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  1. If you think everything is fair in politics to achieve short term goals through lies, intrigues and turning back on your words, you are living in a fool’s paradise. By adopting this bogus approach you might gain some short term benifits but in the end you are bound to fail miserably.

    But if your decisions are Principle based, you might have to bear a few hardships in the beginning but in the end, you are bound to win.

    This is a very old and basic philosophy which is true for every field of life. For me the true leader of Pakistan would be who will adopt the second approach and at the moment, i can only see Imran Khan doing politics of principles. So my vote will be for Imran in the next elections.

    May Allah give us the wisdom to choose the right leader.

  2. Asif Ali Zardari, the leading contender for the presidency of nuclear-armed Pakistan, was suffering from severe psychiatric problems as recently as last year, according to court documents filed by his doctors.

    The widower of former prime minister Benazir Bhutto was diagnosed with a range of serious illnesses including dementia, major depressive disorder and post-traumatic stress disorder in a series of medical reports spanning more than two years.

    full story at Financial Times UK

  3. @ Yahya Naik Parveen…………… Even if there is an Angel from skies he can easily be made controversial.

    What Saeed-u-Zaman did after this issue i.e. negating Musharraf was enough to clear him. Just like Justice Iftikhar, he was also house arrested and treated badly.

    Now he is “controversial” but just before his nomination, Senator Baber on TV was praising him. Even Altaf Kalia used to praise him saying that he should be reinstated as CJ instead of Justice Iftikhar as he didnt took oath under PCO even once.

  4. I still remember the cursed day of 27th December, 2007 when Nawaz Sharif rushed to General Hospital Rawalpindi and reached there when there was no PPP leader to mourn the assassination of Benazir Bhutto. Nawaz Sharif barefootedly, according to Sindhi tradition, wept and consoled with the agonized and shocked PPP workers. He vowed there to carry on with the democratic accord struck with Benazir Bhutto in London.


    PPP and PML-N fought elections in a very cordial fashion. They respected each other and they facilitated each other. They formed government together in Islamabad and in Punjab. It was when United States decided to part with their dictator and support democratic government to have a popular ally to fight the war against terror. Asif Ali Zardari was the chosen man because American never trusted Nawaz Sharif after he detonated atomics bombs during his previous tenure.

  5. @ Shahzad …….. i totally agree with you brother.

    Basically some Pee Pee Pee jiyale have gone so far in love of Zardari they would not mind even Quaid-e-Azam being shownn as controversial.

    This same guy Abbas Ather wrote 2 columns on Benaizr immediately after NRO (you can find them in archives on express website). If Abbas Athar is man enough he should atleast standby his own words. But seems like nothing is “Quran or Hadith” for PPP followers.

  6. For zardaro this paper is obviously not worth the ink used on it. He has back tracked on two main points.

    – Reinstatement of judges
    – A neutral person as a candidate for the presidency.

    In a way one can say that NS was lured, but I see this a little bit different. I think Zardaro has been exposed fully by the PML-N “adventure” with AZ, and thus PML has done the nation a favour. Obviously there was people like @Pejamistri, who still had confidence in the “democratic” forces. I doubt his democratic attitude, but credibility and good governance I can never expect from this moron.

    What a disgrace AZ is to the nation and HUMANITY.

    Nobody should be in doubt that this man can’t even be trusted 10%.

  7. @Ghazala

    Mr Gaddari can never be our leader……he proved that he’s Mr 10% and he dont mind to brake his promises……….

  8. PROPERTIES OF ASIF ALI ZARDARI – Nation Apr 01, 1998 or 1999
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  9. hmmmm……n nawaz sharif is honest :D:D:D…… its a case of choosing b/w dishonest clever man and a dishonest fool idtio ghadhaaa…..i wud go for zardari in current circumstances….nawaz is the most idiot person on earth…asif fooled him thrice :D:D:D……sttopid idiot….so ppl support a dishonest clever man rather than a dishonet fool…..

    in any case musharraf was the best option for paksitan who is no more:(

  10. nothing could be as black and white as this agreement…..negating from such a clear document…i think NS was right to break away from PPP

    even Maulana Diesel after reading this signed agreeemnt thinks that AZ cannot be trusted…then there is got to be truth in it

    if any PPP leader or jyala still defends PPP/AZ after reading this document then i think there is no point in getting even into any conversation with them…i find it hard to debate with people who dont believe in God…..people defending PPP on negating from this agreement.its the same feeling

    also people who think that AZ beat NS with his political manouvering….read this ….and shame on AZ and shame on You

  11. @Ghazala

    Mr Gaddari know’s that he can never be elected by awam(in future)…..that’s why he want’s to strenghthen himself for 5 years……he proved that he’s Mr 10% and he dont mind to brake his promises……….

  12. @ ghazi
    I dont know what is your source but even if you are right and you have proofs you know jiyalas have new slogan “Yeah koi Quran Hadith to nahin hay na ” so you cannt criticise him 🙂

  13. @ All

    You are forgetting no matter what you show or say remember “Yeah koi Quran Hadith to nahin hay na” :).

    I think this pharase has opened a new era in Pakistani politics now you can do what ever and in the end just say on tv with out feeling a bit of shame “Yeah koi Quran Hadith to nahin hay na” . What do you think

  14. @hopeful pakistani
    oooops sorry i forgot that this was the saying of someone as pious as Mr AZ……who follows Quran and Hadith in every aspect of his life!!!!

  15. yes…but only siants like AZ are authorised to say that
    and only jyalas dont feel shame when their pious leader Saint Zardari says that!

  16. @usman55
    ‘Basically some Pee Pee Pee jiyale have gone so far in love of Zardari they would not mind even Quaid-e-Azam being shownn as controversial’

    agree with you above ….but if i may add and say

    ‘Basically most Pee Pee Pee jiyale have gone so far in love of Zardari they would not mind even Quaid-e-Azam or even their own parents being shown as controversial’

  17. @ usman55
    Why not? Is there any harm in it after all what value constitution or oath has for Mr. Asif Bhutto Zardari. He is so true “Yeah koi Quran Hadith to nahin hay na” Can you deny this fact i think nobody can so lets c what happens Allah raham karay

  18. @usman55
    thanks for the link…really excellent coloumn

    for those who dont want to read the full coloumn just read the last para

  19. On yesterday’s Newseye, Saima Mohsin asked Fauzia Wahab a very good question; she said that if they (PPP) weren’t going to honour their written promises why sign the agreement documents in the first place?

    My question would have been slightly different, though: if they don’t believe in signing documents and setting deadlines of less than five years to do something, why sign those documents in the public domain?

  20. I am shocked to see the report of Financial Times regarding metnal health of Asif Zardari which says that he suffered from dementia, depression and post traumatic stress disorder. I believe that PMLN should seek a stay order until this is sorted out because certainly we dont want that a man is entrusted with our nuclear weapons who is emotionally unstable. That is very very dangerous thing. Asif Zardari should have assessment by psychiatrists which should include top pakistani psychiatrists as well as foreign to get clearance about his mental health.

    In case he denies that he ever had any mental health problem even then he can be tried for perjury for lying to Hygh Court in London where his lawyers submitted medical report claimining that he was mentally not stable so as to attend the court proceedings.

    Pakistan Army should take a note of it – this guy can be a very dangerous guy. He should be asked to submit all his accounts, properties lies and also his medical report about his psychiatric condition.

    He can be declared ineligible on this basis.

  21. my Friends……i want to ask one n simple question……..

    Mr Gaddari(10%) is not able to restore judiciary(even under his own written and signed agreement)……..so how could we expect him that he can solve kashmir despute……..and how could we expect that he can talk boldy on such a big despute………

    he is a BUZDIL man……….today he broke his own written commitment…..tommorow he can give kashmir very easily………..

  22. @Proactive

    You are missing the point. Answer is simple they want to teach this nation about agreements that “Yeah koi Quran Hadith to nahin hay na”.

    Look brother Pee Pee Pee politicians are roll model after so many shaheeds so they want to correct the norms of society (Rotti Kapra Makaan is separate thing. To make society better is also their duty) so they gave you a lesson. I hope I have made is easier for you to understand

  23. PAKISTAN is going in currupt and unsecure hands…………


  24. @ c hussain

    After observing Asif Bhutto Zardari nobel thoughts about agreement and politics i think there is no need to consult a doctor any sensible person can reach to this conclusion what Financial Times reported. But will jiyalas think on the same line as well i think not as for them Financial Times “Yeah koi Quran Hadith to nahin hay na”

  25. yes asif zerdaari did,nt hounoured his agreement thats bad.but it right nawaz shreef pulled from coalition but still nawaz shareef and zerdaari should have good relations.its not good approach u r friend or u r enemy.

  26. Relax everyone! When someone is digging a grave from himself, do not interrupt!

    Zardari already has all the powers to control any PM or Pres. He is only making himself a bigger target to display his psychopathic behavior and of his party’s for nominating him 100%.

    The only thing that can save him is another dead PPP PM and Martial law. So NS should just sit in a corner for the next few years and just watch these people make a fool of themselves and make sure that the army stays out.

    Unfortunately after 35years of dictatorship, the population MUST suffer from its mistakes to learn for the future. There are no shortcuts in democracy!

  27. @maikolachi

    i somewhat agree with you particularly last para ‘Unfortunately after 35years of dictatorship, the population MUST suffer from its mistakes to learn for the future. There are no shortcuts in democracy!

    but the nation (particularly the poor) after suffering so much needs better…..i am not sure the poorest can last next few years of corruption and mismanagement…and unfortunately the jyalas will then vote for PPP again…then it will be in the name of ‘real bhutto heir’ Saint Bilawal Zardari…a graduate from Oxford who speaks fluent english will be the excuse

  28. Hello,
    Just wanted to say that we get what we deserve. Why can’t we give PPP and Mr Asif Zardari a chance to govern Pakistan. They are the majority party and they have all the right to do as they want. I am sure PPP is full of patriotic people and they will never do any thing against the people of Pakistan. I trust AZ is a more capable person than NS.

  29. Nawaz’s Presidential pick
    Nawaz’s Presidential pick reveals NS real intention. NS is not interested in Independence of Judiciary. Justice Saeeduzzaman Siddiqui is worst choice for president because he is first Coup maker in the Supreme Court of Pakistan- never heard in histroy of mankind. ‘He was a party to a conspiracy along with justices Irshad Hassan Khan, Khalilur Rahman, Nasir Aslam Zahid and some others to the division of the Supreme Court of Pakistan and the removal of their own brother judge and had issued his own roster sending the CJP case to a full court and had restrained the legal and Constitutional Chief Justice Pakistan. ‘ It is alleged that he took undue advantage of his position to seek benefits for his wife, her education and shopping abroad and later her appointment in a senior position at PIMS Islamabad.’

  30. @NaveedK

    “I am sure PPP is full of patriotic people and they will never do any thing against the people of Pakistan”

    Subhaan Allah, kia baat ke hai. Yes, PPP has the right to govern, but plz, dont make it sound like it is full of patriotic pakistanis. It is ful lof corrupt leaders, backed by idiotic pakistanis.

  31. @revolution

    Did you say “Curropt leaders and idiotic Pakistanis”
    Aren’t they both directly proportional. I am pretty sure the best choice for Pakistan, in the current times is PPP. Don’t you see, why the establishment/ Army let PPP come to power? The reason is only PPP has got the guts and leadership to stear Pakistan out of the current crises.
    NS is just a tool for the establishment with out any leadship qualities. I am sure once Pakistan is out of crises, the same agencies will help NS win the next elections. I am really impressed by the courage of AZ who has taken the challenge not only to deal with people like Maulana Fazal and NS but also to lead Pakistan.

  32. @Naveedk
    why is that PPP is the best choice in current times?
    how will they steer pakistan out of crisis? and which ones?
    how is he going to deal with Maulana Diesel?

  33. @ watayofaqir

    Ok so you want to compare Saeed uz zaman Saddiqui with Asif Bhutto Zardari. Are you sure Asif Bhutto Zardari is saint. I think we dont have to go in past his present statement of “Yea koi Quran Hadith nahin hay” is enough to tell whom we shall select between the two. If you still thinks Asif Bhutto Zardari is saint then I think nobody can help you it is you who have to broaden his thought and think seriously.

    Second thing is that Saeed uz zaman Saddiqui was the one whon even Pee Pee Pee spokes man and even Muttahidda Qatil Movement spokesman used to say that this man should be reinstated before IMC if you want better judges so this should tell you something

    Also dont forget Nawaz Shareef’s first choice was Atta-ullah Mangal and his son (If you have seen yesterdays Bolta Pakistan you would have known it) But after Mangal’s refusal he had options of Fakhrudin G Ibrahim and Saeed uz zaman Saddiqui and if you remember Baber Awan in Capital Talk (or some one from Pee Pee Pee i dont remember) said Fakhrudin G Ibrahim is Shehbaz Shareefs Lawyer so how can he be non partisioned then we have only one choice left that is Saeed uz zaman Saddiqui.

    Now if you think open heartly and honestly then tell me other options who have national posture and unpartisioned reputation i guess you dont have any.

    Honestly compare Asif Bhutto Zardari and Saeed uz zaman Saddiqui and i dont claim Saeed uz zaman Saddiqui is an angel but I am 100% sure he will be 1/1000 th of an evil if you compare with Asif Bhutto Zardari

  34. @ Naveedk

    Wao Wao what we have here Good logics. Man do you read news papers and watch talk shows. You are telling me Asif Bhutto Zardari who has introduced a famous pharase in Pakistan politics that “yea koi Quran Hadith nahin hay” is going to get Pakistan out of crisis. He has the guts and leadership qualities. Are serious or joking. Th person who can run away from a written agreement do you (if you are sensible person) have any moral ground to believe what he says. I think after his famous and legendary statement the one who tries to defend it he needs serious medical attention

  35. Is hammam mae sab he nangay haen…why did NS pick a controversial person ..why not justice wajeeh.

    @c hussain..

    now u want ‘army” to take notice. are u asking for Prez Kiyani?

  36. @Malek
    why is that PPP is the best choice in current times?
    Currently the biggest challenge for Pakistan is containing our ruthless, spineless and immoral ISI, who not only torn Afghanistan apart but currently working very hard to eradicate the pushtoon population. To control this monster we need some one, not a present and past alley of this agency. PPP seems like the only party who fit this glass. PPP, being in power, will have some authority to chain this creature. I see ISI as the main cause of our problems, other than illitracy.

    how will they steer pakistan out of crisis? and which ones?
    Being able to have leaders, who have exposure, track record of being capable to speak on the international forums, and trust of the main international powers. Please note AH is one of them, and I am sure there are many like him. People of Pakistan give vote to PPP, because PPP has proved themselves time and again. Because of the trust of international investors, PPP will succeed in bringing investors to invest in the power generation, infracture and helping out with the current wheat crises.

    how is he going to deal with Maulana Diesel?
    Maulana represent an ugly face of ISI. He is the guy responsible for the death of thousands of innocent muslims. AZ is very correct in his assessment to bring this guy on board as FR has got very strong connection to current groups causing terrorism. To fight this war, greedy Maulana has to be fed for now. This shows the forward thinking and future policy of PPP, being serious in dealing with terrorism.

  37. @hopeful_pakistani
    I heard what you said. AZ was in a very difficult situation, one of his main problem is; “Why NS should take all the credit for restoration of Judges”. I am sure AZ has plans to take this credit and make PPP the most famous party of Pakistan.

  38. @Ghazala
    I am sure there are medical treatments for this. I am also sure this is some thing that NS fed to the telegraph. I am becomming more proud of AZ for getting rid of this ISI rat.

  39. @ Naveedk

    Brother I dont want to live in fool’s paradise. Lets see what Asif Bhutto Zardari is doing.

    The reaon behind restoration of judiciary through executive power is to nullify the actions of an army genral on November 3 2007. If you reappoint judges through fresh oath it means what happens on Nov 3 2007 by order of army genral (I emphasise it in the presence of elected assembly. in the presence of senate and provincial assemblies. in the presence of president an army genral took decision) is correct. It means you are setting a precident that tomorrow pervaiz kiyani or any other general can do the same in the presence of all elected ppl.

    Now if it was the case of point scoring only i would have accepted it from Pee Pee Pee side but what they are doing is reappointing judges by forcing them to take a fresh oath. Now here comes the question of your brave and only antiestablishment leader credibility(according to you who according to me is living in a fool’s paradise). If your brave and only one of his kind leader would have reinstated the judiciary through an executive order then one could argue that he has done what agencies or military ppl dont want but he has done oppositely by not taking correct measure.
    Now PMLN is out of govt he could have restored the judiciary through an executive order and could have taken all the credit but he is going to andemnify mush and he is going to proove army genral right by not revoking his decision. So if you think you are intelligent enough or even have a medicore IQ can you tell me how all this bulls!t proves your beloved leader a brave and anti-establishment leader.

    Please please enlighten me as i cannot understand the logic.

  40. Already zardari has surpassed Musharraf in LIES. Congrats on your accomplishment and keep lying to the nation. Your new CORRUPT, fake, mental, idiot, hypocrite, president.

  41. @malek

    Agree it is unfortunately going to affect the poor and another billion or two will be stolen in the mean time. But I honestly believe that a new leadership will evolve from what we have now. Maybe it will be their children themselves, who knows. history is full of children of corrupted people who made a positive difference.

    Every day that passes by is going to be a slightly better day. This layer of politicians we have today have to all go for the new ones to take over. And the only way that they should go is if the people throw them out so that they never come back.

    Its pathetic, they are all brain dead. Cannot even conduct a simple press conference without it looking like a zoo.

  42. @hopeful_pakistani
    Lets give him some time see who is the winner. I am hopeful AZ is doing the right thing for the people of Pakistan. MY IQ is no better than an average Paksitani, who, living in fools paradise, think they will have better days ahead.

  43. @Yabaoon.
    good point i fully agree with you,he always thinking about $$$$$ and how it cheat ,steal and loot the poor people of Pakistan.
    He will be disaster for Pakistan.
    Zaraderi will take all wt little bit left in Pakistan.

  44. Now it’s clear that Zardari was playing a filthy game with Nawaz sharif. Zardari has felt and regretted on his backing out from this Agreement. Nawaz sharif is his second victim while the very first was Musharaf, who provided NRO . His third victim will be Asfandyar wali while not to talk of Iltaf, who will be kicked any moment. Zardari‘s past reflects that he is a characterless person .He is not at all a suitable person for the post of President. Now it is up to Parliamentarians & Senators to decide about the fate of remaining Pakistan. We lost one wing as we could not succeed in handing power to Fatima Jinnah . Now once again the rest of country is at a stake.

  45. This kind of evil should be contained and all the looted money must be recovered from all corrupt politicians and from this evil.

  46. I think ASIF ZARDARI is the end of Pakistan, I think all good pakistanis should start preparing for “hijrat”(immigration). Maybe back to India, if you are a mohajir from india, or anywhere else. Noone wanted “this” Pakistan, which is poor, corrupt, and failed state. If people of Sindh, and some other parts are voting for PPP, PML, and MQM etc, it simply means, the nation is a corrupt nation. Good people gotta get out of this nation ASAP. and let these bad ones lead this country to the end.

  47. if someone think zardari fooled nawaz sharif then he is wrong bcoz nawaz sharif did not want to do the same thing again.. fight with each other and give chance to other powers to interfer and control power.. it should be like that ,,, he got votes then he should made our country suffer for 5 years so after 5 years people could feel that pain to vote for PPP. it is not nawaz sharif job to remove him with politics,,, plz let this nation be more educated and informative so they could decide their leaders.. just politics against other party is not enough it can harm our country as well… it is the time to suffer bcoz they claim majority so they got right to rule this nation… who dont know what is zardari so why people gave vote to PPP. time to suffer my dear that was the chance to chose leader but mostly people voted for him ,,, so have it ,,,, may ALLAH bless this country really otherwise we have choosen this bastard with our own hands by giving majority votes to PPP.. it is the time to learn from mistakes and so next time we should use our votes carefully… shame for country really we are having zardari as president

  48. What about NS and Mush agreement?

    Whan that agreement was placed in SC by Mush they said it has no legal value. So is this case.

  49. Guys i have figured out where the problem lies.

    This is on The News website…

    “Stephen Reich, a New York state-based psychologist, said Zardari was unable to remember the birthdays of his wife and children”.


    How can the poor guy remember all the agreements that he signed with Nawaz Sharif???
    come on … give him a break!!!!
    He is officially a psycho now …

    btw … there is a saying.
    “There is a thin line between genius and madness and even thinner between politics and Scoundrelism”

    if i have to pick from the above saying .. i would say he is a mad scoundrel.

  50. @ malang

    No agreement between Nawaz Sharif and Mush was presented in supreme court. The agreement that was presented was between NS and Saad Al-Hariri and it has since been repeatedly published in media. The agreement said that the interlocutor (Saad Al-Hariri) will negotiate an arrangement under which NS will have to go in exile and agree to not indulge in politics for 5 years. There is no mention of musharraf or saudis in that contract.

    Supreme court rightly said that under Pakistani law, no body can be exiled and no body can be barred from returning to country. So the agreement being in contravention of law and being against the basic human rights guaranteed in the constitution, was deemed null and void.

    Suppose a robber stops you and at gun point loots you, then he says to you that you will be allowed to live only if you agree not to register a case against the robber. You agree to that. If you subsequently go the police and get a case registered, the robber approaches the court and pleads that you are now contravening the agreement you made with the robber so you should be punished. Would any court in the world allow this farce?

    Similarly the Supreme court of Pakistan did not allow this stupid argument..

  51. Bhai logo Naveedk ka bhee ilaj karwao zardari kay saath….:)

    agar AH international leader hay to yeh Underworld kee baat kar rahay hain.

    Bhai Jan AZ Pakistan ka president ban raha hay Underworld ka nahee.

  52. Bhai logo Naveedk ka bhee ilaj karwao zardari kay saath….:)
    agar AH international leader hay to yeh Underworld kee baat kar rahay hain.
    Bhai Jan AZ Pakistan ka president ban raha hay Underworld ka nahee.

  53. Leaders establish the vision for the future and set the strategy for getting there; they cause change. They motivate and inspire others to go in the right direction and they, along with everyone else, sacrifice to get there.”
    This what we are waiting for the RIGHT PERSON He’s just Imran Khan

    If Asif Ali Zardari will be country’s leader then………:
    “Do not wait for leaders; do it alone, person to person”
    This what we need NOW……..!

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