Long March – Full Coverage

Day 4 – 12 June 2008


– Gujrat Video Updates

– Gujranwala & Wazeerabad Video Updates

– Aitzaz and Kurd Speeches at Minaar-e-Pakistan

– Nawaz Sharif Speech at Lahore Minaar-e-Pakistan

– Ansar Abbasi, Saleem Bukhari and Ahsan Iqbal analyze Long March

Text Updates:

– Rally is currently at Gujrat and lawyers delivering speech in huge crowd

– 5 Kilometers long Rally leaves Lahore towards Islamabad through GT Road

– Nawaz Sharif and Lawyers deliver blasting speeches at Minaar-e-Pakistan

– Lawyers, Citizens, Students gather at Minaar-e-Pakistan and Daata Darbar. Aitzaz Ahsan and Nawaz Sharif are on their way to the avenue.

Day 3 – 11 June 2008


– Historic Speech of Aitzaz Ahsan at LHC

– Hamid Khan, Munir Malik and Justice Khawaja Sharif

– Blasting Speech of Ali Ahmed Kurd at LHC

– Chief Justice Iftikhar Chaudhry departs from Multan towards Lahore by Air.

– Lawyers of Sindh, Balouchistan joined by Punjab start rally from Multan to Lahore. The rally is led by Ali Ahmed Kurd and Javed Hashmi of PMLN.

– Chief Justice Arrives at Lahore Airport and greeted by Lawyers and Politicians.

– Chief Justice reaches Lahore High Court in 10 hours from the airport and gets a warm reception all over Lahore by Everyone!

– In the meanwhile, the Long March Rally has reached Okara on its way to Lahore.

– Speeches of Lawyers and Chief Justice at LHC.

Day 2 – 10 June 2008

– Chief Justice Iftikhar Chaudhry leaves Islamabad to reach Multan via Lahore by Pakistan Internation Airlines.

– Sindh and Balochistan rallies move towards Multan.

– Chief Justice gets warm reception at Multan from politicians, citizens and lawyers. Makhdoom Javed Hashmi, Senior Vice President of PMLN greets him at Multan Airport at his home town.

– Chief Justice and prominent lawyers address the Multan Bar Council.

Day 1 – 9 June 2008

– Sindh Lawyers Rally, led by Munir Malik and Fakharuddin Ibrahim leaves Karachi towards Multan. Chief Justice Sindh High Court Sabihuddin was there to see off the historic rally.

– Baluchistan Lawyers Rally led by Ali Ahmad Kurd leaves Quetta towards Multan.

– Sindh and Baluchistan Rallies meet in Sakkhur and spend the night.

280 thoughts on “Long March – Full Coverage

  1. the cj speech is about to start…long live peja..long live the democratic forces’s long march against faujistan!!

  2. Barhay chalo (keep on moving) for the independence of judiciary. Look what happened in the bajaur agency, is the judiciary independent now. We as a whole nation are slaves of our leaders, military bureaucrats and civil bureaucrats and the outside powers. Please, please the whole nation should take part in this movement for the restoration of judges, but I would rather say for the independence of the country. Bachao, Bachao is mulke Quaid-E-Azam (Pakistan) Ko, nahin toh is tarah pooray Pakistan main bahir wallay aa kar maran karian gain jaisa kay Bajaur Agency main hua.

  3. Lawyer leader Manzoor Qadir on fire…….

    Aisay DasToor ko, subhe BayNoor ko

    mein nahen maanta , mein nahen maanta

  4. If you want to live as an independent nation, rise to the occasion now, otherwise it will be too late, look at the whining face of our present PM Gilani- Saying we condemn this attack and those men in uniform of our country no word from them- why we should pay them from our budget- if they don’t want to defend the country. Long live the lawyers movement. Long line the long march of Pakistan. Pakistan Zindabad. May Allah protect us from foreign aggression.

  5. “Hum Mulk Bachanay Niklay Hain—Aoo Hamaray Sath Chaloo”

    Qadam Barrhaoo Sathio…..
    Tum Watan kay shaer hoo
    shaer hoo Dalaer…..
    Tum agar joo phut paroo
    Too asman bhee zaer hoo
    Qadam Barhaooo

  6. I wish I were in Pakistan, I would definitely have participated in this long march. Those who are watching this live, and those who are in pakistan participating in it, please give us your views on it. I am really missing being back home right now

  7. Mehmood Qureshi , president Karachi bar Association addressing at the moment and crowd is cheering up…..

    Musharraf ko Phaansi do !!! Phaaansi do!!!!!

  8. Barhay chalo (keep on moving) for the independence of judiciary. Look what happened in the bajaur agency, is the judiciary independent now. We as a whole nation are slaves of our leaders, military bureaucrats and civil bureaucrats and the outside powers. Please, please the whole nation should take part in this movement for the restoration of judges, but I would rather say for the independence of the country. Bachao, Bachao is mulke Quaid-E-Azam (Pakistan) Ko, nahin toh is tarah pooray Pakistan main bahir wallay aa kar maran karian gain jaisa kay Bajaur Agency main hua. If you want to live as an independent nation, rise to the occasion now, otherwise it will be too late, look at the whining face of our present PM Gilani- Saying we condemn this attack and those men in uniform of our country no word from them- why we should pay them from our budget- if they don’t want to defend the country. Long live the lawyers movement. Long line the long march of Pakistan. Pakistan Zindabad. May Allah protect us from foreign aggression. Barhay chalo for the Independence of Pakistan from Mush and its allies.

  9. This entire ‘Khusi’ PPP sits on the sidelines, defending NRO.
    In this heat and suffering for what ?
    . the Lawyers march.. the lawyers march..
    it is really heart breaking…
    i believe it is better to be dead than a nation run by cowards and manipulators..
    How many more lawyers are going to suffer now?

  10. the entire khusi PPP…sigh…a sad day indeed…but today i agree with you.
    (still..if i may slide in meekly..the name of AA)

  11. It is heartening to see the tempo building up for the long march , no one knows what is going to happen tomorrow , but one thing is for sure that they will destory everything that come in their way … face of Pakistan is going to change forever ….

    Subha hoonay ko hay aye dil-e-betab thehar.

  12. Inshallah if CJ is restored (and he will one day) the first case he is going to look after is about NRO…Shaheed Mohtaram, Shahidoon Ki Paty……..

  13. Honorable Justice Khwaja Sharif is building the tempo ….. he is criticizing AZ too..
    jagtay rehna saaday tey na rahna …
    Asif Zardari tey na rehna .. wakeeloon nay hee bahal karna hai 🙂

  14. Ali Ahmed Kurd kee awaz sun kar jurnailoon kay dil kaanp uthtay hain… this is soo great to see him and even more to hear him roaring……..


  15. yeh kis sher kee aamed hay kay run kaanp raha hay………..
    aagya cha gaya …
    yeh lahore hai , yeh lahore hai …
    hazaroon meel bhi chalna paray tu … aaj subha lahore punchna farz hai
    aur 60 saal say is farz ko ada karnay kee khawahish humaray aab-o-ajdad ..

    kalay aur safai ka
    sahih aur ghalt ka
    haq aur batil ka
    faisla hoo

  16. Hallo guga !

    come on wake up tie-up your shoe-laces—————and let’s go
    the desicivie moment of truth is there let’s go to participate in the
    long march

  17. aaj hay koi jo is long march ko rook sakay…

    sharfoo ku phansi doo..

    us shakhs nay khudai ka dawaa kia tha..
    laikin ooper khuda neechay awam

    muk gaya tera show musharraf
    go musharraf go musharraf

    woh bhee aik waqt tha jab uski mat mari gayee thee , jab 9 march ko us nay chief justice of Pakistan ko army camp mein bulaya tha…
    usay maloom nahin tha kay us nay jis shakhs koo bulaya woh aik pahar hai , aur pahar ko kisi ka baap bhee nahin hila sakta……..

  18. woh bhi ik waqt tha…jab us ki math mari gai thi…jab us nay pakistan kay chief jusctice ko army camp mein bulaya!!

    woh badshah salamat ban kar baitha tha…usay maloom nahin tha..kay jis shaksh ko bulaya tha

    (zardari..he may be talking about musharaf…but he means you!! ask not for whom the bells toll…..)

  19. Pakistan ka aik aik shehri is say waqif hay kay pakistan kay wukla nay apnay pait per pathar bandh kar us tehreek to chalaya hai ju poori dunya mein aik unique tehreek … jo is say takray ga paash paash hoo jaye ga…

    Hum pandrah (15) maheena aur bhee tehrik mazeed chala saktay hain..
    magar yeh ab Pakistan kay awaam ka faisla hai

    Sharfoo kutta .. bay ghairat
    PCO walay bay ghairat

  20. woh justice dogar …jo apnay aap ko justice kehta hai…….
    woh perves musharaf..jo apnay aap ko …meray khayal mein hukmaran tho nahin kehta…per samajtha zaroor hai

    magar aik aur hai…
    *thats you zardaro!!

  21. hum appna karza lainay jaa rahay hain..
    us parliament mein joo joo shakhs kalf lagay suit pehany betha hai woh wukla ka karzdar hai..
    assembly humari karzdar hai..
    hum appna karza wapas lainay jaa rahay hain aur tub tak khatkhatatay rahian gay jab tak woh humara karz nahin wapas kar daitay…

  22. jab mast qalandar kee baat hai tu ab yeh pehlay wala pakistan nahin hai…

    Wukla kee taraf say yeh ailaan hai .. hum bhee aadi hoo gaye .. humain bhee chaska par gaya hai … yeh sarkain humari jageer hain … jaha zulm hoo ga wukla phir waheen hoon gay..

  23. Nawab Bugti jaisay aadmi ko Musharraf jaisay chotay aadmi nay maara..
    yaan , mein kehta hoon, Qudrat nay bhi zulam kia…….
    Mard ka muqabla to mard say hi hona chaeyay…

    Kurd on fire…

  24. Ali Ahmed Kurd at his vertex
    The wording of all speakers is giving a new energy and Hope to believe that INSHALLH the Lawyers will achvieve their Goals and All the Judges will be back in their offices.

  25. and now the FRENCH REVOLUTION…

    musharaf kehta hai daal nahi milti tho mughi kalo…!!!

    the chess pieces are being moved…a check mate is imminent!!.

  26. The way all of the speakers are speaking is really showing me light at end of the tunnel. InshaAllah Pakistan would never be same from today. Lets hope that Judeciary will be restored and

    we will not be called “AWAM” any more and we will be called “A NATION” again.

  27. AA cha gaya hai… the tempo of long march has now been set.. the history has been made … generations will remember June 12 morning, Pakistan has made its name in the history of the world and I am sure that this day and movement will be taught in world universities for the centuries to come…

  28. Well there was lot of pessimism about this lawyer’s movement but today they show that history is in making. I hope that all these negative thinker and so called intellect-less intellectuals will be shut the fuq up and have their faces in their assez.

  29. Great speech by Aitzaz, he is the leader of the revolution in Pakistan.

    Today he is a far bigger man than AZ or even BB ever was.

  30. it is bad that Musharraf has made his name too like French Queen, Namrood , and Firaoon (pharoah) .. by the way nobody remember French queen’s name , so people won’t remember his name too but they would remember there was a military dictator who said why don’t people eat chicken if lentils are expensive.

  31. I was surprised by the tone of Justice Khwaja Sharif. No other judge ever spoke this openly and I really loved his lahori style

  32. @peja

    …AA’s kal aaj aur kal…??for aaj was the kal and the kal will be aaj….litereally!!

    can we have the words..

  33. @admin

    It could be great if you could have this transmission live for every one so that so many Paksitanies who live abroad and do not have an acces to any of the channels could see history in the making as well.

  34. Aitzaz is now Mao of Pakistan… I have no doubt he is going to get the nobel prize and will be considered no less than Lenin and Mao when the historians write history of Pakistan… He has proved that he has all the best qualities , intellect, wisdom, knowledge , leadership , philosopher and understanding people.. his speech was full of all these things … he himself knows what he has done to this nation.. and he is proud of that..
    He was not wrong when he said that our grand children will tell their grand children how their grandpa’s took part in this long march…

  35. @peja kafka8 @Kruman @janu germen @TK
    I tkank you all of you for this running commentry–i am at my job where i am not able to view movie or tv.
    Last year when CJ was there I was right in the front row in the High court parking lot. I was lucky enough to shake hand with CJ in front of Lower court at lower mall. I was on the road for 21 hours that day and beleive me i am just missing it. I wanted to be part of all that……

  36. It took Chief 9 hours to get to Highcourt bar from Lahore airport which takes usualy 25 minutes. I am glad that finaly Punjabies stood up for the national cause

  37. Friends,

    I never felt this much optimist about our future as a nation then before. Now I could say “zara nam ho to yeh matti bari zarkhaiz hai saqi”

  38. @chottibibi: hey I think I saw you on tv

    @kafka8: thx for the link dude, I can see CJ now.. it’s hit or miss cuz I think too mny ppl hitting it right now.. thx though!

  39. The picture of Dogar please that Aitzaz referred to.

    He related an incident wherein DOGar was travelling in Faisalabad in a white car. The car was pelted with rotten eggs. Aitzaz siad that the picture of the car made it to the press. PLEASE POST THAT PICTURE HERE.

  40. question?

    in multan they were speaking behind bullet proof glass. i dont see any such arrangements here?, how come?

  41. I wonder how much more people power this so called People’s party want to see before they will reinstate constitution of Pakistan which was created by Bhutto.

    And i wonder if they even care about Bhutto any more since majorty of old peplias left party and what is left behinde is Zardari, Janhangeer Badar, Latif Khosa, Babar Awan, Fozia Wahab, man faced Farzana raja, Raja Parvaiz Ashraf and other cronies

  42. @texasboy: BP glass is heavy.. and they got lazy 😉 … the BP glass is going to Islamabad I think (on a truck)

    btw what was it that CJ said about my “multiples of 9” conspiracy theory?

  43. Janu German,
    OK, AZ is a thug and does not want IMC back. But I don’t know why the Khosas and Phosas in PPP hold a grudge against every upright judge in Pakistan. Yesterday on Talat Hussain, Khosa the phoosa was bashing justice Saeed uz Zaman Siddiqui. In the past I have heard them bash Wajihuddin Ahmed too.

    The only judge they love is DOGar.

  44. Chief is so right about intepretation of these ppp cronies are giving about reinstatment process. Supreme Court is a forum where all constitutional issues are resolved and these cronies are telling these Supreme Court judges that how they could be reinstated

    What a shame but i wonder if these sell offs have any shame

  45. On the theme of Aitzaz’s speech, I think the following poem by Iqbal would’ve been pertinent: It would ‘ve sounded great in the thundering voice of Kurd.

    Uttho meri dunia kay ghareebo’n ko jaga do
    Kakh-i umra kay dar-o deewar hila do

  46. @tk,

    to the contrary, i dont think he meant it as a conspiracy theory, the chief justice in multan said that the “9” was pretty lucky number for them, since a lot of incidents or events that have occured on the 9th of the month carry significant relevance to the sustenance of the movement.

    The logic was fuzzy, but there is some intuitive ingenuity associated with the number 9.

  47. A friend send me picture of PPP Minester’s office where Shaheed-Muhtarma ki photo was hanging up an above of Quaide-Azam-M. A. Jinnah…..Shame on this act of PZP.(some one said here Pakistan Zardari Party)

  48. @ chottibibi

    It chief 9 hours to get to highcourt bar from lahore airport which usualy takes about 25 minutes so you do the maths!!!

  49. @texaxboy: Oh I see.. it’s weird that he said that… I was calling my theory the conspiracy theory (that most of the heinous stuff seems to happen on the 9th of the month and I thought maybe it had something to do with 9 being moshe’s lucky number or something.. so he does this stuff on multiples of 9, be it firing the CJ or having BB off’ed or taking his vardi off…

    I’m also wondering if the 1999 coup was also a Dramay Bazi by the US, the Jurnails and Moshe, and the operation prolly started on the 9th. Did he fly out to Sri Lanka on the 9th of october?

    See, his coup was also a setup for NS. If NS had told him to just resign, he wouldn’t have had “causus belli” and I’m sure the Americans came up with this plan, in which on the one side, NS was convinced by someone (probably some retired MILitary guy) to fire him like this… while on the other hand, “the fix was in” and the army was ready to move as soon as the fake dramay bazi of the “ooooooh the plane’s running out of fuel OMIGOD!!!” started.

    Just another conspiracy theory of mine. 😉

  50. @tk,

    you do know that musharraf is on record in his autobiography, saying that as soon as he took over islamabad and reached chaklala on the evening of the 12th of october, he phoned the general in charge of CENTCOM (which is now in qatar), i dont know where it was then.

  51. Yaar I hope a lot of people show up in ISB and the protest is peaceful n everything…

    we’re entering the critical phase.

  52. khuda pakistan ka hami o nasir ho. i hope the people of pakistan realize the importance of this juncture and come out in droves.even if there are one lakh people in islamabad it would scare the crap out of ppp. it is the farz of every pakistani who wants rule of law in pakistan to be there and be counted………..and all of us who are abroad and cant be physically there lets all pray for the success of this march and that it happens with no violence..ameen

  53. With the massive reception given to IMC in Lahore today, the tide has turned in favor of lawyers. Today’s reception in Lahore was like the May 5th, 2007 journey from ISB to Lahore. The May 5th March turned the tide last year and on May 7th Justice Sardar Raza Khan stopped the supreme judicial council hearing sending the case to the SC.

    I don’t know what will happen in islamabad, but my gut feeling in that the tide has turned.

    People will turn out for the march enmasse now. So far it was like a warmup from Karachi/Quetta to Lahore. The game starts today.

  54. AA was brilliant yesterday…
    I think the best part was when he made the lawyers and their looong march actually a strength of the parliament…
    He said that people say that the Parliament is supreme…if it is, what is stopping it from restoring judges through executive order? …it is said that beacuse there will be a clash and that such an order cannot be implemented…AA brilliantly challenged the parliament to flex its muscle and that the lawyers will support it…they will provide the force required to implement its decision…

    this is absolutely brilliant…in one stroke it removes the discourse that claims that the looong march is a clash with the parliament…this, in my opinion was the weakest link in the debate about the usefulness of the march….
    by linking the march to the strengthening of the parliament, AA demolished that argument…
    I hope that all lawyers pick this up and repeat it as often as possible…

    also, I hope that today, there is at-least some ‘March’ of the foot with CJ in the lead…it is very essential…
    ideally, I think they should repeat the GT Road experience last year…

    (btw, I think AA is wrong in one thing…in saying that if Mao had access to modern means of transportation, he would have used it. I do not think so. Mao knew well the symbolic power of waliking among and through people….instead of justifying the mode of this looong march, I think they should learn from Mao and at-least for some distance do an old-fashioned march).

  55. I also wish that the lawyers’ movement had brought out the Suo Moto cases raised by the CJ….
    It is perhaps too late now…but they should have brought people …common people…who benefited from CJ’s quick dispension of justice on the stage to speak to the convention (instead of the almost similar speeches by the lawyers themselves)…

    that would have been a way to challenge the perception spread by all anti-lawyers forces – from AZ to Sheik Rasheed – that justice is not the issue of ordinary people…

  56. The more I think about it, the more I see the need for the lawyers’ to actually march/walk, the more I am convinced about it…

    Perhaps they already have this plann…but if not, they should…and if there are people on this forum who can convey this suggestion to lawyers, please do so…

    why it is important?

    in political situations, symbols matter a lot…
    that is why Ghandi walked to the sea, took broom in his hand…
    that is why Mao marched…

    you need to show that your cause is masses’s cause…connection with the people is the ultimate concern…
    in today’s Pakistan, nothing can be more alienating for the poor than the sight of a caravan of cars/ buses passing by their villages and towns…

    it raelly does not matter if they reach ISL tomorrow instead of today…but they must march…they must march at-least a significant part…
    the cars and the busses can be there….but those who are able to walk must get off and walk…

    but perhaps taht is what they plan to do anyways and I am just fretting about for nothing…:)

  57. ibnrazi,
    It’s an insane idea to march on foot. It will take a month to reach ISB, that is exactly what AZ wants i.e. more time. And how many people you think will march on foot, will you?

    Those who don’t move with time, are left behind by time. Mao marched 60 years ago when Chinese did not have cars. Till 20 years back the Chinese were still riding bicysles.

  58. (btw, I think AA is wrong in one thing…in saying that if Mao had access to modern means of transportation, he would have used it. I do not think so. Mao knew well the symbolic power of waliking among and through people….instead of justifying the mode of this looong march, I think they should learn from Mao and at-least for some distance do an old-fashioned march).

    Wake up call: If Mao was alive today and he was marching on foot, his march would’ve been crushed with tanks. ANd that is excaly what happens to people who live in the past. Watch the Last Samurai, the stupid warriors refused to progress with time and were wiped out. It was their own bone-headedness that led to their demise.

    Are you a Jamaati mulla who is living a few centuries back?

  59. @Kruman,

    you reply to someone on the Internet and still say to him that he lives in another century…:)
    there are some protest symbols that never die….
    the symbolic power of marching on the foot is one of them….hunger strike is another…exile is yet another…

    you have all the right to disagree…but please do so with reason and decency…
    let us learn to listen, discuss and disagree….

    if your argument will have force, it will prevail….


  60. @Peja…

    a serious question….
    how many of the current PPP and PML (N) leaders (say those who are or were in ministries) come from underpriviliged background?
    i did some search and could not find any…but it was not a thorough search so I am not sure…


  61. @ibnrazi
    I would think none , though I have not done any research… BTW why do you ask this question? Let me tell you that I don’t buy the arguments that revolve around such notions of who are the leaders , what is their background etc. etc.. these argument on the surface look very compelling however they are in reality shallow. Democracy evolves over a period of time and that evolution does not mean that people will bring the poor up as their leaders , none of the democracies I know boast about poor being the leaders and politicians as a matter of fact you might see in western democracies that the majority of parliamentarians coming from the upper class. The argument that there are people from lower/unprivileged classes too in those democracies and in Pakistan there are none is flawed as Pakistan is still a state where being poor means the person who struggles for his/her bread not for his/her rights.
    I damn care whether these leaders belong to this class or that class , I care on which side of the tide they are , those who are against the tide will be crushed , those who are in the direction of tide will be filtered.

  62. ibnrazi,
    When I asked if you live in the last century, I didn’t mean it literally, but mentally. There are many people who are living in the last century, just look at the mullas who refuse to use loudspeakers. And then came your suggestion to march on foot …………. in today’s age.

    I am sorry for coming on harshly, but your comments reminded me of mullas.
    I do see that you did not come from that angle though, and even if you did you are entitled to your views and opinions.

  63. @ibnrazi
    In my youth , being a marxist , I used to think to be a bourgeois was a curse and to be Proletariat was a title. However later I changed my thinking .. perhaps I myself became a bourgeois , rememeber the good old joke.
    So someone asked this communist , if you have two homes would you give the one to your brother , he said yes, and if you have two cars will you still give one to your brother , he said of course yes , and what if you have two coats , would you give one to your brother , and he said no , the person asked why no? he said well I have two coats 🙂

  64. @kruman…
    no need to apologies…glad we are fine…

    let us discuss this…
    though because I need to go in a few minutes, I will only write about what I agree with you …
    what I do not agree, i will write in the evening…

    I agree with you that there is no logical reason why poor should be led by poor…what counts is empathy and imagination…
    Further, often the leaders that emerge from the poor or oppressed themselves become part of the oppressors (a great book exploring this is ‘Pedagogy of the Oppressed’)…
    this much is given…

    to be continued…:)

  65. Anybody knows if NS addressed the long march in Lahore, I heard the news that people have started their journey towards Islamabad , but no news about the address of NS.

  66. Nawaz Sharif arrives to address lawyers’ Long March
    Updated at: 1915 PST, Thursday, June 12, 2008
    LAHORE: The Head of Pakistan Muslim League (N), Mian Nawaz Sharif has joined the Long March of lawyers here. He will also address the participants of Long March.

  67. wow….brilliant stuff. Thanks for the running commentary peja, kafka etc. I am goign to watch the videos once I get home, bur some very stuf ther efor kurd, AA and chief. And I love some of the slogans, like:

    Musharraf ka jo haami hai
    ha’mi hai ha’mi hai


  68. @revolution
    NS speech has already finished. The journey has started towards Islamabad, Qayyum Siddiqui reporting from Lahore that the procession is biggest in the 60 years history of Pakistan, he told that it is 10 kilometers long and running at a speed of 5 kph. Thousands of cars and buses and buses are jam packed people sitting on the roofs.

  69. Akram Shaikh, former president SCBA, just punched ZZZ (formerly PPP) in the face for a knockout punch. On a Geo talkshow he set the record straight saying:
    Till July 20th, 2007 ZZZ (then PPP) was a part of the lawyers’ movement. After Juy 20th BB ditched lawyers and made a deal with Musharraf, and you are watching that deal unfold now.

    Farzaz Raja of ZZZ had a heart attack upon hearing this and accused Akram Shaikh of blasphemy.

    ZZZ – Zar, Zan and Zameen party, formerly knows as PPP.

  70. after NS speech I don’t think Dogar judges will remain as judges , there is no way that such controversial judges can stay now….
    Dogar teeri shaamat aayee…

  71. @peja

    thanks for the update yaar. Any main points from NS’s address? Would be very thankful if you can post some.

    One thing, if this procession is the biggest in the history of pakistan, I bet PPP, mush, and dogar are shitting their pants right now. But once again, sad that I am not a part of this history altering event,

  72. @peja

    thanks for the update yaar. Any main points from NS’s address? Would be very thankful if you can post some.

    One thing, if this procession is the biggest in the history of pakistan, I bet PPP, mush, and dogar are shi’ing their pants right now. But once again, sad that I am not a part of this history altering event,

  73. Peja,
    You are a good fiction writer and a story teller. How about a story titled ” Teen Nangay Badhshah”, i.e. Three Naked Kings – Musharraf, DOGar and Zardari.

    Sure you can put your spin on AZ, saying he was naked beacause ……………………………….. help me out, because he was leading the charge against the establishment, and his paants fell off in the process?

  74. Kruman

    only issue is Peja will not summarise it so well…..he will write at least 10 paras on establishment, 1 or 2 hidden refernces praising AZ, but will use the words PPPz startegically somewhere to gain support from non-PPP…….and at the end will never conclude on what he wants to say!!

  75. @Malek
    I don’t do hidden praise , I don’t even need any support from non-PPP , you are absolutely wrong there.
    Sorry I stepped on your tail …. I knew and did it deliberately but you are so nice that in return you pass compliments to thanks 🙂

  76. @peja
    both of these eveident in less than one sentence that you wrote in your comment less than 20 minutes earlier ‘the devil Asif Zardari for his far sight to get rid of Amin Fahim’

  77. @Malek
    Let me remind you the famous quote by Dr. Pejamistri

    As a software engineer , I sometimes envy God, as no humans can make two intelligent machines having such a vast difference of intellect between them, it is only God who makes two humans poles apart in their intellect.

    Dear Sir we are poles apart in our intellect , it will not be possible for me to shout from south pole to make you understand my sentences who stands at north pole.
    So don”t confuse yourself by understanding the fiction of pejamistri it could be too much for feeble minds 🙂

  78. @pejamistri: “Dear Sir we are poles apart in our intellect , it will not be possible for me to shout from south pole to make you understand my sentences who stands at north pole.”

    OMiGOD!!! [Insert Home Alone pic here] Your modesty is freaking me out dude! 😉

  79. Does any body know where I can get the full text of “Aao Hamaray Saath Chalo, Hum Mulk Bachanay Niklay Hain…..” from?

  80. @dmin

    any word on any program from AAJ…(in my opinion the only credible news channel of pakistan whose owners also stand by their journalists)

  81. Someone here mentioned that the procession was 100,000 strong approx., and that it is the biggest in the history of pakistan. Surely that can’t be true. I mean there must have been bigger ones, and also, 100,000 is not that big. I read somewhere that they were expecting around 15,00,000 people from Punjab alone.

  82. revolution…i am sure you have seen crowds bigger then 100,000 in pakistan…i dont remember…(except perhaps zab). and those saying 15,00,000…are the ones who want to say at the end of this event….that it was not successful.

    spin shin is ON!!!

  83. the news eh….same group that banned hamid mir and shahid masood?

    i would not put a number….it takes one 111 brigade to bring down an elected govt. in pakistan..so dont talk numbers…this is the media strategy of PPP(z) and Army HOuse

  84. Have Hamid Mir, Shahid Masood and Kashif Abbasi been banned? Somone even asked the questions to Sherry Rehman about that. Does anybody know anything?

  85. I hate all of them…surely the Nawaz group or at least Khawaja Asif will do something for them..afterall they are part of the coalition..do you think?

  86. Well, the credibility of the news went down for me, when they claimed that mush wsa stepping down within 48 hours. A newspaper that can say such immensely important things without confirmation has some serious problems.

    Anyways, i am expecting a big crowd in islamabad waiting to join the long march. And I can understand what you mean about numbers being not so important, but I want to see lots and lots of people out there. Bigger the crowd, more will be the pressure

  87. All right. Here’s what happening:
    1) Lathi chrage and tear gassing is on the cards tomorrow
    2) Media is being bullied, by tomorrow a few channels may be taken off air before the tear gassing begins
    3) This is the biggest proof yet that Mush and AZ are one.
    4) This all happened as last ditch efforts by PMLN failed. Yesterday SS asked PPP to restore judges, even theor own way. Earlier today PMLN MNAs met YRG to prevent him from political suicide.
    5) The demise of the PPP govt starts today. They have chosen to pick a fight with the lawyers and media.

  88. Does any body know where I can get the full text of “Aao Hamaray Saath Chalo, Hum Mulk Bachanay Niklay Hain…..” from?

  89. There is a festive mood in Rawalpindi , people held a torch procession earlier , thousand of people are gathering at different camp set up on the murree road , it is going to be a great rally tomorrow something my eyes have never seen before. They say that a lot of cars and buses are joining the procession at each tehsil and village on the way to Islamabad , let me guess the procession will reach by tomorrow night around mid night at constitution avenue. It is great to see that it is the same place where mad dictator had a rent-a-crowd jalsa on 12th of May 2008.
    BTW I was in Islamabad during long marches in 90’s , and had access to police and other security agencies , at that time establishment used to be extremely afraid of people gathering in Islamabad , I remember some big shots having concerns if people enter Islamabad they may get out of control and there may be a revolution. In those days they always used excessive force to stop anybody from pindi or g.t. road to enter Islamabad.
    This will be for the first time that hostile crowd is entering Islamabad against the wishes of establishment , I am praying that the fears of that big shot come trure tomorrow and we see the people going out of control and bring a revolution, I am praying this more because the leader of this crowd is Aitzaz Ahsan so a revolution will not be mullah’s islamic revolution.

  90. @peja

    I would disagree with you there, people need to be peaceful, and I hope the govt doesnt pose any problems to disrupt the long march. I think the march itself is a mini revolution. My real concerns are the rumors someone posted here about the govt teargassing the crowd, and shutting down channels. That wont go good with anyone

  91. @peja

    the iranian revolution didn’t start off as an islamic one either….it was an anti-shah/american movement….which the ayatollahs hijacked (and the iranian ayatollahs are educated..unlike our jamati ghundas)

  92. @revolution
    Sorry for confusion, rest assured the guy’s out-of-control fears were as simple as mine, our society has become so extremist that for the simple terms we have “bloody” meanings… remember I did not use the word “bloody”.
    I do hope that somehow the people actually start moving towards the army house in Rawalpindi , although I know they have agreed now not to go in cantonment area , but you never know a few hundred thousand people , sitting for 24 hours , they may tun uncontrolable.
    BTW I am trying to remember Edward Shewernadze who was president of a soviet state and had to run out of the parliament when people got out of control and decided to enter the parilament , I believe he had to run literely and went out of the country.

  93. @kafka8
    I have no idea about Iranian revolution somehow I have always been aversed to study of Iranian revolution but they say Iranian uprising was based on good/solid principles and was very much democratic. I have been told tha despite the religious influence on the government functioning Iranian society still follows the basic norms of democracy…
    however I won’t be interested in discussing Iranian revolution right now , although you are welcome to correct me if I am wrong.

  94. Excellent work admin in posting all the videos of the speeches. Keep it up!

    Just as an fyi, only Aajt TV is giving live coverage now, ARY and Geo seem to have succumbed to govt pressure!

  95. @peja

    yup, I hope they surround the parliament and the army house. There is no way a crowd of a few hundred thousand people can be controlled and manhandled by police. The army will not come into this mess, and it will be the cops against the people, and the cops wont be on the winning side. If such a thing happens, the scenes will be ugly, and expect a severe backlash from the people. The PPP govt. and PPP as a party, will definitely go down the drain.

  96. @peja

    no ..you are essentialy right about it following basic norms of democracy….thus my point ..educated ayatollahs. It the half-cooked self appointed defenders of islam in pakistan that i loathe.

    but i accept your point about the faujstanishment being fearful of the first ever hostile civil advance on their fortress…and yes..a part of me wants them to take the castle by storm…but another ..very importatnt part……doesn’t want to live under shariah law..or a saudi style rule…

    a cultural revolution…yes!! i am all for it….the sooner the better!!!! .

  97. @Revolution

    “The PPP govt. and PPP as a party, will definitely go down the drain.”

    They have really worked hard for this and deserve every bit of “zillat”.

    PPP is a disgrace!


  98. @ Saqib

    if PPP does interfere and is with mush on this, then they wil go down big time. Even their staunch supporters wont vote for PPP again. Remember that PPP always got anti-establishment vote, and zardari has made it a pro establishment party. They deserve to be be destroyed for good

  99. @Revolution

    There is no doubt in my mind that Pervez Poodles Party is doomed. They have left no room for any doubt. They will be remembered in the annals as the worst kind of traitors. They can sell anything for money. Shame on these creatures.


  100. BREAKING!! The lawyers are going to spend night under stars.. the angels are sheduled to sing sweet lullabys and as the layer is sleeping, manno vah salaavah going to desend from heavenly sky and the lawyer will dine in the morning. revolution WILL be televised expect in arab area.. they don’t want to give idea to stupid arbis!!! One more bus has joined the karavan and this now officially cuba revoulution minus the baybay of pigs. She went home (president house) last night and still feeding milk to her 6 piglet.


    .-""""-. .-""""-.
    / \ / \
    /_ _\ /_ _\
    // \ / \\ // \ / \\
    |\__\ /__/| |\__\ /__/|
    \ || / \ || /
    \ / \ /
    \ __ / \ __ /
    '.__.' '.__.'
    | | | |
    | | | |

  101. Admin – would you be kind enough to upload the part of Lahore convention when that lady lawyer read “Aao Hamaray Saath Chalo, Hum Mulk Bachanay Niklay Hain”?….I would be very greatful….Thanks.

  102. Hey peja and kafka 8. I dont know about you guys but I certainly am feeling quite nervous

    You know what I think these are most nervous movements in our history

    everyone is nervous for a reason

    Musharraf obviuosly because of an imminent defeat

    Zardari and co for the fear of losing it all

    Establsihment for the end of their rule in this country

    Military for finally coming to its auqaat

    and us all including lawyers, judges, political activists, civil society and common man for the fact that we are so close to the realisation of a true enlightened pakistan

    what do you guys think?

  103. do you think 2000 people will be bring a revolution in Pakistan.


    i m sorry you are wrong again!

  104. @alexbutt

    dunno alex….enlightenment may have always been there…tis freedom we seek…i think. freedom from a faujistanic state that thinks its needs
    comes first and not the needs of the people

    but yeah…sitting on the edge here too mate

  105. Be optimistic kafka8

    Things cant be worse than this

    We fell to such great depths on 3rd November that its hard to fall lower than that

    You know there is always a morning that folows a dark night

    and for pakistan this is the start of that morning

  106. Long March in Gujrat

    Even PPP laweyrs are showing their presence there.

    Ali Ahmed Kurd ….as usual …..wonderful speech…

    Ali Ahmed Kurd thanked NS and PMLN for their participation….also named Javed Hashmi and Saad Rafique and PMLN leaders.

  107. @alexbutt

    hmm….not knowing whats unfolding…(as in watching it live) is getting to me a bit. i am optimistic…second only to peja ..i think..hahah..
    (why do u hope i am not in britain? 🙂 and no i didn’t go to the london march…

  108. @alexbutt

    I was there in London demonstration. People attended in a reasonable number and were present there for about 1.5 hr. GEO Tv team and other journalists form Print media were also there

    Syed Ghaus Ali Shah of PMLN also attended.
    PTI had a good presence with there flags. There were people who joined from other cities also.

    I salute all who particiapted in this demonstration.

    One PPP guy was also there with party flag. e raised slogans against Latif Khota and Rehman Malik. As per him , these are CIA agents.

  109. @chotibibi

    i am as in the fog as you are…but what i heard; hamid alleged on aaj..that rehman malik was involved in asking UAE to take them off air

    again…this is not confirmed

  110. @ kafka

    oh sorry, didnt mean it that way, what I meant was I hope u are not in britian

    and U know how I know that you might be in Britian,
    right mate

  111. AAJ TV is giving Live coverage to Long March speeches in Gujrat.

    They are doing a wonderful job. We must appreciate sincere efforts of AAJ team and write emails to their team and anchors for appreciation of their positive role.

  112. @kafka

    yes watching AAJ and soon these videos will be uploaded here as well.


    The way Long March is getting reception in towns and cities on GT Road, i think , it may take another 10 hrs, i guess.

  113. @gm

    grumbling mumbling….hmm…if only @dmin was able to upload regular updates from AAJ

    grumbling mumbling some more…

    (alexbutt…all good… 🙂

  114. Hamid Khhan addressing in Gujrat rally….appreciating the arrangements by Gujrat Distirct Bar Association.
    Hamid Khan also apprecaiting Nawaz Sharif fro their efforts and also PPP Gujrat for siding with Laweyrs cause and not with some party leaders.

    People’s Laweyrs leader of Gujrat said ” We dont accept leadership of those who dont beleive in Rule of LAw………our leader is Aitzaz Ahsan. From now on , PPP will also take part in this long march as they started this in Gujrat.”

  115. Azan e Fajr i Gujrat, Hamid Khan paused his speech…

    Hamid Khan getting tough at Rehman Malik…….

    hum musharraf oar MQM kay containers say nahen daray…..tum kia cheeze ho Rehman Malik…..

  116. Hamid khan made things more clear than Kurd. Kurd just went on and on about PPP being there. Hamid Khan making it clear that the PLF lawyers are there in their own capacity, and not under the forum of PPP.

  117. ah…then the rumors about this huburus bustard..rehman malik contacting the uae govt. were probaly true..

    first he tried to postpone the by-elections…and now …he is more unholy then the uncouth wasi zafar or that ghalat bayani mofo

  118. Admin

    Do you think it is worthwhile to arrange a rally outside UAE embassy in london for repeatedly sucumbing to the dictator’s requests instead of whole Pakistani nation? They have really made a habit of blocking channels as and when required.

    I think this is against the international as well as UAE’s own laws. We should protest against such discrimination.

  119. @ashahid

    Its an excellent idea and i think we must go fro it ASAP. These arab monachs are not used to such bashing and if we can arrange it with peoper planning and can get good media coverage, it will definitely be having some impact.

    Also we can start Email Campaign and write to different minsteries/embassies of UAE and protest about it.

    Objecctive should be to highlight the issue rather than keeping silent as usual.

  120. AA saying Khwaja Asif said “long march ke ghubaray mei se hawa nikal gai hai”. When did Khwaja Asif say this?

  121. he must have meant that kh. saab..TOLD HIM that this is what GEO/iftikhar is putting across…the new establishment propaganda…!!

    but to be confirmed…

  122. @ashahid
    Its an excellent idea.
    Arrange a protest at London UAE Embassy. I am in Birmingham and will come their to assist in this cause.
    We must start email campaign asap.

  123. AA must leave his association with PPP out of this speech. He must understand that he is bigger than PPP now.

  124. I think it was said by Kashmala in yesterdays capital talk ( need to confirm though) and i think she said wakeelon kay gubaray say hawa nikal gai hay……….and obviously she meant something else and not Long march

  125. kashmala tariq said that on capital talk that by announicing the increase in number of judges in budget…ppp “nay ghubary say hawa nikal di”

    kh. asif or no pml-n person said that

  126. good good……….keep ur spirits high…remember we have nothing to lose

    yeah on call

    seeing 80 odd year old boozers and demented lot

    gosh its boring

  127. all those who had either made a wrong decision {not to participate in election} or has been rejected by the people of Pakistan are trying to Hijack the Mandidate of the people of Pakistan.

    Who said Long march is a success 2000 people in Multan and 2000 people in Lahore high court {according to GEO TV} is a success then i dnt know what will be a failure.

  128. I think it will be interesting to know tomorrow that APDM, PMLn, Civil Society, Ex servicemen Society, ex ambesseders and many others will be able to bring 2-3 million people to Islamabad to break the record of PPP ‘s welcome to its Leader Benazir in 1986 & 2007.

    I dnt think so but we will have to wait.

  129. Hijack the Mandidate of the people of Pakistan.


    o Jiyala paijaan, mandidate noo ronday phirday ho, kam az kam spelling tay check kar lainay san mandidate day!

    tussi waqai jiyalay ho. sirf jiyalay hee apnay mandidate da aina perha hashar kar saknay nay. keep up the jiyalapan and jahalat.

  130. do i need to prove that who people has given Mandidate to rule this country.

    PPP will reinstate Judges but on it own terms and conditions.

    No one can dictate us except the people of Pakistan.

    not these bloody loosers.

  131. these jiyalas have’nt been able to get anything from their own government, except that they got permits and this even for the selected ones, how can they raise the voice against injustice. look at AZ who also is in pakistan due to NRO. We the people living abroad are with the long march.

  132. kashmala, farzana and sherry – these bibi’s have nothing to do with the pakistan politics – they just want to be in the news by making controversial remarks – look what the defence minister is saying about the attack in bajaur agency (that we are not capable to defend pakistan- Jaa pha jee service industry chalao) – Pakistan bachao and take part in the long march, long live the long march and the movement for the restoration of democracy.

  133. @Jiyala,
    Failure is your leader AZ, and you. You have betrayed your leader BB who promised to reinstate IMC and she rejected PCO judges.

    AZ was the biggest dacoit of the last century plundering $2 billion. This century he has looted the mandate given by 160 million people.

  134. Zardari is in Pakistan because more than 10 millions Pakistani Voted his party
    almost double than Mian Sahab

    and 10000 time more than Imran Khan.

  135. and did you ever heard a GOVT giving 20,000 jobs in 2 days.

    you will never find a single example in history of Pakistan that a GOVT has offered 20,000 new JOBs in 2 days.

    its PPP who is providing thousands of JOBs to the poor people of pakistan while all others are playing Long march , Long March.

  136. did you ever heard ANY GOVT providing 5 million households {poorest of the poor} 1000 rupees a month.

    its PPP and its doing at a time when everyone else is playing LONG MARCH LONG MARCH.

  137. zardari is in pakistan because of NRO, this 5 million u r talking of, I think if u r real jiyala u won’t be getting the 1000 rupees a month, it’s zardari who will be taking this (he is ghareeb). mut karo jiyalao

  138. Ts

    and Is Zardari gona take 20,000 JObs as well which this GOVT has announces in Last 2 days?

    is Zardari has taken 4500 Megawatt of electricity which PPP provided to this country from 1993-1996

    Your people has Zardariphobia.

    but as Long Poor people support him and his party you people has to face him.

  139. patta nahin kis duniya mai yeh jiyalay reh rahain hain, aankhain bund kar kay sarkoon par say guzartay hoon gain jo inhain ghurbat nahin nazar aatee. open your eyes, listen what your defence minister is saying (america kay khushamdion) – Bhutto nain toh jaan day dee america key mukhalfat main or zardaro ko daikh loor us kay defence minister ko sun low kiya kehta hai bajaur agency humaly kay baray main. Aankhian kholo or kan saaf karao takay tum kissay or key bhi baat sun sako or un maon key bhi jin kay bachay is american humlay shaheed ho gaye hain

  140. jao karachi kay jiyaloon say poocho, kay 2207 main unhoon nain containers say saath kiya keeya, 0r 2008 kay election main unhoon nain kis tarah say MQM kay muqabla keeya (kiya karachi kay jiyalay MQM key golion ka nishana bunnay kay leeya he hain)

  141. ts

    now will you tell us why did Bhutto Sacrificed him life?

    so do you want that we attack US forced in Afghanistan?
    or should we Bomb our Nuke on them?

    come on grow up.

    do you want PPP to wage a war with US.

    PPP is not IDIOT like Saddam or Mullah omer that to show that its macho we drag our country to a War and ruined it forever.

  142. ts

    you need to understand In Sindh and KARACHI there is PPP’s Government and MQM is an allied party.

    not the vice versa!

  143. you have a govt i Sindh, beacause of the vote from Interior sindh, not from karachi – ask the jiyals from karachi and they will tell u the hard time they are passing through

  144. Ts

    PPP has a Govt in SINDH because of the Vote from SINDH {not Just Interior} and KARACHI is a part of SINDH.

  145. no
    Their VOTE was from SINDH {all SINDH}

    why they need MQM?
    because they want to create an atmosphere of reconciliation.

  146. at least poor people are getting something

    at least they will get 2 waqat ki Roti with that

    thats was electoral manifesto of PPPP ROTI KAPPRA AUR MAKAN.

    and we are giving 20,000 jobs in just 2 days


  147. who is this we are, where the money is coming from and on what cost (pakistan par humlay kartay raho hum kuch nahin kahain gain). kaka ballee sarkari mulazmeen ko tunkwah dainay kay paisay toh hai nahin- finance minister khud keh raha hai khazana khali hai – roti, kapra or makaan kidhar key baat kar rahay ho

  148. @Jiyala,
    PPP is divided into two groups. The upper body is represented by AA and senator Iqbal Haider. The lower body, in particular the anu$ is represented by AZ.

    Thand pay gaee ey kalaijay vich teray hun!

  149. ts

    This is Peoples Government and our First priority is the Poor people of Pakistan.

    that why we initiated some planes for them.

    when all your other leaders were planning LONG MARCH, our Leader was in Saudi Arabia Begging for some Aid so he could help people.

  150. Kruman

    PPP is not divided its unanimous under the leadership of AA Zardari.

    and all others who want to leave the party can leave.

    and history is clear all Those who left PPP has been wasted and put in the dust bin the history by the people of Pakistan


  151. yahee toh dar hai tum jiyaloon koh, u don’t have the courage to stand and argue with your present leaders and tell them the whole truth about what is going on, and what the people of pakistan is asking for, the only leader PPP has was Z. A. BHUTTO, he has all the respects from all the peoples of Pakistan (us ka key kamaya hua ab tuk party kha rahee hai, us kay baad na koi leader aaya hai or na aaye ga). Lawyers movement is justified and theie movement is for you and me not for themselves, but for pakistan, if this is not true, then u r negating those (Jiyalas) who died last year on May 12, 2007

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