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pkplogo-100.jpgDear Visitors,

We are in transition of setting up new technical infrastructure and smooth transfer of power to new team. We expect that to complete within first week of May 2008.

We are putting our best efforts to have all videos timely available, but we cannot guarantee the delays for non-premium members for the next 10 days due to time constraints. Once we have everything sorted out, we aim to bring the free versions of the videos within 24 hours of all premium videos.

We will send an update about new infrastructure once this is complete and we thank everyone for their patience.

PkPolitics Team

12 thoughts on “Video Delays

  1. hmmm… there will be a increased demand for these political videos in upcmong days……….May be its just to increase premium membership (which btw is the right of the owners of this website)….

    Anyway good luck with the upgrade and I sincerely hope that we “mufaty” will be able to see these after 24 hours once the setup is complete.

  2. @ ADMIN!

    The free version of the last few shows have still not uploaded. I think April 24th ones… Can you please look into this? I don’t think people will be interested to watch if they are not available after 24 hours. Only the premium members will be able to watch, in that case. Please ensure that they are available after 24 hours.

    Is it possible for you to flag the shows or highlight them once the fee version is uploaded; it will be very helpful.

    Thanks once again for your efforts!

  3. @Usman,

    Can you please read the above text in the topic and be patient for just 10 days? We have been providing free videos without interruption of a single day since July 2007 with efforts of more than 2,000 man hours.

    We are currently working very hard to setup the new infrastructure and train new guys, which is not giving us any free time. We would suggest to look for alternate sources like subscriptions to satellite TV or cable to watch these programs in the meantime.


  4. thanks for all your efforts
    i hope this 10-day delay is a one time thing…and it’ll revert to 24-hour delay after these 10 days

  5. This transfer of power is not going to go much smoothly if your model is Military to Civilian Transfer. If you use the other model, ie. Military to Civilian transfer it will go much faster.

    Maybe you are missing a PCO? Get one!

  6. admin needs to be appreciated for their efforts and enthusiasm for providing this content. We need to consider that these people are not a big media organisation with huge resources. therefore we need to be patient when any hiccup occurs.

  7. Dear Admin BRAVO!!!
    No more patience Sir……I really appreciate what great work you are doing…If there is any kind of physical support we can give u please feel free to ask

  8. Dear Admin and PkPolitics team,

    Please accept my thanks for your excellent website, for your policy of open discourse, and for providing a space where such interesting discussion occurs.

    I hope and pray to Allah Ta’ala that the changes your are making are successful and do not alter any of the basics I have mentioned. Best of luck.

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