even don’t have basic infrastructure, knowledge and manpower to work and forget the backbone of any industry (Mechanical & Electrical). No need to mention Germany and Italy; industrial giants, who revolutionized their countries by making progress in this sector.

    2: POLICY ACTIONS: PAGE 55 PARAGRAPH NO. 6: I have strong reservations on four years PhD. We Pakistanis have to study 4 years Bachelor, 2 Years Master in Pakistan or 1 year in UK and then we become eligible to do PhD in any UK university or European university. We are following British education system and even then Master degree is compulsory for us to get admission in PhD in UK universities. While any student from British university having 4 years Bachelor can have admission in PhD. UK PhD duration is 3 years, now compare us with any British student who will get a doctorate degree 3 years earlier. WHY?
    Having same education, same mental capabilities why this injustice with our nation. In China even, PhD duration is three years, USA, Italy, Denmark, Norway, Germany, Austria, Switzerland all have three years of PhD degree. I would strongly suggest reviewing this matter and improving quality rather than duration.

    3: HEC spending fair amount of money on higher education, you may increase if education budget is increased but what is the use of these PhD researchers when they will come back to Pakistan? There is no research environment, no research institutes that are involved in cutting edge technology, no research in universities even. Dr. Atta-ur-Rehman had replied that there will be technology parks, innovation canters and research in universities but there is none so far. I am not talking about IT centers even though they are not many. I am asking about research in mining, textile, energy, machines, renewable energy, electronics etc.

    Last but not the least; I would say never the less Dr. Atta-ur-Rehman done a great job with some deficiencies. But I hope you will improve research and higher education instead removing him. He is one of the best researchers of Cambridge University and we should get benefit of his skills.

    All the Best, May Allah guide all of us.

    PS: much is discussed on same “syllabus” and ‘Islamic education’ in curriculum, so I am not touching that topic.

    1: Pakistan: Assessment of the Medium-Term Development Framework, Higher Education Policy Note, The
    World Bank 2006.

  64. I want to say that first of all “SELECT YOUR LANGUAGE”. Either make ENGLISH as medium of instruction from class 1 and make all studies in English or make URDU as a medium of Instructions in all college and schools from class 1 to higher studies. what you can do is write all scientific and technological terms in URDU (like Blood pressure should be write blood pressure in URDU not BULAND FISHAAR-E-KHOON”)
    So i think first of all make a common medium of instruction in all schools including private schools and there should not be any other standards.

  65. Respected Education Minister

    I really dont know what to made part of education policy and what not, because i am not PhD in education…., To me every policy has some good things and bad things… But as a common citizen and PhD scholar in Engineering i have certain issues to raise.

    ***How many Ministers (Education ministers in particular), secretaries (Education secretary in particular) , Education officials sent their childerns in Govt schools, colleges and universities??? Inst it contradiction that the people who made the policies for Govt schools/Colleges don’t have trust on them to send their children??

    *** Your coalition Govt is going to allow the activities of student unions in Govt educational institutions, Can u please answer me how many of yours (Elite class/Ministers/ Bureaucrat’s son/daughtgers studies in these universities?

    ***Let me make my point first and then ask…Majority of the students studying in the Govt universities are from middle or poor class family, On these students their parents really invest their life savings in hope they will graduate as a good engineer etc and will support them afterwards. But what happens is they students are caught by those elements who extracts them away from the original goal. Dont we know that in past people use to graduate from engineering universities in 7-10 years ? How many WAPDAs, PTCLs, HMCs do we need to dump in these inefficient, 3rd class politicized degree holders?

    ***Our College/ University Education system is so that we send a cultured/ simple, dreaming young kid and what comes out to be a criminal, unbearable and uncivilized person at output (In most of cases). We need to study the response of the system and transform this.

    *** About medium of instruction i have one suggestion, since i got my basic primary/secondary education in Urdu medium. Its really hard to compete and adopt to a new system at FSc level and onwards, But if even medium of instruction is Urdu, but the scientific terms/ words used in the text should be in English so that they are familiar with the basic words in scientific English. e.g ( In Urdu wave was called “Moj”, Acceleration ” ISRAH” etc. No need to translate the basic terms in Urdu. We dont need to convert every sentence into English as we dont have sufficient teachers to teach them in rural areas, bu try to insert as many Roman English words as possible.

    *** In Madrassa, its good if they also teach the science and English subjects along with Islamic education, but if they are reluctant at start, persuade them to impart some sort of skills to students like (Electricians/Motor Mechanics/ Fitter etc)

  66. First they need to clearly redefine what literacy means. In pakistan, I was shammed to find out Literacy means, reading two lines from a news paper (urdu) and being able to sign. Sorry to say, for as long as this is how you measure literacy things won’t change. Also, they need to move from memorizing stuff to actually being able to understand stuff, Rattafication, as we used to called it. Not only they should emphasize on English but also Urdu and Arabic. So not only can they read these languages but actaully understand them. Courses should be in english everywhere, not just in urban private school/institutes. Maybe they need to nationalize private schools so there is not double standards. If the people in charge of education truly believe they have fixed the education system(whenever that is) they should have their children study in these gov’t schools. I will post some feedback on the draft as soon as i read and finish it.

  67. *** A separate Antenna based Educational TV (ETV) channel should be dedicated to teach the basic Mathematics, Sciences Social sciences etc of various level, free of cost. This can bring revolution in very short time. The coverage should be at least as much as we have of PTV-1. We as a nation are poor in mathematics and basic scenics inspite we have best IQ level in the world. We can’t compete with other students because lack of knowledge in maths specially.

  68. 1. Unless we cut defense budget by 50%, all of this is just TALK.

    2. Use TV/INTERNET to introduce education on wide scale.

    3. Bring uniformity among all education system accross Paksitan.

    4. Introduce english/math/science in Madressah.

  69. The science subjects should be more practical and based on logics which develop students intrest in their subjects rather we emphasis on theory.

    The teacher should be qualified and there must be a teacher training program for primary, Secondry & high Secondry school teacher by some world wide experienced highly qualified team.

    The teacher not only teach their subject but should also work on chracter building of students. A student of higher secondry school should know the rights of citizen of pakistan.

    There are lot other things to do but these i think are the fundamentals which should be in our educations system.

  70. 1. To improve basic education in Pakistan, it should be necessary to have at least metric qualification to get driving license and the right to cast vote. In this case everyone will try to send their children to school.

    2. It is very difficult to decrease budget of defense because army will pressurize politicians, so other option is we can keep it fix in digits (if it is 3 trillion, it should be 3 trillion always in next few budgets) but in the mean time, total money for budget is increasing, so % age for defense will decrease automatically.

    3. In universities, only those teachers should be provided funding and higher posts who gives most publications every year. Even increment should be attached with publications. And publications should be of international level. Similarly, to get M.Sc degree in any subject, it should be necessary to publish one national or international paper.

    4. Examination system should be changed, for example in University of Vienna, here is one oral examination along with written examination in which every student comes to stage and all other students in the presence of teacher ask some questions related to that subject. And teacher gives marks according to his performance.

    5. And if possible, the stop these student organization in Universities and colleges because it will ruin the whole environment of our universities and specially colleges.

    6. There are a lot of lose character teachers in the universities who prefer girls on boys and it’s true that they award more numbers to some girls. So they should be thrown out.

    7. Every year, one survey should be done among the students to check the performance of teachers also. Because there are a lot of teacher who teach in such a way that no one is able to understand them.

    8. In some schools especially, on village side, some teachers don’t teach and most often pass their duty time in chatting with each others. So some system should be adopted to get rid of this behavior.

  71. It is my long held view that we are lacking both finance and critical mass. Put it in other words, people who really capable to boost our higher education lack finance.

    We should understand that progress means creation of technology. No nation can make progress in this material world unless it creates technology of its own. And until we do not encourage orginal research in the basic sciences like Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, we could not make any progress.

    You may able to build state-of-the-art building like Saudi Arabia did. But King Fahad university has nothing to contribute regarding original research. Why? They do not have critical mass.

    So, our approach should be multi-dimensional. However, we should give utmost importance for the production of critical mass. It is indeed not only hard but also time consuming.

    Ministry of Education should give reasonable scholarships to the people who are studying at MS/PhD level in basic sciences. This scholarship should not be binding. That is, individual should not be require to come back immediately. Rather, they should allow to work in foreign land for 5 or more years. On their return, they should be allow to serve on the institution in which they like whether private or public.

    This is in fact Mahatir doctrine. Send as much people abroad as much you can. And bother whether they will return or not. Even if 1/3 would return, they can bring the change.

    Last thing, one should be careful regarding universities. US has more than 4000 universities, but not more than 100 universities could be regarded as research center (considered each department spearetly. ) And these can be figure out easily. For instance, American Mathematical Society has published a ranking for mathematics universities. You can just pick rank A universities for the scholarship purposes.

    May I emphasize again, without basic sciences there can not be any progress in technology. Having said that social sciences have importance of their own, which should not neglected either.

  72. The suggestion I have given in my previous post is for a long term strategy. However, we should begin at some point. Why not now?

    By the way, I would advice Ahsan Iqbal to contact Pervaz Hoodbhouy. Whatever his religious or political views are, in my opinion, he is the best person regarding higher education, especially mathematics and sciences.

  73. My views should be considered for higher education only.

    This doc merely outline the issues, or intentions. I have read the higher education part. The suggestion I have given as long term strategy can also be thought of as my criticism to this draft. Applied disciplines like computer science, electrical engineering, other engineering heavily depend on mathematics, physics. You need high class faculty in those areas. This draft simply seem to ignore it.

    At present, there isn’t even a single university in Pakistan which really deserve the word university The most obvious reason is our insistence only on applied discipline, neglecting that these depend on almost “useless” sciences like mathematics and physics. The second reason is that we want quick results, but there is no short cut.

    Ask Israel, who tries to build a university which have only applied discipline. Despite all their efforts, money, that university ended up as a failure. After a two years of careful study they concluded that the you can not develop an envoirenmonet which nurture creativity and original thinking without having departments of basic sciences and social sciences.

    To put it in a nutshell, 2030 is 22 years ahead, yet I don’t find any long term strategy in this draft.

  74. The following is not my idea but it certainly does appeal to me.
    Make it mandatory for children of all government servants (including bureaucrats, technocrats, parliamentarians, ministers, etc), and anyone taking a loan from government to attend public school. The system will fix itself.
    Same solution was suggested to fix health services and public transport.

  75. Putting aside the bogus numbers as pointed out rightly by @Rashid “36% of all children aged 3-4 years in 2001-02 to 91% in 2005-06” and @Saqib’s suggestion about looking at Scandinavian countries and PISA reports, it is interesting to note that “Finland, with an average of 563 score points, was the highest-performing country on the PISA 2006 science scale.” Assuming then that Finland has the best education system, let me clue you in that children in Finland don’t start school until the age of 7 (Pre-School at 6) .
    Here’s more from the above link:
    * Pre-school begins at age 6
    * Comprehensive school: age 7 to 16
    * Upper secondary school or vocational school: 16 to 19
    * Pupils in Finland, age 7 to 14, spend fewest hours in school
    * Higher education places for 65% young people
    * Second-highest public spending on higher education. (Source: OECD)

    But in our country we have got hold of this stvpid idea of putting even 2 year olds in schools which is sure to scar them for life.

  76. By the way I haven’t read the “new” education policy draft yet as the copy I downloaded earlier was corrupt. Trying again I keep getting the “Access Denied” error from the MOE website.



    We can debate the language. In my opinion, both Urdu and english should go side by side. Urdu being our national language. English being the universal language.

    Huge increment in Teachers’ salaries. minimum 500%. Teachers should be among the most well-off (financially) section of the society.

    Very strict Teachers selection procedure. Teachers’ training program.

    HEC system = Garbage in Garbage Out.

    More funding for basic education. No fees uptill F.SC.

    Board system = Totally useless. Students’ own teacher is the best judge of his / her abilities. More trust on teachers’ abilities. Surly, in the start, some teachers / students will abuse this system. but slowly but surly, good people will come up and take the lead.

  78. Respected Education Minister,
    My short and main points are,
    1. In primary and secondary education, select teachers on Merit via Public Service Commission.
    2. In secondary and College Education, BISE’s paper evaluation system is very defective. Needs much improvement.

    3. In higher Education, Continue, support and enhance the policies of Dr. Atta-ur-Rehman, every thing will be O.K.
    Dr. Atta has brought a revolution in HE.

  79. Salaam!!!

    Can I ask you a simple question about budget allocation on education sector?

    Also, I personally dont think uniform education across pakistan is the answer to the issues right now. It will create more problem !!! What we need is more schools, make education compulsary aur phir later on create a uniform education

  80. @admin
    This feedback has generated a long list of ideas, and it would not be possible to read all and extract ideas separately. I like to advice to make it more productive by applying systematic approach, this can be done with distributing the whole policy in 8-10 areas, e.g. Curricula, examination, teacher selection etc. Then you can again identify the stakeholders and then request the respondents to also provide their association with appropriate group of stakeholders. Next, the each policy point should be raised and then opinion regarding that policy point should be requested.
    This again requires a full time research job to create this sort of mechanism. However Mr Ehsan Iqbal can appoint some body to act in these lines.

  81. Respected Minister,
    I would like to present my comments on some issues namely Vision, Objective, Curricula, subjects, Teaching method, Infrastructure. Let me now comment on the issue.

    Main problem is we, as a nation, don’t have a vision why we are getting education. We need a clear vision at all levels of education and whole community should understand it. The essence should be to enable every child to have equal opportunities. i.e. each born child should have equal chances to become what he is capable of.
    We have made objective of education only to get job, its wrong. I want to give example, a 8-9 year old boy working at Cycle shop should also learn how the science works in Cycle, his education should make him better Cycle mechanic allowing him to be a good Inventor. Objective of our primary education should be to allow people learn what they are seeing around them but in a good way. I even suggest schools should have their own workshops where they can train a student to be a good mechanic. For this the boy has to work as a slave of Cycle workshop owner and his father is more happy that his son is learning. Same is the case in cars, TV, Barber shop even in all cases. So the objective should not be to create Doctors and engineers, the objective should be to provide the knowledge and training to live and earn better.
    Problem is not in curricula, problem lyes with understanding of teachers. For example when teaching Poetry we ask student to Learn the meaning, we don’t enable student to say their own poetry. imagine if the exam include a question in which student is asked to write their own poetry given a situation. So the main point to start is to develop a new approach in Teachers training centers.
    Again this is a long issue, I write a 10 page document on this issue.

    Teaching Method
    A batch of visionary people should develop a new structure of training teachers and rise the level of vision in all level of teachers.

    Just understand the issue that each child is capable of becoming Dr Qadeer, Atta u Rehman, Ehsan Iqbal or Samar Mubarak. We can be able to build our own warplanes, Missiles, land rovers. So if we consider these children our army for next generation then the problem of shortage of funds vanishes. We need to build our schools as we have invested in our army.

    Best of regards
    (Let me communicate the stakeholder group, I belong to. I am currently a research student in Pakistani University, and also has a 4-5 years experience in undergraduate level teaching. I had also worked in a multinational company for 3 years, after doing my MSc from BZU multan. I studied entirely in Govt Schools, college and universities, thus posses knowledge of issues in this area.)

  82. Dear Education Minister,

    Before going in detail of education policy, I would request you also to put your attention for the development of your home area. In fact, I also belong to that area which is still lag behind in education, industry and basic necessities of life. But still we have a hope in form of you for our good future and condition,

    Here are my views for the education policy,

    1. The refresher courses for the teachers including University teachers should be compulsory including the psychological test whether he/she is still able to retain his position or not.

    2. Even one unfair appointment of a teacher may destroy training of our youth, so the appointment should be purely purely on merit based irrespective of any political/bureaucratic/Army reference. It’s the key point to improve the level of education and don’t destroy the talent with unfair appointments.

    3. There is a lack of communication between private and public sector research centre(s) that may be one reason of slow progress but this can be improved to avoid the repetition of same research. There is a need to build a partnership/collaboration between the public and private sector where both can be benefited by the effective use of limited resources.

    4. If you ask from a researcher then the internet is much more important as the other means of literature source. We have inadequate facility to search the latest research going on in the world.

    5. The attractive salary and well equipped laboratory might be helpful to attract the foreign qualified personnel’s still working aboard. In abroad, every majority have fear to come back due to bad conditions of laboratory, leg pulling in institutes, hurdles in doing new research, non availability/delayed supply of required chemicals

    6. The level of education in comparison to abroad is very poor, we are still training the students with very old ideas/literature that is expired and of no need. There is a need to improve the syllabus of primary and even higher education that can fulfil the requirements of latest science world.
    Sorry to say, but in fact we are wasting our time in many institutions by producing layman instead of experts who can compete to new world. Why the same Pakistani people are working hard outside the country and proving there determination and talent but not in Pakistan. Perhaps our youth is disappointed from the system and prefer to work aboard where they feel secure.
    7. Being an agricultural country, Pakistan is still facing the less productivity and shortage of food supplies while its population is increasing rapidly. Agricultural research and technological improvements are the possible prerequisites for increasing the agricultural productivity and generating the income or rural former.

    Best regards

  83. Please don’t waste money on PhDs abroad especially on students taking admission in low ranking universities. Wasting a lot of money on individuals, most of whom will not come back to Pakistan, and if they come back will not be able to contribute as there is no infrastructure available in Pakistan to utilize them. Rather the money shall be spent on making schools and imparting education to all the children of Pakistan and all the students shall be given scholarship till they attain certain level say matric. I think the reason poor people don’t send there a kid to school is that they want there kids to earn money instead of “wasting” there time in school. So if every child from poor background is given say Rs. 300 per month, I am pretty sure, the amount required by government will not be much higher as compared to the amount they are spending on PhDs. But the benefit will be for millions of Pakistanis and will not be restricted to few individuals.
    I am not against the higher education, but I think the base shall be widened and when every one has equal opportunity then the best among them shall be picked for higher education. Rather than picking from few privileged who have the monetary advantages of reaching MSc level,( less than 2 % of the population) PhD scholarship shall be stopped forthwith till the time every Pakistani has the basic education imparted.
    Till that time , few fields like cotton industry or any thing where Pakistan has infrastructure available, shall be exempted and only few and really talented individuals shall be send to PhDs. PhDs in science and technology , where sadly students have no scope in Pakistan, other than teaching shall be banned straight away.

    One more important thing is that till matric or Fsc level, there shall be one education system and one curriculum for every student. No O/A levels shall be allowed in Pakistan or every one shall be given a chance for O/A level and not restricted for privileged class studying in private and costly schools.

    I am in UK and here the syllabus and curriculum for public and private school is same and every pupil is given equal opportunity to attain in his/her life. I really wish same can be done for Pakistan. I have high hopes for present Pakistani Government and I am of the opinion that this is the last chance for Pakistan, if this time no change occurs than there is no chance in future as well. God be with you Mr Ahsan Iqbal.



  84. To Whom It May Concern

    High Standard Education for the poor should be at the top most priority. We need to pursue it on emergency basis. Here is my rough suggestion:

    * Make it obligatory for each and every Private School or Private Higher Education Institution to accomodate atleast 10 students per class from poor families absolutely free.
    For example, if there is a Private school that offers education from Grade 1 till Matric then it should accomodate atleast 100 students from poor families that is 10 students in each Grade. And this specific information regarding the poor students should not be made available to the teaching staff in order to avoid any discrimination.

    It may sound absurd but we have to tax the rich more somehow in order to give relief to the poor.

  85. Repected Minsiter
    I wrote few points yesterday with lot of typing mistakes. Any way I want to add couple of more points.
    1- For nursery level kids, there should be a private or government-based organization which produce toys, small story books and movies for learning purposes. An example is Scholistic organization in USA . In USA characters in story books are also available as toys and in kids’ movies.
    2-Other important thing there is absolutely no check on toys being sold in Pakistan’s markets in context of influence of these toys on the brain or psyche development of a kid and the affect on physical health since little kids are supposed to take every toy in his mouth. Most of toys imported from china and made of low quality plastics have serious harmful affects on the childern’s health.
    3-Very important aspect is the need of vocational education schools and as many as high schools present in our country. These vocational schools should train people starting from one having primary education to the pre-bachelor level diploma. A wonderful example which can be cloned is German system of vocational schools (Fachhoschoole) where from messon and carpentor to computer hardware engineer get training.

  86. Pakistan’s education system is rotten to the core. It carries so many anamolies that it would be difficult to set them right without massive investment (at least 5% of GDP). I took gold medal in Mass Communication from a university in Islamabad and for two years the teachers were concerned with teaching us how to write a good intro or explain what an editorial or feature was (though many of them were themselves confused about these pieces of wisdom). Currently being a student at a college of University of London, I have come to realise that it is research and only research which is taking these countries forward. I asked one of my teachers from the US what was the secret of America’s success and his one-word answer was ‘research’. Isn’t it surprising that most of the universities here have done away with the traditional system of examination still prevalent in Pakistan. For my MA from Pakistan, I was made to sit in the examination hall for 120 hours during four semesters of six months each. As an MA student here, the total time I have spent in the class is 120 hours (60 lectures 60seminars). That was all about the class work. But it does not end here. The real test lies in the research which every masters and bachelors student has to carry out on very complex but relevant issues. As an MA student, I am supposed to submit research work comprising 50,000 words (7 essays and one dissertation) to the college before I walk out with a degree. Those who have studied here or elsewhere in the west know what research I am talking about and how it is carried out and measured in terms of content and value. In Pakistan, MA students love to have any course work given to them and they would produce it in a jiffy (how they do is everybody’s guess). So Mr Minister, if you indeed want to improve education system in Pakistan, introduce or rather enforce research system right at the college level.
    The second and even bigger issue I have noticed here is the language or medium of instruction. From hindsight, I feel students in Pakistan shy away from research because they haveto carry it out in English, a langauge they don’t understand properly let alone write something with any measure of quality. Ask a UK student to write his research essay in Urdu or French and he would come crashing down. The same is the case with students in Pakistan, If you want them to do research, ask them to do it in Urdu, our national language. If you consider it an outdated idea, then set up high-quality English language departments at school level. Staff them with good teachers and adopt direct method of teaching. Somebody suggested the private schools should be forced to take 10 poor students free of charge in every class. It is a very good idea and should be explored.
    To my small mind, these two are the major issues our education system faces. We will have to deal with them and set them right before we can think of producing any quality stuff through our colleges and universities.

  87. Dear Sir,

    I want to bring your kind attention to a very important problem regarding student family visas for France.

    HEC has sent a large number of students for Masters leading to PhD studies to France. But since June 2007, the French embassy is rejecting all of the students’ familes visas without any reason despite of the fact that the students are fulfilling all of the requirements.

    This thing is affecting not only the studies of the students but also the families back in Pakistan.

    I request, you Sir to please help the students in this matter.

    I thankyou and pray that May Allah give you the courage to bring a revolution in the education system of Pakistan

    Thanks a lot.

  88. You should concentrate on Primary and Higher education simultaneously. Primary education is neglected area and many students loose interest in education due to this situation.

    HEC should continue and a better research and development culture can be produced through a sincere monitoring. Scoholarships for national and international universities for good students is definitely required and should continue.

    Private schools have become a business centre and have lost the actual aim of educational institutions.

    Many private primary schools/montessories are charging high fees but they have employed cheap teachers/under paid who have little idea about children psychology. They have costly books and admission fees w/o any check.

    Teachers are only putting burden on the parents through extensive home work. Many young students get frustrated Govt. should scrutinise these schools and they should be asked to follow a minmum standard in hiring teachers. Teachers must have standard qualification and a supervised practical teaching workshops.

    Under qualified teachers should not be allowed to teach.

    Many private schools use building which are actually built for living of families. They have no play grounds and other facilities like libraray etc. It is a very serious situation and needs to be checked.

  89. I believe that worst part is to have different class system of education for different classes. private schools like headstart, followed by public schools like ICB, IMCB and then urdu medium schools. there should be one curriulum for all these schools even if we want to keep this system alive.

    At unviversity and college level some form of stringent regulation is required to regulate private colleges. Mushroom growth of these private medical institutes, software institutes need need to be stopped and regulated

  90. Just want to add few words.
    1) For improving the situation of education in Pakistan I think you have to have a uniform schooling system.

    2) Examination system should not be connected to colleges and schools. There should be a separate body for exams which should take exams like SAT in USA.

    3) Combine religion and pak-studies in a single subject and teach it. Learning religion should be personal thing it should depend upon student to pursue it if it wants to. Don’t try to indoctrinate the young minds.

    3) I would like you to review the education system of the nations where education levels are very high. Like Finland, Australia, Belgium, Austria, Hungary, Netherlands, South Korea and Singapore.
    I am providing you the wikipedia links to the education systems of some these countries. Try to adapt one of these systems as parent system and transform most of education on that model.

  91. Include MEMS (Micro Electro Mechanical Systems) / Microsystems along with Nanao technology. It is one area which belongs to the future and can make big difference.

  92. @admin

    I would love to. However few points needs to be clarify.
    A realistic deadline.
    Expected final size of document.
    Access to the text.
    Seriousness of whole exercise.

    (now a days I am in London)

  93. Dear Minister, Plz start by abandoning US sponsored ” Trickle Down Theory “. And focus on education from ” grassroot level “. ………..We as a nation need to show loyalty to our own people and our own interests……..this can only be done by spending big on ” primary to matric schooling ” plus two years of skill / trade taining……..Sustainable agricultural practices training to farm labourers should get priority…….Remember, To enjoy fruits of sucess a tree has to be planted , land has to be cared for ,today and for the future , work has to be done by workers ……….. AN EDUCATION TAX ON ALL INCOMES & PROPERTIES ( 25% tax on all incomes above min wage / living wage ) should provide indignous funding for nations education and skills / trade training. ………. Regards .

  94. Motto of education is to reconnect the people & raise IQ level thats I have missed throughout my career.

    1) From Grade 1-5 the emphasis should be on raising the IQ level, introduce as much innovation as possible & encourge the kids to think.

    2) LANGUAGES class from grade (1-10) emphasizing on listening, understanding & speaking (not reading & writning). Class should be carried out in that language ONLY. The languages should be major local languages(Punjabi, Pushto, Sindhi & Balochi), national language(Urdu) & International languages(English & Arabic). Lets reconnect starting from communication.

    3) Can we set aside Rs. 100 million a year for 100 fresh graduates to add value in 100 villages?

    Lets reconnect ourselves & get united & bring ourselves closer. Lets enter to 21st century & democratic Pakistan with new leadership, with innovation, with a vision, who can bring the people close together for their benefit.

    Lets have a competition exam nationwide in which only fresh graduates can sit. And then select the top 100 graduates from them. Select 100 villages(comprising from 100-200 families/houses) scattered through out Pakistan. Assign one village to a graduate for an year over there with one Rs. one million of budget at his disposal. One can set a certain frame of rules for the fresh graduates. Learn the local language, find out the problems that the people are facing & bring the people together to solve the issues that can solved locally, also recommend the solutions at provincial & national level for their problems, if you think that nature of the problems needs provincial or national assisstance. Also you can highlight the skills of those people at national level. Study their values in detail, how they manage at their own level day to day issues. And the things like that.

    Prepare a complete report about the value that you added to their lives at the end of the year. Then the top 10 who added the most value in the lives of people should be honored with Nishan-i-Pakistan.

    Lets add the value to the lives of our rural areas.

    P.S. We can extend it to 112 as I have come to know that Pakistan have 112 districts. So from the final results we can select a graduate from each district with highest marks from his/her district fellows. And assign him/her a village from other provincial district or the distant one, whichever way it works. Thus we would have representation from each district both in graduates & in villages.

  95. Just a qucik question from my English loving freinds who think it should be the medium of our education……… Would you please give stastics where developed nations used any foreign language( Including english ) as their medium of education?

  96. Education system in Pakistan needs a major upgrade. But for now I think these issues must be addressed. We have more maddrassas I think than government schools right now. We should standardize the maddrassas,
    – We shouldn’t change their course policies but add ours into it. That is we should introduce advanced studies into their curriculum , that is Physics,Chemistry, Math, Biology and Computer studies, so these student beside the religious knowledge will also gain other knowledge and will make them a more better human being who will be able to think more openly and it will help Pakistan a lot specially right now.
    – On other hand our primary, secondary and post secondary system needs a major overhaul. We should abandon the theory we are following from 60’s I think. Every kid just cram the stuff and get marks we have five years of exams available in market students study from their and get numbers. They don’t really understand the knowledge instead they just cram the knowledge and forget later. This does not help students to be a better person. I believe 70% of students in Pakistan just cram the stuff. We should follow more detailed pattern that is we should have projects, labs, assignments and other helpful things for student to understand what they are doing rather than putting everything on Final exam we should break down our structure like foreign countries and every thing should count towards the Final mark. That will help student understand and will utilize their knowledge effectively.

  97. The current higher education policy should be continued at all costs. HEC scholarships, despite all its drawbacks, initiated by doctor Ata-ur-Rehman are doing a lot of good.
    Secondly a new local secondary school curriculam should replace the present system. The curriculum in India trains students for the most rigorous higher education in the world, indian students excell all around the world. Or we could even seek to learn from the Cambridge system.
    Both higher education and secondary school education are critical for creating a highly trained population, and in fact can be termed even more important than 100% primary school enrollment.

  98. Dear Ahsan Iqbal,

    Whatever the education policy could be two things should be made compulsory: Learning of the English language and Learning of the Computer skills. These should be right from the nursery to the post-graduation level of study. The poor of Pakistan are more in need of them.
    Dr Qaisar Rashid

  99. I don’t know wether the honorable EM will be able to read through all of these suggestions.How ever I would,first of all, like to express my pleasure that such an enthusiastic and dedicated person has been chosen fo one of the most important department which need a major reshuffeling.
    In my view, the mess introduced and inducted by the previous dictatorship in the name of enlightened moderation should be cleared up from the syllabii of the educational institutaions.In higher education institutions,where immoral activities (in regard to our cultural,Deeni and moral values) have been promoted like dance and drinking parties should be banned as first priorities.
    Aga Khan board has been given unnecessary importance in Mush’s dictatorship.It should be lliquidated
    The country should be either given a single text book board or 5-6 (at the maximum) book boards to design the course books upto Intermediate.
    Educational year should be started from somewhere in August and finished by the end of May, while rducing the annual number of holidays.

    I am sure that most of the suggestions given by me must be in your view already.
    Good luck and may Allah help and guide us all to make ourselves proud Muslims (with appologies to non-Muslim brothers if they think it is biased comment) and Pakistanis.

  100. I will only comment on the HEC part briefly.
    First of all previous Govt.(Musharaf and company) has spend so much money on HEC and the outcome of that is very less even poor (I met several people from Pakistan and there commenst are the quality of Ph.D’s are being produced inside pakistan are very poor).
    First of HEC give incentives to the Ph.D advisor that they will get money for guiding a Ph.D student.
    Result is that: they are sevral Ph.D faculties who has never done research, started recruiting Ph.D students just to get money per student, I think 5000 PKR per student. So they become greedy and they are now producing poor quality Ph.D’s. HEC has mad no plan that how we will adjust these Ph.D’s after they have finished the degree. Only emphasizes is on quantity and poor quality,
    My whole point is that Govt. should have spend this money n the basic education system rather than spending hell lot of money on the poor quality Ph.D’s from the old(aged) faculty in the universities who have done nothing except producing a generation gap inside these institutes and have done a lot of politics and nothing else.
    Govt should make basic education system (school level) better and equal fro every one. We have to come up with one syllabus and implement that at ecah and every level.
    I would stop here and let the minister read, if he is inetrested in doing soem reforms.

  101. Along with the above suggestion,I think the givernment should also take steps to make sure that not even a single child in the country should remain illiterate.The ministry should specifically concentrate on the areas like goths and far fledged villages with a strong feudal background.Government should not only set up schools and colleges but also keep a check on them.I bet these areas can provide us a great generation in the future.
    The biggest problem is that people are not interested in the career of education as much as they might be in the engineering or medical.In my view there are some suggestions which can be applied in order to attract people to this field as a career.
    -The basic pay and other luxuries and benefits of any teacher should be more than (or atleast equal to) their counterparts in any other department like engineering or medical.If an engineer or grade 17 gets a bp of ,say, Rs.20000,along wit a car and a house with free medical service for their family then a teacher of grade 17 should also atleast get the same thing.

    -WAPDA employees get the facility of free electricity,PTCL employees are allowed to make a certain number of free calls across the country.Teachers should be given the facility of free education for their childern.

    -In order to get the maximum, every teacher should be made bound of serving in remote areas atleast for one year in every 7 years.The label of remote areas service can be made a criteria of promotion in the career,(just like foriegn attachment in military services)

  102. Dear All,

    I partly agree with Mr. cmsaleem. I am an HEC Scholar doing my MS leading to PhD from Netherlands on the Overseas scholarship. In Amsterdam, we are like 10 scholars pursuing their higher studies in various subjects. We not only follow what is happening in Pakistan but also try to discuss with eachother about them when we sit together on the table of Food. Well, afew days back we were talking about the HEC scholarships and its benifits. After a bombastic discussion, we agreed on afew things, which i would like to share with you people.

    a. Rather than too many HEC scholarships (both local and overseas), HEC should cut scholarships. There were afew reasons behind it.

    a.i. Here in western world, all master students are taught by PhD professors. In extreme cases, the teacher would be the person who has done his MPhil and is in a year’s time finishing his PhD. So, it is utmost necessary for Pakistan to have as many PhDs as possible and replace the teachers who are sitting idle and not following the research with these new PhDs to teach the master and PhD students.

    a.ii. We dont have any continued research in Pakistan and have very very few professors whose papers are published in various international journals on continued basis. So, only such professors should be eligible for supervising. Those professors who have not done a continued research should not be eligible for research as my friend cmsaleem called A GENERATION GAP. That is very true.

    a.iii. Why to curtail the number of HEC scholarships? Here we talk about the principle of demand and supply. Though, we as Pakistani nation need alot of PhDs, but the question still remains, is HEC or Pakistan government doing any good for these all PhDs to be for their infrastructure or basic needs for research? Are facilities in all the areas being built up for conducting research?

    a.iv. There are probably chances that when after two yaers, people will start coming back to Pakistan after completion of their PhDs, they will not fiind the facilities for conducting research. So there might emerge two results, either they will flee (those who will really love to be researchers) or they will prefer to have the rust on their backs as time passes and willnot conduct the research but enjoy the benifits of being PhD like high salaries, house etc.

    a.v. We have a not a continued chain of education from primary to higher education. For example if 100 students study primary, u will find less than 5 students end up doing their masters. Is it what we call literacy? Why such dropouts? What are the missing links?

    So emphasizing only the Higher education and PhDs is completely irrelevant and unnecessary. I believe, there should be a balance between primary, secondary,and higher education policy.

    If the base/foundation is stronger, u can build as many floors as possible (u can build as taller building as u like) and from time to time u can add more floors on top of it.

    We shouldnt follow a policy where we keep on adding floors without realizing that the base is not well designed and constructed and become liable to fail in the end.

    It is both the nation’s and governments responsibility to add to designing a challenging but attainable higher education policy.

    Looking forward to everybody,

    Warm regards,
    Sohail Ahmed

  103. Dear Federal Minister,

    1. The initiative of sharing the draft version with the public and entertaining their comments is highly commendable. The task before you is very hard, and if you, I or anyone else claims to have the solutions, that claim would just be unrealistic. But looking for the solutions in an organized manner with sincerity is an altogether different matter.

    2. From a cursory look, the policy seems more like the Holy Commandments (Thou shalt have education), or at some instances, more like a wishlist (for year 2030). The feeling arises because the statements seem too general (any of your predecessors would have written a similar document).

    3. I have the following three main suggestions.

    S1: Divide your task among clearly defined TaskForces (TFs). Each TF having its clear objectives, auditable responsibilities and competent leadership. For example, some of the task forces can be Curriculum Development and Monitoring (CDM), Rural Outreach Mission (ROM), and HEC etc. Let the public know about these individual TFs. Let their heads come in the public eye (for coordination, accountability and feedback).

    S2: Associate with each TF, an Academic Consultation Team (ACT) from some reputable university in the country (different ACTs can be from different universities). For instance, Punjab University’s education department might be given a project to team up with ROM. TF ACT together should (a) present a detailed study of where things stand, and what needs to be done, (b) test their suggestions in closely controlled groups (of schools, for instance), (c) publish their findings, developments, test results and recommendations in publicly available periodicals/journals/newsletters, (d) undergo periodic audits by independent bodies (whose findings must also be published without censure).

    S3: Do your best to keep the public informed about all the steps your ministry, the TFs and the ACTs are taking. This can be achieved through regular publications about the progress, through seminars (given at universities and other public places) and through media appearances (with clear cut presentations). Do not underestimate the intelligence of the masses, and do not be scared of being transparent. Scrutiny will only help make things better (sometimes perhaps at the cost of your reputation,,,,but if you are sincere, nation-building should come before your ego).

    Looking forward to an educated Pakistan,


  104. 1 – Primary and High school education should be the main focus and among students females should be given ultimate importance and attention.

    2 – Maximum investment should be done for training and recruiting of primary and high school teacher.

    3 – Rural areas particularly south Punjab, interior Sindh and Baluochistan (particularly constituencies of our Makhdooms, Peers, Sardars, etc) should be the ultimate challenges to establishment best primary and high school educational institutes.

    4- Special incentives should be given to brilliant and highly educated people those who:
    a) prefer to join teaching over medical and engineering fields
    b) are available to go South Punjab, interior Sidnh and Baluchistan from Karachi, Islamabad, Lahore and other developed parts of the country to contribute for education of children of poor Pakistanis.

    5 – Incentives for above people could be:
    a) if a person from Lahore, Karachi, etc goes to Baluochistan to teach for certain time he should be given a title and weight like in elections he would have 10-15 votes to cast depending upon the time he spent their.
    b) while on job, he pay will be 5 times than those serving in cities of Punjab.
    c) if he serves in Baluochistan, he will get free gas for his whole life.
    etc etc

  105. Dear Education minister,
    I have looked at your draft Policy and it appears that if all of it is implemented, it would be just amazing.

    Realistically, I think the public will be happy with just a few things (these might be different from what is best in the long run!)

    1- Focusing on Primary and Secondary education.
    I have found the *singular* focus of the previous government on Higher educating a somewhat inverted priority scheme. While my self a beneficiary, I think that funding should not be heavily skewed for higher education in the favor of primary and secondary level education. I cant believe that pakistan can produce the level of knowledge needed to fuel a modern economy based on just PhD’s.
    2- Minimizing the difference in education standards of public/private universities
    While higher education, as in the states can be quite varied at college and higher levels, some format of curriculum conformance at primary, secondary and high school level is essential to provide as level a playing field as possible to all Pakistanis wanting to contribute to our progress. This should also mean that ontop of curricular uniformity, substantial funds must be redirected to keep the public schools at least on par with the private schools.
    3- Curriculum itself should be remodeled
    As all of us know, especially after getting a flavor of how teaching is done outside of pakistan, the curriculum and more importantly the mode of testing for the knowledge gained through it is deeply flawed. This is so as it prevents any one from thinking differently and requires extremely rigid (read rattafied ) answers for good grades.

    I have tons of other suggestions, but if just these are made the focus of this new govt. and a sembelence of these achieved I will be very hopeful for our future.

    Just a word of caution. Any attempt at changing the educational structure is going to be fraught with potential faults and mistakes. Not only we, the public, should be soft in our criticism but the govt/ ministry will also be able to rapidly change its policy based on feedback from the masses as new changes are being rolled out.

    Thank you, and may Allah bless our country.

  106. 1) It is important to improve the education system but it is even more important to increase the literacy rate even with the existing education system. Govt should focus on making basic education free and attainable for everyone. That will improve the overall literacy rate and awareness of the nation.

    2) Now my 2 cents for improvement of education system:
    2.1) English should be compulsory and Urdu should be taught as a language and not as a medium for science subjects.
    2.2) One syllabus and system for everyone.
    2.3) Higher education should be more objective rather than existing ratta system and technical training opportunities should be created.
    2.4) Islamic education should be given to emphasise the beauty of our religion/Quran and also to teach students how Islamic rules can be followed to attain success in modern world.
    2.5) Schools environment should be more open and friendly for the children. They should not go to school with the fear of getting beaten by sticks. No need to overload them with homework every day. Education should be given at schools not by tutors at home to finish the homework.

  107. Our education policy must be baised on a good standard of education in public school, the honorable education minister must make the laws for ensuring a maximum number of students, like i can propose he must make law that those children who are under 16 must be sent to school if any of parent do not do so he will be arrested. and the honorable minister must do some thing for removing those school where we can see animals in the place of childrens where teachers are not present but they are reciving their salairies regularly. a team of honost officer must be made for inspection of schools. i belong to a village so i saw most of schools are without proper classes and benchs for students. the governement must recrute educated teachers like we have a limite of minimum BA for candidate of NA but unfortunatly we have a limite of almost 1Oth for a teacher so the standard is very poor. i have many things to suggest but i don’t know that even our honorable minister will read or not.

  108. *** Make it must to take children to science and arts museums and fairs. There should be science and arts fairs reguarly.

    *** Set your priorities right. H.E.C should be more concerned about quality than quantity. Everyone should be answerable for a single penny they spend. There should be a zero tolerance for useless funding.

    *** Make teaching an attractive profession.

    *** Improve the facilities in Schools and universities.Building new where not available

    *** Eradicate difference in education standards to make a Pakistan-wide single education system. This will take time but it should be pursued.

    *** Teacher training

    *** Awarding the schools and unis with good results and also the teachers

    *** Making proper libararies in schools. Students should be encourage to read.

    *** Giving vision to the children why they are studying by regular interesting seminars in school.

    *** Improving the technical diploma courses and asking industries to join hand. Study German “Ausbildung” system in this regard which works very find for those students who don’t want to join a university.

    *** Asking media to help in launching a campaign to bring awareness about education.

    *** Arranging trips of successful scientists and artists to schools.

    *** Improving the exam standard to discourage rot based learning.

  109. Education is a very broad topic. I will try my best to point out different things in composite manners.
    Education is not ONLY the name of getting degrees but to nourish a human being that can serve at its best for the rest of the mankind. For that reason a whole environment should be established.
    We can divide education in different parts according to the age of a student.
    1. From 1 year to 3 years parents should start teaching the kids at home. like alphabets, colors and naming things( adults should name things properly) so the kid can learn more or less. If parents cannot afford that then govt. should help them by providing them with basic stuff, like alphabet books, color pencils and books.

    2. From 3 years to 6 years they should be more focus on learning languages and I prefer at least 3 languages. Urdu, Arabic and English. mother tongue they can learn at home. Basic math and basic science can also be included.

    3. From 6 to 8 years old kids should learn how to communicate in Urdu, Arabic and English fluently. Plus math, science, Islamic studies and computer training.

    4. From 8 years to 12 years old kids should learn different subjects along with their basic subjects that they have been studying.

    5. From 12 to 14 years they should keep on learn different subjects but at the same time teachers should asses each student that what subject he / she like the most. e.g some students like math, some biology and some computers etc.

    6. From 14 years to 16 years old boys/ girls should be more focused on the subject or subjects they want to learn. There should be a division of related subjects in one packages. e.g math and physics etc. package, biology and chemistry package, computer package, languages package, islamic studies package. A student should be able to choose any one package and study only those subjects in that package. Then they should have their Board exams all over the pakistan in their respective package.

    7. From 16 to 18 years old should choose their life carrier. e.g join army, computer engineering, doctor , businessman or any other field like technical workshops for technicians.

    18 years and over I think they will have enough wisdom to carry on their life.

    Now the question is how to achieve all the goals.

    1. All the schools private or govt. should have the same criteria.

    2. All Schools MUST be registered and they should have a minimum criteria in order to be registered. e.g Clean envirnoment, qualified teachers according to the subjects they are going to teach and what class they are going to teach, No crazy beating of the kids, Labs should be accompanied with latest equipment like computers etc., at least have chair and table for the kids to sit, FREE EDUCATION, FREE BREAKFAST AND FREE LUNCH FOR THE KIDS THEY CANNOT AFFORD.


    4. Govt. should provide some kind of tuition in schools( free of charge )for the students they cannot afford and they need extra assistance in their subjects.


  110. Sir Ahsan Iqbal,

    You can really help shape this nation. You have a great responsibility.
    May Allah help you in perusing your work. I am not exactly a policy maker or a critic of government documentation. It requires expertise. but still I am interested in providing few suggestions and ideas. Please read below.


    —The goal should be to produce highly civilized citizens instead of skilled workers (e.g. doctors or engineers).

    —Revise the course material, remove all the old styled difficult English stuff which makes things more confusing.

    —You want to convey the knowledge make it easy and interesting for everyone.

    —Build an online web portal for students and teachers where you have all course material and a very comprehensive reference library. Make use of technology as much possible.

    —Device ways for acquiring students feedback for improving course material.

    —Introduce several different awarding systems, for every topic from sports to science projects. Make students thrive for the challenges. They should be achievable and have a moderate level of difficulty.

    —Do not teach too much maths, science or religion in lower classes. The goal should be to teach fundamentals, manners and respect. They should learn how to communicate and interact in groups and social environment.

    —Course exercises and assignments should be prepared that can be completed by students without the aid of an evening tutor or coaching center.

    —Introduce magazines and newsletters for teachers and professors. Held seminars and gatherings where they can share some of their knowledge and experience.

    —Build more libraries, fund more school and college projects. Schools must comply and obtain annual inspection certificates.

    —It should be a priority that when the students get graduated from the system, they should be excellent writers and very effective speakers.


    — What type of people are we producing. There are Jahil and then there are parhai likhai jahil in our country. Listen to metric and college students talk about their teachers or any one else. What type of attitude they adopt in future. What they think about cheating in exams. Some students join political parties and more engage in violent activities as they reach their higher classes. We need to make them learn what is wrong and right. How they can build an educated society.

    — Consumerism – emphasis that getting a degree/cert. is not the goal but acquisition of knowledge is actual part.

    — Develop ability to think, analyze and adopt changes.

    — Diversity is strength – educate people about different race, cast , firqas and religion. Teach how they can live together without hatred.


    — A level and O level should not be banned. Competition is always good. Include and adopt the good part of the courses in our own education system. Try to improve the system to a level that there want be any sense for people choosing Cambridge systems.

    — English Language – its a reality and fact, all the developing countries have made learning English mandatory. The information is now increase much more rapidly than before and mostly available in English. There is no way you can ignore English in this time of globalized world.

    Thank you for reading my post.

  111. It is unlikely that the minister will read all the posts. This is one thing SO GREAT about Dr. Atta ur Rehman that he would individually scrutinize EVERY EMAIL sent to him – at least so was my experience and what I have heard about him. I suggested him to distribute the free copies of MIT OCW ( video lectures and it took him 10 days to start off the distribution – amazing fact.

    New government should utilise Prof. Atta even if they disagree with him on some accounts. He is a great scientist.

    My suggestions nevertheless:
    Phd Scholarships should be given for universities of high Repute
    the PhD Candidate should file a justification to prove that a lesser known university hosts a researcher of great reputation and has a great research group. To this end, the past accomplishments of the research group should be presented:

    – encourage 2 years of Post Doc experience before returning (for that the scholarship can be withdrawn and the researcher should find the funding himself).

    e.g. the current level of funding – previous funding, No. of journal publications in high quality journals etc.

    Enforcing O levels on all schools of pakistan will be counter productive because the remote areas will simply not have the expertise to deal with the syllabus. Instead the current examination system should be revamped to incorporate:

    – unseen cases
    – application oriented questions for the scientific subjects
    – use curving instead of absolute grading due to high differences between marking policies between different boards and across different times e.g. when I graduated from an SSC exam, 716/850 topped the Board. In no way can we say that he was inferior to any other board topper who scored 800/850 just because marking policies were linient or an easier set of exam questions arose.

  112. Apart from improving curriculum and teaching methods we also need people with correct attitude towards a subject. A while back I wrote to a FBISE guy and asked him about the pictures he had in the science book of ancient Muslim scientists, are they real I asked and is there any proof (such as ancient records)? My concern was that Muslim Arabs were not in the habit of making pictures in those days. His response was ’Prove to me they are not (authentic)…’. At such a scientific response I replied immediately ‘I have realised the err of my ways and thank you for correcting me’.

  113. i want to ask from admin that did the honorable minister read our suggestions, if we why till toda yhe have not even prepared a policy to present in NA for debating on the policy and finally approval of policy

  114. Dear Sir – If you actually do the things in the report, things will be great—these kinds of reports have been going on for a long time.
    7% of the GDP from 2.7% is something I’ll believe when I see. As is the compulsory english requirement. It’s like saying we promise peace.

    I urge you to talk to Greg Mortenson, the philantropist who’s built over 60 schools in Pakistan. A lot of his schools are self-sufficient.

    Everything depends on the teachers and parents. Try and get the best private school teachers to give free seminars public schools teachers.
    You need to get parents very interested in the future of their child.
    The PTA idea, is a good one.

    Setup a mass volunteer program for tutoring outside of school hours.

  115. Dear Sir

    # It is to identify a very burning problem regarding the scholarships , only foreingn scholarships are available to youngeters to avail the chance of having Ph.D

    # The overaged (40 years of age limit) teacheres who do not avail this chance, and get registered in their parent intitutions for the , they are ignored of having any local scholarships and other benefits?

    # I do not mean to stop the foreign scholarsips but the policy may be made to resolve the hardships of scholars who are working in local environment with improper research facilities ?

    # In most of the fields when foriegn Ph.D returned back they do not find the equipments in their parent departments , and could not continue their research hence nation is unable to get any benefit from their higher trainings or skills

    # On the other end the local researchers having the equipments available and can benefit or train the other students easily .

  116. Oh !!!

    I don’t believe it with less then 40 days for minister to take charge he can write/present a draft policy of over 60 pages ?

    either this report is copy pasted and changed min orly from previous version of 2005 .

    if Mr.Minister and his sectaries can write this much , in 40 days i must say they are fast thinkers and writers ,

    this is matter of national policy and should be discussed in researcher/educationists forums of national and international level and should be given considerable amount of time before finalizing , and should not be discussed in blog like these with 20K odd People

  117. @kaiz
    I agree. I feel that we need to make a group of people consisting of people from diverse fields e.g. intellectuals, politicians, religious scholars, engineers, psycholgists etc who could study current situation and come up with a suitable eduaction plan. We have to develop a balanced eduactional stretegy which could suit our current situation and future needs. We don’t need only technical or art or religious eduaction rather we have to take a balanced approach depending upon what kind of educated individuals we need and why?
    Our educational plans would reflect our future plans and way so it must not be left at the mercy of few (improper) people or groups!
    my views.

  118. Mr Minister,

    1.Somebody has also given this suggestion that Private Schools should be asked to take few poor students without charging them any fee.It should be made compulsory for private schools.The armed forces schools e.g. Shaheen, Army Public , Fauji Foundation are already giving concession to students whose parents are from armed forces and/or specific rank, but civilian students have to pay more fee.

    2. Just like UK there should be exam system rather then Board System.WE have got so many boards, all with different curriculum.This system is not helping and bringing every body on baord.

    3.I think Mr Minister your current policy doesn’t answer much about Mudrassa system.How to bring Mudrassa students and curriculum in main stream.

  119. Mr Minister,

    I agree how on earth you have managed to write this draft policy in less then 30-40 days? National education policy deserve more time, committment, consultation, research and expertise

  120. First of all, thanks for seeking suggestions from the public in general.

    I’d like to quote Pervez Hoodbhoy [] from his article published on 9th of April, 2008. “… a professor at a government university can earn up to Rs325,000 per month but a government school teacher has a maximum salary of less than Rs10,000. This is highly unwise. Similarly, funds-starved government colleges and schools lack basic infrastructure such as laboratories and libraries but most government universities are awash in so much money that they do not know what to do with it. At QAU, for example, so many air-conditioners have been purchased with HEC research funds that the electricity bill has shot up by 50 times over the last six years.

    A balance is desperately needed. Instead of over-funding universities and research, we need to focus resources on creating good quality schools and colleges. We need to encourage creative and skilled people to become school and college teachers, and for this we need to pay them well. We need teachers who can educate young people into becoming good citizens and with skills valued in the economy, and who can train the few going on to higher education. “

  121. Great job you all.
    After analysing all posts while reading none, I have come to the conclusion that state has no business meddling in education of free citizens. It is the highest form of corruption and worst of all crimes.

    Your Honourable Education Minister

    P.S. Can someone guide me to the complete list of works by Mr. M Bokhari.

  122. @admin
    may i please know how long we have to give our suggestions
    @ the public
    and by the way this draft is not recent. you dont need to be in government to draft an education policy.

  123. @rawk:

    dil kay behlaanay ko Ghaalib yeh khayaal achchaa hai

    (thought the same thing about the draft.. it seems to be from 2005)

  124. @ mr.Minister

    what ever is the case wether its 2005 draft or not , wether its your work or not , you should not be in hurry to make education policy , just to please your Bosses or the PM , take what ever times it takes to finalize , but dont make hestiy decision , should be debated in NA and other forums,

    secondly dont undo steps taken by previous goverment for the sake of rivalary like re-ramp of HEC and Phera Likha Punjab thing by pervaiz elahi…

    instead your should expand have slogan “Phera Likha Pura Pakistan”

  125. why does every government come up with its own ‘future’ plan.. each ‘future’ is getting destroyed that way..

    All sciences, arts and other fields of expertise are EQUALLY important for the development of a COMPLETE society.

  126. Keep religion out of everything and see how our country will fly. problem with religion is many of our Mula do not even understand the religion and many in Pakistan are always under the fear of Allah while they make any move in their life. These 80% idiot Mula’s should be shot and sent to heaven for ever, Free Pakistan from these Mula’s .
    Less mosques are ok as long we have more qualified Mulah’s. Pakistan must set a qualification for Mullah’s , They must have license to preach. No Mullah with out license should be allowed to preach.
    Before making our education system better make sure kids are eating well. If their brains are not devolved then what or any education system will fail. They must get all the nutritions they need to grow healthy brain. Otherwise they will be retarded like Bush. So its very important all the kids of Pakistan get to eat healthy food then we may not need and system because healthy brain will work on its own.
    Long Live Pakistan

  127. Sir,

    With due respect it is in compliance with a citizen of Mr.Nasir Mehmood by writing an application to supreme court of Pakistan for dismissed the limitation for B.A as member of Parliament and surprisingly the supreme court of Pakistan is constituted an seven member bench to hear this, which is only an application on the other hand many other important issues have not hear in this type of full court benches. I arise an question of this context that the figure produced in this favour that 1.4 % population of B.A all over the world and in voting used in Pakistan is 3.3% that have BA Sir before this decision I requested that please note that how many persons of BA and M.A that have not any vacancy in Pakistan why please take an action on this type of larger bench and also in education policy use this literated persons to adjust and promoted them. Other is how many numbers of BA in Government sector that have an little job why they were not promoted as good vacancy as honorable as members that having B.A why they are not get their rights of equality in provided by the constitution of this country please take this in priority first and then decided to permit any one.
    Rashid Mehmood

  128. sir
    predecessor government launch national internship programme why not this continue this new government and what is for newly qualified persons that having Masters degree and are free with out job, please take an action in this context

  129. sir,
    if you want to promot a culture of graduates and masters in pakistan you should first to checkout list of masters and bachelors in pakistan and give them a good jobs. How many numbers of masters and bachelors in paksitan who have little jobs, why they were not promoted to get reasonable jobs. In our country federal public service commission or punjab public service commission imposed an condition of 2nd division in bachelors degree in all exames why not third divisions allow to appear in examination are this not a serious matter of unemployment if supreme court of pakisan dismissed the limit of B.A for legislation in quick action why this court not have jurisdiction to take some action of this type in other fields of life as common man who have the degree of masters and bachelors who are unemployed. why why ??????
    in this systems a large numbers of people having masters or bachelors degree but get a little jobs like peon or clerk why they not get a good jobs this is for supreme court also to take action otherwise this will be considered as an struggle for save the chiefmenship

  130. status of teachers needs to be elevated. teaching profession should be made attractive and rewarding enough—financially as well as mentally. i would not hesitate to say that teaching should be the only government service to start as a class one service. the profession should attract the best of students who presently go towards civil services, foreign universities, multinational companies. teaching should be the first profession and desired choice of the brilliant most students. a good teacher would turn out hundreds of good students. a bad teacher would turn out hundreds of bad students.

  131. Wanna change the level of government run schools overnight, just one order from parliament. The kids of all public office holders can only study in the government school nearest to their home. Period.

  132. Reference to the news in DAILY JANG of SATURDAY 26-04-08, Principal of LIYARI DEGREE COLLEGE been transferred to NAWABSHAH on grounds of her professional conduct towards the teachers presence and short lecture timings. Worth noting is the action taken by SINDH EDUCATION MINISTER’S PIR MAZHAR UL HAQ whose wife working as the assistant professor in the same college and once been questioned by the PRINCIPAL.

    The Education policy of the country should entails some sections represents FAIRNES AY WORK , DISCRIMINATION AT WORK etc , the recent crackdown in GOVT. departmnents including transfers promotions appointments & dismissal are the key factors dedcided the DEMOCRATIC PRINCIPLES in use. Federal Ministry should have to take actions on the reports of abuse at all levels either with students or teachers in order to strengthen the DEMOCRATIC PROCESS of the country. Today’s Students are Tomorrow’s Leaders , so please give them a message which will reflects in their actions tomorrow.

  133. Ahsan Iqbal not should but MUST visit the Namal College. He should study the hardships faced by the college administration to establish such kinn institution in the backward areas(owned & governed by clans).
    Theres no need to go outside but roam around Pakistan, you will find people who are promoting education in backward areas. But you need to go & sit with these guys in order to know how to promote education in backward areas.

  134. Education Minister,

    Could we make these books part of our national circular. Please visit

    It will create a sense of cultural pride among our youngsters & will create an atmosphere of research and development in our society as well. Best way to tackle violent extremism and molveeism.

    Salim T S Al-Hussani is eager to establish this book in 2.5 million english speaking schools around the wrold. Its one of the most unquie research work carried out in 21st century Islamic world and a must thing for our comming generations.

  135. Dear Honorable Minister,

    I believe that we should have a uniform educational system all over pakistan.Each Province is different.So it needs to have a system, which is acceptable to the locals.But there should be some basic structure, which should be common in all provinces.
    1)The compulsory teaching Pakistan Studies, Urdu and Islamiyat, should be abolished after matriculation , as we study the same thing again and again over the years.So we can concentrate on a particular field.
    2)English should remain compulsory till graduation with special emphasis on spoken english
    3)Education should be compulsory at least till matriculation and it should be implemented properly
    4)All subjects, should be taught in english, as i have seen people studying every subjects in urdu, once a student asked, his teacher to teach him english in urdu:P
    5)Regional Language should be also taught along with national language.Though it looks nationalistic, but it will solve many problems, particularly in Interior Sindh, Saraiki region, NWFP and Balochistan, as people there dont want to study urdu, so rather than forcing, or imposing the language upon them, we should allow them to study, their mother tongue
    6)There should be benefits for attending schools, i.e free lunch, free books, some monthly bursary for students, as it would encourage people enrolling their children to school
    7)Reducing the rate of dropouts.Most of the parents do enroll their children, but the dropout rates are very high.
    8)Eliminating Political appointments of teachers.During the tenure of the previous government, there used be a quota for every MNAs,MPAs,District and Teshil Nazims, who would in return either sell that quota or make political appointments on 3 year contract.This lead to appointment of several incompetent person for this post.This should not be repeated again
    9)Ghost Schools should be eliminated
    10)The Parha Likha Punjab Programme should implemented in its true spirit.Other programmes such as Parha Likha Sindh, Parha Likha Sarhad, Parha Likha Balochistan should also be started, or in other words, there should be a programme, Parha Likha Pakistan
    11)There should be an awareness programme, on benefits of sending girls to schools
    12)We should be a neutral neutral perspective rather than biased one, including all events leading to the creation of pakistan and afterwards.So the future generations know the reality rather than living in fools paradise.They will also learn from the mistakes committed by us and our elders.So they are not repeated again and again.But what i see here is, that we are not learning for the mistakes committed by our elders,as we dont know what mistakes did they commit,hence we repeat them again and in the end Pakistan suffers.
    13)The State Schools, should be as good as the private schools
    14)The students, should be given a chance to put theory learnt at school into practice, this would help increase their understanding of what learnt
    15)Ratta system, guess papers,and other similar systems should be discouraged
    16)In state schools, teacher dont teach to full of their abilities during school time, and almost the entire class get tuitions from the same teacher after school.In feels that the tutors do this on purpose.I am not against tuitions, but in pakistan, students of state run schools are forced to get tuitions by their tutors.So in order eliminate this salaries of the tutors should be increased, so they can provide the maximum to the students in school
    17)In Pakistan, teaching is not considered to be a respectable profession, at least at the primary and the secondary level.So students must be taught to respect the teachers
    18)During the teaching of languages such as urdu, students should given a glimpse of urdu literature, works of Ghulam Abbas, Ahmed Nadeem Qasmi and other, so we know, about this wonderful language.Came goes for languages such as punjabi, sindhi, balochi and phusto,the works of bhuley shah,khulsan khattak,bhattai and others should be taught,as a part of language.
    19)We should also be taught about some forgotten heroes, like Faiz, Jalib,Dr Abdus Salam, Major General Tajjumal Hussain Malik,Group Captain Cecil Chaudhary,Justice Dorab Patel,Mahmud Ali, Nural Amin, Raja Tridiv Roy, Chaudhary Rehmat Ali and Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan.Majority of people dont even know, what they did for Pakistan.There are several other who did a lot for Pakistan, but were never honoured by Pakistan.This is probably the reason, for which we are facing shortage of such people.We must educate the coming generations about their services for Pakistan
    20)There should be workshops and teaching courses for the teachers, so they can update their teaching techniques with time
    21)Now coming to the higher education sector.First i would like you to wipe out corruption,favoritism,nepotism,from HEC.The process of awarding scholarships is totally manipulated,with people using contact,while many deserving students are left out.Also, many HEC scholars, do not return after completing their education,they somehow manage to get a NOC, and stay abroad.
    22) Entry Test is unfair.As it does not takes into account the person circumstances of a student(illness,family problems,etc).As a result of this, several talented people suffer, who could be an asset for Pakistan.
    23)In Lahore and Karachi, there are several substandard universities, actions should be taken against them
    24)Their should be at least one university in each District.And they should meet standards set by HEC.This will help generate skilled and educated labourforce.Thus nobody will be left out, as under the current situation the the number of seats always exceed the number of applicants,so many people are deprived of the right to high education.This will also ease the burden on the large urban areas and their infrastructure facilities, as many people move to urban cities, solely for the purpose of education
    25)There should be at least one Women Medical University and one Women Engineering University in each administrative division(Lahore Division,Multan Division, etc)
    26)There should be more technical universities,at least one in each division

    I hope this helps you

    Rana Khan
    University College London

  136. teaching as a profession needs to be elevated and made more rewarding both in financially as well socially. what is happening is that the brightest of the students each year look for jobs and go in for civil services, multinational companies within the country and abroad, studies abroad and ultimately spending the rest of their lives there to the benefit of other countries etc etc.
    those who take up teaching after their masters degree are by and large those who have not been lucky enough to make it to any of the above mentioned options. then there are also those who are preparing for the civil service exams and use teaching as a interim source of income. they are not committed to the profession and are unable to perform well.
    with the current rising cost of livings, financial package is by far the most important factor for the young brilliant student. i feel we need to make their package more attractive than the ones offered by civil services and multinational companies.
    a good dedicated teacher will turn out hundreds of good students and citizens each year. a per-force teacher will not be dedicated to the profession and will not be turning out as many good students. in fact, he may well be turning out bad students and citizens each year.
    please elevate the status of the teaching profession

  137. Mr. Ahsan,

    If you recall, I was correct to urge you over the phone not to listen to Mr. Khan and go ahead with contesting elections.

    I will argue that your report has not identified the real issue with respective to education failure in Pakistan. I respect your commitment to make a difference. Should you need help to identify the core issue and possible alternatives, please do not hesitate to contact me. ( :

  138. Education Policy Debate
    “If we can’t do something right ourselves, why not borrow it from someone else?” It is quite understandable and logical too. Why bother reinventing the wheel when others have already done it.

    I wish it was as simple as that. After going through the whole Education Policy document, I must admit that I was not aware of the dynamics that are in play in our multi-cultural society and the peril that we are in today. Although the document simply touches those aspects, but the mere mention of the problems that the planners are facing, gives a clue as to the magnitude of the issue. I wish it was as simple as some comentators have tried to suggest.

    The document recognizes the fact that one of the ‘real’ problems is the lack of commitment to the policy goal itself. Here is the reason why, and I quote: “The prevailing objective (of the education system) was service to the administration rather than service to the sutdents and learners. this assessment is echoed by the Economist Intelligence Unit assessment in its latest review of education, in which it observes that ‘Pakistan’s education system is among the most deficient and backward in Asia, reflecting the traditional determination of feudal ruling elite to preserve its hegemony’ ” (Page 17, section 75).

    Now here is the million dollar question. How can you expect a government, or the ruling elite (is it 50 families now???) that is predominantly composed of feudals, to actually implement the policy in its true spirit? Isn’t it an oxymoron? I’m sure the previous policy documents also recognized the problems and provided policy actions to remedy those. My friends, it is the will that is absent, the political will. Furthermore, I could not find adequate emphasis on accountability. I wish it was at all levels, right from top to bottom. Mr. Ahsan Iqbal could start by writing his own resignation dating it January 1, 2010, and puting it in his draw, in case he is unable to have a new Education Policy passed and initiate its implementation by then.

    So, response to our honorable minister is that you have a great policy document and if half of what is proposed in the document is fulfilled, we will see results. I would advise him to have a meeting with the actual parties, meaning the feudals, and pose a simple question; “Will you let me apply this document or not?” But then, probably Mr. Iqbal is simply making us feel good that the ministry is trying to engage Pakistani citizens in this dialogue for a viable solution. I remember his days when he was the Chief Coordinator/Minister of State, Pakistan Program 2010 (1997 – 1999). God only knows what happened to those ambitious targets of Program 2010. Why do I feel that we’ve been taken for a ride, right from the very beginning?

    The document does recognize that there has been significant progress during 2001 – 2005 but still falls far behind other countries in the region. That gives us some hope that some headway is being made. So, in that spirit, I can only hope and pray that Mr. Ahsan Iqbal is able to get this policy document both approved and implemented in its true spirit. He will have at least one Pakistani’s support.

    God bless all!!

  139. just intrduce some solid programs to motivate people including parents and introduce scholarships at very root level in education.

    The problem is not only to train the people who do not pay intention to send there kids in schools. BUT if you are keen in this matter just observe the students in common govt schools……. more than 50% students are not sincere with studies and I am really feel pain to think that Teachers have no interest to educate in such schools and just getting govt jobs and intention in tution or side business like activity.

    Any how the challenge is big but this man can do…. Mr. Ahsan Iqbal…..
    He has got a big responsibility and hope he wil be successful.

  140. Pay special intention to train teachers….
    Try to intoduce extras curicular activities in Govt Schools to make schools attractive for young generation/ Students……. as you can not negate that this is the most attractive thing for student and will be helpful to attract them.

    these activities include Sports…… workshops and seminars and this is not difficult thing to implement if one is sincere.

    God bless us……

  141. Salam O Alaikum, Dear Sir I need to tell you few things.
    First we have to make our primary education system more effective. From One to Eight are the critical years of a young student. He/she should be provided with stronger foundations. Teachers are the soul of education. First of all they should be educated and well trained. A teacher who has nominal education him/herself and doesn’t know the psyche of the students is garbage. Unfortunately Pakistan is producing more garbage than teachers. I have been the strong opponent of the rote system throughout my student life. I have suffered for this resulting low academic grades despite the fact that my concepts were clear. You have to change the attitude by changing the examination system. First Objective type should be 80%. Secondly in Objective type there should be conceptual questions rather than questions requiring rote and lengthy responses. For instance what is Two Nation theory is more important than When was Two Nation Theory introduced and who introduced it. When and Who are bad words. What is the most important one. In classes one or maximum two subjects should be taught each day. 8 subjects daily do nothing but confuse the students. In order for them to digest they need to focus. Thirdly, there should be education inspectors who continuously make rounds of the schools and colleges. Teachers are not Gods. They force us to come daily and regularly but some of them come when ever they want to come. They make principles but they don’t practice these themselves. The inspectors should insure their attendence as well. Students not interested in studies and just come to institution to spoil the environment of the class(bullies) should be expelled. So that dedicated students could concentrate. I feel that private education rewards me more than regular one because of bullies and culprits. I believe that with theoratical education , practical training for skills and technical skills should also be taught to the students starting from 8th grade. I believe outdated curiculum should be revised by renouned scholars. By updating I don’t mean by changing the order of headings and nominally adding peanut size information in the chapters. We need to update the concepts. Weaknesses of the text should also be corrected. Difficult English words shouldn’t be used. Instead easy words but complicated concepts should be there. I think if ten teachers take one practical, then will lessen the risk of students paying bribes to teachers in the exams. What happens is that teachers favor their relatives in some instances. Examiners should be from more than one different institution combined together for monitoring the exams activity. I have seen teachers helping their relatives cheat in exams too. A shameful scenario. In training they should be taught moral values too. High fees of the private schools should be controlled by setting a limit. Those schools which don’t provide good education and their students need academies to study should be banned. Key Books, Past Question Papers should be banned. The class environment should be more debate based than dicatotarial and boring. New intellectual horizons arise when ever you give the chance for students to comment and state their views about the subject. After the lecture there should be Q&A session. Teachers’ wages should be increased in order to motivate them towards providing good instructions to their students. The fear of loosing high waged job will ensure their hard work and full capacity. Other wise anyone can find 10,000 to 15000 salary jobs. Instead of building new universities use that money to increase Teachers pays. You have to run already built institutions by making them run on full force. They should be 100% efficient. If you don’t increase salaries you do nothing. I am a student of bachelors and 10 years ago as an 8th grade student I wrote an unpublished book in which politics, education, philosophy, society all were discussed in 50 articles. You should arrange such surveys to students for evaluating their teachers without mentioning students names. Low ranked teachers should either be trained and re trained or be removed. Some terminologies should be changed and re introduced to the public in order to make it easy for the students to understand. Expecially students run away from science(including me) despite the fact that they like science is that difficult words are used and difficult terminologies are used. For instance instead of using a word Nucleus, we can also use the word Head Quarters. It would also make education learning more fun. Compare these two statements.
    1.Nucleus is the main core of a cell from which it instructs the functions of a cell.

    2. HQ(Head Quarter) of a cell controls all its activities. HQ is more common term than the boring biological word Nucleus.

    Since both can be explained with different ways why not choose easy words and more information instead of writing one para about cell and cell membrane and blah blah full of difficult words and terms which are difficult and sometimes impossible for the students. Such language should be used to ensure that students spend time to understand concepts rather than rotting the syllabus.

    Finally , questions in the papers should be out of syllabus and should be there to check the knowledge and grasping of the concepts. Syllabus should be such as to clear the conepts and deliver basic information. Ebooks should be available in the schools and students in the class room should be encouraged to read at least for 2 hours daily in order to develop good reading habits.

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