29 thoughts on “Meray Mutabiq – 9 June 2008

  1. It truly saddening to hear Gen Haider say matter of factly “dekhain ji fauj tou election mein hamesha dakhal deti rahi hai”… WTF?

  2. All the respect and love I had for Na-Pak Fauj because of propaganda in news, school books is gone after listening to these incompetent and self-centered generals. They have no regret for ruining a country which was made by civilians for the civilians, but at the end these $$$$$$$ enjoyed best of the both worlds they were relish “THE RULE”with British raj firing at armless people in the name of discipline, even after 60 years they are doing the same, only this time their leashes in Chacha samy’s hand.

  3. Shocking information, the quality and quantity of information content of meray mutabiq has no parallel. The amount of information in one program is more than what you get in 10 years in any other program.

  4. Na ji everyone else is full of lies only our dheet Mushy never lies, he is a ‘Beeba’ or ‘Razia Ghundon mein’. wait for Mushy’s p.i.m.p Rashid Qureshi to come and clarify in his disgusting voice like an ill maindak. BTW rashid qureshi can be found in Ms. Atiqa Odho’s office in phase-2 in DHA when in Karachi to get his share of Ms.Odho who is busy persuading artists to attend pro=mush rally on the 5th of July. I would love to see this rally to count the mushy supporters

  5. Actually MM’s seems to have been improving and this one is really chock full of info … I find his “Personal Interview” type programs much more useful than the pretentious pak-pak-pkaaaaaakkk!!!! for 10 minutes in the beginning.

    cheeda cheeda

    1. DaakTurr SM kept his annoying monologue to a minimum (Zero)
    2. He allowed the guest to speak and kept “luQma’s” to a minimum (Thanks)
    3. No inturruptions an he carried the interview and facilitated the extraction of information! Interview! Information Retrieval! what a concept!?!

    In all these programs, one thing is becoming abundantly clear:

    1. Shaukat Aziz is a maadar ch*6 and he should be extradited back to Pakistan.
    2. Behind EVERY FUQUP in the last 8 years, you see this FA99OT doing something behind the curtain!
    3. Shaukat Aziz is a foreign spy. What business did he have visiting KRL ?? He may have sold secrets of Pakistani Nuclear facilities to Mossad or CIA ..

    I think this is very alarming but everyone will ignore this as ‘a routine matter’,eventhough this should be raised in the Parliament and at least brought on record in the Parliamentary proceedings.

    Who’s gonna do it? To get our legislators to bloody do _anything_ Pakistani’s need to arrange for a long march or a firking self-immolation. Why do we have a parliament again?

  6. Hmmmm!

    Gen M. Haider kafi sach bool rahay hain aaj kaal!

    He lost his brother to terrorism attacks in karachi, now he is talking the truth, he did say that Shaukat Aziz’s critisim was not tolerated!


  7. All these government corrupt institutes are part of the problems, like Police, Politicians, Beaurocrates, “Ducerey Sarkaari Haraam Khorr Nauker”, Income tax and Customs Biggest Chorr Department, etc.

    Get rid of all above Haraamis., and we will be ok. When you see these B*S*T*D*S put “Dandha in ki ghaad may”
    “Do Chaar martbah inkeh saath aaysaa hoga toh sahi ho jaain gay”
    Actually nobody is teaching them the real lessen. That’s the problem.

  8. Watch shahid masood in the programme of 10th June. He is a change man. I think the chairmaship of PTV has an effect .
    His guest were all Mush man except Irfan siddiquie

  9. redarding 10 june: dears dr shahid has justified his selection as chairman ptv. this sort of moral bankruptacy is the hallmark of our so called intellectuals………

  10. i think one place we as viewers are not justified is that we expect all anchors and their guests to be completely agaianst musharraf…meray mutabiq has given us al remarkable information in the past few days…especially the interview of Jamshed Gulzar Kiyani…i think we start yelling off the roof top if one guest or one episode is pro-musharraf or pro-mqm…its time we start tolerating the other side of the story

  11. The guest speaker spoke very well, and remained professional to the end. Bu Doctor Shahid Masood at few times looked very symphathetic towards future of MUSH. Perhaps he was trying to find some workable solution for MUSH.As a matter of fact it is suggested that he should also focus on his own future, since times have changed, the media is two edged sword, it keeps record of good bad.

  12. I am surprised to watching this program and to know shaukat aziz’s status. If anyone remembers movie ‘pati, patni aur tawaif’ Shaukat Aziz appears to me equivalent to ‘tawaif’s’ role by capturing heart and mind of mushy and ran away at right time after stealing for mushy to get stoned…

    wht u guyz think?

    he was not only f*****g the economy, selling national assets for dimes like steel mills etc and various scandals e.g. sugar, wheat, no electricity plan, f******g industry and agriculture etc etc why this motherf****r visited KRL? wht business he had? I am sure he was spy

  13. Every Gen says they are innocent and they know nothing. Why the hell they come for interview if they have no idea what is going on in the country and they are sitting in a veryyyyy big post like Governer,ministers and so on.
    This is the reason why our country dont develop, because the high post people dont know what is going on or what is the situation in Pakistan.

    Hell to all the Big post People

  14. I am used to work with some of Ex-Army men, and I found them more stupid then civilians, but to run a country we need an organization, unfortunately currently therez no organization in country which is as stablished as army, so it would be dangerous for our country if we try to remove army whichout having proper substitue.


  15. Gen Moin knows every thing about other people, but he does not know about his work and himself.

    What a shame.

  16. I used to like this lota shahid masood but now i hate him.He sold
    himself for ptv chairmanship.shame on you shahid masood………….

  17. He did all so he can make 7 LAKS PAH RS basic salary plus thousands in allownces luxuries…

    Badalta Hai Rang Asman Kaise kasie

  18. I think we should not jump to the conclusions.
    Let’s see what happens, what he does in PTV. If he continues his same analysis, discussion and critic, i wont mind seeing him on my same TV screen with the label PTV instead of GEO.

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