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  1. what shit is that….BrahmDagh Bugti even his own family doest support him. what the hell he is talking, fighting for right is differnet. what he is doing is pure terrorism. he thinks those kids playing cricket were agents of isi….what an idiot. i am sorry for balouchis, sindis, punjabis and pahtoowns that we have these sort of sardar, chaudaries. wadaras.

    in Bolachistan i think Achagzayie. is the only politican who talks with some logic. if they want to express their anger they should copy wookla tahrik rather than killing inocent people on street.

  2. Bugti tera jan nisar bay shumaar bay shumaar.i have bad news for everyone .ISI has decided to eliminate the lawyers movement on the 10th of june by targetting leading lawyers and justice ifthikhar chaudry,god save the nation

  3. i really good interview by talat. lot of curve balls.
    i had some respect for these bugtis sardars…but not now…….

    pakistan zindabad

  4. Bastard Musharraf has created another Mujeebur Rahman for Pakistan to deal with.
    These military dictators have already split Pakistan into two and now another Bangladesh seems to be in offing.
    Why was Nawab Akbar Bugti killed? Because when Musharraf visited Baluchistan, Bugti refused to Salute him.
    Akbar Bugti was more patriotic than Ghaddar Musharraf. Bugti endorsed Pakistan with Quaid e Azam.
    People of Pakistan ! wake up and hang Musharraf in public and rid pakistan of this curse. Musharraf is not even Muslim

  5. If this continues, then once again Pakistan will be disintegrated.

    The Gwadar became part of Pakistan due to Shaheed Nawab Akber Bugti. The way Pakistani establishment has treated whole baloch province, Interior sindh, siraiki belt of Punjab and whole NWFP except Peshawar and hindku belt, Pakistan don’t deserve to exist.

    I pray either we as nation come in senses or Pakistan disintegrates.

  6. @establishment: I actually saw this earlier somewhere else. I read ur comment and figured you’re trying to get a rise out of someone… but it’s not gonna be me 😀

    Suffice it to say Baloch’s have been screwed over royally. We (I say this as a “sort of” Punjabi) have looted their meagre wealth (gas reserves) and always brutalized them with the help of the sardars whenever they spoke of a fair share.

    If you want to get a sense of how effed up the treatment meted out to them. Just do some googling and find out when exactly “Sui” gas reached Karachi and Lahore/Islamabad and when it reached Baloch cities themselves.

    I don’t know if it will be good or bad for them. I don’t know if his project is even realistic. But I have a tendency to support crazy people with un-uttainable dreams. I’m with the underdog.

    Some people say these ppl are under the sway of the foreigners. To them I say this:

    In a failing state, does it really make sense for them to stay? When the head of the federal state is in the pocket of the foreigners, when our major institutions like the Army and the agencies have been compromised through un-patriotic RATS in the leadership of those organizations.

    When everyone who’s anyone in Pakistan is busy ripping quickly diminishing flesh off the bones of their dying motherland and like foresighted vultures stashing it away in foreign properties and foreign bank accounts. When our ruling class is overtly and shamelessly the toadies and jutti-chuk’s of the foreigners without feeling _any_ sense of guilt or shame let alone national honor,


    Exactly WHAT do we plan to offer them?

    More Hellfire missiles?
    More dissappeared families?
    More “exploitation” looting of resources without any accounting?
    More direct rule just to facilitate the LOOTING of the energy resources?

    He may be crazy to embark on it in the face of the “mighty” “Pakistan Army”.. but I totally understand why he’s doing it.

    Oh and “Family members not supporting” is no defence. Half of Muhammad’s family didn’t support him either. Look where that got HIM. So, dont underestimate someone for such superficial reasons.

    P.S. Personally, I think his chances are slim, but more power to him to fight for some dignity in this land of Vultures and Cowards! It’s about fuqn time someone stood up here and said NO!

  7. Media should never project these people. On Baloch domicile if you have third division or C grade, you are admitted to Med & Engineering college easily but students from Lahore, Multan, and Karachi can not get admitted even they have all A’s. Baloch leaders have exploited the innocent people and media now to prove Musharraf and Q wrong, playing in the hands of exploiters. We should think on all Pakistan level and on merit. There will always be difference in rural and urban, even in the USA it is NY, Chicago vs small town Mississippi. How these media people can bridge the gap which has never been bridged. many Baloch live in karachi and Lahore, why not a Punjabi can not live in Gawadar? Shame on media for playing in the hands of traitors.

  8. what a fool.. he wants mukammal ikhtiar on the ‘IMF loans’ he’ll be looking for in his dream ‘land’

  9. the man is using baloch nationalism to get his own little country. he shouldnt be considered the representative of whole balochistan

  10. He talks with lots of emotion,revenge, but with less sense also I feel lots of complexes. Too bad we have Army full of stupids and even worse we let them rule. Talat was best as usual, and Nawabzada was not match for his intellect.

    Ironically, loser is always Panjab (I’m not a Punjabi) without even being a player, most of the time Pakistan was always ruled by non-Panjabi ( Ayub Khan, Bhutto, Zia, Junaijo, BB, Moshe) rulers but being big province always hated by smaller provinces.

  11. The grandson is uttering crap after crap……

    Can you imagine, Since 2006 Bugti Family had recieved Millions of $ from the Pak Govt in royalities for the Gas reserves from their areas.

    DId they every do anything for the baloch people… its all theoratical saying we never had control.. what about all this money they recieved.. did they ever spent on baloch people… and Now they are talking about the uplift of Balochistan.

    Its true that the GOvt has made grave mistakes in handling the situation, but its more true that the Bugti’s and Murri’s have been ruling these areas like cave age landlords without giving anything back to their own soil.

  12. with regards to the previous post,
    i meant royalities recieved before 2006 since Balochistan annouced loyalty to Pakistan and the baloch sardars signed agreements as to how the gas and coal reserves could be taken out of their areas, but only if they recieve agreed percentage royalty of it….
    something to think about….

  13. braham dargh bugti is an example of a poodle that barks louder in order to compensate for its size. the way this guy shapes his rhetoric is pretty artificial. he doesnt seem to know squat about how to win through negotiations, and brining together a tide of public sentiment towards their cause.

    The hard truth is that balochistan never produced a “real” political leader, all these bugti’s, mengals; born with silver spoon in their mouths, with nothing better to do than take up arms at the slightest hint of injustice.

    even though the baloch have been quite literally sidelined from the mainstream, for which i think we as pakistani are collectively punishable, but some of these baseless diatribes from brahamdagh bugti, who seems to promise his people a utopian experience after independence from pakistan, are what is called in US policy circles, “blue sky thinking”, let me play the devil’s advocate, can i ask Bugti, in this age of globalization, where does he intend to take balochistan in the long term, given if the are granted independence? these Bl00dy fools need to understand that strategically Balochistan cannot stand on its own, it will either remain a proxy for pakistan or a satellite annex of iran.

    The Sui gas argument goes only as far as this sentence: The Baloch want the rest of Pakistan to “ask” them for gas? and them let them decide on how they want to give it to us. Yeah, right, We’ll have this discussion the day the balochis develop the technical and corporate expertise to distribute gas through proper downstream channels, last i remember i did nt see any indigenous balochis giving the world a lasting solution to climate change, or natural gas or coal sequestration.

    The right thing to do would be for them to agree to a national apology to people of balochistan, an affirmative action program to bring them into the national fabric and for them to agree to modernize and literally come out of the “caves” that they so crave.

    A lot of non-sense spewed by brahamdagh bugti, reminds of a child crying narcisistically, “me!, me!, me!”, I want all the blowpops, none for you Punjab, Sindh, Sarhad.

    Politics is a game of give and take, for him to not understand that, will only incur the wrath of the army, and he will go down the same toilet his grandfather did.

    He needs to tone down the nationalist rhetoric and talk in terms of deliverables that will “actually” improve the lives of average balochis qualitatively.

  14. usmanzone: Can you imagine, Since 2006 Bugti Family had recieved Millions of $ from the Pak Govt in royalities for the Gas reserves from their areas.

    Yeah, bribing some corrupt Sardars instead of paying full gas royalties to the provincial government is always profitable…

  15. @ I would rather to say that Boloch Sardars and Military Generals are equally blame for exploitation of general MASSES of balochistan and all over the Pakistan.

    Our sympathies are with Masses of Bolachistan.

    Karakorum National Movement (KNM)


  16. I think this BrahmDagh Bugti “shosha” is created just to divert people attention from real issues (like mush, judiciary restoration etc…)

  17. The Apex of Insurgency (in Balochistan) p 340,341

    When in early 1973 the NAP government was dissolved and later, the majority of the provincial assembly members were arrested, the militant Baloch students and the political workers organised the Baloch People’s Liberation Front for an independent Balochistan.

    It is said that two events contributed to the growing disillusionment among the Baloch nationalists, who had become increasingly sceptical of a democratic Pakistan ever emerging. The first concerned Bangladesh where elections, in Sardar Ataullah Mengal’s view, led not to a transition to democratic institutions, but to violent repression from an army unwilling and incapable of accepting democratic norms.

    The second was the dismissal of the Balochistan and NWFP assemblies and the arrest of their leaders in 1973. The sense of betrayal by Bhutto’s civilian regime, which had signed constitutional guarantees of Balochistan’s quasi-autonomous status, was only part of the growing nationalist sentiment that fuelled the four-year rebellion which followed. Mir Ghaus Bakhsh Bizenjo in his statement to the Supreme Court of Pakistan said:

    However, I must accept that by use of superior force, it is possible to maintain state borders, even gain new territories, hold colonies or slaves in chains for certain historical periods, but you cannot create brotherhood by means of bayonets, butchery, deaths and destruction. You cannot create a united nation by force. Nations have risen and come into being in historical processes by feeling of common interests, by voluntary unions, by recognition of each other’s rights, by respect and brotherly love for one another. Bayonet and bullets cannot give birth to a united nation, they can only damage that objective irreparably

  18. Very IMPORTANT TO READ for all Pakistanis:

    1. This movement is KGB, RAW & MOSAD’S “dream operation”.
    Since U.S took over in Afghanistan, INDIA HAS OPENED ITS MORE THAN 7 high commissions in that remote country (Afghanistan). India has increased its intelligence funds upto 10 times in Afghanistan to SUPPORT THIS BASTURED’s mission.

    2. By the time when Akbar BHugti was alive, they use to get enough money from the fedral government TO PROVIDE SUI GAS TO THE PEOPLE OF BALOCHISTAN, TO PROVIDE THEM EDUCATION AND FREEDON.

    3. These people kept them upto their family and didnt passed them to a normal baloch.


  19. I have some questions:

    Are these baloch lords very sincere to the baloch masses i.e. are they really interested in opening up schools in their lands or more interested in getting a larger share in the baloch assets?

    Talat asked a pertinent question as to what was the historical performance of balochistan under the baloch lords?

    In my view, a poor man is a poor man whether tilling the land of a lord in punjab while the lord has a share even in his daughters or living a poverty stricken life in balochistan. An inquiry should be conducted into the balochistan fiasco as to who messed it up and what kind of kickbacks did the baloch lords receive themselves?

    I am all for TK’s comments about the misery of baloch people but still i find his support for such separatist movements as unpatriotic. We should spend energies in binding people together, creating movements for the rights of balochi PEOPLE, and NOT balochi LORDS. More efforts should be made in bringing the balochi people into mainstream, but NO support to the separatist movement.

    No Balochi/punjabi/Sindhi/Pathan QAUM – only pakistani and ultimately just the MUSLIM QAUM.

  20. There is no doubt that balochistan has been the most deprived province in the country.But we can’t blame the establishment 100%.Balochistan’s most places are ruled by Sardar(Typical Master Slave system).Had there been a political consistency in the country,i believe that sardar system would have been in decline.We are all looking at symptoms,real disease is poverty,deprivation.Had establishment been just to give balochistan their share of resources,things would have been much better.Question of Bugti Family,they are one of the most brutal family in balochistan.They took the land of their own tribes and throw them out of dera bugti.They are living a life of extreme poverty in multan and other places of pakistan.And just listen to what this new bugti said “Just give us our resources aur usko tabah karay,aapko kya”…Thats how self centered he is….Typical Akbar bugti’s rhetoric….

  21. Baluch have suffered more at the hands of Na Pak Fauj in proportion to their population than all other ethnic groups combined, including the Bengalis.

    Their only consolation now is that Punjabis have finally recognized the evil of military dictatorship and there is a significant portion of educated Punjabi population that empathizes with Baluch, Pashtun and other sub-nationalities as compared with the 60s, 70s and 80s when Punjabi sympathies lied with the Na Pak Fauj.

    I appeal to Nawaz and Zardari to visit Dera Bugti to condole with the Bugti family.

  22. Baluch are our brothers including all muslims. Baluchistan is integral part of Pakistan. We know you have genuine grievances. We are sorry and open for listening.

  23. poverty exists through out pakistan. it is a myth that ‘punjabis’ are better off than the rest. go to the rural areas of punjab and you’ll find people living in a state that is beneath human decency. however, thanks to our enemies, for example, india; the poverty in balochistan has been politicised. we need to deal with this problem as soon as possible through economic and social interventions. and the military should remain in balochistan to deal with idiots like Mr Dagh.

  24. @ayubi: “I am all for TK’s comments about the misery of baloch people but still i find his support for such separatist movements as unpatriotic. We should spend energies in binding people together, creating movements for the rights of balochi PEOPLE, and NOT balochi LORDS. More efforts should be made in bringing the balochi people into mainstream, but NO support to the separatist movement.”

    I meant it more in the “taNg Aamad, ba-jaNg Aamad” sense. What have we done in the 60 years that we are willing to learn from? Well nothing! of course! We haven’t done a thing!

    You see, we don’t even know the crimes we have committed against each other. What do we know about the fall of “east pakistan” ?? well NOTHING! of course! It was the hindu banya’s of course! what else could it be? hmm….

    We haven’t learned from our history, so we shall be humiliated and made to rub our noses in our future failures. If the Balochi’s want to try their luck outside of this sh!thole we’ve given them. I say more power to them.

    Either that, or try to turn this sh!thole called Pakistan into are reall welfare state where everyone is not trying to run the fuq away! I agree with you that we need to abolish this fuqqing feudal/sardari system.

    But guess what? not only we did NOT do away with the sardari system, we have created another neo-feudal class, namely, the praetroian military. Now _they_ want to keep us down in cahoots with the wadero’s and the sardar’s and the urban-waderos like Altaf Hussain.

    So? what is the answer?

    New Order out of New Chaos. This order, also known as “the state of Pakistan” is not working anymore, at least not in this chap’s mind (and many more Balochi’s). That is the point I’m trying to make.

    I don’t think chaos is good. But I don’t think this miserable life for the millions and a VVIP life for a few thousands who fulfill the orders of the foreigners is good either.

    So what do we do? take our chances with unknown chaos? out of which may come a new order? or keep our noses to the grindstone in an order of misery and exploitation? That, precisely, is the question the so-called Pakistani nation is trying to answer right now.

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