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  1. I was shocked with anger , when he said ,”I am 100 % Pakistani product” .Shame on him and those who supported him for the “services” he has done to our country.

  2. It is very funny and amzing that the so-called some patriotic like Shauket Aziz and Altaf Hussain they bleave that Pakistan is save enough for 160 million people but NOT FOR THEM. How crazy massage they are giving to the rest world. If they are realy sincere in their claims then they should return and should face the Nation

  3. Admin sahib.

    I paid for premium membership but i can not watch anything, is there any else i need to do? help is required i paid the money before i register my self in , may be this is the problem?

  4. Lets try to find out his HIDEOUT and catch this guy…Oh wait, he is pakistani and in Pakistan he cannot be put to JUSTICE.
    Aunty Atiqa, can you stop this nonsense of showing musharraf and his buddies as angels………………………go and act in sitcoms!

  5. the illiterates out in full force demeaning perhaps the best finance minister and economic manager pakistan could have hoped for in the post 9/11 world. and dont worry haters, shaukat aziz has said he will return to pakistan. unfortunately, the illiterate and jaahil forces called political parties will want to demean him, level false accusations, and in the process damage the country beyond anything they can accuse shaukat aziz of. shaukat aziz zindabad!!

  6. No doubt great economist..he declared his assets first & build them later from pakistani “khazana”
    can we ask him why he issued pakistani foreign bonds with world record interest 6% & now we are bound to pay this interest to SA & his friends.
    what he did with steel mill…..under hand bilal mush & SA were the buyers.
    why he alloted plots to b.crates.
    in islam abad he own property farm ,houses how much he paid for this.
    why he export wheat delibrately showing fake figures,if he shows fake figures for foreign loans then why they export it…criminal act ….logon se niwala bhi lay lia…
    what he did with stock exchange…
    foreign investment was not because of SA that was post 9/11 phnomena
    & also multinational companies are moving for cheap labour in asia like india

  7. No need for free version admin. This guy is responsible for the food, electricity and power crisis in Pakistan!

  8. Usually I request to make video free before time… BUT this time………………. NO, and thank you for not making this free……………….

  9. Oh my God she does look like Barbra Walters interviewing another loser. Mr. Shortcut is so cunning and polite with his words. I hope he was just sincere to the poor and desperate people of Pakistan. I haven’t watched the whole thing but wonder if she asked him about the Condy Rice episode, probably not.

  10. He may have done wrong judgments however haven said that it would have been worst If some one else would have been here.

  11. Shaukat Aziz was a puppet Prime-Minister and very corrupt. All the news
    about economy, foreighn exchange and foreign investment were a joke.
    Look what he did with Pakistan Steel Mills and PIA. The current economic crisis are the result of Shaukat Aziz’z incompetency and lies.

    Why some members on this forum would praise that crrok. It is very
    troublesome for me. I respectfully disagree and urge them to do a little
    research on Shaukat Aziz..

  12. People like musharaf, shaukat aziz arrange interview with Atiq odho because

    1- people do not want to see these ugly faces, they think may be people watch this interview because of Atiqa Odho.

    2 – They can not face other hosts like Kashif, Hamid Mir etc.

    Sharam tum ko magar nahee Atee

  13. Both shaukat aziz , musharf,and altaf hussain have one thing very common that in their words they always say pakistan is always their first priorty but in actuall 90% of their family members have opted to live in US and UK and not having life style of any self made american or britain but they there live like rich icons of east.So at least attiqa should ask them that why they and their siblings are prefering to settle abroad.But surely she cant question like this as she is actually of same breed like them.Grab the best for you and only yours families from all sides of world. Live in US and UK and talk to problems of Pakistan.

  14. @myview on May 16th, 2008 9:29 am

    “1- people do not want to see these ugly faces, they think may be people watch this interview because of Atiqa Odho.”

    Are you predicting a future interview by Oooodho of Chooran wala?



  15. Atiqa udo aai hai
    Shaukat aziz lai hai

    Atiqa pehle bhi aaye thi
    musharraf ko lai thi

    atiqa phir aaye gi
    altaf hussain ko laye gi

    plz dont make the free version available ever

    this the the demand from the head of APDM (all pakistanis democratic muftas)

  16. @Persona
    “Watch our Beloved New PM in Action”

    Without even watching it I can guess it is the”boob-press” video. Am I right? This is OLD and been posted here like a thousand times by Chooran Walas.

  17. @admin, @Short Cut Aziz Haters
    Admin is biased. Doesn’t want the truth to come out. I posted detailed and “muhzibana” answers to the questions raised above but admin refused to post. Admin can be compared to Nazis who tried to brain wash it’s own people. Admin believes in censorship….

  18. Abay shaukat America say zyada reference kahan chalta hay…Kis dunya ki baat kartay ho? Atiqa Odho ko hi impress karna bus

  19. TK i think my comment has been deleted. however, i didn’t make it so you’d analyse her physique, which i’m sure you’d already done; but it was intended to make people realise that the musharraf regime tends to relate itself to well to do, liberal, and well-bestowed women. i don’t see musharraf and his buddies giving interviews to a capable journalist lady in a hijab from a middle class background, and no curves.

  20. @ Supporter aka “MQMSupporter”

    Why u have dropped MQM from ur ID.
    r u no more MQM supporter?

    or u feel ashamed to openly disclose ur love for MQM? dont be a cowards hypo mr MQM Supporter.

  21. Shaukat Aziz with Atiqa Odho /
    MUSHRAF with Atiqa ODHO/
    next version will be ,, zardari with ATIQA ODHO / and i think so i will be happenen sooon/// coz ATIQA HAVENT ANY OTHER job , AND mr nawaz
    u turn will be come little bit late so be patient ,,,,,,,

  22. I think Shaukat Aziz did a decent job while being incharge of the financial fortunes of the country. Men make mistakes and he had his share. But that doesn’t give anyone any right to make personal attacks on a person. Many of the things that he is being held responsible for are either due to lack of understanding of economic policies or political bias against the Musharraf regime instead of any concrete evidence or argument.

    I also believe that it’s against the spirit of democracy, which i suppose everyone of us aspires for, to try to make a person an outcast, and try to harras anyone with divergent views. In a democratic political environment every one has the right to his opinion and every one should respect others’, no matter how much you disagree with the opponent’s point of view. This is one great weakness of us Pakistani’s and we must overcome it to sustain this democratic dispensation.

    Attiqa Odho did a nice job. Again there’s no decency in getting personal here. Btw upload the video please.


  23. To Admin

    As you have mentioned that those who have not subscribed (Not Members) should be able to see the videos after 24 or 48 hours, but this video have been uploaded more than 10 days, so we should be able to see it now.. It is unfair that what you have promised/announced and you are not acting on that. So kindly let us watch this video now..

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