Triple One Brigade Commander Replaced

Musharraf 1999 CoupArmy Chief General Kiyani has replaced the Commander of 111 Brigade, which is originally responsible for security of Islamabad and Rawalpindi, but is normally used to execute coups against elected governments.

The commander has been replaced from Musharraf’s loyal Brigadier Aasim Salim Bajwa to Brigadier Faheem Rao, who has already taken charge of security of Presidential Security.

The News reports that Musharraf will vacate Army House and move to the President House within 48 hours, however he may also resign anytime. There are also rumors that Musharraf did a failed attempt to replace Kiyani during the weekend.

165 thoughts on “Triple One Brigade Commander Replaced

  1. Mush is history? Too good to be true. I will believe it when I’ll see it. I have been fooled before (many times).

  2. this is another proof of how much the ARmy has learned from past deeds of a few greedy Gernals…
    MUsh has been catostrophic for the image of the Armed forces but now with a professional like Gen Kiyani in charge , we should support such acts, not carry on vid our daggers drawn strategy.

  3. Despartely waiting to listen that the traitor is in custody and is in Adeela
    jail, waiting trail. Waitin summry trail. Court Marsal?

  4. If he tried to remove Kiyani, I think kiyani has finally taken the step to oust him, kiyani had a 3 hour long meeting with mush today….

    I think he is going to leave……


  5. A little cool pleasent breeze……… this news
    I want Musharraf hanged…….Inshaallah that moment is coming closer…..

  6. some one asked who will replace hm. Obviously it should be Mian Nawaz Sharif or Qadeer. Either one will be a right choice. Any other thoughts by any one?

  7. Mush should be taken into custody ,before he attempt to flee the country.
    All the deposed judges should be reinstated, even before the arrest of Mush.

  8. Mush should be taken into custody ,before he attempt to flee the country and all the deposed judges should be reinstated, even before the arrest of Mush.

  9. Musharraf ka kam tamam honay wala hai
    Mar gya mardood , na fateha na darood
    Musharraf should not be allowed to flee from country.
    He should be arrested and executed in public .

  10. Guys,
    We all know that Nawaz Sharif too looted the 16 croor mazloom awam. He is Gen Zia the greatest Shaitan of all times Baqiayaat. He tried to eliminate Senate. He made a chicken cabinet and was trying to become a civillian LOHAR dictator. He took 1000 coroor rupees from national treasure and got it written off by Zia Shiatan. Don’t be fooled. After atomic show down he started to play with Punjab emotions by starting Kalabagh Dam, even though three provincial assemblies had out spokenly rejected it by resolutions.
    He is not a national leader and never proved to be one. Mr AZ is 10% but MR Nawaz Sharif is 20 % and Army Generals are 80% and so are other crooks like choudo Nisar and Gujrati choudries.
    any thoughts…..

  11. We should not trust even Kiani.After all he is also a general who haslotof medals on his chest/shoulder without winning a war or even a battle. I just do not remeber even a single thing that this army has done good for our country. To my judgement, these coward money hunting generals are still running the show behind the scene and they will try to give Mush safe passage.

  12. mush will leave,he will be given security and not be arrested.
    This is done to make people a little happy so that the iftikhar chohdary’s reinstatement can be put to back burner.

    our elite (generals and the political agents) are playing this game of changing faces whenever there is a threat to there hold on the resources .
    Iftikhar chohdary was a threat and to keep him away kyani is forcing mush to resign……..iftikhar ch was threat to our elite to US interests.

    so basically kyani is implementing a minus 2 formulae
    any ways mush’s departure is a vgood news neverthless..but mark my words he wouldnt be punished ,he would be given a safe passage…
    only punishment can come after some time from some hidden hand when retired president’s security will not be fool proof like it is now………

  13. once mush leave……..people’s agony will be lessened and they wouldnt react if iftikhar ch is not reinstated.

  14. Ya Kuda Tera Shukar hay—-
    Aaj Laal masjid kee massoon larkion kee ahoon nay rang dikha dia.
    Aaj ka Faraoun Jahanam Raseed hua.
    Inshallah some one from Taliban, from Qabail, from Missing persons families or koi allah ka banda iss koo wasal-e-janam kar day gaa.

    Yaa kuda tera Shukar hayy..

  15. This is the part of minus 2 formulae………………army and US dont want to see iftikhar ch back so they are making mush resign………to make people happy…….so that they dont react when IMC is not reinstated.

    good news is that mush is history but IMC’s reinstatement demand should keep its intensity ……..we still have goals to achieve.

    judiciary,rule of law,economical relief to poor and cut of budget of army and elite still needs to be addressed…civiil society and media shld not forget these demands in the euphoria of mush kutta’s departure

  16. so in other words,Kiani is also a shaitan. he is serving army’s interest, npt pakistan’s.

    Just now one point came to my mind.Why visitors from abroad are allowed to meet military generals in their offices?………..generals should seek permission from the political government in Islamabad before they can see foroeigners in their offices. To me it appears that military generals in consultation with their foreign allies are running the show………….. These visitors should be banned from seeing generals directly. Also the number of generals should be reduced to the minimum. Just look at US army,how many generals they have. They control the whole world. OUr generals just hund for resources. I do not think we need to useless generals.

  17. our elite (generals and there political agents beurocracy) always tend to change some faces to protect the current system and to make people happy .Since they are the sole benefeciaries of current system full of injustice ,they try to sack some notorious personality to calm down people when ever there is a pressure from civil society

    This is the part of minus 2 formulae………………army and US dont want to see iftikhar ch back so they are making mush resign………to make people temporarily happy and to distract them from other demands…….mush’s resignation is planned with a hope that people dont react when IMC is not reinstated.
    good news is that mush is history but IMC’s reinstatement demand should keep its intensity ……..we still have goals to achieve.
    judiciary,rule of law,economical relief to poor and cut of budget of army and elite still needs to be addressed…civiil society and media shld not forget these demands in the euphoria of mush kutta’s departure
    imran malik,,,,,,,va ua

  18. @Mulla Nafs e Zakkiya
    The question is who will replace him?

    I think Aitzaz Ahsan would be the best choice or the second and final choice should be Imran Khan 😉 But to your question..I’m too wondering for who will be the president.

    I wish my moment of truth is coming soon and my moment of truth is to see “Musharraff hanged till death” setting a revolutionary ideal before the people of Pakistan. But Musharraf alone, is not responsible for everything, his cronies should be hanged too. If this happens, it will be a revolution itself!

  19. our elite (generals and there political agents beurocracy) always tend to sack some notorious person when pressure mounts to an extent which starts threatening the elite class’s own intrests .Since army and there appionted politicians are the sole benefeciaries of current flawed system ,when the system wihich nurtures them is under threat they try to protect it by changing the players from the mainstream govt.

    In current scenario this is the basically the part of minus 2 formulae………………army and US dont want to see iftikhar ch back so they are making mush resign………to calm down people and to distract them with this good news…….by doing so they are hoping to avert the upheavel of lawyer’s movement and to curb civil society’s pressure on judiciary and other issues of national intrest……good news is that mush is history but IMC’s reinstatement demand should keep its intensity Judiciary’s reinstatement shld remain the hot issue…..we still have goals to achieve.
    judiciary,rule of law,economical relief to poor and cut of budget of army and elite still needs to be addressed…civiil society and media shld not forget these demands in the euphoria of mush kutta’s departure
    imran malik,,,,,,,va

  20. That would be idela situation. I don’t think they are going to make imran khan or aitzaz the president. it would be somebody who military establishmnet would trust. I do not expect this to happen in a country where we have leaders like Zardari and behind the scene generals who have conquered Pakistan because they are unable to conquer any thing else.

  21. We are not realizing something very important. An army chief has held a 3.5 hours meeting with the (illegal) president and that (illegal) president has decided to step down. What does that tell you? Parliament is not supreme, army is still supreme. So, effectively, we are still nowhere.

    At least, the political leaders and PM should have been there in the meeting. Which democracy and powerful parliament we are talking about!!! In ecstasy we are forgetting the root cause of all the turmoil which has befallen us since last half century.

  22. I see Zardari stepping into by gone Musharraf’s shoes in the near future. If PPP restores all the judges but not the chief justice, I think people would be charged and agitated even more against the govt than they had been against Musharraf. PPP’s policy is very clear on judges, the policy is “lamkaao” and lamkaao to the point where people no more aspire for chief justice’s restoration, make them heedless.

  23. @Renaissance
    An optimistic face of your comment could have been that “technically” only Kiyani could twist Musharraf’s arm and persuade him to step down at this crucial point of time when everybody feared that he would use 582B. Army was the only support to the dictator. Army is the Bad Medicine for Musharraf!!

  24. @kakajatt
    “Ideal situation for Musharraf: “Flee to Turkey and become a bar tender. Drink fast die young”

    How about a stripper…….

  25. hey come on guys.Ispr has said that this is routine stuff.Nobody has been replaced.Musharraf had a routine meeting with kiyani.i think the media ,as usual has blown this out of proportion.So much for our excitement.but i dont think musharraf is going anywhere.atleast for the time being

  26. @imalik5525
    Ohh!! he is a male stripper I have seen him dancing with his glass. Guess what?? right now he’s giving a lap dance to Kiyani to save his a$$ from hanging!!!
    Waisay itna beghairat nahin hona chaiye kisi insaan ko ke uske liye koi achi baat na niklay, jab bhi niklay koi buri baat hi niklay.

  27. @Jamsheed Khan….
    Thanks for your thought provoking note urging reality check and caution against too much optimism.
    So, why after knowing all that you have written, I will still support NS and Zardari over army?
    Actually, the support is to democracy over dictatorship, to long term prosperous Pakistan over short term painful Pakistan.
    How does that work out, you may ask?
    It works, but works only, when you take a longer view of the things. Do not think of just now. Think of 25 years from now. It may seem long, but is not. Close your eyes and you will realise that if you think 9/11 (7 years ago); nuclear blas (10 years ago); Pkaistan’s world cup win (15 years ago); – all these things will seem as if they happened yersterday. Time flies.
    So if you take a little longer view you will see that if we continue with democratic process – even with Mr. 10% or 20% – with every election we will get better and better leaders. People are wise. With every election they will throw out – not all the corrupt – but at-least the most corrupt and in time, we will end with an ‘acceptable’ level of corruption. Only God is perfect so we cannot expect completely pure leaders.
    There was a comment of Chaudry Shujaat that I will never forget and it in a way capture the reason why democracy gives hope. When there was a talk of BB-Mush deal there was a discussion that this might mean PML(Q) and PPP getting close. Chaudry was asked about this posisbility and he said that this can never happen and then went on to give reason. He said, in our villages our supporter families do not even marry into PPP supporter families. What will we say to them if we make alliance with PPP.
    This is it. A civilian leader of the most corrupt kind is ultimately accoutable. He has to has to go back to his people – even once in five years but he has to. There are therefore limits to his corruption.
    A military leader – a dictator – in general has no such accountability. He therefore has no limits to his corruption. Only when things become extremely disastrous – like in 70’s breakup or today’s economic situation – that the dictator leaves.
    In democracy you have a chance taht even the worst government can be changed in 5 years – but with a bad dictator (and they are usually bad) you are stuck for either as long as they live or until when they bring complete disastor.
    Last point. In the UK people are fed up with the Labour (or the New Labour). The labour supporters are now talking about supporting the Conservative party in the next election. Why? because they want to teach Labout a lesson that their Blarite policies are not acceptable and if they want to win again taht will have to change them. That si how demicracy works. If Uk was under a dictator, people would not have this choice. they would still be suffering but without any hope that they can do anything about it. This is what dictators are good at doing – make people feel that pain and suuffering is their fate.
    So, my friend, take a longer view of the things and you will see that there is a fundamental difference between civilains of any kind and military.
    please write your response and we will continue to dialoge beacuse i think what you have expressed are the views of Pakaistan’s silent majority and it is important taht it is discussed.

    Ibn Razi

  28. @ kruman
    ” It is all in the hands of the people now. The time for the long march is today, not June12th. ”

    compeletly agreed with you

    ” Loha garam hai ” this the right time to hit him

    Dil main ik lahar c uthee hai abhie
    koi taza hawa chali hai abhie

    khool ankh zamee dekh falak dekh feeza dekh
    mashriqu se ubharthe huwe suraj ko zara dekh

    vary soon the Uniform of this ex- general will be selling in LANDA BAZAR

  29. As always this is just geo kee “DO-NUMBERI”
    Now all other channels for more than 2 hrs R flashing the denial of ISPR and Rashid Qureshi & geo is busy flashing Footers of totally forged news.
    THis is what is called Yellow- Journalism!

  30. The discussion here at times exceeds all levels of sense and sensibility.

    Whatever Musharraf did was destructive and therefore no body doubts that he should be tried for his crimes against democracy, so that an example can be made out of him for the future generations.
    blaming each and every problem on the land of Pak, on the Army is simply sweeping dust under the carpet…
    more so like putting your head under the sand.

    Can anybody explain is Pak Army responsible for the corruption committed by our ‘beloved’ Politcians, burecreats, lawyers and other society sections.

    Forget who did more, the reality is our society stands today on the verge of dismal failure owing to our own failings as well.

    We all cry for Justice ifitikhar who ofcourse deserves all our support,
    but do we remember that while Mush asked iftikhar to resign,
    some PM in 90’s did that with Justice Sajjad ali shah and consquently Supreme court was attacked…
    Just coz we ver watching PTV n lacked political awareness, doesnt mean the crime was any lesser.

    You all believe that the armed forces never did anything good for the country….
    okay … but making a mockering of them like this in public serves the purpose of those sitting outside our borders…..
    as whatever you say or believe in , the armed forces remain the symbol of our unit and strength.
    They should stay out of politics, agreed… but need our support also as except some greedy Gernals in GHQ, there are alot of sane voices and brilliant minds guarding the borders of this country.

    and please dont say, they never sacrifised anything …
    as we’ve lost thousands of soldiers in needless conflicts and border patrolling and sucide bombings …..and what about the relief programs in times of earthquake and floods, Who were those soliders burrying dead bodies and pulling people out of debris ….pls remember they didnt go to their homes while we celeberated Eids in our drawing rooms…
    Do we remember the dozens that died in plane crashes while picking up people from remote places….

    thats their contribution to this land,
    while whats our contribution… just sitting here , calling everybody names and thinking we are patriotic…

    So lets be practical here….
    we all agree that…

    Armed forces have got nothing to do with politics, they better stay out cause of the humilation they’ve suffered in public’s mind.

    Musharraf should be tried for treason and for the responsbility of kargil and red mosque kilings.

    Judiciary should be restored so that the blance of power doesnt just rest on the heads of politicians and army but somewhere else too.

    the army budget should be presented in national assembly and Pakistan Miltary academy cirruculum should be reviewed so that the future officers understand the importance of democracy within a society.

    However bad our politicians are…..
    Lets try them for some decades, hopefully people will stamp out the zardaris and chudray’s and we can get some mature respectable people in our assemblies one day.
    At the same time, lets remember the hundreds and thousands of selfless jawans and men of armed forces who are never a part of these coups and never get a dime from any unrest and operations conducted.

    Lest not we forget.

  31. @Kruman

    Spot on. It is of utmost necessity to strike when the iron is hot, BUT we should carefully ensure that everybody is put in their right element. No more interference from any wannabe dictator. The GHQ need to know and act as the servants of the people, and the politicians should as well know that they should act as the servants of ALL the Pakistanis (not only their own jiyalas), and off course we need to build every institution in to strong and trustworthy institution. Let’s start with the judiciary!


  32. I hope Allah gives sense to Zardari and NS also that they behave responsibly so that in future no one has to look towards army again to get rid of them.

    It is not only army that is at fault – the politicians also invite them.


    1. fight with Chief Justice
    2. fight with two Army Chiefs
    3. fight with two Presidents
    4. fight with BB and on both occasions led to dissolution of assembly

    I hope now he has learnt his lesson and he would go slow and please please dont interefore in army and let the sleeping dogs lie as they say

  33. sorry NS had fight with every Army Cheif – so that makes four of them

    1. Asif Nawaz – died in mysterious circumstances
    2. Kakar – showed him teh door
    3. Karamat Jehangir – asked him to resign
    4. Musharraf – tried to remove him but backfired

    I would suggest the politicians that until they have they have a strong democratic system for some years please do not take panga with army and dont give them opportunity to interfere.

  34. @c hussain

    I hope now he has learnt his lesson and he would go slow and please please dont interefore in army and let the sleeping dogs lie as they say

    What do you mean by interfering in army (affairs)?

    In my opinion the generals are subordinates, and have to obey orders from the elected PM! They better learn it fast…very fast!


  35. this is the news which bechain rooh ko qarar lai

    read this with todays naji column in Jang and some others.. seem that game is over.

    however the main question remains Mush impeachment who should be trialled for various issues…

    my guess is that it will happen only when its army versus army otherwise his safe exit is evident despite very bold NS stand which also indicates some assurance from some segment of army no currently dominant

  36. @c hussain

    I would suggest the politicians that until they have they have a strong democratic system for some years please do not take panga with army and dont give them opportunity to interfere.

    Then I am sure that after a few years they will ensure that the politicians “fail” and then the initiative is on their side and they will certainly not let an opportunity of making a “panga” with the civil rule go away. Look at the history of Pakistan!

    Don’t wait…hit the iron while it is hot!


  37. Senate chairman Muhammad Mian Soomroo, who is in London on private visit has been called back on immediate notice. Another indication that musharraf might leave within 24 hrs.

  38. Kakajatt , Renaissance

    its not technical rather stake holder ship. What you think that why retired generals and army personnel are behaving and asking for? remember their past and the fact that they have not yet asked pardon publicly, its only because to safe their interest which lies in building their trust and image again to safeguard their families for the future.

    look recently what gen. tariq majeed said… no doubt he was the corp cmdr. and in charge of lal masjid operation. Just seeking to safe himself

    all dominant forces of resisting change are just adjusting themselves to remain dominant in future, which if let go in hands of ordinary people will never give them any role ever.

  39. @usmanzone on May 29th, 2008 8:07 am

    Can anybody explain is Pak Army responsible for the corruption committed by our ‘beloved’ Politcians, burecreats, lawyers and other society sections.

    I agree, they are not the single one to be accused for that, but there is no doubt either that they have been promoting corruption through the black agencies!

    You all believe that the armed forces never did anything good for the country….
    okay … but making a mockering of them like this in public serves the purpose of those sitting outside our borders…..

    I agree that we are being laughed at, but does the GHQ not know that? Why don’t they back off for definite? We don’t want any interference by any wannabe dictator in the future. Let the civil rule be the ONLY option available and you will see that we will prosper, inshallah! It will take many years, but we will do it! We have the capacity and the will power!

    and please dont say, they never sacrifised anything …

    Off course the military has made many sacrifices for the nation of pure, but from which part of the military? Common soldier or the generals?

    In my view the generals, who speaks sense (sometimes) are only the retired ones. Almost all the others are in the pockets of foreign masters.


  40. Anti- democratic elements responsible for present situation: PM

    ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Syed Yousaf Raza Gilani has said that some politicians, bureaurocrats, judiciary members and retired army officers were responsible for the situation prevailing at the moment in Pakistan.

  41. if Mush leaves within 24 hrs then probably he gets safe exit which he shouldn’t

    Anyways as naji wrote that osama will be sufficient for him – let him go and live in fear

  42. @all those who are optimistic
    One of my Sraiki spaking friend keeps repeating a famous quote ” Gaay Gaay ki bahen hai ore Bhains Bhains ki bahen hai’
    Obviously he says it in his sweet saraiki
    but what it means in current situations is that Mush is one of THEM
    THEY wouldnt let him down
    NaPak army is a mafia and its not only Mush’s survival they are concerned about, its THEIR SURVIVAL
    their housing schemes, them being immune from all accountability, their life styles, its about them
    so they wont anything which could damage their future chances of having a fantastic life in a poor country like pak

  43. @ghoshi on May 29th, 2008 10:15 am

    In fact I believe the GHQ is ready to make a single “sacrifice”. They are willing to make a tactical retreat combined with a “sacrifice” with the intent to fight another day. They have the intent to to be back after some years of maligning campaign of the elected “bloody” civilians. The usual suspects with the usual plan of oppression.


  44. USA is also behaving like a smart cricket now and redy to ditch Musy. Musy are you really going? yeh khawab tau nahi hai?

  45. I sincerely hope that this site does not become a Propaganda House for PMLN. There is no way that Mush could have done it. Reason: Simple: CZ the majority of Senior Officership in Military Does Not Want Any More Involvement in Politics….atleast for the time being.

    Remember 17 August 1988, Aslam Baig Wanted to Take Over But the Military Brass Rejected It and hence he had no option but to install Gullam Ishaq Khan.

    At the same time, Nawaz S also tried to install a total puppett Kashmiri Butt from EME and we know that Mush did the unthinkable and took over Reason: the military senior brass was against Nawaz Sharif’s stupid decison. In military the regular soldiers and officers think of EME and medical units as “non technical bunch of faggots AKA they dont even think them as soldiers” This is why Army Backfired as a TOTAL to Nawaz’s attempt to install a Engineer as Chif of Army Staff………… remember even Shahbaz Sharif and many senior PMLN leadership was against this at that time….

    Now why Mush Kutta is still around. Simple Answer, CZ America still wants is and Zardari is playing softballs.

    The day Amerika says “we r done” Mush will be history….

    So plz no more baseless propaganda against our own military……against Mush and the corrupt Generals…. YES but not as a whole institute…..

  46. i think it is time the people of pakistan get together and demand that the ARMY be dismantled . After all what good are they to the people of pakistan.? they have never been able to protect us from external enemies …look at bangla desh , kashmir and now afghanistan . All they have been good at is trampling under their boots the same poor masses of pakistan who pay from their blood their salaries.

    This land and money grabbing mafia should be disbanded immidiately and all the money spent on their lavish upkeep should be spent on educating the poor people of pakistan so they can stand up for their rights.

  47. @saqib
    that is an acceptable theory
    but sacrifying Mush could be a very bitter pill to swallow with huge symbolic defeat for them
    so i just wonder if they will go for something maybe not that impotant e.g giving up Army house and/or 58 2B but Mush still reamians in office
    something like that
    coz as u know they dont need 58 2B anyway if they want to play their dirty game
    they will do it anyway

  48. Riddle

    That is the point I am making. If NS had not unnecessarily interefered with Army in this tenure – I mean what was teh use of taking resignation from Gen Karamat when he was going to retire in two months in any case and why was Musharraf promoted over and above two officer.

    Whenever any army chief is promoted over and above his seniors this happens – Bhutto superseded 7 generals to make Zia his chief and same with NS

    while all those generals who were made army chief in their own turn and seniority never tried to subvert the constitution

    One of the guys above says pakistan army is subdorinate and servant – they are subdorniate to the people of Pakistan and but not personal servants of any politician.

    The issue is very simple – treat them with respect and they would treat you with respect.

    One very interesting article by Hamid Mir in Jang

  49. riddle:

    the institutional support is fundamental to generals’ corruption so the blame comes to institute and not only generals. loyalty can be found at different levels with these generals. it does not matter who is more in number rather dominance is more important as you also mentioned

    now don’t tell me that in the name of discipline…..

    in fact every institute in Pakistan has reached to highest levels of moral and financial corruption and people of Pakistan make these institutes.

  50. @Hussain
    that is a rather simpistic approach i m afraid
    though i do agree with you regarding promotion of Gen in the past
    but this is not the only reason why they do what they do
    there are other factors why they will always want an upper hand in Pak
    trat themw ith respect or otherwise
    the biggest prize is their business empire in pak
    the whole instituite including their Jawans is so used to a special treatment that now they think its their right
    they cant dream of giving up all the benifits they get , starting from not paying the tool tax and going upto corner plots, agricltural lands, seants for their misbehaving children in professional colleges etc
    who will in his right mind like to let it all go and live like a bloody civilian?
    so respect is not all they want !!!

  51. “mamool”

    what the heck is this mamool?

    ispr: all arrangements, meeting, reshuffling are usual or mamool ka process

    senate: chairman will return on friday after completing mamool ka dora as scheduled

    probably Mush will leave as mamool ki karwai

  52. @Ahmed Bhai

    Generals, Politicians, judges, lawyers, students, businessmen and journalists ALL are reflections of our own society…….. we have corrupt generals and corrupt politicians ….. so does that mean that now we start saying things against every other institute……then we have to start saying that every house in Pakistan is corrupt…. cz these are representatives of Pakistani houses

    The fact is that :

    We have corrupt Politicians NOT corrupt Assembly
    We have corrupt Generals NOT corrupt Army
    We have corrupt journalists NOT corrupt Media
    We have corrupt judges and lawyers but NOT corrupt Judiciary

    Reason: U cant blame the act of few on the whole institute cz it will be unfair to the good people in these institutes.

  53. I dont know if ZA Bhutto said it or not but people blame him of saying something to the effect that a big defeat was necessary in order to teach this army a good lesson
    people realte it to 1971 and then try to blame ZA Bhutto for the whole incident
    it does, however, makes me wonder sometimes that is is it in fact the right recipe to get rid of these Bas***ds
    Humiliate them so that they are unable to put on their uniform and walk like Gods on the streets?
    maybe it is the right solution
    in some areas it is happening alreday
    I happen to have a cousin who whenever visits his native village he tells fellow pessengers that he works for a pharmaceutical company and is travelling to sell tables
    gone are the day when they were so proud

  54. THIS WAS MY COMMENT on : May 18th, 2008 7:02 pm

    “Well I think or should I say I pretty much believe that Mush is definately going to quit anytime soon. What will he do after that ???God Knows!

    But this time he is definately leave and I believe his actions will be in someway indemnified, or in other words he will not be held accountable for any of his pestiferous actions.((HE WILL BE GIVEN A SAFE EXIT!!!))

    Sheeda Tulli the ‘PAPA’ of all siyasee pundits in the last interview with Shahid Masood also hinted that the General has some thought in his mind regarding ‘departure’ and now-THAT TIME HAS Come. Lets see whether the Farewell Party will have inject some element of shame in –The “base-teared” —”

    SO yes now I feel like im in competition with sheeda tulli. 🙂

  55. To All Those Who Are Asking for Mush’s Public Triall:

    Remember if Mush Kutta Flees the Country Than It Will Be Due to Your Devta Politicians Like Asif Zardari, Nawaz Sharif and Asfand Yar Wali as they are the people who are in Power Now…………………………

    really ……..!!! LOL they themselves are just Amerika’s Puppett

    BTW AAJ TV was took off air when Mushtaq Minhas started discussing 111 and

    Nawaz Sharif requesting Altaf Kalia AKA MQM’s support for impeachment:

    wah ray Pakistani Kaum !

  56. Musharraf’s spokesman, army douse resignation rumour

    Musharraf’s spokesman, army douse resignation rumour
    Thu May 29, 2008 12:48pm IST
    ISLAMABAD (Reuters) – The Pakistani army and President Pervez Musharraf’s spokesman moved to dampen speculation on Thursday that the beleaguered president was about to quit.

    Rumours that Musharraf was close to resigning were one of the reasons for precipitous falls on the Karachi stock market on Wednesday and Thursday.

    A front page story in the News newspaper on Thursday focussed on a late-night meeting between the army chief, General Ashfaq Kayani, and Musharraf, fanning the speculation.

    The military issued a statement saying Kayani “regretted that a section of press is trying to unnecessarily sensationalise routine functional matters”.

    A spokesman for Musharraf rebutted the newspaper article’s assertion that Musharraf had agreed to leave his official residence in Rawalpindi.

  57. Riddle 792

    True, thats why I said not number but dominance. However I think that institutes’s image is reflected by its dominant regime.

  58. Mush on the way out with disgrace and possible punishment for his crimes

    Thursday, May 29, 2008 – 05:36 AM EST
    “I forgive Musharraf for all he did to me, my family and my old father. I forgive him for arresting, chaining me for seven hours in an aircraft and keeping me in a dungeon for 14 months, but the nation can’t spare a person who sold his innocent countrymen to foreign powers in exchange of dollars, killed innocent children in the Lal Masjid operation and damaged the future of the country’s youth,” said an emotionally-charged Nawaz
    Many of us might be thinking that minds of the neo-fascists behind Mush woiuld be busy planning to save their puppet from the well-deserving punishment. However, it seems this is not the case. When a slave finishes his job, think about Saddam, the neo-fascists love to see him gone forever so that there is no opportunity for him to spill the beans and implicate them in his crimes against the humanity.

  59. I am watching all four channels GEO, AAJ, Express, Dawn and for some strange reason only AAJ is doing the “non stop” transmission on 111 issue.

    hmmmmm watch if AAJ gets any big favor from Punjab Govt in coming days…

    heeheehee !

  60. @c hussain on May 29th, 2008 10:59 am

    “One of the guys above says pakistan army is subdorinate and servant – they are subdorniate to the people of Pakistan and but not personal servants of any politician”

    In fact I am the guy you are referring to 🙂

    Look, I am not in favor of humiliating anybody. We have to ensure that everybody works within the limits of the law of the land – no matter who you are – be it Mush. Kiyani, NS, AZ or IK etc., you must obey the law! If our leaders don’t obey the law, then who will do that? If somebody acts foolishly then put forward your case in a civilised way.

    A military coup is NEVER the solution!


  61. I wish the soormas of 111 brigade could enter the house of musharraf the same way they enter parliment and PTV. I hope the news are true.
    It does make sense in saying that musharraf might go. the only reason he is in power is because of US and recent statements from americans show a deviation away from musharraf. So I guess moment of truth coming for Mushi bai.

    I can see something else coming.

    Saiin Zardari: BB ki shahadat—Palty ki Qurbanian
    mushrraf ne wardi hamarai qurbanion ki waja se utaari
    mulk main jamhooriat hamari waja se aai
    Lawyers ki tehreek ham nay chalai
    sab se ziada danday ham nay khaey
    Ab musharraf bhi hamari waja se ja raha hay
    BB ki shahadat—Palty ki Qurbanian

  62. These are just rumors. Mush is not going anywhere until he gets indemnity from Zardari in exchange for NRO.

  63. Moshe! Moshe! Moshe! tch tch tch!

    I think the only real news is that the 111 brigade commander has been replaced. The rest is just rumour mongering. It is okay when the rumour mill is against the dictator, but what happens when the rumour mill turns its guns towards the elected govt? (which hasn’t done any debates on any issues so far BTW).

    I don’t think he should be allowed to run. He should be tried for treason that he committed. His accomplices in the Karachi corps cmdr. should be tried. His civilian accomplices should be tried! IMC the ACTUAL chief justice of Pakistan restored! Dogger and his dogs all arrested and tried!


  64. The “kleptablishment” ,like the reptilian lizards that they are, will break off their tail to distract the cat till they run away.

    But will the cat buy this shtick ?

  65. This can cut both ways. The new triple one boss might be used to pack up Mush or pack up the new government — there is no way of knowing for sure.

    Consider the ethnic angle:

    Asim Bajwa a Punjabi Jatt getting replaced by Fahim Rao a Mohajir Rajput…. I’ll give you three guesses who is the Mush loyalist.

    Of course the standard disclaimer being that our mercenary na-pak fauj is most loyal to their goal of looting-maaring Pakistan

  66. Don’t count the chicks before the eggs hatch, I would say.

    God!! we have waited for a day like this for eight years. I was never for one minute mistaken that this Moshe was an agent and Pakistan was awaiting troublesome times right from the outset.

    Surely, Insha Allah, he’s end is close by but I don’t think it will come before the long march/s

  67. oops.. correction

    I was never for one minute mistaken that this Moshe was not an agent and Pakistan was not awaiting troublesome times right from the outset.

  68. ziada khush na ho, kuch nahin hoa, look at the whining face of PM, it looks he is always crying and afraid of the president and zardari. Nothing is going to happen, even PPPP is trying to destabilize the lawyers movement, Zardari is the most politicians of Pakistan, look how he is trying to gather the corrupts around him, like watta/tatta. Pakistanis should shun these politicians and think of getting the new one. The change of the brigade commander is the routine matter. Look for change, why army should be given the importance.

  69. Mush leaving will reinstate CJ Chaudhary or Zardari will still play his old dirty tricks. Inshallah lawyer movement will thawrt his attempts.

  70. I never liked a military rulers myself but why only Musharaf is targeted for his part in military rule, no one talks about Ayub khan Yahaya khan and Zia-ul-haq for their military rule. I smell an odor of racism, his name does not include Choudhry, malik or mian. Musharaf is blamed for every thing, at least he held fair elections and there is no evidence of monetary corruption against him.. Every other politician wants to prosecute President Musharaf for violating article six. They must have short memories, if Musharaf violated article six then Mr. Nawaz Sharif violated article six at least twice. He went to Ghulam Ishaq Khan then President of Pakistan and persuaded him to dismiss the elected government of Benazir Bhutto and he succeeded, he tried to be declare himself Ameer-ul-momineen for life and violated article six. Most of all Nawaz Sharif is guilty of mutiny for refusing to accept present Supreme Court of Pakistan and exciting the public to do the same. I do not see Musharaf leaving soon or ex C/J Iftikhar Choudhry ever coming back.

  71. j.a.g

    besides I think the main allegations are lal masjid and specially lal masjid, CJ case, missing person case to impeach him and execute him under article 6.

    the racism you talked about is just a coincidence just like PM SA, Gov. Sindh, and many others happen to be from the same ‘race’ at the same time and common contributor to same problem…

  72. @ j.a.g

    O Yeah!!!!
    thast very thought provoking
    why only mush and nobody talking about the rest of them
    hang on a minute
    hmmmm, maybe they are all dead now?
    and we should be talking bout the matters at hand instead of digging their graves and punishing their bones?

  73. @TK

    “don’t think he should be allowed to run. He should be tried for treason that he committed. His accomplices in the Karachi corps cmdr. should be tried. His civilian accomplices should be tried! IMC the ACTUAL chief justice of Pakistan restored! Dogger and his dogs all arrested and tried!”

    I agree; no safe exit for the dictator and the judges who helped him. We should hang all the judges who supported Mushe in his coup along with him. On board TK?

    Like your philosophy: Only the commader gets hanged because the facilitators were just following orders….They are all the same…

  74. We should not beat the drums, PPP has taken the role of protector of Moshe instead of 111 brigade. Both Sherry Rehman and YRG stated that “Fard-e-Wahid” can not do impeachment. We all know that “Fard-e-Wahid”= NS.

    On that other hand PMLN has increased pressure tremendously after AZ NS meeting. I think PPP is using PMLN to put pressure on Moshe just to get its constitutional package approved by him. So I would say “Wait & See”

  75. @Supporter: I think you forgot to put MQM in front of your nick this time?

    have fun in black and white land! It is situated even further back from Jiyala Land in terms of reality.

  76. People hold on to your horses. He aint goin no ware . Mushe will stay as the president as long as PPPP is in power.

    Now that we are actually realistically talking about Musharraf ‘s departure.. Who is gonna keep the politicians together !!!
    They ll start fighting again like kutta -Billi

  78. @Tk

    MQM or not, don’t try to evade the question.

    So you don’t have an answer. Don’t want any long philosophical answers. NS puts it black and white so we will follow NS. Dictator, his followers, and all the people who helped the dictator shoul dbe hanged, If the dictator is hanged then all the judges who helped the dictator should be hanged. Not a single one should be spared. Just like NS forgave Mushe for all the “bad” things he did to his family, AZ should also forgive the judges to what they did to him and his party. But what the judges did to this nation (prior to March 3, i guess) should not be forgiven; just like NS says.

    I am now a NS follower and will do what he says, in black and white…..Come help me in helping NS get rid off the dictator and the people that gave the oxygen to the dictator to breath.

  79. Mush should not allowed to leave. He should have a trial by the 3rd November Judiciary .
    He should be an example for the future Army Generals to remain in barakes and not to occupie presidency.

    I feeln pitty for Gen Rashid Qureshi

  80. As long as the so called free speech supporter, principled admin reads my comments, even if she/he wants to sensor, that is fine…..

  81. @admin : censor. Didn’t pass college, that’s why i look at things in black & white, just like NS….

  82. “kiyani had a 3 hour long meeting with mush today”

    Saying “Up Yours!” certainly doesn’t take 3 hours. I think these are all just rumors. Mush is busy doing the tango with YRG at the presidency…

  83. @ “Supporter” : I think they should also try and HANG your sundar sundar gay homosexual FAGGGOT leader : Altaf Kaalaa kaTTaa and all his frikkin fascist terrorist supporters.

    MOSHE is FIKKED and so is Kaalik Maataa.

    NS and Moshe are not the only people Zardari stabbed in the back. The biggest operation in sindh will be started by Zardari, and against Kaali Maattaa and his piThThoo’s.

    Just wait till AAZ turns around and slaughter’s the kaalaa kaTTa for Qurbaani.

    “I am now a NS follower…”

    And my left NUT is the president of the United “iShtaate” (true story)

  84. Bad story by jang…we should try our best not to tie these types of changes with politics because it sends a signal to the army that they are a significant player in our politics…..we (including media) need to change our culture…in a democratic society it is not important who is the brig. of 111 birgade….it is time to move on from these types of things……… should downplay these types of things…..change of command of 111 birgade should not matter in a democratic society…we need to change the focus of discussion/news as well if we want to be truly democratic…….

  85. General (retd) Aslam Baig (Former Don) reporting inside news from Army house that mad dictator is under protective custody by his own gang. He (mad dictator) is being removed from army house and will be shifted to president house in Islamabad , where he will be left at the mercy of hungry hounds aka bloody civilians.

  86. @ TK
    Hahahaha…buddy i am not sure how p*ssed you are at whoever, but i have learned some new curses on this forum that i can use elsewhere. Thanks.

    You still didn’t answer my question; why shouldn’t the judges also share the blame for what happened during the 8 years. If they have all done their ‘tauba’, and going to jumma prayers, then Mushe will do the same when he gets off the high horse….It’s a simple matter of not everybody sharing the spoils of war and that’s what the fight is all about; there is no right or wrong here…democracy, rule of law blah blah blah…everybody seems to be doing fine in China; the only difference is that they are not South Asians…

    Ch. Aitezaz running for elections, then backing out….soon he might become a senator…. Everybody is making money off of this thing including the Jang Group. GEO, The News and the gazillion newspapers that they own make the Jang Group owners part of the so called establishment. They are part of the now 50 (they say there were 30 in 90’s) richest families in Pak…..This media campaign is going to net the Jang Group a lot of mullah, which they need to make in order to compensate for the month long black out they faced…”long live free media” …….

  87. @Paf123
    Completely agree but lest you forget, the country is back in the hands of NS and AZ. Thugs of the highest order. Looters and plunderers of this country. The only thing NS has learned in his time in exile is how to speak a few better words in english and comb his hair. As for AZ, I myself saw him at ‘not to so famous’ nighclubs of NYC. He was enjoying life before and is enjoying it a little more now.

  88. Giving amnesty to Musharraf is to completely wipe out the fundamentals of democracy. It will be a message to the masses that we have lived in injustice and message across the borders that we’re still a “dead nation”.

    These chunks of filth like Zardari exemplify Nelson Mandela for his Truth & Reconciliation policy when they know its of no use to our political system, it won’t do any good to us, the common man, because we have a bloody democracy which is handicapped, we have no damn hopes to look upon.

  89. Hello,
    I am an Hispanic American Living in United States for almost 20 Years I graduated from UT Austin My major was Political Science. I have interest in Global Politics. General (R) Pervaz Musharaf is been out there for almost 10 years now. I wonder why Pakistani people dont go to the history when Gulam Eshak Khan ruined the National Assembly 2 times and they never blame him for anything. Nawaz Sherif came into politics with the help of Ex Marshal Law Administrator Zia al Hak how come he never opposed Army Interference at that time and all of a sudden he is against Army Intrerference, I believe in Democracy and and absolute no Army Interference and that the Army should stay out of the politics and serve to secure the borders, but i dont understand one thing that Pakistani politicians dont oppose Army men when they know they will get benifit from them but they oppose them if they go against them. Why? Seems like double standards. I wish they were all loyal to their country, but i guess not.

  90. MUSH is not going nowhere at least for next few weeks. That’s what I learned from today’s various news reports………SAD………… Dawn of a bright Pakistan is still under mysterious clouds…..

    Cheekhtti Chnghartti Paagal hawa
    AA rahee thee char soo
    Dooor veranay main ikk chappar girra
    Waqt nain naarra dia
    Aaj ka faraun zameen pay mer gia…..(I wish)

  91. @TK

    “Dedicated to Moshe Kutyaan, and his final moments be they 10 minutes, 10 hours or 10 months”

    Which is Mushe’s army? The Spartans or the persians? If i am looking at the ground situation (numerically), the anti Mushe force is more like the persians while the “minions of the dictator” are more like the spartans. Maybe that’s how it’s suppose to be !!! Keep tuned and you will see…It’s not black and white as you say, but i am still looking at it as very black and white…

  92. @supporter: You haven’t given a straight answer:

    Are you, or are you not an MQM supporter? You sound like a run of the mill double-speak.. loving genocide supportin’ — “jee.. I support pakistan and all.. but wouldn’t it be nice if we massacred all the sindhi’s in kaaNraaNcheee ???? “” — kinda guy.

    BTW, The point of the link is the song, not necessarily the video:

    Listen to it again, and listen good (Burning seems to be your kaali maataa’s specialty too!)

    “We don’t need no water let the MUTTHURR FRUCKKER BURN!! BURN M***R F**K**R BURN!!!”

    Now, go ahead and ask me what the sand in the video represent,, and what about the weather? yeah .. the weahter.. and the sepia tone? what could that mean? eh?

  93. @MQMSupporter: Nevermind, I found these comments .. isn’t this you?

    “MQMSupporter on April 21st, 2008 10:44 pm

    @pejamistri ji:


    I have seen this before…Bhaijan is a very good singer and a poet…I beleive he writes his own poetry, so it’s original too….We can talk about Zafarullah Khan any day though….

    If you’re going to talk about “universal justice” and other BS mumbo jumbo like that, at least have the moral courage to support your kaali maataa openly!

    Peace (not the Karachi kind of peace.. the real one.. in which innocents don’t get bbq’d or shot at for opposing someone — guess who? )

  94. @Supporter
    “….s for AZ, I myself saw him at ‘not to so famous’ nighclubs of NYC. ……”

    and you went there to fetch water to do wuddu for isha prayers

  95. Sorry I called your beloved leader kaalaa kaTTaa! .. see.. if you’d been honest, we wouldn’t have to go through this.

  96. @Tk
    “You haven’t given a straight answer:” No, i haven’t answered. Keep the hate comming…as i said, i am learning the new NS way, the PML (N) way (i have learned that the party is called Nawaz’s Bi**ch). Eating kashmiri food and seeing things black and white. Reading the Ch. way…

    I only support truth buddy…keep it comming…as long as you think somebody is burning; atleast it makes you happy :)…

    Black and white is all i see..
    looters & plunderers is all i see..

    If justice is to be dispensed, it will have to dispensed for all including the judges..

  97. Look at that!
    And now US (after listening to the undertones about Mush removal) says “America was and will be with Musharraf and we will not ALLOW any action (in Pakistan) that destabilizes the region”
    Removing Mush means destabilization…………………….??????????

  98. @bechari-awam
    No i saw him after a couple of shots of tequila, jose cuervo to be exact, and i believe AZ was having his usual Chivaz on the rocks…..He did live in NYC for 6-7 months after moving from Dubai for “treatment” at Bellvue..

    If my understanding of the prayer times is correct, Ishaa shouldn’t be later than 9:00PM in any part of the world unless you are living in Iceland where you get sunlight 24hrs for a good part of the year…So if you are even thinking about club and Ishaa times together, then you are no body to talk about clubs….let alone AZ literally having his “mhuch” in the Chivaz..

  99. @dictated_democracy: hahaha… _that_ kind of statement is the kiss of death from the state department. Whomever they give this kind of statement about, ends up getting his bones chewed by stray dogs.

    just wait and see.

  100. I dont think kyani has b@lls to send busharaf kut@ home. He was casterated long before becoming chief. An army officer gives up all his ego and self respect when he is seleted for the staff college. To earn collar dogs you have to lick the toes of many dogs and show that you can be one of them. Kyani is a son of a JCO and this breed is looked down upon by officers which means that kyani has an inferiority complex deeply seated in his persona.. Kyani will never risk his career.

  101. @TK
    “Sorry I called your beloved leader kaalaa kaTTaa! .. see.. if you’d been honest, we wouldn’t have to go through this.”

    I am not going through anything. You are the one getting riled up! I believe according to the PML (N) party rule book i have just ‘gotten’ today, your way of writing/saying things is called the “jamhori” way…Note to self: make sure to remember to talk like TK as this is the PML (N) way; and don’t forget, see things black white..

    Speaking of black and white, i wonder weather my beloved leader knows where he sees Pakistan’s GDP or GDP growth in the next 5 years? How does he want to help grow the reserves? How is he going to help the small businesses in Pakistan? Oops, here it is, rule no 2 of PML(N) guide book, don’t ask leader anything about anything except food and Mushe…rest, talk to Noor Paari Ch Nisar Ali Khan Topi Wala (is it toupee?) and Fundo brother in law Ishaq Dar..

  102. @Supporter: at least tell me this…

    Do you support roasting of the kaalaa kaTTaa’s ? Is this why Kalaa kaTTaa is against NS? because he’s known to love “baRay gosht ki nihaari” ??

    P.S. You can just say you’re not an MQM supporter.. why the silly games? everyone’s figured it out by now.. show some moral courage.. Mr. Haq Parast.

  103. My Dear Fellow Citizens,

    1) The President House was closed for months for renovation, now its back on track so that, President of Islamic Republic Of Pakistan (R) General Parvaiz Musharraf can move into that.

    2) Ex Prime Minister Mr.Nawaz Shriff left pakistan after a deal made between him and Establishment Division, and came back to Pakistan again under a deal.

    3) Mr Asif Ali Zardari is out there again through a deal with Mr Musharraf or Establishment.

    4) Change of 111 Brigade was decided 6 months ago and implemented yesterday.

    5) Commando Security for Mr Musharraf has been taken back BUT has been replaced with better and more efficient and trained forces.

    6) Daughter of General Kiyani is married to Mr Musharrafs first Nephew.

    So my innocent fellows you decide what’s going to happen.

  104. @savage

    Not for me….I sin and pray maghrib and Isha together…i.e., before going to Gonzalez y Gonzalez.. The point was that AZ took time out of his “treatment” to enjoy nightlife in NY…I said he was enjoying life before and is enjoying life now…I don’t care if he drinks or eats fish with scalps..He is a looter and plunderer just like NS..

  105. “6) Daughter of General Kiyani is married to Mr Musharrafs first Nephew.”

    Wow, is this true? Is it the same nephew who was involved in the Moonis Elahi incident?…These things keep getting intresting..

    My leader NS it appears will be crossing swords with another COAS. HIs track record is pretty good; 2 Army Chiefs, one Naval Chief, so it’s more like 3 to 1. Let’s see how this one will go. Will it be 4 to 1 or 3 to 2.

  106. global.political.analyst

    In ruthless politics everything is possible and your last point give this thesis a further support that Army is trying to give him safe exit.

  107. I think the commander of triple One Brigade should take over the country.Who is going to stop him? This spineless hand-picked Kiyani?

    ‘Mein nay usay iss ohday pay muqarrar kia’ General Musharaff.

    also because we are a nation of complete idiots, proof is in the existence of TRIPLE ONE Brigade. In better times all the former and present commanders alongwith their ‘bahadar sepoys’ would be behind bars, for crimes committed against the people of Pakistan.

    Kiyani, another proud General in the line of traitors we had before him, changes the commander, Really. Entire nation is thankful,damnit.

    Change your mindset, Kiyani. DISBAND the Triple One Brigade. Set up an inquiry that how those responsible for Security of a nation became the biggest violators of its Constitution and laws. At least follow YOUR OATH.Damnit.

    Triple One Brigade ,Responsible for Security of Islamabad and its generals. Hilarious.
    Joke is on us. Clowns have become Generals.

  108. Tell you what, a leutinant waits for about 20 years dreaming of a stick , jeep and a rayban (Rambo style with golden frame and fuc@in green shades). Among the biggest corruptions of all is the misuse of human resources. When he becomes a CO, he starts his new training by commiting small frauds in canteen funds and by having mufta partes using mess(Guest) fund. He would start a small construction project in the unit and would use a JCO to earn some extra cash. Trust me, none of the army officer colonies or units pay any electricity bills and kunda culture is very popular there.
    Still if you sit with them for 5 minutes ,they would use the word bloody civillians 5 times.

  109. I have witnessed myself the mess carpet and furniture being changed with CO’s personal one which he acquires during his 20 years of chorbazari from here and there. Common reason would be that Bhabi ko pasand aa gya tha. Bitche@s.
    Still he would say everytime he meets you, civillians are so dishonest.

  110. @all the Army haters:

    Regardless of the record, how many here that are criticizing the Army have served? They have proundly served their country and no thanks to ungratefull ‘democrat’ or callous ‘upbeat’ they have laid their lives for the coutnry that Pakistanis call Pakistan. Yes, blunders have been committed, excesses have been done, but to paint each and every Maj, Brg, Col, Gen with the same paint brush is disingenuous.
    @democarat, say what you just said up here to the face of the Col serving his orders in Balochistan. He will have every right to size you up…

  111. Ahmed Bhai

    I repeat:
    Daughter of General Kiyani is married to Mr Musharrafs first Nephew.

    There is no way Kiyani would go against Musharraf.

    Just think about it…

  112. Wen some one try to fight with ALLAH like dis man Mushfoo, den a day comes for his TABAHI & ZALALAT in dis world & hereafter is more worse which we cant even imagine Its ALLAH ka qanoon.

    He was thinking dat he is da most wise person in dis world & tried his best 2 make Bush & his allies happy regardless da greatest religion ISLAM & mighy ALLAH & even he never thought abt PAKIATAN & ppl of PAKISTAN. I think he was blind n senseless but now da time is arrived for him 2 answer abt all wat he did for US and Bush and wat he did wd ISLAM. He tried every effort to degrace ISLAM, Pakistan & ppl of PAKISTAN. My request from all PAKISTAMI MUSLIMS & countrmen to hang dis beast and all others who supported him till now who are da enenmies of mine & urs country (PAK) and above all of ISLAM.

    World will see very soon dat we are really MUSLIMS and love our religion and country and any one who will try to do such will be hanged.

    He is not able to offer any mercy and pity as he is a KAFIR and ALLAH will be very pleased to hang him openly for atleast a week infront of da president house. Hope it would happen soon and he will go straight to JAHANUM, its my Eman as ALLAH hate ppl like him as we all hate him. atmost……ALLAH O AKBAR………ALLAH O AKBAR

  113. Mush and his advisors i.e. Tariq Aziz, Gen: Rashid (spoke person), Wasi Zafar, Sher Agfgan, both Chaudhry Pervaz and Shujat (who all gave him bad advise and wanted to elect him in uniform for at least ten times) should all be tried for treason under article 6 of the 1973 constitution, and
    summiralarly tried in three days, as their crimes have been proved and they should be pubilically hanged to set example for furture ambiousees.

  114. Breaking News!!!
    Musharraf is going nowhere, just had a meeting with Army Chief thats it 🙂

  115. I think the breaking news will be that DOGar prohibits Mush from leaving
    without his Dog, DOGar. He’ll offer to live in a kennel in Mush Mansion in Turkey.

  116. Musharraf and Kiyani met to discuss the weather – president house press release.

    Bajwa removed because he made a pass at Zareen Musharraf – presidential spokesman.

    Musharraf’s security was not changed, they resigned because Mush stinks, and I am resigning too – presidential spokesman.

  117. Here’s a bit of democratic irony. Mian Nawaz Sharif who stands tall as the champion of unfettered democracy also chose to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Pakistan’s nuclear tests. In Peshawar, the PMLN workers were photographed in front of a model of the Chaghai Mountain which shook when the bombs went off inside it on May 28 that year. But Balochistan, where the tests had been conducted, remained unimpressed. Baloch nationalist parties and student organisations observed Wednesday as a Black Day. Rallies against the nuclear tests were held in Quetta, Khuzdar, Mastung, Dalbandin, Chaghai, Kalat and Gwadar, condemning the use of Balochistan’s land for nuclear tests and describing it as “rubbing salt in the wounds of the Baloch people”. (Editorial, Daily Times)

  118. @cucuvero
    Agree that our politicians havent been sincereto this country
    there are still doubs about their intentions
    and agree that many of current champions of democracy in pak were brought by the army
    the only hope we have is to have an alternate leadership, better than the current one
    unfortunately , as you know you cant just get a brandnew sincere leadership overnight, espicially when there is no continuation of democratic process, shich can fliter out the corrupt ones with time
    so we have no choice at the moment
    we have to go with political leadership not because they are so fantastic, but only in a hope that one day, with continuation of democratic process, there will be an honest leadership
    also, some of them are already claiming that they have learned their lesson, especially Nawaz Sharif
    so its wait and see at the moment

  119. So-called champions of democracy like NS who is now saying there should be no interference of Army in our politics is the height of hypocrisy I have seen. NS is the one who came from the laps of Gen Zia and his worst Martial Law. NS and current PML leadership as well as PML-Q benefited alot during 11 oppressive years of Zia rule. When PPP workers and leaders were suffering, leaders of PML were having good time and celebrating death of ZAB. Musharraf’s ship is sinking now and they all want to stay from his ship otherwise before it was the same Army President who was their beloved darling. No party other has given more sacrifices for democracy than PPP. Sacrifices of Bhutto family can bring tears to anybody’s eyes. AZ is committed to the policy of mufahimat and diplomacy while NS is showing lack of leadership through his usual style of negative politics. We should not forget what NS was in the past, role of his party to use negative tactics to remove BB from politics and how he rose to the top echelons of politics with the help of Gen Zia and cronies. Gen Zia was his political idol who ruined this country like no other.

    Well, Good bye Musharraf but do not forget that Army gets its fuel and oxygen from corrupt and mufad parast politicians like NS and all factions of PML including Q league to run their day-to-day Govt.

  120. I am sure that all of us are patriot and commenting with best of our knowledger but;

    my friends its not easy for us to analyze the situation by reading which is published by media.

    I dont think that in this situation Pakistan can bear lost of an organization like Army, no doubt army is not as good as it should be, but trying to support people who are more corrupted then Army is not sensible.


  121. @supporter
    your written communication skills are telling me that you are a ISSB passed “army offcer”. My buffoona friend, I am giving you first hand knowledge and you know that I am right. If you are a son of an army “offcer” then trust me that every cell in your bidy has been nurtured with haram.
    and I could not get any sense out of your last sentence in which you tried to say something about col and balouchistan. However I have said all this many times to many of the cols and above on their faces. I know their worths and how can you comment on how well have I or anybody else “served ” the country? Just for your info, I have received a COAS commendation card so shut the fuC@K up

  122. continued ….”army Offcars”
    These bast@rds just bark on mess hawaldars when they see the mess bill rising. Now he would somehow “manage ” to bring it down.Afterall he is the usually the hawaldar almost ready to become JCO and cannot risk his career.When the chicken is “served “on the table, theCO will be the first to have it. By the time it would reach the LUFTAIN sahib, only a pinjar is left. Can you imagine this luftain being fed the pinjars and gravi to become CO one day.
    There is a famous saying of this old woman who cursed her daughter by saying,”Ja tera viya kisee fojee nul howay,
    na ruj ke khawein, na ruj ke yuawain.”

  123. @supporter

    ask not what your fauj can do for you (guard the borders)…ask what you can do for your fauj (pay for their kargils and daccas)

    long live faujistan
    Col-kentucky fried pakistani chicken

  124. contd…”Army Offcrs”
    Usually army resides in cantonments outside the cities. I have never seen troops in any of the cities in USA or Europe.But napak foj likes to live among citizens being protected by them from all sides. Human shield bhee koi cheez hotee hay bhai.

  125. @democrat
    ,”Ja tera viya kisee fojee nul howay,
    na ruj ke khawein, na ruj ke yuawain.”

    hahahaha….on the front foot…and over the bowlers head for a six!!!


  126. well most of the army is just cannon fodder for the officer’s class.. that’s the main problem with a standing army which is only used as a big stick to beat up the people by the collusion of the bureaucracy, judiciary and the officer’s class.

    If we had national programs like in Europe, most of these jurnails won’t have the ba!!s to usurp the power of the citizen soldiers.. but we are carefully kept away from it.. our army is the instrument of the foreigner’s oppression upon us through their kleptocratic proxies.

  127. @ Kafka
    I strongly believe that we have to stop worshiping this shi@t army like a sacred cow . We have to show them the mirror.

  128. contd….”Army Offcars”
    i delibrately call them off cars. I know how they dream all their lives to own a suzuki FX 1988 model (japan assembled). But when they are promoted to the rank of a Lt Col, all of a sudden they acn afford a Toyota.Could anyone tell me how can a Brig afford that his son could pay for an American Uni. “111 Brigade commander was going to america to attend his son’s convocation”, says Sheeda Tulee. Bilal Musharraf studied in america as well though he could not make a successful career on his own even then.

  129. @democrat

    couldn’t agree with you more….i have no gripes with the ‘Jawan’…he truly is to be respected and admired…but as TK puts it ..its the bloody ‘officer’ class…which really needs to be taken to task..sized up for good measure.

    all their financial and corporate interests (charitable/ aZZ) should be put up for privatization or nationalized. why is the fauji afsar shahi rewarded with our money and land.

    the standing army needs to be scaled and the budget subjected to audit.
    all former and current ‘afsars’ need to be audited!!! and held accountable just like the politicians if not more.

    bloody faujistanic blood suckers!!

  130. Contd …army Offcars
    Salary of a Lt Col around 15000?- only
    General = 40000/-
    How can afford this standard of living. can anybody educate me please. Now dont start that housing scheme thing again.

  131. @kafka
    the “bloody officer” class has a definite mind set. They are trained in Kakool in a british army style when army had to control a colony. 1 Punjab regement is still keeping gold utencils(plates and spoons) that were confiscated from hindu banyas in 1800’s. When these lower middle and in many instances lower class immature boys as young as 18 (2nd Lt) are fed in those utencils , they start making ambisions.
    Jawans are being exploited financially and physicaly. jawan gets aroud 1500 to start with . They are not given leaves for months and this is used to blackmail them by JCOs ,in many instances for sodomy. 60000 jawans are made batmen in army to serve bhabees(but a few of this subclass can be lucky to get those special moments). This is the highest level of exploitation of human resources.

  132. I started hating army when I saw amputated jawans from kargil and when Pakistan refused to take the dead bodies of Jawans from India(Kargil). Such a disgraceful nation, such a disgraceful army.

  133. @Supporter
    “No i saw him after a couple of shots of tequila, jose cuervo to be exact, and i believe AZ was having his usual Chivaz on the rocks…..He did live in NYC for 6-7 months after moving from Dubai for “treatment” at Bellvue..

    If my understanding of the prayer times is correct, Ishaa shouldn’t be later than 9:00PM in any part of the world unless you are living in Iceland where you get sunlight 24hrs for a good part of the year……”

    First of all, go and live in Ottawa, Canada where isha time in june is after 11:00PM if you even bother. It was you who brought up AZ’s story not me. You were trying to score a point that AZ is such a ganda bacha that he even goes to night clubs !! Its like putting dirt on ZAB’s all good steps by saying that he himself confessed of drinking small amount (thori see pee layta hoon)

    grow up and use mature arguments from now on and I will shut up!!

  134. I beg to differ ‘ ruj kay yuwawain’ ? But this country has been married to this fauj and truly we have been F***d wholeheartedly.

    If all that money spent on this useless Army had been spent on Education and building infrastructure , Our country would have become some kind of a civilised,successful society by now.

    Even now, I think this entire Pak Fauj should be disbanded-it has brought nothing but shame and embarrassment to its citizens-. Nuclear Arsenal is enough for the detterence,this program can be run by Enginneers and scientists.

    We should never forget that the Civilian -Politicians- , had the insight to give us this ultimate protection. If this was left to Fauj, Generals will still be buying French Submarines and Chinese BS Fighters, while pocketing all the commissions.

    p.s Why nobody knows how much this Army spends ,how and where? This is a scandal in itself.

  135. Mush must be treated according to laws of Pakistan most probably hanged till death , because he took law in his hands many times.

    1. NS disposed him off lawfully but he overthrew nazwaz by taking law in his hand. 2. Ruling country unlawfully for 8 years.
    3. For imposing emergency on people of pakistan.
    4. For doing army operations in Blotichistan and NWFP with talking Parliment into confidence.
    5. ……………………….

  136. @democrat – Can you translate following in english? is this in Spanish…..?
    ,”Ja tera viya kisee fojee nul howay,
    na ruj ke khawein, na ruj ke yuawain.”

  137. Wow. Amazing stuff really. im impressed. such hatred on a false report. Great. Thats what Pakistan needs rite now.

  138. yeah, democrat, go ahead translate it. This is hilarious.
    I think chottibibi is not as chotti as we may think.

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