Zardari Hints at 3rd Nov Indemnity & PMLQ Coalition

zardari.jpgDuring today’s Press Conference, Asif Ali Zardari was asked if he would provide indemnity to Musharraf’s actions of November 3rd 2007 act through Constitutional Package. He replied that Truth & Reconciliation is part of his manifesto and he would go with Constitutional Package.

On question of any possible coalition with PMLQ, Zardari said that he believes in National Reconciliation and he would do that with everyone.

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107 thoughts on “Zardari Hints at 3rd Nov Indemnity & PMLQ Coalition

  1. In either case he would need a 2/3rd majority. I doubt he can pull that of without PML-N. How many people think that PML-N would take this karwi goli also?

  2. Would have……. Could have…….Should have, Just do it and start to rebuild the economy, for crying out loud. stop this shameful act already. Chullu bher panee may doob mero.

  3. So the battle lines are finaly drawn conclusively. Suspence is over. I have already arranged with my father, brother, cousins, relatives to bail me out and watch over me should I get in trouble with neo pak forces. Still, I must admit I am scared. Let see what happens.

  4. @sadsack: Where were you when moshe kutyaan was having an4l s3x with pakistan with the Army jurnails cheering him on?

    I know.. probably holding his hairy golf balls.

  5. PPP = 120
    PMLQ = 54
    MQM = 25
    IND = 18
    ANP = 13
    MMA = 6
    PMLF = 5
    PPPS = 1
    NPP = 1
    BNP-A = 1

    Total PMLN = 87
    Total without PMLN = 244

    Total NA = 331 … excluding pending(3), withheld(3), re-election(5)

    2/3rd Requires = 221 seats which is no problem without PMLN

    In Senate, already Pro-Musharraf is in majority

  6. @all
    hun aram aye.
    hore ch*opo gunnay.

    When IK and APDM asked for a election byecott, NS was still in euphoria of his an4l s3x with BB.

    Its too late now. He should pull out of coallation immediately.

  7. @tootbatoot

    Guys- see the look on Zardari’s face when he talks about democracy, rule of law, package etc – He looks genius – He does not look Mr 10% at all – Looks so graceful – I can’t believe – Do you agree? (he is 10% Nelson Mandela of Pakistan) and working very hard on getting systems right in Pakistan –
    Altaf hussain Zaradari Musharraf = DREAM TEAM

  8. I have become a firm believer now that any efforts to predict future is an exercise in futility. Who could have predicted even on 21st of june, 1940 that circumstances would force red russia and her capitalist arch enemies to join hands and sit in each others lap.

    I cant believe ppp is enroute to unleash a wave of terror all across the land by joining hands with dictators who had their founder killed and workers persecuted, while sitting in the lap of ‘the great white elephant’.
    What a troika.
    And we have muslim league of nawaz shareef, the child of establishment, to lead troops against its creator while joining hands with jamat-e-islami of all parties. Who could have ever guessed.

    But I must warn, this is not the final formation of different forces. Alliances will change as circumstances progress. What remains to be seen is who will be standing when the dust finally settles. Looking at current drawn battle lines, democratic forces dont stand a chance. But the fight will not end over night. It will be a long and hard struggle. Deciding factors will not be domestic but changing international circumstances. Who knows what pearl harbour might trigger an all out resistance.

    One thing I am sure of, no matter how long and bloody the fight, ppp will be annihilated quite early in the struggle. And dark forces holding real strings will have to come out in the open and wage their war themselves eventually.

  9. By the way, I think Nawaz Sharif should stick to Zardari; make it difficult for Zardari to get rid of him and marry Musharraf.

  10. @all
    are you surprised by this development. Did you not expect that this was around the corner. You know what? people will “reconcile even with this and if you ask someone on the road he will say,”sir jee” hum to ghareeb log hein,humaray to do hey kam hein,khana or pakhana.
    We are a corupt nation.We donot have any moral values. Our character can be seen on any bus stop, in any communal toilet(both on walls and floor), any office or any place for that matter. All we are interested is that what women wear on tele. We have no ghaayrat as a nation. We never are literally surviving on west’s alms and then talk against our “god” who feeds us. Has anyone ever objected on American aid. We will have to fight for another independence.if we think that we deserve to be called a nation.

  11. @democrat

    i m not surprised at all by AZ’s recent exposement….

    i m infact very happy that the line is gettin clear day by day….things behind the scenes could coz more upset…so the clearer the picture gets the better it is…

    so now atleast we know who is who…….

    i m just waitin for his next moves….vote of no confidence in punjab n also indemnity to 3rd nov….ppp dont need any one to deminish them as they hav got some one who is doin the job very good n infact is their so called chairman….

    the next move i m waitin from him is wt he will do with media…

    once he is clear with the facts than it will be the real forces battle that who stands where…

    status quo against anti-status quo….

    media,lawyers n rest of the forces against presidential camp ppp…..

    the first brick had been put on 9th march2007 n the second is on 3rd nov 2008 so the only way to stop this building up is the indemnity of 3rd nov…

    it will be 7 more ppp’s in makin once AZ do this….the question is will he go for his political suicide or not… me he is headin towards it….i may be wrong but all the signs are gettin clear….

    the other munafiq is gettin so much of a political mileage…NS n the next election is for him…..

  12. contd…
    character of Pakistanis
    out of nostalgia, I used to visit Pakistani rooms of yahoo chat. which ever room you join, you would hear people swaring at eachother for hours.

    we are greatest nation…my foot.
    we are a bakree nation who can be milked by anyone.

  13. Zardari and Co. are touching heights of Beghairti and those who said there is a little difference between compromise and Beghairti are accompanying him.

    It ‘s betrayal to all those who voted for PPP. They were told Q league to be Qatil and Mush their master.

    Zardari and PPP MNAs are going to sit at heightest mountain of BEGHAIRTI.

  14. Look at other nations. if a politician makes a mistake he/she is doomed. here they come back strongeer even after a treason. even now you will see jyalas giving arguments in the favour of this action. Only in pakistan, zardari could marry BB and had receieved millions of jyalas in dowry.
    Pakistanis areworse than nepalis where it is part of the faith that King is God and still they have stood against the king.

    please quote me a nation more corrupt than will console me a lot.

  15. @admin

    Thanks for the number reminder. The numbers posted by you tell us that 18th amendment will be here and accepted. I guess thats the democracy, PML-N wil soon be sitting in opposition.

    I can live with.

  16. The Ogre

    The Ogre does what ogres can,
    Deeds quite impossible for Man,
    But one prize is beyond his reach:
    The Ogre cannot master speech.

    About a subjugated plain,
    Among it’s desperate and slain,
    The Ogre stalks with hands on hips,
    While drivel gushes from his lips.

    —W. H. Auden, British poet and essayist, August 1968 (About the Prague Spring)

    Zardari has spoken and the nation has listened. And now its our time. We are Pakistanis. Zardari, hear us roar!! (hopefully after May 17th 8^)

    We heard the Sher growl in Lahore after 8 years of Miaoun Miaoun. No more Miaoun Miaoun by new fatcats. This is our Lahore Spring. The Sher shall conquer all.

    Kill the Ogre. Power to the People.

  17. Dear A.D.M.I.N

    Please provide us with URL. Otherwise, it is not a News to us and we cannot believe it without some sources with it.

    Also sir “hinting” is not enough. It should be clear so that other can understand. We have to assume good faith otherwise …..

  18. @farhan
    There will be ‘no’ next elections. Sorry for sounding like messenger from down under, but it has been decided in the higher chambers that democracy does not suit Pakistan. A sham egyptian style face value democracy has been decided upon. Zardari can keep the reins as long as he keeps everything domestically under control. He has been promised all sorts of financial and logistical support. Your stock market will rise, rupee will gain strength, plenty of wheat will be made available, suicide bombings will stop, thanks to ANP the great, and other immediate functions performed.

    From the getgo, it might seem battle is lost before it has a chance to start. PML-N will be turned into a small one dozen elected member party with their leaders alienated from the party in the same fashion as was done in 2002. Other miscreants from smaller parties and civil organisations will be bought/sold, incarcerated, beaten into submission until there is no effective resistance left. An apparent hostility with India will be manufactured to give army free hand and win loyalty of simple minded citizens, who are in the great great majority. Islam will be revived just as in the days of ZAB and new neo islamic laws proclaimed. This is just to mention a little of what is coming.

    But I firmly believe things wont end as THEY have planned. We all can rest assure this administration will make mistakes as they have been for last fourteen months. Not because they are incompetent, but because their challengers(us) have learned to play on astro turf and play well. Their every mistake will be exploited to our advantage and they will keep making mistake after mistake in their frustration. So dont jump to conclusion by what might happen next month or few months down the road. This conflict will go on for a few more years. But then victory will be complete or we will burn our house with our own hands then let any conquistador make it his abode.

  19. Watch the old PPP worker / one of the founding member on Live on Talat tonight and see his disgust.

    Also Watch Talat prove PPP = New PML(Q)

  20. @fas
    “There will be ‘no’ next elections. ”

    You are probably right. Maybe we should phrase it another way and say if people want elections again, they will have to EARN them!

  21. Admin:

    Thanks for the video.

    The way I hear it on the question of PML Q, AZ said that he is not looking for minus NS position, he is looking for plus NS position.

    On the question of Indemnity by Constitutional package, he said that it is your interpretation and he dont see it that way.

    Clearly the hints you derived are based on your interpretation.

  22. @ nota …… Very right. Talat rightly exposed PPP. Ahsan Iqbal was worth listening, totally knocked out Mushahid Hussain.

  23. @Ilyas khan Baloch

    Please stop this sh!t. Even if there was a infinitesimal chance of me joining “Islamic Democratic Party”, your long, stvpid, repetitive posts have done away with that. And I am sure it is true for many others. If we were interested we already would have visited But we HAVEN’T. I know you mean well but please either CONTRIBUTE to the discussions here or GO AWAY!!!!

  24. @nota @Ilyas Khan Baloch:

    “please either CONTRIBUTE to the discussions here or GO AWAY!!!!”

    hear! Hear!

    I also think the guy means well, but I think if someone can’t be part of a community how can they expect people to join their party ??

  25. Watching Nawaz on recorded geo program with Hamid Mir, I cant help wonder if he has any idea whats coming for him. He was all smiles, full of energy, feeling vindicated after the election results, but soon all smiles will be history and a new round of humiliation and confinement awaits him. That man in the phoji house is watching him carefully full of malice and grinding his teeth. This time around, that man is going to deal with him personally in Nawaz’s upcoming solitary confinement hidden from the world. I can already imagine the scene and the humiliation that will be meted out to nawaz.

  26. @izafar,

    They are definitely my interpretations and most people will agree with that. I did not say “definite” and used word “Hint” and I think the language is pretty clear for everyone.

    – On question about PMLQ … AZ said he wanted “Reconciliation” instead of simply ruling out PMLQ

    – On question about Indemnity … AZ said “Truth and Reconciliation” instead of simple ruling out indemnity

    Visitors are very smart on my site and they will rip me off in a minute if I try to conclude something of my own.


  27. @mbokhari:

    The Guy can’t talk for Sh!t! Ogre Ineed! 🙁

    On the bright side, I think our “Lahore Spring” started in March last year.. and the fvckers haven’t been able to roll it back yet! They’ve tried everything, but Pakistani’s are still holding! They’re actually holding! Peja lives!

    We’re still in the fight! Its not over yet! The fun’s just starting..!!!

    We need to have a website where pro-democracy protests can be organized.. (can’t wait for the political parties — they always spoil the broth)

  28. AOA I like the idea of truth &reconcilliation. Mr. zardari should be the first wittness and confess to his past deeds or misdeeds and appologise to the nation. I doubt very much he has that kind of t&r in mind

  29. I like the idea of truth &reconcilliation. Mr. Zardari should be the first witness on the stand &confess to his deeds and misdeeds &plundering the nations wealth. Then people can forgive him. I doubt very much he has anything like that in mind.

  30. @fas
    i hope your prediction about NS proves to be wrong. He is a good man and doesnot deserve that. As far as pakistani khasee nation is concerned, they will be happy whoever tackles them from behind. It has to be someone….
    so they will againb betray him.

  31. I know everyone (even non-PPP guys) always talk about Rabbani as a good / decent guy and a man of principle. I really don’t know anything about him. But seeing him sitting shoulder-to-shoulder next to AZ every where, I say you are all mistaken. Had he any decency or self respect or principles he would not be caught dead in that position. And please don’t give me that “Baychara kiya karay…”

    (Is he there to provide some sort of “legitimacy” to Zardari’s actions? )

  32. Sorry guys, cant hold back my thoughts today. Listening to Nawaz again, I can sense that he is making a lot of people very angry. I think he will be the first one to get house arrested within next few days, and barred from talking to media in the interest of public safety. He is not the rebellion type but he will definitely become the face of renewed struggle while MIC tehreek will become secondary as stakes will rise above mere freedom of judiciary. Interesting times ahead.

  33. @ nota
    i agree with you but this was accessed long before you by this political genius baba gee ,
    have a look, very interesting – 75k

  34. @tk

    our adm in posed a very intelligent question; should NS take on Q-league to counter zardaro move to indemnify pervert moshe.

    i have no qualms in saying…at this point in time…that he should…and start talking with Mushahid husain for a union of muslim league.!!!

    and this from a PPP-ist (albeit with a zameer)

  35. I think the only way to not let zardari indemnify Mushe with 2/3rd is that PMLN should absorb somehow Qutta league!!!! I think after the fact that Shujaat refused to Mushe to resign their is big gulf between Mushe and Q-league and i guess if they OPEN them up quit a bit more then hatride against them will be lowered in public and they will be aceptable to
    PML-N (come on for a bigger cause you have to do that) and all of this means that PPP is already head oon with PML-N then no problem to take Qutta Leagues in gov with PML-N in Punjab and kick the PPP out of Punjab gov. Out of the twos you have to choose lesser evil—–thats it

  36. aoa

    if nawaz sharif is going to do principle politics then he should NOT join hands with q – league. if he has to join hands then what was the point of giving up ministries.

  37. @dictated democracy

    that is the political way forward….the lesser evil. zardari cannot be tursted anymore.

    alas…mushahid husain is still touting a pro-mush line…on live on talat.

    i feel sad for my progressive friends in PPP…its time they listen to their inner voice.

  38. @kafka
    although your opinion about PML(Q) holds some ground but trust me , it will bring NS to a much lower moral ground and new NS probably will not accept that.
    He is a changed man…a leader now.

  39. @democrat

    then a selective pruning….perhaps…and not the entire quta league.

    furthermore….NS also needs to actively court a rising number of PPP dissenters…that is …NS needs to shift a little left of center…instead of his current …a little right of center..
    he will find an unexpected pleasent surprise!!

  40. @kafka8: I think Q people are leegi’s .. if PPP can take on MQM then PML-N can sure as sh!ta take on Q leegi’s .. The problem is they are loTa’s and they’ll go with whomever is making the govt.. NS may not have much of a choice anymore..

    I think if he does go on the streets they’ll fold the PUnjab govt for sure and someone after the interview said (i think it was sheeda Tully) that AG A Qayuum is opening the 10 year old cases against SS and NS .. if you can believe this..

    I’m sure Sherry Rehman is going to say “saazish huvieee hai” and Zardaro with his buckteeth is gonna say.. ‘Agar Mian saab jaengay to maiN bhi jaooN gaa.. adalat meN unkaa muQaddama laRnay.. blah blah blah”

    I don’t know why Q hasn’t joind muslim league to begin with. Also.. the reason to bring YRG as PM was because he’s tight with Pagaro and most Q leegi’s are sh!t scared of PagaRo (being the wretched opportunist beghairat lot that they are) .. and now pagaRo is the guy who’s gonna deliver them to Zardaro..

    It’s funny.. All the power is in Punjab.. but all the power brokers are in Sindh (Altaf, Zardaro, Pagaro)

    And still the smaller provinces b!tch and complain about punjab taking advantage of them… It might be better if Punjab just separated from these and went its own way. (keeping the nukes of course)

  41. Zardari is giving his mush loving statement after having a love chat with US ambassador.he goes to UK and bochaer was there,on his return paterson was the first who had meeting with her and Haqqani says its normal way of meeting.really these foriegn assembled characters think that we are nation of fools and people like dr shahid is agitating them by telling them stories of naseem hijazee.
    dear memebers,how we can convey to zardari that although we cant approach to oxford like their kids but it dosnt mean we also lack of common sense or national spirit like him.Our people never took an fear from strong dictator and let him down in a year, so how can he stand against our national thinking.

  42. @kafka
    selective pruning

    can you suggest a few names in the national assembly who if join NS would not affect his moral cridebility.

  43. @kafka
    I did not see LWT but on Meray Mutabiq couple of days ago it was Mushahid who said that ” ager 9 March ko aik chodhary na ker sakta hai tou ab doosra chodhary kiyon nahee aur ker dee hai” and as we heard Mushe’s doors have been closed to Mushahid quite some time ago and same is true for Chodharies the only thing the chodharies need to do is to come on publically and rip Musharraf on Media and become “useable” (not useful) for PML-N and later they can can be gotten rid off.

  44. Nawaz Sharif is calm and all smiling because he knows his strong moral stand.

    Despite all his smiles, I am sure he was the most serious person during discussion with Zardari.

    Whereas Zardari is the biggest drama who appears disturbed on camera and doing nothing behind the scene.

  45. @kafka8

    I think NS should not tinker with his newly found stature by courting PML-Q. And I am not saying this because of idealism. Looking back on past fourteen months I get a feeling as if Pakistan has been overtaken by the events. People/leaders have tried to stem the tide but with little success. I think we are at that point in our history where it is better to flow with the events instead of trying to manoeuvre them. It is good that lines are being drawn and no talk of reconciliation can dilute these lines. The forces unleashed (media, judiciary, civil society, geo political realities etc.) are all interacting in a way that it is beyond the capacity of our current leadership to harness these forces. These leaders are living in past and they won’t even know what has hit them.
    For Pakistan right now, Mao’s uttering “there is great chaos under the heavens and the situation is excellent” holds literally true. I think it is not the time for political trickery. When the dust settles down, Pakistan will be winner.

  46. @inaam

    pakistan is too great a the new “Great Game” for super powers to let internal dynamics take their natural course.

    otherwise…i agree with your point of view.

  47. Every pakistani politician should be hanged to death.
    This will create a lot of jobs for new generation.

  48. A cheap interview! It gives a feeling that the press lacks the intelligence and power for the right questions. Presently it is a win for Mush and AZ which is trying to scare NS and all those who support the judiciary to be the top priority in Pakistan. If Justice is there, those responsible for inflation, food scarcity, torture, unlawful harassment, day to day crimes, robbery, everything will be exposed and punished and the country will be back on track. Since the foundation of Pakistan it was the first time that people realized the prime importance of JUSTICE and they went after it after it was delivered. If the judges are not restored there will most likely be a “KHOMENI’S IRAN” like revolution which will permanently seal the fate of all those called “betrayers” and the gimmicks of the so called foreign interferences in Pak Politic will be gone for some time to come.

    Presently Pakistan is in a more advantageous position that what Iran was in the late 70’s. Pakistan is an advanced Nuclear Power. None can think of any such missions of Carter which failed to rescue the American from Iran. Besides USA is not the same what it was in the 70’s and 80’s. Economically it is crippled and perhaps not even able to think of launching an attack even against the weakest and poorest nation of the world. I am surprised how Mush is trying to play the Western game of creating phobia amongst his own people by saying that USA threatened to turn Pakistan to Stone Age, if Pakistan do not support US in killing their own people. Any other person with a bit of self respect would have immediately suspended all talks and would have told them to give it a try. Presently poor USA is left alone in the so called battle against terrorism. With the economy shattered, Iraq war going nowhere, inflation at all times high, it’s western allies not in support anymore, this poor super power is perhaps declining and cannot afford to displeasing anyone specially Pakistan. As one nuclear scientist puts it that Mush could have simply told them that before you turn Pakistan to the Stone Age, Pakistan has the capacity of turning your only ally in the Middle East to a desert within 10 minutes.

  49. @tk

    pagaro is not all that mighty…you got it all wrong there. he gets two or maybe four seats but thats about it. and strength that pml-q had in sind was not bcoz pagaro but…bherria brigade of bhai…

    zardaro is powerful only as engineered .(as is evident now) by the establishment. (they got rid of BB…who had kept him out PPP affairs) the jiyalas …sooner or later…the worker will do a baghawat…they will never settle for a handshake with the establishment.

    and i am sorry…power is..has always been in the punjab. Nat. Assembly cannot pass anything without punjab okaying it. which is why Mushahid Hussain Syed said…’pujab taqat ka mehwar hai’ . For the first time …if not after a long the history of Pakistan…Punjab (pml-n) has stood up agaisnt the establishment. This can only be good the federation. As for the smaller provinces….they were always better off without the old kind of punjab….but this emergent punjab…of lawyers…and civil society…media….this they will not bitch about. i assure you. I DONT 🙂

    for its about time 🙂

  50. What is this, a joke with Pakistani nation? Every day there is a new gimmick, there is no commitment and the story line is changing everyday. The definition of a Hypocrite is, “When he talk-he lies and when he make promise-he breaks”.

    You tell me is this not the case with Asif Zardari? This man has not worked a single day in his life to earn a living. He won a mega lottery by the unfortunate death of BB. I would urge the Pakistani nation never to stop their fight for true democracy. Where are the hardcore PPP leaders – they are equally roped of their due share in the PPP by Asif and Bilawa Zardari.

    look at this opportunitics Jahangir Bader – a thug from interrior Lahore.

    What a shame – are they not worried about facing their God one day?



  51. earlier today Punjab’s ppp mpa met Zardari and complained and whined about PMLn’s CM and now we’re hearing about PPP’s Salman Taseer ex minister Caretaker setup and close to Musharraf being appointed as governor punjab replacing Gen Khalid Maqbool

    All Zardari thinks about are his CASES right now. He wants to get clean. In return he is willing to do anything. Musharraf in this case his is elder brother, both of them have done similar type of stuff in the past!

  53. Probably you all know George Orwell’s Animal Farm. One comment on this forum stating that NS will soon be put under arrest illuminated the present politics in the country in light of Orwell’s story.

    Mr. Jones (the owner of the Manor Farm) is overthrown by a revolution by animals on the farm. There is a promise that now there will be a rule by animals and for animals and everyone will be equal and properous. The revolution brings to power two pigs ‘Snowball’ and ‘Napolean’ who start of in great friendship. For a brief time things seem good. Then Napolean shows his true colours. Ultimately, Snaowball has to leave the farm – is actually driven away. After that all the miseries in the farm are laid upon Snowball who is projected as a secret cosnpirator against the animal rule. Napolean reconnects relations with human beings and soon the conditions on the farm are worse than they were under Mr. Jones. Right at the end of story there is a scene in which the pigs – led by Napolean – are in a feast with humans inside the old house of Mr. Jones. Rest of the animals watch thsi feast from outside, and as Orwell puts it: ‘The Creatures outside looked from pig to mam, and from man to pig, and from pig to man again; but already it was impossible to say which was which.’

  54. Finally Zardari is showing his true colors, Q league is currently divided into Shujat block and Forward block(chatha) so technically it isn’t good for ppp unless both blocks support it , Q League(Shujat) is currently distancing it self from dictator musharraf, its good time for N league to take them back into N Leagues fold if they sincerely apologize and admit their past mistakes, coz eventually sooner or later they’ll have to merge back into N league..

  55. Please dont dont dont beleive on Zardari’s every single word. If you see him when he talks, he is a true copy of SATAN/MUNAFIQ. This is the ever worst time on the people of Pakistan when ZARDARI type of person is making decisions for the people.

  56. @Wasim
    You are right I don’t believe Zardari when he says he would accept Qatil league and I also don’t believe him when he says he will give indemnity to November 3rd actions 🙂

  57. PPP and N league’s allaince was unnatural from the onset, now this actions by Zardari will further create problems from N League and push them against the wall it high time Nawaz League should think of using/breaking Q leagues forward/backward blocks for its own good..

  58. What a spin by pkpolitics…I saw the whole press conference and could not find a hint of coalition with Q….rather he said that “we will not leave NS”…keep it spinning pkpolitics

  59. rather NS in his interview with Hamind Mir…..softened his stance towards Q-league and said that if they apologize to the nation for their actions…then his party will think about a coalition with them…..

  60. @PAF123

    Do watch todays LIve with Talat where Talat also stated exactly the same as in this post by PkPolitics.
    i can say, 100% same statement by Talat .

  61. @ibnrazi
    Well to me there is no change in political situation since 18th Feb, the battle is on , I am inclined to believe that political forces are on the offensive they are not yielding to the pressure. No comprimise could be reached between establishment and political forces (for disappointment of many people I consider PPP a political force nay major political force …:)) .
    I hope public can exert some more pressure.
    I saw NS interview today and am extremely happy that establishment is facing toughest challenge even in the absence of Benazir.

  62. @GM
    this is no argument….PAF123 will say thay Talat is also doing a spin…
    you should respond to him on his point directly…

    ibn razi

  63. @Paf123 he specifically stated that although we got majority without N league in Punjab assembly but still we would like to support N League…(now obviously he was refering to those Q leaguers (chatha) but Q league is also divided at the moment and a divided Q league is no good for ppp so to stay safe currently Zardari don’t want to leave N league until Q league is fully onboard

  64. @peja
    I hope you are right…
    but so much of actual evidence goes against it…
    to start…why is Malik Qayum still there? Why is PPP not taking even these doable steps to weaken establishment?
    why is it insisting that all the present judges be kept on permenant basis? You know it well that it is a lame excuse to say that sitting judges might issue a stay order…if PPP does not accept Nov. 3 action, the present court is not legal and hence its stayorder has no meaning…
    PPP claims to have shed blood …but at thsi junction, when we are so close to a genuine people’s victory it seems afraid of giving some more blood. Why? It calims to have fought against a strong Zia and is now seems to be afraid of a weak Musharraf? All thsi needs reasonable explaination if trust in PPP has to be rational – and not simply a blind faith.

  65. Ahmed…

    “majority in Punjab Assembly”–where did he say that…I must have missed it…let’s wait for the video upload…..

  66. @peja

    “You are right I don’t believe Zardari when he says he would accept Qatil league and I also don’t believe him when he says he will give indemnity to November 3rd actions”

    There is some proverb in Arabic that goes something like, He said he’ll do it, I trusted him, He insisted, I got suspicious, when He swore he’ll do it, I KNEW he was lying

    For the general public, it has reached a point that if Zardari says tomorrow the sun will rise, the people wouldn’t believe the sun will rise EVER AGAIN.


    Zardari has become just another ghoRa in the Establishment’s astabal. He would soon have no need of getting Jam or Marmalade anymore. (He will be put out to pasture)

  67. Zardari had a chance golden chance of wiping his slate clean after all these years behind bar but it seems that he has shot himself in the foot by not availing this chance.. it seems Zardari and his corrupt & criminal minded advisers are following the footsteps of disgraced dictator who was rejected by people of Pakistan,and Zardari might face a similar fate

  68. This Man is not sincere, that is the point. With Pictures of his Son and slain wife in the background, he is trying to fooooool us…

    NRO is the problem . He looted Millions and he is given Amnesty by another Crook. Its payback time,General is smiling,Musharaff’s picture should be in the background too….

    Trample our rights, so you can live in Surrey Mahal.

    I feel sorry for the REAL PPP workers.. they have to provide cover for this petty thief,, go on TV shows and defend a Criminal…

  69. If Zardari sits with PMLQ i will say this

    no doubt PPP always did “asolo ki siasat” !!

    and no doubt all that propaganda against PPP in the 80’s and 90’s was right…..\

    why cz ….

    he called PMLQ (qatil league… the killers of her wife and BB claimed it so)

    F%^& Zardari… F#$% PPP

    NS come back to Lahore…. do the politics of principals…. we can forgive ur past ………………..future is urs….. civil society is with u, lawyers r with u…. students r with u ……. PLZ cash this golden opportunity and BE A LEADER…….

  70. @ GM

    I am not surprised…media is saying this thing since the election…they were pushing this before muree accord……then they were silent for a week….and they started again as the deadline for restoration neared….and now they are repeating the same thing with a vigor….because it gives them an opportunity to do PPP’s media trial………Just one suggestion…while you are watching these programs….try to discern…how many of the questions are speculative or “if” or has word “Tasur” in them…….all these words indicate the questions and comments are not based on facts…but based on subjective analysis or opinion…………just do it…and you will find how the anchors are pushing thier point of view rather than facts…..

  71. If he gives indemnity to Nov 3 actions.PPP will suffer badly and in next elections whenever they are held, PMLN will return with 2/3 majority.i dont think he will be able to indemnify the nov 3 there will be a rebellion in PPP.several PPP MNAs and Senators will be vote for this.people like Senator Raza Rabbani,Senator Safdar Abbasi,Samina Khalid Ghurki,Shah Mahmood Qureshi,Imtaiz Safdar Waraich,Qamaruz Zaman Qaira,Fozia Wahab,Justice Fakhar-un-Nisa Khokar and many other PPP MNAs…for two reasons.irstly as it would be against the sprits of democracy and hese people have not compromised on principles in past.Secondly they want to win their seats in next elections as well

  72. @PAF
    here you are on shaky grounds…
    when achors ask ‘if’ or ‘tasuwar karain’…it is not simply a guess or wish…often it is beacuse they have heard, through their contacts, that something is cooking. The question is framed this way precisely because while things have not come out in public and hence have not become facts, they are happening behind the scene. Good journalism is able to learn about matters that are simply being cosnidered or discussed in private.

  73. Only want to tell one thing;

    PPPP was the last card for Gen. Pervez or so called Pakistani establishment to continue their rule for one more term. They have played this card since the presence of B. Nazir, though she was passed away, but this was the settlement with B. Nazir. We should not forget NRO, at least PPPP will have to pay return to establishment for coming under to NRO umbrella.

    I think things would have been different if APDM would have taken part in Elections along PML-N. In fact separation of PML-N from Govt. is not because of only Judges, this is also because of the reason that PML-N does not want to be pro-American. Anyways, seems that Pakistan will have to sacrifice 5 more years of American dictations just for the sake PPPP leader ship, who want to get rid of many cases under NRO shade.

    Sad for All of us.


  74. @Paf123

    Dear Paf,

    You are suffering from a malignant attack of foot-in-mouth disease. Your truthiness platalette count is down to exactly 10% and your Reality Pressure is dangerously low.

    Please take 10g Khameera Gao Rehman with a glass of milk every morning.

  75. PPP-PMLQ cannot form government in Punjab.yesterday i heard Atta Maneka,PMLQ forward bloc leader.he said that plan b is election,as nobody can form government at the moment due to 20 vaccant seats

  76. @izafar
    Dear Izfar, there are a lot of positive things in Zardari’s press conference But you pick what he is looking for.
    This site just project NS.

  77. why do you want to watch whole press conference?
    these thieves will do nothing for the country….Look at the so called “leader” at the top, Zardari getting his cases out of the way, unreliable, incompetent, untrustworthy…

  78. good job asif zardari, good job. nawaz sharif is back to planning his next visit to his hair doctor, and the unusual obsession with corrupt judges who destroyed the path of democracy and led the country towards emergency can now finally start to die down with mr. potato head and his N league. good job asif zardari. musharraf plays his cards damn well!!

  79. i m not surprised at zardari’s if n buts at all,he is been doin this since day one….remember wt happened to MAF…he appointed him as the candidate for PM n than start a low-key propaganda against him as if he was doin every thing on his own….he was wired with presidency but with prior knowledge of AZ….

    than he called musharaf….a pakistani gorbachev……see where he stands now…

    than called Q-league a qatil league…mind u not chaudary brothers but the whole Q-league….now see where he stands now…..

    still remember how he appreciated media in the beginning….now where he stands now….low-key threats from ppp on behalf of him…

    twice ditch NS on deadlines… he still remembers wt happened to him in NS tenure…..

    it will be out of odds that he would let this chance go after gettin the full indemnity behind the NRO…..

    he made himself even more clearer when he cleverly got vote of confidence for his goon pm gillani n gave the clear msg to NS i had learnt the swim now n dont need u…..

    also in today’s conference he had mentioned it again that he still has the majority but wanted to walk with NS…..

    to me they are all the clear indications that he is trailing establishment line… he is in no mood of resistance any more…wt some ppl thought including me in the beginning…….the maximum he will do with the so called constitutional package is jus to take 58-2B but rest will stay with musharaf including head of NSC which he also had mentioned earlier that we needed that… he is on his way….n i m just waiting for him to get the indemnity for musaharaf……which he will…@peja…put a bet with me mate…

  80. People has given him and his party Votes
    So he can do what he wants to do.

    its simple.

    its in his Menifesto he will do that.

    he is not gonna take dictattions from few Moirners who even hasnt Voted and had Boycotted the election.

  81. I think it would very difficult for Zardari for a consitutional package which would finish 52 B and make him powerful. No one from PMLQ or any other party would do that – they may hate PML N or would side with Musharraf but they would never sign their death warrant themselves like that.

    Plus this would be Zardari’s last stint if he does that and when his son comes he would have nothing left at that time.

    Its not the number of seats that matter but Punjab that matters and NS has masses support. Today NS and SS nomination papers have been accepted also and they are going to come in assemblies.

    One thing NS and SS should do is that rather than cultivate relationship with AZ who is big double crosser he should cultivate his relations with the army and should desist from being confrontational with them. He should win elements within the establishement and they would be more than happy to side with him as establishment also wants to get its respect back

  82. affendi

    can u tell me – would you trust those judges who took oath on PCO and save their job do real justice – isnt this a corruption also. I believe its a corruption and nothing else. And you should expect that a very very dangerous precedent has been set in

    Next time when another army chief comes and believe me he would come soon – he would do amendments in the consitution also and this supreme court would ratify the changes based on the current judgements by current corrupt PCO judges and thats all. From now on no army chief would ever require indemity from the Parliament ever because its in Article 270 AAA that army chief can make any amendents he likes.

    So Mr affendi who is bigger corrupt. And it would end at that. Seeing Musharraf and these corrupt judges do all these unlawful things everyone in Pakistan would now have the right to break the law at will because if you cannot abide by the highest law in the land then why should anyone follow the laws under them. So we are in fact laying a foundation of lawlessness in this country and one day when God forbid something happens ot your family if you are living in Pakistan then I would ask you where would you go for seeing justice.

    Its not the matter of PCO – its the matter of destryoing all the laws in the country and pushing this country to the era of choas and lawlessness.

  83. Zardari said that those judges who did not take oath under PCO are trying to save thier jobs




  84. mr. hussain…no i dont see it that way. because most of the judges that people like you are dying to see ‘restored’ also took oath on a PCO back in 1999 when general musharraf first came to power after criminal nawaz sharif hijacked his plane. the PCO judges did what they felt was right. i dont know whether its right or wrong. however, at that time, taking oath on the PCO to them was the right thing to do. second, the lawlessness you refer to is a hallmark of our society, brought about by both civilian and military leaders. however, justice is a concept that can only be defined when those who are dispensing it are themselves abiding by the laws and norms of the country. that was not happening i am sorry to say that. the CJ himself stands accused of corruption and has managed to get away from allegations that were levelled against him. and dont worry, there will not be another army takeover, mainly because the army itself is not interested in ruling and because musharraf institutionalized the role of the army, which was always lacking. the creation of the NSC guarantees that the army chief and president or PM do not clash with each other. if this is undone, then yes, there might be another army takeover.

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