PMLN also Sold???

After PMLN support for Finance bill approving 29 judges, a lot is being said about a certain group of PMLN leaders who are, for some personal reasons, going against PMLN well know stance regarding judicial issue.

A similar article by Ansar Abbasi tells the same.


– What is the public opinion about this issue?

– Who are those PMLN leaders and what are their motives behind this change of stance?

– What is the role of external threats and factors for PMLN (reported) compromise??

Ansar Abbasi’s The News Article

68 thoughts on “PMLN also Sold???

  1. i think ansar abbasi should be a script writer of “ghundi run” featuring benazir bhutto.
    this guy is so emotional that he is loosing sense. why do we jump on conclusions so fast. why do we need something to happen everyday.
    just chill.politics is sometimes “wait and see”

    i think NS has exposed zurdari and pee pee pee. we have to wait for a while because stupid people of pakistan have voted pee pee peee.

  2. its very simpleabout leaders:

    Khawja Asif sahib: Brother in Law of Farooq Naik and a friend of Mr.Zardari (according to media) ..if people remember that when salman taseer was appointed as Governor and PML(N) protested then some PPP leaders gave this statement that we have informed Khawja Asif Khawja Asif sahib is a good bridge between PPP and PML (N) and very keen to get back his petroleum ministry……Baki “Neeton kay Haal Allah janta hay”

    Ishaq Dar: i have not heard any reason about his keen interest in 29 judges solution, except for that he wanna get back his own ministry of finance back…….so till know according to media reports these two persons are giving opinion to NS that we should go ahead and make compromises with PPP

  3. They are just dying to get their ministeries back. NS didn’t just manage to expose Zardari, but also exposed PML-N in the process.

    Now we know exactly where they stand. NS used Lawyers movement to get popular opinion in his favour. They took us for a ride and we were too dumb to see their real intentions.

    PML-N media machine will try and put a positive spin on it. This nora kushtee finally seems to be coming to an end.

  4. This journalist has been seen into a personal wrangle with some PML-N leaders, in the recent past. Looks like he is trying to settle scores with the party.

    In a lawless country where power is everything, this seems to be an expression of journalistic power and leverage. Nevertheless, the party can take it as an eye opener. Criticism can help if taken in good faith.

  5. Nawaz Sharif is a wise leader and he would think many times before blindly following the sly Madari and PPP. He knows the level of support he is getting from the masses and will not go the other way, if by any chance PML-N really retract their promises, APDM will have a huge responsibility on their shoulders. APDM at the moment, seems to be waiting for PML-N’s clear position.

  6. @ wellwisher – of PML-N. Don’t you think that accepting 29 judges including Doggar court will bring PML-N at par with Pee Pee Pee.

  7. It is simple,
    Nawaz Sharif has built his political base on Pothohar and Urban centers of upper Punjab ( Which are dominated by Kashmiri immigrants).
    The Lawyers movement is more like the affair of Rural Punjab and Islamists which makes it different from what Nawaz Kashmiri would look after.

  8. Even if they are SOLD….So what…They will end up in a more dark and black hole than mush.

    The most important thing is:
    People have realized the IMPORTANCE of independent Justice system. and this is what counts the MOST. Now, doesn’t matter even if IMC is sold, because in that case, restoration of Judges won’t bring much change. Joo loog NS / IMC ko phoolon ke haar pehna sakte hain who inko joote naheen maar sakte?. As Haroon Rashid rightly points out, PPP / PML(N) / Mush naheen, judge ko Awam ne restore kurna hai. Politicians feed on people’s idiocy. and nation who is stressing / protesting / struggling / voting / shouting for INDEPENDENT JUSTICE system can be anything but IDIOT. Jisne “ROOTI KAPRA AUR MAKAAN” ke liye vote diya, its quite possible ke who sari umer Roti ke liye zaleel hota rahe, lekin jisne “INSAAF” ke liye vote diya hai, agur Bhooka bhi mara tu Ezat ki maut he mare ga.

    My $0.02

  9. NS is surrounded by opportunists like Kh Asif and Ishaq Dar. If continues to flip-flop on the judges issue he will lose all the goodwill he has earned in the last few months.

    AZ’s message to NS is:
    Hum to doobay hain sanam, tum ko bhi lay doobain gay

  10. @Nayyar Sohail,
    No, PMLN will not be at par with PPP, they will sink further down. PPP still has illiterate Sindhis as base who would go naked, hungry and without justice and still vote for waderas.

    Northern Punjab, PMLN’s politcal base, is more literate and people are politically more savvy than one’s in urban Sindh. They will reject PMLN completely.

  11. @Kruman

    Hmmm….So you think having Mujras as part of their Culture make them Literate..Sindhis may be uneduacated….But not iliterate.And Not having education is problem of whole Pakistan.Specially the kind of extremist thoughts people have in parts of Punjab. That speaks for iliteracy rather.The Fact is that the kind of following PML-N has they don’t have heart to fight for democracy

  12. @DG,
    It is better to accept the reality than stone-wall people speaking the truth.

    The fact is that southern Punjab and Sindh are infected with feudals, much more than Karachi, Hyderabad and northern Punjab. These people (southern Punjabis and Sindhis) are some of the most down-trodden people in the world.

    You are right, mujras are the way of life with people Asif Zardari.

    What can I say about an illiterate Punjabi or Sindhi when literate people like you choose to defend waderas.

    Again, sorry if I hurt your feelings. That was not the intent. I was merely pointing out a fact.

  13. Dear All,

    One of the major reason why we are in crisis is that we make decision very agressively, and we can just criticise everyone. On just 1 point that PMLN has favoured Budget, and u have decided that PMLN is also sold. No this is wrong. Pakistan is in deep trouble Please try to understand. PMLN is very strict in its promises. I got a news from a TV channel that Nawaz Sharif clearly said to Asif Zardari in Last meeting, ” Zardari Sb ab buht aap ne ghhoma liya, ab aap faisla karain warna ye mulaqaton k khel band bhi ho saktay hein” And Asif zardari came without saying anything in media. There is serious clashed in PMLN and PPPP. For God sake trust on Leadership. You cant imagine what is realy happeninh in the country in hidden. Blochistan. And specially Karachi. Please UNITY UNITY UNITY………Otherwise we will never excuse ourself.


  14. “Why are the writings of Mr. Abbasi appear in the news section and not in opinion? He seems to write commentaries and opinions but is called a journalist? I think it is misleading. Clearly he is enjoying the freedom of media in Pakistan today and seem to write emotional articles based on rumors and innuendos.”

    Some examples of yellow journalism at:

    Ansar Abbasi is closely related to a local Jamaat Islami leader in Rawalpindi and is directly instructed by Munafiq Munawar Hasan and Liaqat Baloch. Not unlike Nota, he switches his barking from PML-N to PPP and vice versa. B@st@rds such as these must be hanged with the balls of their master, i.e. Qazi Hussain Ahmed.

  15. Please do not label AZ with PPP. He has been imposed on the party due to circumstances. People have no choice but to wait for a great leader to take over. Also he is just a transition. I am sure PPP will soon be taken by a person with leadership qualities. AA is the best choice followed by Makhdoom AF.
    Shareef family has been playing games to gain some popularity and finally they have been exposed too.
    IK is not my choice since he has no support. May be he needs some miracle.
    @DG, Probably you are not aware that literacy rate in sindh is sharply going up. Waderas haven’t have that much say in the politics as they used to be in Zia’s era who encouraged them to crush PPP. Media has played a vital role in educating the masses. Soon you’ll find Sindhis ranking NO.1 in literacy rate in Pakistan.

  16. As posted by Amir Hameed in visitors news heading:

    “Judges strength in Supreme Court raised to 29?

    Though the legislators of the PML-N preferred to abstain from voting yet they did not either oppose or support the clause 18 that contained an increase in the strength of the judges of the Supreme Court.

    So how is this different from what the PPP did when they abstained from voting in the sham presidential elections? It is not and is the same thing. The only sane voice seemed to came from Ayaz Amir who seemingly protested this move by his party. This is what I find amuzing:

    Replying to the concerns of Ayaz Amir, Finance Minister Syed Naveed Qamar revealed in the National Assembly that this clause was drafted by Senator Ishaq Dar and, as such, it was better for Ayaz Amir to inquire from his party. “This clause was implemented as an agreement was reached between the two major parties of the coalition partners,” he added.

    The clause to add more judges was drafted by Ishaq Dar, which means that PML-N was doing a topi drama and NS was in agreement with the snake, Zardari from the beginning.

  17. This is what is called Politics! Ishaq Dar also has close family relationship (daughter/son married to NS’s) with NS so its not possible that he is doing on his own

    NS got a brilliant slogan for election campaign that paid well till now. However, no political party has clear policy on issues.

    change is only possible if enabling forces are powerful than the forces of status quo, which the former could be if DHARNA was made But all including political parties are afraid of this change and want some status quo….

    If SS can win without contest and so does HS and NS can have PM protocol bla bla… then why they have such long rounds of judiciary reinstatement talks?

    ‘Camel is a horse designed by committee’

  18. Ansar Abbasi is 200% right.

    there are evident event one may recall to build his/her belief that Nawaz Sharif ‘s all topi drama

    – oath from his candidates
    – emotional speeches
    – support for lawyers
    – coalition with PPP

    was just to get rid of Musharraf and now when Zardari has confirmed him that he is ready to bring impeachment motion against his old enemy he agreed to Zardari ‘s formula for restoration of judiciary.

    1 – The key evidents U-Turn of PML-N all might have noticed was the Capital Talk where Khawaja Asif sitting next to Sherry was seconding 29 judges formula.

    2 – Nawaz Sharif ‘s role to sabotage long march on request of Zardari.

  19. There is a logic in the whole situation. Everybody comes to its minimum agenda. Minimum Agenda of pML (N) was to get rid of Mush and also continue coalation. As Zaradri might assure them that he is going to kick Musharraf out soon so PML (N) is ready to compromise on judges issue as it was not their prime importance issue.. they also wanna restore judges that perhaps SC will open case of Mush as president elected in uniform and SC verdict will kick Mush. out now Musharraf will be kicked out by impeachment and SC and judges issue is secondary for PML (N)— Minimum agenda of PPP was to somehow block honest Iftikhar Chaudary as he can open NRO issue once again so PPP will give gift of 29 judges where “Trojan Horses like Dogar” will be present and they will not give any verdict against PPP Govt. This is real politics….

    Long Live NRO
    Long Live Feudals of Pakistan
    Long Live Hypocrite politicians

    everybody is happy and people .. they deserve it all who said them to vote for PPP….this nation deserve exactly what is happening with them and they deserve even worst and they will get it in coming years

  20. Ansar Abbassi seems to be right.

    Judges’ number has increased to 29 and is valid from 3rd Nov 2007. Haha, that means Mush actions were right, Pak people wake up these leaders will remain the same. But pay the price as we have selected them………

  21. @musty
    wrote only rubbish.
    Dear leave Ansar Abbasi and his coulmn. Could you justify the act of PML-N to increase the number of judges 29?
    Don’t speak ol follllll…

    Read agian article of Ansar Abbasi about lal masjid, everything was justified..and now people even PML-N agreed that Lal Masjid mascare was bloody adventure by Mush, and that was hypered by media.

  22. @musty

    could you indicate only a one point in Ansar Abbasi’s coulmn, which is biased or not justified?

    Dosron ko blame karnay ke bajai apnay graiban main jhankna behtar hota hai

    I am agree that
    PPP is now PML-Q and
    PML-N is now MMA

  23. How interesting to see that the same people who used to glorify Ansar Abbasi’s style of writing are now criticising him just because as before, he continues to write the truth but for a different group.

    It’s not just Ansar Abbasi but Haroon Rasheed, Nusrat Javed, Hamid Mir and many others who have been talking about this issue. And the facts they have mentioned are all correct.

    Still, I don’t think it’s the end of it all for PML – N. There are some people who want a compromise but the final decision is of course in the hands of NS. We can only hope that he will take a principled stand but I don’t see great chances of this happening. He had already given ground before the Muree Declaration – we all just chose to ignore this.

  24. Fit PML-N on the place of MMA

    Maulana Fazal was enjoying govt in NWFP and Balochistan and now PML-N is enjoying in Punjab
    Maulana Fazal was opposition leader and now same stance of PML-N in federal govt, declaring party as oppostion..

    I think people are right..
    Drama is same but change only in characters…..

  25. @zahidbinmustafa on June 23rd, 2008 10:52 am

    You wrote that:

    “I am agree that
    PPP is now PML-Q and
    PML-N is now MMA”

    Let me correct:

    Jamaat Islami is now nota and zahidbinmustafa
    PTI (Imran Khan’s tonga) is now Amir Hameed and Saqib

    And their objective is: Fail the system; invite another martial law.

    sunjiyaan ho jaan galiyan, vich mirza yaar phiray?? (i.e. qazi and imran, arm in arm)

    hoshiyar, khabardar, do tongay aa rahay hain….

  26. Indeed these rulers are here for sale because they don’t have any principles, manifestos, morality, and decency. There only criterion is there personal benefit in what ever form, weather in the form of Money or the form of Iqtidar. These are the most corrupt, dishonest, deceitful people in Pakistan which has destroyed Pakistan and are destroying it further. Just look at the hypocrisy of the current government and match it with the time when they were doing there election campaigns you will clearly see there deception, fraud and criminality.

    May Allah (swt) help us in removing them along with there corrupt system and replace them with a system prescribed by Allah (swt) and his messenger (saw) and then practiced by the noble companions (ra), by Tabaeen, Taba-Tabaeen and the people followed them, which is Khilafah.


  27. @all the pkpolitics visitors
    Salaam Alaikum Everyone,
    Why dont we go ahead and form our own party…. I am sure that a majority of visitors of this forum are well wishers of Pakistan and the politically neutral… Since almost all of you are well educated and can make a difference, why dont we form our own party…

  28. Here is a link to what Ansar had to say a few days ago (and it was featured on pkpolitics under Shady compromises, signs of sweeping the judicial crisis under the carpet:

    Signs of a shady compromise on judges issue
    ISLAMABAD: A dubious compromise of sorts may be in the offing in the ongoing struggle for the restoration of the deposed judges in the name of attaining the ultimate objective of an independent judiciary.

    Background interactions with quarters concerned reveal some of the deposed judges were ready for a compromise to accept the PCO judges as their colleagues in return for their reinstatement.

    Some top lawyers’ leaders, too, in their off-the-record discussions, talk of having no option but to accept the PCO judges whereas the champion of the pro-Nov 2 judiciary, the PML-N, also seems to be showing some flexibility on its principled stand.

    The compromise solution appears strange because the deposed judges would work with the PCO judges, who would be in a majority in a 29-member full court. The role of the restored judges would also be limited through some person-specific amendments to be made in the Constitution.

    This solution, it is admitted, would not achieve the ultimate goal of an independent judiciary but would end up in sweeping the judicial crisis under the carpet in the name of resolving the thorny issue.

    A source revealed that some of the deposed judges are frustrated to get back to their chambers at any cost. The source said these deposed judges are willing to serve alongside the PCO judges.

    According to a lawyers’ leader, this situation is quite disturbing for them as those for whom the legal fraternity is struggling appear to be crumbling under pressure. When asked as to why the lawyers are not exposing such deposed judges and move on for a solution that should ensure a really independent judiciary, he said the people have now developed great attachment with the deposed judges.

    The lawyers’ leader also ruled out the Maulana Fazlur Rehman formula which suggests removal of all the deposed as well as the PCO judges and appointment of new judges in the Supreme Court and high courts through a transparent procedure………

  29. @admin
    Its my first ever request to you so i hope you wont disregard it…. why dont you start a discussion forum in which everyone can give their opinion about forming a party of the educated people who feel for Pakistan and want to make a difference… its futile to keep on expecting something from the current political parties..

    Its just a suggestion so that we can know if the others think if its a good idea..

  30. “Cowardice asks the question, ‘Is it safe?’ Expediency asks the question, ‘Is it politic?’ Vanity asks the question, ‘Is it popular?’ But, conscience asks the question, ‘Is it right?’ And there comes a time when one must take a position that is neither safe, nor politic, nor popular, but one must take it because one’s conscience tells one that it is right.”
    — Martin Luther King Jr.

  31. -PML(N) is also sold
    -Ishaq dar, ahsan Iqbal and Khwaja Asif are main traitors (though all of them have proved to be traitor)
    -PML N has done this all to save govt in punjab
    -My future vote is now for Pakistan tehreek-e-Insaf, just Imran khan is left to be tested
    after he fails nation is justified for KHOONI INQALAB

  32. 16:30
    Increase in SC judges neither was suggested by us nor we were taken into confidence – Chaudhary Nisar

    We have no objection on the increase of judges in SC – Ahsan Iqbal

    source: jang online

    Is PML-N itself confused or it is trying to fool the nation?

  33. aoa

    the one thing politicians seem to forget is one day they will need to go back to public and ask for vote. this is why i pray this assembly does its full 5 years and no party is made a political martyr, like in previous years .

  34. @ aoa..

    you are very simple, BHOLE BADSHAH,,
    donot u know and donot the nation knew that ppp, pmln misuede the weaelth and rights of pakistan people,, the insulted before in their tow times governments the pakistan people, they forgot all about pakistanies ,,,,,,,,,,,,but ,,,,,,,,,,,,even so,,,,,,,,,,u saw ,,,,,,,,in this election tha pakistan people voted for the same ppp and pmln who did not do even one thing for the pakistanies,

    so dear, which kind of GERAT MAND pakistan people u are talking about,, our nation can vote only and only those people who beat them with dirty , CHITTERS, and people think that,, YE THEEK HE, ZARA ACHI TARHA CHITTER TO MARTA HE NA,,

    only one option has left for us to save us and our futuer if we want ,, is to vote IMRAN KHAN,, i think he should be given a chance to prove his loyalty, he should be given an opportunity to fulfil what he expresses on media,, may be he is the finla and right choice for the futuer of pak,,,,,,,otherwise ameria is soon to attack on all pakkkkkkkk,

  35. Breaking News: Nawas Sharif blocked from contesting by-elections.

    Decision on Shahbaz Sharif case is pending.

    This is what is called “Jaisi neyat waisi murad”.

    They thought the could bulldoze judicial issue after having consolidate their position in Punjab.

    Although he is bad guy (should be hanged till death), I think we should appreciate Mush for managing this court decision.

  36. NS not allowed to participate in elections………… full bench of Lahore High Court….

    what else was NS accepting after making firey speeches (in line with public demand) against DOGar court. a slap on the face of democracy……this verdict is clear evidence that Mush is still incharge and AZ is his front man….and YRG is just nobody

    If NS had compromised like AZ and Pee Pee Pee then i am sure that he would have been allowed to take part in elections…this decision concludes on this topic …………… NS NOT SOLD

  37. NS/AA derailed or rather suffocated the combined lawyers/APDM/(PML-Z) movement. What was the aim? Was it to introduce a new “era” or to reintroduce the usual dealing techniques?

    Add yet another defeatist minded party to the list.

    – PPP-Z
    – MQM-Z
    – ANP-Z
    – PPP-Z
    – PML-NZ

    ZZZZZ……..A sleeping nation? I hope not!


  38. @ musty

    re your post of 7.49 am:
    something is wrong with you….you are baying for ansaar abbasi’s blood because he is true to issues. isn’t it clear that he ‘barks’ at pee pee pee or pml-n in turns, because he is true to neither, but only to the issue at hand?

    And to be honest, that’s what we need: issues based politics in this country, not blind fawning at personalities…

  39. I hope SS gets kicked out too like NS.

    They deserve it for being poodles of AZ and PPP.

    In other news is that the fat p!g mulla diesal had a heart attack.

  40. @kruman

    i hope ur wish comes true…this for pml-n betraying free judiciaru..allah kay fazal-o-karam se!!

    ( mullah bhi diesel ki taranh expensive ho gaya tha))

  41. @kafka8,
    I agree. PMLN supported PCO judges by voting for the finance bill. Well this is what you are going to get from these PCO judges.

  42. @Gul
    “And to be honest, that’s what we need: issues based politics in this country, not blind fawning at personalities…”

    Exactly…What we are witnnessing is a similar attitude from PML-N supporters. They are also clutching to straws to defend their “leaders”. What a shame.


  43. Is there any PML-N supporter to explain the “logic” behind the PML-N decision? After all I am not the one and only IGORANT on this síte now.


  44. @Saqib,
    I am a PMLN supporter. But unfortunately we PMLN supporters are not brain-dead morons like PPP jiyalas. I was the first one to kick NS in his balls for this dumb move.

    He is turning into a poodle of AZ. I can’t defend PMLN over this.

  45. hahaha
    Agar biki bhi thi to PCO judges have KICKED them ( PML-N) on the A**.
    GANJA ineligible!

  46. @ usman khan 12.56pm

    i agree with most of your points,my family in pak wanted to vote for imran khan but he boycotted the elections.

  47. The judgment to declare NS ineligible couldn’t have come at a better time. PML-N validated the PCO judges as part of budget and now NS got what he deserved from these judges.

  48. @ usman khan 12.56pm and @aftab

    you are blaming PPP & PMLN Quote: ‘misuede the weaelth and rights of pakistan people,, the insulted before in their tow times governments the pakistan people’ and claiming that IK should be given the chance now?

    Firstly this will be only possible after 5 years when the elections are held. Secondly and more importantly IK actually supported Mush when he overthrew elected govt also claimed that the name of ShortCut Aziz was given by him to Mush!! so in effect IK was responsible for the mes created by Mush and SA which was much worse than PPP and PMLN put together

    You seem to be ready to ignore blunder by IK but not other political leaders???

  49. Whats wrong with you guys, just before ansar abbasi’s column everyone was praising NS, because of his stand, now what has happened all of a sudden? PMLN didn’t even supported that clause of increasing judges, so why are you guys blaming PMLN for PPP’s sins.. Can’t you guys just wait…

    After the death of Benazir everyone was praising zardari, for how he handled the situation, now see that b*stard….

    “Background interactions with quarters concerned reveal some of the deposed judges were ready for a compromise to accept the PCO judges as their colleagues in return for their reinstatement.”

    “On the other hand, the PML-N, which gained a lot of popularity for its clear stance on the judges issue, has started to appear vague. While PML-N Quaid Nawaz Sharif has categorically stated that he would not accept the PCO judges, his lieutenants are talking of a possible compromise.”

    If deposed judges are ready for a compromise, than why blame PMLN?

    And Ansar abbasi wrote in his column that some of the PMLN leaders were ready for a compromise, but not Nawaz shariff. And Nawaz Shariff’s decision is that matters the most… And the leaders who were talking of a compromise includes ishaq dar, which is sad… But I am pretty sure NS and majority of PMLN leaders won’t accept PCO judges. So just wait and see, and quit criticizing PMLN for nothing…

  50. Read Why Zardari doesn’t want Judges to be restored… A son of a theater owner made billions…

    He is the second richest Pakistani!!!

    1 – Mian Muhammad Mansha Yaha Pakistan

    Ranking: 1 Worth: £1.25b ($2.5billion)Industry: Businessman

    Mansha has around 40 companies on board. Mansha, who owns the Muslim Commercial Bank is also setting up a $ 17m paper mill. He is one of the richest Pakistanis around. Nishat Group was country’s 15th richest family in 1970, 6th in 1990 and Number 1 in 1997. Mansha is on the board of nearly 50 companies. He is deemed to have made investments in many bourses, currency and metal exchanges both within and outside Pakistan. He could have bought the United Bank too, but then who doesn’t have adversaries. Nishat Group comprises of textiles, cement, leasing, insurance and management companies. If Mansha was bitten by Bhutto’s nationalization stint of 1970, his friends think he was compensated by Nawaz Sharif’s denationalization programme to a very good effect. There is no stopping Mansha and he is still on the move.

    Nishat group assets are $4.4Billion. He is sometimes even regarded as the richest Pakistani around by his friends claiming he does not “show it off�.

    2 – Asif Ali Zardari Pakistan

    Ranking: 2 Worth: £900m ($1.8billion) Industry: Politics

    Asif Zardari dubbed “Mr 10%â€Â? an unknown happy-go-lucky son of a small-time businessman who struck gold by marrying one of the worlds most glamorous women Former Prime Minister of Pakistan Benzair Bhutto. Taking advantage of his wife’s authority he is known to have taken kickbacks from many deals inside and outside of Pakistan. The most famous was a $4 billion deal to buy 32 Mirage jets from the French company Dassault. Documents, which include letters from Dassault executives, indicate an agreement was reached to pay a 5% “remuneration” – about $200m – to Marleton Business, a BVI company controlled by Zardari. Besides these many more kickback deals were taken with companies such as ARY Gold, Société Général de Surveillance (SGS), Cotecna, and ZPC Ursus, a Polish tractor company.

    Zardari assets holding amount into hundreds of millions of dollars easily, Having 8 prime properties in the UK, of which once is the famous Rockwood Estate 365 acres in Surrey, worth £4.35m has now been sold and money sent back to the Govt. of Pakistan. Also 14 multi-million dollar mansions in the USA, including owning Holiday Inn hotel Houston, Texas Owned by “Mr 10%“ and Iqbal Memon and Sadar-ud-Din Hashwani.

    They (Zardari and B.Bhutto) also have huge business ventures in the Middle East running into hundreds of millions if not billion mark. Mr Zardari also has huge stakes in sugar mills all over Pakistan,which include: Sakrand Sugar Mills, Nawabshah, Ansari Sugar Mills, Hyderabad, Mirza Sugar Mills, Badin, Pangrio Sugar Mills, Thatta and Bachani Sugar Mills, Sanghar.

    3 – Sir Anwar Pervaiz UK

    Ranking: 3 Worth: £750m ($1.5billion) Industry: Businessman

    Chairman of Bestway Group. The Bestway Group started in 1976 with its first Bestway cash and carry warehouse opened in London. Today the have in total around 50 Cash and Carry’s. Including their recent takeover of rival group Batleys for around £100m. Bestway Group ventured into Pakistan’s huge the cement business in 1995 and set up cement manufacturing plant in Pakistan at a cost of $120 million.

    Taking Advantage of Pakistan growing economy they also acquired a 25.5% stake in United Bank Limited in 2002. Today, the Bestway Group has interests in cash & carry wholesale, property investments, retail outlets, milling of rice, lentils and pulses, cement production and more recently into banking. The group’s total sales amounted to in excess of £ 2 billion. The group provides direct employment to thousands in the UK and Pakistan. The have many interests in Pakistan too. Sir Anwar Pervaiz and his his partners sheer hard work has bought them to outstanding international levels, which definitely makes him an ideal role model for many young Pakistanis today. He still on the move!

  51. Please any body tell me latest link to watch GEO on internet. After GEO moved from UAE to Pakistan, none of Geo old Streaming Link is working.
    Also if you know some link for AAG, ARY and express news.

  52. @urazzaq12
    thanks for good basic analysis. agree we all should have read the artical before making emotional comments. However there are 2 reasons for these emotional outbursts

    1- We as a nation are very emotional. Partly because we never really tasted democracy other than brief stints of few years each by BB and NS.

    2- Secondly and more importantly there are number of ‘Saint IK’ supporters here who do not waste ay time in critisicing NS (even if its AZ’s fault!) because they think they can somehow win NS votes…. hahahaha…They dont know previously JI tried to do that too but failed… They also think that there is no one like Saint IK (even though he is once again missing from the political scene – his usual 3 month break after 2 weeks on TV channel) despite IK’s support to Mush and SA when they came into power! which they are ready to overlook but of course not overlook faults in any other political leader!

  53. We emotional people forget that shahbaz just being chief minister, why would he want to give it up, these ganjas have been fooling the nation and there is no doubt about it. They looted pakistan in their past, have they ever paid back. They live in Raiwand estate and wearing rolex and armani suits talk about “poor people”. These are the very same guys who looted with “qarz utaro mulk sanwaro”. They looted through “dollar freeze” and so many other instances. When did they ever give money to poor people, when did they build a cancer hospital or any education istitutes. They have enough money monthly in their wealth that the interest income on that can solve most of the poor people’s problems. They are just fooling nation like mota maulana diesel did. I hope who dies soon and had a real heart attack.

  54. @shak
    i hate Mullah diesel, but i wouldnt wish that any muslim (even so called) dies….. except for Mush

    by the way do you know how much they looted in each instance? and where did they store the cash? do you have any evidence that we can provide eg to NAB so to make sure that SS also gets disqualified.

    do you know who donated the land for the largest cancer hospital in Lahore?

  55. donated the land? His land? His money?
    And his life style does not tell you where he has stashed all the money. At the same time what about that “I never signed a deal with mush” and then “oh it was told 5 yrs and i signed 10 yrs by mistake”.
    I think these guys have enough money that if they give to poor people, country can prosper.
    And providing this information to “NAB”, are you kidding me….i am sure you are.
    And mullah diesel in no less sinister than Mush. I hate mush, dont get me wrong, but he is not using the name of religion for his wroing doing. Maulvi diesel is using the name of religion and giving hypocrisy a big name and almost redefining it. I never wish death for anyone, but i think we can do better without him.

  56. shak

    NS donated the land on which IK cancer hospital is built. did you know that.

    what about IK… ‘ 1999: I support Mush….. 2002 sorry i made a mistake’…… ‘2000 I propsed SA name for PM to Mush….2008 SA was the biggest XXXXXXX PM is Pak history’

  57. If you think i am a PTI member i am not. I am not a biased person who would support someone regardless of that facts. I have no vested interests. If i am correct NS gave that land which belonged to that state of pakistan not something out of his big and deep pocket. So did the present goverment for the college. And if IK realized his mistake and apologized 1000 time then i think we should forgive him. Again if he makes a mistake i will come down harsh on him. Pak is our land and we need to be unbiased to protect it.

  58. i think we are very emotional about every thing — calm down guys — zardari is not an easy task — nawaz and zardari coallition is just for instatement of deposed judges that all — nawaz sharif could make this policy to just criticize every wrong movement of zardari then it is very easy and every body know he is doing everything to save him to stay in power and he is not ready to leave musharaf and cant be agree to reinstate judges but
    if nawaz sharif leaves him and start war against him then who will become strength just those who dont want this country to stay in that position where would be able to decide who is good and who is bitch — so just calm down and let zardari play his cards — its shame on us that we selected that zardari as leader who is the most corrupt person in our country — but let those people think about it and judge real ugly faces of his and other lantees —
    nawaz sharif just dont wnat to give those powers to come back who dont like political progress in pakistan —- just support whats good for our country — but dont get emotional about these things also try to find what are facts — what do u think zardari party is very easy no way — they had deal and even on the dead body of benazir he is doing politics — he does not care who killed her —
    you might know about naheed khan’s interview and first interview of amin faheem on ary — he is just a daku — and inshaALLAH our people wont give him chance to make our country more crying — we are not coward nation but just there is one problem education — peee pee pee get votes from those part of pakistan where is people are not educated and not informative —
    if u have heard his speaches then you can understand he just say few things again and again that we had given blood and blood so what it means you can drink our blood — he is not even sincere with her death wife —
    nothing done on the death of benazir — why the person like rehman malik is his right hand — even he was the person who washed all the place of benazir incident on the same night — why there was not post martem — many questions but no answers ???????????? we are so unlucky whenever our any leader took courage to fight for us we never helped him — bhutto was killed but people could not do anythng — nawaz sharif stood against america but no body came for his help — dont blame we are just sitting at home and writing these words — we should come to sacrifies first then we can be one great nation —

  59. @Malek

    You say it like IK built his own Stip club at NS donated land. It was a CANCER HOSPITAL. General pakistani public is benefiting from it.

    What about NS?…Elections Boycott…No..Boycott…Than Boycott…than No Boycott.
    What about NS?…No Deal with Saudis…No Deal with Saudis…No Deal…Ok Deal was for 5 years ONLY…

    These are petty issues. No one is perfect here. NO ONE CAN be perfect. people make mistakes. Everyone of us has some hidden skeletons in the closet. The reason why people voted for NS was of his stance on Judiciary. The reason why people support IK is because of his EVER CONSISTENT stance on independent justice system.

    Criticism / Support should be based on issue. Yeh naheen ke JAHILON (JAYALON) ki turha choti choti baten pin point kur ke stupid arguments daite raho.

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