PML-N and JUI-F disowned Khyber Agency and restive area operation

ISLAMABAD: The ruling coalition partners, the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) and the Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam (JUI-F), have made it clear that they had not been taken into confidence on the ongoing operation in the Khyber Agency and other restive areas.

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14 thoughts on “PML-N and JUI-F disowned Khyber Agency and restive area operation

  1. And so did the ANP (on June 29,2008 on Kaltak). That leaves only the PpP to face the brunt of any fallout. Would it be fair for Zardari/ Malik to take all the credit if everything fitted perfectly?

  2. @ Ashraf
    The way that PPP has done a fabulous job in creating absolute confusion in the entire country, they certainly deserve it.

  3. PML(N) & JUI(F) can’t disown these operations and be in the Govt. at the same time. Enough it enough some times it is “Karwi Goli” on other occassions Ch. Nisar resents the increase in number of judges after the finance bill already passed, it is about time that the parties (PML-N & JUI-F) and individuals (such as AA) come out of the gray area and call spade a spade.

  4. Blaming PPP for everything is not the solution to any problem. We all are equally responsible for our lack of leadership towards issues of national importance. Why we are not united?

  5. Are PML(N) and JUI(F) not know about the facts? 28 peoples killed in FATA by Taliban-Type organization, Girl school has burnt in northern areas. why they have closed their eyes? Dont play politics on these serious issues. If militiants are so powerful who want to run their own system then where these politicals parties do politics? these should be support PPP on this occasion. we have to compete not only Taliban but also USA internal plans against us. which Politicions is strong man who think on tough time , this is pakistan tough time to go. These are all should be united.

  6. @truthteller20
    – yes the party in govt must get the blame, just like mush/SA used to? PPP is the only real party in govt and they need to provide leadership which they promised to the nation before elections

    – we are not united because one party i.e PPP made firm promises before elections i.e. restoration of judiciary…. but after winning elections their leader Mr Z said it was a ‘political mazak’

  7. @truthteller20
    In the future both these parties will be competeter of each other. So PML(N) will try to do politics on issues which are not handled by PPP i.e Restoration of Judges. Judges never resorted untill Mush go so PPP does not do in such a way. So PML(N) has opportinity to get support from nations about Judges Issues. Even there will PML(N) in the Full Govt instead of PPP then also will same situation. PML(N) has its dual standards about Judges because as they refuesed PCO judges in one side and in other side they accept increasing Judges from 16 to 27. This is politics which hold PML(N). and PPP has some involvement to disable Nawaz elections because Nawaz is the wrost danger for PPP in future election.

  8. @Malek

    strong coalition of both these parties with sincerity and loyality can sort out all problems. This coalition is dangerous for dictatoship so if they break or loose loyality then dictatorship wins. All parties should be united in this stage and never do politics individually wishes then we all will succeed to push dictators back.

  9. @tariq_pak
    so the starting point for this coalition to work will be to abide with the ‘charter of democracy’

    second point would be to get rid of the dictator? so its not just damgerous for dictatorship but puts an end to it!

    very logical what do you think?

  10. Benezir Bhotto’s assissination affected the democracy charter because Zardari is not much mature politicion as Bhotto.

    Only way of coalition of both parties can put an end dictatorship because NS can advice ZR to get rid of all those issues which are facing the nation.

  11. PPP, Police and the Army is doing fantastic job to establish the rule of Law. Never negotiate with terrorist and the Evil.

    Save Pakistan. Protect its territory. Do not allow any foreigner whatever his faith to cause damage. Those who burn shops and schools are evil satanic. Stop them save the people of pakistan. Nawaz and JUI want terrorist to succeed just to discredit PPP.

  12. agar confidence mein lay bhi laytae to ki put laina thaa Mushi besharam jo baitha hae pak army par clunk ka tika.

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